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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: Overall, its a great game. Near perfect. Sound, graphics, gameplay, story, etc...all very well done. However, there are some little bits of negativity that bring the game down slightly...but it's still good enough to give it a 5.

Gameplay: The gameplay is probably the worst part of the game...not that its bad, its just that the trial and error style can become frustrating and somewhat annoying when you do not know what to do. But after you do go through the levels, you can play them over again, which is a good thing since the game is probably more fun the second and third and fourth times around. The replay value is very good, with alot of different ways to interact with characters, etc. You can sheak past them, go on a shooting spree, play games with them, or forcefully throw a glass bottle at their head.

Graphics: Graphics are great...but not perfect. Character animations are all good except for walking up steps, which they seem to glide over instead of walk. Some textures seem a bit blurry, but it is only noticable form close up most of the time. The lighting effects are phenominal, especially when reflecting off metal surfaces in low light. Despite the great visual presentation, the character animation for walking up steps annoys me, as do the semi-blurry textures...and that does not make them perfect.

Audio: The sound is the best part of the game. Everything comes together to create a realistic experience.

Suggestions: Save-anywhere feature would be welcome...more interaction with corpses, have ko'ed people wake up on their own over time...more accurate pistol (sometimes it can be off for no reason at all)...and fix the walking up the steps.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus

Overall: Overall, it's a great game. Not a whole lot to do, but thats the case with all fighting games.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very fun, and also very simple. Sometimes your opponent can be very cheap and use wall jumps and crouching moves all the time...but oh well.

Graphics: The graphics are good on the characters, but many of the backgrounds look like the best the ps2 can do...

Audio: The sound is great. Nothing I can say except no custom soundtracks, but they wouldnt really fit well in a fighting game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Overall: Overall, its a great game. I dont need a hundred lines of the game summary when a dozen other people already have...

Gameplay: The gameplay for all fighters gets boring after a while, but Mortal Kombat has more depth to it with projectile attaks, special moves, etc. Some characters like Mavado just plain suck, and others are very tough.

Graphics: Sucks cause it had to be made for the obsolete ps2 also, meaning textures and lighting suck ass, but oh well. The background still look better than those in Tao feng.

Audio: Sound is fine. nothing outstanding, but nothing terrible either.

Suggestions: Make it for the xbox first so we dont have to put up with second-rate visuals and system limitations.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Red Faction II

Overall: Overall, its a good game. The one thing that disappointed me the most was the lack of geo-mod in multiplayer. Only certain walls are able to be blown up, which takes the whole strategy element out of geo-mod. You can no longer tunnel thru walls to get to the enemy flag room, etc.

Gameplay: The gameplay is good. Single player and multiplayer are both fun to play, but there is lack of many multiplayer game types. However, the number of maps is extremely large, and you can include up to 5 bots (if you are playing alone, 6 players is max, meaning 2 players means only 4 bots). Plus, you can create your own bots, give them characteristics, etc.

Graphics: Visuals looks bad for the most part. The weapons and some character models look good, but the textures and blurry and not detailed. But thats what you get from a PS2 port...inferior visuals.

Audio: You will not notice anything great about the sound, but what you will notice is that there is nothing bad about it either...not much else to say about sound.

Suggestions: Bring back geo-mod fully for multiplayer, and where the hell is Checkmate? Its only the most popular CTF map for RF1 online

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: Great game. Not much I can really say about it. Interface sucks, but mostly everything else is good.

Gameplay: Gameplay is great. Squad based stealth oriented first person shooters are always good games, but where Ghost Recon fails is the multiplayer system link...which only supports one person per Xbox...and that is incredibly stupid. I havent played it online yet, but when I do, it's going to be great, i know it.

Graphics: What the hell? There's some ps2 games that look better than this...but if you're like me and dont care about graphics, then who cares.

Audio: Sound is good. No better than most other games, yet it dosent suck either...not much I can say about sound, except that its good.

Suggestions: Better interface, support 4 players per screen for system link, and make it look a little better than an N64 game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: Squaresoft...start taking notes. THIS is not to make a REAL rpg, not a stupid linear action game featuring japaneese cartoon midgets...thats not an rpg, thats an action game. RPG's need freedom, and Morrowind gives you all the freedom you could ask for. Go anywhere and do anything you want at any time you want to. You create your character, looks, skills, birthsign, class, etc., and then you're free to go. There is so much that you can do in this game, it's mind numbing. I have played this game for hours upon hours at a time nearly every day since the very hour it was released. Let me just add that the day it was released was the day after an all night 8 player Halo extravaganza, so i did not sleep in a long time...but this game kept me wide awake. I could not put it down for a second, and even today, i still find it hard to get bored while playing this amazing game. I would also like for everyone to read my guide to beiing a complete bástárd in Morrowind, located here.......
.site may be down because of check back soon.

Gameplay: Many people will be thrown off by the gameplay, as you will not be superman from the start. You have to build up your character quite a bit before you can start killing things off. This may take a very long time, but after months of playing, knowing all the tricks of the trade like myself, you can create a good character in one (long) sitting. There is mre to do in this game than in many massive multiplayer games, and that quite a bit of stuff to do. Make your own spells, enchant items, go on quests, raid dungeons, etc. Once you start the game, you will not think you can do much, but after a while, you'll be able to kill Gods. The open-ended non-linear gameplay is (i think) necessary to create a REAL rpg. RPG's need freedom as I have stated before. You are supposed to play the role of your character, so do whatever you want to, whenever you want to. Want to kill Jobasha the bookseller in Vivec and steal the Meteor Slime from the plant, go for it. Want to steal everything in the Hlaalu vaults, why not. Want to go in someone's house and make it your own, thats ok. I just wish every rpg had this much freedom because there is literally an infinite amount of replay value in this game, and I have not gotten bored yet.

Graphics: Visuals looks great. Textures look good until you walk up to them and then you'll think its something out of a PS2 game, but thats ok considering how enormous the world is. Character models could look better, and some animations are choppy...but all the graphical flaws in this game are totally overshadowed by the greatest water in any video game ever made. Not possible on other console systems, and even some computers. The weather effects and night to day transitions all look great as well.

Audio: Crank up the volume during the thunderstorms...I even jumped several times during loud cracks of thunder, as it sounds amazingly life-like. Soundtrack never gets boring or dull, effects are mostly done well...even the Bone Crusher sound from Ultima VIII was added, and if you fall from a high enough'll be sure to hear it.

Suggestions: The only thing I could suggest is that the incredibly annoying Cliff Racers get a little smarter and leave you alone if you can easily kill them, along with other monsters. Well, thats not the only suggestion. The fights could be a big longer, as I have a level 112 character, and with his immense power, the Skull Crusher weapon, and numerous enchantments, I have no trouble at all in any fights...Vivec was no challenge, Lord Fyr fell easy, etc.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 BMX XXX

Overall: Dave Mirra 2 was way better. Overall, its not a bad game, but they changed way too many things from DM2 and that made it a whole lot worse that it could have been.

Gameplay: Having to hold in the A button to actually go anowhere is annoying, and letting go of it makes you jump, sp you might find yourself jumping when you dont want to. The trick system is the same as Dave Mirra 2, but no Trick list to go by. The multiplayer totally sucks balls. Lets just say making a great game more like tony hawk will certainly not make it any better. Tony Hawk games suck. Split screen multiplayer in games like this is also a bad idea...and having 3 crap !&%$@#* multiplayer modes is a bad idea as well. And no Wipeout mode either!?!?!?

Graphics: Looks ok...had to be made for the PS2 as well, so thats why it looks like crao compared to some Xbox exclusive games.

Audio: Sound is good. No real way to explain it...sounds as good as any game should, but other games have better sound, so this gets a 4.0 only.

Suggestions: Instead of editing only 4 pre-made riders, have a create-a-rider mode where you actually create the rider...not just play dress-up. ADD WIPEOUT MODE! and while your adding that, add the old Dave Mirra 2 physics engine so the people done bounse around 30 times like a rubber rag doll. And get rid of that ugly-ass split screen and just make multiplayer more like Dave Mirra 2 and less and less like Tony Hawk games. Finally...does all this really matter, do the developers actually read this stuff? I think they shoul dif they want people to buy their games, and so they know not to make a shìtty game.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 MechAssault

Overall: Great game overall. Sound is excellent, visuals look amazing, gameplay is'll spend countless hours playing this amazing title.

Gameplay: I was disappointed with the low number of multiplayer maps, so hopefully theres some more to be downloaded. Movement controls are just like every other shooter...the button setup is easy to use as well, meaning there's hardly any learning curve. Despite it being a third person shooter rather than a first, its amazingly easy to control the mech, move and look around, etc. 20 missions in all i believe, and what i played so far took quite some time. I saw no CTF game mode which pìsses me off, but Grinder mode is real fun...too bad theres only 2 maps u can play it on. But im only giving this catrgory a 4.5 because of the lack of multiplayer assets (CTF, extremely low number of maps, etc) This game is supposed to focus alot on multiplayer, so i dont see why they left so much out.

Graphics: The visuals are all great. Buildings falling down, that one mech's lava cannon lighting the place up, PPC blasts, lasers, wether effects, and a lot more stuff all going on at once with NO slowdown at all. Textures look great, water is not as good as Morrowind's, but its hard to beat the best. Lets just say that MechAssault's graphics are something that the obsolete PS2 can never do.

Audio: The sound is great. just about every weapon has a different sound, and all sound great. explosions and all, fantastic.

Suggestions: Um...CTF mode in multiplayer...MORE MUTLIPLAYER MAPS!!!!!!!! Possibly create-a-mech and being able to change weapons and stuff...and that base-building mode that i heard about...where is it? Unless thats just an online mode, I dont know...

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Deathrow

Overall: This game is more addictive than crack...well, i never did crack, but that what i hear...anyway, if you want to have loads of fun with a video game, pick this up. If you like sports games, fighting games, or whatever, this game is for you! Screw Halo, you'll have more fun playing this game by yourself than you will with Halo.

Gameplay: The gameplay is simple, yet enjoyable. Beat your opponents up or score more points than them and you win. Movement is easy but may take some getting used to, but after 5 minutes, you'll think you're a pro. Unlocking is easy as you get Unlock Credits for winning matches, and after you beat a team, you can use the credits to unlock them. You also get credits for healing team members, signing new ones, training team members, etc.

Graphics: Pick the game up and see for yourself. Some of the best textures in any video game, lighting is amazing, movement of the characters is flawless, the visuals are just perfect.

Audio: Sound effects are amazing. When beating on a certain team, you might hear a different sound than you heard while beating on a different team. The disc bouncing off the metal circle, players yelling cures words, and a custom reason why this does not deserve a 5.

Suggestions: Customizable controls would be nice, and make the teammates a litle smarter...some dork runs in front of my kick and calls me a dumbass...what an idiot.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: Great Game. VERY hard at times but after you play thru it a bit, you pick up little strategies and it becomes gradually easier.

Gameplay: Great gameplay. Simple controls, but yet effective. All I can ask for is a game thats a little easier and has an actual multiplayer aspect instead of having multiple people do the main missions.

Graphics: Character models can be a but more polished next time around *hint, hint*. The backgrounds look astonishing, and the effects are pleasing to the eye as well.

Audio: The sound is amazing. The voiceovers are spot-on, and the chainsaw, although quite uneffective, sounds great.

Suggestions: Have an actual multiplayer feature that allows you to pick an area, set a number of monsters and what types will spawn, and go balls out killing stuff, or your frineds. Also, It's too dámn hard in most parts. The first boss took about 25 minutes to beat alone. The teddy bear is easy with multiple people, but anyway, multiplayer instead of multiple players, and dont make it so hard next time around.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2

Overall: This game is the best bike game ever made. Tricks are easy and fun, fun gameplay modes, easy create-a-park feature, etc. and...WIPEOUT MODE!

Gameplay: 2 words...WIPEOUT MODE! Plus the tricks are easy and fun do to...I can (and have already) played this game for hours.

Graphics: Pretty good. Nothing special but who cares, the game is good. Graphics mean little if the gameplay is great.

Audio: Very good sound. I love hearing Dave's brains splatter on the concrete after doing a 360 front flip over the titanic channel on WIPEPOT MODE!

Suggestions: KEEP WIPEOUT MODE! and the easy trick system and dont make it suck like Tony Hawk does...

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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