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Area 51

Overall: What happens when you mix Halo 2 and DOOM 3 with some Breakdown? Area 51. In this game you play a Spec Ops guy sent to find a disturbance in the mysterious Area 51. Once inside you find a virus that has mutated people to zombie-esk aliens. It doesnt take long till the main character to get infected. As the infection spreads, Cole (the main character), struggles between human and alien form. As Cole transforms, something contacts him, and tells him there's a cure...

Gameplay: Simple, Left analog is move, right is aim, left trigger is secondary fire, right is regular, Y is switch, A is jump, X is action, B is gernade, left analog click is crouch, right is melee. Yea sounds stupid, but later in the game you'll love it. The game is scary at times, with zombies popping out and soldiers shooting. Lots of weapons here, Pistol, Assault rifle (auto duel weild), Shotgun (auto duel weild), Plasma Rifle (the shots stick then go BOOM! they shoot at 3 shot bursts), and the BBG (works like a BFG in doom 3, u shoot it and it electricutes everything around.. This game is amazing when it starts, and falls short at the end..

Graphics: Amazing, the 4 good quality cutscenes (8 min long. each.) Lots of in game cutscenes though, in the middle especially. Awsome explosions, in alien form, bad guys stick out. They are a flourescent red, it looks like they glow.

Audio: BOOM! is that good enough? With voices like David Decomvy and Marlin Manson. Where can this game go wrong. OK lots of places... but did it? NO.

Suggestions: WHY??? Such amazing build up on story, then at the end... no more infection? C'mon guys... In the first few levels this game is BETTER than HALO 2(yes i did just say that.) But at the end... the usual Xfiles ending. The whole game up until the end of the middle seemed Eerie in a scense that I actually said "Damn, this can be true" - then at the end its too far fetched. BTW i love the BBG, and the plasma rifle.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Batman: Dark Tomorrow

Overall: This game is ok, not the best but its enough to please me (a batman fan since 3yrs) The cut scenes really go with the classic batman.. I already beat the game and i feel i could give a more precise score than others so... The game is amusing, though they do not give you a training level at all, on the rooftop level you have to learn the hard way that you cannot walk accross roof to roof, you have to use the batcable...

Gameplay: Good gameplay, the bosses take brains to beat. And the tecnique for each boss always changes, this game is always fun... (that is if you catch on to the glitches, and use them to your advantage. By glitches i mean to cuff then save.. so when you return you will have full health and the person is cuffed, its cheap but it gets the job done.)

Graphics: Its great... cut scenes are perfect and catch the moment. During gameplay its good, but not perfect... cause the game does not play bright colors well.

Audio: Im impressed, the Voice overs in the cut scenes go in perfectly. During gameplay sound isn't that important...

Suggestions: I loved the flying level where i didn't know what was in front of me... I wana drive in the Batmobile and BatJet if there is a sequel... BTW, robin died in the comic, and where the heck is NightWing... Also I wana fight the Riddler, cause he was mentioned in a letter during the game... i thought he was after the joker.. I was dissapointed with that one bit..

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 State of Emergency

Overall: Its exactly like the PS2 version, but it has multiplayer. This game is addictive, and very offencive to parents. its gory, and has a bunch of codes (good for me :) )

Gameplay: Its mission based, if you like GTA3 then you'll be a fan of this. its easy to beat. But it has many gametypes to keep you buizy. From Kaos mode where you kill all to Last Clone standing, where you kill the clones in a certain amount of time. But its all te same as PS2.

Graphics: The grafix are slightly upgraded from the PS2 version, The sound of people screaming does get annoying.

Audio: As i said before, the screams are very annoying, but other than that its prittey much ok. The weapons sound like weapons. But if you played the PS2 version you'll notice its the same...

Suggestions: O.K. so you added Multi, rite? So, why no Live!? Cause it could have made this game sooo much better.. And why no new weapons... this is just a port with multi...

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Enter the Matrix

Overall: Well, what can i say.. it shows Matrix Reloaded from the point of view of Niobe and Ghost. Its an awsome game since bullet time is finally used by its creators.

Gameplay: Awsome, some levels keep you glued for hours like "Smith's Trap" and it captures the runnning bit of the original Matrix. Weapons are great, no flaws...

Graphics: The cut scenes w/ characters arent too great, but the ones w/ actors ROCK!! During Gameplay characters look awsome.

Audio: Matrix music... its a lil different from the movie, the beat keeps you in the game and not board when its quiet. It changes when you see agents and so forth.. But it all seems VERY MOVIE Quality.

Suggestions: More multiplayer, other than that exelent game.. i already beat it as Ghost, im now playing as Niobe..

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Whacked!

Overall: Well this game is for people who wana just have fun, the multi is cool, and its live compatable so if u have live and are really bored with thought consuming games get this...

Gameplay: Gameplay is simple you can collect stars [Combat], kill eachother [Fragfest], hold a trofy for a certain amount of time [Grab N' Run], Stand in a certain spot fo a few minutes [King of the Hill], Play Dodgeball w/ a certain amount of lives [Dodge Ball], Kill chickens and collect their stars [Chicken]... and play all of these except Dodge Ball and Chicken (Chicken is 1 player) on LIVE

Graphics: The grafics on this game are really good... They are cartoony but not cell shaded. Characters are... well, unique...

Audio: Sound for the levels fit perfectly, The characters saying the same thing over and over when they die may get annoying (ex. Charity: "My Pretty dress is all dirty")

Suggestions: Great game, a lot of replay in this game... i cant wait for Whacked 2! and i'll be shure to get it...

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: This is an OK game, the game has a good story and has potential, but it lacks good grafics. The idea of bullet timing is pure geneus.

Gameplay: Gameplay is good... and the bullet timing helps this game excell. The game play is in 3rd person view, and this is a strategy game. (Just what the XBOX needs, strategy games.)

Graphics: Wait... is this my N64? No!? What the... The grafics are Nintendo grafics... the company i hate the most. The grafics look bad in but scenes and faces look like they were painted on in a flat demention.

Audio: Sound is good, though i wasn't paying attention to it much. Well sound is just sound, it's not like the bullets sound like someone poped something... the sound is just rite.

Suggestions: Make the grafics better, much better. Other than that, keep it up.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Jet Set Radio Future

Overall: These controls stink! The controls for the game are horrible... I dont know what is so good about this game that everyone likes. I mean its cell shaded (which looks cool but the game play just kills it.)

Gameplay: The gameplay is B-A-D, BAD. The gameplay is boaring and u have to be a geneous to figure out what to do... the only thing thats good in this is the multiplayer.

Graphics: The visuals are ok, but its the easyest type of grafics. So it just takes away... i sereously dont recommend this game.

Audio: Sound is ok, the background music is ok, but it needs more than just sound. It needs some rock, rap, and mabe pop... cause those tunes are boarding after a while.

Suggestions: EVERYTHING!!! Change it all for the better!

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: I love this game. This game is a Bash-em-up game that u kill zombies in. The game has a good story and im planning on getting it. Even though this is my review. I can already tell that i will play this over and over.

Gameplay: Awsome, everything is perfect. When too many zombies are around then u can use magic and take all the guys out.

Graphics: Grafics are perfect, there is a perfect camera angle so everything is visible. This game can be easily compared with Resident Evil on grafics.

Audio: Sound is good, but not perfect. Some cut scenes sound like a deaf person was saved and a lisp is there.

Suggestions: Make it LAN compatible... so if u dont got 4 friends over u can play w/ some1 online.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: This is a must have for all XBOX gamers, even if you dont like first person shooters. This game just rulez. BTW... HALO: The Fall of Reach is the best book i've ever read. i strongly suggest getting both.

Gameplay: Gameplay is awsome. The action keeps on going and going. There are parts in the game that the action is so hard, that there are 50 covenant and 30 of the flood are all fighting eachother and you. And thats on Easy difficulty.

Graphics: The grafix sometimes get jaggies, but theres soo much action that you cant notice it. The grafix are a lil bad during cut scenes (in the 1st one especially... when some guy is typen something, his fingers aint moven and Commander Keyes' face looks like it was glued on.

Audio: Sound is awsome, and it sometimes saves your life. Since Banshees make a loud sound you would know when they are on you before its too late.

Suggestions: In the next one make the covenent tank avalable for access. And make an upgrade through OXM!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Fuzion Frenzy

Overall: This game is a party game that does basically everything. From crashing into ur opponents to Bashing them down with a hammer. But i dont like it cause there's only 1 minigame i like.

Gameplay: Gameplay is ok when u play the A.I. but the A.I. is very cheap in this game. Its so cheap that it would kick you wile ur still down.

Graphics: Grafix are good, but a lil but to zoomed out so grafix gets lost, but when it zooms in its good, but when ur actually are playing ur guy is the size of an ant.

Audio: Sound? There was sound, woops sorry i was to busy getting beat up by the A.I... The sound is ok, but it doesn't warn u or anything.

Suggestions: Make it Zoomed in more, not all gamers have Microscopes u know...

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: This game is a MUST HAVE!!! Dead or Alive 3 is the best fighing game for the XBOX, no questions asked. My only problem with it is that its too darn easy.

Gameplay: The gameplay is ok, but too easy. This game can be mastered in a week. It can be beaten in 3 hours or less if you are good.

Graphics: The visuals are undoubtedly the best i've ever seen. The characters look great. If u zoom in close enough you can actually see nails on the girls.

Audio: Sound is great, sometimes the characters say the same things during the begining of the rounds. The sound is so good that you can hear the floor break when you smash someone into a tile.

Suggestions: Make LAN tournaments. Make a royal Rumble. And make the game a lil bit harder.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Blood Wake

Overall: I really like this game. Blood Wake has good gfx, good sound, and its a great multiplayer game.

Gameplay: Gameplay is great, takes a while to get used to but its still great. There are different boats to choose from and they all havemachine guns :)

Graphics: Hmm... Well the grafix are good, but with so much action its hard to notice anything bad. The waves in the water apply with the phisics of the game nicely.

Audio: Sound is soo good that one time i thought there was a thunderstorm outside, but it was really me playing my friend in the "Storm" Difficulty.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath Of Cortex

Overall: This game is not good, if u already have the PS2 version i dont suggest getting it for fur shading. This game could be much more better.

Gameplay: Gameplay is hard because of the camra views. Sometimes to dont see where you are going. And when you are running from some guys the view even gets worse since you are in a rush

Graphics: The grafix are good for XBOX, but could be much, much, more better. I think they should have done more to the XBOX version, other than just adding fur.

Audio: Sound is the same as all the other Crash Bandicoot games. So its not that different than the others. other than the fur, but thats not sound...

Suggestions: Get a new idea, make the camra angles move w/ some controls... The originals were good for their consoles, so make is good for the XBOX.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: I love this game.... w-o-w im thinking a comparison with GTA3 is possible with this game... but Morrowind is greatly better than GTA3 though.

Gameplay: Morrowind is very open ended... easy to loose yourself in, and easy to get into trouble in (since if u press A u steal something.)

Graphics: GFX are good, a little jaggy sometimes, but the action makes it hard to notice. The ground is plain. The sky looks like it will rain. and the water looks awsome.

Audio: Sound is OK, but sometimes it sounds freaky. Cause lets say there is a guard up stairs, you would be able to hear the clamping of his boots against the floor. It sounds rather scary than amusong... but i like that.

Suggestions: Hmmm. Is a multiplayer out of the question? Cause i find the guards hard to kill and i want their armor, bad... (hmm the soldiers in Balmora have nice armor... I WANT IT!)

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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