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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War

Overall: This World War II set shooter is a very smooth and complete first person shooter... With its great online play, and fun single player, this game could be one of the better shooters on Xbox...

Gameplay: The gameplay in RTCW is very team oriented... While playing online each division of online player has its advantages and disadvantages. They all are dependent on each other. For example a medic is needed to heal everyone, but needs ammo from the LT's...

Graphics: This game isn't groundbreaking in the visual department, but it gets the job done... The framerate is always fine, and guns, grenades, etc all look and react well...

Audio: Like the visual, the sound is nothing groundbreaking but gets the job done... Whizzing bullets, and richochets all sound good...

Suggestions: Maybe some more gametypes possibly just like a deathmatch where you can respawn and possibly a CTF...

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 MechAssault

Overall: This action fanatics game puts you into the cockpit of over 15 huge and diverse mechs... Each mech has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the right mech is vital...

Gameplay: The gameplay consists of just blowing stuff up... Whether its 12 year old squeky voice punks on xbox live or the pretty decent AI, just fire your weapons and take em down... Online there is basically deathmatch, and newly added CTF... There are many weapons that go with each mech...

Graphics: Visually this game is very good... The maps each have their own terrians and features, and also everything in the levels are destructable... So that means you can take down an enemy Mech, by just shooting a building down on top of them...

Audio: The game's sound is nothing special, but gets the job done... The whizzing of the torpedos, and burning of buildings compliments the strong action of the game...

Suggestions: Maybe you could tone down the mech's health... They can just take way too many shots..

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

Overall: This indepth Tom Clancy shooter, is one of Ubi Softs best creations... It combines the stealth and smoothness of Ghost Recon with the fast paced action of a game like Halo... Cooperation and team work is a must if you want to suceed in this game. Check this game out if you like any action or first person shooter. Its one of the best out there!

Gameplay: This game feels like one of the smoothest first person shooters out there. There are a ton of guns and each has its distinct advantages and disadvantages. There are also many accessories such as flashbangs, frags, gas mask, tear gas, and much more. Online the gametypes are great. There is the simple deathmatch (sharpshooter) and no respawn survival or team survival. And co op modes. The online gametypes may lack a little. Online the game is pretty lag free, easy to find games, amazing co op, and a wierd ranking system.

Graphics: This is one of the most advanced visually first person shooters out there. Graphically it could be compared to Splinter Cell, with the amazing lighting, interactive environments (mats hanging down react just like they would in real life). The framerate is always great, and the detail is remarkable. Also basically everything is interactable. For example there are about 5 ways to take out a door. You could 1.) open it, duh 2.) blow it up w/ a shotgun 3.)open it w/ a remote charge 4.)blow the hell out of it with a claymore... I'm sure there are other ways also :)

Audio: The sound in this game also gets the job done. With Dolby Digital 5.1 support the game comes alive to those playing it. Surround sound definately gives a distinct advantage to those with it. Also another cool feature of this game, is the computer issuing commands, etc through the live headset. Another thing about the headset is that during single player, you can communicate to the AI through the headset using PHONIX technology. This game just keeps getting better and better the more I think about it.

Suggestions: This game was great, but what about some new gametypes for multiplayer possibly through download content?

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: This Star Wars themed RPG let you become your own jedi, either light or dark and then live out that experience... The game really brings you into the star wars world, and lets you explore and make many different decisions... All those decisions you make, define your character, and those around you. Speaking of those around you, you have a cast of characters who are part of your party. Many different from jedi to droids to wookies. They all have their plus and minus. Throughout the game you will have to chose accordingly who to bring along with you.

Gameplay: The gameplay is also very effective. All the decisions and actions that you make directly affect your character. The gameplay is very simple to pick up and compliments the rest of the game very well...

Graphics: Visually this game is right on. Might not be anything ground breaking, but it certainly gets the job done, and brings you right into the game. Framerate is great at all times, and the action sequences your character preforms are pretty cool too...

Audio: The sound of this game is one of its brightest points. Of course the music is the normal Star Wars theme, but what really makes the sound in this game stand out is the voice acting. It is so well done, and again brings you right into the world's universe...The sounds of the lightsabers flying, pistols shooting, and swords clashing feel like your in one of George Lucas's masterpieces...

Suggestions: Great game, maybe a MMORPG next time? :) that would kick ass...

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: Wow... Bungie you have created the best and most complete overall FPS ever created... and one of the best console games to date...

Gameplay: With the amazing singleplayer and too good to be true multiplayer this game will be remembered for generations...

Graphics: Halo, which was one of the first games on the beloved xbox, is now staying high compared to other games graphically... A marvel to watch and be a part of

Audio: the Halo monks... need I say more? Also try playing this game in 5.1... utterly amazing... I love halo

Suggestions: Get Halo 2... My life will end

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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