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Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

Overall: A game based around one theme..and it aint volleyball.

Do not buy this game. Worth a rental to laugh at with friends

Gameplay: This game has very little in the sense of "gameplay". At the beginning, you choose the girl you want to be, half the time you go shopping, sometimes you play volleyball, and at night you go gamble at the casino. nuff said

Graphics: Visually, the game looks good. Some backgrounds are a little plain, but the models(girls) are very well done and very proportional (i'm not a pervert!, heh).

Audio: The Sound is very plain and forgettable. The girls speak in Japanese.. Which is evident as soon as you spike the ball and your teammate complements you by saying "Nice Spikou". THe music is very very pop. With bands like spice girls and christina aguilera. Thankfully custom soundtracks are also availble for import.

Suggestions: Stop thinking with your Libido's and get back to designing quality games

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Panzer Dragoon Orta

Overall: This game takes a primitive style of rail shooters, and turns it into something just plain awesome. A++

Gameplay: The gameplay is surprisingly addictive. Anyone who plays on EASY will not understand my feelings. When you start playing on normal or hard, that's when you have to learn which dragon form to be in. Needless to say, at times the game gets extremely intense and requires quick thinking believe it or not.

Graphics: Visually....this game is simply beautiful. Even compared to HALO. I almost think this game looks better at times. If you don't drool at the graphics of this game, then smack yourself, because your standards are TOO HIGH!

Audio: The sound is unbelievably crisp and clear. Sega definetly took full advantage of Surround technology on this game. With the right home audio setup, you can almost pinpoint where each enemy is. Amazing!

Suggestions: Spend more time on beautiful games like this, and less time on ordinary games like crazy taxi.

There's not much to recommend if a sequel were to be made, Just make sure to include as much Bonus stuff next time as you did this time. It adds great Replay value, and motivates gamers to master the game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: This arcade style racer puts a nice spin on what could have easily been a very boring title for the xbox

Gameplay: The gameplay is very addictive. Most levels and goals are based on KUDOS, KUDOS are points, gained by jumping, sliding, passing other cars and so on. The later levels do get annoying because they require perfect manuipulation at times.

Graphics: Visually , this game was very attractive when it was first released. The nighttime/rain stages look quite real.

Audio: The audio is somewhat average for a car game. Each car has it's own unique tone and exhaust note, But it's not unique enough. It seems like the ferrari's are the only vehicles in the game that they made a point to sound unique. I find it hard to believe a 3.0 In-Line 6 turbo skyline can sound similar to a naturally aspirated toyota MR-S, but oh well, it is an arcade racer after all.

But two thumbs up for Custom Soundtracks. A Car game MUST!

Suggestions: Add more cars, especially more japanese cars

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Enter the Matrix

Overall: For a movie based game, it's above average, dont get me wrong, i love the matrix world, but without it's movie backbone, this game is barely worth a rental. This was a game that clearly had marketing on it's mind but development was clearly somewhere else.

Gameplay: The gameplay is sub-par. At first you'll grin at the close combat moves and "focus" related manuvers, But soon before the end of the game, you realize you have very little control as to what your character does. The controls are also questionably laid out. The fire button for firearms is programmed to the "Black" button..which in my opinion is one of the worst spots, S-controller or Not.

Graphics: Visually, the game is pleasing to the eye, and some backgrounds have nice detail. But it's definetly nothing ground-breaking. Just average.

Audio: The sound adds nothing to the experience. Every sound is very generic. The car chases will make you want to mute the TV. Music is there, but adds very little dramatic feel.

Suggestions: Design a LONGER game, Don't rely on gamers to have an Extra 10 hours of fun with the afterthought of a HACKING system and decieve gamers by telling them there's over 25 hours of gameplay.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Jet Set Radio Future

Overall: Cel shading WAS a great concept for games, when it was first released, and the gameplay, based around graffitti was also somewhat unique. controls lack interactivity.

Gameplay: The gameplay is unique, cover graffitti with your own and race people through busy urban locations. If it seems like there's not alot of variety, then you're RIGHT. The game gets very boring quickly, and it'll have you asking yourself "where's the end of the game?" The games' repeated tasks obviously give this game a next to ZERO replay value.

Graphics: Visually, this game is different, and pleasing to the eye. Gameplay is repedative, but thankfully the scenery has alot of different themes.
The game almost always runs at a contantly high framerate.

Audio: The music is very good. Alot of tracks grew on me after a while. ALthough some do get annoying because it seems like it plays some tracks ALOT more than others. As for the actual sound effects and voices, they're very mundane and forgettable.

Suggestions: Please do not make a cel-shaded sequel, that style had been done to death lately. If you make a sequel, add more variety for objectives, develope a bvtter plot, and please add custom soundtracks, or at least make the In-Game music selectable at any time.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: I bought this game when it was released as a platinum. I must say it's the best platinum game by far. The game provides a great sense of speed, and the graphics are truly stunning. The handling of the cars are tuned more towards an arcade approach, as opposed to Colin Mcrae 3, which is too close to reality.
This game will NOT disappoint

Gameplay: The gameplay is very addictive. Some races consist of Point-to-point stages, and others consist of Circuit (lap) courses while racing 3 other cars. The scenery varies from stage to stage, from mountain cliffs to desert roads. It can sometimes get tedious, but only the Circuit racing, in my opinion.

Graphics: The game's visuals are stunning. Cars have almost mirror-like finishes when new, and slowly collect dirt as the stage progresses. If you're unlucky enough to crash into a tree or roll off a ledge, you will get the pleasure of seeing cracked windows, missing hoods and deformed bumpers and fenders

Audio: The sound is more than adequate for this game. All cars seem to have similar engine notes, but it's the last thing you notice. The music is great, you can listen to the supplied music, or import your own custom soundtracks..a racing game must in my opinion.

Suggestions: I recommend More choices of gameplay, less "circuit" racing, and giving each rally car the individual respect they deserve

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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