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Top Spin Tennis

Overall: A solid tenis game, that I would recomend to serious tenis fans. I found mario tenis to be more fun, although this game is much more real. The game has a few bugs, but nothing major.

Gameplay: Top spin has a good career mode, which could have been made much more fun if the lessons werent so similiar and straight forward. As you progress through the game your character becomes better as you accumulate stars in the different masteries, volley, serve, forhand, and backhand. The game, for some reason, switches these around on occasion. The only other technical downside is the fact that you cant save in the middle of a tourney.

Graphics: Visuals are great, animations are smooth, and the courts and surroudings are very life-like. The game features an indepth create-a-player mode where you can change everything about your character's appearance.

Audio: Crowds cheer louder after a big point, but other than sound effects theres no sound, no commentators or music.

Suggestions: Fix the star bug, cut down the loading, it takes forever, and allow saving in tournaments.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: I'm not a fan of rpgs. KOTOR is an exception. This game is the most addicting game ive played. It's plot is extremely good, regardless of the fact its a game. The game is enormous, and while the gameplay is varied, with minigames, by the end I was tired of playing; granted this is after 15 hours of playing

Gameplay: There is a ton to do in this game. While your ultimate goal is to defeat the sith, the side quests are aplenty. You can do anything from hunting monsters on Tantoine, to fighting in death matches on Taris. Combat is turn based, but after you choose your attacks battle becomes real time. As you progress through the game you can develop new physical attacks, as well as force attacks

Graphics: The visuals are good. The cities and landscapes are incredible, just look at the ruins on Korriban.

Audio: The voice acting is good, sound effects are good, the only negative is the music is repetative, and somewhat annoying

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Fuzion Frenzy

Overall: Not as fun as the Mario party games in the past, but the only party game available on the Xbox, and because of that this game is probably a must have.

Gameplay: You get constant comments about Xbox games needing a multi-player game, this game needs a single player game where you can go through levels, or unlock characters, or give your player more abilities (faster, stronger).

Graphics: Not great, your looking at the game from above, and so the graphics are good, but it looks like your players are little dots running around.

Audio: Good soundtrack, but you can add your own, which was a strong point in the xbox. Players yelps and grunts do get a little repetative, so crank up the music.

Suggestions: Insentives for playing (unlock characters or something like that)

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire

Overall: The single player mode was dissapointing, you just lost interest in it. The Multi-player was fun though, and after a while that's all I played.

Gameplay: Gameplay was split into three sections, driving, shooting and moving, and shooting from the top of a car, while it moved. The driving was pretty lame, the only plus was that the city had tons of streets so you could choose your own route. The roof top shooting was ok, but hard, as your had to constantly keep turning around, and you never knew who was shooting at you and where they were. The normal shooting mode was good though, as it was pretty good action wise. The reason this game failed in the single player was that you just couldn't get interested in the game.

Graphics: Not bad, but not great either. Inviroments were cool, but characters were quite lame looking once you got close.

Audio: Nothing great, the music was Bond music so if your into that then I guess it was ok. You couldn't add your own soundtrack, which was somewhat dissapointing, especially since there was really no need to listen to the game soudns.

Suggestions: Too many to list

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003

Overall: Rarely do golf games have appeal for a lasting amoubt of time. It seems that the more realisitic you make a golf game the more boring it seems. Tiger Woods Golf has found a way to be realistic and fun at the same time.

Gameplay: Your choices for gameplay are endless. You can take target practice, play on the tour, or even compeat against a very interesting group of characters (mob boss, sumo wrestler, etc.) The days of power meters are done, in tiger woods golf the swing back and forth are control by your left thumbstick, minipulating this movement.

Graphics: solid, but nothing you want to take a screen shot from and to your wall. It doesn't have the usual golf visual glitches, like the fluxating size of ball as it hits the ground. I think the key to the visauls, was that the inviroments were life like.

Audio: Depends on what you listen to. If I remember right this is all really punk or punkish rock, but it gets you pumped up to play,

Suggestions: None, great job!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Jet Set Radio Future

Overall: Great, addicting game. Simple concept, but with some interesting and griping themes, like collecting characters and diffrent graffiti type throughout the game. The graphics are diffrent; and far from realistic, but quite likeable most of the time.

Gameplay: Throughout JSRF there are really three types of gameplay, the freeskate where you try and plant your grafitti, battles, where you compeat in a variety of games against your rival gangs, and then just exploring the vastness of toyko. As simple as it is the game doesnt get old.

Graphics: A very cartoonish look, but not for the worst, as the graphics are seamless and the enviroments match the characters.

Audio: Awesome music!! Not my kind of music, but fresh, and never been heard before (at least by most). Good character voices too.

Suggestions: Another?

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast

Overall: Ummm... This reminded me more of a kid's mind puzzle computer game than a shooter... When you weren't racking your brains out looking for a way to get where you were supposed too (if you even knew where) the game was cool, but that didnt occur very often.

Gameplay: Stick to multi-player. (seriously) The single player is basically you (in the game( running around for ten minutes, then you (in real life) running to your computer to search for a walkthrough for ten minutes. The game is just too much thinking and not enough playing. The multi player is a lot of fun though, using the diffrent weapons and force powers.

Graphics: Pretty good, above average for the xbox.

Audio: Drawing a blank trying to remember the what the sound is like... Guess it wasnt that good...

Suggestions: More action for the thumb, less for the head.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: Damn! Great graphics. Great gameplay too, best racing game I've ever played straight up. This game has everything, music, graphics, and a FUN gameplay.

Gameplay: Three diffrent modes, all of which are fun. The Kudos system (points for doing slides, two wheels, getting air etc. and multiplied for speed, lost for hitting walls) is really cool, it defines how good a driver you are. The game fits the controler, so you dont have to go buy one of those driving wheels.

Graphics: Best graphics on the xbox, just look at the back of the box or a screenshot... the tracks are good looking too, wheater your moving at 5 or 150 mph.

Audio: Another great sound track, where you can make your own cd, or listen to a radio station corresponding to the city your in, with something for everyone, with rock in cal, hiphop in ny and other stuff in the other places. Realistic car noises, not the usual random squeaking of the tires you normally hear.

Suggestions: I'd recomend a sequel, but your already making one. So... More cities definitely I'm sure you could fit a bunch more on the cd. And let you preview the songs when your creating a cd so you dont have to remember the names of the songs you like. Everything else is great though!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 MVP Baseball 2003

Overall: My Xbox is jacked up, so I've only been able to play this game in small doses, however one of the better baseball games ive played.

Gameplay: Good modes of play, the homerun showdown is really cool, its like the homerun derbys of the past. Franchise mode is diffrent than other games too, with diffrent goals, like throw a nohitter and stuff like that. The pitching mode is good, easy to learn too. But, pitching and throwing seemed a little arcade like to me, but it ok for the most part, it just make the game lose realism

Graphics: Pretty good, the got the catching down for the most part (like the ball actually going into the glove) instead of the ball dissolving into the person like most games.

Audio: Good rock soundtrack, so good if you like rock, if not, well sorry... Commentary seems to be focused on whats happening in the game not just saying random things, the only lapse i can think of is that when the computer intentially walks you, they go "what a terrible time to be throwing balls".

Suggestions: online play, make the salaries in franchise mode actual (in millions) not in the wierd currency that you invented. And a suggestion to all baseball games: set up an online feature that will allow you to download roster changes, and new players to the league.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Blinx: The Time Sweeper

Overall: Fun for a while, but gets old after playing for a large amount of time. The time control is fun, and the villians are creative. Its one of those fun for the whole family games, which normally is good for the kids, but makes it lack some fun feature for adults, this game avoids that and while a childish story doesnt seem lame.

Gameplay: Blinx lets you control time as you control your dvd player, pause, rewind, fast formward, slow, and record(lets you record yourself for ten seconds and then have two of yourself for that period of time). You progress through five stages, each with around five levels. Each stage is a diffrent, functunal enviroment.

Graphics: Cartoonish, but quite sharp, and graphically is quite good, especially when everything must be made to change movement patterns depending on speeds, from ultra fast to ultra slow.

Audio: The cat's (the main character is a cat) sounds are a little annoying but not headache bad. Can't remember if there is music or not...

Suggestions: Work a little on making where to go apparent, and have more of the dirrectional help things like in the first stage to help you along.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2003

Overall: This game has everything needed to be great, but for some reason it comes up a bit short. The franchise mode has everything: player salaries, contract negotiations, a draft with created players, hall of fame elections, retired jerseys, you get the picture. However, you just flatout lose interest.

Gameplay: The gameplay is flawless, but it just is so realistic its boring. The classic challenge is the only mode you end up playing in, as in franchise mode (called dynasty mode) you find yourself deciding to be a gm, not a player.

Graphics: Good graphics, actually great graphics, so good you spend more time at the replay section than at the playing portion of the game (if your picking up a theme). Also the game has a AI that find the best plays of the game,(by some wacky formula) and displays them as a highlite real at the end, not bad.

Audio: Standard football grunts, with the average rock soundtrack.

Suggestions: Dont sacrifice fun for realism.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Toejam and Earl 3: Mission To Earth

Overall: Not a bad game, but lame compared to what you can get for the Xbox. I just found myself having deja vu while playing this game compared to games on the play station, n64 and even my calculator for comprable gameplay.

Gameplay: Just way too simple, run around squash little kids with one button and jump with another. The game is really funny though, so it does have some entertainment purpose.

Graphics: Pretty good for characters that the had to make up, enviroments look a lot a like though.

Audio: Good little one liners, like when you hit one of the little kids they bealt out a line like "My mommy says your my daddy and you own me some money" and things like that, you also gain music as you go (thats your insentive for progressing, pathetically).

Suggestions: Increase gameplay, and youve got a good game, funny though!

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: Amped is a snowboard game for the snowboarding world. You're not racing down one slope. Amped gives you the entire mountain to play with, and explore. This is definitely a game that relies on being realistic, my only complaint is that they dont stick to that occasionally, like when you can jump onto the lifts...

Gameplay: Gameplay is entirely endless, the game will definitely take you a while to beat... Each mountain section has 4 scenerios; high score, explore (find the little snowmen on the mountain), sponsor (do the tricks that the people tell you to do) pro (repeat the trick the pro did). And of those scenerios you get three diffrent difficulties.

Graphics: Very good, the trees are good looking, and if you freeze the screen it looks like a snapshot of a real ski mountain.

Audio: Great soundtrack, and you can rip your own. A bit of everything.

Suggestions: Definitely a tutorial, and a split screen multi player

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: Great game... I think the reason that splinter cell has been so popular is that it's a unique game, as most spy games are just shoot and go. The stealth can get a little boring occasionally, but with your gadgets, and constantly playing target practice with the lights, the bordom is short lived.

Gameplay: The story is one of the strong points of the game, with you maipulating the plot. The levels can be a little long, and although you can save by checkpoint, you can't save whenever, so it takes a while to beat the game, which is good since there isn't a multi-player portion.

Graphics: Awesome! The visuals are almost flawless, the only exception being on the stairs, and when you "glide" when you pick up an object. The shadows are definitely cool, especially when you can create them, and control the lighting with light switches.

Audio: Good, but nothing really memorable. The sound is crucial, as you hear creepy music everytime you alert a guard, and the say things when the give up looking for you. It's also great to be able to listen instead of read what Lambert is saying.

Suggestions: Multi-player, more ways to beat a level or more freedom to solve problems, and interactive inviroments, like being able to take a knockedout gaurd's gun...

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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