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NFL Fever 2003

Overall: This game is a HUGE disappointment, I was expecting greatness, and was given crap. I returned it for NFL 2k3, this game was GRR frustrating

Gameplay: The gameplay is the same as last years. WTF!?!?! NFL fever needed improvements, not the same CRAP!!!

Graphics: Ok ok This looks great, the towels on the players was a NICE effect, I like the cameras, and the stadiums look top notch, there is still that odd fever feel, That "My top half is too big for my legs" look

Audio: Pretty Nasty, this was just ugly, I dont like kevin Callabero Hes annoying, He is one of the reasons I plan on buying NBA 2k3 instead of INSIDE drive 2003

Suggestions: BAH WHAT WERE U THINKING!?!?! I think you needed to fix the glithces, the gameplay, and overall look, You just got a good opening showing, DONT let it happen again...

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 ESPN NBA Basketball 2K4

Overall: This games is the best basketball game ever made! It is THAT good. I mean everything is top notch right down to the uniforms moving! GREAT I say GREAT!

Gameplay: This is AMAZING. So much better than NBA 2k3 It was not just a step foreward, it was a Tracey McGrady tomahawk jam foreward! You can pass som much better, and the ISOmotion rocks. The gameplay was a little weird at first, but I just adjusted the sliders, and viola! The best bball game ever!

Graphics: These are the sweetest graphics of any sports game ive seen. These blow NBA Live SKY HIGH! The jerseys the JERSEYS! THEY MOVE! The sweating looks realistic as well. This is where the game shines in my book

Audio: This is where the game falls a little short. The announcers are not the best, Tom Tolbert sounds horrible. The on court sounds are average and so is the crowd, but I quickly got over that once I got immersed in franchise mode

Suggestions: Hire better annoucing talent, maybe Bill Walton, or Kevin Collaboro And make the crowd react a little better, DUNK & 3pt contest, and player intros. Thats all GREAT GAME

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Overall: Its people like this guy Samuel that really !&%$@#* me off. YEAH lets poorly review a game to bring others have no valid points, you havent even played the game dumbass! This is a really good game, and if you CHOOSE to get into the story, it is actually a GREAT story, so stop talking out of your !&%$@#* and play the game douche.

Gameplay: Very fun, like I said do the missions or roam free, very cool. The driving is nicely done, and getting on a motorcycle is top notch.

Graphics: Very good compared to the PS2 version. Reflections on the cars and whatnot. The models could be a little better, and some bump mapping here and there...good enough

Audio: GREAT sound track....I love the 80's mix, and the addition of cuztom soundtrax is very cool. The guns sound awful, and so do car engines, but I didnt really notice untill someone else pointed it out. oh well.

Suggestions: Better GRFX Bette SFX other than that MULTIPLAYER!!! Split screen GTA hell yea!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 True Crime: Streets Of L.A.

Overall: This game is next to perfect. It is obviously not supposed to be a GTA, because you are a cop for crap's sake. Everything in this game seems to be thought out quite well, and it does what a game is supposed to, let you have FUN!

Gameplay: The controls in True Crime are pretty smooth, the way they did the shooting is pretty cool. I like all the upgrades you can get, and they really seem to help when you go further in the game, my only problem is fighting girls, they slap too fast and can easily whoop you if you are unsuspecting. I like the car selection, and getting in and out is a snap, and shooting from cars couldnt be easier.

Graphics: I don't have a problem with the graphics. They are just a tad outdated, but nothing to really complain about, the car models are good, and LA is modeled pretty accurately, I mean driving down figuroa to see the Staples Center is pretty nifty.

Audio: I love the music they put in the game, add in some custom soundtack, and you are ready to cruise LA in style. The soud FX are pretty smooth, guns sound like guns and what not, but where the sound dept. really shines are the comments made by every character in the game. They are flat out hilarious, GREAT voice acting. And who can forget Cristopher Walken doing the narration! That took the cake for me.

Suggestions: Make a sequel, Improve the graphics up to the Box's full potential, add some more voice talent, the ones you got rocked! Longer stories for all the directions you go. Different cop cars for nick. thats about it. Great Game!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: Great! Absolutely Stunning. Real hard, I like thAt tho. ok thats enuff

Gameplay: The gameplay was great! I dont know what this guy is complaining about the look mode is awesome, it really adds a lot to the game!

Graphics: STUNNING, The best lighting I have EVER seen...ANYWHERE!

Audio: This is really good, the voice overs are not corny at all, the guns are great, and the stepping on different surfaces is good too !!!

Suggestions: Stick with this formula, and Splinter Cell 2 will be the best game. EVER

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NBA 2K3

Overall: This is the greatest basketball game I have ever played!! Too bad punks hafta review it so low just to bring down the score. I on the other hand LOVE it!

Gameplay: The gameplay is tight, (the controls) not tight as in and the only beef I have is the consistency in dunks on the default setting...BUT you can easily fix this with the slider options. Nice passing, and nice shot percentages otherwise.

Graphics: The graphics are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. I love the sweat that forms, and the fact that the jerseys move, The afros, and cornrows look perfect, I love the T-Mac shoes...thats great! Good contact detection and everything. I especially love the 3D fans!!

Audio: GREAT sound, the anouncers are NOT annoying, they are good to hear, they say smart things, and analyze plays. I love the crowd noise, and the UMPHS from the players. Nice work!

Suggestions: I cant wait for 2k4.....That sounds funny but its true!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Quantum Redshift

Overall: WOW! I just love the speed and difficulty involved in this game. Great graphics, better fun factor! Just an all around great title!!

Gameplay: This was sooo much fun, the controls were mapped perfectly, and the weapon upgrades were top notch, the control always seemed fluid and just plain fun!

Graphics: WOW! This is the best part of this game. I almost dropped a brick (in a manner of speaking) when I saw these in motion. They are that great, AND they keep a high framerate, the speeds make you come back for more, agian and again. WOW!

Audio: Good sound, I think the crafts sounded fine, as with the SFX, the voice acting was adiquate, but could have gone without. The in game music was good, although WipEoUts music was much better...It doesnt matter cuz you can put in your own soundtrack! That is surely the most fun, Blazing speeds with blazing music!

Suggestions: Maybe realistic damage, but then have a shield for a reason... MAKE a QR2

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Street Hoops

Overall: This game is really fun! The controls take some (okay, alot) getting used to. It is a fun game tho, with great overall appeal.

Gameplay: The controls are kinda wacky at first, but once used to them, they hit the spot, nice job, but could have been better...

Graphics: The graphics are OK, but i really love the different clothing lines and shoes and stuff, the models look great, but some better texturing might have been in order

Audio: The sound is great! There are repetitive songs, but just use the soundtrack that you make, and ull be gangsta ballin in no time!!

Suggestions: Fix textures, and some control issues, and ill be buying Street Hoopz 2!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NFL 2K3

Overall: This game is amazing! The graphics, the gameplay, the sheer FUN FACTOR, yes my friends, FEVER and MADDEN have failed where NFL 2k3 has Succeeded. Great all around! I love the commentary and REPLAYS. the ESPN liscense was put to good use here.

Gameplay: The gameplay is sooo much fun. I love the passing, the defense, hell, even the special teams is perfect. Great Running game, it is so realistic, maybe 4 yards a carry, and a couple HUGE plays. Great!

Graphics: This is where it really succeeds. With Replays, and facial features. OUTSTANDING! The replays, I cannot get enough of, they are beautiful! The facial features are happy when you grab an interception, and angry when sacked or tackled. That is awesome!

Audio: The COMMENTARY! Oh my GOD! You can't get any better. They work so well together, and when analyzing a reply, WOW! Then they go back and talk about what happened on a previous play....too good!!

Suggestions: Keep this up, you will be top dawg! I mean EA and Microsoft just got lazy, when Visual concepts Keeps On going! ROCK ON! I would love to see Cleaner graphics and such, but thats a given improvement.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: This game is great! Its so much fun! Thats what a game is supposed to The soundtrack option is great as well. Gameplay needs some work, but nice job all around!

Gameplay: The controls are a little odd at first, but you get it soon, it just needs a little tweaking, after that it will be perfect.

Graphics: The Graphics are top notch, I love the snow effects, and the key leash hanging from the pocket is a nice touch! I love the shading on the clothes, and the goggles. Nice work here, a lot of time was spent. and it shows. The other snowboarders on the hill is nice, they look great as well.

Audio: The sound is great, if you turn off ALL music, it is really relaxing, but if thats not your style, just rip your own music and snowboard to a huge mix of your favs! There is one thing tho. The media people are SOOO annoying...they need to be toned down a little. I dunno

Suggestions: Fix the little problem in the gameplay, and the Voices and you have a perfect game. Cant wait for AMPED 2

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2002

Overall: This game is so much fun, the graphics are just stunning, the sond needs some work, and the gameplay is flat out great, what can I say? Its an awesome football game.

Gameplay: I give this gameplay a 4.5 because there are a few things that bug me. when throwing a long bomb, the ball stays in the air fo like 5 minutes, it makes it so easy to get picked off. but other than that everything is great.

Graphics: This is where the game shines. The facial ractions, the helmets, the fat guy's bellies, camera men, weather effect, I can go on and on, these graphics are first rate.

Audio: The developers kinda forgot about this part of the game process. The hits sound merely okay, and the commentators are mediocre. Ron Pitts sounds like he thinks hes so funny when, in actuallity, he just makes himself sound dumb. Stockton sounds drunk off his !&%$@#* with delays and robot sounding commintating, but thats not that hard to get past, because I don't pay attention to them anyway.

Suggestions: Make more tackle animations! Change the tackle sounds, better facal modeling, for each individual player. and for god's sakes give the announcing a boost!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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