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Conflict: Desert Storm

Overall: Bad - that is what I'd say if you asked me what Conflict: Desert Storm was all about in one word. If the mod's weren't around, I might call it ****. Conflict: Desert Storm attempts to be another Ghost Recon, but it ends up being a sub-par game that nobody should have to play. However, C:DS is a great game to start playing in multiplayer if you want to scare off an unwanted visitor.

Gameplay: The game just goes from bad to worse in the gameplay aspect. You move four little undetailed blobs around the screen one by one, placing them in spots where they can shoot the enemy. The problem here is, you can not shoot until a marker comes on screen and aims at an enemy. When you command your fellow blobs to fire at will, they will always pick off enemies you A) Couldn't see, or B) That were impossible for you to hit, and should've been impossible for your commanding blobs to hit if the developers had made a half-decent game. I can't stress how badly this game is.

Graphics: Ah, I love the sweet smell of a good PSone game! Oh, you mean we're on Xbox now? Sorry, didn't realise that. C:DS's graphics would make Kabuki Warriors feel as though it was game of the year. Everything on screen is bland.
I hear people saying, "Well there's not much you can do when you're in the desert!" Well at least the game developers could put a tiny bit of detail into the characters, weapons, vehicles and buildings, because as it stands- most things are just shapes with something painted on it.

Audio: Wow! We have something that is good in Conflict: Desert Storm. The developers have finally taken advantage of the Xbox's power, and have implemented a custom soundtrack feature. The weapons all sound meaty and the accents are pretty much spot on.

Suggestions: Don't quit your day job...

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell has been dubbed by some 'A metal gear solid' killer. This nickname is well diserved in my opinion. I'll get onto the main gameplay elements in a second, but Splinter Cell has some good extras. It features downloadable content from Xbox Live, trailers for XIII and Ghost Recon, behind the scenes interviews, and an interview with Sam Fisher.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very good in Splinter Cell. Sam Fisher is alloted a large amount of moves, one in particular being the split jump. Sam is also given plenty of weapons and gadgets to play with- altough this isn't a shoot 'em up game. It's possible to grab an enemy and use them as a human shield, and it's possible to distract enemies using bottles and what not.

Graphics: This is where Splinter Cell really shines. Light is displayed with uncanny realism in Splinter Cell. It's possible to shoot out lights to make a safe path through the levels. Light will shine through gates, from spotlights, everything that is possible with Xbox is used to great effect in the visual department of Splinter Cell.

Audio: There is nothing really that great about sound in Splinter Cell. Of course, there is the fact that making sounds will alert enemies to your presence, but this isn't anything new.

Suggestions: No suggestions. It's a very good game, and deserves Cross-format Game of the Year.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 The Simpsons Road Rage

Overall: Another Simpsons Game! The Simpsons Road Rage is essentially just Crazy Taxi with the Simpsons name slapped on the cover. It features 6 different Springfield locations, ranging from Evergreen Terrace, to Mr. Burn's Nuclear Powerplant. 19 different characters are featured as drivers, with a further 10 non-playable locals. This makes for 29 different Simpsons characters! The objective of this game is to taxi around enough people to raise $1,000,000 to buy back the Springfield transit. There is a new reward system where you get to choose what to unlock- a new car or a new location. Unfortunately, once you get to places like the powerplant, the people you pick up want to go to extremely stupid places, i.e. The nuclear generators!?

The game also suffers from a lack of difficulty and has a fairly short lifespan.

Gameplay: The gameplay is good, as it is just the tried and true formular used by games like Crazy Taxi. If there were 2 words to describe this game it would be "CRAZY TAXI"

At different points during the game, you may be faced with the "Road Rage" challenge or the "Safe Trip" challenge. The former consists of knocking over as many things as possible in the timelimit and delivering your customer to their destination. The latter makes you avoid the cars that are on the road, while delivering your customer to their destination in the time limit. The game can become downright annoying when you are issued with a "safe trip challenge" because Mr. Burns, along with his army of manic bus drivers, search the roads trying to find you. Once they do find you, they'll try and ram you off the road. The problem here is when you're on a safe trip challenge, and only metres away from your destination, when all of a sudden a huge bus comes out of nowhere and you fail the challenge.

Graphics: The game is cartoony, just like the show. The characters all look real, and the locations look the same as if they were on the tv show.

Audio: The sound in Simpson's Road Rage is great, and possibly the games best point. All the characters speak, and when a special combination of characters meet, i.e. Bart & Homer, they will argue. Grandpa Simpson is especially funny, with his continual rants. There will sometimes be a hiccup in the voice overs but all in all, the game is fairly good in the sound department.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 The Thing

Overall: This is an excellent game, to say the least. By now you should know that it is based just after the 1982 movie of the same name. You play Blake, commander of a team sent to find out what happened at Outpost #31. Unfortunately, things go wrong. The trust and fear aspect is a refreshing change, and fairly well implemented. The thing looks horrible and grotesque, and that's what makes the game so enjoyable. This is obviously a survival/horror game, and once you get into the game it shows.

Gameplay: The trust and fear aspect comes into it's own in The Thing. If an NPC gets too scared- wether it be from seeing the thing, or seeing a corpse- They'll eitehr blow their brains out, or blow your brains out. The same goes for the trust aspect- If an NPC doesn't trust you they won't follow orders, or they will tell you to do something to gain their trust. If the NPC's trust goes to low, he'll think you're a thing, and proceed to kill you. With that in mind, if you think one of your 'team mates' is acting suspicious, and you decide to wipe him off the map, you'll either gain trust from other NPC's for exposing the Thing, or lose trust for killing an innocent human. It is possible to 'persuade' NPC's to do something even if they don't trust you, by pointing a gun to their head.

The controls are okay, but they can become fiddly. There is an auto-aim feature which makes the Thing just a bit to easy, but that loss is suplemented by a gain in difficulty, because to the thing's bigger than a scuttler, you'll need a flame thrower.

The Thing beats Resident Evil in nearly every aspect of the game.

Graphics: Despite The Thing being a ported game, the visuals are fantastic. They aren't on the level of Halo, but they do the job. The Thing looks horrible, and you'll jump out of your seat when you're playing at 1am, with surround sound, and a walker burst out behind you. Your NPC's all look lovely, as they look around, scratch, get bored. The lighting in The Thing is done to a great effect. Lights flicker on and off, and flares light up the room. You'll need extra pants for The Thing, as I found out when two of my NPC's deformed into The Thing after I performed a blood test on them.

Audio: There is no back ground music to be heard in this game, but the sound effects are implemented to a suitably scary fashion. Your NPC's talk, and the creepy sounds coming from The Thing will make you jump. You really need to play this game to get a good feeling of the scary sounds in this game.

Suggestions: If you're going to make a sequel than make it Xbox Exclusive, just so Xbox owners can laugh in the face of GC and PS2 fanboys!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Commandos 2: Men of Courage

Overall: YAY!!! I managed to get my hands on this great game after weeks of searching, and, from the look of things- I'm one of the few who could find it (as of 10/2/02). This game lives up to its PC name. The Controls are a little bit on the iffy side of things, but aside from that it is a great game. C2:MOC really makes you think. It's not a game for people who want to go fast. Cammandos is a definate must buy.

Gameplay: The Gameplay is great, that is if you like strategy games like me. Commando's 2 is one of those rare games where you really need to think about what you're going to do. The ability to tell other commandos to guard a spot and to shoot at will is great for setting up ambushes. Looking through a dead enemy's backpack will allow you to dress up as the enemy, take the enemies rifle, or even steal his cigarettes!

Enemies are similar to MGS games- They follow a certain route, and if something grabs their attention- They will look for something strange.

As said before, the controls are rather annoying. Each button has up to 3 or 4 uses, depending on the situation.

In the Gameplay department, you won't be able to find a game that is better than Commando's 2: Men of Courage.

Graphics: The visuals aren't stunning, but at the same time they aren't bad, either. It does become a little hard to distinguish between ally and enemy, as they look exactly the same. This game doesn't push the Xbox at all, but is still fairly pritty to look at.

Audio: The sound in C2:MOC doesn't really grab your attention. The dialogue is fair enough, but the menu music does become repetitive over time. Still, nothing special but nothing bad either.

Suggestions: Commando's 2 is excellent. It deserves a spot right up there with the great Strategy games. Maybe you could fix up the music. Overall, this is an excellent game!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 WWF Raw

Overall: Eight months Australia has been waiting to get WWE Raw, and the only difference from the American version of the game is the name- WWF RAW is now WWE RAW. This in mind, you would expect for all the WWF symbols to be changed to the current WWE Symbol. Nope, the developers of this game are a lazy bunch, that's for sure... I would like to refer you to wwfraven2k's review of this game. It summed it up nicely.

But in all fareness, this game is awesome- provided you look over these 'minor' flaws-
*It has unresponsive handling
*Doesn't have a save function
*Doesn't have the 'use your own music' function
*Hardly any wrestling modes
*No Career mode
*No PPV mode
*Roster is completely out-dated (K-Kwik, X-Pac, Stone Cold, Chyna, NO WCW STARS!!! What happened to Booker T???)

The create-a-wrestler is great, I especially loved creating my entrance. Once again, though, RAW could've used the soundtrack option to great effect here.

The 'voltage' metre is utterly horrible too. I think Kurt Angle can easily say that RAW Sucks- It's true, it's true.

And to think I traded in NHL Hitz for this game...

Gameplay: Ugh, when pressing the X button in RAW you'd expect your wrestler to hit the other guy, wouldn't you? Well, the unresponsive controls of RAW make hitting people that more annoying. What's more- Your opponent seems to have no problems whatsoever in hitting you(even in EASY). Another thing- Grappling is too few and far between. For 98% of the game you are just hitting people with your left hand. To end on a slightly happier note- The fact that you can interfere with a wrestler during their entrance is alright.

Graphics: WWE RAW has been praised for it's graphics by many people. I however, am not 'many people'. The faces are unfortunately Xtra long and do not look at all like their real life counterparts. The entrances are all well and good but when the wrestler begins walking it turns into a monstrosity. WWE is more like something from the laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein then an Xbox Game.

Audio: The sound isn't great. No soundtrack option is a real let down. The In game music is bad, really bad. No commentary is even worse. The sound department just caps of a very sub-standard game. If you want something better than WWE RAW get Kabuki Warriors...

Suggestions: Start from scratch. I know THQ have made RAW and SMACKDOWN, and both of them are shocking games. THQ is the flag bearer for **** Wrestling games.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Overall: When I first got my Xbox, I was waiting for two key games- One of which was Buffy. Now I have Buffy, I can say that it was and was not what I expected. I expected the graphics of the characters to look like it was on an Xbox game, for one. But under the hard shell of Buffy, is one fun game. Pitty it is too short and has little replay value...

Gameplay: Buffy is a suprisingly fun game. Throwing a vampire onto the path of an incoming train was a real rush! Buffy can stake vampires when they are upright or down for the count- it doesn't matter how high their health is- if it hits the heart its good night Irene! Crossbows feature- zooming in and hitting a vamp from 100 yards away is really good fun- especially seeing the looks on their faces just before they explode! Buffy can best be described as an Action RPG

Graphics: The graphics of Buffy the Vampire Slayer are terrible. Spike, Giles, Willow and friends all have jaggies on them- Nothing like EA's other games. On the bright side, Buffy's eyes move and Vamps change their facial expression after they get staked- just before they explode!

Audio: The main theme song from the show is there, along with some other spooky tunes that will raise the tension. Willow, Xander and friends are played by their real life counterparts, although Buffy is played by a very good sound-a-like. Buffy's comments become very repetitive over awhile- the same can also be said of the Vampires smug talk just before they say 'Hi' to the sharp end of a stake!!!

Suggestions: Better Graphics will do us. Plus, please get Sarah Michelle Gellar to do the voice of Buffy in the sequel (You are going to have a sequel-aren't you).

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Overall: Finally, another Oddworld game farts and burps its way on Xbox. And it is a beauty! The cut scenes are so very funny, allthough the gameplay can become repetitive. But repetitiveness is a good thing. But repetitiveness is a good thing. But repetitiveness is a good thing. Anyway, I enjoy this game but I wouldn't rank it up there as one of the best

Gameplay: As I said before, the gameplay is fairly repetetive, but with the jump from 2D to 3D it adds more life to Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee. The gameplay revolves around much like this- Abe helps Munch through a section of the level, than Munch swims around and allows Abe to enter the next phase of the mission, then they free some fuzzles and Mudokons, than it all starts over again.

Graphics: The cut scenes are just top notch. The visuals in this game are everything you could ask for and more.

Audio: And now we get to the fun part. The cut scenes are magnificent in the sound division, as each member of the mudokons, vikkers etc. play there funny part. Add to that farts and burps, and you've got one funny game on your hands!

Suggestions: A little less repetitive gameplay.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: Get your eyes off the jiggly bits and you will find a very shallow fighter. All there is to this game is a boring story mode and a few xtra characters. A must have if you like boring games.

Gameplay: See above. A few game movies aren't going to get me interested, nor is a few pyros. A very poor game, with such promising visuals

Graphics: This is were DOA3 shines. Beautiful girls... I mean fighters, fighters, sorry! Plus movies can be unlocked after finishing story mode...naked, women, a$$, shower... Oh, sorry! I don't know what got into me!

*washes mouth out with soap*

Audio: Sound is pretty ok. I really haven't noticed it that much to be fully honest. But to keep you abreast *giggles* of things- Gameplay Sucks, Visuals are great, Sound is well, meh.

Suggestions: Improve on gameplay if you want me to buy DOA4, otherwise, I can just go down to the local adult bookstore to see some bootie

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 NBA Inside Drive 2002

Overall: After playing the dissapointing NBA Live 2002 by EA Sports I set out to buy NBA Inside Drive 2002. I wasn't dissapointed as you will find out later in the review.

Gameplay: The gameplay of Inside Drive is awesome. I really do use that word to is supercalafrags!!!
Just play a game of Phoenix vs San Antonio and see what I mean. The AI is pretty good as well.

Graphics: When I heard 'Real Stadiums' I thought YAY!!! When I heard 'Moving Jumpers' I went YAY!!! Sadly, only the first one is true. In Inside Drive, if you are the Knicks, it really does feel like you are playing in Madison Square Garden, not just an arena with a NY Knicks logo slapped on it. The second one is a half-truth. They are crinkled, but they do not move. Add to that the horrible player models, and you have got yourself a pretty ugly game. In fact, the players belong more in Hunter:The Reckoning than in an NBA game.

Audio: LA LA LA! Oh, sorry! The sound in this game is just soooo addictive. No need to rip your own tracks, no option to either. But, I always watch the opening sequince just to listen to the music

Suggestions: Better player models is all I can say. Just, please don't fall into the trap Live did.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: When I first heard the name 'Project Gotham Racing' I was thinking batman. My response to this was 'When will silly cartoon spin-off games end?' but, luckily, PGR turned out to be what I believe to be the best Racing game out there. A racing game based on style, speed and 29 of the world's greatest cars to boot. Ah, life is great on Xbox.

Gameplay: Now, some may disagree with me, because what I am about to write is a tad contreversial-

This game blows GT3 out of the water. With 200+ real tracks (actually they are road within the following cities- NY, SF, Tokyo, London) and 29 fab cars including Ferrari, Dodge, TVR and Porsche, driving has never felt so good. Racing in convencial style is ace, as the opposing cars react to you and don't follow a fixed line. This was the main reason why I rate PGR so highly above Sony's love child Gran Turismo. Driving in the main style- Kudos Challenge- is awesome, out styling BMW's, Doing laps as quick as you can in rain, it's all there!

Graphics: The cars in Project Gotham Racing are very detailed. A few skins for each car, including custom skins for particular cars. Real time shadows and damage to the cars put the icing on the cake that is Project Gotham Racing. Drivers bobble around switching gear sticks and hitting their head when crashing just make this posably the best looking racer to date.

Audio: Once again, Project Gotham has the option to rip your own tunes from the Xbox Dashboard as well as using the pre-set tunes. Real radio DJ's bring you all the action too!

Suggestions: The only thing wrong with this game is that there are no Lamborghini's. We want Lamborghini's!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: I'm not really a sucker for Xtreme sport games. Most of them suck. However, a few of them shine brightly- Tony Hawk's, SSX, and now, Amped:Freestyle Snowboarding. And Amped is just that- freestyle snowboarding. There are no clocks, no races, just a huge mountain for you to rack up the points. Amped is THE best snowboarding game out there on Xbox. No questions asked.

Gameplay: There are 'wannabe boarders' just like yourself competing for sponsors. As you make your own boarder, go out there, trick in front of the camera, and earn max points- Sponsors will take notice. Get them "Amped" and you will have earned yourself a sponsor. Getting Max points on a run results in something special being unlocked- whether it be a new board or a hot dog. Tricking in front of the press will earn you a maxed out newspaper with your pic on it. Rad dude!

Graphics: Visuals are spectacular. Not only can you ride the whole mountain- you can see every aspect of the mountain. Go outside right now, go on. There we go. What do you see- that's right trees, lots and lots of trees spanning as far as your eye can see. It is like that in Amped. It is as if the developers made a whole world for you to look at.

Audio: The ability to rip your own tunes as well as some totally b!tchin music straight out of the box!!!

Suggestions: MORE!!! MORE!!! MORE!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: It was my first Xbox game. After decision after decision on which game to get first, it boiled down to this little beauty. It was launch day, and I was expecting Rallisport Challenge to be a simulator like Colin Mcrae. I was wrong. It cut my deep, but after playing it for a few hours, it grew on me. Still, looking back, I should have got Halo, but I got Halo later on. It is a pretty good game, but is to arcady for me.

Gameplay: Gameplay is very arcadish. I wanted a sim, so I found nothing great in Rallisport Challenge, but it is far by the best Rally game on Xbox. Jeez I can't wait for Colin 3...

Graphics: Whoa! This game really showcases what Xbox can do. It's graphics are stunning and probably the best on Xbox.

Audio: The ability to rip your own tracks is a good thing. I have really only listened to my tracks, but my music rocks- so I'll give it a 4 for good measure.

Suggestions: I suppose you did a good job. Everyone else likes it. For the sake of them- make it exactly the same. I don't mind waiting for Colin Mcrae 3.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: It is just something to do with zombies. Everybody loves killing the undead. Whether it be for fun, or after a hard days work, we always do it. Now another zombie killing game is upon us, and in my opinion it ranks up there with Resident Evil. And with the Gamecube ressurection of Resident Evil (Biohazard) the survival horror genre is about to get interesting with Hunter:The Reckoning!

Gameplay: This isn't a game for geniuses. But, what the hey- I'm no genius. This game is very much centred around killing the zombies and saving 'innocents' There are spots in the game where the player must find a key to continue, but it generally boils down to finding the zombie with the key, and killing him. This, however, is very addictive. Did I mention there are four hunters to choose from?

Graphics: The visuals in this game are that of Silent Hill. It is very dark, very dirty, and very very bloody- provided you kill the zombies.

Audio: Sound really isn't Hunter:The Reckoning's strong point, but who needs lovely sounds when you can destroy the undead?

Suggestions: This game is pretty good. You have lots of levels, very addictive to play. But, please, don't take us for fools- we can do more than find keys to doors...

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: Xbox was always going to be a great console but to really show off how great it is a great game needed to come along. Finally Halo: Combat evolved is here. Possibly the best FPS ever is an xbox exclusive. Where else could such an expansive and beautiful game world exist. FPS's have been done to death but for the first time ever Halo brings it to a new level. An explosive story line coupled with the fact you can only carry 2 weapons makes such a thriller.

Gameplay: The gameplay is exciting. From the word go you're thrust into battle. Dodging Covenant attacks until you pick up a pistol and assault rifle. The covenant dodge your attacks at every chance. It would be impossible to finish the game without the help of your trusty marines who are as smart as your enemy. In the latter stages of Halo the flood and the covenant battle it out as enemy's as well. Time to clean house. The fact that master chief can pick up and use alien weaponry is outstanding. Although there isn't a huge amount of weapons throughout the game it is just outstanding how each weapon can be used to stem the tide of the war. The vehicles that can be used is outstanding aswell. I use the word outstanding alot because that is just the nature of the game. Multiple choices of were to go and how to deal with thing's is enjoyable as well. Take out a pair of hunters with a stationry gun but be prepared to pay the price. Or just snipe them from 100 yards away and watch them go to alien heaven. Don't let any aliens get to the banshee up ahead or you've got along way up the path over there. The one downfall is that master chief has to drive the warthog all the time instead of being the man with the chaingun out back. I think some of the marines were called out the day before their driving test. To finish off the co-op is cool, and vital for completion on legendary. It is truly SUICIDE!!!

Graphics: Halo's world's are enormous. Inside and outside. The attention to detail is superb (outstanding you might even say). The one thing that caught my eye was that on the level Halo: Reunion tour one of the marines stranded was the general in the first cutscene of the game. Same face, same hat and same weapon. A marine gets a plasma grenade stuck to him so what does he do? he wails about throwing his arms every where trying to shake it off. Unfortunately you'll say a fantastic fireworks show and your best mates life end prematurely. The guns are fantastic. The light is normally attached to the weapon you are using so reloading your weapon will cause the light to jiggle around this way and that. The blue glow of the plasma grenade stuck to a grunt will send a whole bunch of covenant infantry running for cover. So too will chucking a plasma grenade near a group of covenant. Elites dodge grenades with uncanny realism. A hunter charges at you, realising your life is over you take a last gulp of air and watch as the chunky alien runs towards master chief, clinking and clanking its armor causing it to run like a morbidly obese person would run but alot quicker. Dodge out of the way and unload on it causes it to fall to the ground. A room can be full of aliens and marines with not a bit of slowdown. Fragmentation grenades look like grenades would in real life and explode with outstanding realism (trust me on this, there is no need to compare real to fake at home). The power of the Xbox is shown in full in Halo: Combat evolved.

Audio: I mentioned in the visuals that grunts would run around if a plasma grenade was stuck to them. Well they will also say a witty remark before they are blown to smitherins. Something along the lines of " Why me?" or if you throw a grenade in the vecinity of a grunt it will yell out something like " What the...? Grenade!! AAAAHHH" Marines will get angry at you if they are doing all the hard work but just before the alien they are shooting at keels over you deliver a head shot with a pistol. "Hey mate, you stole my kill!". In the truth and reconciliation a marine will yell out "AAAHHH! We're trapped. We're screwed!"
The marines are from all over earth. Accents from Australia, America and England just to name a few. Finally, Elites will yell out a battle cry and charge at you when near death.

Suggestions: Keep em comin' boys. Just make sure they are on Xbox. May I suggest the next game be Halo: Fall of reach. A great add on would be the optional use of the voice recognition headset so master chief can tell the marines to 'follow me' or 'fire at will' or 'hold your fire' or 'stay here'

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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