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UFC: Tapout

Overall: Can Crave bring the UFC to the xbox with unsurpassed realism? That's what Crave and Dreamfactory tried to do from the start and after month's of delays the game has arrived, was it worth the wait? An astounding yes. Owner's of the Dreamcast title will feel right at home, and quickly step into the octagon full throttle. The controls are very similar if not indentical to the Dreamcast version, except you can completely customize the controls to your liking. I found the default controls perfect, just changed the Left and Right Triggers to make grabs and counters easier.

Gameplay: The gameplay is basically the Dreamcast version with a few upgrades. The overall speed of the matches is near perfect. The timing on the counters and the ground attacks are very well laid out and theres no slowdown in gameplay at any point. This game runs at a smooth 60 FPS and you can feel it every step of the way. The newly added fighters add alot to the game, enhancing the UFC and Tournament Modes giving you more options for opponent types. The CAF (Create-A-Fighter) is much better than the DC version, but could still use some improvements. The amount of Faces are nice, on the negative side your body type is only determined by your height and weight, which isnt a bad thing at first but, the fact that wether you're 6'5 220 or 5'5 380 you're still fairly muscular in both. The clothing could be a bit more indepth, overall there is plenty to chose from and it pretty much is limited to only real UFC outfits, so I think thats a good thing. I personally wouldn't want over-the-top, wierd and wacky outfits in the UFC, save that for the WWF.

Graphics: The graphics are what really bring this whole collaboration to life. A giant leap from the DC graphics and comes pretty close to their real life counterparts. I am very impressed with the muscle flex, tattoo's and even the hair on the fighters. It's all very well rendered and you can tell the high poly count is really utilized well here. The blood is still the dreaded cranberries, but the blood stains that end up on the mat are done very well and add to the overall appeal. Only gripe about the graphics would be Bruce Buffer and his ring announcments, there's alot of be desired here. His mouth hardly ever moves, and when it does it's certainly not in conjunction with what he's saying. The Hidden characters are all also very well done, just wish they had atleast 1 or two hidden real UFC fighters. The Hidden characters are, Femme Fatal, The Cat, Ice-T, Bruce Buffer, The mask and the two Referee's, John Mcarthy and Mario Yumazaki (sp?)

Audio: The only real downside to this game is the sound, which is unfortunate because that seems like such an easy thing to accomplish. The majority of the fighters all sound the same, and all grunt or moan from every punch or kick. The audience is also rather bland and could use a complete overhaul. As with the DC version, Bruce Buffer and John Mcarthy sound perfect no complaints there. The kicks are punches are decent, and with my sound system the bass from the Punches while on the ground really add a bit a touch of power and enjoyment.

Suggestions: Please for the love of god add a current UFC roster. Would you play Madden 2002 with outdated rosters? Would you play any sporting title with 3-4 year old rosters? I doubt it. Keep all the current fighters, just add current champions atleast! Much better sound please, and maybe consider using computer generated images with the ring announcement, that sets the tone for the whole match and it's just missing something hearing words but not seeing any mouth movement. Of course add side mount and realistic blood and bruising. Also, thanks for a great game.. look forward to the next installment on the xbox.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NHL 2002

Overall: EA Canada and EA Sports brings Hockey to the Xbox with such appeal and detail that you can't help but to play this game's season mode to see all the little details that make this a truly great hockey experience. EA sports has truly set the bar for simulation in this version of their great game. Playing through an entire season will yield realistic stats and scores throughout the year. Jerome Ignilia was 3rd in the NHL scoring in the seaon I played through (Only 3rd to 2 people on my team.) Columbus and Atlanta retained their spots on the basement floor of the NHL standings while Detroit dominated most of the season only to lose in the Divsion finals to the Colorado Avalanche (My team). Want to enjoy a very realistic hockey experience, or maybe just tired of arcadey feel of Midway's NHL Hitz 20-02? Lace up the skates, grab your favorite easton stick and head out for some good competition in EA Sports Lastest and Greatest version of their classic game.

Gameplay: Grabbing a controller and heading to the ice is very quick, precise and easy to do. The cinematic intro is great and the stadium music sets the mood and hype for this great title. As soon as the puck drops the speed and movements in the game are exceptional, anyone familar with previous versions of NHL will instantly feel at home and be competing for Lord Stanely's Cup in no time. The use of NHL Cards is amazing they went into so much detail and it really adds so much more playtime to this aleady deep game.

Graphics: After you've exhuasted all the gameplay possible and have sifted through all the menus and their options that leaves you with one of the games greatest achievements, and thats the visuals. Completely capturing the essence of the NHL is one of EA sports talents, and they don't fail here. The players and coaches all move, look and react like their NHL counterpart. From the goal scoring celebrations, to the referee's throwing you into the pentaly box and your reactions of it, this game brings you closer to the chills and spills than even before.

Audio: Jim Hughson and Don Taylor are back and on the top of their game. They bring the game to life and only enhance the wonderful experience you have everytime you get onto the ice. The play-by-play is real and constant, no stutters and always accurate and detailed. The color commentary is funny at times, and the interaction between the two of them is unique and makes for nice ear candy. One small detail that I really enjoyed is the fact that they will actually say your name if you create a player, that is one feature I have been waiting for, for some time. All the NHL sounds you'd expect from a Hockey game are here, everything is precise and fits well into this gem of a game.

Suggestions: Utilize the Xbox! Perhaps using CG cinematic scenes would imerse the player into a more realistic game than ever before. The Goalie needs more options.. I still dont think it's possible to cover-up on the puck, Why not?

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Nascar Thunder 2002

Overall: First Impression of this game was that it didnt look much different than any PC game of the same type I had seen or played. For a typical console I guess that would be a good thing.. for the Xbox it leaves a bit to be desired.

Gameplay: The Gameplay is very precise and easy to get used to, in fact theres not much to get used to in your first race it's almost a give that you'll be vying for the top spot before the race is through. The AI seems to just follow the leader around in circles, not really trying to take over unless they just happen to be going a bit faster and it accidently happens. With easy controls and very smooth graphics it does make it very fun to play for atleast a race or two. (Who can resist stopping at one point and driving the track backwards!)

Graphics: Graphics are on par with any PC game of the same type. This title could be very done if it were an xbox only title, but compared to any other console this one is by far the best. Actual damage, although not as much as I would have like. The inside of the cars seems to be a bit repetitive, I guess they couldn't model each drivers exact car inside and out. No complaints about the backgrounds or pit crews, all very well done and really help the score in this department.

Audio: The usual and expected sound, I would have liked to hear more announcer voices. The radio comm is standard, and sometimes just states the obvious. Classic Nascar engine sounds are done really well, and some of the collisions actually sound really life-like as well. A definite plus to this appealing game.

Suggestions: Make an Xbox Only Version. I'll let you decide what to add and not add, you're the pros :)

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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