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Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon

Overall: This is the worst game I have ever played.There are better 8-bit nintendo games then this. Normally, I try to stay away from negative reviews and only offer ones for games I like but this title truely deserves a bad review.

Gameplay: What makes this a horrible title is that the game revovles around the same idea the entire game. You have bruce lee and then you just fight guys. It wouldn't have been so bad except for the fact that this type of game play suggests to me that the developers were thinking, ok this will be easy and we can make some quick money off of it. That personally turns me off from a game.

Graphics: The graphics are terible as well. Everything looks the same and the way in which you are restricted to movement reminds me almost of a bad 2-D mortal kombat/teenage muntant nija turtles mix. Not to say that those titles are bad, which they aren't but for the x-box it's just not appropriate. Also the characters appear to me that the developers spent most of the time on Bruce Lee and then just quickly did the others not one looked like it took adavantage of the X-box's capabilities.

Audio: This I think is my biggest pet peeve of the game. Everytime I try to hit or kick or whatever Bruce Lee makes this sound that resembles a turkey, now I don't know if that was intended or not but it certainly gave me a headache. I have seen some of the movies and that in no way is close to a human sound.

Suggestions: In a nut shell, lets just say that the creators of Bruce Lee are lucky, X-boxaddict doesn't allow for ratings below 1.0 Let's just hope we can use this title as a learning curve and see what not to do next time.

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: Overall, I think that this is one the better games to appear on the X-box in a while. As as being better then still has a lot to work on. I've read reviews from others saying there was a learning curve but either I am a great learner or it really isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be cause after renting it from Blockbuster, I've manged to nearly beat the game in less then 6 hours without any game maunel or anything such.

Gameplay: The game begins with the intro to the story line. From there you find yourself going throughout this town killing half dead zombies, rats, etc...The game works actually quite nicely in the fact that in the beginning it is a tad difficult to kill the enemies so it makes it a little hard. As you continue you improve your skill as a player and it makes it more fun to kill the zombies and things. Finally as the end of the game approaches, you are attacked by a plethora of enemies which requires a combination of good skill and luck. The story seems to keep going throughout the entire game but at some points seems "Flat". I think the zombie killing gets a little repetitious and some variation would have made the gameplay a little more appealing.

Graphics: I'm going to split this category into two seperate themes. First, the grpahics... The graphics in this game are beautiful almost to the point of jaw dropping. For example in one part of the game the hero travels through water and the way in which the water moves with the hero truely captures the greatness of the X-box. For the graphics I give a 5.0. Now on the other hand, on the second part of the visual appeal is the camera movement. This along with the repetitious game play are the games two main faults. The camera in the game is postioned in such a way that it can only be zoomed in and out. And throughout the entire game it is direct foward even if your "hero" is moving backwards. This drove me nuts when playing. I kept hitting buttons all over the controls trying to get the camera to move because sometimes it is necessary to re-search an area and backtrack. I give the camera a 1.0.

Audio: The sound truely adds to the game. It was helpful to use the sound graphics to tell if there were any more enemies and in which direction they were coming from. The music is good as well and in heavy action parts a fast pace song is struck up which adds to the feeling of the game.

Suggestions: I would suggest adding a moveable camera (the black and white buttons were not utilized in the game). I would also make harder enemies to kill but less of them throughout the levels. Other then that it is a fun game to play. Yet it truely does not do justice any where near Halo ranks.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NBA Live 2002

Overall: Intially, I puchased this game because I had previuosly owned NBA Live 2001 for my P.C. Although this game may not be the best basketball simulator for the x-box it definatly beats any P.C. or previous basketball game made for other systems. When I first started playing I was kinda disappointed because there was no "real life" video, instead just video game graphics, which isn't to say bad. The game itself was quite amusing with the side animations and other videos. Moreover, the season options make it fun to endure all 82 games.

Gameplay: Two initial problems with the gameplay. First, the the computer A.I. truely needs to be modified. It tends to be quite predicable and lacks the skills of a true basketball player. For example, the computer has no concept of a fast break. The other problem is that of options. I was kinda disappointed when I found out that there was no draft option and that there only was a quick play, 1 on 1, and season setup. With the extensive size of X-box games I was hoping there woul be some type of 3 point challenge or other fun scenerios as well as normal play.

Graphics: This is one of the better qualities of this game. I think that the players look quite realistic compared to their real life tributes. It was helpful when I was able to tell each player indiviually when deciding to pass the ball. The

Audio: The game sounds are kinda limited, but those that are programed such as music and sound effects of dunking the ball and dribbling the sound proves well done. I think it would be cool if it enabled the Xbox's "copy your own soundtrack" feature, similar to Gothic Racing.

Suggestions: Add more gameplay options, and modify the A.I.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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