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Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb

Overall: Dr. Henry Jones, need I say more, ok Indiana Jones. If you love Indy your gonna love this game, if your not a fan you might think this is a half way decent action/adventure game.

Gameplay: Revolver, check, Bullwhip, check, Fedora, check, badass in a leather jacket, check. You get to be Indy that should be enough you whiners. You even get a visit from an old friend of Indy's towards the end of the game. The fighting is really fun, kinda feels like its for a fighting game. Various puzzles are all through out the game which most are simple but some may bake your noddle. A little cool feature I liked was you could pick up chairs and table legs and lay some good ole American smack down.

Graphics: This is where you may have issues, playing it makes me feel like i'm back in my ps2 days, but I love Indy too much to be that anal about graphics, but incase you are there are parts where you will be upset by how bad it can look, but other wise the characters look good and the environments look good enough.

Audio: Sound is wonderful, Indy theme song is a favorite of everyone I'm sure. The voice acting is good, it almost tricks you into thinking the voice is really Harrison Ford, but no its an imposter. Nothing better to hear the sounds of fists pummeling a nazi's head, sorry Adolf.

Suggestions: Come on give us one more decent Indy game to keep us happy until Indy 4 is released.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: A great original game that is truely amazing. You get to take on the role of the tortured cop Max Payne who is trying to take out his revenge on the people who were responsible for his familie's death. With a great story and tons of action your gonna love this game. Except your gonna love it for about a weekend and then you will have beat the whole !&%$@#* thing.

Gameplay: I have to say I love the slow motion fighting, watching bullets fly like your in the matrix is so cool. All there really is to the game is that you run around and shoot people full of lead, simple but its all we really wanna do anyways so who needs puzzles. Guns are all over from a shotgun to an assualt rifle you will surely go postal.

Graphics: The game looks really dark and gritty, but thats the point so it really gets you into the mood of the game. Max kinda looks real, but not perfect by any means. Various things will blow up and that all looks cool, the backgrounds all look decent. The comic book looking cut screens have a nice look and feel to them.

Audio: Very nicely done. Max's voice overs are very good. The sounds of gun fights really get the blood pumping, of course while your in blizzard makes it even better.

Suggestions: Come on make these frickin games longer. No way I'm playing fifty bucks for 3 days worth of game play.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NCAA Football 2004

Overall: A great football game without all the hype that surrounds Madden. Offers hours of fun gameplay and many great modes that you can play. Dynasty mode being the top, but also the option to play rivalry games or even relive historic moments in college football. With all the Different teams this should keep you occupied long enough till next years version. Another new things that is very cool is the sports illustrated covers which will highlight the events going on during you season as if it were really a cover story in the magazine. If your tired of Madden and if you like to run the option, cause who doesn't, give this game a chance.

Gameplay: Very similar to madden, same controls, pretty much the same look. Gives you the college feel with the cheerleaders and the mascots, as well as the plays only a college team would ever try.

Graphics: Looks pretty good, excellent look on the uniforms, faces look better than they have in years past, but still kinda big heads. Stadiums look good, still not the best thing in the world to see the crappy fan animation. You'll be too into the game to care about if everything looks good.

Audio: Sound is great, with fan chanting and players yelling and grunting. College fight songs are what you will hear throughout the entire game so that does tend to get really annoying after a while.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Overall: This is a great game. I was a big fan of Mortal Kombat when it first came out so its nice to be able to come back to some familiar characters. I love how it offers other things then just the straight Arcade mode. The Konquest mode is basically a training mode, but great for earning coins. Coins are what you use to buy Koffins in the kyrpt which will open up and reveal some reward. While it's normally old screenshots or drawings it can sometimes be new characters or new costumes. Other ways to earn coins include the button mashing test your might, and also test your sight. If you want hours of fun this is the one for you.

Gameplay: The actual fighting in the game is excellent. It offers the ability for every character to fight in their own martial arts style, but wait they also get another fighting style along with a weapon fighting option. Also included are some projectile shooting and various special moves. Blood and guts is a plenty here which you will find out after a long drawn out fight because the ground will be red all over. A new feature I love is that some characters can impale their weapon in the enemy and he will slowly lose life. Everyone's favorite, the Fatality is still here, but thats it, only one for each character so don't worry about all those weird thing from Mortal Kombat past.

Graphics: Its a great looking game. Sure its not life like Max Payne looking, but it works. The backgrounds look great if your fighting on a flying platform or rumbling in Shang Tsung's crib. All the Characters look very nice, and oh yeah the girls do offer some bouncing distractions if thats your cup of tea. Nothing earth shattering, but you shouldn't be complaining either.

Audio: To me this was the only low point, but I didn't hate it, just wasn't anything special. The music doesn't really bother me because i get lost in the action. The sound effects are decent, grunting and various martial arts sounds. It gets the job done is the best way I can put it.

Suggestions: Please stop with various stupid characters, You went crazy with the ninja rip offs a while back and would throw in the annoying dumb characters, we want cool people on the level of Johnny Cage and Sub-Zero. Also come on Reptile used to be cool now hes a lame lizard, if your gonna make him transform atleast make him monster looking and not like a big Iguana.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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