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Rallisport Challenge

Overall: Rallisport is hands down the best racing game for the XBox yet. The graphics are detailed extremely well, and the game is very well rounded. The cars and courses provide for a good deal of variety, and unlike other games like PGR, there is a multiplayer option for up to 4 people. Bottom line: if you're looking for a racing game, look no further.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very good, though not quite perfect. The one complaint I have is that the car goes off the course easily sometimes, which is part of the challenge obviously, but then it reforms you back on the course very quickly. I think it might have been better to use the back button to reform on the course if the player wants to, but not force the car to reform within a second or two. Because it seems like if you're more than a few feet off the road it stops and reforms you. Anyways, thats a small complaint and this is otherwise a great game. The controls are very simple; it doesn't utilize all buttons on the controller. You must play to unlock cars and levels, which is now a standard feature on most racing games, and I think it works great for Rallisport and provides even more challenge.

Graphics: The graphics are one of, if not the best feature on the game. The scenery is amazing, whether its in a rainy back road through the grass and trees, or through an icy winter course, or even in the desert. I'm glad to see they spent a great deal of time in actually taking advantage of what the Xbox has to offer. The replays are also spectacular, offering a variety of angles and shots that are truly mesmorizing.

Audio: The sound is also very good and once again I'm glad that the developers took advantage of the Xbox's capabilities. You're able to use your own soundtracks on this game, a feature that I love. There is also some fitting high paced music on the game itself. The game sounds are adequate, though not perfect. Sometimes the car's engine becomes a little annoying after awhile, but you can toggle with the sound settings so that you can hear the music more.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Jet Set Radio Future

Overall: Jet Set Radio Future is the real thing. Any Xbox owner should not go without at least trying this game, if not owning it. Its a unique blend that should be played, not read about. Virtually all areas are near perfect, and it seems as though Halo may have some competition for best Xbox game yet. The best thing about this game is that there isn't really a best thing. What I mean is that the different features of the game all complement each other nicely. Each aspect of the game is developed perfectly so that it creates a well rounded and near perfect end result. Instead of many other Xbox games that have been made so far where they may have good graphics but crappy gameplay, or good gameplay but horrible sound, JSRF has every aspect covered. Its an original and fun game that Xbox owners and players of all ages need to try.

Gameplay: The gameplay is perfect. The controls are simple to handle and the game has a nice feel to it. Not all of the buttons are used, so this makes adapting a little bit easier. The game is extremely fluid; there are no glitches or sticky points and it flows just as smooth as the blasting tunes. You're able to choose between a variety of characters, and you can toggle with the game settings to find out what is best for your preferences. It easily has some of the best gameplay of any Xbox game yet.

Graphics: The graphics are excellent. I'm impressed because although the game is basically animated, the graphics are still very good. It doesn't really feel like a cheesy cartoon game like most others do. The levels are created magnificently, with a good deal of interaction and exploration involved in each. The characters all have their own personal flare as well. I really can't say enough about how good the graphics are, go check this game out if you haven't!

Audio: The sound is great! The soundtrack features some fresh new tracks that perfectly match the gameplay. Some of them can get a little irritating after awhile, but I still love it. I also liked how they created a good mix by having some characters talk to you, but for the most part having the player just read what the character is saying. All other game sounds are appropriate as well.

Suggestions: Develop the game further so that it can be played online. It doesn't need it at all, but if it was worked out right it could be a very cool extra feature.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2002

Overall: NFL Fever is one of the best football games ever created. The gameplay is fun, the graphics are stunning, and the game is a sure bet for any avid football fan. I haven't played Madden or NFL2k2, so I'm not going to voice any comparisons between the two, but I think that Fever is a great game that any Xbox owner should at least try.

Gameplay: The gameplay is great. Controls are pretty easy to adapt to. It still confuses me sometimes when I'm passing because there's so many options to choose from, but you can check the routes of the receivers so it makes it easier. I like the create a player feature, and I think all sports games need to include this from now on. I've heard people say that Fever is more realistic than Madden because you score all the time in Madden, but I think Fever is actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it and you can score quite a bit. The kickoffs are a little weird, but other than that I think the gameplay is near perfect.

Graphics: The graphics are awesome. Its apparent that a lot of detail was put into each stadium and player. The game is very fluid also. The replays are even more stunning, as is usually the case. They certainly like showing off the graphics too, because before every down you watch the big linemen walking up and the quarterback checking off as well. Brilliant!

Audio: The sound is also near perfect. The hits are loud and crunching as a football game should be. They do a good job also of capturing the player's voices and grunts. They also did a good job of including the roaring audience. Once again, I have to say that its better when heard through surround sound, but I think even in the normal set up the sound is great.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: The best game ever created, period. Halo is the new standard to judge all other games against, and all other games don't come close so far. The gameplay, graphics, sound, and all features of the game are perfect. BUY THIS GAME IF YOU OWN AN XBOX, and if you don't own an Xbox, go buy one and then buy this game!

Gameplay: The gameplay is fascinating. You can play the story mode in either single or multiplayer. The story is interesting and you get into it easily. The controls are easy to handle once you move around a little bit, and everything is top notch. You can drive cars and tanks or fly around in the enemy's vehicles. You have a variety of guns including sniper rifles and rocket launchers. Also, there are multiple levels, and multiple difficulty settings. The multiplayer features are the best on any game ever. You can play a ton of different games, including capture the flag, deathmatches, king of the hill, and more. I highly recommend linking up your Xbox with a friend and getting 7 or 8 people to play, its a blast that you will never get tired of. I could go on forever, but basically I'll sum it up once again by telling you to go buy this game.

Graphics: The graphics are extraordinary. Particularly when you move outside, just take awhile to enjoy the skyline and the grass detail, among others. The aliens each have their own characteristics to admire. I think the only way you'll understand what so many people have praised is if you experience this game for yourself instead of reading about how great it is.

Audio: The sound is excellent. I recommend playing with surround sound. This makes the explosions and fighting sequences come alive more than they already do. From your fellow soldier's comments to the aliens screams and squeaks, the sound is perfect.

Suggestions: This game is perfect. I can't wait to see what its online capabilities are. Bring on Halo 2!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 ESPN Winter X Games Snowboarding 2002

Overall: ESPN Snowboarding doesn't come close to meeting the expectations that it set forth. With powerhouses appeals like ESPN and the X Games behind it, it still doesn't come close to Amped, and it fails to make a draw for itself in the rising market of snowboarding games out. Bottom line: Don't buy this game, particularly if you haven't played Amped or SSX yet because those titles beat ESPN easily.

Gameplay: The gameplay was one of the worst aspects in my opinion. The controls are hard to get used to, and in general the game just doesn't seem to respond that well to what you're trying to make it do. Especially bad is the turning, you can't cut at all, and even regular turns are hard to control. The jumps don't have much lift from them and the tricks weren't that impressive from what I've seen so far. The career mode had some good ideas and its very extensive, but at the same time the way that its laid out so much makes it annoying and it gets old fast. The main thing I want out of a snowboarding game is to actually snowboard, not to spend my time shopping and getting emails and hospital bills.

Graphics: The graphics are average to below average. Mainly, I say this after seeing much better on a game like Amped. After playing Amped, its clear that the developers of ESPN Snowboarding didn't take the time nor the effort to meet the market standards. Once again, if you want graphics, go to another source because you won't be too enthralled with this title.

Audio: The soundtrack features mainly punk bands, the most well known being the Offspring. This is pretty typical for a snowboarding game. The game sounds weren't anything special. There is an announcer who says things like "There's a big bump coming up," which at times can be helpful when you first start off but wears old soon after. Overall, the sound wasn't horrible, but they certainly didn't strive to do anything special with the sound effects and its not good enough to cover up for the other deficiences found in the game.

Suggestions: If you're going to use the ESPN and X Games names, then at least develop a game that is worthy of their name. This game didn't thrill me at all, the gameplay, graphics, and sound all need improvements if you are to compete at all with other snowboarding games out there. I did enjoy the multiplayer feature with split screens, and the snowboarding highlights are certainly a plus. But when I buy a snowboarding game, I'd rather be playing a great game then watching real footage of someone snowboarding.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 NHL Hitz 2002

Overall: NHL Hitz is the best hockey game I've ever played. Nearly every aspect of the game is perfect, and its definitely the funnest hockey game you'll find out there. The arcade style make it a great pick for people who aren't huge hockey fans and for those who are. The unique features add tremendously, such as the player starting on fire and the close up fights. I highly recommend this title for any Xbox owner.

Gameplay: The gameplay is perfect. Its a very fast paced game, although you are able to adjust the speed of the game. The developers surely wanted to make this an explosive game, and they succeeded because the hits, goals, and fights are all packed with power and speed. The one-timers in this game are the best you'll find in any hockey game. Short handed goals come a little more challenging, and as a whole the game can be challenging when the difficulty is set higher. However, even people who aren't very familiar with Xbox or game counsels in general adapt well, at least so I've seen in my friends. I can't think of any complaints in this area though.

Graphics: The graphics are excellent. The introductions and replays are the best features, as with most other titles, however the gameplay itself also features great graphics. I'm not too up to date on real hockey players so I can't make the call as to whether the players look realistic, but they do have a great amount of detail either way. The hockey rinks are spectacular as well, and the game allows you to play in a variety of other places such as the Colissium, and these places look fantastic as well. There are also a variety of codes you can enter to add to the arcade feel, such as having huge heads, or playing with a tennis ball. These are all fun to toy around with. NHL Hitz definitely is up to game with Xbox standards.

Audio: The sounds are another complement to the powerful design. The hits are bone crunching, such as when you hit someone so hard they fly through the glass. The sound picks up these rocking hits, and the game houses an up to date soundtrack with bands like Limp Bizkit and other hard rock. Everything is detailed well, and surround sound is excellent with NHL Hitz.

Suggestions: Keep up the good work and innovations for NHL Hitz 2003!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: Excellent game. Its involving, addictive, and fun to play. The bullet time feature is certainly straight from The Matrix, and its a feature that is guaranteed for enjoyment. The levels are well constructed, and challenging at times. The only thing missing is a multiplayer option. But I highly recommend that every Xbox owner checks this game out.

Gameplay: The gameplay is nearly perfect. The bullet time feature allows you to play in slow motion, like The Matrix, as mentioned above. There are a variety of guns and weapons to use, such as shotguns, berettas, and a baseball bat. Nothing too huge for weapons, but you really don't need anything like that for this game. It is very addictive, I never wanted to put the controller down. Also, it allows you to save the game no matter where you're at, which does take away from the difficulty level a bit because you can just save at a point in the level and keep rehatching from there instead of starting at the beginning of the level, but its also a very handy feature to have so you don't have to play the full level like some other games. Great game to play!

Graphics: The graphics are very good, although not mesmorizing. But I don't think that the graphics are bad enough to take away from the game. There seems to be a whole crop of games out, or coming out, that basically live off of their graphics, but suck when it comes to storyline or gameplay. Max Payne's strength is its gameplay and plot, plus it has decent graphics. While graphics enhance a game greatly, especially when you first play it, the life of the game is determined by the gameplay itself and that is where Max Payne rules.

Audio: The sound is great when you have it on surround sound. The sound of the bullets and fighting enhance the game greatly. The dialogue between the characters, while sometimes corny, is great to listen to as well.

Suggestions: The game is fantastic except it could use a multiplayer feature. With games like Halo out in the marketplace now, I think its going to become a necessity for fighting games to include multiplayer features. Obviously Halo's example is an extreme because of how extensive the multiplayer feature is on that game, but even a simple deathmatch option would be greatly appreciated and it would increase the life of the game. Once you pass Max Payne, which doesn't take too long, then your only option is to play it on a harder level or else just play the same thing over again. But even without this feature, I still consider Max Payne to be one of my favorites for Xbox so far.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars

Overall: Circus Maximus is the most original game to come out so far this year. The chariots and horses provide for a brand new racing experience. However, the originality serves as its best feature. The game is fun, no doubt, but considering all the hype for it, I didn't think it broke new ground for gameplay, graphics, or sound. But you'll still have a fun time playing, whether its in the tournament mode (single), or with some friends in the empire mode. I recommend renting this title for anybody who is looking for an original and fun game to play.

Gameplay: The game flows nicely for the most part. One aspect I didn't like is how the character completely crashes when just bumping slightly into the wall. However, that does make the game much more challenging. You can take sharp turns and lean back and forth to balance the chariot. It is a little challenging to drive the chariot and fight with the warrior at the same time, but after you play for awhile you get the hang of it. It also contains other unique aspects, such as the taunting, and how you must duck sometimes underneath logs and navigate around the surroundings. These features all contribute to make this title an extremely original and fun game.

Graphics: The introductions to the arenas are fabulous. There are several different venues for which to race, and its cool to explore all of them. During actual gameplay, the graphics are still very good, although at some venues it gets hard to see through the darkest points. The replay feature is very detailed as well. Overall, the graphics aren't groundbreaking by any means, but they are certainly up to date with most other Xbox titles thus far.

Audio: They did a good job of capturing some of the raw sounds of the battle. You are able to hear the driver whip the horses crisply, and the warrior's enthusiastic screams. Once again, the taunting feature is one of my favorites. The rumbling of the horses and chariots also adds to the feel. Overall, the sound is better than average, though not spectacular.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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