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Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Overall: Expecting a greatly updated version of the PS2 version of the game... it falls very far short... and it definately dissapoints. I haven't even played this game 10 minutes on the box before realizing that this game is way past its prime and this port was a waste. Coming out with a side by side launch with TC: Streets of LA was a bad thing to do. It is horrible compared. But I will review this only on what I saw...

Gameplay: Stays the same from the PS2 version. Still robbing... still killing... still cars. Oh yeah, and they threw this thing called a "storyline" into the mix.

Graphics: For an Xbox game... horrendous. For a PS2 game... beautiful. I can not stick up for these graphics. I was looking for the update that all the reviews from big name sites promised... and I just didn't find them. They put fingers on the people and added lip synching. Cars look just about the same... and there is no updates that make this an XBOX worthy title.

Audio: Of course the sound in this game is good.It's GTA... what do you expect?Only have the best radio stations in the world... it can't be beat. I don't like the way that the custom soundtracks were thrown into the mix... I wish there were ways to skip through the tracks that you have...

Suggestions: If you are going to bring another GTA to the Xbox... don't do it 2 years after the game was *hot*. And definately don't realease it side by side with a product that completely blows away the GTA franchise... it's too bad that this bonus pack is going to live off the GTA name and sell tons. I'm glad I got True Crime and not GTA... I would've felt rediculous had I bought this title...

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 True Crime: Streets Of L.A.

Overall: Upon purchasing the game, I was informer by a friend/employee of EB that this game would blow away GTA, without a doubt. He stated this after both reading and watching gameplay videos. After playing the game for myself last night for the first time, my opinion would tend to differ. While this is for sure, a game that you should not miss, it is definately not a Grand Theft Auto killer. Grand Theft Auto had that spark about it... and everyone is still begging for that spark on Xbox, only with a graphical overhaul. Well, they aren't getting that in True Crime of GTA. After giving True Crime 45 minutes of my time... I finally caught onto the games differences.

Gameplay: The first thing every player will do... is jump. Gaurunteed. The controll setup is almost awkward when you are first beginning. I constantly find myself throwing Nick Kang out of his own car. A quick tap of the L-Trigger... thinking I will brake... and Kang smashes his head on the pavement. The game definately is far from GTA. The cars handle more realistic... yet far from a real car. The fighting is outstanding... same with gunplay. Both seem to play a lot like the Dead to Rights game... The ability to walk around frisking people... and shooting random individuals is entertaining... but does get tiresome quickly. Luckily... this game offers up a great storyline... at least so far.

Graphics: While Graphics are definately not the strong part of this game... there are different elements that balance out the graphics. While the car models are very reflective and knowing of their surroundings... the pavement and textures in the game are rather bland. The Highway Signs seem to stand out in a peculiar green... the game limits it's player models around the map. Overall it is a graphically sound game... it just has minor quirks that could've been boosted for it being an Xbox game.

Audio: The soundtrack suits the game very well, that is evident from the start. The characters talking with lip-synching is nice... The guns are nice and loud... the hum of the engine. Overall it is a good sound...

Suggestions: Keep doing what your doing... a graphical uplift on some textures would be nice... and a radio soundtrack that doesn't reset every time you enter/leave a car. I really enjoy the GTA "Radio".

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NCAA Football 2003

Overall: NCAA Football= Football at its best.

NFL Football= Players playing for money.

EA represents the difference between College and Professional football quite well. In fact, they represent it excellently. When I play this game I see the players laying it all on the line for that one touchdown, or that extra yard. You don't see you computer coach's coming on the field and punting the ball down the field on fourth and short. Of course, you'll get punts every so often, but when they need it, they push for it. I have watched numerous plays over and over again in the Replay Mode, because they impress me with the amount of detail and just plain eXcitement put into this game. When you break a tackle or two on a play you really get into the game and get eXcited. Continuously I can really get into the "zone" and drive down the field in that last minute to pull off an amazing defeat. And not once, no, not one single time have I blown out a ranked team. I have pulled out some major upsets, but if you play #1 Miami with #116 Air Force, don't expect to pull out a huge upset, because it's not going to happen!

Gameplay: Fast, detailed, and exciting. Comparison of Madden 2002 too NCAA College Football 2003 = Turtle to a Fox. This game suprised me with the way it really came out and moved extremely fast. I was pushing the ball down the field and making drive that ranged from 1 minute to 6 minutes. I have seen some outragous catches and some very frustrating broken tackles made, but I have also seen plays that come straight from a little 6 year olds dream. Have you ever dreamed of trying to make a catch in the endzone that was tipped and then swatted, only for you to dive out and make the grab? Well lace up your cleats because your dreams are coming true. Every animation that is in this game, EA has made it believeable. It really does impress you on how fast and how detailed the game is. You won't find those money plays that have been known to be in EA's game. Sometimes I can take my quarterback and make him look like Marshall Faulk, but the Defense will recognize and shape up. After getting run down the throat on, expect the defense to grit their teeth and close the door with that monster blitz that stops you in the backfield. The AI in this game is incredible, and they know exactly how to use their players.

Graphics: Honestly, it's not what it could be. But then again, it gets the job done. These graphics are more than good, but fall short of great. The crowd looks like crap. The players look incredible. The field looks incredible. Those cheerleader upskirts look in... oh wait, I meant the cheerleaders look incredible. Everything besides the crowd in this game is incredible. But that's just eye candy. Once you get this game in motion you are in for a treat. Once you see one of your players break the tackle of someone that is on your knees, you are in heaven. From the time he shoves the defenders head back and jumps over the the arm that he is stuck out, you are in heaven. This is every football fans dream world. Once you see that long ball get tipped, only to get caught again by your wide out, you are in heaven. I think EA might have made Football Heaven, because this is like the Chicago Bear glory days... pure extacy baby!

Audio: Fight Songs.

Three announcer booth.

A screaming crowd.

Screaming players.

And the sickening thud of players being popped like a chubby fat kid on his first day at Varsity Practice. This game gets right down to the nitty gritty and dishes it out. These sounds are incredible, especially when you find out the back story on the announcing team. They didn't record the commentary at the same time! But once it's all peiced together, it sounds like you and two of your friends having a conversation. And out of the 20+ hours I have played, I don't think I have heard more than 10 lines of repeated commentary.

The fight songs being played is awesome. But the greatest thing is hearing the crunch of the pads, because you only hear the loud ones when it was a huge hit...

Somebody better call Nestle because my players seem to have eaten up all the Crunch Bars by the look of things...

Suggestions: Make another? But please, for Christ's sake EA, make a differencial between PS2 graphics and Xbox. I realize you make that jaggies dissapear sometimes, but you really could put NFL Fever to shame if you mixed in half of the graphics of Fever and all of the Gameplay of your football titles...

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: This game is incredible. The wait has finally payed off and in a big way. After the constant delays, I don't think I could be happier to say that had they delayed it another 6 times and it came out this exact same way, I would still buy it. I don't think games get much better than this. This game should, and most likely will appeal to the average gamer... average as in the mental capcity of a 14 year old. Little kids, run home, this isn't a game for you. Whether it's solving little mini-puzzles or slicing everyone in the town to bits this game is great. Final Fantasy mixed with Halo? NO! Soul Revear mixed with Halo? Sorta... Just a good old game that puts itself in its own sort of class? YES! Morrowind is the second best game on Xbox and barely falls behind Halo. I think this game is so captivating that even though its an RPG and they are usually hard to play through more than once, I am willing to gaurantee that you play this 3 or more times through. I started one game with a friend the nite we both bought it thinking when I continued my earlier game it would be boring doing the same parts, I found almost 15 different places and objectives within 4 hours, all having their little secrets or fun parts. This is a must buy for all of you Addicts!

Gameplay: Gameplay is asstounding. With the choice of a 1st or 3rd person perspective, nobody can go wrong with this. The battle system is very weak at the beginning of the game, but around 2-3 hours in you can't go wrong. You will be glad to get in fights after that, and you will be proud to hack little old Grandma to peices after she kicked your !&%$@#* the first time around. I refered to her as Lennox Lewis and to myself as Mike Tyson, only I wasn't throwing the fight, I was really losing it. This is one of the most defining games I've ever played, and I can't wait for more from the same series, or a branch of the series that plays the same way. This game will appeal to everyone who plays it.

Graphics: Someone take me out of my trance, am I watching a fish tank, or my TV screen? The water in this game is unbelievable. Any of you guys that have been waiting for a game to showbout your Xbox's graphics to some of your PS2 owning friends, this is your chance. They can't match the level size, they can't match the graphics in the levels, and they sure as hell can't match this water. I swear to god that if you took a video of water while it was raining and put it up to the water visuals in this game, there would be no difference. This is such a graphical break through, that if this doesn't become a standard for water in Xbox games I would be very suprised. Buy this game just for the water...

Audio: The sound in the game is great, until you play it for 20+ hours and have to run long distances without having a friend to talk to in the same room. Because after you hear all of the running sounds on the ground, you will find yourself swimming to most locations, this was(is) one of the only annoying things in the game. Those sounds drive me crazy, hell I need to take his shoes off and run barefoot maybe that will help. But other than that, I haven't found any other sound flaws besides maybe a little repetition in some lines from characters, but that can happen in almost every game that plays like this, except they usually don't have vocals, you have to read the same thing over and over in Final Fantasy. This games soundtrack, astounding, haven't grown bored of it yet, although some people seem to have become quite tiresome of it. Well if you do, turn the volume down, because you can't continue your life until you play this game...

Suggestions: Make another one? Please! Only this time try not to !&%$@#* me off and get it out on time... I almost blew all my money before purchasing this. There isn't much you can fix in this game. Make some in building maps, and maybe a $5 dollar off coupon on the strategy guide when you buy the game. But please, continue doing whatever your doing, because it is great!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 ESPN NFL Primetime 2002

Overall: I'm going to be honest, this game will not make you happy after the first play. But, if you keep playing and trying to like it, you will. I think this is the best football game there is to own if you are a real football junkie. It provides a great Franchise, good animations, and some lasting appeal. I own every football title available to the X-box and this is by far the best. There are tons of flaws in the game, but if someone lined all four football titles up, ESPN Primetime would be my pick.

Gameplay: This game is far from perfect in the gameplay appeal. Starting you off on rookie in your first game would've been a wise idea, because my first time playing I couldn't get a first down on over 8 attempts. The game wasn't on for more than 20 minutes when I decided to turn it off. Yet, after you get used to the graphics and the way the game has a feel for realism unlike any other title you will really appreciate it. The way the running handles is absolutely gorgeous, and the passing doesn't turn out to be so bad either. Contrary to what others may say, animations are beautifully done, and the game offers a wide variety in it's Franchise to keep you going.

Graphics: At best, the graphics are of Playstation value. When I first turned on this game I laughed at the visuals. The Player Models are just plain goofy. The guys are all stretched out and the faces look like something out of a cartoon. If your the type of person who can't stand a game with ugly visuals, then stay away! The cameras in the game should never close up on faces, because it really shows how little effort the team put into the graphics. Do not buy this or rent it looking for a visual showcase, the back of the box infers it's not before you even think of it.

Audio: The commentating in this game is horrible. ESPN's license went to waste here because Chris Berman couldn't call a touchdown to save his life. "He Could Go All The Way!", after I'd already been tackled Berman decides to spit this out. Sometimes he would stutter when you get tripped up and finish it off when you fell into the endzone. But the repetitive announcement of the down and yardline, get annoying. This commentating is just plain awful compared to that of NFL 2k2 and Madden.

Suggestions: Well since the ESPN license has already been handed over to Sega, I hope that on your next attempt I am already involved in the video game business and working for you. These visuals are stale, and with a new build-up on graphics this game could've been the powerhouse that dethroned the sleeping giant of John Madden. I recomend picking me up when I graduate from college, because I have some great ideas that could easily make the best Football game ever.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2002

Overall: As the game booted up and the intro video started I was hyped as is. But after seeing Randy Moss jump into the crowd, Paul Edinger celebrate after beating Detroit with a kick, and seeing the super sexy "girl next door" I was ready to play some football. I immediately started a dynasty as the Bears and made Jim Miller my quarterback. I went ahead and started my first game against the Ravens and got slaughtered. I couldn't get hang of the controls until around 4th quarter when I finally broke out of my Madden roots. After that I went on too complete a 14-2 season and am now in the Super Bowl against the... Patriots. I can't figure it out but it seems that a game can never simulate like the real NFL because the Detroit Lions actually went 10-6 in the game. I had to play them in playoffs but beat them by a couple of touchdowns. The game is heading in the right direction but it's definately not perfect. With its lob passes that seem to always be caught, its rushing game that lets you run for 60 yards a carry, and it's excellently tuned front office system (sarcastic) makes this game floating on top of Madden by a mere yard. It's almost like the Rams vs. Titans Super Bowl, but the Rams still pulled it off...

Gameplay: THe gameplay is actually quite intense with the huge hits and great overall fun level. But after seeing your defense being pummled over and over again on 3rd and short with bomb passes being thrown 50 yards and not having a defensive back in sight gets old real quick. And then not having a passing game because your passes seem to get picked off and having a under-average rusher run up to 400 yards a game gets quite addicting as at least you know you have a running game. And with the amount of injuries and retirements in the game it does suck to see someone like Peyton Manning retire after 4 games in the 2001 season.

Graphics: The player models in this are just supreme over anything else ever seen in a football, or a sports game. When people first saw Madden 2001 for the PS2 they were in shock, but if they saw this at a minute after that they would pass out. These have to be the most realistic player models ever. You can see the viens popping out of their arms, their lips moving as they talk, and you can watch their eyes move to where the ball is. Their uniforms get dirtier and dirtier with everyplay that they hit the ground. The crowd will leave if one of the teams is getting blown out. The ball looks exactly like it does in real life. The tackles actually make you respect what football players go through. If you are looking for the best graphics in a football game, this is your game...

Audio: The sound from the players and the hits are fantastic. But when you hear the commentators start in it is a disappointment. They will commentate on plays that happened a minute ago while you are on your way to a touchdown. They don't talk back and forth to eachother. And their words most of the time won't match the same tone. Even with the annoying voice of John Madden and Pat Summeral they out match the pair of commentators in Fever.

Suggestions: I would hope that you learn to get your commentators to talk back and forth to eachother and make sure that the passing systems and rushing systems are worked out. And as for the Front Office system take a hint from the kings of Franchise Mode and copy the works of EA Sports...

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: After recieving the title on Nov. 15th with my bundle I quickly inserted the disk after admiring my system and played away. Myself and my science teacher(whom said my grade was higher than it was to bribe my mom) started to play that multiplayer mode. After following the little guy threw the hallway and watching him get blown halfway down the hallway by a huge explosion I was in pure awe at these graphics. I hoped over the pipes and started off down another hallway only to become stuck. I quickly went threw the instruction manuel to see how to crawl or in this case crouch but found no answers to my problem. I then exited and had to read the controls on the main menu. After doing this I got straight back into the game...

Overall: If you are going to buy a game this year, it has to be this one. Even if you don't own an X-box buy it and you can drool over the cover art. Please, don't be an idiot and buy a Gamecube for it's price, buy the X-box for its pure power... there is nothing that demonstrates it more than Halo...

Gameplay: Gameplay: I haven't played a game that was this much fun, since maybe never. I thought that Syphon Filter was the best that shooters would ever get, considering I didn't like first person, but after playing this I'm not sure anything will ever compare. Although there is a lag in the multiplayer while driving the warthog on multiplayer with a tail gunner and your other player shotgun I will say it sucks when your driving in crowded areas. But overall with all of the things you can do in this game it's impossible to count this against it. You can fly, you can drive, and you can !&%$@#* ed float around. This is the best game ever in my view...

Graphics: Graphics: These have to be the best graphics ever in a first person shooter. You might have THOUGHT you were in heaven while playing in 007 or Perfect Dark, but in this case you'll think your on extacey(not sure of spelling). Watching the alien blood be blown across walls and seeing the aliens hang ontop of barricades as your own marines scream in pain is just plain awesome. Not only do they die and leak blood but if you need to feed the need, go ahead and beat them with the butt of your gun while they lay on the ground. Then you can basically swim in their blood bath. If this game could get any better in graphics I could probably faint...

Audio: Sound: These were great sound effects with the grunts yelling "there he is" and "everybody get down" as they launch grenades at you is funny as hell. But when you hear your own men screaming " Ahh... it burns... it burns" just lights up some sort of fusion in you and it makes you whip out the rifle and kill all the aliens you can...

Suggestions: Yeah, I have a suggestion, don't change anything, except for:

Make another one...

Halo 2: Covenent Operation

You could have it where the main character: Master Chief turns up to help the covenant strike back against the flood that strikes their own home planet...

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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