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Overall: I was bored one labor day weekend, so i though i'd go out to the local video game store and see what i could get for 30$ or less. i found gunvalkyrie there, and heard that i was a fun game, though extremely hard, and decided to go for it. i am the kind of guy who is mostly attracted to rpgs which reward you pretty much instantly for anything you do. i had my doubts about how much fun i would have with this game because i'd heard it was pretty much the opposite of an rpg; you work hard on a level and kill everything, collect an orb, and finish only to be rewarded with practically nothing. let me tell you, this game has convinced me that rpgs are completely overrated. if you had to make a graph of the fun involved (if thats possible) in an rpg, it'd start out low because your character sucks, then it gets higher as you get better. it peaks when you reach a high enough level that everything is really easy to do. after that, its pretty monotonous and it just gets less fun leaving you with an empty feeling. gunvalkyrie is the exact opposite. when you begin, everything is amazing. you feel powerful as you gun down hordes of spider aliens (frekis) and find out the basics of flying. then it gets kinda frustrating when the game makes you learn more advanced moves and ways to fight, once you master those, the game gets soooo much more fun. then end boss is the climax of fun, as it should be. when you finish the game, you feel like you've accomplished something and had fun doing it.

Gameplay: imagine starship troopers with a jet booster on, and instead of an army of marines its just you. and double the amount of bugs. thats gunvalkyrie. okay the controls are hard at first. okay, at some points you'll be very frustrated and angry. these things just make the game soooo much more fun in the end. i'm a big halo fan, and when i found out you cant really strafe, i was a little annoyed. now that i've finished the game, i see now that smilebit or sega or whoever made this masterpiece is a genius on making intuitive controls. playing this game too much might limit the life of your gamepad, but it's worth it. anyone who enjoys killing bugs will enjoy this game, unless they really cant live without getting an ogre sword of +3 or a silver mace after killing every little enemy.

Graphics: this game looks AWESOME! if you get up close to the bugs, you might just poop in your pants. they look that cool. the lighting is great, it really sets the mood. there are so many little shots flying around you sometimes that its amazing how it can keep track of them all. the game does slow down sometimes, but it never affects gameplay. i actually enjoyed the inevitable slow down caused by using the drive gun (like a chain gun) on large packs of aliens because it felt sort of matrix-style, but thats just me.

Audio: very good. i played on a surround sound thing, so i could hear what was behind me and all. the separation is great, you can really tell just by listening where you're being shot from. the soundtrack is very fitting. i cant really think of anything spectacular, just good so its a 4.

Suggestions: hmmm, i thought of several things i didnt like about the game when i played it, but after beating it and mastering it somewhat, i see that all those things really made it more fun. the only one i can really think of is GIVE ME MORE GUNVALKYRIE!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: note to xbox hybrid: DUDE! GET A BETTER FUCKING TV! YOU CANT APPRECIATE HALO ON A 12 INCH KITCHEN TV! ok, moving on. if you have an xbox, get this game. now. if you dont get it, it will be a crime against humanity. this game is true perfection in video game form. if you've ever liked goldeneye, perfect dark, turok, or ANY fps, computer or console, GET THIS GAME! i cant say it enough.

Gameplay: well, the game plays beautifully. controls are perfect, but if you've gotten really used to keyboard/mouse, it may take more than an hour or two to get down well. i had a lotta trouble aiming at first, but then again i'd never even touched an xbox controller before. once you get past that, there is nothing more fun than killing something in halo. from a normal grunt to an experienced veteran in multiplayer, it just does not get any better. ahhh, i have so much to say, yet i lack the time and words to say it. GET HALO! NOW! AHH! GO! the jeep, the rocket launcher, the banshee, ctf, oddball, ahhh! its just all so much fun! if you have 3 friends (c'mon guys, you must have 3 friends, even if you play video games for hours every day) you NEED this game! multiplayer is just so fun. the insane rush you get when you have the flag and your teammate is waiting in the jeep, and you jump in and start hauling ass, and people are shooting, and you get back to your base with one red bar of health IS NUTS! you get the idea, this game is GREAT!

Graphics: could it be better? i once zoomed in on my friend with a sniper rifle at ten feet in ten times zoom, and i couldnt see the textures looking any worse. the character models are incredibly detailed. i've never seen better. everything just looks so cool in this. find a tree, and line the sun up so it shines through the branches. it looks better than it does in real life. everything has been thought of. i have NEVER seen anything in halo that looks mediocre. crouch down and look straight down at the grass. even better, zoom in on it. its amazing.

Audio: i now im getting repetitive, but this game is just so great. the sound is not at all an exception. its perfect! *clink clink* OH NO! GRENADE! DUCK AND COVER! *raaaaaaaaaaaaugh!* AHHH! ELITES! everything in this games sound great and can be easily heard. incredible clarity. hint: if your forced to play the game through a tv with only rf inputs and mono, get a bose wave radio. i borrowed my dads and the sound is amazing. i'd go for a cheap surround sound system, but my playing area is too small. :( this game makes you really wish you had a perfect home theatre system, but is EASILY enjoyed even on a crappy tv.

Suggestions: hmm, wow. what could be better about halo... tough question. maybe AI bots like in perfect dark. that would've been pretty cool. also, i know this is just being picky, but maybe a custom soundtrack option in mulitplayer. it would've been cool to kill people to some of my own music. bungie, you rule. please make more games, even if they're half this good we'll still love you.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Star Wars: Obi-Wan

Overall: hmm, pretty disappointing. cool idea about how to control the lightsaber, but not that fun. if you're a total star wars freak, you should try it, but i wouldn't recommend buying it. casual star wars fans beware.

Gameplay: well, its pretty fun at first but its just more of the same from there on. pushing droids around is fun, but they look so cheesy it detracts from the experience. multiplayer kinda sucks, its just two people hacking at each other. weak at best.

Graphics: ahh, it looks like PSone. horrible. qui gonn jin doesnt look like liam neeson at all. yoda is really funky looking. nothing really looks good here.

Audio: decent. the lightsaber sound is ok, but everything else seems distant. c'mon lucasarts, you've made some great games. we want more.

Suggestions: make a better game. you remember monkey island? that was lucasarts at its best. sam and max, day of the tentacle, xwing, xwing vs tie fighter, jedi knight, what ever happened to these great games. lucasarts has gone down the tubes.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Genma Onimusha

Overall: this game is really cool. it was originally a ps2 game, and is essentially an updated port. it has a new color of soul (green soul) and its a lot harder. any gamer who likes really cool looking swords and who likes destroying legions of demons with them wil really like this game.

Gameplay: the gameplay is the most important factor in any game, and capcom really knows it. the combat system is the best part of this game. you lock on to a demon with R, and this works great. for anyone who played the old n64 zelda games, its like that only better. L blocks, and X attacks. you can charge attacks over three levels, and each level adds a glowing layer of lightning to your sword. you have 3 different magic orbs, and each has its own magic attack that it adds to your sword used by pressing Y. these can be charged too. this combat system is one of the best i've ever used and it NEVER gets old. i read somewhere that you start hoping that there will be a horde of monsters around the next corner, and its -so- true.

Graphics: the visuals are basically ps2, but that isnt bad at all. they are really very good. they dont really push the xbox, but hey, they look dam good. the swords are some of the coolest i've ever seen. your normal sword is a basic katana, samurai sword. it by itself is really sweet. then you start getting orbs, and each orb has its own sword. the lightning sword is a cross between a scimitar and a katana, making a long, curved blue sword. the fire orb sword is a two handed sword. it is dam cool. the coolest sword by far is the wind sword. it is a haft with two curved blades, kinda like maul's lightsaber. trust me, if you think swords are cool, this game is for you. that part really doesnt belong under visual, but what the hell. you will not be disappointed at all with the graphics in this game, they look sufficiently scary and beautiful at the same time.

Audio: right on. every clash of swords and every soul sucked up sounds just right. no sound is over-repeated and the music is nice and gloomy. it gets you in a real desperate/ready to take on the world mood.good job capcom.

Suggestions: hmm, the games a little short. i guess the only way to expand it would be more levels, but i dont think they could've had many more levels without them being superfluous. it'll take you like 10 hours the first time through, and you may want to beat it again. i rented it for a couple weeks, and spend 15 bucks, so if your video store has good rates, go for that. otherwise it may be worth a buy.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Blood Wake

Overall: its pretty rare that i pick up a game without renting it first. i did this with bloodwake. first, i live in a small town so the video stores didnt have it in. also, the reviews of it sounded so incredibly cool that i had to get it. luckily, my hasty decision wasnt poorly made. i turned on the game and went to the first mission and spent at least ten minutes just driving my boat over the water since it just looked so !&%$@#* cool. anyone who has ever like action games where big stuff blows up with cool graphics should definitely rent, if not buy this game. to some though, this game may be too hard or not quite their thing.

Gameplay: the gameplay is awesome. the boats handle exactly as a 30 foot speedboat or a 75 foot destroyer should. sluggish when they need to be or responsive in calm waters. the missions are hard, even on ensign but not frustrating like some games. the harder difficulty just makes this game more replayable.

the brightest point on this star of a game is the multiplayer. the arenas are pretty !&%$@#* cool. theres one, called big empty, in which the best boats are the big powerful slow mofos with stationary guns. another level has all these reefs in it that make anything bigger than a catamaran really tough to control. between these two levels alone my friends and i racked up about 3 hours in one night. after about 2 hours, we discovered the option to change the sea. this instantly awed us all as the storm looked really scary, especially since we were playing on a 6x10 foot projection with surround sound.

lastly, i'd like to share some quotes me and my friend said during the course of our mulitplayer mahem.

"ahhh! this lightning makes me wanna poop my pants!"

"this little sampan is really fun against all your big boats!"
"quit lying to yourself, kyle"
"ok fine, this does suck"

"hey look! if i jump over this reef my boat becomes a sub!"

Graphics: AWESOME! THAT WATER IS SO COOL! IS IT REAL? NO, ITS BETTER THAN REAL WATER! YOU CAN JUMP OFF IT! the water effects and physics are truly the best i've ever seen. it reflects the weather perfectly. at sunset, the water glows golden and it looks really cool. in the middle of a storm it really looks threathening. also, your boats handles perfectly on it. its like real physics, only better. the boats look cool too. unfortunately the buildings look pretty basic. for most of them they dont quite fit in with the asian theme. this however is a minor qripe which doesnt really detract from the game. great visuals.

Audio: well, this game is no halo. its one noticable flaw comes in the sound. the voice acting is horrible. the music is kinda good, and it fits in with the theme, but i just didnt think it was so great. though it does fit in nicely with whatever your doing. everyone says achmed, the first mate, is really annoying but i thought he sounded cool. the boats sounds are generally good, especially the turbo sound. kind of a mixed bag in the music department, but it doesnt detract from the gameplay which is good.

Suggestions: hmm, maybe find some other way to tell the story. the whole pencil sketches with bad overdramatized voice acting didnt appeal to me much. overall though, a great action game on xbox and one of my favorite action games ever.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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