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Ninja Gaiden

Overall: NINJA GAIDEN is my opinion he
greatest game of all time,i have love for halo and all those greats fps games,but
nothing comes closer to the action that ninja gaiden has to offer,the graphics are
so amazing and the enemys are so hard to beat,besides some of the bosses are pretty hard to beat, almost impossible if
you play on hard.

Gameplay: ryu hayabusa is the main character on NINJA GAIDEN and he has to solve the misteries behind the nurder of the
hayabusa village. each level has a boss at the end,the ninjas,demons,zombies with big axes and bows,etc are very challenging,each weapon has a very great selection of techniques and also you can level up some of the weapons
like the dragon sword,nunchaku,wooden
sword,etc. also you have 3 different type of magic called the ninpo called the art of fire,the art of the ice storm and the art of
the Inasuma.the first one is fire,second ice and third is internal biolectric energy.
lots of variety on this amazing game,hats off to TEAM NINJA AND MR.ITAGAKY

Graphics: the best visual effects until this day,besides panzer dragoon orta,no slowdowns, water looks so great and characters, besides all the blood and gore effects are well done. beatiful just
beatiful,some people have complaints about the camera angles,but it becomes a second nature once you know how to deal with it,but in my opinion that was not a big deal.

Audio: I'm a sound hating Nerf.

Suggestions: this is the first time in my 20 years as video gamers that i don't have any complaints about a game. all i wanna
say is congratulations to TEAM NINJA for this superb game and make another sequel please.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

Overall: i don't know if this game is the best on xbox live,but the single campaign is very
challenging on veteran and elite mode,the sound is probably one of the best i have experienced ever and the
graphics are the big let down for a company like UBISOFT who made the unforgettable TOM CLANCY;S SPLINTER CELL a great game that took the xbox to another level,but after all RAINBOW SIX 3 is a very goog game with a lots of action that sure will keep
you very busy for a while.

Gameplay: RAINBOW SIX 3 is a tter type of game,you play the roll of
ot;DIAZ who is the leader
of the tactical squad named RAINBOW SIX, on this game you have to fight against terrorist by killing some of them(i say killing some,because some will give
up during combat,so you have to put some of this cowards on handcuffs and secure them) free hostages,disarm
bombs,etc you know everything that goes into the world of terrorist,just make sure that once you are on field you don't get wasted,because that'ss mission over and you have start all over again,unless if you save the game between areas,after
all rainbow six 3 is a very good game if you like fps or tactical squad games like
ghost recon.

Graphics: the graphics are very like the ps2 games wich i hate ,because after i saw
SPLINTER CELL on the xbox i expected the same or better quality of visuals from
UBISOFT.but i guess they didn't think this game had the potencial to sell well like SPLINTER CELL,i love the
weapons, are cool,but the humans look very blocky in
my opinion.

Audio: no complaints on this
deparment,probably the best weapons sound on any game today. the voice acting on the latino terrorist is good too.

Suggestions: just work on the graphics and dont think rainbow six or any game from the tom clancy's series won't sell well,xbox
contoller and the majority of people who own a xbox are into shooting games,am
sure this game is the best on xbox live right now,thanks UBISOFT for all the support and the past to the xbox gamers and congratulations on these superb games:RAINBOW SIX 3,SPLINTER CELL,PRINCE OF PERSIA AND GHOST RECON i own every single game ,because you guys are good on tactical
shooting games.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Metal Arms: Glitch In The System

Overall: metal arms is one of those sleeper hits
that truely deserves the attention of the
gamers,i don't have the words to
describe how good this game is and i will
wait to see the next installment of metal
arms,because this game is some kind of
unreal tournament or halo stile game,you
drive vehicles,shoot with a masive
amount of weapons,you can play with 4
people at the same time in a multiplayer
macht,is a very good game.

Gameplay: glicth is the main character of the game
who has to fight and help his droid
friends from droid city to gain freedom
and victory against the evil general
corrosive and his army of droids,the
gameplay is so easy to learn since is
pretty much like halo or unreal
tournament(you will find some of the
weapons similar to the ones in unreal
tournament) lots of action,lots of
weapons,vehicles too and lots of can't go wrong playing and
buying this game,besides is not a easy
game at all,but is fun at the end.

Graphics: visual are good,nothing great,but what
do you expect from a game wich is
multiplatform? nothing great right? its all
good in the end,because is a great
shooting/action game

Audio: the sound is not that great,but it could be
better,it should had custom live and sistem link
features for the xbox,but i guess
universal studios didn't expect this game
to sell well,ist all good the game rules

Suggestions: a sequel with xbox live or xboxconnect of
course and make it exclusive for the xbox
video console so we can see some great
graphics and sound and to the people
who is looking for a great game with lots
of shootinting and action is to buy this
great game its worth the time and money

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NBA Inside Drive 2003

Overall: not bad after all,perhaps this is best
basketball game for xbox, the graphics
are the only problem,the players are not
bad,but the crowd looks terrible.

Gameplay: game play is cool,very fun to play with a
friend or great to play online,i love the
camera angles that you can select on the s,it,s amazing,i love
this game and i get to play with my
favorite team,oh yea the L.A LAKERS

Graphics: graphics are the weak point of the
game,it needs help ,specially the crowd
and some of the players don,t look alike.

Audio: sound is fine to me,not the bestof
course,but the creators of this game
didn,t add where the people always call
defense,after all this game is good.

Suggestions: just work on the graphics and i
guaranteed this game will succed in the
future,most people have a xbox ,because
of the graphics.if you don,t know how to
make a game look good,i would suggest
don,t make one.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Blade 2

Overall: this was my first game,i am saying it
was,because i got rid of it,i trade this one
for bloodrayne,wich is terrible game too,i
happen to love blade movies and when i
played this game, i was totally
dissapointed,oh well,like i always say,it,s
just another what.

Gameplay: gameplay was totally different than what i
have played on the past 20
years,everysingle move is based on the
rigth stick wich i founded wear aftyer
all,but new at the same time.

Graphics: blade 2 looks terrible on xbox,but if you
compared this version vs the ps2
version,i know the xbox version look way
better,it showed the difference between
xbox and ps2.

Audio: sound was great to me,i played this
game more than 5 times because i
happen to like all the music on this

Suggestions: activision *honks*,lately they been making
*honk* games like this one and spider
man,i played the first SPIDER MAN for
the psx and loved that game,it was
fun,but when i played SPIDER MAN the
movie for the xbox and ps2,i think those
games are the worse on the marvel
universe,i hope they don,t put their

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Blood Omen 2

Overall: overall appeal is good,i would say this
game is better than soul reaver 2,it,s
even longer and more fun to play, i
suggest you buy this instead of stupid
buffy the vampire slayer,this is a good
game if you like vampires.

Gameplay: the gameplay is boring in the first two
levels,but after you kill marcus (first
boss)and you gain the first dark gift wich
is the abilty to jump higher and longer
distances,that,s where you won,t stop
playing,because it gets better and better.

Graphics: graphics are the weak spot,it looks
similar to the ps2 version,nothing
amazing,after all this game is good,so i
really don,t care for the graphics only this

Audio: very good,everything is fine with sound,i
don,t think the sound is the problem,but
the graphics are.

Suggestions: make a sequel please,make it look like a
xbox game,even if you make a sequel for
the ps2,don,t make it look a like and you
all see better results.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams

Overall: first of all,i always hate resident evil,but
when i got my hands on silent hill
everything went diferent,don,t get me
wrong i still hate resident evil,but i love
silent hill

Gameplay: gameplay is fun,perhaps interesting after
all,it,s one of those games that make you
think and continue over and over,very
fun and well executed,after all this title is
way better than stupid resident evil.

Graphics: it,s a port from the ps2,tha,s why it looks
crappy,perhaps is not a bad looking
game ,but is not the best on this
deparment,they should make this better
since is a xbox game,it doesn,t show the
power of the XBOX

Audio: the sound is perfect to me,nothing really
matters since the game is good,but the
graphics don,t need to be the same like
sorry ps2.

Suggestions: i heard KONAMY make this game for
PS2 only,i think that,s not right,but still
since all the japanese video company
hate msft and xbox,nothing will stop xbox
become the best video console of human

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dead to Rights

Overall: this game is fun,it,s a combination of a
third person shooter and figthing what
makes it interesting to play,.

Gameplay: the gameplay is the strongest point of
this game,lots of figthing going on,i love
the prison action,you will get to fight with
almost every single inmate at prison,the
shooting part is to easy to skill,nothing
hard,but after all is a good game.

Graphics: this game probably have the worst
graphics i ever experience,i know some
games like blade 2,bloodrayne,medal of
honor,etc. have some of the worse
graphics,sorry but NAMCO needs to
work hard to make games look better,so
much better .

Audio: the sound is always good,because is on
xbox and besides i have a good
speakers and a surrounding conected to
my hdtv.

Suggestions: just work on the graphics,i don,t care if
you make this game for the ps2,but at
least take adventage of the power of the
xbox,so you will make more money and
have a better reputation about your

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing 2

Overall: project gotham racing 2 not only is a
better game than it's predecessor,but so
far is the best racing game in the
xbox,the graphics are better this time
than rallysport challenge and at 30 fps
bizarre creations made this one a great
buy for the holidays,great job guys

Gameplay: the gameplay is where this game
stands,better than the first one,besides
you have more than 100 cars and some
other good looking cities like florence
and sidney,my god this game took the
bar up and is telling you how good a
racing games can be these days,now
who wants to say something great about
gran turismo? xbox rules on racing
games and fps and soon we will have
the best rpg ,yeah

Graphics: only one minor complaint over the
graphics,you didn't have any people on
the cities,otherwise this is a perfect game
sample for the next generation.

Audio: can the sound get better than this?i don't
think so,project gotham racing is juest
another must have game for all of those
who really love the genre and the xbox
sistem like me,again great job,you guys
have so much talent that no one can't
take that away

Suggestions: none,just keep up guys.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Overall: even if the game is two years old,you can
be another happy xbox owner,because
gta 3 and vice city on the xbox is the best
version so far,better than the ps2 and pc
versios,it was worth the wait and it's
worth the money.

Gameplay: you drive cars around,steal,kill every one
who gets in your way from the
colombians to the cubans or
domians etc,firts you
start the work with the italians till you get
to the second city and then you will be
doing some things for the yakuza and so
on, i haven't play vice city yet,because i
am still playing gta 3.

Graphics: i know this are not standard graphics for
the xbox,but keep in mind that it was
made for the worst video console in the
market wich is sony ps2,but who cares
about ps2 when is available in the xbox
and overall is the best version of all.

Audio: are you kidding with this tipe of
question?the best of the best with custom
soundtracks i coulnd't ask for more

Suggestions: i wanna thanks to all the rockstar
member who made this possible,i knew
they couldn't wait any longer to see this
tittle on xbox,but they couldn't do
anything because they had a contract
with sony and at the very end it was all
good,make sure you made the gta 4 for
xbox too,am sure this game is going to
join HALO as the best ever in the xbox

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Overall: finally,marvel vs capcom 2 for the migthy
xbox,how can you miss this game?i was
not into figthing games until i saw the
greatnes of marvel vs capcom 2,so far
the best figthing game along with soul

Gameplay: great combos,great characters,you all
never get bore with this one,satisfaction
guarantee,buy it don,t rent it,you will like
this game,i only played the arcade
version and believe me,i was the best,so
far i am still the best in my area with the
powerful sentinel,colosso and incredible

Graphics: better than the arcade version and better
than the crappy ps2,what can i say about
this game ?it,s the power of the x that
shows the difference

Audio: not a problem,i am so just to the
soundtracks for this game and i happen
to love it,great game,great
scenarios,great sound and graphics,we
have another figthing game for the
collection of the migthy xbox.

Suggestions: make the sequel,i know marvel vs
capcom 3 should be out soon,but i hope
capcom make it for the xbox too.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Spider-Man

Overall: what can i say?first of all i played spiderman on the psone a few years ago and it was good,but now i got to play spiderman the movie for the xbox,i also played the ps2 version and i know the xbox version looks better at some points.after is a good game,but the level or missions are too short.

Gameplay: gameplay is even better on this version(i am talking about the psone version that
was released a couple of years ago)aerial combat,more stylish combos and some extras,but like i said the missions are too short.

Graphics: looks good,very acceptable graphics,it can look better,but i don,t have any
complaints on this game,activision doesn,t make great graphics,but at least
this are good enough to enjoy the game.

Audio: sound is perfect,it,s always been that way and it will continue since is dd 5.1 sound on xbox,only the power of the x can make a difference.

Suggestions: try to make the levels longer and add some more combos,besides when you enter some of the cheat codes to play with a different character don,t make them use the same moves and combos as spiderman,make them with their own style.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 BloodRayne

Overall: a sexy looking vampire named
DRAYNE,not bad,big selection of weapons and fun game,i love killing all those nazys,specially the biggest of all,it,s a different game with a lots of action .

Gameplay: gameplay is good,not the best vampire
game,but fun to play,i gave it to my
brother,because i could,t kill the last two
bosses,well i did kill the bison looking
nazy,but i could kill that thing that was
groing and groing,i don,t remember the
name of that boss.

Graphics: it look very ps2 to me,but that,s fine with me,because i am not keeping this game
for me,it belongs to my brother now,so he will get to enjoy it

Audio: terrible,nothing special or different,it play the same over and over,i hope majesco
make a better sequel,so we can keep it.

Suggestions: i don,t care for this game,i am a fps addict,i love shooting and action games,but i don,t like this game very much,i am sure there,s people out there
who loves bloodrayne,so i hope majesco make these games better next time

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War

Overall: RTCW delivers on every single aspect,i
haven,t been so happy with a game
since HALO and to be honest with every
one in this wonderful site,RTCW is the
best FPS since halo,even if you don,t
have xbox live i suggest you buy this
game,because is a very solid fps.

Gameplay: the gameplay is very easy to learn,it will
take only a few minutes to get use to the
controls since is similar to MEDAL OF
HONOR,my only complaint is that i have
to press the y button to zoom in with the
sniper rifle,but i love this game since the
first mission in north of egypt.also i love
to kick some of the nazyz @$$.i love it
on the single campaign and co-op mode.

Graphics: the enviroments are amazing,but it
needs some work with the characters,not
much but is a very good looking game.i
love this game anyways,so i don,t care.

Audio: sound is fine with me,i love the shotgun
and the thompson sound.this game is a
good candidate for game of the year.

Suggestions: well done id software and activision,my
only suggestion is for another
sequel.because this game is great and i
am buying the mac os x version soon.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Steel Battalion

Overall: i am a video game freak since i finally
made the decision to buy a
$200 game and a huge controller with 40
freaking buttons.You can,t miss this
experience it,s worth your money and
time even if you don,t have xbox live is a
fun game to play.

Gameplay: vertical tanks are the ones you drive in
this game(best know as mech
warriors)not mech assault,because is a
firson person view ,besides the learning
curve should take about a day or so if
you are a real addict like me,because
playing with 40 buttons,two joysticks and
three pedals is not something you ever
experienced before,so buy this game if
you want to experience something new.

Graphics: graphics are not the best,but who cares
when the gameplay is addicted and
great like steel batallion,besides if you
have access to xbox live,am sure you
won,t miss the next installment of this
great game since is going to be online
later this year.

Audio: better than mech assault,great
explosions and you can also destroy the
buildings and other things related with
the enviroments.

Suggestions: make sure we can use this giant
controller for other games like air combat
or tanks.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Soul Calibur 2

Overall: oh my god! i can,t stop playing this
game,somebody help me,i have played
many figthing games like dead or alive
3,mkda,marvel vs capcom 2,but i have
never experience a soul calibur game
until last week . honestly this is the best
figthing game ever,why did i buy this
game? well SPAWN was the main
reason and i love it.

Gameplay: the arenas are huge,combos are very
good,nothing comes closer to
this,SPAWN and his axe are great
,NECRID is oustanding and the rest of
the characters made this one a winning
and a must have tittle for any xbox fan of
this genre.guarantee it's woth it $50

Graphics: some of the best on xbox and any
platform,soul calibur 2 on xbox is the
best ,because of SPAWN.the arenas are
well done,very nice effects every time
you engage your opponents.

Audio: great,amazing,what can i say,i think
every one should buy a copy of soul
calibur 2,but make sure is the xbox
version,if you have any other sistems like
me besides the xbox,you all thank me
later,because nothing is greater than the
power of the x. go ms,go xbox


Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Otogi: Myth of Demons

Overall: i should done my review a few days
ago,but i can,t stop playing OTOGI since
is the xbox's answer to devil may cry for
the ps2.besides every body is concern
about soul calibur 2,but i am not and i
will highly recomend this great game to
everybody since is $40 and it looks
almost as good as panzer dragon orta.

Gameplay: gameplay is almost identical to
shinoby,but don,t fool yourselves
thinking this is shinoby,because otogi
has better graphics,sound and all kinds
of swords and magic spells. more than
25 weapons,four different magic spells
with 3 different levels each and some
magical accesories. raiko is the main
character of the game and he will be
guide by a ancient princess,besides she
will sell,buy and repair every item you
need at the store to get ahead in the
game.from weapons to magic spells and

Graphics: this game shows the power of the xbox
just like panzer dragon orta,otogi is
almost close to perfection,but i hope from
software make bigger enviroments on
the sequel.

Audio: sound is so original and great,so i won,t
make any complaints,besides i been
playing this game since it first came out.

Suggestions: just make the enviroments bigger and
add some extra modes like legendary or
super hard,so we can all play the game
over and over,besides make raiko able
to use other weapons during combat,so i
don,t have to go back to the main tittle
screen and final make a sequel please.
SOFTWARE. it's worth $40

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: thanks to bioware and lucas arts for this
amazing game,honestly i never liked
role-playing games,but i decided to play
this one,because i love the star wars
series and i can honestly say that kotor is
just as good as halo,but in a different

Gameplay: i can,t describe the whole game
,because am still playing it,but is fun to
play cards and be able to make some
money at the arenas defeating different
opponents to make some cash,also is
fun the way you can choose some of the
weapons,armors,swords,etc .but its hard
to learn the combat skills without a
tutorial.i love the ligth far i am
trying to buy a 3po android at that ladie's
store you now where,ok

Graphics: i heard some people saying that kotor
looks like a ps1 game,but whoever is
saying that it must have some kind of
menthal illness,because it looks great to
me.not the best of course,but decent

Audio: the best ever in a game,i love the voice
acting,so far i spoke to more than 50
different forms of life like
aliens,androids,guards,dancers and
gamblers,etc and none of them have the
same far kotor is the best thing
since halo.

Suggestions: none,but to say thanks to bioware and
lucas arts,because i was trying so hard to
get into role-playing games since i try
zelda,morrowind and final fantasy a few
times and i couldn,t get into it. i was
thinking if theres was some thing wrong
with me,but now i am very happy that i
love this game and i will get ready for
fable when it comes out,hell yes i love
rpg just like fps .

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Hulk

Overall: the hulk is 20 times better than spider-
man and since is better than gayspider-
man i don,t see why people are winning
about the movie or this game. all i can
say is that if you never been a fan of the
incredible hulk stay away if you are
grown man,because is not for gay

Gameplay: very good figthing game,not the best but
fun to play,besides is pretty much like
buffy's figthing system,but with different
enemy's. i love the combos and i love to
play as bruce banner for the infiltration
missions,so are the puzzles in the
computer that make you think
fast,because you don,t get enough time
to solve the puzzle in some of those

Graphics: what can you expect from a multiplatform
game?vivendi universal is trying to get
ahead since the company have
finnancial problems .i think the game
visuals are fine,but who care's when the
gameplay is good enough to keep your
@$$ busy playing day and nigth.

Audio: sound is the weaks part of the game and
i won,t denied ,but i don,t care since i
love the hulk since i was 7 years old andi
love the movie,so great game to me.

Suggestions: just make a sequel and add some of the
best enemy's from the hulk series like
juggernat or abomination . fix the camera
angles and the sound.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: the last racing game i played was the
1989 out run from sega and it was fun to
play at that time,now i decided to play
another racing game since i only play the
best of the best and to be honest with all
of you xbox addittcs.project gotham
racing is simply the greatest racing game
ever,it makes grand turismo 3 look so
old,besides pgr has the best graphics i
ever seen in my 20 years of video

Gameplay: you will start with three different cars like
the mini cooper wich is my favorite and
the more kudos you make by winning
different types of races,you will unlock
different cars until you have 29 available
to drive,also different cities,besides you
can play multiplayer and you can either
chooose the music on the car by using
either the cd player or radio.the best
racing game ever period

Graphics: the best graphics on a racing
game,besides rallisport challenge. pgr is
worth $20 for platinum hits and next time
i won,t wait for pgr2 to become a
platinum hits,i will buy it the first day of
release for $50.the graphics are very
nice,besides the of the
best looking games ever.

Audio: sound is perfect since you can choose
different music or play the cd,s a la
gta3,what can i say about pgr? i am
buying the steering wheel for pgr and
rallisport challenge since these gmes are
fun to play with your entire family and

Suggestions: none,i am very happy since i am back
into the racing games and thanks to
kudos and microsoft.hurry up with pgr2./

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Brute Force

Overall: well,what can i say about this game?let,s
see. brute force is a co-op game where
you have to command four different
characters with their own combat skils. it
didn,t live up to the hype ,but it,s not a
bad game after all.

Gameplay: gameplay controls are the same as
halo,left trigger for granades,rigth trigger
for shoooting,x to reload your weapon or
pick some other weapons,a to jump and
etc,but the difference is that you are able
to use the d-pad to give commands to
each character.

Graphics: visual are ok,but nothing closer to
bungie,s master piece. the characters
look good,specially brutus when he,s
able to perform the spirit of avenger skill
to heal ,but nothing great

Audio: sound is the weak spot of this game,but i
am not gonna put this game
down,because many people like this
game,i like some parts,but i knew this
game was not going to live up to the
hype since i watched all the trailers at

Suggestions: the game has a potential to be a great
game just like halo,but if try to copy
others you will never make it,so try again
and good luck.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Overall: some people say this game is very
childish,but i think most games are that
way. in my opinion is a very fun,good
and amazing looking game. even if
haven,t finish this game,i love it when
you get to play with both characters abe
and munch are just funny .

Gameplay: gameplay is based in solving puzzles
and joining forces together,as figthing
and having the oppotunity of gaining
powers from some of the vendo
machines,you can also have some of
abe,s people to help in opening doors
and figthing.

Graphics: this is one of the best looking games,i
love the cut scenes,some of those are
very funny to watch,odd world is a good
looking game just like halo,splinter
cell,mech assault and the best looking
game so far panzer dragoon orta.

Audio: sound is the only problem i see,it,s not
bad,but is not great either..... i hope they
fix this problem on the next odd world
game,because sound is important just as
gameplay and graphics as well.

Suggestions: just work on the sound and fix the
controls settings,because i didn,t like to
use the directional pad for the camera
and some people probably don,t feel the
same as i

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Overall: well done my friends from midway,it
seems that every mortal kombat series is
just getting better and better,i love it ,after
all i was not into figthing games,but after
playing tao feng,marvel vs capcom 2 and
this one,my expectation are not the same

Gameplay: gameplay is great and unique,character
with three different figthing styles,also
very nice enviroments filled with deadly
traps,what else?it can get better than

Graphics: visual are the weak point of this
game,the enviroments are great,but
some of the character look blocky,i hope
next time midway use and take
advantage of the power of the x.

Audio: sound is not my point of view,so i don,t
have any complaints on this section,may
if there was no sound i will make a
complaint,but there is some,so is fine
with me

Suggestions: work on the graphics and use the power
of the xbox.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Turok: Evolution

Overall: if we talk about the worse game for xbox,i
can name some of the worse like kabuky
warriors,ghost recon,fuzion frenzy,etc. i
don,t think or believe that TUROK
EVOLUTION is a bad game ,it,s kind a
different,i am a FPS master,you wanna
know some of the best i played,here is a
list :golden eye,medal of
honor,doom,quake,halo. it,s that enough
for you guys? TUROK is not a bad
game,perhaps it can be fix next time,but i
just love first person shooters and turok
deserves a good review.

Gameplay: the shooting need to be more agressive
and intense,some of the characters look
like the ones in unreal champion,wich i
believe is a crappy game if you don,t
have xbox live like me. turok is hard whet
you are flying,but with a little bit of
practice you can make a diference.

Graphics: well,what can i say?the graphics are
bad,but i don,t if the game is good
enough to keep me happy,give yourself
a chance xboxaddicts,this is xbox,not
ps2 or gamecube,we have the best.

Audio: not bad after all,at least better than ps2
and gamecube versions,so why should i
make any complaints?i pay $35 for this
game and i got some fun,even if i know
that is a crappy shooter,so what it,s a
shooter and i love every single one.

Suggestions: graphics need some work and for the
gameplay make it harder for all this
wanna be fps fans ,so they have enough
reasons to cry about it.make a sequel
and good luck.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: what do we have here?another fantastic
action game,oh my god this is a great
action game,i haven,t seen anything
alike,only halo panzer dragoon orta and
mech assault have the action that max
payne offers.

Gameplay: it couldn,t be better,a cop from n.y that
loose his wife and know he,s about to
explode by killing whoever gets in his
way,lots of action,i love the way he
handle the shotgun,phenomenal work.

Graphics: graphics are sweet,i saw the ps2 version
and i didn,t have any interest after all,but
my friend came last month and he told
that i should play max payne on the
migthy xbox,he told me that max payne
on xbox look way better that the ps2
version and to be honest it did look way

Audio: perfect,i love shooting sound,just like in
halo,the explosions and everything else
is fantastic,what can i say?if you don,t
have max payne for the xbox,you should
get a copy now,it doesn,t matter if this
game was released in 2001,because
you,ll never get tire of play this one.

Suggestions: make a sequel for the xbox only,max
payne belongs to the xbox,not to the
sorry ps2. NOTHING LOOKS

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus

Overall: this is a mortal combat version,of course
the co-creator of mortal kombat made it.
it,s a amazing game,what,s wrong with
all this people,i don,t see anything wrong
with the game,remenber xbox is just
getting starter with the figthing games,so
give it a chance and be a positive
person,otherwise the developer won,t
put that much effort into it,just in
example,halo graphics lack on some of
the character,well now halo 2 is going to
be a very different story,that,s why a
believe tao feng is just the beginning of a
new era,a era for the greatest video
console ever .

Gameplay: it,s fun,i love it,just like on dead or alive
3,these games are fun to play,tao feng
may not be the perfect game,but it can be
fixed with time,i hope they make a
sequel,so we can have ours ,i don,t buy
games that you can find in other
patforms,just games wit the logo"only on
xbox".those are the best.

Graphics: fantastic,very original with brigth colors
and well developed enviroments,i love it
. tao feng is a great looking game,it,s
not panzer dragoon orta,but it ,s a good
looking game and fun after all.

Audio: sound is not good to me,its great for me
,way better than mortal kombat and even
dead or alive 3,what can i say?i didn,t
buy a xbox because of the sound,but i
expected some good sound from the
greatest video console of all time and it
did sound great after all.

Suggestions: make a sequel,add more combos and
some swords and other weapons and
put some good defesive skills.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Panzer Dragoon Orta

Overall: this game is awesome my friends,i can
not believe how great the graphics
are,ladies and gentleman x-box made
happen again,oh yes i am so proud of
my x-box.

Gameplay: the gameplay is so unique,different than
the others .i love the dragons,all the
leves are beatiful,so far am not done
,because i love to play the first four
levels,but i have gonne further than that,i
really think this is a great game .

Graphics: better than halo,i mean this is the best
looking game for x-box so far,i am sure
halo 2 is going to look better ,and for all
those gamecube fans saying metroid
prime look better than halo and every
single game on x-box,now i say pdo
looks better than metoid and every single
game on that sorry bread toaster called

Audio: some people are saying that the sound is
pretty bad,but with respect to all my x-box
fans you need to out and buy a
surrounding and some good speakers
like the one,s i own,so you won,t make
any complaints.

Suggestions: take your time ,and make a very good

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved






Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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