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Battlestar Galactica

Overall: I picked this up because it was on sale for 9.99 and well, I'm a sucker for a good deal. This is the sci-fi series I use to watch when I was a little boy, it was fantastic, amazing in every way. So what we have here is game 20 years after the fact. (that's ok they are re launching the series!). It's a space shooter... and well... lets get into it.

Gameplay: Gameplay is akward and frusterating at times. It's a mix of the recent defender remake and asteroids remake.

Graphics: Graphics are decent, but lets face it, they are in space and wll there isn't a lot of great scenerey in space. However, the detail to spacecraft is amazing.

Audio: The sound is great, and play !&%$@#* good thru my surrond sound system. To enjoy this game you must turn on your surround sound...!!

Suggestions: Yes, Make a sequel that isn't so linear...

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Airforce Delta Storm

Overall: Airforce Delta Storm is a top contender for the best flight simulation availible on Xbox. Possibily because it is the only one, well until recently.

Gameplay: Gameplay is hard at first, but it eases up enough to suck you into the game. Excellent game play, only a few bugs that need ironing out.

Graphics: Graphics are decent and get the job done. I think they could have pushed the engine a bit more, but being what they had to work with and 0 experience on the xbox at the time, they did a great job.

Audio: Sounds is excellent for the time this came out. I was very impressed as this was one of the first 3 games I had purchases for xbox after launch.

Suggestions: A sequel!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction

Overall: Aliens Versus Predator Extinction is a hybrid RTS that mixes elements of a games like Fallout Tactics,Odium, and Cannon Fodder with standard RTS. It is Based on the story of two of our greatest Sci-Fi horror villains battling it out on LV-742. This review is written from the Marine missions. I believe there would have to be three different reviews for each species. They are all a little different.

Gameplay: I'm not a big fan of RTS games, so I don't have much to compare too here. Apparently this is really watered down as far as strategy games go, but that appeals to somebody like me who prefers shooters. The game includes 21 missions with seven from the perspective of each species. All three campaigns intertwine into one storyline, and events in each campaign effect the storyliens for the other species. Despite the bad press that console based RTS games get, the console is very easy to get the hang of. This game was designed on consoles from the ground up rather then having been ported from PC, so it works really well. As the marines, each level involes searching for people and objects and moving the entire squad from checkpoint to checkpoint. Marines get funding by repairing structures as they go, and they use this funding for more troops and upgrades. Predator units are all self contained and self healing, as well as very powerful. However, you only get a few of them, making gameplay very different. Because of their small numbers, Predators rely mostly on stealth, and bennifit greatly by their cloaking ability. Predators order more units and upgrades by collecting the skulls of those they have killed. Aliens are the most fun to play as. The aliens have the closest thing to a base of the three species, which is the hive. While Marines and Predators are constantly scurrying around the map, aliens secure one area and then expand from there. The aliens have some of the coolest units in the game, and are very different to play as, because they are all melee fighters. Overall the gameplay is challenging but not too hard as you progress through the game. Its simple minded fun disguised as a strategy game.

Graphics: AvP:E is entierly 3-D, and looks very good for an RTS game. The units are surprisingly detailed, and you can zoom in pretty close to the action. While the graphics don't measure up to, say, Soul Caliber 2, they are reasonable for the kind of game AvP:E is. Additionally, you will be drooling over the coolness of some of the upgraded units. You can get a good look at everything with the in-game bestiary, with pages and pages of info and stats for every unit.

Audio: The sound is a mixed bag. While most of the sounds are taken straight from the movies, they all mush toghether once the action starts. The music isn't very memorable, and everything else gets repetitive.

Suggestions: 3d... this game should have never been turned into this RTS nightmare!

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Aggressive Inline

Overall: If you love the extreme sports genre, this game is an absolute must. It's a ton of fun and will suck away so many hours all your friends will think you've died. Unless you don't have friends and then no one will notice except your dog who really needs to go walkies. Though the gameplay in is a little bit better than Hawk the little things AI is missing keep it from getting a higher mark. There's no skate shop to buy better skates, no way to customize the characters at all and not create-a-skater. And, even though the levels are quite large, it would have been nice for their to be more than seven levels available in career mode. Still, this game will require a hefty chunk of double-digit hours to dominate. I've logged in over twenty so far and have no desire to stop playing. Stop wasting time and order now.

Gameplay: For anyone who has played Tony Hawk, you will jump right into this game. Even if you have never even heard of the Tony Hawk series, you will be able to pick this up and do 540 tweaked judo grabs in the first few minutes. The 'Juice' system is innovative and allows for much more freedom and larger levels, and you can immerse yourself in the game for hours. If you're expecting a true Inline video game, without insane jumps or extravagant locales, i suggest you look for a a different title, because this title is just about as insane as they come.

Graphics: Considering this is a port, the graphics are excellent. The best of all 2nd & 3rd party Xbox games and rivaling some of the 1st party ones as well. Framerate is rock-solid.

Audio: the soundtrack is great, but really short, only 10 songs or so (Sublime? how old is that song?). the sounds in the game are fine, voices are really good and funny lines, not too cheesy. I'll give it a 4.5 just for the voices. fyi: the game DOES support custom a soundtrack. it's just kinda hidden, you have to select tracks during the game, not from the main menu.

Suggestions: Improve the 'sounds' of the game, it doesn't really feel like skating when everything just makes a 'thunk' noise. Also, develop the character graphics more.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10

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