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Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay

Overall: A mixture between alot of great games like breakdown, splintercell, tenchu, and halo. I hate vin deisel and alot of movie games but this is the ultimate game. Best visuals adn lots of fun snapping necks, gun fights, and hand to hand combat, and pretty good story. The first person veiw much liek breakdown is also fun and more emmersive ten looking over the back of your character.

Gameplay: If you like guns and gorey punching, slamming, adn slicing with some monsters and fun missions on teh side this game rocks. Sneaking up behind victims and slashing them with a scalpul, or quickly snpping their neck or a huge shotgun shot to the back of hte head and see them flop to the floor. Sometimes they kick their legs after too it is sick adn fun as HELL. It just...ended way to suddenly adn the last movie just was so unfifilling but great.

Graphics: I can beleive it is the best on xbox for the moment for the shading and shadows adn textues are sharp, clear adn soimetimes eerie. But until doom 3, or halo 2 comes out this is the best.

Audio: The sound is great from slashing and hearing a yelp from your victim, or booming guns, or shoutingand cussing from guards or fellow prisoners. It was all done great except for some of hte lip synching or whatever it is called.

Suggestions: Longer and some lip sunching things could be fixed but over all i loved it. But i want more and nice to see some exclusives but even if this is a timed exclusive it is best on the box.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 The Suffering

Overall: The game is way better then it looks. This game is great in pretty much all departments. Very good game hopefully not a sleeper hit. It deserves way better. If you liked blood rayne mixed with silent hill this game is great for you except i think it out does those games in alot of ways.

Gameplay: The gameplay is pretty straight forward and with the gore and blood splattering and switching between third or first person veiws make it great. The levels are all pretty good and well done. Never get bored unless you are completely lost but that neer happened to me. There is also replay value for the three alternatre endings which are dependent on how you deal with human contacts which leave you with a good, neutral or bad ending. Story is awsome and apparations and flash backs are awsoeme too. The game play is more intence and way more fun then silent hill.

Graphics: The visuals weren't as polished as the could be but the character's and enemies looked great and were very unique. Some rooms looked the exact same and some textures got alittle boring so i gave it a 4.5. One thing i noticed which was great too is torque's (main character) skin will stay healthy adn cleaner when he is good and then become ripped and torn looking as he becomes evil. Animations were all good and gore was great too.

Audio: The sound is great. The music and stunning sound effcts and screaming, swearing made the game very intence and fun i loved it. Well i mean it made the game extremly fun. Voices were done good and the radio and telphone calls were great too. Lets not forget the sweet good adn bad conscionse you hear.

Suggestions: I think alittle more polish in some levels like a couple textures were over used and water could of been better but that is about it. I think making it a bit longer would be better too. Everything was done great and this would be a great movie!!! One of the best part was the a guy smoking up in the asylum. Then along the way you see his house and he has a garden of marijauna plants. Very funny.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: I am sad to see this was the best racer on xbox because it really isn't that good and for the most part not very fun. I forced myself to like it but I'll rent tHe second one but I doubt I like that game either if it is like this one.

Gameplay: It seemed so hard and I began giving up because it became such a drag to play. Some tracks were nice though.

Graphics: Visuals for this game were good especially for how long it has been out. The night time is cool shows off the shadows and shines off the street looks pretty realistic. Car models were great. I didn't like the control of most of the cars but the levels and effects did look really good.

Audio: I don't know, normal I guess. Cool with radio that is about it. I don't pay much attention to sound really.

Suggestions: Make it fun, easier to begin with, I wish I never bought this game. You got the second one out maybe it is better.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller

Overall: Unless you've never tried it before maybe you will like it for awhile but i tried teh first one on dreamcast and everything, control, sound, music is teh same. The graphics suck too.This game is rushed and....just boring old crap. RENT IT DO NOT BUY IT

Gameplay: Nothing new whatso ever. Add something like a job or somehting where you get to customize teh car and make upgraded with money maybe take away teh araceish feel or put that as a saperate part of teh game. For what i paid i need more then just an added level and stupid characters. Make more realisic and have some damage or something because this game is just weak.

Graphics: Graphics are ok i guess even though i barely see a differnce other then brightness and blurriness to make lights and crap look smoother or better. Not impressed but maybe was about 6 years ago with the first one. Maybe with teh job part like i said in gameplay have the cities as big and good looking as GTA. The cities are boring and crappy IMO. I want a solid game here. Have more types of people and have them living normal lives while you go nuts but maybe leave out teh hitting them to keep the game some what to it's roots. Make it either cel shaded or realistic graphics.

Audio: The sound oh the sound. It sucked teh have the same bands and music from teh first one and it is so old and overplayed i hate it and no custom soundtracks. Avoid theis game rent ti do not i repeat don't buy it. Have new and more types of music maybe have a radio or cusom soundtracks.

Suggestions: Remake the whole game please. Make graphics more real and get away from teh cartoon crap unless you go cel shaded which you won't. Make cities adn single player game way better, longer, elaborate and exciting. You wasted my money and time. Unless soimehting changes i am never gonna buy another crazy taxi ame for it is weak and annoying for the most part.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Amped 2

Overall: i wasn't incredibly impresed but i still like this game. They added alot more in each department but i felt teh first one was hard but this one is way way harder adn i finished the other one. The snow skating was cool, teh character cosomization is good too.

Gameplay: It is a simulation i still love it and i love teh butter, and new layout for tricks adn grabs. I don't have live but the offline game is definatley long and hard enough. (that sound pretty weird).

Graphics: I think teh visuals were really good. Good character models, enviroments, everyting was good. The coolest was snowboarding on teh hill at night time. The lights and shadows were done very well.

Audio: I wasn't to into teh music. I got custom sounds but the music was all teh same teh same kinda good charroletteish or somethi8ng i don't know but it was annoying. The sound effects were better and more clearer then first. I liked it.

Suggestions: Make it maybe not so hard. That is about it but i won't buy another sequel unless it is on th new system but i think i got enough amped for xbox at teh moment.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Overall: This is a great game that was sadly lost in te piles of other games released at the time. I picked it becasue teh demo was cool but the truth is teh whole game is great and gets better and better. In all departments it is pretty good. This is a great game not like the other generic titles around.

Gameplay: I wasn't sure about teh fighting system but the time controlling gets this game a 5. The effects, and feel was great. SIlky smooth animations and cool, intriging enemies and puzzles.

Graphics: I will give it a five especailly since it is multiplatform. The cities and enviroment were so well done so beautiful everything was so great i really want a sequel. The style characters everything was superb. During some cut scenes though close up's of there faces looked alittle choppy but no way am i gonna let that wreck the game.

Audio: The sound was one of the key points in this game. Not only were the effects good but vioce acting was great, it was clear and the envirometn added alot of sounds. I am not making sence it was well done. The music now that was good. Perfect for this game.

Suggestions: Make a sequel. Also make it abit harder but come on this game is good make a sequel just be sure to release it and advertise it more and you got a great and hopefully good selling game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Ninja Gaiden

Overall: I am gonna keep this short. This is a good game and it isn't hard unless you put teh difficulty to hard. It is top notch in every department and has an entriging universe and enviroment with an inspired story. Get this game. The cities and levels were very interesting and i couldn't get enough of this game it ended so suddenly.

Gameplay: Some times it felt repetitive but that is because i chose the moves to do over there are assortment of moves adn weapons that are really great. The magic was teh best part because it helped alot and looked really cool. The bosses were so cool.

Graphics: The visuals were great shiney floors, reflective water, effects under the water, the blood, the buildings were so great. The coolest thing in the whole game is when you are walking ona bridge it twists over and a whole new castle is underground i can't explain it it is ind boggling. The monster and bosses were !&%$@#* ing amazing too.

Audio: Sound was excellent the slashing, blowing up, banging, growls, howls, screams, thuds everything was good.

Suggestions: I suggest a sequel and maybe even more characters and longer gameplay. But i don't care for this was a great game. Oh yeah one major complaint is teh last boss was teh easiest boss in the whole game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Overall: My first Mortal Kombat game but got this quite awhile ago and never play it anymore but thought i would do a reveiw. The graphics and especially the character models were pretty good, the sound was good erie and painful etc. Then the gameplay which was pretty good but felt arcadish but hey it is mortal kombat which came from arcades.

Gameplay: I liked the blood action etc it was all pretty good, pretty fast loved teh fighting styles and weapons but i am not teh best at this game so i found it pretty hard. Again great job.

Graphics: The graphics were good but not spectacular or anything but the best was of course teh blood and character models. But i think the gore such as the skulls getting pulled out should actually be the size of the head they came out of and when the body get crumbled there would be more bones and stuff. But then again if it was too real it would be freakish.

Audio: I liked teh sound of teh voices, erie serious music and effects it was all pretty good nothing wrong with it so i give it a good 4.5.

Suggestions: Well you guys know what you are doing all i say is maybe more fighting levels and more indept kinda story and mission stuff like soul calibur but don't completely copy it. The graphics, sound it was all pretty good. Make more or real gore etc. All i have to say were the movies were pitiful. My only real complaint.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Quantum Redshift

Overall: I have had this game for so long now and never did a reveiw on it and it is one of my favorite games. I have never played many games like this so to some people it is old and boring but i really like it. It is the fastest game i have played, the sounds is great alot of booms and swoops, and the graphics are very crisp and refreshing. Refreshing as in they look so clear and good and not all dirty and flat. Ah never mind.

Gameplay: Is super slow during the beginning but then so fast it is a blur. I like the weapons the effects look so cool and i don't care about the cut scenes or stoy but this is just a fun game. I like the tracks even though they were there were no upside down or sonic the hedge hog moments. You race in all kinda of enviroments on water, dirt, and fly in the air too. I would wish tey would make a sequel.

Graphics: The visuals IMO are very good. They would look so good on a high definition screen because they are so clear, bright, and oh did i mention crisp? The people faces are ok and the vehicles are cool but my favorite part is the weapon effects. They can look like lightening to nuclear bombs, to giant fire balls slamming your apponent. The enviroments, trees, water textures are all pretty good. IF you get teh chance to go slwo enough to check them out.

Audio: I like the sound of teh weapons and the hovering and jets and it is kinda cool having the real language of teh players origins. I lkiek teh music but love the custom soundtracks even more.

Suggestions: Make a sequel please! Plus add a couple more characters, more customizable options for your vehicle thing and make a couple more tracks but add some over teh top cool ones. But don't quite turn into XGRA. Keep up the good visuals and sound and really kill of or drop the egyption dude he is so gay.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 James Bond 007: NightFire

Overall: I wasn't impressed by agent under fire but this one has great levels good sound and upgraded graphics. This game is really fun and i think it should of been longer but the best part of the whole game is the introduction. It is exactly like the movies with fire, guns, girls and the music was perfect. They did such a great job with the theme.

Gameplay: I was actually surprised it was pretty good. I think it could of been more deep such as more weapons and alittle smarter A.I.. It had upgraded alot too but could of been better. Multiplayer is fun even against the bots.

Graphics: I was impressed by these graphics especially from EA. The cut scenes were pretty nice the over all graphics could of been better but again had been upgraded from agent under fire. I think that where ever you shoot the A.I. or enemies they should deal witht teh wound such as shot in the knee they will limp or can't shoot witht he arm that got shot. It would definatly be cool. Or frusterating. Now i know alot of games don't do this but when you shoot the enviroments they should show damage. Like you shoot a tree and it falls over. Or shoot a wall and it crumbles , cracks. After awhile thje building should start to deteriorate and fall apart. I think that would be so cool. Otogi and armed and dangerous do this but teh buildings blow up they don't gradually deteriorate and stuff.

Audio: Sound was maybe the best part. The music was great and the guns sounded good but they should have screams instead of silent deaths like timesplitter 2. That probably sounded weird but if you got shot in the foot you wouldn't turn around and do a summersault.

Suggestions: I think you did a good job just it would be cool to do all the stuff i said in the above because i am too lazy to type it all again.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

Overall: I bought this game looking forward to fast action and cool levels just like other old need for speed games but this one just sucks. I traded it and yet they didn't give barely anything for it but i still traded it for 10 bucks. This game really sucks rent it don't buy it.

Gameplay: Everything seems so slow and crappy and boring i just can't get the feel of it. On mulitplayer you needed points to race and after days of trying to win races after about three races in multiplayer the points are all gone how gay is that you need to earn points top show off the fun in the game it is so bad it was embarrassing to play because everything was so bad. Then when you hit a sign it spin in the air for like 15 minutes how pathetic is that. EA needs a kick in there little nuts i wasted a bunch of good traded games and cash on this game.

Graphics: The visuals were nothing special no effecys or anything on any tracks but some levels looked nice like the the landscape and sunset in hawaii but that is because the game is so slow that you can actually take the time to look at them.

Audio: the custom soundtracks were nice and that is about it. The motors and horns were good the tires, sirens, and pretty much nothing special.

Suggestions: Get better cooler faster cars tracks, and make the game better in everything, especially in mulitplayer because racing crappy cars on a budgeted points isn't a fun game. I hate you and am never gonna buy another need for speed game again. I might rent but i just was very let down by this game and can't beleive people like this game.

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 TimeSplitters 2

Overall: Tis game isn't the greatest in alot of departments but it has to be one of teh funnest games i have played. Lots of character and teh levels through time were really fun and cool. Lots of challenges. I don't think i will ever totally finish this game there are so many things to do and it gets challenging.

Gameplay: Gameplay was so fun in multiplayer and single awsome. Wish there were more weapons i liked it alot but could of been alittle better. Smarter A.I. and more emersed levels and atmosphere.

Graphics: Visuals sort of sucked but i liked teh way everything looked going through history and in teh future. Make smoother animation but love the zombies.

Audio: I loved teh sound when you hit the head of a zombie or hit a person not realistic but very saticfying.

Suggestions: Make another but with online play and it will be a hit but make better sound and graphics and more levels. I loved this game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Syberia

Overall: I hadn't played any game like this. I loved the story and the garphics in some parts were beautiful. It really opened up my mind and there were many clever parts. I see why this game got awards on the pc they did such a great job. I got stuck so much though i could of never done it without an online walkthrough. This game is very clever and indeed a beautiful, captivating game. I do recomend this to patient people though, this ain't no Indiana Jones. There is no replay value but nothing can beat the first experience of playing any game especially one like this.

Gameplay: I didn't know what to expect but i liked it could of been smoother animations but nothing serious though. It is akward though that it is a point and click game but the thing that makes this game so great is it's story. So much depth and creativity.

Graphics: I think the visuals looked really good but they could of done way better with the characters her face had no real expressions and it was all one color. Real time lighting or whatever it is called would of made this game look absoluteley great but it was still good though.

Audio: The sound was normal the music gets alittle repetetive but it is good and goes good with the game. It is mysterious, soothing, quiet, and puts you in the mood.

Suggestions: Real time lighting, better charcter animation and look. Great game can't wait for Syberia II. This is a very clever huge story that is so interesting i don't know how you could top it with another story. Some parts were so hard but alittle online help fixed that. There was so so so much depth i wasn't expecting in this game. Keep up the good work i am a fan.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Panzer Dragoon Orta

Overall: Great game fun arcadey flying action. This is a great game, great graphics and gameplay. They could have had better sound but it totally fit in good with this game.

Gameplay: The gameplay was fun and addictive for me and the levels made it really fun too. Easy controls and morphing the dragon to fit the abilities needed for that moment are a good idea. I love teh levels and set up for everything.

Graphics: The visuals were the best part of this game the reflecting water, the atmosphere and everything were great in this game. One memorable part of this game was the river with thivk jungle dodging the attacks of giant monster serpants. Also the desert and arctic area were very fun and beautiful.

Audio: I didn't like alot of teh sound but i am giving it a good score because it went really good with this game.

Suggestions: You should make it longer and longer and make a sequel. You could raise teh sound quality more and have some better music but this is an awsome game. Definatley a keeper.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Fatal Frame

Overall: This game is great in graphics and everything except one big thing called addictive gameplay. The story keeps you wondering and interested but the gameplay is a turn off and especially maddening when she runs extremely slow and can't duck or dodge.

Gameplay: Sorry but this game is a pain in the !&%$@#* to play sometimes. It was cool haveing a camera but the girl runs so slow from a serial killer ghost i just didn't get the hang of it but it is still a pretty good game.

Graphics: Creepy ghost and ropes and trees and camera angle and broken down house was great. The characters were pretty good but the lights and shadowing could have been better.

Audio: Sound was teh best part of this game. Freaky voices and gasps and heart beat and screams. Teh voices were prety good and everything made it erie and great to play.

Suggestions: I suggest you make the girl a faster runner, make her run smooth and make it so she can dodge severed heads flying at her head or move aside as a ghost comes flying at her. It was great you got the message through and the game was good but i didn't get any fun or anything out of it.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Otogi: Myth of Demons

Overall: I never played anything much like this it was very different and was really fun and they did a great job. Easy controls and gameplay made it really awsome. It was awsome that everything was destructable and there were alittle side mission such as find spirts and destroying stuff and what not.

Gameplay: I thought it was smooth i didn't experience any slow down and the levels were fun but some of them were the same levels just different atmosphere but i still liked it. I loved bashing demonds against the walss and ground. The missions were straight forward and were fun throughout the game. Some were a challenge but nothing a couple retry's couldn't solve.

Graphics: The visuals were pretty good i think especially the effects of the rain storm and heat waves from lava morphing the screen almost. The enemies could've been alittle better but everyhting was very creative and looked really good they made you feel the enviroment around you. The spells and smashing and bashing looked really cool too i wish i had a huge high definition tv with it.

Audio: The sound was great for this game it matched prefectly. From the spells to the screams of the monsters, to the blowing up of buildings to the eirie voice talking to you through out the game telling you what to do.

Suggestions: I think you should have made it a bit longer but i loved this game and hope that we get teh second one over here. Everything was great and my favoritest part was the weather effects in the rainstorm and lava levels.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon

Overall: I am also another fan of Bruce Lee and when i saw this for twenty bucks i thought awsome bruce lee rocks the game should. But i lied i only played it maybe for an hour before i thought how pathetic it was especially with the mouth and sound movements, maybe they were trying to mimic some old 70's movies but still i think that was not intended to be that way, don't buy this game even if it is free i caution you it blows.

Gameplay: I absolutely was not impressed at all. What is up with purchasing moves collecting coins and i hated it especially when i had to redo a whole level.

Graphics: Visuals were ok but I just didn't like how everything was the same and how untextered alot of the stuffed seemed, i just plane liked the fog or trees but that is about it.

Audio: I can't stand the voice stuff. It drove me crazy, but some of the enviromental sounds were pretty good, i guess.

Suggestions: I can not believe you did this to bruce, the best kung fu master ever and yet you make this cheap little game that mocks him in every single way possible, you guys suck and i hope you don't make xbox look any worse with anymore of your crap games.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 XGRA - Extreme Gravity Racing Association

Overall: I love these kind of games and haven't played very many so it may seem like nothing new to some people but i really liked this game. Everything except how short it was. When you pass everything it is really easy and has no replay value. If there were a four person race i don't think it would work from the massive slow down because it slows down just on single player. This game is a good rental because it is short and perfect for a weekend rental in length IMO. But i have no regrets in buying it it is was fun, addicitve, intence and had attitude.

Gameplay: The gameplay was really fun and addicting but the game would get some slow down in some levels but i don't mind it, all made up for it. There weren't many options on what to do except tournement and arcade and not very many levels but there were alot of weapons but this game is more fast and intense The tracks were cool as they twisted and twinded like a roller coaster then quantum redshift but could improve in different parts the quantum redshift shines in. It deosn't flow like quantum redshift but it still rocks.

Graphics: The visuals are nothing like quantum redshift, it wasn't bright and crisp and the weapons weren't as dazzling and huge as quantum redshift. But they fit the theme of the tracks like the pollutions wastelands and floating through space and going under water dark and gloomy. They did a good job of the snow and rain weahter but the sand storm weather was pretty cheap. But the enviroment don't matter that much when you go so fast it blurs and you here a huge sonic boom when you hit the speed strips.

Audio: I liked the music but costum soundtrack would of been good. It seemed all futureistic with computer voices and when you shot your weapons at players they would show up on your screen to the right and cuss at you so it is more involving. It was all good but the sound would mess up alot during the game even in the introduction and the sonic boom is quieter then the music which i think should be the biggest boom possible.

Suggestions: It was fun while it lasted. You should make something differnt for each character. Instead of passing the game with one character say that you finish the game when you pass the world championship with all the characters and that would be alittle repetitive but would take alot of time. It was all good but you should also make the bikes costomizable and have upgrades. It was good with the team sponcors though and how some of the envirmoent was destructable. Make the game more deep and have more lasting appeal to the player. If you make a sequal to this game i would still definatley buy it if you made some improvements and add ons increased difficulty etc.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: i am not an rpg fan but the game really sucked at first but as i got the hang of it and stuff it was fun. i rented it and am planning to maybe even buy it

Gameplay: the gameplay is i don't good but i liked it but thought it would be beter if you can fight and aim and shoot instead of just pressing the a button and hoping you don't die kind of. but good.

Graphics: could of been better but i have no problem with it i ain't picky about this one i don't expect to much.

Audio: sounds like all the movies and stuff so it is good. But i really get tired of reading the aliens language and hearing it it is so annoying. And the force be with you at the end of ever chat is pretty stupid.

Suggestions: make it more involved instead of just pressing the a button kind of thing to fight but it was good i only rented it because it got such good scores.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: this is my first snowboarding game. At fist it was hard then suddenly i was hitting everything and getting huge points. It was a really fun game and challenging but then it got so hard i saved myself from cracking the game in half.

Gameplay: Since it was my first i think it was really good except i didn't know how to do melons or whatever or any special tricks and they didn't have very good instructins you either caught on to it or kep falling.

Graphics: My sister thought it was so good she loved everything about it i liked it too but 4.5 seems about right

Audio: I hated the voices in the game and some of the music was terribly annoying like the pirate ship song then the farting song but alot of variety i thought it was pretty good.

Suggestions: Better multiplayer and have a teaching option to help anyone get started.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire

Overall: It was fun but really short. Mulitplayer deson't seem any fun. Bad graphics normal sound. I still liked it because james bond. 007

Gameplay: it was ok but you could shoot a vase or picture on the wall and it wouldn't damage. Should have some splinter cell stealth in some parts. I liked the story too.

Graphics: Terrible. The blowing up looked like night fire on gameboy. It looked just like n64. Character models were good but could of been better.

Audio: Sound was good in my opinion. Could have had more special effects. Like crickets or light breeze or what ever something.

Suggestions: never do anything that cheap again. Make multiplayer way better. More interactivity. i don't know?

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10

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