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Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Overall: Everyone knows GTA for the PS2, well now XBox owners are the lucky ones. Many improvements make these two hits even better!

Gameplay: Like the PS2 the game play is the same BUT, the Xbox games are better in the following ways:
- You can save to the Hard Drive and not that silly memory card! Much better!
- Better control of cars and weapons!!!
- Better looking!!!
- Lips move.. yeah the people talking are talking not like the silly PS2 version!

Just a better experience overall!

Graphics: Awesome (for its time) GTA on the PS2 is not much different than the Xbox. Yes it looks better but the the graphics engine is very dated. Side by side the Xbox version looks better and does not look like a striaght port, but it is.

Again, a better experience!

Audio: The sound on both versions is the same on my TV. The only thing different is that the characters lips move so it looks like it sounds better :)

Agan, a much better experience on the Xbox!


Don't make us wait... fagettaboudit!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Inside Pitch 2003

Overall: Inside Pitch is a baseball game that is plain and simple fun. For those of you that want to have a little fun playing baseball and not worry about all the details than this is the game for you.

Gameplay: The game is not too hard and not too easy. It has the right balance for those that want to just play a game of baseball. There is a season mode but it is only one season. Stats do get kept and you can make and train your own player that you create. It is Live supported so you can play head to head as well. There are probably way better baseball games out there, but remember that if you want to have a quick fun game, than Inside Pitch is great for that!

Graphics: Everything looks and feels like it should. The detail is good and to the point. I have no complaints on how it looks. I will mention that the ball and player physics seem to be a bit off. But, like I said it is still a fun game.

Audio: Tim McCarver and Joe Buck do a fine job of announcing. The crowd is ok. Nothing special. One weird thing though is that if you are the away team and you win, you stil hear fireworks going off, Why? Anyway, I think it is good enough.

Suggestions: Not much, just make some minor improvements - base running, crowd enthusiasm, better player and ball physics, and a 10 year season would be nice. But really nothing I would worry about.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Outlaw Golf

Overall: Ok, here goes again, for some reason my earlier review of this games mysteriously disappeared... This game is lousy! It is not a golf game but a game that is so goofy and stupid that anybody that loves golf would not want to play!

Gameplay: There is no game play appeal. There are these stupid characters that do nothing for golf. If you have a really good golf game and you need one that is purely silly?then spend 50 bucks and get this game!

Graphics: Again, it looks pretty lame; it doesn?t even use any of the Xbox?s power. I have to ask did they make this game in a day or two?

Audio: Umm, stupid commentator with stupid remarks? I just can?t see how anybody can find this fun. I guess they do somehow...

Suggestions: Make a real Golf game for the Xbox...Like Tiger Woods! C'mon!

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Medal of Honor: Frontline

Overall: The WWII is my appeal. This game came out on the PC and then the PS2... so I couldn't wait for the Xbox version. I am not at all disappointed! I love this game. It is sort of like Halo and Max Payne. But different! This is WWII fighting action. I recommend it fully!!

Gameplay: The visuals, the sound, the WWII action. The game is awesome for those that want a shooter but with an excellent plot! If you are a FPS fan, get it!

Graphics: The look of the terrain, the buildings, all the detail.. It looks like France! The did a wonderful job! Puts BF1942 to Shame!

Audio: The sounds are AWESOME!!! The opening action has everything recreated just like in Saving Private Ryan! Awesome! Awesome!

Suggestions: A Sequel!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: Halo? This is a First Person Shooter?s dream come true! This game is so intense that I cannot stop playing. There are so many aspects to Halo that you MUST buy this game. It reminds me of the PC game Unreal. But, I must say that Halo is superior in almost all detail and characteristics. There is a story, an awesome plot to Halo and you are guided by a female computer voice that uses its intelligence and your combat suit. You can hoof it or there are many vehicles that you can use on the ground or even use to fly! You are not alone; there are Marines that can help you along the way. The Marines are intelligent and brave as well. They speak to you and shout out typical Marines sayings which are so cool! You also have a varied amount of weapons that you start with and can retrieve as you kill those Alien s !&%$@#* s! The weapons all have different sounds and with all the shouting and blasting the game gets so real and intense! They used music to highlight areas and that was done with strategic effort. Well Done!!! There are also a varied amount of Aliens that you come across. They have different strengths and weapons as well. The AI is unbelievable! The Best AI that I have ever played against! The graphics range from bright colors to the typical dark green environments we are used to in FPS games like Quake II. There is so much to this game that I have only touched the surface. Again if you love First Person Shooter?s than this is a must have!

Gameplay: The action is so intense?The Marines? The Vehicles? The Aliens?The Weapons!!! I love the story mode where you must complete objectives before you can move on. It feels like you are accomplishing your goal as you and your Marine buddies advance on the Alien s !&%$@#* ! The AI that was used to control the Marines and the Aliens is the best I have seen! The AI is so good that everyone performs with a realistic feel and style that makes Halo the best FPS game ever!

Graphics: The environments vary from bright to dark, inside to outside. There are colorful areas to dim blah areas. You are in the daytime and you are in the nighttime! Nothing was overlooked from the detail of trees and rocks to lighting and tunnels! Like I said before I compare Halo to the PC game Unreal. Both are beautifully detailed in every aspect!

Audio: The sounds are so intense! The weapons? The shouting from the Marines and those nasty Aliens? The Vehicles make there own distinct sounds? The music which comes on at strategic points in the game to get you even more drawn into a game that you cannot put down to begin with!!! Overall the sounds are superb? sometimes you realize you hear them and other times you don?t. I think they did a perfect job with them since sounds and music add so much to a movie and Halo to me is like an epic Good and Evil Alien war movie!

Suggestions: Well? We know Halo 2 is coming? So all I can say is build upon Halo. I?m not sure that is possible though since this game is a perfect 10!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Splashdown

Overall: Fun! Fun! Fun! This is one fun game! I love the look, the feel, and the overall game has a nice flow to it. I like that you can play another friend and the career mode too. The water is gorgeous! Give this a try!

Gameplay: I love the career mode and the one on one races are cool too. The water and the craft's physics are dead on. A really good sim even though they probably wanted an arcade feel. Fun game!

Graphics: Here is where Splashdown is tops! The water is unbelievable! The best I have ever seen! Simply gorgeous and the physics of the craft in the air and water are awesome!

Audio: Sounds are just fine. I'd like more comentary if that was possible. The music is awesome since it is by real rock bands. Nice touch!

Suggestions: expand the career mode and add comentary!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: The best fighter. Period! The graphics, the solid gameplay! Everything is awesome! The update availabe on the OXM disk make this a first! Get new customes for your characters! Just wait till XBox Live is up, then we can probably update any game that allows it! Simply COOL!

Gameplay: Solid! The action is awesome! The charachters look and move great! The surrounfings are very cool! This game is like Virtua Fighter, only, WAY better!

Graphics: What can I say here, you have to see it to believe it. It looks awesome! The backdrops are beautifuly detailed. It looks great!

Audio: A bit deceiving, because the matches get so intense, you don't realize you hear it! Pick it up and try it! I gaurantee you will love it!

Suggestions: DOA 4 is coming! More fighters, more backdrops, more levels!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 WWF Raw

Overall: 4 player mode! This game is a blast to play with 3 other friends! I had my 3 cousins over and we played this game for about 10 hours! Everything is on screen so you can see who is beating up who! Lots of things to pickup and bash on your opponet!

Gameplay: I loved the character selections and that everything is on screen. You can see it all! You can pick up a lot of stuff and smash it or throw it at your opponet! Very cool! Gotta play this with 4 people!!!

Graphics: Nothing spectacular...some cool intros...but the game doesn't have to look awesome to be awesome! Very good in my opinion.

Audio: not a lot to hear other than getting smashed over the head by a table. This is a fun multiplayer game!

Suggestions: I don't know, we liked it a lot!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 All-Star Baseball 2003

Overall: I love Baseball! I don't like this game! It looks good but the play is lousy! The annoucers are lame too!

Gameplay: Well, I can't find any! I hate two things... You can change your pitch location after you select your original location. That makes the game too hard. I must have hit the ball to the Shortstop 15 times in one game! That is rediculous!

Graphics: Well, it looks good. Unfortunatley that does not make up for the ultimate poor performer! I'd look elsewhere for BB!

Audio: The sound is lame, the announcers are TERRIBLE! I don't think they could find some reall annoucers like Tripple Play did. Yuck!

Suggestions: Look at Tripple Play Baseball and add your Franchise mode. Then you will have a great game!

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire

Overall: I like this game. Yes there are drawbacks, such as it is a port from PS2 so its graphics suffer on the Xbox. The control scheme is very hard to get used to. Other than these minor problems Bond is a fun game to play. The missions although short, are different and challenging to some of us older players out here. If you are looking for a shooter with a different style, check out this game.

Gameplay: The missions are very different and the driving missions are awesome! I don't feel tht this is an easy game but a fun game that you can beat.

Graphics: Well, it is a PS2 port. But, it does look good. Not Xbox good, but good. If you look beyond the graphics, it is just fine.

Audio: If you like the Bond song, your happy. If you don't ut oh! I like the song. Nothing is outstandind in the sound department but it sounds just fine to me.

Suggestions: Make one specifically for the Xbox and use its vast power!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: INTENSE!!! This game is unreal! No wait it isn't unreal it is the living dead! It is so intense I don't hear anybody talking to me! This game starts out and you wonder why it gets a higher rating than Halo...then you keep playing and you can't stop! Get it, try, rent it! See for yourself!

Gameplay: Everything is awesome... the graphics look great, the action is great, the whole idea of it is great! I love the story type games like this!

Graphics: Looks awesome... the camera is far back but you can see how much tme was spent putting fine touches on all the characters and zombies!

Audio: It is almost not there but it is.. it really adds to the whole impact of the game... A great job all around since not noticing the sound but my heart beating faster than saying wow!

Suggestions: MORE MORE MORE!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Airforce Delta Storm

Overall: If you like military aircraft that are detiled and look beautiful then this is your game! The game itself though is not as I hoped. It is very shallow in game play. I do enjoy the game since I enjoy the many aircraft they have that you can fly. You have to earn points by completing missions, then you can get better aircraft. Overall, I do like the game for its beauty.

Gameplay: I like the planes, many choices and each has its own charachteristics. They all look very detailed too. The missions are weak and I would not buy it for them alone. rent this one first.

Graphics: Looks great! This is why you would want this game. Every plane is detailed and the feel is very smoth!

Audio: Not a lot here to get excited about. Some intros that sound silly. Teh plane noise is, well plane noise.

Suggestions: Make the missions better with more objects to destroy. More detail on the objects with more emersion!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2002

Overall: Awesome! This is the best football game to date! Here is why: It is easy to play for those that do not know all the football details. So when you only have some older people available, they will play!

Gameplay: The graphics, the sounds, the stadiums, the teams! This is a great game! Lots of fun! It has the right balance of fun and realism that make it the best NFL experience! I love the Dynasty Mode too! Just a dynamite game!

Graphics: I love the rain, snow, wind! Just the look of each stadium is awesome! The players look great too! Excellent details to the game make it look great!

Audio: The anouncers, the crowd, the players all sound great! Some times they do sound stupid, but heck we all can!

Suggestions: Perfect!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: The looks the feel the car physics the graphics! What more can I say! If you like racing games, then this one is a must have!

Gameplay: Racing, slick graphics and oustanding car physics make this tons of fun to play! I love the 2 player racing! We were laughing so hard at all the wrecks and tight racing!

Graphics: Beautiful! This games looks awesome! If the Xbox games can get better than this I'll be amazed! The sun reflection and shadowing all look excellent.

Audio: Excellent car sounds and skids. I love the announcer guy that tells you what to expect up ahead. This games just sounds great as well as looking great!

Suggestions: More racing with the computer cars. They give a very good challenge!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Overall: Abe and Munch make this game great! They have their own attibutes that you have to have them work together. I love the large detailed worlds. The free roam is also my favorite. The game is a story that builds as you progress, that is cool!

Gameplay: I love the story mode. Each level builds upon the past. Your actions affect the story and the outcome. Switching between the two charachters is cool.

Graphics: The character detail is really high. The enviroment really feels alive. Everything has this dynamic solid feel.

Audio: The sounds are not that complex, but this sounds are not what make this game. It is the overall appeal of the awesome story that unfolds.

Suggestions: Keep this series going! Keep up the story mode.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: I love this game! I love the 3rd person view! I love the continuous storyline. I love the bullet time! I just love this game!!!

Gameplay: I love the 3rd person look and feel. I love the bullet time! I love how the story just moves along and builds as it goes.

Graphics: Well, nothing great here but it doesn't have to be spectacular to enjoy this game. I like how every area is different!

Audio: Well, nothing awesome here but it is good enough. I don't like the sound levels vary when there is narration. Otherwise it is witty.

Suggestions: Max Payne 2 with better graphics and sound. Keep up with the story mode!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Fifa World Cup 2002

Overall: If you like soccer than you will love this game! What I like about it is that it has an easy level than levels that really require a lot of skill. So if you want to score at will you can, or if you want a real change you can have that too!

Gameplay: The players control very well. The overall look is outstanding. I think this is so realistic. The players actually get tired!

Graphics: Outstanding visuals are what this game provides. This is a beauty to look at. The graphics are crisp and detailed just enough where you remember you are playing soccer.

Audio: The crowd gets into the action with different cheers and boos, that is pretty cool indeed. The announcers are a little goofy but what can you expect.

Suggestions: Not really, I find it a fun game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Burnout

Overall: This game rocks! I love race games so maybe I?m biased. I love the graphics! You can see way in the distance with little redraw! Excellent! The cars handle very well! The cars have excellent control. I swear you think you are really doing 100mph! The crashes are very cool, looks like a real crash, the game physics are dead on!

Gameplay: I love the graphics and the crashes. The cars accelerate and control extremely well! If you like to drive fast in traffic and whip through turns in city streets then this is a game to try!!! If you like Rally Sport Challenge then this game has the same appeal! Very well done!

Graphics: Excellent visuals! I love the detail in the city?s bridges, cars!!! The physics are outstanding! The ?look ahead? detail is high with no drawing of the distant scenes. You can see a bridge in the distance from the moment you make the turn and you can?t wait to get to it and drive over it! Just excellent graphics!!! This is one of the best Xbox racing games so far!

Audio: Sounds are well engine noise crashes and skids. Not a lot of different sounds but they are very well done!!!

Suggestions: Free roam, free roam, free roam!!! Let us just drive with no check points and time limits! This game is so visually beautiful that you just want to drive around with out beating a clock!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Pirates: Legend of Black Kat

Overall: First off let me say I am by no means an RPG person. BUT, I had to try this game. Something appealed to me in its description. So I decided to rent it. I am currently playing it and I must tell you it is fun! The games looks good, sounds good, and plays good. I can?t put it down because I want to see what keeps happening. I love the free roam mode! All games must have free roam! You can follow the path or just wander off and experience your surrounding! This is one of the few RPG?s I really like. I?d recommend everyone rent it and see if it is good. I am looking forward to Morrowind as well. If it is better than this I will be really happy!

Gameplay: I love the free roam! This is awesome; you can wander all over and look at whatever you want with no time limits. The game plays are crisp with good narration and video mixed in! The story is intriguing too. This is a game with nothing spectacular visually but there is something about the game that looks great with out being flashy. The game flows and I like that the story builds as you progress.

Graphics: The graphics are nothing spectacular but they do have that good look to them. You can see foot prints and the game runs smooth. And to me that is what matters. It just looks good! The land is detailed and the water is as well. All of the characters are detailed just enough and the videos do look better than I expected. Excellent animation!!!

Audio: The sound volume is low, just turn it up. The quality is excellent. The videos and game play has nice music and the sounds you hear in game play are just enough to have you immersed into the game!

Suggestions: Make a sequel! Take advantage of the Xbox?s power!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission

Overall: If you like GTA 3 then this games is for you! But don?t expect the level of missions to be anything like GTA 3. Wreckless is more about smashing into anything you can! The missions vary from easy to nearly impossible but the areas vary so each mission is refreshing. I had very high expectations of this game and I suggest that if you do you may be disappointed. My first thought was this game is ok but the more I played it the more I like it!!! I?d rent it first so you can make your own decision.

Gameplay: The ability to wreck everything is too cool! But you are limited by a time limit for each mission. The cars are responsive but are a little hard to control until you get the feel for the game, maybe an hour or two of playing. If this game had more serious dialog and hidden or secret areas instead of a time limit it would be awesome!

Graphics: Well maybe none better! The graphics are awesome and the detail is terrific. Too bad you just can?t drive around the cities without a time limit. The city is wide open so you can drive nearly anyplace! The replays are at times good but at times useless. The replays also change from great color to a weird green and what looks like a negative of a photo?weird!

Audio: Smash boom bang? really all there is, is sounds of your car as it hits everything in sight. The in-between stories are cheesy and the sound could be louder and more legible. This game is all visual and sound and story are the after thought.

Suggestions: Here is what I?d change:
-Better story line?just have the missions build onto each other in one long story.
-No time limit.
-Better camera angles to follow the car.
-Totally redo the replays so they are useful.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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