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Overall: if i had not heard of this game before i would think it as f***ing amazing, but since my expecations were higher than you can get on PCP, im a little dissapointed... i haven't played through the whole quest, but since i have almost all of the loctions on the map, i think it is nearing the end... that is the main problem so far... but since im no tsure of that yet, it stilll deserves 5/5 for everthing else it has to offer. i would give it 4.5/5 but for the other low scoring reviews, i just want its score boosted...

Gameplay: the gameplay is great imho... the battleing system is great, one of the best on the console.. it can be a hack and slash if you like it to be, which will work fine, but i prefer to use stategy and other buttons besides X (sword attack), which enhances the gameplay for me. the marrying system isn't as good as i thought it would be, but the fact that you can marry a man is so hilarious to me that i am willing to overlook it. i like teh good/evil system so far, too. i could go on and on about the little details but im too lazy... 4.5/5, nuff said

Graphics: some of the best graphics ive ever seen, hands down... halo 2 will definitely beat them, but that doesn't count...

Audio: i have one word for the soundtrack: WOW! i mean, it is just amazing.. the music sounds good by itself, but then you factor in how much of it there is, how it changes for different scenes, etc. and they are just amazing... i have yet to get annoyed or bored with the music selection after about 8 (?) hours of play, unlike morrowind, which is the best rpg ever made, no contest, which has the most annoying music ever, especially after 40+ hours of play (yes, i was addicted, but i went morrowind-holics anonymous and i have been morrowind free for 4 months, give or take)

Suggestions: oh yes, i definitely have some MAJOR suggestions...
1. make the story longer you poxy sods!!!
2. bigger map, hence more exploring capabilites
3. more (and more interesting) side quests
4. its too easy to get renown, make it harder
5. too hard to get gold (outside of quests that is)... make the quests offer less gold and some way to get gold easier outside of the quests...
6. how the hell did i get to be 47 10 days after i was 18? i just don't understand that... it just baffles me...
11. easter eggs?
12. evrything above 100 million times over

if big blue box would have done those things, maybe less of some, more of some, and some other interesting things i havent thought of, they would have the best rpg ever imho, better then morrowind (maybe) and better than all of the final fantasy game put together....

oh yeah, i forgot, more weapons, more armor, more tattoos, more haircuts, more augmentations, everything more in-depth, i want EVERYTHING in fable 2... now get to work!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Otogi: Myth of Demons

Overall: first of all, in response to symposiumx, you are dieing because your magic has run out, and that is what keeps you alive (listen to the princess once in a while, will ya?)... and even if you hear the heartbeat and the orbs turn black, you have a long time left....

WELL ANYWAY...this game is foookin awesome.... all of the elements of this game make for a great gaming experience.... relativly short, with really hard spots (you have no idea how hard), but definitely worth the money... longevity is not so great, if that is a factor for you...

Gameplay: GREAT!!! i agree with some previous reviews, quite repetitive, but the sheer... funness (?).... of it makes it worth buying the game... i love experimenting with all the different types of weapons, magics, and accessories...

Graphics: beautiful graphics... nor better than some of the games that have come out lately (POP, Gaiden), but amazing in their own right... i think these graphics are more artistic than realistic, which gives the game a whole new dimension...

Audio: music, though odd, is great... it doesn't really fit the style or pace of gameplay, but it fits the mood, so its sufficent... voices, oh voices.... i want to rip the vocal cords from the english voice actors OMFG they are so bad... luckily, we have japanese, and i cant tell the difference (except for the long pauses, what up with that?).... and finally, gameplay sounds... amazing!!! the sounds when you whack an enemy or crumble a pillar, etc., are great...

thus, i give sound a 4.5 mainly because of the horrible voice acting, good (but not great) music, and great gameplay sounds...

Suggestions: just make the game overall better... add more to the huge array of weapons, and make even more hidden treasures... basically, just take every aspect of the game, make it better, add more of it, etc... otogi 2 looks promising....

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind GOTY Edition

Overall: well, basically, this game literally consumed my life... there are few downisedes to this game (made up for with the sheer addictiveness of the game).... I have to give it only a 4.5, sadly, because it just isnt perfect... this game could dominate the world with just a few changes (less crashing, better graphics, for instance, though the graphics dont bother me)....

Gameplay: GAMEPLAY!!!!! imo, this is where the game shines.... never have you played a game that immerses you so much that you think about what faction you are going to do next, what rare artifact you are going to get next, what museum you are going to make next (its a hobby of mine, each house in balmora has a different type of museum).... i am prepetually forced to give this section a 4.5 because of the !&%$@#* ty battle engine.... wow, you mash the right trigger until something dies, thats incredibly fun (rolls eyes)....

Graphics: very original designs and concepts for buildings, animals, people, armor, weaprons, nature, etc..... not the highest quality of graphics, but definitely tolerable....

Audio: i love the music.... its not something you notice right off the bat, but its one of those things that just keeps the mood, and i commend bethesda for that....

Suggestions: so many things could be improved upon.... 1. less loading, when your speed gets really high (cough, 500, cough), its loads EVERY FU**ING TIME YOU JUMP!!!!
2. less loading (intial loading), somehow make the first loading a little faster.
3. make it so you can skip everything in the beginning b4 you load you game, that pisses me off!!!
4. MORE ELDER SCROLLS (it would be nice in valenwood and the summerset isles, or maybe cyroddill...)
5. less cliff racers.... they !&%$@#* me off so much OMFG!!!! they're ervywhere!!!
6. less crashing... enough said...
7. better fighting system... not just mash until you opponent(s) die(s)
8. revamp the graphics (though the current graphics are suitable)
9. all of the above ten times over and some i missed (because i know i missed something)

P.S. for all the non-players who read this, dont let it discourage you from buying morrowind because it is WAY (key word here) too good to be sitting on the shelf of a game store! NOW GO BUY IT!!! I ORDER YOU!!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Ninja Gaiden

Overall: bascially your a ninja and you're trying to get back this sword that your family has been protecting for centuries. you start off fighting ninjas, then samurai, then futuristic gunmen, then black ninjas that make you explode, then dinosaurs, then zombies and general monsters, then tanks and helicoptors, and thats about as far as I am... the weird factor is completely overrun by the awesomeness, though...

Gameplay: I personally think the gameplay is great.... it really depends on how you play it.... you can run through mashing X the whole time and waste your money on potions or you play with stategy and make the gameplay a lot more interesting, which I think is a reflection on the great work of team ninja... camera gets fiesty sometimes, which pisses me off, but other than that, its pretty good, imo...

Graphics: there isn't much to say in this section... the gameplay looks incredibly real and flawless to my naked eye... and the cutscenes... holy CRAP!!!! they are freaking awesome, that is all there is to say.

Audio: doesn't really stand out for me... music is okay, it fits with the theme of game... and the sound for fighting etc. is pretty good but thats all it is.... just okay, not phenominal (how do you spell that?)..

Suggestions: its already been suggested, but you need more save points because its too !&%$@#* hard.... try to make a more gradual increase in difficulty instead of random difficulty levels where you let off the throttle a little then a big boss pops out and you die in 2 seconds... and then the respawning bad guys, that is very annoying... its not too bad, but it can get annoying if you just want to get back from where you were...

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Overall: its an action/adventure game set in ancient persia (well, obviously).... you play as a prince and for most of the game you have some chick named farrah following you around... plot: great, puzzles: great, battles: great, cutscenes: great, learning curve: ok, basically anything you can think of: great.

Gameplay: you follow a linear path and run into sand-monsters and puzzles.... throughout most of the game, the puzzles get harder.... but the battles, in the beggining, they are really easy, then all of a sudden you are at one of the hardest battles in the game, then easy again, then progressively harder, then you get better swords and they start to get easier... WHAT!!!??!??!?!?!!! i was seriously dissapointed with the last battle, when you have to kill you dad in the beginning was harder (that part pissed me off).... anyway, the battles are always intense and, surprisely, somewhat stategic, though in real time.... you have to try to save your life, but then you see farrah getting her a*s kicked, so you have to run to her, but by then you almost dead so you have to get a drink but then the stupid sand-monsters slash at you when you are drinking.... and someimes when you go in to suck up the sand, they dont let you cuz they attack you, its crazy....

Graphics: HOLY CRAP!!!!! this game has some of the most amazing graphics ive ever seen.... man, they're just so !&%$@#* good... SERIOUSLY!!!! everything fits with the theme, too, so there is nothing out of place that ruins your whole day....

Audio: sound is just amazing.... im used to hearing sh*tty, annoying music all the time, repeating itself over and over again and again... this game, it is fresh and the music fits the mood, whatever situation you may be in (intense music for battles, laidback music while you just walking, etc, etc.).... sounds in the game are great, too... i can't remmeber one sound where is was like "what? that doesn't fit!".... voice acting, ok, but who cares?

Suggestions: i would say.... umm.... well.... i dont know what i would say.... this game is too great to improve on, seriously... well, if i had to say something, id say.... more progression throughout the game with your skills (maybe add a hint of an rpg element, i dunno)... up the graphics, longer... thats about it...

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 XIII

Overall: as you probably know, its a cel-shaded (made to look like a comic book) shooter.... the story is the most immersive i've ever seen in a game... xbox live is good, which an advantage over the current halo (though soon we will have halo 2), and plain old split-screen is good.... basically, the reason you buy this is if you want a great one player story that is fun, challenging, and immersive...

Gameplay: well, it plays like any other shooter, except with a story that is a least 10 times better... good guns, enemies are the way they are supposed to be, realistic, what else could you ask for (besides a master chief)?

Graphics: visuals... um, well, they are comic book graphics (like a lot of games are doing nowadays, sadly) and they look great... they maintain the comic book look and still have a fully 3D environment, and they don't look stupid like i thought they might...

Audio: the sound.... well, the voice acting is really good, david dcouvney (how do you spell that?), eve, and whoever did carrington and the police guy did a good job... the music got quite annoying actually, but it was cool, so i'm giving it a 5 anyway

Suggestions: none.... not a one... this game is flawless imo...

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Overall: overall this is a great game... you can do whatever the nerf you want and kill as many people as you want... of course you can do the missions, but I'm stuck so I just kill cops. the story is you lose money in a drug deal and you are trying to get it back... after the first few missions, though, it just seems like senseless killing (though there is nothing wrong with that)

Gameplay: gameplay is great... the only major setback that i found was the non-moveable camera, but this game is a few years old so i can understand that... controls are superb and fluid as far as i can tell...

Graphics: the graphics in this game are pretty good... not the best the xbox can dish out, but who really cares anyways?

Audio: I love listening to KChat, its pretty funny... most of the 80s music on the radio stations i dont like, but i listen to cds and talk radio, which is sufficient... the only reason i didn't give it a 5 here is because i dont like the 80s music, but i guess you need it to make it realistic, which it is...

Suggestions: make it even bigger and better!!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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