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GoldenEye: Rogue Agent

Overall: Well, after many negative reviews for this game I felt that I should write one because the game is actually really fun! Now, we know most people hate EA Games and how they do things (pumping out new games every year with nothing new, not being on live, then crappy servers on live). I'm not a big fan of EA either, but I decided to go out and buy this because it looked cool despite the negative reviews. I'll admit EA probably named it Goldeneye Rogue Agent because they wanted to cash in on Rare's masterpiece that was on the N64. Now that we have all that behind us, I'll talk about the game. In this game you aren't James Bond, you are kicked out of M16 for brutality and then are hired by Goldfinger who gives you a special Goldeneye. Overall, I've really enjoyed the game so far.

Gameplay: This is your basic run and gun shooter, but done really well. The developers put some really cool things into it like deathtraps, hostages, etc. The deathtraps are awesome, pushing a button and locking enemies in the sauna or watching them get run over by a subway is always fun. Taking hostages is fun too, when you're done with them you can throw them off a building or whatever. There's a good variety of weapons such as assault rifles, pistols, rocket launcher, sniper, etc. You can dual wield just like in Halo 2. Now, your "Goldeneye" has some special powers, but I really havent used it all to talk about it. I played about an hour on xbox live and it was really fun. It was easy to find a match and there wasnt any lag. Unlike other EA games it doesnt have the crappy interface, disconnects, and lag. There's I think 5 modes with 20 maps.

Graphics: The graphics are decent, nothing great, but they do the job.

Audio: Music is fine and the gunshots sound good. The voice acting is decent as well.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Call of Duty: Finest Hour

Overall: Call of Duty for the PC and its expansion pack are 2 of my favorite games of all time. So when this game was announced I was very excited. This game doesn't even come close to the PC version, but it's still a solid war FPS.

Gameplay: The great thing about Call of Duty is you never fight alone. In the pc version your squadmates never got in the way and werent as dumb as the ones in this game. The save system is very frustrating especially after going for 15 minutes without a save then dying and doing it all over again. This is your basic run and gun fps with a few tank missions in between. The online play is okay, I havent experienced any lag so far, but there are voice problems.

Graphics: The graphics are very ps2-ish and don't look good at all.

Audio: The sound is top notch along with the music in the background. Except, the guns sound funny.

Suggestions: Take a lesson or two from the developers of the PC version. Get a better save system and develop the game for the xbox first. More maps, gametypes, and allow vehicles online. This game screams with potential, except it was poorly exectuted.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Halo 2

Overall: Ever since I beat the first Halo I wanted more. Halo was revolutionary and made xbox a true competitor in the console business. Now after years of waiting Halo 2 has finally arrived. Does it live up to the hype? Yes and no. There was so much hype for this game that it was impossible for it to live up to people's expectations. In some ways it exceeds the hype and in others it doesn't. Halo 2 is more of what Halo was except the campaign isn't as fun. The multiplayer is pure genius and xbox live is amazing. I would give it a 4.5, but xbox live is too good to score it any lower. I guess with my complaints this game deserves a lower score, but it is so good that I can't.

Gameplay: If you've played Halo you know what Halo 2 is like. Run and gun. The dual-wielding is brilliant and is excetued perfectly. This time around you can hijack vehicles if you are about to get run over which is very satisfying especially online. There are a few new enemies and some plot twists. The story is amazing, but the ending sucks. I wish you could play as Master Chief more because the Arbiter levels suck in my opinion. The first one was cool, but after that it got boring. There are tons of vehicles to pilot and really awesome guns. Bring back the Halo pistol and handling on the Banshee and Scorpion tank. I enjoyed Halo's campaign much more then this, but the xbox live play makes up for it. Halo 2's campaign just seems a lot different and less fun because you aren't Master Chief. There are tons of multiplayer modes from xbox live to split-screen to co-op.

Graphics: This is the best looking game on Xbox. I've played Doom 3 on a high end PC and I think Halo 2 surpasses it graphically. The cut-scenes are amazing and the characters and levels have so much detail.

Audio: The voice acting is superb and everything sounds just right. The soundtrack is great too.

Suggestions: I know you will be making a Halo 3 so PLEASE make the game on Earth and get rid of playing as the Arbiter. Also change the Banshee and Scorpion back to the way they were in Halo.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Men of Valor

Overall: This game has had high expectations and it doesn't disappoint. It doesn't do anything new with the FPS genre but it does everything extremely well. It's kind of like Medal of Honor in Vietnam except you have team-mates.

Gameplay: The game is basically go from Point A to Point B and kill everyone or protect someone, etc. I've really enjoyed the singleplayer campaign so fat because it portrays what Vietnam was like. The multiplayer on xbox live is amazing and very addicting. You have deathmatch, team deathmatch, recover the documents, etc. You can have a guest on live with you. You can also play through the singplayer with a friend.

Graphics: The environments look great in this game and the multiplayer maps are stunning.

Audio: Top notch sound. Except the voice acting is kind of cheesy.

Suggestions: Make the framerate better and make this a franchise like Medal of Honor!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 ESPN NBA 2K5

Overall: Worst basketball game ever in my opinion. You get what you pay for I guess. Very slow pace for the game and it's nearly impossible to drive. I just put it back on ebay and am buying NBA Live 2005.

Gameplay: You've got season, 24/7, xbox live, street ball, etc. Game is very slow-paced and too much of a sim.

Graphics: Just like ESPN NFL 2k5 the graphics are amazing and the ESPN presentation is as well. This is the one high point in the game.

Audio: Terrible commentators........

Suggestions: Stop the ESPN NBA 2k series. You get what you pay for.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Star Wars: Battlefront

Overall: Imagine the Battlefiled Series in the Star Wars Universe and that's Star Wars: Battlefront. I think this is a better game then either battlefield game because it was built for the consoles. The maps are great and you feel like you are in a huge war. This is a mustbuy if you have xbox live.

Gameplay: It's pretty simple, take control of enemy spawn points and kill them while doing it. When their ticker runs out you win. There are lots of vehicles from Star Wars, take the battle in the air or on the ground. There are 4 different classes of characters: pilot, gunner, anti vehicles, and sniper/scout. The pilot can fix vehicles and heal people. The rest of them are self explanatory. The single player game is decent, but online is where it's at. You feel like you are in a Star Wars movie after wave and wave of enemy attacks you. The terrific vehicles, maps, and balance make this an awesome game.

Graphics: The graphics are decent and do the game justice. Nothing to write home about, but still good. The maps and vehicles look good.

Audio: The sound is terrific. From the guns, to voiceovers, to music, and vehicles.

Suggestions: This is an excellent game, make a sequel.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Fable

Overall: I had heard about all the hype for this game for a long time, and never really read anything about the game. I'm not a big RPG fan so that's why I wasn't very interested. Well, this game kicks ass. It doesn't live up to the hype because a lot of things were promised that didn't make it into the game. But, it's still a great game.

Gameplay: To me this game seems like more of a hack and slash then an RPG, but it's great. The combat is perfect and the controls are great. The quests are sometimes fun and sometimes stupid. The worst ones are when you have to guard someone and that type of thing. The villages are cool and it's kinda open-ended. What makes it seem not very open ended is the loading between certain areas of the game. Another gripe I have is that you can't save during a quest.

Graphics: Graphics are great and the characters look amazing. The environments look good too.

Audio: Everything sounds great and the voice acting is pretty good.

Suggestions: Make Fable 2, but let us save during the quest and less loading.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 ESPN NFL 2K5

Overall: This is the best football game ever! And its only 20 bucks. The graphics are awesome and the presentation is amazing. Another high quality sports title from Sega!

Gameplay: This game kicks maddens ass. The controls are great and the features this game has are unparalled. There's 1st person football, the crib, VIP profiles, franchise mode, and online play. This game is a steal for 20 bucks!

Graphics: Best graphics ever in a sports game! I feel like im watching Sunday Night Football on ESPN when i play this. The players look great and the stadiums are awesome

Audio: The commentary is great because I dont notice it, and if i dont notice it then its not annoying. Theres an option called stadium music where you can play your custom soundtracks through the stadiums speakers, and you can have certain songs play when you score a touchdown and what not. This game has kick !&%$@#* sound.

Suggestions: There are too many interceptions in this game, other than that its perfect.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Shadow Ops: Red Mercury

Overall: This game had a lot of potential. It's a very fun game, but doesnt deserve anything above a four because its very glitchy and there are lots of problems with it. It's a good first person shooter that has lots of replay value.

Gameplay: This is basically a run and gun FPS. No tactics come into play whatsoever. There are tons of enemies. You feel like you are in a movie when playing this game. The single player game is pretty long and fun. There is also a co-op mode, and split screen deathmatch. The live play is fun but there are lots of problems with it. It's very glitchy and laggy. Here are problems with this game: you cant pick up other peoples guns, the hit detection is the worst ever, and you walk very slowly. This game is a fun game, but it's very glitchy and hopefully there will be some patches.

Graphics: Nothin special here. The explosions look like !&%$@#* , but other than that the graphics look ok.

Audio: Awesome sound

Suggestions: Get rid of all the glitches and problems i mentioned.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay

Overall: In my opinion this is one of the best games out for xbox right now. It is right up there with Halo. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to get this because I heard it was really short, and there is no multiplayer. But, even with those two things it is one of the Top 2 games on xbox. It's got gorgeous graphics, great sound/voice-overs/good story/ and a good mix of shooting, fighting, and a little stealth.

Gameplay: You are Riddick. There are lots of guns for you to use and you can use your hands to fight and kill people. The atmoeshpere in this game is amazing. You feel like you are part of the game. The game has a little bit of an RPG element to it with the fact that you can choose to do side missions and stuff like that. The guns are very cool in this game. Your mission is basically to escape from the prison you're in. And when you kill people with your hands there are awesome results.

Graphics: Hands down the best graphics on this system. Yes, I just said that. The lighting is awesome, the areas look great and the characters look unbelievably real.

Audio: The voice overs are great and Vin Diesel does a great job with his character.

Suggestions: Make another game with multiplayer and more missions. Other than that this is a gem.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Hitman: Contracts

Overall: I really wanted to like this game more than I did. You are a hitman, the missions are very open and you can complete them anyway you want. Good graphics, but most of the missions seem very repetetive and recycled. This game is worth possible a rental. Its very funny seeing your character glide/ice skate when he runs or walks.

Gameplay: You have some very cool weapons to kill people with. For example: barb wire to choke people with, a butchers knife, syringe shot, and a meat hook. There are guns like SMG's, dual pistols, and sniper rifles. I loved the first two levels of this game. They were great, but after that it was very boring. Most of the missions seemed very recycled. One cool thing is when you kill someone you can steal their clothes and try to be stealthy. This game is worth a rental, but not a purchase.

Graphics: Now, game looks fantastic. There are shadows and all the character models look great. But, when your character is running he looks like he's ice skating or gliding. That is very annoying and funny.

Audio: Sound is good, no problems here. The music is fine.

Suggestions: Stop the series and dont make another one! Don't charge people 50 bucks for an expansion. This game is basically an expansion, a lot of the levels were in earlier hitman games. And if you do make another game, make sure Agent 47 doesnt ice skate/glide across the floor!

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Unreal 2: The Awakening

Overall: This is a great game for FPS fans. If you liked Halo (which I'm sure all of you did) you will love this. It has a great single player game and a fantastic online mode. I'm hooked on this game on Xbox LIve. It takes a littl while to get used to, but then you will love it! And it's a bargain at $40.00. If you don't have Live than I suggest that you rent this instead of buying it seeing as you can beat the single player game in a week-end. But, if you have Live you'll be hooked. So go get this greaat game!

Gameplay: You are a marine and your ship gets an urgent distress call from some humans on a planet asking for help. You go to investigate and..... The game has a great story. The aliens are cool to kill. The weapons are awesome. You have your standard assault rifle, pistle, sniper, shotgun, a kickin' flamthrower, and a grenade launcher that shoots out like 4 different types of grenades. There are some other weapons that I can't think of. You can play the single-player game with a friend. The game really shines on Xbox Live. Right now there is only one game mode. It's called XMP and its great. Its like capture the flag with alot more strategy. There are 2 teams each with a base. You can choose between 3 classes: gunner, ranger, and tech. Rangers have a sniper and some other weapons, gunners have a flamethrower and other heavy weapons and tech have an assault rifle and a few others. There are generators and deploy points (spawn points) throughout the levels that you have to take control of by "hacking into them". The more generators you have the more energy you have to use gun turrets, trip mines, and vehicles. And deploy points is self-explanatory. Each team has 2 artifacts in their base. The objective is to get the other teams artifacts before the time runs out and you win. There are some cool vehicles too. Unfortunately right now there are only 4 maps but more will be released in downloadable content and I'm sure new game modes will be released to. One downside is the load times are extremely long.

Graphics: Graphics are ok they do the game fine. They could be alot better.

Audio: Everything sounds fine, nothing wrong here. Voice acting is good.

Suggestions: Make Unreal 3 with a longer single player, quick load times, easier vehicle controls, and better graphics, and you will have an even better game than this!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Counter-Strike

Overall: This is the best FPS you can play on LIVE right now. If you don't have Xbox Live stay away from this game! The "single player game" is exactly what the LIVE play is. The gameplay is brilliant, quick, and extremely addictive. If you have Xbox LIVE you need to go get this game now!

Gameplay: You are either the Counter-Terrorists or Terrorists. If you are a Terrorists you have to plant a bomb and detonate it, or prevent the Counter Terrorists from rescuing hostages, or just kill the enemy. If you are a CT you either defuse the bomb, rescue hostages, or kill all the terrorists. THis is a great FPS! The play on Xbox Live is perfect! I WILL KILL YOU ALL ON XBOX LIVE. MY GAMERTAG: Dr of Doom

Graphics: This is the one part of the game that could have been better. They just dont look that great, but it doesnt take away from the awesome gameplay.

Audio: Custom soundtracks. The game sounds sound good.

Suggestions: (*7) Make more of a single player game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Need for Speed Underground

Overall: BEST RACING GAME EVER! This game is the bomb. When I was at EB I was gonna get PGR2, but the clerk said this was way better so I listened to him and it paid off. I have Xbox Live and I know that PGR2 is online and this isnt but this game is so awesome.

Gameplay: This is basically a 2 Fast 2 Furious video game with a different name slapped on it. Tons of imported cars that you can unlock after you win certain races and tons of upgrades to unlock after you win certain races. The amount of customization is crazy. The racing is awesome and its not to easy and not to hard.

Graphics: Great graphics. The cars look really cool. The whole city looks cool, too. Really good graphicS!!!!

Audio: The game soounds great, too. EA Games no has the THX licsense for games so that makes it sound even better. The engines sound great too.

Suggestions: Please EA and Microsoft need to sort out their online issues. This game would have been great on LIVE. Make a new one with XBL.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Armed and Dangerous

Overall: This is one of the best shooters on Xbox to date! From the moment I put this game into my Xbox I have loved it. It is a great 3rd person shooter with humor.

Gameplay: The whole premises of the game is cool. You and your 3 buddies are wanted for doing something and you kill veryone that comes after you. And there are a lot of enemies. This game has some kick !&%$@#* weapons. Like the land shark bomb that sends a shark in the ground and then it comes out and eats your enemies. The cutscenes are hilarious.

Graphics: This is one part in the game where things could be better. They just dont look that great. Need more polish.

Audio: The sound is awesome. I love the voice acting. Everyone has a Scottish accent.

Suggestions: Make Armed and Dangerous 2 with multiplayer. This game would hvae rocked even more with co-op. This game was made for co-op. And throw in some 4 player deathmatch. And finally polish the graohics and you have a masterpiece!!! Thank you for making this game!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Overall: This is the best Lord of the Rings game you will find. It has great graphics, characters, scenes from the movies, actors voices from the movie, interviews from movie, etc. Everything in this game is great! If you are looking for an awesome action game than this is one.

Gameplay: You can choose to take the Path of the King (Aragon, Gimli, and legolas), the Path of the Wizard(Gandalf), or the Path of the Hobbits(Sam and Frodo). All the characters have special combos and unique abilities. There are different missions for each path, but once you have beat all Paths you can use any charcter on whatever mission or path. Its a hack and slash game with awesome graphics. There are some intense boss fights. Most of the levels are medium difficulty. They might take 2 or more times to beat. The levels are fun and well designed. After each completed level you can upgrade your character or the whol fellowship with the points you got in the last level. There is 2 player co-op. All of the scenes from the movies are seamlessly integrated into the gamesplay.

Graphics: Top notch graphics! The charcter models look fantastic. They look just like their real life counterparts. The graphics rule.

Audio: What can you expect? The great music from the movies is also incorporated into the game just like the real actors voices.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 SSX 3

Overall: Wow! What a game! This is an over the top snowboarding game! It is made by the same people that make NBA Street. If you want tricks that are awesome and will never be pulled off, thousand foot jumps, this is your game! It is an arcadey snowboarding game.

Gameplay: In the game there is one mountain with 3 peaks. on each peak there is free run, race, trick competetition, a peak race, and a peak jam. There are different runs in each of those categories. Peak 1 is the easiest, then Peak 2, then peak 3 is hard! You have to beat Peak 1 to advance to Peak 2, etc. When you win you are awarded cash to spend on buying attributes for your character or any other character. With the money you can also buy gear: new snowboards, hats, pants, shirts, etc. The sheer openess of the whole game is awesome. there is a 2 player split-screen mode.

Graphics: Some of the best graphics I have seen in a game to date! The mountain looks awesome. The snow is amazing and so is verything else

Audio: I really like the commentator, and whule you are racing against your rivals (other characters)they talk trash to you.

Suggestions: Make SSX 4. Make it have 1 more mountain and make it for LIVE.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

Overall: This is an awesome game! Just like Frontline the bginning is one of the best I have seen in any game ever! Great WW2 shooter.

Gameplay: You are sleeping in your bunk on one of the battleships at Pear Harbor on December 7th. You are awaken by an explosion. Then you have to make it to the top of the ship and shoot down Japanese fighters. Your ship is sunk, then you get on a little ship and protect other ships. And that is just the first level. Tons of weapons. The Japanese come at you with their bayonets. If you thought Frontline was bad because you never had any teammates, well in Rising Sun you have plenty of teammates. The Pearl Harbor level will blow you away. There is a co-op mode and 4 player split screen mode.

Graphics: This is one part of the game that could be improved on for sure. The graphics just dont seem to come together in some places. But, nonetheless it doesnt affect the exoerience of Rising Sun.

Audio: Awesome sound. The planes, weapons, and voices sound fantastic.

Suggestions: Make another Medal of Honor with more missions, better graphics, and make it online for XBOX! Other than that this one was great!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge

Overall: Great game! Tons of action. You have unlimited machine gun ammo. The planes are awesome and it doesnt really feel like a flying game.

Gameplay: You dogfight or get off the plane and man anti-aircraft guns. It is really open-ended because you dont have 2 do anything unless you want to. You can just fly around then go up to the missions

Graphics: Some of the best graphics on XBOX. WHen you hit the water with your plane water particles hit your screen

Audio: Good explosions, etc.

Suggestions: Make a 2nd one

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 True Crime: Streets Of L.A.

Overall: THIs is not a GTA CLONE!! Awesome game. I love everything about it. Great shooting, driving, and fighting game.

Gameplay: You are a Nick Kang, a cop in LA. You can steal any car that you want to. When you steal it he says the city of LA thanks you or somthin like that. There are various crimes going on throughout the city. The station will radio into you and say there is a crime in progress then a red dot will flash on the screen and then you go to it. You can either arrest the suspects or kill them. When you are roaming the streets you can search anyone for drugs and if you catch someone with drugs your good/bad cop meter goes up. If you do everything you are suposed to such as solve crimes, do the missions, and dont try not 2 kill any innocent bystanders then the story will be longer, but if you play it like GTA and just kill everyone you will be a bad cop and the story will change. This is not a GTA clone unless you play it like one. Overall its an awesome game. You get unlimited ammo, too.

Graphics: This is one of my only complaints with the game. The graphics just aren't up to par with what the XBOX can do. But, it doesnt take away from the game at all.

Audio: THe soundtrack is awesome. All the rap and everything is perfect for the setting: LA. The soundtrack kicks ass!

Suggestions: MAke a sequel with better grpahics. And make it in a different city

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 ESPN NHL Hockey 2K4

Overall: Great hockey game! I hadn't played a hockey game since NHL '96. What an awesome game. I love all the ESPN integration.

Gameplay: Many different skill levels. Great camera angles. Its not to hard to score, but its not easy either. Awesome controls. I love the SKYBOX. It's where all of your records and stuff are kept. You can play air hockey in there or listen to your custom soundtracks. ESPN integration is cool.

Graphics: Awesome graphics! The nest I've seen in any hockey game yet. Players and arenas look great!

Audio: Great commentators. You can hear the guys getting knocked over and hear the glass break. Great sound.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Midtown Madness 3

Overall: Great racing game! I don't even like racing games but I love this one! There are cool licensed cars and everything!

Gameplay: The gameplay is simple. In single player there are 2 different types of races: checkpoint and blitz. In checkpoint you race against other racers, the CPU. And in blitz you race against the clock. There is also a mode where you work "undercover" and do various tasks. Then there is cruise mode where you can do anything without racing people. After you beat certain things you unlock new cars. There are cars like the Corvette, Beetle, Mini Cooper, etc. There are 2 cities t play in: Paris and Washington D.C.

Graphics: The graphics and great! The cars look good. The cities are the best looking o everything. And the pedestrians look good.

Audio: The voice acting is really cheesy. But, I changed the sound settings so I can listen to my custom soundtracks and don't have to listen to the terrible voices.

Suggestions: Have more modes in singe player.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War

Overall: I bought this game thinking the multiplayer would be just like HALO withh various maps and 4-player spilt-screen modes. But, no it isn't like that. The single playe is ok and if you do co-op missions you can't save. If you have LIVE I'm sure you'll love this but I don't so i hate it.

Gameplay: You are an Allied soldier trying to stop the Axis powers and you just basically shoot people and find different things. The weapons are awesome!

Graphics: The graphics are great but their not HALO. The guns and soliers look very realistic and so do the monsters.

Audio: The sound is good but nothing to write home about. It can get very repetitive. Custom soundtrack would have been cool.

Suggestions: Make 4-player split screen deathmatch on one Xbox insead of having to do system link like you do on this one. Make it so you can sav when you play co-op.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Enter the Matrix

Overall: Awesome game! I love everything. The fighting and shooting is great and its just like the movies. You cn do Focus which is the coolest. Lots of levels and some of them are very hard.

Gameplay: You are either Ghost or Niobe. You fight Agents, the twins from Reloaded, and lots of other bad guys. And there are driving levels. The game is different depending on whether you choose Ghost or Niobe. You can get tons of guns, such as a sniper, MP5, shotgun, pistol, grenades, etc. You fight or shoot the enemies. Focus is great you can run on walls and do flips and stuff. I have one problem with the game: it has to load to much. But, that's my only problem.

Graphics: The graphics aren't very good, but that doesn't make the game worse because it doesnt matter. They are PS1 ish.

Audio: The sound is great. The characters sound really good and s do all the sound FX. Great sound and music.

Suggestions: Make a game on the 3rd movie with multiplayer, it would be the best game! And better graphics.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: This is a good came, but I didn't think it was great. I was hoping this would be like Rainbow 6, but it is completely differet. Basically he whole game is outdoors and i is very challenging and slow-paced.

Gameplay: You are given mission orders. There are primary objectives tha you have to do and secondary objectives that are optional ut are good if you do them.

Graphics: The graphics suck. They look like N64 or something and they just really are terrible. They could hve been way better.

Audio: The sound is good with all the shooting, footsteps, and voices. No problems with the sound. Good sound

Suggestions: Don't make another one.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 MechAssault

Overall: Awesome game! I was looking forward to this game ever since it was announced andit was worth the wait. Great graphics, great missions, cool mechs=awesome game!

Gameplay: In the game you take control of different mechs and as the game progresses you unlock new mechs. It is awesome how you can blow up everything! Everything in the game is destructible. In he game you fight other mechs, little infantry soldiers that you just step on. In most missions you have o destroy something. Awesome weapons on the mechs.

Graphics: Th graphics are great. You can see th glass shatter when you blow up a building. The mechs look good, too.

Audio: The sound is great. All the weapons sound the way they should. Custom soundtracks would have rocked in this game.

Suggestions: Make a sequel.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Brute Force

Overall: This game coud have been so much more than it is. It's a 3rd person squad-based shooter. The graphics are good.

Gameplay: In the game you can switch between 4 characters: Brutus, Tex, Hawk, and Flint. Each character has its own strengths, weaknesses, and special ability. Sometimes the game is very confusing because its hrd to find your way around.

Graphics: The graphics are great and all the characters, levels, and enemies look fine. But, some of the enemies are weird looking.

Audio: The voice-acting is ok. It sounds cheesy. But, the shooting and everything else looks fine. No problems here.

Suggestions: Make a second Brute Force. But, make it LIVE enabled with vehicles in multiplayer, more worlds, and better sound.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Unreal Championship

Overall: This is a good first-person shooter with great graphics, weapons, and levels, but with no single player mode. Well, there is one but it's basicaly mulitplayer mode. i don' have LIVE so that's why I might not think it's great like some people do. If you have LIVE get it NOW!

Gameplay: You just go aroud and shoot people. There are different modes: capture the flag deathmatch, team deathmatch, bombing run, and a few others.

Graphics: The graphics are one of thehigh points of the game! The characters, weapons, and levels look awesmome.

Audio: The sound is great. The shooting sounds good just like everything else does in this game. You can have your character say stuff.

Suggestions: If you make another one have a better 1 player mode, have vehicles in mulitplayer, etc.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 World Series Baseball 2K3

Overall: Hands down this is the best baseball game I have ever played for any system! This game rocks! Sega Sports picked up from where the left off last year. If you wat a baseball game this is the one to get!

Gameplay: The pitcher/batter interface is great. You can choose whether or not you want to see where the pitch is thrown or not. The pitching is awesome. Your pitcher has the same pitches he has in real life. You can change it from directly locating the pitch or moving the control stick to locate it which makes it harder. I love how you can send players down to the minors and call them bac up. You can trade,and the trade has to be fair otherwise the computer will override it. There is a frachise mode which adds a lot of depth. And stats galore. You compte in All-Star voting and awards such as Cy Young, MVP, Rookie of the Year, and Player of the Week Honors.

Graphics: The graphics are great for this game except when they make some white guys black and vice-versa. Awesome stadiums.

Audio: I love the commentators. They are Rex Hudler who is great and some other guy who is good, too. I love the crack of the bat and everything.

Suggestions: Make ESPN World Series Baseball 2004 with LIVE, and better graphics. Other than that ths game was PERFECT!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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Nacon Unveils RIG 900 MAX HX

Nacon Unveils RIG 900 MAX HXLicensed for Xbox, the 900 MAX marks the pinnacle in wireless game audio, merging capabilities such as a personalized Dolby Atmos headphone experience, dual wireless connectivity with Bluetooth audio, and a seamless charging base station.

Nacon Announces New RIG 600 PRO Headset Line

Nacon Announces New RIG 600 PRO Headset LineThe RIG 600 PRO HX is officially licensed for Xbox and includes Dolby Atmos for Headphones. Gamers can experience three-dimensional precision audio by simply connecting the USB-C wireless adaptor to the Xbox console or PC.

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