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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: Not bad, but its more a game of chance instead of the other versions with kyle Katarn. Im still stuck on Taris, i've tried and tried and im going its just a little difficult to do, and im renting it right now so i wont beat it while i have it.

Gameplay: third person, not the greatest, and role playing where the chances you hit depend on 'behind the scene dice' which i did not like at all. It all about chance in this game, not to great.

Graphics: Good graphics, the different star wars races and the planet backgrounds and views are amazing. never seen much like it, you get to interact and speak with everyone and see them clearly.

Audio: Nice sound, especially the swords and light saber battles. I also thought that the blaster pistols made nice sounds too so thats pretty good too.

Suggestions: No chance, no behind the scene stuff. Make like you guys did with Jedi outcast and stuff, im tempted to go get cheats!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 MechAssault

Overall: This game over all, is pretty good. Good Campaign missions and good two player action. So if your looking for some explosive stomping and all out weapon using masacre, get this game.

Gameplay: Pretty good gameplay, one of the only games in which third person view is that good. Every 'Mech has there upsides, and their downsides. So you know when you are using a cougar, and your a novice, vs a guy with the prometheous and he's pretty good, he will win, no matter how fast you are to him, so like i said, get good, and kick butt, and discover the ups and downs of the mechs

Graphics: Sweet graphics, and explosions. The mechs and what not look sweet as cheeks and the shots of your weapons are neat to see, and to see where they come from instead of in first person view, so this is good too.

Audio: Sound Rocks! The explosive noises, the shots ringing, and everything else. This sound is good, its clear and crisp and there is no cracky stuff. Not to mension that hearing your victory against your enemy, is the best thing ever.

Suggestions: No nothing.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: THIS GAME JUST ROCKS! Everthing about it is worth wasting life away in front of my xbox, using my pistol to kill hunters in one hit, blasting away grunts jackles and elites with my assault rifle (my fav weapon), lobbing gernades at groups of covenant, driving around madly and sailing the skies with a screaming banshee. I love this game, if you havent bought it yet, your life sucks. its nothing without this game, i know mine wouldnt be anything without this game. Now when halo 2 comes out, prepare for a kick @$$ game cuz this is gunna rock more than a fat kid rocks an ice cream truck. Love my multiplayer cuz my bros and all but one of my friends stand a chance at all against me!=)

Gameplay: Basically you have many options in which you can play this game. Sneak around and stealthly kill, rarely engaging in blind combat spinning around blasting away, or you can do just that, spin around and blast away, or charge head first in a group of covey units, which isnt good, or you can do a little bit of stealth and the required force you need at the time it calls for it. This game is practically unbeatable, it made Xbox go from a console to a godly machine of perfection it did it all.

Graphics: Perfect views is what i see as i play this game, and let me tell you, the world is just so amazing around it, its got sweet multiplayer lvls and awesome campaign lvls as well. This games surroundings and what not just blow my mind away its amazing that this game is so greatly created, it was a gift from god, something to bless us with to bring joy and entertainment to your heats and mine. No game (except maybe halo 2) has better graphics and areas to play in than this game baby, rock on.

Audio: Sound is just as good as anything about this, its theme kicks more @$$ than the rock did in the movie rundown, and the other music is sweet as heII. nothing is wrong with this games music or sound, the bullet flying, cortana blabbing away in your ear, and marines cursing at the dead covenant and flood, sounds of the warthog jeep, the flying banshee, the destructive scorpion tank, and the super fast gliding ghost bike.

Suggestions: No suggestions. its perfect, Bungie you did good, you did well, and world domination is rightfully yours, especially if Halo 2 is better (which there is no doubt in my mind that it will be, if thats possible)

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Soul Calibur 2

Overall: This game kicks, i really love it it just has this unbeatable essence about it. I played forever, none stop. Spawn just kicked butt and Nightmare just rocked my house, i swear i've played this thing so much i cant believe i've had time to play halo, which i've played about 9999999 times more hours than i've played this.

Gameplay: now the game play, it rocks. The music kicks, the lvls u play on kick, and the battles are just sweet goodness. I love Weapon Master Mode and everthing else accesible through beating it, its a good game to get and its, on my list, right behind halo and its sequel halo2. The grabs are good, the moves are good, and every character is well balanced. lackin something to make up for something else

Graphics: overall, the graphics rock and its clear that when im lookin at the screen that im kicking @$$ cuz i've played so much i've learned combos and everthing its amazing. This game obviously kicks the PS2 and Game Cube crap versions, and LINK IS SO FRICKEN CHEEP!! This games graphics, and everthing else, kick Tekken in the booty along with every other fighting game

Audio: sound is really good. unlike in soul edge and soul blade, you can understand the narrator speaking instead of a mumbling idiot that took heroine or some other drug. The music is clear, and its clear to hear character taunts and what they say during and at the start and beginning of battles. This game just has amazing stuff all around.

Suggestions: Nothing really, just make it live and some custom costumes like mensioned before, with some demos at the end to see what they do, instead of reading it, otherwise nothing much

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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