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Cel Damage

Overall: Twisted metal meets Warner Bros. This game is crazy with all the driving and killing going on.

Gameplay: Gameplay is quite addictive in a multiplayer setting. I did not get the enjoyment out of it in single player mode, as it got old quickly. You pick a character and race against others. Goal is to either complete X number of laps or get the most points. Points are awarded by killing the others. There are many weapons you can pick up for you vehicle throughout the game.

Graphics: At first I was skeptical on a cell shaded game, but this game was done very well. The cartoonish feel makes for a very polished looking game.

Audio: All the wacky sounds you would expect to be in a cartoon can be found, and it adds nicely to the game.

Suggestions: game is too short and repetitive.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2002

Overall: Ah football, a great American tradition. Any game library needs a good football game. This is Microsoft?s rookie season in the football world and they haven?t done to shabby. Before long Madden will be a thing of the past.

Gameplay: For a simulation this has great gameplay (I am a huge blitz fan). One thing that I didn?t like was during 2-2 play, one player on each side would never get to make calls. This has to be changed, it makes it to boring. In other games teammates usually alternate calling offense and defense at the quarters.

Graphics: Graphics were quite superb in the game. Some of the actual motions were a little robotish but were believable. The actual athletes looked very similar to the game models.

Audio: Grunts, hits, and the normal football sounds were all done well. The commentary on the other hand, left something to be desired. It was not smooth, and a majority of the time was behind the actual play going on.

Suggestions: Work on the commentary, allow teammates to alternate picking plays.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Fuzion Frenzy

Overall: This is a simple and addicting game that has lots of mini games. It is good for people who don?t want anything complex and involved. I believe the game is geared towards women.

Gameplay: Up to 4 players can compete in a tournament. The tournament can have anywhere from 2 to 6 stages. Each stage has about 4 mini-games. The game has over 150 mini-games so the are plenty to choose from, yet many of the games are very similar. Controls are very simple with the games only using 1 or 2 buttons. You place in each mini game determines your points. At the end of a stage, you get to wager your points in a stage battle. The points earned in the stage battle is what goes towards your final score.

Graphics: The game look is clean and well done, but it is not anything to write home about. So much more could ha been done with this game.

Audio: Sound and music during a mini-game is well done for this type of game. The announcer, however can be rather annoying at times with his count down.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: Every console needs to have a fighting game in the library. The DOA franchise is a legend in that area, with crazy moves, beautiful scenery, and hot women. They have delivered once again with the launch title.

Gameplay: The standard fighting game options exist such as story mode, single player, multiplayer, and tag battle. Players can choose from 16 different characters. The number of moves each character can do is pretty amazing. It will take lots of time to learn those moves. Fighting takes place in about 8 different arenas, with some of them outside.

Even though this game looks great, it bores me pretty quickly in single player. Even in multiplayer this game is still nothing more than a button masher. What is the fun in that?

Graphics: This game is absolutely stunning. I still think is the best looking game out, but it should be since the fighters are the only things really moving. The bounce effect is in the game once again and it is very nice.

During the character selection process, there were a few second load time to show the large display of the character. This annoyed me.

Audio: I wish the fighter?s voices had been recorded in English. The announcers voice is in English. I was so made that there was Japanese voices with English subtext. That is just crap to me. Japan wouldn?t put up with that if we sent them a game like this. What a crock. Aside from the voice issue, the rest of the sound was well done.

Suggestions: Record voices in English. Improve character animation load time.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Overall: A strangely addictive, and unique adventure game that has to be played by everyone. Oddworld is for the children inside us while it touches our humor bone. The imagination of the developers amazes me. The sound, gameplay, worlds, puzzles, and idea are top notch.

Gameplay: A very good system was put into place to help you learn how to play the game. Controlling Abe and Munch is very natural. I was frustrated at times trying to get the mudonkins and fuzzels to do what I want, but was a pretty minimal thing. Munch using a wheel squeaky wheel chair to get around cracks me up, along with the farting noises.

There are things in the game that when you come across them will have you laughing in you chair. You won?t believe it is there.

Graphics: The world looked amazing. I don?t know how somebody actually dreams this stuff up, let alone implements it. Microsoft better hold onto these guys, they will wow us again.

Audio: The talking, music, environment noises, it is all a complete package.

I would like to have been there when they recorded abe and munch's voices. I bet that was hilarious.

Suggestions: Make a sequel.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: Rally racing is the NASCAR of the European world. To the Americans, it is pretty well unknown, but this is a fantastic sport. Where else can you scale a mountain, drive in mud, slide ever turn, and even race on ice, all in light cars with 800 hp?

Gameplay: First off I want to say that I have been playing racing games for as long as I can remember. This game is seriously hard. It is kicking my butt, but I enjoy every minute of it.

Controls are laid out the same as PGR, right trigger accelerates, left trigger brakes, A is the hand brake, and the left stick steers. The game includes 2 difficulty settings and you start off with about 6 of the 30 cars available. Rally racing is unique in the fact that you have a navigator and usually are the only one on the course at a time. In the game you navigator will tell you when and where the turns are and how sever they are. He also tell you about jumps, exposure, and if you should take a turn inside, outside, or if the road narrows. While racing, you can see your position, and what stage of the race you are in. If a stage is red, then you were not the fastest, while green stages make you the fastest. Position is calculated instantaneously based on what the computer opponents have done. Ice racing is actually done with the other opponents. This kind of race has laps instead of a end to end race. At the end of your race you are awarded points for place, top speed, fast lap, total time, and damage %. There will be cases where you get 0?s in one or more categories. A race grouping has several races and the points are added together for each race. At the end you are awarded an even bonus and your place is determined. These points are then added to your total. These points unlock cars, and the higher experience race events.

Multiplayer can get a little hairy but that is the fun. On some of the hill climbs one side of the track is a cliff, so it is fun to try and push your buddy into it. One thing you do loose in the multiplayer is your navigator. This makes it challenging if you are new to a track.

Graphics: Graphics in the game rival PGR. I would have to give the edge to Rallisport since there are service transitions during one race. They blend these perfectly together. The cars are very smooth and glossy at the beginning of the race and have a very good damage model. Dirt, mud, ice, and whatever else all dirty up the car quite nicely.

Audio: Sound is top notch. Engine noise is very convincing. Being an American I would have liked to choice the voice of my navigator, as he is hard to understand sometimes, but that is a very small complaint. I love the music manager; this is a must for any car game.

Suggestions: Online play.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: What a fantastic racing game. I have not been so addicted since Grand Turismo on the PS1. The selection of cars is amazing, and the number of tracks is boggling. The kudos system is something games love or hate, there is no middle ground, and I think it adds a lot to the game.

Gameplay: Kudos are the heart of the game. Kudos are points given to you for sliding, going through cones, and speed gates, jumps, clean sections (areas where you hit nothing in a course), and overtaking cars. If you hit anything before your kudos are added to your score then you lose those kudos. The best way to build up your kudos score is to keep them from adding to your score as long as possible. This will allow you to get large bonuses for running so many tricks together.

Several game types are available in this game. There is the kudos challenge, arcade race, and time attack. Kudos challenge is 13 or so levels. In each level, you there are events and you must medal in each event before the next level is open. These events include: hot lap ? you have to run a certain time for a lap, hot lap average ? a certain time for a series of laps, style challenge ? a kudos value is given and you must reach it; cones and gates are set up to help get the necessary kudos, race ? you and 5 other cars race and you must place, 1-1 ? you race another car, if you win then you get the car that races against you. In addition to the challenges described above, most of the time a minimum amount of kudos will also be necessary to pass the event. Arcade races include 4 levels and once again a level is not open until a medal is awarded in each of the previous levels events. The arcade races are style challenges.

Cars can be unlocked a few different ways. Some cars require a minimum amount of kudos before you can use them. Others are won in the 1-1 race, while others can be obtained when certain levels in the arcade race have all golds.

It will not be possible to get golds in all the races right away. You will have to play and unlock cars, and then go back and re-race them.

Multiplayer is very fun in the game. Up to 4 people can race. winner is determined by kudos and time.

Graphics: PGR is breath taking. The reflection in the cars amazes me. The damage model seems to be pretty well done. Tire smoke, rubber laid on the road, and the courses themselves are top notch. They really outdid themselves. I would love to see what they could do with a second-generation game.

Audio: PGR has outdone them self in the sound category. The engine noise is unique to each vehicle, and tire squeal is perfect. They put together a great soundtrack, but the best feature is the ability to play you own music. I love this.

Suggestions: add online play

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NHL Hitz 2002

Overall: If you have ever played Blitz, then you have to pick up this game. Hitz is the hockey version of Blitz. This game is great fun even if you are not an avid hockey fan. In fact if you really like hockey sims then this game is probably not for you.

You can check people through glass, losing a fight causes you to not be able to use that player for the rest of the game, and of course players can be on fire. Both player fire (red) and team fire (blue) are available.

Gameplay: Gameplay is pretty easy. On offense you can pass, shoot, and fake. Defense players can check, and poke check. Players on both sides have turbo that increase their speed. This is limited and takes time to build back up. Play is 3 on 3 plus the goalies. One-timers are the best way to score. A one timer is where one player passes to another. This second player immediately shoots the puck. That is his first touch of that puck is a shot. If a player gets 3 goals then he gets red fire. A team who scores 3 unanswered one-timers gets blue fire, this includes the goalie. When a player or team is on fire, they are faster, harder to check, and are more accurate on shooting. In order for a player to lose fire, the other team must score.

As with the Blitz series, codes can be entered at the beginning of the game. These codes range from big heads, no heads, late hits, unlimited turbo, and so on. The codes can be found in the crowds, or you can do a search on line and get them all.

The game supports exhibition mode, season, and midway cup. Exhibition is where you and you buddies can play along with the computer. Up to 4 humans can play and 3 can be on one team. A skills mode also exists that allows you to build up your hockey skills through a series of drills that increase in difficulty as you pass them.

In exhibition mode, once games are done, points are ac !&%$@#* ulated. These points can be used to buy fantasy stadiums, different heads, jerseys, and so on.

Graphics: Graphics are better than expected with the port. The rinks and puck animation are very good. Fire on the players is done well. When a player catches fire, his teammates will even warm up there hands off of him. The faces of the players are a little subject. They just don?t look quite like the player.

Audio: A good mix of hitting, shooting, and the announcing is in this game. I would like to see a music manager integrated into the game. Hitting my buddy while jamming to our favorite tunes would be sweet.

Suggestions: Add a music manager, and online and/or system link play.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Nascar Thunder 2002

Overall: f you are a NASCAR fan, then you have to have a NASCAR title. I bought Thunder because I was at the Talledega EA Sports 500 in October of 2001. EA had a booth of about 20 xbox all playing Thunder and this was before launch day. You had a chance to run a lap and the guy with fastest time got to Race a lap against Dale Earnhardt Jr., I did not have the fastest lap.

EA gives a nice tribute to my fallen hero with a huge black #3 splash screen. Then some good ol boy music plays as the game loads up: Sweet Home Alabama.

This game is fun, challenging, and addictive.

Gameplay: Several play modes exist, such as quick race, season, and career. In quick race, you can race up to 3 of your buddies. This is great fun, but you are the only 4 on the track. This is a shame. Also in multiplayer mode, you do not have the option of getting a rear view mirror or a full in car view.

There are so many things that can be changed in the game it is unbelievable. AI strength, race length, damage, tire wear, caution flags, display perfect line, and speed compensation. Those are just the game settings, and it allows you to be as close or far from the real thing as you want. Then you can make changes on your care. You are free to change whatever the real guys do. For most folks you will be fine if you take the default setup.

This game can be very hard, but when you make the settings to your level, the game is just plain addicting.

Graphics: This is the best-looking NASCAR game I have seen. The level of details on the cars, down to all the decals, is amazing. The tire smoke, tire tracks, infield, grandstands, sun, pits, track surface, fans is a perfect package. The team has done a fantastic job to replicate all the tracks and cars. I wish that somebody would create a NASCAR game for the xbox first and take advantage of its hardware; the graphics would blow us away.

Audio: This is my least favorite part of NASCAR Thunder. I find that the sound is very flat. The engines do not have the feel or sound that it does on TV or at the track. This is by far the worse sounding NASCAR game I have played.

The spotters also get to be annoying. Sure they are helpful to tell you that you are clear or not, but they are very repeatable. Such as you hit a wall 4 times and twice they probably told you either ?this isn?t a demolition derby,? or ?you are not making friends with the guys in the body shop.? They should either have more lines or just not say something every time.

Suggestions: Please write a version with the xbox in mind first. The graphics will be out of this world, plus options such as in car and review mirrors for all humans may be possible. A full 43-car field is also desired when playing multiplayer. System link and/or online play is also a necessity.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: A classic one-player first person shooter that will have you hooked till the end. Max Payne is a cop who is framed for the murder of his own family. Now he must get revenge while avoiding getting caught or killed.

This was a very short game; I believe I beat it in like 12 hours. It does have other difficulty settings, but that is not enough for me. A multiplayer deathmatch would have been sweet in this game.

Gameplay: The controls are the same as Halo, which I believe will be a standard for FPS games on the Xbox. Max has the ability to use bullet time. The process slows everything down. It allows you to dodge bullets coming at you and to take out the bad guys with a little more sneaking ability. You have limited bullet time, but it does regenerate after a while. A wide variety of guns can be found during your game play. Some of my favorites include dual uzi?s, and the jackhammer. Max Payne can be healed with Pain killers. These can be found through out the game. Make sure to check every room you can get into to, especially bathrooms.

The game is broken into 3 parts with various numbers of chapters in each part. At the beginning of parts 2 and 3, Max is drugged and has the dreams. These are interludes and they are not fun at all. The first interlude took me forever, as you are walking around in your house trying to find a certain room, but the hallways are long and misleading. This was very frustrating.

One thing that seemed odd was that the hardest area of the game was at the end of part one. So many bad guys came at me it was crazy. You know when they give you 8 painkillers you are in trouble. The very end scene was a piece of cake after fight the battle in part 1.

Graphics: Graphics are very nice, however they could have been better as this is a pc port. Frame rates on more than a few occasions were very poor. But usually it was do to several explosions and you were really not fighting at the time anyway.

The faces on all the characters looked pretty real, but they seemed to wrap around the heads in a odd kind of way, but at the same time it looked good.

Animations, such as walking and raising an arm to shoot a gun seemed to be a little square and mechanical to me.

Even with these complaints, I felt the graphics were very good.

Audio: I have said it before, and I will say it again; 5.1 for a fps is completely awesome. It is the only way to have games. Sound was balanced and the gunfire was realistic.

Suggestions: Make the game longer, and add a multiplayer.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: Microsoft shinned once again when it bought Bungie studios. They have produced a top-notch fps game. Halo is simply outstanding. It has a great single player and a well-rounded multiplayer. This game will suck you and you won?t be able to put the controller down.

The single player game boats 4 difficulty settings, and actually allows the story mode to be played with a friend. If you don?t want to play the single player then up to 4 xboxs and 16 people can enjoy multiplayer. CTF, slayer, king of the hill, snipers, rockets, and a few others are part of the lineup. Two of the maps even let you use vehicles such as the warthog, ghost, and scorpion tank.

Gameplay: If you love first person shooters, then you must get Halo. Better yet, if you buy and Xbox and don?t get Halo you should be put in jail. This title is a must for everyone.

After playing fps on computers for years, the controls took me about 30 minutes to get use to. Those 30 minutes seemed to last an eternity, but then once I saw the light of day, there was no stopping me.

Halo is an outcast from other fps, as you can only car 2 guns and some grenades. This is such a switch from games such as unreal tournament where you can carry up to 9 guns that are massive. Some people don?t like this about halo, but it is truer to what a real marine would be doing. This forces you to be more selective about what weapons you carry. When you kill enemies, you are free to exchange one of your guns for there?s. The plasma guns and grenades are powerful and are a nice change from the marine weapons.

Graphics: The graphics in the game are top notch. Frame rates are very smooth and consistent expect for a very few spots where many explosions take place. The frame rates in the coop do slow down a little more but most of the time it is very smooth.

Audio: A fps with 5.1, ahh it is like a dream come true. It really pumps you up when the music starts blaring, and the covenant are dropping like flies while the sound is buzzing all around you.

Suggestions: The multiplayer needs to have AI bots. More multiplayer maps with vehicles and more total maps would also be a nice addition.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Azurik: Rise of Perathia

Overall: This is one great game. People either love it or hate it, but it definitely doesn?t deserve the review bashing it got in the OXM. This game is a called an action adventure game. It has a hack and slash element while also delivering challenging puzzles. Those puzzles range from very easy to very hard. Some of them have you kick yourself after you solve them because you realize the clues around you that you didn?t pick up on. The developers did a wonderful job with this game, especially since they didn?t have the final development hardware till a few months before the game was done.

Another great feature of this game is the length. It has about 80 hours of gameplay or so in it. This can also very somewhat depending if you use a walkthrough and how well you do on the puzzles. It takes a long time even if you use a walkthrough, you will get your money out of this game, which is a refreshing change.

The one thing that most people don?t do when they play this game is to give it some time. It takes awhile before the game is really interesting. I would say you have to play it for at least 6 hours to give it a fair shake. After that, you will be sucked and addicted.

Gameplay: Controls on this game seem weird at the beginning; especially with the camera view, but after some time it becomes second nature. While you search for the elemental disc to help restore Perathia, you require your elementarily powers. The four powers: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, each have 3 levels. These powers can be combined to create other powers with your Axion (weapon). Such as Fire and Water form steam. These powers are used to beat the many creatures that you will encounter throughout the game. They also will open up locked areas of the game.

The save platforms where sometimes scattered far apart. This frustrated me when you would die and had completed a lot of the game, only to do it again. I ended up using the save anywhere cheat. Be careful not to use this cheat on moving platforms though. Monsters re-spawned once you came back from a save point, this was tedious at times.

Graphics: Azurik is a beautiful game. The graphics are very impressive for being a launch title and having so little time on the final development hardware.

Audio: Sound for the game is rich. The music that accompanies the game is very good; my only complaint is there are times when no music is playing for an extended amount of time.

Suggestions: More save platforms is a must. A new approach to how the monsters are re-spawned. I can understand if something is opened up that new creatures are there, but creatures already destroyed should stay dead.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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