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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Overall: Ultimate Alliance is a Marvel comic fans dream (or nightmare). The original Ultimate Alliance had a pretty basic beat-em-up style game formula we've all seen before. It showcased hero's and villains popular and barely-heard-of alike, fighting off against each other to save the world once again.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 expands upon this formula. Unfortunately for Activision, expanding on an already mundane surface will give you, well, a slightly less unimaginative experience, but still a lack-luster game. However, if you are a huge marvel fan, or new to the genre, MUA2 will bring you enough enjoyment to beat the game once or twice and then some.

The story starts off with a secret government mission led by Nick Fury and our popular bad@!%#*! superheros (Wolverine, Iron man, Spider man, Captain America) launching an @!%#*!ault on an enemy castle. The villains in turn retaliate by destroying and killing innocent humans in an act of terrorism. Now who is to blame for this? Has society had enough of masked super humans parading around doing as they please? Bluntly put, yes, and a bill is put in place to insure all superhero's register with the government and essentially become their puppets. Naturally, superhero's with a bit more aggression and attitude rebel against the act, while those more publicly known already try to enforce it. This is where you decide if you want to rebel against the act, or agree to help catch those who don't register (giving you great reason to beat the game twice). What we're left with is a hero vs hero vs villain vs ??? kind of situation. This proves to be a clever storyline as it widely opens up the usual formula of good vs evil, to perceived right vs wrong and pits typical hero's against each other in a battle of freedom.

Gameplay: Those new to the series can expect 4-player shared screen coop, where each player can be any superhero they wish. (Sorry, not many villains are playable this go around, MUA3?) It is then a leveling up system, and you are allowed to upgrade your character's attributes. Unfortunately it was difficult to really notice the improvements an extra skill point had, and often it's just as good to let the computer auto-@!%#*!ign points anyway. The other RPG element is the use of badges which can be found hidden throughout levels, or obtained from defeating bosses. Three can be equipped at a time, and clever use of arranging them throughout the game on harder difficulties is mandatory.

Each type of enemy has a certain weakness and immunity, and these weaknesses need to be exploited (this is only necessary when on the game's hardest difficulty, when playing on normal you can be anyone). This is where badges will become useful for each character, as you can equip "+6 fire damage" on fire-based hero's or "+4 damage on each attack" to fast melee hero's.

A new element to MUA2 is "fusion" attacks, which allows two hero's to team up and unleash a devastating attack. They come in 3 forms: clear, guided, and targeted, depending on which two characters you perform a fusion with. Clear is used with many enemies, guided is used with a few stronger enemies, and targeted is used for single damage on bosses. For the most part, I was impressed with the attacks until they started repeating themselves with different characters. For example: Thing picks up a giant piece of the ground and holds it in the air; with Human Torch he lights it on fire, with Gambit he embeds explosive cards in it, and with Iceman, he freezes it. Thing then proceeds to throw the rock for targeted damage. I would have liked to see different animations for each character, not the same one with a different color. If Activision is going to boast about over 200 different fusion attacks, make them unique.

The characters are supposed to all be "balanced", yet there are m@!%#*!ive distinct advantages to choosing a select few, with some emphasis on variety of team (strongman, magic caster, regenerator, area of effect caster, etc). You can swap out characters at any time, but doing so tended to ruin the pace and flow of the game. You will have to go through many, many weaker enemies throughout a level to reach a boss, which takes the form of one or two boss characters. 4 superheros then proceed to gang up on the enemy in a clear, unmatched battle. I would have loved to see a 4 on 4, where strategy and working together was necessary and prevailed over taking turns hitting the boss in the back.

The game also attempts to use a "choose your response" mechanic where you can choose to be aggressive, defensive, or diplomatic when asked a question. I liked the idea, but there really is no advantage to choosing one over the other, and the characters treat you the same regardless of what you choose. What could have been a great idea if implemented correctly, fell up short.

Graphics: MUA2's visuals are better than it's predecessor, but I'm still left wanting better. For a Marvel fan seeing these epic events unfold is a dream come true, but the lack of awe-inspiring visuals tones it down. Instead, we're left with the bare-minimum visuals I've come to expect from a next-gen console game. The cut scenes were often intriguing and entertaining, but again, the game offers nothing new and feels very similar to ultimate alliance 1.

Audio: For the most part, the sound work was done decent when analyzed individually. The voice acting is satisfactory for each character, but you won't recognize any of the big shot voices we're beginning to come accustom to. Some of your best attacks always have a certain sound to them when they are used, and it is often useful to use a single attack over and over in a situation. This can become an extremely annoying situation, where the game becomes a mumbled collaboration of increasingly annoying attacks from each character. This combined with the repeated character sayings became a problem as I advanced in the game. It reached a point where I had to switch out my favorite character due to not being able to stand the audio any longer.

I have spent the majority of the review criticizing the game for its faults (though there are many), instead of praising the cooperative fun factor. If you take the game for what it’s worth, you will have fun playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 with some friends. With many unlockables and collectibles in the game (including hundreds of recordings, character bios, marvel facts, costumes, etc), true fans will find something to love here. For everyone else, it may be worth a look as I wasn’t too disappointed with the end result, and I’m not a huge Marvel fan.

Overall Score: 6.8 / 10 Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

Overall: Hot on the heels of 2004's "Escape from Butcher Bay" comes the sequel to the series @!%#*!ault on Dark Athena, which drops us in to yet another adventure with our good friend Rid@!%#*!. The game takes place after Escape from Butcher Bay, where Rid@!%#*! has escaped in a ship and has been captured by a giant merc ship known as the Dark Athena. All Rid@!%#*! wants is to get off the ship, all the ship's leader wants is Rid@!%#*!'s head for a healthy payday. It's a cl@!%#*!ic story of "leave me alone or I'll kill everything you've worked for" and doesn't disappoint. For those new to the franchise, the game plays as a stealth action first person shooter. The dark and Rid@!%#*!s ability to see in it will be the bread and butter of most of the game. The familiar play style has not changed too much, however, more emphasis has been put on shooting as opposed to stealth-play.

Along with Dark Athena, a visually remastered copy of Escape from Butcher Bay comes with the game. The game has been graphically enhanced with much better looking light and shadow effects, along with environment details. The game has a lot of the levels looking pretty bland and similar, so the boost makes it a bit more engaging in an otherwise lacking experience with today's standards.

Apart from the 2 campaigns (which will run you about 13 hours) comes the multiplayer mode. You have capture the flag and standard deathmatch, which bring nothing to the table in terms of originality or fun factor. You won't want to play too much of the multiplayer. The only original facet that works with the game is Pitch Black mode which pits players as mercs (mercenaries) in a completely dark room. One player plays as Rid@!%#*! (who we know can see in the dark), and the others try and hunt him down. It is interesting in its own right, but will not bring much excitement to the average gamer.

Gameplay: The game is played from first person, and utilizes mostly melee combat. The melee is well done, and on multiple occasions (especially in Butcher Bay) you will be using just your fists. It can be challenging at times, but once perfected proves to be a very brawltastically fun aspect of the game. To the timid gamer, a variety of melee weapons are at Rid@!%#*!s disposable, with the most memorable and effective being Rid@!%#*!'s Ulak's (see game cover). The run and gun aspect is also available to the game, but on many occasions will leave Rid@!%#*! close to dead. The life system is a combination of regeneration and life packs, where if you take enough damage one of your life ticks will be fully depleted and never regenerate. Because of this system, in many cases the game is a stealth shooter, where enemies are neutralized from the safety of the shadows. Right when you're sick and tired of sneaking around all the time, the game throws in a heavy run and gun part of a level where Rid@!%#*! will remotely control a Drone of significant power. This is effective in keeping the game fresh, everybody needs a little m@!%#*! carnage once in awhile.

Graphics: The light and shadow effects in this game have been very well done, and in a great way add to an otherwise ho-hum experience. The levels look mostly the same throughout the game, with absolutely no bright colors. Even the outdoor levels look brown or grey with nothing vividly capturing my attention. The character models didn't impress me as much as they did in 2004 with Butcher Bay. These aren't the kind of graphics we should expect from today's great games. There isn't a tremendous amount of detail put into the ship or environment, and really makes for a dragging experience. I found myself really hoping to get out of different areas because I was bored with the textures, only to be dropped into a similar one later. I was impressed with the scratch marks left on walls after Rid@!%#*! used his Ulak's, and this proved on a few occasions to be useful as markers in some confusing areas.

Audio: It isn't often that a Hollywood actor can transition into a successful video game franchise and be praised by fans alike. Vin Diesel's voice acting is powerful in dropping the gamer into the role as Rid@!%#*!. He doesn't talk too much, but you always listen to what he has to say as it proves valuable to listen. The one liners are both funny and cold-hearted, which really makes for engaging cut scenes once Rid@!%#*! gets his revenge. After all, "In the end, everybody bleeds the same..." The voices of the mercs also prove valuable in making them villainous, and propel us into this harsh world. The voice-acting is top notch, and the sounds of cutting down an enemy don't disappoint. My only complaint is the sound of the shotgun and @!%#*!ault rifle, which leaves no satisfaction.

Suggestions: I realize it's a dark and harsh world in the story, but the visuals and level design really brought down the game. I still enjoyed it thoroughly, but probably won't play through it again because of the boring level design.

The multiplayer was something fans asked for, and it really doesn't connect too well.

Overall Score: 7.9 / 10 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Overall: It isn't often a game franchise can alter it's setting and underlying story to something completely different, and succeed. Previous COD games were old fashioned, re-creating battles fought in World War 2 and beyond. We had a slightly fictional, yet believable and realistic, understanding of parts of the war. The look of guns, uniforms, and the ever trembling call to serve your country. It worked, but history can only be told so many times before you become bored. A truly fictional plot and feel needed to be devised to keep the series fresh and interesting. Welcome to Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat. The game puts us in present day, with the latest weaponry available to the professional teams of Britain (S.A.S) and America (U.S.M.C.). The story has a familiar theme to games like Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon. A civil war is occuring in the middle east and Russia, ultranationalists and their leaders threaten American safety with nukes ahoy. Familiar ideas from other squad based shooters are present, but COD4 has a few perks that seperates the boys from the men.

The amount of action in call of duty is breathtaking. Never have there been so many enemies to kill with a threat behind each corner. You constantly feel at danger and extremely "in" the war. You aren't some Rambo one-man machine, however. At your side are your very smart squad mates, who cover your back and display extremely professional traits. You'll be glad you have these guys when you see the enemy ai, as well. Prepare to be flanked, flushed out, and overrun. Not to mention the hundreds of RPG's you'll find on many, many enemies. These guys aren't just trying to win a war of attrition, they're smart and deadly.

You feel like a part of a bigger war in this game. Although the highest priority missions sit on your shoulders, you will find other firefights occuring throughout the game without you. Along with air strikes and helicoptor support, this is a m@!%#*!ive scale battle. The game also tries to put you into the mind of the character. You'll find to be near death and dazed often, barely walking multiple times. You need to do what you can to pull yourself together, or your mission will fail. When you take heavy fire the screen pulses your heartbeat and heavy breathing can be heard. It works well to give a more personable feel.

The game has enough side missions to keep your attention throughout the game. It's not all run and gun, there are several specialized missions. Can you make a long range snipe, having to take wind into account? How about supplying the boys enemy with chain gun fire or the devestating effects of 102mm rounds on unsuspecting enemies below? The weaponry in the game is very advanced, a breath of fresh air from previous COD games.

The multiplayer is similar to campaign and well done compared to COD3. I hate to compare games, but it is similar to Halo 3's matchmaking system, but has it's unique counterparts. This makes it a lot easier to find games with your friends. The game also features a fully custamizable "create your character" option, aside from physical appearance.

Gameplay: The game isn't a complete overhaul on previous call of duty games. The button scheme will be right at home, smooth sailing for any fps veteran. A few extra features are thrown in, though, to mix things up a bit. Firstly, very advanced weaponry. Most weapons have attached lazer scopes allowing supreme accuracy, but you still look down your iron sights putting you, the gamer, deeper into the game. Tank disposal is also a lot less frustrating. By using the "javelin" missile you can lock on to tanks from behind cover, and shoot the missile into the sky. It will track and destroy your target, easing several headaches from difficult missions. You have flashbangs, night vision, huge air support. A lot of things are available to mix things up.

The actual gameplay works well. With the familiar crouch, prone, stand system accessible through one button. Grenades can be primed, or thrown back at enemies. There is plenty of cover you will be forced to take. However, not all cover is good cover. This works for you, and against you. Flimsy walls, boxes, all can be shot directly through to inflict pain. Cars will explode when fired upon, and a few explosives are scattered about. Luckily, you have a sprint button to find and get to the right cover asap.

Looking down your iron sights still works beautifully and smoke screen, flash bangs, and grenades are easily usable through a single button. You now have your trusty knife, which you can use to stealth kill enemies or slash them from the front. You also need it to kill the vicious dogs your enemies have trained to attack you, or your throat will become dog food.

I have a few minor gripes as well. The level's aren't very open ended, mostly linear. Usually consists of following your squad leader through a pre-determined path and doing as he says. Luckily, there is enough diversity to the levels that this doesn't get repetitive, and works well. Another thing is avoiding obstacles when things get tricky. The various trees and small boxes and car rubble all look scalable, but if you try to walk over them you will stop in your tracks. This can get frustrating when trying to leave an area asap, your jumps are small and weak.

The multiplayer's combat is very similar to the campaign, but you will die a lot faster. There is a wide diversity of levels ranging from sniper-favourable to sub-machine run'n'gunners. A lot of different game types are available, too. Cl@!%#*!ic deathmatches and objective based games are available along with many others. However, extra game modes need to be unlocked for multiplayer by achieving a high rank. You rank up based on how many kills you can get in your game life-time. Not only do you unlock game-modes, you unlock some of the best weaponry once you have played enough. Unlockable content in multiplayer is very questionable for the average gamer base. My first game I played with people over 20 levels higher than me, all of whom had some great weapons. This can be frustrating to the newer gamer.

Graphics: Call of Duty 4 has some of the best graphics on the 360 to date. A lot of detail went into most aspects, but it does have minor flaws. The looks of the people you will encounter are very realistic. Blocky facial figures have been rounded, and facial expressions can be seen, as well as the level of detail from scars, stubble, eye color, a lot of things. The guns look very advanced and impressive, along with explosions. Seeing dirt fly out of a missile strike or the shrapnel blown off of a tank is great.

This chapter in the COD saga has recieved a mature rating, un-like it's previous titles. It shows. Headshots will spray a satisfying amount of blood into the area, and enemy reactions to getting a line of fire from nave to chap is great. Very awsome death animations, wherever they are shot at.

The buildings look precisely like buildings. They are detailed and realistic to the point you probably couldn't tell a difference from a picture. There is a lot of texture and colors arrayed across most buildings to give a war torn dirty look.

No doubt the ground, gr@!%#*!, shrubs, and water look good, but not amazingly good. The nature environment is one aspect that could be improved upon. The shrub's stem entering the ground doesn't look top notch, it looks so straight. The ground itself is rich with colors to show dirt or sand, but I don't see gr@!%#*! flowing in the wind, beautiful water, or texture to make sand look truly like sand. It seems like they did everything they could to make any "human" related stuff amazing, but shoved the environment aside. This works, though, in the fact that you will rarely be looking at nature because there are so many enemies to fight.

Audio: It is rare to find such convincing audio in a game these days. As I said before, the developers really tried to put you into the game. The voice acting is some of the best I've seen in a game. Perfect voices were used to display the "bad@!%#*! marine" theme, along with other familiar sterotypes; those that are @!%#*!y, those that are reserved, those that have panick in their voice. You feel very convinced with the image you recieve from these guys, just through their voice. Another thing I really enjoyed was when a huge explosion was made via the "war-plane" others on-board would say humorous phrases, pointing out the level of carnage you just inflicted.

The sound is so important in Call of Duty to get the full experience. Your squad mates will inform you if enemies are trying to flank, and say which way they are coming from. This gives you time to re-adjust your position without getting shot in the side first. Another thing sound does is tell you where enemies are coming from. If you hear a bark of a dog, take a look around your area to listen for where it sounds loudest. This will tell you where they are coming from and allow you to mow them down before entering the "break the dog's neck before it eats your throat" mini-game.

Bullets whizzing by your head sound great, and really get you pumpin'. But perhaps the most used sound of all is the sound of a grenade clinking along the ground, just waiting to blow you apart. Keep your ears open and you can react before it even gets near you. The sounds of explosions, gunfire that gets lowder as you near and enemy cries will have you begging for more. If you hear an enemy yell, and he's nowhere to be seen, get ready to be ambushed.

Suggestions: Campaign:
Give a little more detail to the gr@!%#*! and ground, footprints and waving gr@!%#*! would be nice. Water isn't quite as realistic yet either, look at halo 3's water.
Fix some small rubble stopping you in your tracks problems and don't use the brain to display your dieing, looks a little creepy.
Some of the "dazed walking" scenes may have been prolonged a bit.

Give a ranked and unranked mode. In the unranked mode, allow game types that you have unlocked and weapons to be used. In ranked give everyone a fair shot, everything is unlocked. It is frustrating to start off against people with better gear.

Overall Score: 9.6 / 10 Halo 2

Overall: After many years of anticipation, and delays, after delays, Halo 2 has finally hit. Did it ever finally hit. Halo 2 has to be the best shooter on xbox, or in video games. Period. With enhanced A.I., graphics, game effects, sound and weapons/vehicles, H2 will blow you away.

Gameplay: With halo being a blockbuster hit, halo 2 follows along the same lines, just drastically better. The campaign mode has hit Earth now, as the covenant found the human stronghold. Although, only few times you actually fight on Earth, it is very very fun. A few of the levels are quite similar to halo 1. Such as the ship levels, and other various flood levels. But A LOT of it is very distinct. You will be finding yourself saying many things like man that level with the scorpian kicks !&%$@#* where you take down the scarab. All of the levels are very different and unique. Along with a new unique twists found out early in the game. The enemy A.I. has improved a lot. I now see Elites taking cover behind anything, and jumping up ontop of obsticals to suprise you. I was very impressed also with the way the enemies interact with eachother. All of the little things build up making H2 amazing. Duel wielding, different melee attacks/weapons, changing guns with marines. All this leads up to some very well done gameplay, that along with xbox live, will have you hooked.

Graphics: The visuals Bungie had said were not fully delivered, as framerate with them was atroshish. But the enhanced graphics from halo 1 are definitely great. There are new shading effects, nw detail to the chief and other characters, and a wear and tear look on yourself from battle. Everything visually has been upgraded, like walls, weapons, vehicles and even grenade explosions. Nice. Just not revolutionary.

Audio: There isn't a lot to say about the sound, just that there has been A LOT of phrases recorded into marines, brutes, elites and grunts. There is definitely emotion in all of the voices, and with surround sound, you'll get a nice treat.

Suggestions: There are a few bugs, like grabbing the flag through walls and stuff. Try to fix up all of those bugs and come out with a human melee weapon. For halo 3, don't leave us hanging again. Make it a thrilling climax. Humans=Forerunners?

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Shellshock: Nam '67

Overall: Many companies in the past have overlooked a game based on vietnam, but now, developers can't get enough of it. Shellshock is third person shooter, based on the vietnam war. The story is not accurate to the real war, it just uses the same idea(s). You start off fresh, your young, and you've just been drafted to fight. The first couple minutes of the game your up and fighting the vietnemese. Your a rookie, following your squad leader. As you progress through the game, you earn respect, and start getting a little more attention.....

Gameplay: The control scheme is fairly simple, and you can adjust it right down to each button to personalize your needs. I found it could get very confortable and got easier to change weapons, sprint, etc... While firing your weapon, you must use burst fire to get clean, accurate shots, which is a little bit more realistic. While in game, you earn "chits" which can be used to buy various things at base camp, including !&%$@#* from vietnemese hookers and drugs. Yes there is sex in this game and yes there is drugs. It wouldn't be Nam without the full experience right? You earn chits from completing missions, doing secondary objectives and picking up things you find on the ground. The enemy A.I. can be pretty stupid on easy difficulty, which is too easy and your health always regenerates. So you can take a full bullets, hide for a bit then get back into the action. But if your being mowed down by a mounted machine gun, your toast. You can redo any missions you want to try and get a silver star on all the difficulties, so it has some replay value. Overall, the game could take a serious chunk of time out of your life, but missions are only about 20 minutes alone.

Graphics: Cut scene visuals are top notch. It's what you expect now from the xbox but it really looks great. Especially when your in a boat gunning down hundreds of vietnemese. In game visuals are again, very nice! At the beggining of the game you see what happens when your not careful, as booby traps are planted all throughout the game. Spike pits, trip wires and swinging spikes look just great when you see a poor soldier get it. Which brings up the kills, when an enemy is hit with a grenade, he just flies, and usually lands on his neck and doesn't get up. When the Enemy is shot in the legs, they drop to the ground, but continue firing. There's no honour in going down without a fight! When you shoot an enemy in the arm, they kiss it goodbye. When in the head, the head usually flies right off. Which looks great when you look down to the ground and see a dead soldier with an arm and a leg gone drowning in a pool of blood. Then you see suicide bomber type enemies, and snipers in tree tops. You have to have a pretty sharp eye to see exactly where all your enemies are, which makes it even more fun. The jungle looks pretty good, branches and trees sway in the wind and fold under your feet when running. Nice!

Audio: Booting up the game, the first sound you hear is a spaggeti western type song play. Which is very catchy! It suits a bad boy rebel soldier just itching to kill. When you get into the game, the voice acting is pretty well done. Your seargent has a sturn, disceplined voice, and the war bent soldiers yell with emotion. The guns can sound a little lame, especially the silent types, but the others sound nice. I especially like the enemy AK-47 weapon. Explosions sound good to a degree but could use some work. The vietnemese shout things like, "I kill you G.I" and, "your dead G.I", but it can get pretty repetitive. Especially when the men say it, but when a woman fighting says something like that it cracks me up. They sound more like chipmunks talking with their mouths full of acorns... Everything else is pretty nice though. Cool.

Suggestions: I'd like to see more things done with the chits, maybe they could unlock a minigame or something from Deuce smuggling in a game. Or using the hookers should make your character happy, which affects his figthing skills, if he's sad, he'll shoot worse, but if he's happy, he'll be able to pick anything off. Make the grenades sound better, I'd like to hear a grenade blow up, followed by a tree crackling then falling down....

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Sudeki

Overall: Using a mix of hack em up slasher, first person shooter, and rpg, this game is very unique. Each character has different personalities and skills that can be used to kill enemies, but ranged weapons will be used most by the player. For the enemy does a better job of keeping alive with a melee character. The game has beautiful well thought out environments, and great graphics. The sound can be a little lame but its enjoyable. There isn't A LOT of quests, but there is a few side ones. But the side quests have nothing to do with slaying an enemy, it's mostly picking up valuables and giving them in bulk to the people for florians (money) or various other items.

Gameplay: The characters, Tal, one of the kingdoms finest guards with an attitude of being the greatest. Buki, a woman with animal characteristics, and a protector of her land of Shadani-Mo. Ailish, the Princess of Hiskilia and also one of the finest magicians in the land. Then Elco, the head scientist and the brains behind creating a machine to protect all of the lands. The story, isn't really engaging, but has some great moments of interest. You run around, from world, to realm, to dungeon looking for crystals to power the shield that Elco is trying to build. The enemies, known as Aklorians attack the kingdom, and that is why a shield is trying to be built. It is a pretty boring, useless story at first but as you prgress around ten hours you finally find out what's really going on in the world of Sudeki. I'll leave that for you to find out, but believe me when I say it gets better. Now, for the attacking, Elco and Ailish are ranged warriors who when in battle enter first person view to fire guns and/or magic. This is what you will be using the most. Tal and Buki both use third person and are melee fighters. The combos are fairly simple three button combinations that require some timing. A nice feature is the ability to control how the A.I. reacts. You can tell them to attack without thoughts on defending, retreat, which is basically running away while always blocking, and then defend, which is a mix of the two. While walking around, or exploring it is all third person. But as soon as you enter battle weapons become raised and you don't put them away until all enemies around you have been destroyed. Battle are ALWAYS fought in large open areas, so it's easy to maneuver. Experience is gained for defeating enemies, and completing quests. Once a new level has been reached by getting enough experience, you can pick an upgrade which can be chosen from health, power, magic power, essence or a new skill strike. Magic power is used to perform skill strikes that create devastating effects on enemies, or healing effects on allies. There isn't a lot of replay value in this except for useless side quests, but the game itself is around 15 - 20 hours long (depending on side quests done and time spent levelling up).

Graphics: The cut scenes are very nice and well done. The kingdom is full of light and beauty and has very nice details in trees, walls and even the armour of the warriors. While in game, the visuals and exceptionally well done, except for the lame deaths of enemies. Killing an enemy, usually results in his whole body exploding with blood and bones everywhere, regardless of how you attacked it. That isn't very well done, I wanna see heads being chopped off or even a big hole through the body from the plasmatic ray of the pistol!, instead of the same repetitive thing over and over. But everything else looks just great. You can find broken down carriages everywhere, a bunch of crates and barrels just waiting to be broken for the goodies inside, which looks pretty cool being done. The way the skill strikes are concieved looks great. The enemies while doing a skill strike, still slowly move while you make a chant and a little dance to summon something great, which always looks good in an rpg, again resulting in the same exploding body. While in the "light" world I see fluffy white clouds and blue in the sky, but in the "dark" world you notice dark clouds and twisted skies with lost souls roaming the lands. Very nice touch of diversity between the worlds.

Audio: A great deal of effort went into the sound of Sudeki. Every villager you speak to has a different voice and speaks as the subtitles roll. I love listening to them instead of reading all the time. The voices have some emotion and effort put into them, especially in Tal. Ailish has a cute little British (I'm guessing) accent, which suits her looks. I like the differences between the voices of all four characters. Buki has a husky, animal like voice to show she means business. Elco has the snobby scientist voice with what seems like a french type accent. But, there is some flaws in this voice acting. It's kind of like an, "all your base are belong to us" type thing. Sometimes you hear a sentence that just doesn't make sense and could use a few more words. This shouldn't be done on the xbox. But I'm liking the sounds of the ranged weapons, and the slashing which can explode enemies with a, you know gushing blood sound. Nice touch of maturity in there and there are a few swears.

Suggestions: A little longer of a game. Try to fix those bugs in the sentences. The side quests should involve some assination of monsters or something that terrorize a village, instead of fetching items.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tenchu: Return from Darkness

Overall: Being an import from the ps2 version I knew I would like this game. But is it really better than the ps2 version? The answer is yes, the game is very similar to the first, Tenchu: Stealth Assasins. It features the same characters, pretty much the same weapons, and the same style of fighting. Well, it is almost too similar, the only thing really changed is the graphics, xbox live cooperative or versus mode (and story of coarse)

Gameplay: Well, the controls are pretty basic, A is jump or more often used, "double jump". X is the standord slash, or stealth move. Y is to use the selected weapon and B is to block. Pretty easy to use button configuration but is, very standord. The right trigger puts the camera behind your character (which by the way moves painfully slow), The standord left thumbstick moves your character and other helpful (but not absolutely needed) buttons are available for maps and such. I found that it was easy to change items with the directional pad, and to use the grappling hook to reach high destinations which by the way are key in this game. The camera angles can be annoying at some times, but with practise you can figure out how to use them properly. It is very easy to perform a stealth kill, but to get close enough to the person to do so is a challenge. Which is why dropping down on people from roofs is key. The only real, "killing and fighting" portion of the game that is bad is the head to head fighting. Sure, its easy to block and slash the air but actually performing these moves on guys is hard! You have a very small range with your primary weapon so you have to get close. It doesn't run very smoothly at all and can often have you throwing the controller at (breakable) objects. For example: Try playing the level, you are being very sneaky and conserving your items. You finally get to a boss, which is after about an hour of stealth killing. You start fighting him, he gets one combo on you and your already half dead (or more) You get him down to 9 health, then with one cheap move, he kills you. Oh and by the way, you can only save between levels not after missions. YOU NOW HAVE TO START THE LEVEL ALL OVER!!! Very frustrating at times.

Graphics: Gee, I was really hoping it was gonna shine big time here but it doesn't. The visuals seem like high quality ps1 graphics! Similar to the first Tenchu but more fine lines and quality. The graphics still are good but even in cut scenes it needs work! I was not impressed here. The only thing that looks good is the stealth kills. They look cool and awsome but the blood can even seem more like a gas floating into the air...The graphics are playable but it's nothing special here!

Audio: On the start menu, the music sounded pretty cool, but as soon as I started hitting start and selecting my game modes it started hurting my ears! Well, sort of. I believe they are trying to make a cool sound of swords clanging together but it sounds more like an ear peircing screech of a sacred bat or something IMO. But to get on to the game....When going head to head, you here the voice of your character. The voice is very weak! A very fake emotion is present, as well with the guards who if spot you shout, "NINJA" then they blow their whistle and start fighting you. While hitting a blocking enemy it sounds horrible! Gee, they really did mess up the sound here. Also, after awhile of hearing some sort of repetive ninja music and footsteps that sound loud, not like a ninja at all!

Suggestions: Just fix up the sound and graphics and head to head fighting.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Ninja Gaiden

Overall: Wow, it's finally here, and when it got here it kicked some ass! WOW, this game is amazing. Everything about it is good! Very good! Not only do you get to play the xbox version of ninja can unlock the 3 previous ninja gaidens for extra play...yippee! read below for more details.

Gameplay: An action gamers dream. A game THAT IS 100 % action. Nonstop fighting, but in with that is thrown puzzles, with more fighting and an exciting story! The story keeps you wanting more. The combos want you with more which by the way require skill not button mashing. You wont believe the insane combos you can do! Controls are perfect and quick fingers are needed! As well with some brains :)

Graphics: Well, I don't really like giving out FULL marks in games but this comes close. I'd say the visuals are the only thing that really, don't deserve perfect marks. The cut scenes are simply amazing, just wonderful looks like something coming from the animatrix :)....but what I really look at is in-game visuals. Sure Ryu looks great, the environment looks great and the enemies look great but its not perfect. Ive noticed a couple walls with nothing on them but grey. But some walls and other things are full of color and life. Overall, the visuals should be getting a 5.8

Audio: The sound is great. The first level, I got intimidated by the first boss, looked pretty tough and was pretty tough. The voice actijng of him just had me pumped to kick his ass! The sound of waterfalls, enemies screaming, gun fire, even the twang of the bow, or whatever sound it makes. It all sounds great!

Suggestions: Come on guys I was dissapointed with the live! All there is is leaderboards as far as I know. I wanna play other ninjas! Or play some coop.....

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Overall: Well this game has mnay characters and many different moves. You pick your character and start to fight. You have 3 fighting styles, two normal and one with a weapon. You fight you win/lose (obviouly). This game get SOOOO boring playing the same stuff over and over again. The graphics are amazing and gameplay runs smoothly just it gets boring. Also the sound is kind of ehhh boring. I find many repetitions.

Gameplay: The controls are very easy to use and the modes are great. But it does get boring again....The only thing that keeps players playing is the 600+ unlockable characters/items. This is amazing but can be frustrating.

Graphics: The visuals are awsome! the blood, characters, weapons all of it is just sweet. The levels are really good to with fat buddha things spitting acid. Kinda weird but looks cool. Did a great job here!

Audio: It repeats over and over. But at first it is really cool. Everything is well done at first. Till it repeats. Speaks for itself.

Suggestions: Try again, you did a great job but I dont like fighting games much.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Whiplash

Overall: Ever wonder how companies test there products such as mascara and hairspray to make sure ther're safe for humans? Well, whiplash answers that question (sorta). Having a very unique and humorous storyline, whiplash will make you laugh and maybe cry :). Having a weasel attached to an INVINCIBLE yes invincible bunny creates trouble. Using him as a weapon, a very unique weapon, spanx and redmond are going to escape the animal testing facility and shut it down for good!

Gameplay: Well, the game actually is pretty long, if you do it the hard way. The game is very interesting. The company is worth about 6 million dollars. As you destroy computers and test equipment the price goes down. Your trying to bankrupt them so this is very cool. But anyways, the control scheme is satisfactory and easy to learn. The key wepon in the game is of coasre your bunny weapon known as redmond. Dip him in sludge, fire even swing with him magnetizes to blue shining balls in the air! Although, replay value is low but hey, you might even love it to beat it more then once. Like me ;)

Graphics: For a 40 dollar game it has really good graphics. Humans actually look like humans with facial features and other things. The animals also look great. But the awsome thing has to be the glass that flies and the look of a machine just totally busting till its black (weird).

Audio: The sound is awsome......for the first 5 hours. After beating and beating redmond against countless foes he starts quacking away about how it hurts and stuff. Often phrases are repeated and it can be anooting. This is the only sound flaw in my opinion. The voices are semi dramatic and funny. The animals yelping is great, the swap of a hamster getting shot out of a hamster cannon into a wall yes a wall. And exploding hamsters (you heard me). WEIRD! yet cool. I also really like the sounds of beating up machinery, boxes, chairs, just about anything you see.

Suggestions: I dont have too much to say, I love the game nice job.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 XIII

Overall: X111 or thirteen, is a cel shaded first person shooter with many cool features. The game fully supports xbox live so you can play on that for hours and hours. The single player mode is very fun! With a greeat storyline this game keeps you hooked. It also allows you tp play via system link or just multiplayer.

Gameplay: Having a halo like control system, the game delivers a great punch! I love the controls. Same old trigger shooting and moving with analog obviously with the left thumstick as strafe and the right as look around. Anyways, single player mode is very fun and features a great first level to play on. In the game you have lost your memory and you are slowly regaining it. The storyline is great and pretty easy to follow. BUT! xboxlive is pretty strange. Don't get me wrong it is still cool on xboxlive but it seems like you have to pump like at least 3 clips into a guy with an assault rifle before he goes down. These guys are like super guys! but an easy bazooka to the face takes them out easily.

Graphics: A cel-shaded first person shooter type game does NOT appeal to me. I am not a huge fan of the cel shading unless it is with comic humour type games. But, this game actually looks pretty good. Cel shading makes it look kinda goofy with messed up faces and chizeled jaws and stuff. It is a pretty neat effect having the onamatapea effect used in the game. Such as BOOM and tatatatatata and other words pop up when using various weapons. The environment looks pretty good with the celshading, I like the breaking glass effect.

Audio: Having VERY good voice acting in my opinion, this game is really great. I like the sound sof the guns and enemy voices. Really great job! I dont hgave much to say about the sound though.

Suggestions: I don't like this game too much but its still cool. So I won't give any suggestions.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Counter-Strike

Overall: Wow! finally counter strike on the xbox....well, in my opinion it wasn't a let down! Graphics are good, single player without live is still good, but live is awsome. Controls are great too.

Gameplay: The controls are very easy to learn and adjust too. Firing is easy but you have to have skill and patients when firing, it actually requires some brains :). Anyways, with a wide variety of levels you should never get bored of this fast. Being able to play with bots is great to for practise.

Graphics: SMOKE GRENADES!!! They are so much better on the xbox. They actually mask movement and hide bombs well. The characters look great and bullet shots do as well. But the environment doesn't look as good.

Audio: The sound of bullets firing and wizzing by your head is very cool. The voices and commands is great. Its also got a good headset communication. Aloowing both the dead on both teams to talk to eachother :) the sounds of jumps and running is good too.

Suggestions: I cant think of any :)

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Kill Switch

Overall: Kill.switch isn't your ordinary 3rd person shoot em up type game. This game actually requires some major skill! The game is pretty short I hear, I havent completed it yet but so far it is awsome. Anyways, kill.switch allows you to hide behind objects such as: walls, crates, pillars, cars, pipes just about anything big enough for you to duck for cover under. The graphics are pretty good but you may find the levels being very repetitive. There is alot of going down hallways over and over shooting the same old guys until finally you get to where you need to go. Don't get me wrong this is really fun but the game can be very frustrating at time. Levels vary in length between save points and after playing a level 20 minutes then gettin hit by that rocket launcher right at the end can agrivate the mind.

Gameplay: Kill.switch offers 2 difficulties: normal and hard. But normal alone is a pretty big challenge so hardcore gamers looking for a challenge should check this out. Anyways, once you have beating a level you can redo it easily with the click of a button on quick mission for extra replay value. The control scheme in kill.switch is brilliant. Using the left trigger to press up against the wall and the analog stick to peek your head out and shoot is very easy to do and fun. But, my favorite feature is the blindfire. It is when without looking you stick your gun out blindly and fire away. It is very unaccurate but when your crouching behind a box, and another "baddie" as they call them is right behind that very box, blindfire comes in handy. As he sticks his head out to try and find you just pop that gun over and cap him no problem without taking a hit. One problem though is the story line is weak. First couple hours of play I have no idea whats going on in this story and why it seems like show everyone I see wants to shoot me. Heh, whatever just follow the objectives right....

Graphics: The first couple levels visuals look stunning as bullet holes form into walls as you shoot around and peices of wood fly up from crates. This looks really cool, the main character looks great with his goggles and stuff. The bad guys, again on the first few levels are great. But they repeat themselves over and over. As do some of the levels showing the same hallway 2, 3 4 even 5 times. This can get a little annoying but it still looks good.

Audio: The fire of guns sound pretty much similar for the type they are. The sniper is a silenced shot, the shotgun is good and sounds like a shotgun but all the other automatic rifles sound the same. Except for the big powerful one the rips guys up. the sound of grenades blowing is always good and when you throw a flash guy infront of a bunch of people they scream and wince in pain flailing around holding their eyes. But the voices of the enemies are rather repetitive. But sound is a VERY important feature in this game. Hearing your enemies talk to each other and say commands such as, "cover me I'm going in" and other various phrases plays a role in your killing. This way, you know what they"re doign and you can prepare for their strike and hit hem down before they can even raise their gun.

Suggestions: I'd like a multiplayer, that would be nice. Friends taking cover and sneeking up on eachother would be a blast.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2002

Overall: This game is so fun and interesting, the graphics are beutiful. There is tons of gameplay with some tutorials with a tiny bit of humour added. Lot's of modes make it have mroe replay value and the controls and visuals make it more addicting. Great game.

Gameplay: As I said there is so much modes to play from. Everything from a made up fantasy mode, to a normal quick play mode. Also the controls are very well thought out and done well. I like the hit a button once to do a hail marry sorta pass or press it twice to through a quick pass letting you make a quick ten yards or so.

Graphics: The visuals are very cool, I mean when a player socres a touchdown they do a little dance or somehting making it a bit funny and it looks so great. The faces look very realistic and cool and the field and crowds are great too. Not too mention just the player jerseys and things.

Audio: The grunts and moans and commentators are all very well done. It just sounds like its missing somehting from the crowd. Hmmmm stilll good though.

Suggestions: More modes and better sounds or sumtin.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Whacked!

Overall: I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!! its so fun to play with friends and even better on xbl! Not too mention the stellar single gameshow mode. There's so many sweet weapons and levels as well with cool weapons.

Gameplay: ITs really fun and easy to learn..........There is tuns of sweet gamemodes as well and XBL HAAAAAAAA....

Graphics: The visuals are ok but great for the type of game it impressed with the cutscenes and of coarse sponsor adds LMAO

Audio: Great sounds of everything especially voices and weapon AT JOBa!!!!aLSO the little music is coo.

Suggestions: no

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2

Overall: This game kinda blows, I mean the graphics are ok and all but the gameplay really sucks. The controls are terrible but there is a wide variety of tricks which can be made. I don't understand how to unlock new levelks it is so weerd. Only huuuuge bmx fans would truly enjoy this game.

Gameplay: As I said the gameplay licks goat cheese, the controls are sop akward and then all of the modes. Yes the modes they suck so much. In games where a is jump like in this one, a slows you down and makes you stop!

Graphics: The visuals are pretty good of the bikes and jumps. As well with the cars and grass and rails. Yeah so the visuals are ok but not the greatest.

Audio: The sounds of the falling and grunting when being hurten is good but then.......theres the music which really licks i harte the music.

Suggestions: dont make A 3rd

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Spider-Man

Overall: This game is really fun. The sound, graphics, gameplay all of it is simply addicting. Then theres all the modes which is a definite bonus and of coarse a password selection screen WHICH IS SO KOOL.

Gameplay: Thgis game has a tutorial in it which is always nice for beginners. I also like the story mode and the different modes there is. I will try to beat this multiple times although i still am onm the second level......

Graphics: The visuals are also very awsome, from spidey swinging to the towers, to the baddies and webs. This game has very great graphics and shoulkd definitly get a 5. Nice touch activision.

Audio: The sound is also very cool, i like the differnew tsayings he says and the bad dudes say. I also like the sounds of the webs and the walking.

Suggestions: good job i have no idea

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb

Overall: Man this game is sweet. You are Indiana Jones, a really cool adventure guy with a whip and everything! Well anyways. You are an archioligists who must stop evil poacher guys plans of gettin these artificacts. The game is really really good. The graphics are great! The battle engine is similar to Buffies and is easy to pick up and learn. Indys voice sounds great and the game is full of suprises and action packed fun. I strongly recomend this game to those 3rd person adventure game lovers.

Gameplay: Your fists belive it or not not run out of ammo! Well obviously but you also have a weapon that can dispose of foes quite nicely. I like the battle engine. Left hand punch is the blue X button. Right hand punch is the green A button. You press them in combos to perform devstation combos. This was great! Of coarse you have your trusty whip used to unarm enemies or even more importantly grapple onto unusual objects to swing on them. There is big guns, small guns and machettes. Niiiice. Single player mode is gerat and it has replay value of looking for other artifacts. The gameplay here really shines and truly was a well done job.

Graphics: Visuals are great! Not perfect but still really good. One thing that was cool was when indy jumped in water he would take off his hat, and gettin out of the water he would put it back on. Although when it comes off it mysteriously disappears. Anyways Indy still looks great with the facial expressions and weapons. The enemies and environment look great too. Good job here but work on that hat gig =)

Audio: Indiana Jones really really sounds like the real, Indiana Jones. This was cool. The enemy voices are pretty well done with their accents, and the sounds of guns popping and the whipping cracking is also pretty good. Well done!

Suggestions: I dont know, make a sequel and just build on it.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Red Faction II

Overall: Playing this game is a blast. There are many guns that you can choose from and lots and lots of charcters. I like the way the health was set up. You have basically 3 chances before losing your total amount of life. This was cool but rather easy. The control of the gun is rather easy once you get used to it. But at the beggining it is very weird! It is very sensitive. As high said, "vanilla" actually describes parts of it pretty well. Like the developers kidna put, too much work into the screen so you were like woa, so much to look at kinda like steel battlion. I happen to like the story and evrything flows pretty nicely, but some levels are pointless and dumb! Great game though for HARDCORE fps type people like me.

Gameplay: Controls are very sensitive. Although there are a pretty large variety of moads you can do such as single player or multiplayer the gameplay just doesn't deserve more then a 4 :). Multiplayer is cool, but I think they should put in invertedand nomral aiming. up is up and down is up. Have two of these but istead it is just inverted. Game smooths nicely though.

Graphics: Visuals are very nice! The exploding walls and environment is a cool touch! I really like the visuals. The guns look great! with the number on the side of the gun counting down amm left. This was cool! The characters look sweet, the cutscenes look sweet and the enemies are even sweeter! Shooting them in right between the eyes makes them collapse helplessly. I really like these visuals!!

Audio: There is TONS AND TONS OF voices in this game. Every couple mintues youy hear a voice for a new objective through your communication set. Even when your really far away or an explosion sets off the voices become unclear and juggling. The enemy voices are coo lthe gun and explosions are coo ljust the enemy voices sound weird and differnet. Pretty good though.

Suggestions: Fix the gameplay a bit!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 State of Emergency

Overall: I thought this agme was gonna be kiinda like the GTA series. Well its not really but it kinda is! This game is actually very fun! After buying it saying what the heck its only 30 canadian I was glad I did buy it. This game is worth 30 dollars canadian though. It is very fun. With multiplayer but its too repetitive. Read on.

Gameplay: The multiplayer for this game is such an added bonus! It is way better then the ps2 version because of this. XBOX ROCKS! Well anyway, the state has gone mad! IT is a STATE OF EMERGENCY! Everything is syko stuff! Cops everywhere, gangs around each corner and looters, "stealing everything that isn't bolted down" at the mall. Well in oh I forget what its called...I think revolution? but you go around doing missions for a guy. Some missions invlove just stealing a few do !&%$@#* ents, while some are killing the craazy doctors. This game is full of mayhem! So that is revolution. Multiplayer has all sorts of things just like killing eachother and cooperative. Fun stuff. Great game! especially with guns like shotgun that can easily take out 6 people in one shot! As, "HUNDREDS of people fill the screen each acting differently to each move".

Graphics: Visuals are actually pretty good for a 30 dollar game that just came out. The people are well done but the stores and things look kinda....nintendoish. Like kinda childish. But the weapons and people are still well done.

Audio: EVERYONE SCREAMS!!!!!!!!......when you let shotgun ammo out or other guns. You can use your built in weopons, (feet and arms) to get rid of people. It makes punching sounds that kinda a little wierd but its cool. Also the reporters and things are pretty well done as well!

Suggestions: port......I dont like. Multiplayer I like though....pretty good job though considering its only like 15 USD.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus

Overall: After seeing the front cover of this game I thought, "cool looks interesting" After playing this game I thought, "wow what a great game!" This game IS I would have to say the best fighting game out for xbox right now. As I really dislike fighting games I dont like to give them 5s. But if they deserve a 5 I give em a 4.5. Well anyways if you want more info on this great game with simply amazing graphics, and gameplay read on =).

Gameplay: Quest mode, you can be the pale lotus or black mantus. I belive these are 2 differnet "sides" like good verse evil but Im not quite sure. Well anyways, each has many tasks you must complete and actually I thought a pretty good story line. Then there is vs mode which is ALWAYS fun to play a friend....or foe :). Tournament mode is a mere tournament and I think theres one called team battles? but I really cant remember :(. Anyways all of the modes are evry well done and this has great replay value (so you wont be bored of the same stuff). The replay value is not the same as mortal kombats but still good. Anyways, the controls are hard to pick up. I mean HARD Theres basic button smashing which can be a cheap way to win a battle.....but if your really daring you actually try to learn the combos. The combos are amazingly hard to learn! I couldn't figure it out after an hour to make huge combos. The simple walking around, jumping and "quick dashing" is all there but the attacks are hard! Don't get me wrong the attacks are sweet and can be executed well just the combos are hard.....Now to get to the interesting stuff. !!You can jump off walls and spin around poles to get your enemies!! This is a very cool part of the game! I love just seeing them looking at me running then swing you grab a pole swing on it and get the opponent good, (usually in the face). This is great. Now on to more good stuff. Limbs breaking. A great part of the game. The more you beat on an oppenent the less damage he can do! Say you love doing upper attacks, if you keep doing those one of his arms will snap and he wont do nearly as much damage punching! and vice versa with the legs. Very very nice touch! This was really cool and helpful. Now onto "chi". Chi is an important part of the game as "chi" can heal your broken limbs. Cool eh? all you need to do is beat the snot out of your opponent till your chi meter is full! And healing's not all you can do with this, "chi". You can also launch devestating attacks hurdling your opponents into the air? Cool eh? Whoops looks like a forgot one little thing that also is cool. You have three chances to kill your opponent three times. Once youve been beat, you just get up and shake it off. This goes on for 3 rounds. Its really cool!

Graphics: Visuals I must say are simply amazing. The levels have every square inch filled with detail! The environment around you is just wonderful. There are weird objects like this praying mantis thing and some soort of fountain which really adds to it. Nice touch! Also there are the trees and walls that you can jump off of that are well done and put in neat places..... Now onto the good stuff in The SWEET SWEET visuals. When you are beat, you get up, maybe with a black eye or big gash across your chest. The more times youve been beat, the more you look beat up. By the third time your beat your a complete mess! With both eyes black and gashes and bruises everywhere you truly are in bad shape. This was very interesting to see and made me think. Wow They truly did a great job on this game!

Audio: Sound Sound Sound, my most hated review. Well like any other fighting game the sound has.....punches, kicks that make noise. It's all the same really to me. All though the voices are well done, this truly only does deserve a 4.5 I dont know why! Its just its really hard to make good sound in a fighting game, as in my opinion it hasn't been done yet.

Suggestions: Tao Feng rocks! Just work on sound and combos......

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 James Bond 007: NightFire

Overall: This game conquers the crap out of the previous title, agent under fire. Nightfire features way way better graphics. A simple yet effective control system, and a large variety of fun levels and multiplayer modes to play. James Bond Nightfire has so so sound. The lips moved but I didnt think well to the talking. Also the talking for some of the "Bond Girls" sounds kinda weird and funny. The french one dominique sounds very......overdoing french kinda. Well all in all this was a pretty good game with improvement in all catagories.

Gameplay: Controls are great! I found them very simple and easy to pick up. They are very effective I thought, as you can change around the controls you like. Halo controls (sorry for comparing games to this) ones would be the best for me, but oh well. There is a large, large variety of unlockable items to get. As well with many multipayer modes to play with some buddies, or enemies, whatever you prefer. The missions are pretty good there is about 10 or something? but I cant remember. A pretty good job done here but its not absolutly perfect. Or else I would have rated it a 5. =)

Graphics: Graphics have improved like crazy! I thought. The guns look way better. The cutscenes look better. Hell the bad guys and environments look waaay better. Although they look better....doesnt mean they're good. =) They do not use the full power of xbox. The guns look kinda small I think, I dont know whats wrong with me I just want a machine gun or something that looks bigger! Well the actual cutscenes and everything are well done. In game action agains bad guys is the same. Its the guns and maybe a few more minor minor details could have upped the rating here.

Audio: Again as I said in the overall part of this rating. The sound is good but the French Dominique isn't. If you have read the overall you know what I'm saying. But James Bond and guns shooting are pretty well done. Guns shooting deserve a 4.5. They are not perfect! just well done. James Speaking is great as well with his other "girlfriends" =) An above satisfactory performance here but just barely.
By BlindSniper

Suggestions: Good job just work on the above specified!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Kung Fu Chaos

Overall: After reading Stephens (I think it was Stephen) review for KFC I knew this game was going to be simply amazing and my type of game. Now Stephen doesnt hand out 5s I knew it would be great. Well.....STEPHEN WAS RIGHT! This game kicks major ass. It is very well put together so you are never board of having to just whoop some ninja ass. There is little mini games and missions you have to perform. For instance, You have to save the ugly princess from a bunch of ninja masters and then the next mission you are chucking this princess around trying to knock over ninjas with big stick things! Its a really crazy fun game that will have you laughing and craving more in no time.

Gameplay: This is a great part of the game. The battle engine is great putting together all the combos and is fun. Then all of the modes you can play with friends, alone its all great! Not too mention a bunch of unlcokable goodies.

Graphics: The graphics kick ass. The faces of the characters are awsome and the flow of the moves look wonderful. The envrionments and floors smashing and ninjas flying is great.

Audio: The sound is cool too! You taunt your enemies while knocking them down to gain super moves! Now super moves arnt your average everyday super moves, hehe. These moves fly into the enemies causeing blood splatting but now Im getting into visuals.....anyway the sound of everything is great just I hate the I gave it a 4.5.......great job though!

Suggestions: keep up the awsome work.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: Sam Fisher is the main character in this amazing story. He is a stealthy assasin trained to steal kill or do whatever neccesary to complete his missions, he has the 5th freedom. Throughout this game you are giving 10 missions all very fun and interesting, and many gadgets/weapons to complete these missions. Missions range from capturing a breifcase on an oil rig, to assasinating a dangerous man to stop a war with the U.S.A. These levels/graphics are incredibly detailed. Bottles on the floor, cracks in the wall, newspapers It's all just so amazing. Let's not forget forget about all the enemies you encounter, or avoid. The sound in this game is great, the music fits and the voices are superb. It is really easy to get used to and the controls are perfect. The only thing I'm the multiplayer about to take place.

Gameplay: The controls are awsome. Hold blk button and move joystick aorund to choose gadget. use d-pad to put on nightvision and thermal vision. Left trigger to shoot, joysticks to move. X to pull out weapon. Y to jump and B to duck. A is for grabbing enemies or accesing objects. The game runs very smoothly and is amazing.

Graphics: The visuals are basically perfect. I mean perfect, I'm not sure there is much they can improve on. Well theres always something to improve on but this game seems like nothing.

Audio: Sam Fisher walks, you here footsteps, sam fisher runs, you here fut steps, Fisher slowly walks crouched, you here nothing. This is perfect for the walking of Sam. Now for the good stuff. If you are walking behind an enemy and they hear you the background music turns jumpy and louder. The enemy starts walking, but eventually says something like, "must have been nothing". This is amazing. Also hearing Lamberts voice and Sam talking is really cool. Great job!

Suggestions: You could maybe make the game a bit longer. Well it is gonna be longer but I dont wanna wait! I dont know what else you can improve on. Great job!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NHL 2002

Overall: Its a pretty cool fun realistic game! I mean it's a really cool game to those wh olove realistic games. Well for me I prefer action or twisted sport games like nhl hitz but this is a cool game.

Gameplay: It has many modes for the cup and just plain old exibition quick starts....All the controls are cool and eays to learn which is a bonus and personally I thin kit has good replay value.

Graphics: Visuals are great! all the players skating around and the rink and puck as well with the crowd...Its all coooooooooo

Audio: Some commentary and all the sound of skating around checking other guys stealing the puck its all pretty cool. This is a nice part of the game.

Suggestions: Make sure 03 is xbl compatile...wait it is...

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Fifa World Cup 2002

Overall: I think this game has great gameplay like its got really cool controls but really really lacks in replay value....Alot of it reapeats itself and stuff which gets boring.It has good graphics which is always good but then the replay value drops this game down like 1.5 whole points...

Gameplay: The replay value really really blows !&%$@#* which is a dissapointment as the controls are so so so great and stuff.

Graphics: The visuals are great once you score a goal it does a little movie which is prett cool looking. The fields and players are all well done here and stuff....Nice touch.

Audio: It has pretty good sound as well with all the commentators and the crowd roaring. Its well done here but can repeat itself which drops it a bit.

Suggestions: dunno

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2x

Overall: This game is pretty fun....It's got cool skaters...nice graphics, multiplayer. Everythings pretty good just this game is old and gets boring after awhile if you know what i mean.

Gameplay: The controls are cool and easy to learn. It has many options like career mode which is cool and fun as well with a great multiplayer. Prett great job here!

Graphics: Its got pretty nice visuals but compared to some games it kidna sucks....oh well its stil lgood for the actual game. The skaters are ok...rails and stuff are good with environment....Overall its an ok job.

Audio: Well its got music that can get annoying but is ok. Then all hte grunts and stuff are pretty good too...I could care less about this part of the game though.

Suggestions: i dunno

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Blood Omen 2

Overall: Its a really fun game with really nice graphics and a cool story...Although its so dman hard which frustrates me lol...I suck at these sorta games. Oh well its pretty fun and has good cotnrols as well.

Gameplay: The controls kick as there really easy to use and all the camera angles are good. Replay value may lack like most of these types of games do...

Graphics: SWEET!!! visuals!! I love the sucking blood into the mouth thing it looks really cool. Also all the towns people and hosues and crap are all very very well done.

Audio: Great sound, the sound of all the people screaming in horror and the enemies trying to kill you. It's all so great it makes me wanna play more if it wasnt so hard (for me).

Suggestions: no great job...longer maybe i dunno just for people who have beat it.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Street Hoops

Overall: It's a really really fun game to play, it has great dunks, graphics, modes, controls and ok replay value...Overall its awsome!!

Gameplay: Its ok, Has really good controls which are easy to learn but the reply value can lack a bit. Oh well its still really awsome and it has many modes and teams to choose form wether your playing a tournament or quick match.

Graphics: Nice visuals.......guys (or girls hehe) doing dunks looks real cool. All the courts and streets are great and the players all look cool.

Audio: Its got ok music then its got the sound of balls bouncing and the players saying stuff ( i think)....Its pretty good though and stuff just kinda lacks in some parts that i cant describe.

Suggestions: make better stuff or sumtin i dunno....I never know what to say haha

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars

Overall: Its an ok game...doesnt have too much fun to it, I mean you always do the same thing over and overwhich lacks...good graphics and sound though!

Gameplay: There is pretty good modes just I thought there were aquard controls it has somewhat replay value which isnt that bad ;)

Graphics: The visuals are great for this type of game...I know how hard it is to make superb graphics (well maybe I dont) but this was a well done job.

Audio: Good sound the osunds of grunts and all the attacks and horses and junk. Overall great sound for the game but not truly taking advantage of the xboxes potential power.

Suggestions: Just make it better

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Overall: This game is pretty fricken fun...It has ok controls.....good storyline and nice sound. I'm just giving it a 4 cause it has near no reply value which can get boring.....well everythings pretty good except the value.

Gameplay: The controls are kinda well done except the B btuuon is jump which is awqard...oh well its still pretty good. But then the reply value is no good which makes it worse.

Graphics: The visuals are great! the actual characters kinda look like the real ones! then all the vampires and enviroment is well done with the braking chairs to get stakes and stakes and rakes brake after a bit.

Audio: The sounds of the vampires/demons grunting and making their devilish cries after being slaughter is great...Then the little music fits with the game and is pretty good.

Suggestions: Reply value...or multiplayer of some sort....or it would be cool if you could be the vampirres and kill the humans then buffies thr boss.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Turok: Evolution

Overall: WOW this game is so fregin awsome its so fun to play single or with some buddies. There is a hugeeeeeee choice of weaponary and awsome enemies. The sound is so great too its just such an awsome game!

Gameplay: The gameplay is the not as good as it seems. It still kicks !&%$@#* but this is where the game lacks the most. The game is really easy to control and figure out and all of the modes make me drool but it seems the turok guy moves a bit slow.....oh well its still very great.

Graphics: The visuals are so sweet, All the dinosaur things or little crocidiles and weapons are all very well done. It makes me wanna play more and more.

Audio: The rustles of bushes,twangs of bows grunts of dinosaurs it is all so so so cool! Nothing can be improved here or very little. EVerybody should be satisfied in this part of the game.

Suggestions: single player bots? taht would be sweet. Make turok go faster as well.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission

Overall: Man this game kidna sucks, I thought it was gonna be like gta's but boy was I wrong. The graphics are good but it is kinda a kiddy game like not serious they make humar into it which isnt good and just dumb.

Gameplay: Its easy to control the cars and junk and thew cointrols are setup alright just its a pretty bad game which gtes boring and stuff. Also there really is only 2 modes which get very very boring.

Graphics: These visuals are well done, the cars are good but can look childish with the good cops. The streets and other cars are great so yeah these are nice graphics.

Audio: Engines pumping little voice guy telling you stuff its all pretty good. Thery made good sound for the game which makes it get a 4.5

Suggestions: please dont make a second

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Nascar Heat 2002

Overall: This game is !&%$@#* dman dman fun, I mean I usually hate racing games but can make an exeption with this one. It is so fun wipoing out other cars and you just racing by them all. I ts fun caus ein other racing games you dont often have to battle (literally) all the time just to obtain 1st place. There is so many cars so its easy to always have action. I'm only giving this a 4 cause I dont like racing games but the graphics and gameplay rae really sweet in this game as well.

Gameplay: The controls in this are very easy to learn like most racing games and it has great modes. Even online racing which is a definite bonus.

Graphics: This visuals are soooo sweet all the cars look very real and the pitstops are great. Not too mention the actual tracks but theres not much more visuals in a racing game like this one.

Audio: The sounds of the motors roaring and the crashes are really nice. There is never a dull moment in this game with the sound and was well done.

Suggestions: Nice job just make 03 around the corner

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller

Overall: I love this game I cant belive that wacked up cityson rated it a 1.5! Obviously he hasnt played it then......The graphics are freaking awsome, whats not to like about them? the crazy drivers, customers buildings fire from the crazy moves its all so good. The only downfall is that theres no free roam. I would love that so much. Also the sound features offspring and many others which fits very well with the "crazy" theme.

Gameplay: The gameplay is also very well done but yet again no free roam. The controls have been put together wonderful but at the begining may frustrate trying to learn moves like crazy dash and others.

Graphics: I think these visuals are wicked as I said before everything is very well done. Down to the detail of license plates and of coarse drivers.

Audio: This sound is so good, it has great music which fits, and the voices of drivers and the energized..or frightened passenegers.

Suggestions: Make a free roam mode.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams

Overall: This game kinda blows, I mean most horror games have difficult controls but this one jus hit rock bottum. THE CONTROLS ARE FREGGIN TERRIBLE AND IT IS SOOO BORING. Whoops sorry for that but ewhat i mean is its very difficult to control and master. Second of all you dont really do anything but run around struggling with controls while killing a bit of guys. Its so confusing but the only good thing about this gfame would have to be the gtraphics.

Gameplay: As I said before it absolutly stinks to control. It is so frustrating, Alos there is only one mode in the game to play which most horror games have but its jus a borring story mode....

Graphics: These visuals are superb, they capture the xbox's potential. I mean all the cars and streets and buildings (not too mention ugly creatures) it all is very well done.
Great job here but nowhere else.

Audio: I said above nowhere else i lied a bit. The sound really gets you scared, the music makes you build suspense. Then boom scraggle scraggle arahhhhh some dumb !&%$@#* creature attacks you. Very freaky feeling.

Suggestions: CONTROLS

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Burnout

Overall: This game has some of the best racing graphics I have ever seen. Whenever you crash theres a little movie the car gets totaled the windows smash and byebye car. But after seeing these movies it can get annoying as while the movie shows you crashing......YOU RUN OUT OF TIME!! this gets so frustrating as you spend alot of time in the race then when your about a minute away form run outta time. Oh well I guess that's what a good game needs, difficulty. Anyways it also has very good gameplay its an arcade racer with many differnt modes. It's a very good game.
Great job.

Gameplay: As i said there are many modes to choose from: single race, tournament, time attack. It's all very fun. Also unlike alot of racing games it is very easy to control which is so relieving.

Graphics: The looks of the cars are OUTSTANDING. I mean just driving around swirving through cars looks so great. But when you crash is when the good stuff starts coming. It just looks simply amazing when you crash. Windows shatter, car shrinks and sometimes does flips and spins!

Audio: Here is cool the sound of ignition, it doesnt really have music which is a bummer but oh well. The skids, crashes and ignition sorta makes up for that. But hey its like an arcade racer.

Suggestions: maybe music or sumtin not sure

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon

Overall: This game is hilarious I love it!! I love bruce lee's ferociouse whaaaaaa seeehooo arrrrrrrrr calls. This is what makes me addicted. Also beating up tons of enemies is always fun but sumtimes can get boring and frustrating.....Yeah i get beat up real bad even by the first boss :/. Damn I don't hold my ground but still think this game kiks. Even though after 10 miutes of playing this game i put it up in the forums...its still a great game. Might even keep it if i dont get an exeptionally good deal..

Gameplay: This game is hard to learn but most games are anyways. There is two training modes to try out some bruce lee style beats which is fun. Then the story mode which is very very fun to play. Its kinda button smashing (hold L press a,a,a,a,a,a,a,x,x,a,x,a,x) so thats a bit weerd.

Graphics: The visuals make me laugh haha, it doesnt look like bruce lee i nthe game it looks like a 5 year old with big strong legs...hahaha. Thats why i am given this a 5. O well the environment enimies bruce and everything is very well done.

Audio: a Iam bruce lee ultimate !&%$@#* kika!!! whoops *grunt grunt* anyways.. This game ahs the best sound ive ever heard i beat up sum dudes say my battle cries fall outta my chair....whoops off topic again. Ok, but this sound is great, the talking the cries all of it!!! AWSOME JOB

Suggestions: nice nice

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Outlaw Golf

Overall: WOWOWOWOWWoooooo this game is good. It's so fun, anyways time to get down to business. First thing this game is very unique with a very different better cooler funner (harder) way to hit the ball. You get to use the joystick to controls the ball!!!! second thing the graphics are simply amazing of the coarsees and the cool people themselves. Then I love the beating of the caddy idea, it is so fun to do i love jus punding them. Anyones overall awsome game with great qualities.

Gameplay: Again the idea of the swing is awsome, it is a bit hard to learn but once mastered you are deadly. They made the game very hard which gets frustrating, there should be an option to change difficulty....oh well. Also the modes are wonderful, there is so many. Not to mention a ton of things to unlock. This game has just well simply amazing gameplay which is soo cool.

Graphics: The viisuals are also very cool, the look of the coarses and the ball flying with the fire trailing is soo sweet. Then theres the player huligans. YES the players, they look so real and funny and amazing when kicking the sh*t out of caddies hehe.

Audio: The voices are simply hilarious and devious. The sounds of the crowd trying to phsyce you out to the beutiful soun of the ball flying. Not to mention the comentator guy. Also whenever you score a birdy par oe even +7 there is a funny phrase made.

Suggestions: diffucultiiy levels and mroe coarses

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NFL 2K2

Overall: Mna this game is really fun, I love the graphics in it. Well lets get down to business: first of all this game has absoluting absorbing awsome graphics, from everything from the players, to the field to the actual football hehe. Secoind of all there is awsome sound of say hut hut, then the grunts and squeals and sounds of punts. Third of all it has exellent controls and many options to play from. Fourth of all the replay value is quite huge and good. Last but not least it is fun.

Gameplay: There is absolutley tons of gameplay in this game. All the mdoes you can do is fantastic as there is lots fo repolay value. Then tho controls ahhh the beutiful controls. They are very smooth and easy to handle (not to mention easy to learn). Great gameplay sega.

Graphics: The visuals are awsome. The football and players and environment and coin and refrees (well you get the picture) its all awsome. The graphoics are simply amazing but i am giving it a 4.5 because of the size of the players. They look so skinny. Oh well little details dont matter too much.

Audio: The sound sound is also really great. The grunting is funny like angry gorillas slapping eachothers stomachs hehe. Then the talking and the stupid commentators doing wut they do........anoy people. Well its just some great sound.

Suggestions: fix the skinny jims

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath Of Cortex

Overall: This game is pretty sweet....if you love crash bandicoot. I thought this game was gonna be different. I never knew that it was just mini stages each time. Thats why i was so keen on getten it because crash bandicoot was really cool! O well the game is still really fun lol. Theres so much to do in it. I love the graphics, the fur and everything and the bobbing this is a fun game but gets boring.

Gameplay: The gameplay is really
fun it is so easy to control. Also there is alot if stages with different difficulties for each. Well done travelers tales on a great gameplay and an awsome effect.

Graphics: I love the visuals of our flee haired friend. The bobbing of the nose and the hair everything is just wonderful for the visuals i love them all as well with the bad guys and the environment. The game has definitly a very cool visuals and well it kik arse.

Audio: The sound is also very cool its like clown music and awosme music as your zooming through the levesl. Actually its very childish kiddy music but still funny. The theres the sound of you spinning into your enemies and of coarse colllectong the apples and braking the boixes., Oh one last thing we cant ferget all the voicces in it which is awsome!!!!

Suggestions: make more levesl and a 2 player cooperative or fights against eachother for multiplayer.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: This game is so confusing :S, it has great graphics and great sound but it is so weerd and you hate it at the start. I love the idea of picking the type of character you wish to be that is real cool but then again i like to play games thta eventually will get beaten. Overall great graphics, not very good gameplay, awsome sound and an ok effect of the games addictiveness. So i definitly recommend that you rent before you buy as i know many people who decided it was awsome and went ahead to buy it. Little did they know that it wasnt a very good game.......

Gameplay: The gameplay is not good in this game. I dont see what all the fuss is about this game. The controls are terrible! Most rpg's i have played have way better controls and things. But the replay value in this game is beyong description, (this game is for hardcore rpg players who well.....just love to play). :D

Graphics: The visuals are pretty good, although some heads look all square and just weerd. The environment though and little monsters are cool as well with the dark eyes and pointy heads haha. I dont't know wut to say about the visuals but they deserve at least a 4.5, not a 5 cause of the square heads :D.

Audio: This is the only really outstanding part of the game. THE SOUND! I love the sound of all the villagers talking and kinda the medieval guards talking. NOT TO MENTION THE THUNDER AND RAIN!!!!!! but this has awsome sound and well its amazing.

Suggestions: no idea fix the heads and well i dunno

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 UFC: Tapout

Overall: This game is pretty fun and I'm only giving this a 4 because of the lack of replay value. But at first it was so fun, especially watching the computer fight a computer. There is a wide variety of fighters in this from sumo to submission. I recognize the old man named dan severn from the actually ufc.....all time winner. But this game is pretty fun fighting cause you kick and punch with combos on guys and the graphics are pretty awsome as well with the different faces and different clothing. Not to mention the create a fighter mode because i always go to that and make a really fat guy with a specialty of just plain bad, likes the taste of blood and openents carried out in boddy bags. But back to the game.....Another bad thing is the movemnet of the mouth. I mean I was watching the announcer reffree guy talk and his mouth was like way out of tunes is was weerd. But the music at the begining of the game and when a guy comes out is very cool. This game is soso but i have trdaed it off of here because it got too boring for me.

Gameplay: There is a couple modes worth playing the championship mode and exibition. Another mode which makes me mad is the one where you have to try to make as many knockouts as possible in a row. That just gets plain boring especially with someone like tito ortiz. I got so far with him that it like froze or something and i had to turn it off saving nothing which kinda blew. But other modes are fun playing against a friend or btter yet.... family. The ufc mode is cool because you have to go up to get a belt which is cool. Also this game is very easy to learn and there is different combos and different cool moves you can pull on your opponent.

Graphics: The visuals are very good everything from the desighns on the players shorts over the bodies, to fat ugly men walking while the crowd roars on and the ring and of coarse the facial expression and looks. But the thing that really mad me angry was the lips moving to the talking it was like me sounding out f**k but am really saying choclate. Sorry for the weerd example but yeah so thats what made it a bit weerd.

Audio: The sound is very good in this game i really like the opening music for it. That is cool while it shows punches into guys. Also the guys grunting when being pounded down into the ground is great too. They go oof then the ground goes yeaaaaaaaaa again the talking of it really sucks and when seeing a real ufc match then comparing it to this game you get a different thing which is well.....different. The bell is good though lol thats all i can think of now for sound. Oh and the music for when the guys come into the match is cool as well.

Suggestions: Make a cheat or somehting where you take a hammer out a pound some dudes face in. Its not like the real thing but hey itd be cool. Also FIX THE TALKING.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: This game is well ok, it was boring exepct when i watched the game. I hate racing games basically so maybe thats why. The graphics are nice and the different modes are cool but yet the controls are terrible and hard to use.

Gameplay: The modes are very cool with all of the cool challenges but i cant let go of the horrible controls. I really dont like the controls but the modes are very cool. So well it only gets a three from me because ofm the hard controls and also there is quite a lack of replay value when playing. Mulktyplayer is also very boring.

Graphics: These visuals are very nce especially the cool cars. The enviroment works well too so it looks very real with the skidmarks (man beggining to sound like my toilet) but looks cool. The graphics are just amazing in this game and i really dont know much more i can say.

Audio: There is ok sound here I like the sound of the cars but i actually ferget if there was sound. Sorry all got a bit bord of it that i fergot totally. But im sure there is music at the beginning wutch is very cool :D.

Suggestions: SORRY I have know idea, dont care much not a fan of racers.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Kabuki Warriors

Overall: sorry i exagturated i hadnt played it for 2- 5 hours i played it for 2- 5 minutes. I;m giving this a 2 because i think this couldve been so much more then weerd graphics swinging weerd stuff at eachother and things like that. Thois game is soooo bring and dumb im dissapoijnted at the makers for doing this too the xbox ps2 fans will laugh at us haha. Oh well

Gameplay: Modes stink alot and i dont really no much more to say about the game. Oh the button placemnet is horrible i think with the dumb game comes dumb feeatures.

Graphics: limbs seperated from the bodies, funny looking face paint skinny and fat guys. These are all things that arnt supposed to happen!! i mean you cant give a decent punch wothout this limb looking like a ghosts and the face panit looks like ly little sisters idea of giving a barbie lipstick. Also skinny and fat guys look like a twinkie and hoe hoe....weerd.

Audio: I dont know wut to say about the sound other then very very very stupid dumb boring sorry i just have no idea wut to say about this but it stinks.

Suggestions: take a hint from doa3 and see how its done.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 SSX Tricky

Overall: This game is pretty sweet, It is fun to jus go aroundtening to the tricky music pulling sum weerd moves haha thats so awosme. But this game is really fun you can do awsome moves and it has very catchy tunes lol. Also it is very easy to control but there is no grind button :( o well that makes it that much easier :) This is a really fun game.

Gameplay: As i said this game is very easy to control and the modes in it are great the kinda carreer thing or 2 player fun. Slso the replay value is sooo sweet cause theres lots of things you can unlock wutch makes you jump up and start singind......."its tricky tricky trick tricky" and the rest of the words which is hard to figure out haha.

Graphics: The visuals are great and quite funny. Especially afro man doing his wormy thing that makes me laugh, then jump then sing the tricky song lol (man i love that song). But anyways back on topic this game has beutiful graphics with riders, enviroment and lots more.

Audio: YES MY FAVOURITE PART THE TRICKY SONG YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Man i love how they use thius song in the game cause of coarse it goes great wioth the game for thr game has tricky in it which is very cool. Also i heard some voices which are very cool?funny and the snobords make sum noice to i think.

Suggestions: The tricky song 24 seven YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: Well this game is ok, It was pretty fun getten high up in the ranks but then it got really hard and boring and well you know the rest. It has very nice graphics and smooth as hell gameplay with very easy to control moves with awsome tunes. But multyplayer is wut i lik to call boring.

Gameplay: It is very easy to control and learbn how to use it. Lots of modes are in this game from just a free run to a dumb multyplayer to a high paced career mode. Pretty good gameplay here.

Graphics: The visuals are just wonderful for a snowboarding game, all of the jumps and spectattors and riders and enviroment are all very spectacular.

Audio: This has very awsome tunes and if you dont like them you can go to he!!. JUST KIDDING if you dont like them you can play your own music there. Pretty sweet part and oh also sounds of the oofs and the snow swishijng ism great too.

Suggestions: Better mulyplayer

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Overall: This game is very first. This game was so fun doing all of the levels saving all the dudes but then it got boring after i beat the game so i trdaed it off =) but it is a very fun game for people who never played it cause its got sweet sound/voices and good graphics with a great story.

Gameplay: This is very easy to control but kinda lacks in replay value even though there is 2 endings i beat it once and that was enough i didnt have the patience to do it all over again so.... but yet again it is easy to control.

Graphics: The visulas are great especially the looks of the baddies and the mudokons/gabbits/fuzzles. Alsao the enviroment looks very real for one heck of an odd world.

Audio: I love the voices in this game they are so funny not to mentio a few suprise farts and burps sqeezed in there. Also it has very odd music that fits with it all.

Suggestions: SEQUEL with well i dunno, actually ive gotten bored of the oddworld series

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: This game is very fun.......for awhile. Well this game was so fun at first but then i got bored of it fast and decided not to play it any more. It has greta sound an amazing grapics but yet again got boring.

Gameplay: This part of the game is cool in carrer mode because there is somany different races you can do. Also it is ver easy to figure out. Ther is also multyplayer which is good too.

Graphics: This part is simply awsome saying that it has great looking cars and great looking enviroment. The visuals arte superb here and yea thats about all i can say.

Audio: This has good sound from the guy telling you everything ahead. Also the sounds of tires and skiiding is cool AND THE MUSIC IS WELL.......

Suggestions: More cars or so with better music and well i dunno =)

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Overall: I thought this game was pretty boring, it was too much like the first 2 which i played so many times. But anyways this game is kinda fun dooing all of the tricks and challenges but gets boring i think, only buy if you really love this game and never get sick of games like this.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very good because you can unlock alots of different skkaters which is cool. Also it is very easy to control and has good replay value. The tricks can be exacutaed very well as well.

Graphics: The visuals are good as well, it has nice blood. Also the different tricks look very nice and they also have cool enviroment with the kikers and pipes.

Audio: It has ok music, but the soiunds of heads smashing and pavement and the oofs are very funny. Soke of the songs get very annotying but some are very cool

Suggestions: i dunno hmmmmm

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: Holy crap this game is so freakin fun, I'ts got everything a game needs!!! Theres BLOOD, 4 player coop, awsome weopons, good story and very nice graphics. It is so fun to go around hacking and slashing up zombies and from waiting since january.......IT WAS WELL WORTH THE WAIT. It should be in any gamers library for it is very fun by yourself or with friends.

Gameplay: Man it is so easy to control and the swiftness of the different combos. Also the 4 player cooperation is a huge touch to the game. Then once you beat them game you can go back 3 more times in 3 more modes.

Graphics: The graphics are soooo sweet. Its amazing how good a horror/action game's graphics can be. The looks of the blood are not the greatest but still looks so freaking awsome. Also the different weapons and people not to mention the enviroment from sewers to streets to churches.

Audio: I love the sound in this especially when your at a boss and first players says, "what the hell is this" or " oh hell no" and other phrases that are very cool. Also this guy the carpenter is really funny with his voice. I love the music when a group of evil zombies surround you and your like oooo sh*t.

Suggestions: More playable characters, bigger selection of monsters to kill and of coarse..... more blood everywhere. Maybe even at the beggining showing how the 4 hunters saw the exacution of the dude. Like I read the manual and figured out each persons little story like how deuce stabbeds the dude then follwoed him and the others.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: this is the best game ive ever played. it has awesome graphics, awesome sound, awesome gameplay most of all. definetly the best game ever made... unless they come out with halo 2

Gameplay: the gameplay is absolutley amazing. the replay is great cause there is 4 different modes you can play and of coarse.....The multyplayer it is sooooooo amazing. I love it. Very fun.

Graphics: the graphics are soooo great everything from when the covenent/flood die from the guns to the enviroment. Also the different people are very cool.

Audio: The sound is so great the different music goes perfectly qith the game and the different sayings the grunts and the marines say are very funny and very cool. Very cool part of the game.

Suggestions: HALO 2

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NHL Hitz 2002

Overall: This game is very fun. I love all of the huge slams you do to the non suspecting victims on the ice. Crowds are very beutiful and i love the unigue idea of putting codes on signs from cheering fans. The grapghics are simply beutiful. The music is pretty good as well.

Gameplay: This game has quite a bit of replay value actually if you try to get all of the stadiums, jerseys, heads and more. Also very easy to learn with tutorials ther as well.

Graphics: The graphics are very beutiful. The only thing that slams me down a bit is the puck and sticks. They look like rolling boulders being pushed by dumb sticks. But still very great graphics all tied along with a very great game.......What a combination. =)

Audio: This has great soundtrack, great crowd cheers and great sounds of slaps and the humerous announcers. Very good sound overall though.

Suggestions: I actually have no idea how to improve a hockey game like this other then some of the graphics.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Jet Set Radio Future

Overall: This game is weerd. I didnt like it. It was cool that there was graffiti and all of the things you could onlock real boring real fast. Also the tricks are fruity and the music is o.k. exept a couple songs. Overall not worth admission. Too many dumb songs and challenges all seem to match up together like I'm doing the same one over and over.

Gameplay: It is very easy to control and it has some good replay value. Gettijng all of the characters is fun but gets boring. Modes are pretty fun but yet get boring. But...... multyplayer is pretty first. Then of coarse.....IT GETS BORING.

Graphics: Ehhhhhh not too bad graphics for a cel shaded game. I thought it was a big mistake to make it cel shaded. But the guys are well done and buildings.

Audio: SOME soundtracks are good and go very well with this game. Others don't, there was some japan sugar salt song that mad me give up and burn it......well i wouldnt burn it but i got rid of it quick. But yet again SOME soundtracks are very cool.

Suggestions: NO cel shading less boring

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10

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