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Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Overall: If you thought Tony Hawk 2x was cool, wait until you see this one... I played it for about 60 hours now and I'm never tired of it. Sure it can become a bit repetitive but there are so much things to unlock, it's crazy =p

Gameplay: The controls are awesome. With the new revert trick, you can make combos that go above the million points almost easily... The levels are populated (at last!) and fun to play, and this game has the best replay value I have ever seen in an Xbox game.

Graphics: Sure, since this is a port it could've been a little better, yet the models are really nice, the specular reflection on metal quarterpipes is nice-looking, and the levels are huuuge... loading times are a bit long though.

Audio: I personally don't like punk/ska/rock music that much, but you can play your own soundtracks and say if you want it random or in order(woohoo!). The voices (especially in Suburbia and Canada) are great, and attention to details is awesome.

Suggestions: Pay attention to loading times in THPS4!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: I had very high expectations with that game, which have not been fulfilled. I guess hardcore RPG fans that don't do anything in their life except playing RPGs might love it, but I didn't.

Gameplay: WHY did NPCs have to run soooo sloooowwww!! And the AI is worst than ever... They just keeping getting stuck in rocks and trees, they don't follow you, they're just plain DUMB!!
I also experienced 5 bugs in my few hours of playing, and I think this is not tolerable for a XBox game. You can't release a patch for a XBox game, you just do it right in the first place dammit...
The world is huuuuge, and this game looks like you can replay it thousands of time and discover something new each time, but the pace of the game is sooo sloooowwwww that I got sick of it early in the game.
Oh, and did I mention that the battles suck too? =p

Graphics: Personally, I think that the water in this game doesn't look SOOO good. The water in Halo kicks its @$$... The draw distance is so near, it makes the environment unrealistic... I liked the sky though, and the cities and villages.

Audio: Hmmm I guess it wasn't so bad,.. The music was a bit like Baldur's Gate, medieval and stuff,... Can't say anything about it, really.

Suggestions: Make a XBox-exclusive Elder Scrolls game, and polish it to the perfection. The game fells like it wasn't meant to be an XBox game.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: It is a nice concept, the graphics are sweet, yet there is something makes me sick in this game : the ****ink collision detection... And god !&%$@#* I can't land a trick if the board is rotated 1 degree more than the ground, it is soooo annoying... Some may think of this as a feature that adds to the simulation side of the game, but I just get it as a bug.

Gameplay: As I said before, the collision detection is very unsure, we can rotate around pipes if you arrive a certain way, and the landings are very tough, unrealistically tough... The controls are not bad, yet I prefered SSX's or THPS's. The "move the analog stick to trick" thing is a bit too wierd for me, I just sticked to the buttons and triggers, and maybe that's why I disliked it.

Graphics: Awesome. The models are very highly detailed and there is even reflection in their goggles... =p The little sparkle in the snow is sweet, and the lens flare just rules. The maps are very big and the draw distance is litteraly infinite. Nothing to say about that.

Audio: The soundtrack is huuuuuge and you can even choose your own tunes. Yet the photographs are most frustrating with their "hahahha you can do better than that can you? I'm wasting my time with you, you suck!" and everything,...

Suggestions: Please fix this collision detection, pleaaaaaaaaase...... and some more evolution in career mode would be nice, getting clothes from Burton and all is nice but it doesn't affect the gameplay one bit,...

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2x

Overall: I like this game because it was very addictive like all the THPS games, and it had the best frame rate and graphics I've never seen in a boarding game,.. Boy what a difference from the PSOne series =D

Gameplay: The controls are simple yet effective and the movement is quick to learn. There are many levels so I couldn't actually get tired of the game even renting it two times =) The only thing I could complain about is the fact that it IS a skateboard game, and I hate to be stuck to the ground and not being able to do flips =D

Graphics: Very, very sweet graphics indeed, smooooooth frame-rate, awesome shadows/lightning, what to say =p Really I was impressed. The detail textures are really remakable.

Audio: It is one of the only games where you can use your HDD-saved music files and this feature is sweet because I hate punk music. The sound effects are good but not excellent, the same as the original THPS2 I guess...

Suggestions: Add quests and multiplayer!! Well ummm wait that'll be THPS3 =D Okay then stick with the concept, and maybe try out a snowboarding game, the THPS controls are just so great =)

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Azurik: Rise of Perathia

Overall: When I saw this game, I expected it to be a looker and a Zelda-like which could be sweet, but it really didn't meet my expectations. The architecture and level design are pretty nice but there is a lack of Xbox special effects and the game just seems to go nowhere... If I played only 5 hours it's because I got tired of it real soon.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very, very simple, "hack and slash" type, and the only twist worth mentionning is the powers you get from fire and ice and things like that, and even this could've been more exploited. I expected much deeper gameplay. In the game, you just go from place to place, trying to find what to do to "pass to the next stage", and there are so many crossed quests at the same time that you just cannot realise what to do exactly at some points in the game. Very annoying.

Graphics: The models are very highly detailed and the level design is pretty too. I also found that sphere reflection mapping is used very often and in an ice level it can be very eye-candy. But even then, this is XBox we're talking about, and any PS2 could've rendered that anytime. I have not been very impressed.

Audio: The music seems to be just a little 35-seconds loop that can become annoying in no time... The sound effects are not so bad, but the voice acting is far from what we've seen in games like Halo.

Suggestions: Please, if you want to do a XBox game, do it right!
That game must have lots of gameplay hours, but I just can't figure how someone can be desperate enough to do the game entirely... Deepen it a little next time, alright?

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10

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