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Blood Wake

Overall: When i first saw this game i thought man this one isnt going to do well. Even some of my friends thought so, but it did better than i thought it would because i reviewed it and heard how fun it can be so i took a chance and bought bloodwake. Bloodwake was probably my second xbox game bought....(1st was halo of course)but bloodwake does keep you entertained, especially on harder difficulty options.

Gameplay: The gameplay is slow and boring and too easy if you have it on ensign but if you put it up to admiral its much better. But, overall the game is still fun and addicting on some levels. The levels get harder as the game progresses in my opinion. The levels are very big in my opinion also once again but some, like the first ones, are too easy because all you have to do is detroy these little boats and collect things. But again the better levels are when you have to protect and destroy.

Graphics: The water effects took my eyes the most. It just looks really good with the real looking wave effects. It would have cool if there were like whirlpools and watersprouts as a threat also but the water is really good though. No slowdowns during populated parts, i liked that. The mountains and shores were probably the weakest. From far away they are fine but up close they arent good. Everything else is graphically good, even the boats look like war boats.........because of there nice detailed textures.

Audio: The explostions and water sounds are good to me. yeah they could be alittle better but still good. Sounds good on surround sound..of course

Suggestions: When you make bloodwake 2, or if you do, make the mutliplayer better and make more threats in the seas like watersprouts and whirlpools. And bigger explosions.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Turok: Evolution

Overall: Man o' man when i found out there was a new turok game coming out, i about died because i really enjoyed the other turok games for the n64; So i thought that the turok evolution game would keep the "turok name" alive. And this is what i found out when i got it...

Gameplay: Well, the gameplay in my opinion is probably the only strong part of the game. Most chapters keep you awake such as chapter 7 and 8. That is where the battles are taking place. There are 15 chapters , which the game isnt short but chapter 15 itself is when you face Dr. Bruckner, or whoever that guys name is spelled. The dinosaur he is on takes forever to kill because you dont get the rocket launcher. But anyways, the weapons are average. In my opinion the shotgun, mines and plasma gun were the only good weapons. Bad thing is that you dont get all of those 3 in the beginning. Your stuck with the warclub and simple bow and arrow. Later on in the chapter you get a better bo, A tekbow. One thing i thought was hard to kill and got on my nerves were the raptors because of their size.( talking about the small ones) The multiplayer is good, enough multiplayer games to keep you alive.

Graphics: The graphics were not so cool. Everything except the dinosaurs looked like it was still N64 graphics. I think they should have really worked on the graphics capabilites better, especially the plants and trees. Those looked 2d. Horrible graphics, even on every system (xbox ,ps2 ,and gc speaking) No big improvements. And the mountain you see it...uh oh it just disappeared. That is ps one stuff. very disappointing in that.

Audio: The voices were horrible, they sounded all crackled and muffled. the explosions the sounding of the fire flames were probbaly the only good sounding things, and oh yeah, the dinosaurs sounded good up close but it would have been better if you could have heard them far away better.

Suggestions: Better graphics, better distant dinosaur sounds, better weapons.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter

Overall: Well, another star wars game. Overall i always thought star wars games were good. They still are but something in jedi starfighter is missing. Im not a big fan of star wars but again the games are fun to play. So thats why i came upon this one when i first actually noticed it.

Gameplay: The gameplay to me was average. Depends on the difficulty levels to tell you all the truth. The game itself needed more levels because some just seemed to easy. You'll maybe want to play this game twice all the way through then give up on it but the game itself is fun. Not as good as the rogue squadron games but still good.There seemed to be slowdowns during the game,especially on the levels with water. yeah seems stupid to what im saying but i cant describe it well. i thought there would be more to it on the xbox version than the ps2 version but still.....yeah you get the point im saying.

Graphics: The graphics varied from good to bad. There is really no answer to this but the textures seemed like something on a ps2. (like everyone says. The ships though seemed like xbox power. You can tell that the ships were worked on better than the other textures. The stars looked like crap to me, that could have been fixed. almost like they were jittery. The land textures had somewhat difference compared to the ps2 but not much. The water effects could have been worked on. They should have made the water look real like in bloodwake. That would have been good.

Audio: The sound is good, especially with surround sound hooked up. The voices were in good tone and so were the sound effects. So the sound was very good,even without surround sound. Its the xbox's 5.1 roaring power

Suggestions: Fix the framerate and faster loading times. Also make more levels instead of more content

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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