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Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars

Overall: Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars is a unique game with an original concept. Most opinions about this game are a little mixed. Ranging from that it failed to meet my expectations of its originality in gameplay, to one of the most fun multiplayer games released lately. With various modes of play, a so-so stats tracker, and a short career type mode. Circus Maximus is an overall average game that suceeded in some departments while lacking in a few others.

Gameplay: The game consists of a few options of gameplay. Circus Maximus has your 'Circus Mode' which is like a Arcade mode. 'Empire Mode' is your Multiplayer option for all your friends to rumble throughout the battle arenas. Next is the 'Academy mode' where you train to become one of the best players in Rome. Lastly 'Tournament Mode' is where you guide your team of charioteers and warriors through a career trying to win races and accumulate Dinari. Dinari is the point system in the game. While playing you can run over pedestrians which will allow you to earn more Dinari. Dinari can earned by collecting more power-ups and saving your chariot from tipping over. Either way, Dinari earn you points to advance to the next arena for you to compete in. The controls are quite confusing at times but they seem adequate and nothing too extreme in terms in which people have expressed lately. You might want to become really good on single player mode before you go into multiplayer, since becoming good at both warrior and driver are a must. If you think its too hard to drive, then put it on "auto drive" and concentrate on using the warrior the rest of the race.

Graphics: Since not much here can be bragged about to other fanboys, the graphics in my opignion are the best aspects of this game. The warriors move very fluidly and are motion-captured to perfection. The obese driver's gut jiggles when they hit big bumps and that looks pretty cool. The horses move in perfect motion together and look realistic. The attacking animation and fighting look okay but seems to lack overall. They either hit up, straight forward, double attack or do their special attack which all range. The environment is alright, even though after about six feet outward it doesn't have much variety. The chariots look okay, but when they move they appear quickly modeled, even though the effects are showing a little of potential. Sparks are also shown when two chariots collide. Water effects are kind of bland since you run through it seems to fizzle and splash very little. Overall the visuals are cool.

Audio: The sound is one of the better features along with the visual impressions. The sound of clanging chariots, and horses thumping their feet against the ground, and who can't forget the taunting of the warriors. The fighting is okay with the collision of the metal. The taunts are too modern. They sound like people on Jerry Springer arguing. The sound may be alright for people bored and need to be entertained by some ridiculous voices yelling back and forth, but they are like this new millenium's "catchphrases" being shouted back at each other. The music is somewhat likeable, but at other times it has you questioning if its back in the times of the Roman Empire. It won't make you have an headache, but also it certainly won't make you want to play the game any more then after you beat it once and unlock everything.

Suggestions: First off, work on the taunts and sounds. In the sequel it might be wise to make it more of the past and not too modern. Add the option of having all 4 players having their own chariots. Graphics improvements are a must since they aren't that beautiful. Next, you should create a more diverse set of levels and teams. Maybe add some mini-games to spruce up the gameplay that was sort of lacking on options. Keep up to good work.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 New Legends

Overall: Finally New Legends is here and I am on to playing another great Xbox game. The storyline is compelling with Sun Soo's family taking an unexpected departure, if you know what I mean, early in the game. Sun Soo has to get revenge but not in any ordinary type of way, he has to take down the whole army of the man who helped his father and brother along on their way. Kind of to go off-topic, the game reminds me of a Mega Man type of a game. Xao Gon has his 5 devilish and demonic sons who have special swords and strengths. While in Mega Man, the evil doctor had his variety of super robots who has special powers. In both games you are able to get that special powers/swords from the bosses you have defeated and use it in the game. Very fun game if you ask me, you just have to love the style and the techniques that are brought into this game.

Gameplay: The unique style of the fighting is a great addition that makes it stand apart from the other action/adventure titles. Storyline at the beginning helps you get in the mood to avenge you father and brother. Throughout the game you meet many characters who stay with you to fight along side of you when playing. That is a great addition with their extra help when playing. So if your sick of battling just kind of stay to the side while your allies kick some demon butt! The minor characters add a fun prospective to the game. Gaining new weapons is almost one of the finest things to do in this game, and don't get me wrong, there are a lot more very good interests in this game. There are medium sized amount of weapons to use. You can use two at one time, one in one had and one in the other hand. Some weapons require uses of both hands. Weapons have special attacks and 'powers' where you can crack into the ground with a huge axe you gain from a boss and more. You may get a little frustrated with the levels when playing since you may get lost. They are good sized levels and some of them are divided in different sections. Beware, I have been lost in the levels a couple of the times, but that's a good thing, shows the size of the levels or just maybe my ignorance. Let's just hopes it shows the size of the levels. Just incase you get lost like I have, they have a compass like direction pointer, to show what direction to go to. The camera control is actually good quality with only a few problems. A few times it will adjust itself and you will be confused. You can control the camera by pressing the right trigger or moving it around with the right analog stick. Great gameplay which makes the game stand out from others.

Graphics: The graphics aren't too much to brag about, but you can't really complain either. They are well crafted and the backgrounds are very oriented and differ. On the subject of the backgrounds, most every one has a different look to it and every level looks well done when looking at the other titles for the Xbox in New Legends' genre. The characters all look built good, though the enemies only really differ in weapons half of the time. Some look different but more aren't very different at all. The loading times are some what of a bitter impression of the game. They are quite long when loading your game up, but other then that they are short. The game animations are the most splendid thing about the graphics to brag about. They are look solid and accurate to real life martial arts. Comparing to the other titles like Nightcaster, Azurik, Obi-Wan and Batman, I enjoy New Legends graphics the most.

Audio: Voices of the characters are well done and no complaints from their voicing. The sound is an unusual Japanese theme which does it work and pleasures the ear. Nothing real too annoying with the menu music. The only thing that really is a let down, is when your playing, the music will stop for a long period of time and just kick back on. The weapons effects and noises are decent, and sound nice. Note much to gripe about on my part in this particular area.

Suggestions: How about throwing in a co-op multiplayer option? Improve the graphics where they are to the Xbox's fullest potential. Add more weapons to use while playing. Fix the long stretches where no music is played. Maybe have more bosses to fight and win their weapons from. More cut-scenes and dialogues. You did a good job on the voices, so how about expanding the story and characters more with lots more of dialogue. Of course maybe add some alternate music to hear though too. A wide variety is always nice to hear. Just make it more longer of a game too. Overall though, if you put New Legends up against Nightcaster, Azurik, Obi-Wan, Batman Vengeance and maybe throw in Genma. I would have to say out of those Xbox action and adventure titles, New Legends might just be the best one to choose. Even though Genma is a great game though too.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 UFC: Tapout

Overall: Get ready to suit up with the rest of the mixed martial arts fighters. Ranging from sumo's to kick-boxer's, you sure do get the lethal dosage of combat in this game. If you didn't get enough action and pleasure out of 'WWF: Raw' then you should pick up UFC, since packs a good punch with the fighting genre of games. Also this would be a great addition to your library so when you have friends over, you all can go and duke it out with each other. Surely a pleasurable game to play for the Xbox and show's the true power of the Xbox.

Gameplay: This game is so fast and electrifying, its almost too fun. Combining all techniques of fighting with different styles how they approach everything is great. With 5 modes of play, it's really fun to play multiplayer and just by yourself. Arcade mode is your slobber knocker/gauntlet type of match. You face a series of opponents(and I mean lots of them) until you can fight no more. You either can become champion or can try to get the best record(most consecutive wins). This is where you will unlock most of your secret wrestlers. UFC Mode is an 8 man tourney with 3 different classes to face in. The Open Weight, for everyone from any division can face each other. The Heavyweight Division, this is only the big men with the weight of 205 lbs and over. The last one is the Lightweight where you have to be under 205 lbs to compete, lightweight includes both middleweight and welterweight, including the lightweight division too. After each match, your stamina and health will recover and you have to participate in 3 matches. Could you continue on with 3 matches in a row with little health? Well find out for yourself! The create a fighter is a great addition to the game. Its unique in ways but lacks in some areas. First you have to chose your name and nick name. You have many faces to pick out of, allows you to chose your weight, height, age, country and hometown. Then it goes in detail of your strengths, voice, faces, discipline(style/technique). You can chose from Jiu Jitsu, Street Fighting, Wrestling, Sumo, Shoot-fighting, Prowrestling, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Capoeria for your discipline. After you have accomplished picking all that, you go on to your attributes which include life, stamina, punch skill and kick skill. Next you mode of play you have the Exhibition mode. You may face computer, watch computer or go one on one with a friend. This mode actually allows it to keep track of your records so you know who's the best fighter when you face your friends. Lastly you have the Tournament mode where is puts 8 players into a tourney. Only difference between this and UFC Mode, is that you can play multiplayer in this mode with a friend picking however many you want to control. You can adjust from three different types of difficulty levels if you start to become really good at the game. Rookie, Contender, and Champ, all in order from easiest to hardest. With over 27 fighters and about 7 hidden, you are allowed many fighters to chose from which is always good. Many of the positions are fun to fight with while in the match. The standing, guard, full mount, back mount and much more, are easy to control and get used to while fighting. Speaking of the controls, they are very easy to and are very well crafted on Xbox controller. When playing its a very great game to hold on to for awhile.

Graphics: The visual graphics are just fantastic. The wrestler models are I would have to say the best on any system. Even better then THQ's 'WWF Raw'. From Tito Ortiz to Frank Shamrock, they all look totally real. The wrestler bodies vary with muscles, tattoos, bruises, fat and even hair on their body. The entrances are very well done. The wrestler comes down with a totally animated crowd pumped up. Some of the crowd is drawn into the background, but pretty much every single crowd member is up and moving. The ring side announcer are looking over stats and "Big" John McCarthy is in the ring while you fight which is totally great. Bruce Buffer looks good but when he is talking on the mic, it looks like a Japanese movie. No offense! Just that they aren't very well coordinated. Spit and blood are shown throughout the match flying around. The blood just disappears after it's shown coming from the opponent. The blood sometimes stains on the mat. Seeing the Cat carry here sign after rounds is good. The wrestlers are shown taking a breather or two in between the matches. Loading times are to a minimal, the frame rate is just the splendid 60fps which is a plus with almost every Xbox game and well done movements of the fighters. They will moves back and forth, doing their warm-ups before the match as they are introduced and look great.

Audio: The crowd is always cheering through the match. Crowd enthusiasm is good. This crowd though is fluidly the same throughout the whole match, they don't really change their pitch really and never really stop. Bruce Buffer, John McCarthy and Mario Yamasaki all sound close to life like counterparts. While fighting, the sound is realistic. Though the punches and kicks sound kind of stiff but that is natural since its all out brutal fighting. All the grunts, growls and cries from the fighters throughout the match are very exciting. The Cat sounds kind of annoying I might add though when you fight here. She sounds kind of like a man. When going through the menus, the music is tight and upbeat. Nothing to really nag about.

Suggestions: When I turned on the Xbox and put in UFC, I instantly thought of the WWF Raw combat system when you wrestle. When I went into my first match, I was blown away by the opponent. The combat system is great and countering back and forth is a good way to play. Don't change it one bit. One minor suggestion is the addition of uploading of our own music like every other game we ask for. The hidden fighters/superstars aren't really that enjoying except for Ice-T really. Maybe have some more hidden UFC fighters and great fighters like Ken Shamrock, Tank Abbott the rest of the legends. Maybe let us win more options in the Create a fighter option. Like faces, shorts and shirts, nicknames and anything else you could add. Also spruce up the create a fighter option. Its a little past the basic type of create a fighter. Maybe let us pick more techniques for our fighters to use, more faces, more clothing, let us structure our own body too. Not much else to ask for, just keep up the good work.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Batman Vengeance

Overall: To the batcave, Batman! Batman is back and he is showing his martial arts skills on the Xbox this time. Featuring those crafty gadgets, unique martial arts, trademark villains, and of course the cool Batmobile. Batman has fought criminals on many other consoles and Batman Vengeance seems to be the best out of any one of them. Just the downfall is that Batman Vengeance had the opportunity to show its potential on 2 other consoles with the PS2 and Gamecube also. Many directions have been put into effect with many other Batman titles, trying to make them more of like the movies, well this title goes for the cartoonish effect and to the human eye, it was a success.

Gameplay: Batman Vengeance is quite awkward with the storyline, but innovative. Sometimes I feel I got lost on what happened throughout the storyline. I will not ruin any of the storyline but the Joker saga just got confusing after the first encounter when he kind of takes a big fall if you know what I mean. The storyline at times seems kind of predictable with what's going to happen next. Featuring many of the arch-rivals, including Joker, Mr.Freeze and Poison Ivy, they rattled the storyline back and forth but it did justice for the title. You will face those baddies one after another and while it may seem repetitive, what else could you do? Sit down in the batcave and do nothing? Absolutely not, you need to be fighting none stop like the legendary Batman is always doing. Batman of course has a variety of gadgets he likes to throw around to defeat those baddies. Batarang, batgrappling hooks, batlauncher, batcape, batcuffs and many others. The most fun thing to do is driving the batmobile and batplane in a couple of missions they allow. The fighting throughout the game is entertaining enough since you take advantage of Batman's only super-power, the power of being smart and quick with his mind and body. Knocking around the enemies with your fist and feet, you box them around until they fall to the ground until powerbar is gone and you will have to handcuff them unless you want them to regain power and fight them again. Overall, sneaking through levels, fighting baddies and rivals, search and rescue missions are fair enough to be happy with.

Graphics: The graphics are the same as the PS2 and Gamecube ports. Nothing special here really, since they don't differ really except for some smoothing over from the other versions. The graphics look a little cartoonish but that isn't exactly a bad thing. To steal a quote from the WWF Wrestler, 'It's not a bad thing, its a good thing!'. Seriously though, a lot more better then the 2d players from the old console ages. Lighting seems well done, animations run quite perfect for a cartoony effect, and okay detailing of the characters. Many of the cut-scenes are blocky and seem hurried. The backgrounds are sort of bland and boring at times. The views are mostly from a 3rd person perspective which isn't that bad. You can switch to 1st person, which is good if you are the 1st person type. The graphics look good from both views. When in 3rd person, in one of your missions you have to become Bruce Wayne without the costum and Bruce Wayne looks awkward and unusual from any series, video and cartoons. It runs smoothly with 60fps which is pretty much standard.

Audio: It actually has quality music for this type of genre and the voice-overs actually sound real like from the cartoon series. The sound effects are like many others and are nicely done. Some of the sounds may just get you into the mood to play, some may not, it all varies. Overall though really, it all seems really good put together. Not much to say here since the voicing is well done to my standards and it isn't that spectacular to go on about.

Suggestions: Make the game a little longer, incorporate more of those baddies in the storyline like the evil Penguin and maybe some of that lethal Catwoman. How about being able to use those weapons without being in 1st person view? More use of the batplane, batmobile and maybe driving those awesome motorcycles he shows off in the movies. Stop porting games left and right. Take the time to make it for the XBox and use all the power that this wonder console has to offer. The backgrounds and cutscenes could be improved a bit since some of the cut-scenes are kind of blocky. Keep yourself away from the trend of horrible Batman games, though Batman Vengeance stopped the trend, this time around.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 WWF Raw

Overall: Having so many hopes and expectations is the wrong way to play and like this game. Many out there are complaining because of THQ failing their own expectations. Well I bought this game only expecting a wrestling game with great graphics, and it turned out to be all that and more. With the lack of modes, the other various types of gameplay make up for it. Raw shows off 47 featured wrestlers total(including the 4 hidden wrestlers). WWF Raw features one of the greatest Create a Wrestler features, not to mention the awesome modeled wrestlers.

Gameplay: Anchor created a new engine for this game and its totally unique I must say. Having a voltage meter which calculates the crowd's emotion towards the match. Its either they like you, are bored or just the opponent is getting more momentum and they are favoring him at the point of time. It bounces back and forth and its how you pull of finishing maneuvers. When the bottom of your voltage meter is in favor of you and its flashing, pick the opponent up and you have to have him dizzy and then put him into a grapple and you can use your finisher. There is also another meter, the stamina meter which measures how you are competing in the ring and how much you are beaten down and tired. There also is a time clock which tells you how long you have been fighting. While you are wrestling, you have the option of using weapons but if you bring them in the ring you might be Disqualified if it's on. Some of the weapons are clothing and you can put them on, examples being a hat, medals and glasses. You can put them on while fighting, they might fall off just to let you know. You can run with the Left Thumbstick or tapping the D-pad in the direction twice. This is very handy and easy to use. To grapple you have to tap A and the maneuver you are trying to accomplish. Jumping off the turnbuckles haven't been this fun in awhile as Anchor allowed you to get up on them from any direction and jump off at any direction pretty much. So far, the fighting inside the ring is greatly exceptional, now how about the modes you ask? There is a single match, tag-team match, tag-team tornado match, Triple-threat, Fatal 4-way, Battle Royal and a Handicap match. You can have managers come down to the ring but they don't come with you. They are only available in the single type and tag-team type of matches. Not many are available but they are all entertaining. Now on to what made me like this game so much, the Create a Wrestler option. You are able to create almost every little detail on the entrance(ex; Lights, Fog, Camera Flashes, Pyro, Entrance Music, TitanTron Movies, and much more.) It's so in depth I could go on more about it but it would be so long of a list. Lastly for all those complaining about lack of a story mode, well the title matches are an okay substitute, for now. Wrestling for the World Title, IC, European, Hardcore, Light Heavyweight, and Women's titles are pretty fun since its like a ladder you climb to the champion(like WWF Attitude and Warzone if you remember). So atleast the Title Matches give you something to play it longer. Great game, I recommend it.

Graphics: This is what makes it the spectacular of a game it is. The ring entrances are incredible and so life like. From the pyros, lights, fog, stances and music, its just so fun to watch the entrances. You would be blown away just from the entrances, you might think its real life. When you wrestle, the animations are good also. Some flaws of course like the smaller wrestlers occasionally getting the ability to lift the heavier wrestlers, and the blocking is kind of laughable. When you block, it looks like they are getting ready for a hard chop coming from Benoit or Flair. But I must say, the game always makes me say "Wooo". Well actually "Holy crap!", but close enough. Some of the wrestlers are a little sloppy but the best I have ever seen. The walking of a few wrestlers seem to be off but breaking through tables sure makes up for it. Sweat is visible coming off the opponent when you strike them. Some spit is seen when you hit them in the mouth. All in all, the graphics are the main attraction.

Audio: Where's the uploading of our own music at? It's okay, you still made up for it with some good overall music and soundtracks. Sure the in-game music may sound a little annoying after 30 times hearing it but doesn't that happen to every other wrestling game? Add some commentating to make up for that. So you could turn off the commentating if you got annoyed of that too. Some of the wrestlers music is off by say 2-3 months since the roster is back from the end of November or so. The real music of HHH's theme song and Undertaker with Motorhead and Limp Bizkit sure are a nice thing to hear once in awhile. Austin comes down to the ring with his old Disturbed remix which is quite entertaining to hear comparing to his old music. When fighting, the noises seem quite all right.

Suggestions: Many things have been expressed that there is lack of. First of all, commentating would be a great addition to WWF Raw. Hearing multiple announcers switching(Micheal Cole, Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross, Tazz) for different telecasts would be great so you don't get tired of same voices. Don't forget to add an in-depth story mode next time. Having the 3 main shows and 1-2 house shows a week. Of course the 3 main shows would feature their respective s & Lawler, Smackdown: Cole & Lawler, Heat: Cole and Tazz). This of course would be good to rotate so you don't hear the same annoying voice and saying over and over a lot. The house shows wouldn't need the commentating. Next main topic many complain about is the lack of match types and gimmick matches. Add a Hell in a Cell, Ladder Match, TLC, Cage and maybe an exclusive Buried Alive or something on a pole match, like no other wrestling games have shown before. I could go on and on about additions, but there is so many possibilities. To start off with the endless possibilities, we need those promised awesome backstage areas, in the crowd battles and spectacular environments. We need new arenas to be in and wrestle around(like the regular Smackdown, Heat and other various arenas). Maybe some ECW/WCW wrestlers added on, like 15-20 more? I know that's a lot to ask but there is a lot of talent on the WWF roster right now. The list could go on but I will end it with one of the biggest interests most people wonder why developers don't take advantage of. Why didn't you just let us add our own music to complete everybody's great create a wrestlers? Great overall game since I didn't want to keep all my hopes up like everyone else has.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Star Wars: Obi-Wan

Overall: In a galaxy far, far away, Lucas Arts released Star Wars: Obi-Wan with high expectations and failed to meet them. I shouldn't say they failed totally, just in the graphical appeal. They did bring a full expansive way of being a Jedi, and allowing you to master the lightsaber in every way possible. The storyline is that of the Episode I movie, with a little activities before the movie and some in between that were never in the movie. That was one of the things I bought this game for but not enough material that wasn't in the movie, to impress anyone.

Gameplay: Obi-Wan allows you to use the Jedi Force and lightsaber in any way possible you could think of. The missions are really simple though which takes a little of the fun away. Many of the missions have you facing other Jedi's to complete your training, eventually fighting Mace Windu. Some other missions have you fighting bosses, like Darth Maul and a Tusken Raider. There is a total of 26 missions, including all hidden and sub missions. Various other missions will have you escorting people to protect them to a certain place. The game kind of gets afar of a real Jedi though using sniper rifles, gun terrets and gernades. The enemiers have weak AI's and often you defeat them quite easily. Controlling Obi-Wan is often somewhat comprehensive. Moving Obi-Wan with your left analog thumbstick, and using the right thumbstick to swing your lightsaber around. Tapping the right thumbstick will allow you to do combos against the enemies. The D-Pad will showcase your inventory(which you rarely have items in there really). Holding the right trigger and pressing any of the 6 buttons(including White and Black) allow you to use your force powers. The force powers include super-jumping, throws objects, pull enemy weapons and push enemies away. The game even features its own 'bullet time', which has the surround area slow down with you and have time to sort out your moves and next ones too. Its often hard to pull off since moving around in the slow motion seems harder then it is. If all of this sounds too complicated, then take it to the Jedi Training room to help yourself on learning these maneuvers. The game also covers a multiplayer option. The multiplayer only allows 2 players to go head to head, and its pretty horrid since its a really short battle. There is a all out Battle Royal level for you to play on though which is a good aspect of the game. They follow the storyline nicely but the game gets over so fast you kind of miss out on the storyline.

Graphics: If you ask me, the graphics seem to be represented on older consoles. With blocky characters, bad lighting and sloppy backgrounds, the graphics are the worst part of this game. The environments use mostly flattened like polygons which seem like that are stuck to the wall. The graphics sort of slow down when fighting multiple enemies and lag a bit. The characters in the game are not even close to their real life counterparts. I mean could Qui-Gon Jinn have an even bigger nose? I would hope not. Many of the droids don't differ except for the colors and a few different kind like the battle droids. The effects with the lightsabers and force powers seem nicely done comparing to the models of the characters although. The cutscenes are as sloppy as the graphics on the game and are very sloppy. With the low-poly count, what could you expect?

Audio: The audio is one aspect not to be overlooked. The regular Star wars themes, with 5.1 Surround sound, and swift and great lightsaber sounds. Lucas Arts put more time in here then in the graphics department. The voice acting is not really tolerable and seemed to be far off. Some seem to be close, but many are not even like the real thing. Darth Maul mumbles things you hardly even hear after watching ole` Qui-Gon fall to his own death.

Suggestions: For starters, take your time and don't rush it so much. The graphics look so rushed, they seemed to be in the past for the old Playstation console. However you did well with the Audio, even though some main points with the voice overs aren't well created. The multiplayer option is somewhat of an disappointment, give us more then 2 players to play. How about using Yoda actually? Or unlocking Darth Maul? The camera often gets annoying and distracting. Improve these odd camera views and glitches. The game lacks computer controlled enemies and civilians in the game with very few throughout the game. Couldn't you have spent a little more time adding that dozen or so more people in the game to fight, or talk to? How about expanding that last fight battle to have the full fight with Qui-Gon assisting you since it's quite boring just watching Qui-Gon die and fighting Darth Maul by yourself.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 NHL 2002

Overall: Are you into simulation or arcade style gameplay? Well NHL 2002 holds down the simulation style down very well. NHL 2002 brought back some features and added a whole big load of new modes and features. From being graphically impressive, to having great gameplay, to having some good music, NHL 2002 is really what the NHL is all about. What else could you really ask for? Well I actually was very delighted by NHL 2002.

Gameplay: NHL 2002 shines most definitely in the gameplay category. Sure its pretty much a straight up port since you can't tell the difference between the Xbox version and the PS2 version. When are you are playing, players have attributes such as 'snipers', 'heroes', 'hard hitters', and 'great shooters'. All of them are presented with little emblems under the players as they are being used. 'Hitters' are the ones you want to be the ones who check, 'shooters' are the most likely ones who will score for you, 'heroes' are the ones that are a combination of sorts that you want in the end of the game, and 'snipers' are those whom have deadly shots to kill. EA also had added new features to the NHL series with a breakaway camera and ability to hold on to the puck after getting checked. The breakaway camera is kind of self-explanatory. When your player has it one on one with the goalie, the camera zooms and turns bluish with the sound of a heart pounding until you try to out sly the goalie by trying to score. When you do finally score, your player will celebrate to some extent, and you have the ability to control which celebration he will use. By pressing one of the 4 buttons,(A,B,X,Y) the player will perform a certain taunt/celebration. One of the most intriguing features for NHL is it's in-depth franchise mode, accumulating over 10 years. Having the ability to draft 2 players, sign free-agents, trade and make sure you have quality players, the franchise mode sure is satisfying. Of course there is more to NHL 2002 then the franchise mode. Having a tourney up to 16 teams, exhibition mode with 4 player capability, shoot-out mode to train for those rare breakaways, and also a card like system. The card like system is that like of the Madden series where you do certain goals, earn points and then buy packages to see your players. Lastly, the create-a-player feature is of course in NHL 2002, even though it slags a little.

Graphics: Of course, graphics are impressive. Do they take advantage of the Xbox's power? Absolutely not. While they did go retouch some of the animations for the XBox version and graphics, that only seemed to be the only change really. All the players look identical to their real life counterparts even though some seem blocky. The players go through various emotions that you can see through their facial expressions. Nearly over 700 faces are included from stats I heard for all the players in the game. The gamestory ordeal shows many high poly-count players that are very good for eye candy I might add. Crowd is usually interactive and when the action stops for a second, they will sometimes show crowd member dancing. Actually the first couple rows are really all polygonal and look great. Cuts on the ice are shown even though from the view you are at in the game, you will hardly notice.

Audio: The commentary in NHL 2002 is one of the better for any sports game. Including Jim Hughson for play-by-play commentary and also brought in Canadian announcer Don Taylor for the color commentary. Taylor tries to be humorous a lot, making jokes of the players and sometimes even the game itself. Even the public announcer in the stadium throws in jokes between plays and periods. Not much repeating from the announcers to make the commentary go bad, but after awhile you will find that it will get to you sooner or later. Team chants are heard in the home stadiums cheering on for a team with some emotion. When playing, some unusual effects are heard when you check somebody

Suggestions: Fighting in this game is dismal and sometimes embarrassing. Tweak up the fighting system so we can have some fun knocking around our computer foes when playing. Add a couple of years to the franchise mode, along with making the computer AI smarter when it comes to trading so its just not based on equality, but also based on needs. The breakaway camera is of course a nice feature but rarely ever are we able to have this feature being used or even scoring when we are able to get a breakaway. I say fix it up and make sure we have more chances in the future. The audio part of the game with commentary, isn't perfect and needs a little more work, even though it was better then most of all sport games. The gameplay would certainly be a lot better if it didn't have to be a port.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2002

Overall: To the twenty, to the thirty, to the forty, he could go all the way! Certainly NFL Fever 2002 has gone all the way to make lots of fans happy. Attracting a new crowd, NFL Fever 2002 is a rookie football game genre where it wanted to hit hard and it did. Of course many flaws are easy to point out on its first try. Being able to save in between games to finish them up later is a great option that kind of covers some of its flaws. What really counts is it's identity crisis. It has all the features of a sim game with full-stat tracking but its play is arcadish and rough.

Gameplay: More of the arcade style play is what Fever features. It only has a tad bit of that Blitz style play. Where they differ is when NFL Blitz is your 5 on 5 taunting, hitting and all out brawl type of game, NFL Fever adds the realism and sticks to big plays. Big plays include long bombs down the field where about 4 players gather around and all jump up to go for the catch. Other examples of big play include your traditional foot races where the defensive backs seem to be slower so your running backs break tackles and score a touchdown. Many issues are talked about when playing Fever. One issue is the passing game. The passing game is one of the most important things to excel in and Fever's passing game is either, good or bad. Good for those people who want to stop those pesky receivers to making unbelievable catches, bad for those people who had a huge distance between the receiver and the defensive back. Every time you throw the ball, the quarterback almost automatically bombs it into the air like he is going for a 50 yard pass when its only a 10 yard pass. Even if you do end up catching the ball, you are dropped right then and no yards after the catch.
What really stands out is Fever's Dynamic Player Performance feature. In Madden 2002, you would wait until the end of the year to see how much your player's progress. Well, in Fever after every game you can check up to see if those rookies of yours are actually worth playing. You progress on performance in Fever while Madden seemed to have players progress with their own age. The Trophy Case is another great addition. After every year people are able to be inducted to the Hall of Fame and you able to see your players get their jersey's retired. Also included in the Trophy Case option is to see Rookies of the year(Offense,Defense) Player of the year(Offense,Defense), Superbowl MVP, Superbowl Trophy Winners, NFL MVP's and NFL Records that are able to be passed every year. The ability to relocate your NFL team is a nice addition to the gameplay and options.

Graphics: With numerous gameplay bugs and flaws, graphics wise is where Fever shows its potential. Player models are beautifully detailed and stylized to their position. Both offensive lineman and defensive lineman are naturally shown with bigger bellies and buffed up. A lot of the physiques are shown greatly. The jerseys move like real clothing and don't stay clean that long when playing. For the most of the time the jerseys will be dirty and the textures are shown immensely. You can even see the reflections in the helmets for the time being when they aren't scratched up from hard hits. All logos on the helmets have perfect clarity while they also support the Nike and Reebok logos nicely well I might add. The stadiums are all real and authentic.
The movements are fluidly shown with each position of the player. Lineman are slower where you can see them carrying their weight forward just waiting to take you down. Linebackers are quick to the line and are looking for the opening shot at the quarterback or the running back to pounce on them. Receivers tend to cut and slide past others very easily as they are quick and fast. Many of the others positions look really good. What really is a slight down point to the movements and animation's, is that you see players doing motions you wouldn't quite want them doing.

Audio: Having Public Enemy remix in their intro and all the official NFL Films themes are greatly expressed as great sounds of Fever. All the player sounds are represented with grunts, growls, howls and yelling on almost every play. The crowd boos and cheers like many other football genre games, but there isn't no chants for players. The announcing of Dick Stockton and Ron Pitts is a nice duo but don't pack the punch like the other duo you might know of with Summerall and Madden. Stockton and Pitts don't seem to be working together but seems they are doing commentary separately as they never interact really with each other. Stockton seems to repeat himself quite often while Pitts isn't great at comedy either since almost every single joke is bad. Fever supports created player's names to be called by their real name and not by #'s or nicknames, if the name is common. Once in awhile those pesky announcers will reflect on past games on how players performed. N.E.R.D's remix is a nice addition to the menus so it doesn't get boring or old so quickly.

Suggestions: Fix the running and passing game. The catches may be big time but we want to see some breakaways to sprint right down the field to the end zone. It has all the sim options with full-stat tracking but it lacks its arcade style of play with gameplay and fun hard hitting style. Get us more of the arcade style if you really want to stand out away from Madden. Should have had Houston Texans in the game in the Dynasty mode. Real free agents that we know of since all the players I never have heard of before, while watching football. More unlockable features would be nice, like old NFL teams from the past, and possibly players to use. How about being able to challenge plays like Madden allows you to do?

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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