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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Overall: Star Wars The Force Unleashed was in my waiting list since the day I saw his first trailer. How could someone be not amazed by this ? The moment where the main character bring down a whole starship cruiser with the use of force is absolutly unforgettable. Unfortunatly, there is so many great games coming this fall like Fable 2, Gears Of Wars 2, Saint Row 2, Silent hill 5, Call Of Duty 5 and Fallout 3, that it is hard to recommend this game for a purchase. For me, it is only worthy of a rental. Overall, Star Wars The Force Unleashed (SWTFU) is indeed a great game. The story line is worthy of a movie script, the gameplay mechanic is really fantastic, but there is a lot of repetition in the level design and also in the ennemies we encounter. Finally, there is some major visual glitch who is practically unaceptable for a retail version.

To describe SWTFU, I could say that it is a third person action game developed by LucasArt and that the story line takes place after the event of Star Wars : Revenge Of The Sith. In the game, the gamer embodied the role of Starkiller, Dark Vador's first apprentice. He is send by his master all around the galaxy the destory and kill the remaining Jedi.

Gameplay: First of all, let's talk about the achievement. I must say that 80 % of them are really easy to do. Some consist of killing 35 droids, others are secrets that you must unlock by playing the game on any difficulty. Still there is some really frustrating one. I mean how does the h*ll I am suppose to kill 500 ennemies by using force push if I don't know what is considered as counting toward this achievement ? I used the B button to kill so many ennemies. In fact, some have been throwed on a explosive barrel, other have fallen into a pit or they just died because of low health, but still the game never gave me the award, not even for the 100 kills. The same thing happen with the shield. Do you really expect to do 500 kills with the shield ? I can't barely play with this abiltity.

The story itself is really good and the game give you the possibility to see a sith and a jedi ending. The problem is, if you choose the sith ending, the game show you a cutscene who broke the timeline of the star wars saga. Yes you hear it, if you choose the sith ending, the three others star wars movies have no sense at all. There is also a turnover in the story that some people will not apreciate. I mean, when you stop hunting the jedi, the game fall into some boring combat with empiral guard instead of Jedi master. I found this particular moment to be boring as hell. In the other hand, playing as Darth Vador for the first level is one of the best moment in a star wars video game history. I don't have any memories of a game where you can actually play as Darth Vador. So I must admit, this moment was awesome. Too bad that this game took me about 6 hours to get throught and I found all the holocrons ( with a guide of course).

By the way, the gameplay mechanic is awesome. Pushing ennemies, throw and move ennemies or object, light saber combat, choke and throw lighting out of your hand is absolutly beautiful. It reminds a lot of the gravity gun in half life 2. I must admit that it is really hard to corectfully aim at first, but when you mastered everything, the gameplay feel like you were a real sith and a powerful one. They even add some Role Playing Game element where you can upgrade Starkiller's abilities and buy some new combos. Did I mention that you can change his costume and light saber colour ? Seriously, the last costume and the black light saber is so awesome, you won't believe me if i say that Starkiller look more awesome and badas-s than Dark Vador with those element. Like I said a little earlier, there is some big ennemies repetition in this game. Snowstropper are a common one, but doesn't bother me at all because they naturally fit in the game. It more about the felucian, the A&T, the rancor and the junk titan who really bothers me. I mean, how many times I had to fight those guys ? Plus, I always used the same stupid combos to beat them. First, I shocked them with my lighting skill, then I usually bashed them with my light saber and I finished them with the sensitive context button option. You kill those thing so many times, that I used to skip those fight and runs straight to the end because it was really getting on my nerd. For the level design, I could say that you come back twice to the same planet. In my mind, it is a good way to say : we don't have enough times or money to do more ennemies and level design, so let's just take the one we have already have. Recycly bin is only for tree, not for video games. Also, the boss battle are amazing, but some, like Paratus, are a way harder that Dark Vador and the emperor which is hard to believe. And do you already forget the best part of the trailer ? Of course not, but you should. The part where you bring down a whole starship cruiser is one of the most frustrating moment in video games history. The goal is to turn around the ship so he can face you. After that, you need to crash it, but the problem is that you must also fight some tie fighter in the same time, which result in some bad timing because the ship regain his main position after a while, but also because you are lacking of times. Did I mention that that you only need to push both thumbstick at the same time to crash the ship ? Only this part, it took me around 30 minute to do it and I really don't want to see this part again. Finally where is the multiplayer ? The WII's version got a jedi battle arena and we don't have anything ? At least, we should have an arena to fight other Jedi like what we saw in the training room ? But no, they give us some rancor and A& T once again ?

Graphics: The visual in this game is a little bit too glichty. As an exemple, I saw the emperor stuck in the ground, I saw Star Killer stuck near a mushroom, I saw ennemies on the middle of the sky, I saw ennemies spawn on my face and lips that are moving without any sentence ? Did I mention that I encounter a lot of freeze times ? In the last two level, the game began to freeze every ten minute of gameplay. Level design are so unspired, that you came back twice to the same planet and everything practically look the same. At least, the draw line is perfect. Finally, the euphoria engine is a mess ! You must be really lucky to actually see it in action. All this times spend to make that engine and I never saw it in action in the retail version, only on video made on the web.

Audio: This is the star wars sound library, what do you expect more and of course it is fantastic. It is alway a pleasure to hear the star war theme with the story scrolling down the screen. There is some sound coordination to do with the cutscene, but still really good.

Suggestions: Mutilplayer, more variation in the level design and a jedi arena.

Overall Score: 7.4 / 10 Gears of War

Overall: Through generation of gaming and people, I have notice that there is only one thing that motivated gamer to keep going on in video game. This reason is because we are always in a quest or in a search for new experience and better innovation to entertainment us. So after I got bored of Call Of Duty 4, like I always do with every game one day or an another, I decide to make a quick survey, with my online buddies, about which game on the xbox 360 should I really get ? Everyone told me that Gears Of War has indeed and by far, the best xbox 360 game to date. So a month ago, I found a brand new copy of Gears Of War at my local Ebgames store for only thirty buck. I didn't miss the chance to finally own a copy of what I believe at this time, to be the best rated game of xbox 360. Big mistake ! Gears Of Wars deliver nothing except deception. The single player is well-done and deliver a thrilling experience, but the multiplayer is a real shame for a game of the year. Overall, the games deserved nothing better than a 7.5 out of ten.

To describre Gears Of War, I could say that it is a third person shooter developed by Epic Games and published by Microsoft Studios where the gamer embodied the role of Marcus Phoenix. He is first introduced as an inmate, serving a prison sentence for abandoning his military post in order to make a vain attempt to save his father. Through the game, you must fight the locust, an underground race, who invaded earth in a twenty four hours war called emergence day.

Gameplay: In most game, the main problem when it comes to the single player is how repetivie, tedious and boring it can be. Don't worry, it's not really the case in Gears Of War even if at some moment, you feel that the game should have taken an other direction. As an example, in one chapter, you will battle an evil berseker who will crush you with only one rush, the other one, you will fire on propane bottle to light your way into the city and avoid being kill by the krill and finally, you will be able to race in a car throught the highway chased by hordes of krill. Did I mention that you can do the whole campaign with a friends online or split screen ? This feature is so incredible because the game feel like he has been built for co-op. In a couple of chapter, you will need to choose between two different path. In co-op mod, your buddy will never take the same route as you, so you are going to relieve on his skill to survive and sometimes, he will cover you from this second road. There is also, what I called, co-op moment which are absolutly amazing. As an example, in one particular moment, you will need to make sure that your teammate never go in the the dark or the kryll will kill him. So with a spotlight, you will help him cross a street so he can switch the street light for you. There is also one moment where you will have to turn a wheel to cross a river and when your teammate will have to protect you. If you are a single player addict, you can find hidden cog tag to obtain three achievement. They have also have implanted a feature called active reload, where the gamer can reload their gun faster if they reach the grey zone. But they can also reach the white little bar to gain more powerful ammunition. It works really fine in single player mod, but in multiplayer, you will need to use it every times, which is really dumb if you want my advise. Overall, the single player is a fun experience and the possibility to do it in co-op is marvellous. The only flaws is there is barely no story telling at all and the lenght of the campaign is only 6 to 7 hours long. Did I mention that I found most of my information in the game's booklet and internet web site because I played through the whole game without understanding anything else than humain fighting an alien race ?

Otherwise, the multiplayer is a complete let down. How does the hell people can play this horrible version of what the game could have been ? To really describe what you are going to see in the multiplayer, let's see what a typical ranked match can offer you. First, you will see that there is only four mod called : Asasination, Warzone, Execution and Annex. The first three mod play exactly the same, you got two teams (the locust and the CGU) and you must kill the opposite team. Annex is only a pathetic attempt to make a capture the point mod with no success at all. I am sorry for this little turn over but I have to talk to you about the achievement in this game. Except for the one you can do in single player, the online achievement are impossible to do if you have a real life and don't want to spend most of your time online. First of all, I spend hour trying to make achievement in annex, just to find later that this mod never count toward any achievement, which is really stupid because it's a way easier to do kill with a particular weapon in this mod. How does the h*ll can I do 100 kills with a particular weapon when he only appear in a couple of map and it is absolutly impossible to take it without beeing kill ? As an example, the bow in the river map is on the middle, if you rush for it, you will died everytimes because the locust or the cgu will wait for you on the other side. Plus there is no enough ammo in the weapon you find and you lose it every round. Those achievement are a way too difficult for most gamer, and I have not talked about what we call the serious achievement. You must do 10 000 kills. Impossible to do without spending 400 hour in front of your TV. Plus, when a player leave the game, every kill you have done with a particular weapon on him will never count toward the achievement. Really Dumb, end of the turning. Let go back to the typical ranked match description. You first big let down will be that there is no party mod at all. If you want to play with your friends, you will have to find in which server they are. So most of the time you will wait 5-6 min, because a player want to be in his friend team and he don't want to begin the game until they are both in the same team. Is that so tough to make a party mod to avoid thoise kind of unacessary wait ? When the game will start, you will see that you don't have to collect weapon because you got one of the most powerfull weapon in you basic inventory, I mean the ugly shotgun. A typical round is usually described as a shotgun frenzy. Everyone is taking their shotgun and try to kill the other team for the rest of the match. What the point of making a game where everyone rush in the middle just to shotgun each other in the face ? It get repetitive and boring when it always the same type of match. If we have to talk about the weapon, let me say that they are mostly ineffective. The rifle is usuless compare to the shotgun. If you miss your active reload, you can unload a whole clip in the ennemies and it will neither affect his health or his capacity to move. Basicaly, a common strategy used by gamer consist of leaving the firefight and wait five second (yes, only five second) to regain all your health. It's complety unaceptable !You will absolutly need the active reload every time you are going to rush someone or the bullet will have no effect at all. The single player was all about cover and strategy, but the cover in multiplayer is quite usuless when you got the chainsaw. The chainsaw, by the way, is unstoppable and doesn't fit at all in the game who is all about cover. The same thing happen with sticky frag grenade. People rush you like maniac, kill you behind cover because of the chainsaw or a grenade. As a summarize, cover is useless except for wall bouncing which is a cheap trick to kill. In fact, the multiplayer should have been a strategy game, not a total frenzy where sticking grenade and chainsawing people is the way to get free easy kill. The other in-game weapon are the hammer of dawn, who is an unplayable weapon because the control are weak, poor and not responsive at all, the grenade launcher and the bow, who feel exactly the same, and the sniper who is a complet failure. Only one bullet and if you dont do a headshot or have active reload enabled, you will kill nobody. Finally, did I mention that maps are too small. Five second of rushing and you are in the middle shotgunning each other. Did I also mention how many times I played a 4 v.s 3 match ? There is always someone who is leaving because he is losing ? Did I also mention that glitching are omnipresent in this game. Expect to see wall bouncing people, people outside the map and stuff like that. A complet new multiplayer is the way to go for Gears Of War 2.

Graphics: The visual in Gears Of War is the best I seen so far. The texture are perfect, the lighting is so realistic and the level design is impecabble. The visual look like Call Of Duty 4 but with better lighting and shadow execution. The only problem so far is the texture popping. The same thing can be seen in Mas-s Effect, the game forgot to load texture and ten second later it will pop-up on screen. There is also a big heat problem. The game ask for a lot of power from the xbox, expect to see your xbox temperature dractically high and sometimes it will crash. This is why I give a ten out of ten for the visual.

Audio: Most of the dialogue are a bit too cheasy. Some sentence are really funny, other are plain boring and make no sense at all. Maybe they should have explain the story through your teamate instead of talking about trashball and Cole's accomplishment as number 83. Also, the french and english voice of Marcus Phoenix is unbearable. Aside from that, the audio environnement is nearly perfect. Great job !

Suggestions: No more active reload, bigger map, concentrate on strategy not frenzy, less power in the shotgun, easier achievement, no more hammer of dawn in multiplayer, party mode. In fact I want a brand new redone multiplayer because this one is not funny at all and it is so much repetive.

Overall Score: 7.5 / 10 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Overall: The fourth last months of 2007 has been a really busy period for our Xbox 360. We finally saw the launch of Halo 3 and we got some major blockbuster release. Just to name a few, we got Rock Band, Guitar Hero 3, The Orange Box and other great game like As-sasin's Creed and Mas-s Effect. Each year, the cream of video game is competiting in a cruel fight for the award of the game of the year. But this year, I think that there is one game that truly stand out of the crown, this game is none less than Call Of Duty 4. Call Of Duty 4 is a thrilling, intense, action-packed adventure with one of the most complete multiplayer ever made. The gameplay is near perfect, the visual is totally next-gen and the sound is top notch. Call Of Duty 4 is the best investment I add for year. Trust me, Infinite Ward is no-thief.

Gameplay: Call Of Duty 4 might be one of the best game of all time, but the special edition is just a total waste of money. The box is made in cheap paperboard and the bonus disc is full of trailer you probably saw a thousand times. The only real bonus comes in form of a docu-mentary about the SAS. If you can stay awake for one hour and manage to get over the British accent, maybe you will enjoy it.The story is told from the perspective of three person ( Sgt Jonhson, Soap Mc Tavish, Captain Price ). You must kill a russian ultranationalist leader named Imran Zakhaev who is set on returning his homeland to the times of the Soviet Union by revolting against the current government. The story is quite impressive and there is some turn you never expected. The campaing might be only a five hour experience, but everything feel so fresh and inspired that no one will ever complain about that. You will escape from a russian's cruiser, you will scout street, you will defend places stormed by thousand of ennemies, you will sneak your way into the ennemies line, take control of an AC-130 gunship and even snipe someone from eight hundred feet. No matter what you are going to do, you will never feel left down. Artificial intelligent is also incredible in Call Of Duty 4. At least, for most of the game. Your squadmate are ingenious because they will scout corner, check your back, throw flashbang and never run in the middle of no where. You can even let them do the whole mission by themself. But when you will switch character to Sgt. Jonhson, you feel ashamed at some moment. As an example, in Charlie Don't Surf, there is a part of the game where you must fight in a television station in a close quarter situation. My teammate were popping up of no where and instead of taking cover, they rush in the middle of heavy resistance and get kill like dummies. There is some tactical element include in your squad, but freelance NPC are just too dumb. If you finished the whole campaign, you can do it arcade style. Arcade is basicly the same campaign with a scoring system, life and time to accomplish your mission. The problem remain in the scoring system. If you finish the game without dying or in a fastest time than anybody else, you praticaly not rewarded. A thousand point only for one life and two minute on the timer. It is a shame ! The result give a big opportunity for gamer to cheat and exploit the leaderboard. I saw one guys with two million point in a ten minute mission with practically nobody to kill. At least, you can compare your stats with your on-line buddy. But in my case, i am alone because no one seem interested in this mod.

The multiplayer is everyone favorite part of the game. Maybe you think it is just an another first person multiplayer, but the addition of perk change everything. No one is geared the same, you can have someone with a stopping power, which increased damage, someone else with martyrdrom, which drop a grenade when you die, or maybe someone spying your conversation with the voice perk. So many combination to do, so many gun to choose from, many multiplayer challenge and stuff to unlock, that Call Of Duty 4 is going to take all you free time. If you are worry about the gameplay type, let me tell you that there is nothing greater than playing Search And Destroy, where you must plant a bomb ( Counter Strike look alike ) or Headquarter, where you must cap a headquater and hold it, or Hardcore, where one shot and you die, with your friends in a party mod. A nice addtion was rank. In fact, you can go up to level 55 and redo it ten times with prestige mod. Maybe ten time is a little bit too much and there is nothing really funny with the fact that you just have a special medal near your name, or that you loose all your gun and achievement, but it still a nice feature for hardcore gamer. Maps are also really nice, except for showdown and shipment who are too small and too much unspired, but everything else is amazing. This is the first time I enjoyed so many maps in a single game. If you manage to get three kill, you can have a UAV, if you can go up to five kill, an airstrike, and seven kill, a chopper. The worst part of the multiplayer remain in party mod's problem. It is really hard to connect to a party, sometimes the party crash or you can't join a friends. At least, Infinite Ward promise a patch for this.

Graphics: Call Of Duty 4 outstand every game in the visual department. You will be able to see giant wave in your way out of the russian cruiser, but also one of the best geometry I seen so far. When the russian cruiser will sink, you will totally feel it. Helicopter's ride are also a good way to show you how the game it well done, especially with captain price's conversation in the first level and when a nuclear bomb will go off. There is no limit in the draw line, character's animation are fluid and real, texture are excellent and even on a standard TV.

Audio: There is nothing really special in the audio department. I must admit that I totally love the Infinite Ward's rap song when the credit scroll down or the main theme, but there is no real music in the game. What you get here is explosion, grenade's tossing, impeccable voice acting and fire in every side. This is the best audio experience you can have in war simulation.

Suggestions: Better scoring system, patch for party's problem, least prestige mod. Keep up the good work. I absolutly want a Call Of Duty 5.

Overall Score: 9.6 / 10 Halo 3

Overall: It wasn't a long time ago, but I still remember all the excitement and fun I had playing my old Xbox. I don't know why, but I never tough of buying an Xbox 360 since now. Maybe because of the heat problem or I was probably too busy playing Battlefield 2142 on my PC. Time have past now and my PC is not powerful enough to meet the minimum requirement of Bioshock or any new release, so i decide to buy an Xbox 360 and get back in the best community and gaming experience I had in my life. The reason I bought and Xbox 360 was, of course, Halo 3. I so wanted to finish the fight that I spend nearly 800 $ on a xbox 360 just to play it. The result was really disapointing. Don't get me wrong, the Xbox 360 is a master piece of hardware technology but Halo 3 failed to demonstrate that Bungie made an epic triology. In Halo 3, you are John 117, aka Master Chief, an advanced biogenetic soldier. In this third chapter, you need to find the Ark and stop Truth from activating all the remaining halo. If you have time, you can also save the earth from invasion and destroy the flood. Overall, Halo 3 offer a really good visual engine and an amazing soundtrack, but fall short in leaving you a fresh experience and give you the biggest let down of the century, the multiplayer. Let see in detail what I am talking about.

Gameplay: First, I want to apologize for every spoiler I will say in this review. Let talk about the collector edition of Halo 3. Your bonus material for the additional fee is really nice but not worth the ten dollar you must spend for it. I had fun watching the video where we are seeing bungie's employee at work and playing the warthog mini game, but some part of the bonus disc is totally useless and not fun at all. As an example, the Nat/Router explanation video is worthless and never help me with the lag problem. Finally, when I bought my first Halo 3 collector edition, the game disc was unstable inside the metal box and it became unreadable by my Xbox because of scratch. First, we are going to talk about the single player. The campaign is a ten hour experience on legendary difficulty combined with nine level and 13 skulls to find. Personnally, I think it was a huge let down. Anybody beside me think that brute are not fun to kill at all ? The elites was a way better. They should have never made the change. If we are talking about the level, I can say that most of them are tedious and boring. I had so many difficulties to find friends to play on co-op for the Cortana, Tsaro Highway and Floodgate level. Those level add nothing to the story or just a glimpse and Floodgate is also extremely short. At least, we got excellent and challenging level like The Covenant and The Ark. It that me or Bungie focussed too much on the vehicule for the entire game ? I spend most of my time driving from point A to point B with stupid teammate who don't know how to shoot or drive. In fact Halo 3 deliver the worst allied's AI ever been created. I know that we are the last hope of humanity, but when you saw those guys in action, you will completly understand the whole sentence. The marine alway died, they are useless and you can't let them drive if you want to survive. The arbiter is nothing more than a marine disguised in an covenant if you want my opinion. He normally stays in the middle of the action and get shot. He should be your alter-ego in the covenant force, but he is more like a dummies for ennemis than anything else. Otherwise, the ennemie's AI is nearly perfect. They also used the scarab so many times in the game that I became sick of seeing it. Of course, two scarab on the same screen was awesome, but the fact that you beat four of them in the campaign reduce the fun of killing one of them. Anyone agree with the fact that Halo 3 last run with the Warthog was too much like the end of Halo 1 ? I think the last level feel rushed, stupid, and unspired. The end was also an another cliffhanger. I personnally cry at master chief's funeral. A hero who sacrified himself for earth is the biggest heroes ever been created for video game because no one ever did that before. But the after-credit cutscene ruined everything. A nice feature is that you can do the whole campaign with 4 player co-op. They should have made the game really much harder, but it's still a nice addition. Did I mention that you can use item in the single player campaign ? In my mind the bubble shield, the portable shield and the anti-shield are amazing, but they forget to add most of them in the multiplayer. Forge is a weapon/vehicule/object/spawn editor for Halo 3. This is a really good addition but you can only use it in custom game. I never had the time to really use my creation but I tried some of my friends and I must say something to them : stop the zombie map, it's boring anyway. I also made crazy video with forge and I am proud that Bungie made it. In Halo 3, you can also recorded and share mini-clip from the multiplayer portion of the game. This feature is incredible. In fact, every first person shooter should have one. I will never get tired of seeing video with my friend in a killing spree or in a funny moment.

The biggest let down for many gamer is the multiplayer. The amount of lag is ruining the entire game. I had so many frustrating moment with lag that I put Halo 3 away forever. Some people are able to kill someone with one battle riffle shot and other will take two clip to kill someone. Some poor encoding is also a major problem in Halo 3. Most of the time, my sniper shot never kill the target, even with headshot. I saw so many videos on youtube showing people do 4 to 7 headshot and never kill the guys. It is obvious that the sniper rifle is broken. The shotgun aim is also broken. I have three videos who prove it. Many times, the guys is not even aiming at you and he will kill you, and when you aim corectfully, it may not hurt. The new melee system is also ridiculous. Who ever got the most health win, no matter who melee first. I want the old melee system back at all cost. Bungie should also include an anti-camping system. In any type of game, people are always camping. The team who collect the most usefull weapon and camp, win almost all the time. All map have been design with camping spot who are difficult to take by strength or skill. You can also customize your character in Halo 3. The tag is awesome, the armor is really unique and cool ( except the hayabusa armor, everyone seem to wear it). Too bad that colored armor are useless. On ranked match, it could have been good to put more different weapon. The flame-thrower is only in one map, there is no flame grenade, the mauler is too much powerfull and please make the overshield (aka overs-hit) work. An another problem is that you have too many grenade. A total of six grenade can be pick up and most people will throw everything they have on you. There is even people who throwing grenade first and then tried to kill you. Grenade abuse is a cheap way to play and should be banned/restricted by Bungie.

Graphics: This kind of visual can be easily seen on a old xbox if you play on a standard TV. On high definition, the game truly shine, but never outstand Bioshock or Call Of Duty 4. Halo 3 will never redefined first person shooter visual in my mind. The visual is good but not much better than what we saw in Halo 2. There is only more action on-screen and a more decent framerate. I also notice that some cutscene are horible. In Cortana's cutscene, you can clearly see a picture as a background and the prophet of truth skin in The Covenant's cutscene, is still ugly as hell. Finally, most of the physic collision detection don't work. I get slam by a hammer and I went through the whole map, the warthog can fly with a jumping pad and master chief's armor is flotting went he died in the water.

Audio: Halo's soundtrack is a master piece. When I hear the main song, I always compare it to superman's or star wars's theme because it will never get old. The possibility to play the whole game in french or a different langage is amazing. The problem remain in the sense of some sentence, because some translation are poorly done. There is also one or two place where there is no sound at all or no translation. The grunt sentence are hilarous, I laugh so many times.

Suggestions: Fix the sniper, fix the shotgun, i want the old melee system back, less lag, more item in multiplayer, anti-camp system, reduce the number of grenade and a brand new campaign.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Dead Rising

Overall: You are Frank West, a photojournalist who went to a small town for the scoop of a lifetime. Too bad, this town happens to be infected by wasp who transform their civilian into the living dead. You got 72 hour to discover the truth about the incident. But watch out, there is a ton of zombie who will try to stop you and some psychopath. First, let mention that everyone who has seen the movie Dawn Of The Dead will greatly appreciated the transition to a video game. Even if the game mention that it is not related to any mean to the movie.

Overall, the game feel really fresh. In fact, this is the best game play I seen for a really long time. But the game suffer from major flaw that limit the enjoyement of playing Dead Rising. The saving system is broken, there is a sense of hurry up and deja vu that will dissuade gamer to continu further along the way and there is some minor flaw with the audio department. Let see with more details what I am talking about.

Gameplay: Dead Rising offer the best choice of weapon I seen since I play video games. Everything is a weapon. You can choose to kill with a stuffed animal, a chainsaw, katana, light saber, chair, wood, fence,baseball bat, firearm, sledgehammer, soccer ball and even guitar. Also, let mention that the add of psychopath really help the game to shine. I mean who didn't freak out when Adam The Clown comes to our screen, or when the crazy supermarket's manager is yelling at you ? An another cool thing is that you keep your stats when you restart a game and even if you die. You can also shop for clothes in the mall. You can transform yourself in a serial killer with the Jason's Mask from Halloween, or became Indiana Jones, or even shop for ladies clothes. There is also some really cool easter egg, like the mega man suits who totally blast a zombie in one shot. An another positive thing is, when you save a NPC, they stay forever in the security room, which really feel like you are doing something in the mall. If you grow tired of Dead Rising, you can choose to do the overtime mod which conclude the story left in the 72 hour mode and the infinite mod which sound cool, but it isn't. Infinite mod is more like a survival and not a free roaming mod which I totally disagree with the developer.

For the negative part, let me say that the photo's point are totally useless. It's only giving you point for a really dumb ranking system on xbox live .Personally, I only focused myself on the story and the action. I never pay attention to my photo's album. In fact, you should only take picture of important event in the game and not try to do as many point as you can do. Now, let talk about the worst system save I ever seen. I seen those type of saving system on my N64 but I never thought it will come back on a next-gen console. Come on, there is only a single slot to save on and it give me so many frustrated moment that I was unable to bear it anymore. I personally return the game to my retailer because of the save system. Let me explain with a example. I add 4 quest in progress, and 3 was red, which mean hurry up or NPC will die. So I escorted every NPC to the security room and decide to save like usual. Then, I came back to the main quest and I saw that the timing bar begin to be Red, so I fought the boss and the game keep telling me that I failed my main quest, WTF ? The only option left was to restart the whole freaking game. Second, the aiming system is even worst than the save system. The stick you use to aim is the same as you move and did I mention you can't move when shoot ? You became a easy target for zombie.

Most of the game, you will try to do scoop to boost your levels and do some good work. Maybe it sound cool to you, but again it is not. Every scoop mission involved a NPC that you must save. The problem is that NPC are really stupid, the zombie are more intelligent than your fellow teammate. In fact, they will run straight into a pile of zombie and they will beg for help. You can give them weapon and food but even with that, the escort mission are frustrating. Plus, if you dislike the fact that you must use the same freaking way every time to get back to the security room, you will grow tired of Dead Rising in an hour or two. More shortcut will be greatly appreciated. What i really dislike in Dead Rising is the fact that you must alway use speed to do what ever you want to do. Don't stress me dude, I want to enjoy the game, I don't want to finish it in a hurry. Not being able to do every quest is a bit frustrating for me because I usually want to do everything a game can offer to me. But in Dead Rising, it is impossible. The janitor is alway calling you for NPC to save. I tried to just don't answer the phone, but the time is still running even if you didn't answer the phone. When you will discover that you can't save everybody and that you don't have the time to explore what the game can offer ( and trust me, ther eis a lot to see) you will probably do like me and open the disk tray and never touch Dead Rising again.

Graphics: The first major cut scene of the game will show you a really bad land-scale visual. But when you are in the mall, everything look perfect. The character are impressive. The amount of zombie on screen is amazing. Maybe, the detection collision need a little work because I seen NPC and zombie run through each other, but nothing so major to work on. Overall, there is nothing to compare to game like Bioshock, but the game's visual satisfied me in every way, even if they could be much better.

Audio: There is two major flawed with the sound department. First, the on-screen subtitle are so tiny you can't read them on a regular flat TV and it makes the game incredibly hard to follow. I tried Dead Rising on a HDTV and it work really well. So please CAPCOM, we don't have all HDTV to play video game on, so can you just make video game for both ? There is also the fact that there is no voice acting when you are playing, so it even harder to follow the game. Beside that, there is nothing much more to say.

Suggestions: Cooperative, subtitle which are easy to read, two slot for saving, a new aiming system, more shortcut and put a brain in NPC please. Keep up the good work !

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Test Drive

Overall: Hello everybody im ready for a nice driving challenge ! I've chosen this game because I heard that it was like the movie the fast and the furious. I was really excited about trying drag races and linear races. But in fact this game was so bad that it is in my blacklist. Imagine 30 vehicles ( approximately ), 40 events and four countries, that probably sound good to you but its not and trust me man ! First of all we have the story mode that can be finish in 7 hours maximum because its totally easy to be in the top three drivers on seven but that's not why this game is so cheap, im talking about the races man, four countries but to me it sounds like 4 races because its always the same races with new shortcut. You will say that the game have a cop challenge and you can be followed by few of them, yes its cool but the ai of the cop is so bad that you just have to turn and that's all, you got them all.In an other way, they crash you in a wall when you are last or first and the cop challenge is so easy, you just have to kick a car three time and he is busted, a lot more easy than need for speed 3. The game also has the drag race, oh my god, this part was the greatest part of the game but when you have the best car when playing with one of your friends you will probably win and the other will probably lose if he doesn't take the same car as you and in fact the only thing you have to do in drag race is to push the right trigger and change your speed, just too easy ! In conclusion i'd say that this game is too easy and doesn't give what we want in a driving game ( plenty of courses, good mini-games in multi-player or mod )

Gameplay: Oh my god i played rallisport challenge and project gotham racing and i was feeling really happy to have a nice gameplay like that, i mean its so realistic than you feel the car in your hand but i don't talk about test drive. In this game if you are trying to do like rsc you will probably crash into a wall, yes you heard that, if you put the brakes on you will crash into a !&%$@#* wall but if you keep your acceleration and just give a break to your right trigger that will be fine. What the hell man i found that it was one of the most boring gameplay. I forgot something , when you are driving and you crashed yourself in a another car you will do a 360 spin and when you will accelerate your tires will stock in place and it will take like 10 second before it finishes. Ah ! An another thing : when you are driving near a opponent, he will run like the hell to pass you but when you do 4 accident in a row, they will run at 20 km/h, it makes the game easier but also more stupid !

Graphics: You know rsc and pgr are the best sport racing graphic that we ever saw on x-box and other console but when i saw those of test drive i said to a friend of mine, man check that it looks like your old ps1 graphic and he said : you have totally reason dude ! You know you can also play pong the atari first game on test drive, personnaly i was having more fun in that game who was programmed like a !&%$@#* because the ball passes through our little block.

Audio: Oh my god this is the best part of the game because you have songs that look like dangerous, you want a example : Furious, Ja rule (pretty cool song). But after a while its always the same songs, the random engine is bugged because i heard like five times in a row the song Furious.

Suggestions: Don't make an another test drive game because its so poor or make more races for drag race and races that look like different in linear and also mini-games, Oh ! also better graphic and a new random engine . I forgot something but its truly important for your paintshop please we want an another own paintshop because the one that you created is bad enough to make a beautiful car look like a c-r-a-p .

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Serious Sam

Overall: At the dawn of the 21st century, mankind makes a startling discovery. Beneath the sands of the earliest known human civilization, traces of another, even more ancient, but technologically advanced civilization are uncovered. The profound scientific implication of this discovery leads humankind to the far reaches of the universe. Everything seems perfect, but to perfect to last. In the year 2104, civilization is attacked by countless deadly monsters that were spawned from another dimension. In the battles that follow, humankind fights valiantly, but nothing can stop the monsters from coming. Earth's forces are steadily defeated, planet by planet, from alpha centaury back to their own solar system. Because of his extreme bravery in battling monsters, Sam Serious Stone becomes a legend. Wounded countless times, but never defeated, Serious Sam becomes a living symbol of the earth's resistance against the advancing evil. But, no matter how bravely the human armies fight, they are defeated, time and again, attempts to defend the solar system fail and the earth is now under direct attack. Humankind stares into the face of its own annihilation. World leaders must now turn to their last chance, an ancient artifact called the time lock, a relic from a long-forgotten race, imbued with power to teleport a single person back in time. The choice
of whom goes to Serious Sam who is becomes the final hope for humankind, he must return to the past and change it to save his race from extinction from an evil force determined to purge the galaxy of all intelligent life. Serious Sam is just a cl@!%#*!ic and a basic first person shooter with a banal story which is just a pretext to kill everybody or to lose time.

Gameplay: In Serious Sam, cycling through weapons is as easy as pressing the A and B buttons
and you can set your two favorite weapons to the X and Y buttons. Also you must press the right trigger to shoot and the left one to jump and all the other buttons are useless. In fact, Serious Sam is really too basic for a shooter and we are not accustomed to old first person shooter with nothing more than powerful gun to have some fun. The first five levels are quite interesting but more you get through the story more you find this game a little bit too boring and similar. Thirty six levels with the possibility of playing in cooperative and deathmatch is quite a good lasting appeal but it is just ineffective again a big fan of shooter like me. Also the respawning monster is really ridiculous, i mean why does the hell i can only be touch when someone is respawning in my back ? Yes, you got it ! You can kill every monster in the arena but after a while they are back and always behind you, it's get really annoying and frustating. I forget to say that this game look like an arena shooter because in the story the only thing you do is to enter an arena where you can't exit, shoot everyone and go to the next arena. If there was something special like great graphic, vehicule,challenge or outstanding action it could have rise this game a little bit more. Cooperative mod is also boring because you got a restricted amount of lives and when you are playing with a newbie, it is really hard.The only cool feature are the separate stuff where each gamer have their own armor or health, the possibility of doing all the 36 levels in cooperative but without any videos and the system link play. The split screen multiplayer
is also a lose of time, ok there is a lot of maps but there is nothing more that fragging everyone to do, so without any doubt it can be repetive. Finally Serious Sam offer nothing more than a basic gameplay, so probably that gamers will not find any attraction to this game and even if with his low price.

Graphics: I remember one of the best shooter i ever buyed on Pc, it was called Duke Nukem 3d.
How horrible the graphic was, but i never ended to play it. Serious Sam is like Duke Nukem for the visual but even more simple :
the texture are restricted to the minimum, the monster are numerous but there is no modelling in it and
there is no detail or interactivity in the game. Againt i will repeat this game his too much basic for me !

Audio: There is no lips moving when Serious Sam is talking, the voice is annoying and the sentence
who was supposed to make this game hironic
don't work with me and the music was great but sometimes they take it from other movies
( Indiana Jones ), so it like copying other production and i am not a fan of copying ( How ironic i am here ? ).

Suggestions: Hide yourself somewhere or save your dignity by erasing your name on the generic !

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Black Stone: Magic and Steel

Overall: A thousand years after their defeat at Zedan, the dark mages
hiding within the Tower of Babylon have grown very powerful.
They awaken the ancient volcano, Moon-eye, which weakened the
powers of Holy Light, that is protecting the land of Zedan.
Without the protection of the Holy Light, the dark mages were
able to steal the people souls of Zedan and turn them all into
slaves. The dark one, Xylon, possesses many pieces of the
Black Stone and now has enough power to fulfill his destiny.
The story begins on this evil night.
The only reason why i rented this game is because it was writed
on the box that Blackstone : Magic and Steel allows player to play
together in a fight for all mankind, and the visual was looking
fantastic. But strangely, this game look like too much
Gauntlet : Dark Legacy without a great gameplay, sound,
fun and lasting appeal.
At all cost, you must not buy
or even rented this game because it's really tedious and too much boring.
The best advice i can give to you is to keep your cash, it's not
the time to waste money on useless stuff like this when Brute Force,
Pro Race Driver, Phantasy Star Online, and Return to Castle
Wolfenstein : Tides of War are coming to your x-box on the same

Gameplay: In Blackstone : Magic and Steel, you must press A to hack, B to use
your magic scroll, X to take out your ranged weapon and finally Y to
hurt your friends when you are tired of them. Also you can use the right
trigger to load your magic meter, the left trigger to avoid ennemy's attack
and if you want to onload your special attack, you must combine B and the
right trigger. Finally, the black and the white button can be use to check
your character's inventory or make a map appear on the screen.
First, I will begin by telling that Blackstone : Magic and Steel have
the slowest gameplay you can afford to play on x-box. Can you imagine
that practically every class of character can't run or walk normally ?
In fact, it is so slow that on four player cooperative mod you are always
waiting for someone to progress through the game, like in every hack and slash,
but really longer than what i saw previously.
For example, I took the pirate and I was always behind
everyone and I didn't even got a bit of fun because i killed nothing.
Also, the levels looks really huge when it is that fast, but if you compared
them to Gauntlet : Dark Legacy, you will see that they are really short.
Then, they add a ranged weapon feature like what we saw in Hunter : The Reckoning,
but there are too much unusable when the game run so slowly. As a another
example, when you take the mage you can only shot one magic sphere at time or
with the pirate, the gun bullet is doing practically no damage and he is too
slow to kill the ennemies.
I tough that every game's develloper could have take a lesson about what we
really dislike in cooperative mod, i mean the life's box. Ok, everyone have their
own life box but when you are weaker than the other one, you are always dead and when
there is no much credits in your box, they will play without you.
What was really great in Hunter : The Reckoning and in Gauntlet : Dark Legacy
was when you where in a melee with your friends, but in this game you die so easily
in a melee that it get ineffective and useless to do it again. Probably that
the monster and especially the boss are too strong for us. Everything is so tough in
this game that after two levels, you will not play it again.
Also they need to put more class, but we doesn't really care because there is no game, in this kind,
who have a lot of character to choose from. Also an another thing which we doesn't really
care because it's always present in this kind of game is the camera angle which are always bad.
Bad levels up is also a fact that we are able to see in Blackstone : Magic and Steel. In summarize
you must find a gauntlet, a blade or other special item to boost your character, but what
does the h-e-l-l the experience do without any levels up possibility ? Also why the wizard
isn't more intelligent than the pirate or the thief and why everyone is upgrading
in the same way ? All those question make me know that they weren't actually taking notes
about what is the real dungeon and dragon rules and the real caracteristic of character, so the game looks
One of the worst feature who can be described or mentionned in this game is probably
the ineffective special power.
The pirate, as a example, don't have a powerful special and he always miss his target
with the bad aiming system. Otherwise, the wizard can kill everyone in a blow.
For the positive part, there is a strong multiplayer with some minor lack, twenty six levels,
a completed stats board after each levels and you can load you power.
Finally the shop is horrible ( can't buy item ) and when you find an item, you can't keep it.
To conclude, if you weren't interrested with Gauntlet Dark : Legacy, like most gamers on Xbox
Addict, Blackstone is really not for you.

Graphics: When you will meet this game on your video store, you will automatically watch the design of the box,
but it seems it is not, in any way, related to the game and probably that after you rented it, you will
see the amazing cd art. So after you started the game, you will see the entrance video which is the only
one who explain a bit of the story, and it seem that they all put in the first video
to, after, relaxed near the pool. Finally, you can see a black background when you play and
the character model are ugly. At least, this is where the game shine compare
to Gauntlet. Only on x-box, are you joking ?

Audio: In this game you can't heard any voices, there is an exotic and annoying music who is different in each levels,
and there is no Dolby Digital 5.1. Actually you can't heard the sword slashing or the character
walking, what a basic sound !

Suggestions: Don't even do it again !

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Blinx: The Time Sweeper

Overall: Blinx is one of many time janitors who's usually working at a time factory,
where the flow of time is managed and which is located on their cat planet.
His job, and the job of his fellow feline janitors, is clearing out the time monsters
created from crystals in different sector.
They guard over all worlds, using Time Sweepers
to take out the trash. Things are going along dandy until the Tom-Tom Gang, a
crowd of hover-bike riding pigs, starts stealing time crystals from various worlds.
They even nab themselves a princess.
All of this backfires, as their meddling, creates a
large scale of monster problems in world B1Q64.
Turns out the majority of these time-janitors are scaredy cats, as they all flee when
things are going to be nasty and dangerous, someone must save the world before it's too late.
You know Blinx hasn't been neutered, because he's got balls.
He heads off fearless to save world B1Q64 by jumping on the time portal of this dimension.
He will have to explore a variety of unique locales
and clear out every last time monster if he hopes to save the Princess and the entire world.
Do you think you can handle to be hero like him ?
Blinx was probably one of the first platform game to appear on x-box last year and
without any doubt, this one is the best. For Ign, this game is a pure enjoyement
for your senses and for Gamespot it was too much frustating. But me i prefer
to stay straight and affirmed that Blinx was really cool but can't actually be a legend
or a source for the next generation as ign is trying to say.

Gameplay: In Blinx : The Time Sweeper, you must hold X or the left trigger to suck with your sweeper,
tap one of those two buttons if you want to fire some trash, press or double tap the green button to
jump or make a double jump and finally B to choose which time feature you will use.
Also you can use the right thumbstick to move the camera and successfully
perform a back flip with A and the Back button.
For the positive part, i could mentionned that Blink is the coolest character since Mario on
Nintendo because he got the look, the attitude and the mood to be the greatest character
ever done for a platform game. No, he is not a copy of Mario Bros, but a pure new platform game
which you should take a look.
An another great thing is that you will never see Blink on GameCube or Playstation 2 because there is no hardrive
to perfom the time feature.
The craziest feature is the time management. All you must do is to collect a double pair or a trio
of icons of the same shape to use one of the time management, which are review where you can be back in time and
pass some bridge who was been destroyed in past, forward to save some time, slow to kill some
difficult ennemies, pause to, of course, kill the monster in the easiest way possible and finally
record where you can produce a clone of yourself who can help you in some teamship moment.
The lasting appeal of Blink can be summarize was beating the forty levels, which are really short,
with all those secrets they contain. As first impression, you will find it a way too easy and
we will not play it back, but this game is really hard so you will probably take much more time that
you will envisaged.
In fact this game is so much hard, that with only two star for the difficulty levels, which are pre-programmed,
it was the right difficulty to make me a bit furstated. So imagine when it will rise to five star, it will be a god d-a-m-n
way too hard.
The fact that i can only have three live and that in most part you got only one because
you already try too many times, it can be really frustating to die and start over,
especially when you are fighting the boss.
Finally , the gameplay is a bit frustrating but in most part i was enjoying it.

Graphics: Blink : The Time Sweeper, offer everything that x-box can show to gamers. The texture are funny,
great and well polished, the video are amazing but the disc is on a way too cheap, so after a while
it can cause some major slow down and you will not feel the same intensity when it will lock and restart.
I am not really a fan of funny and comic texture because it look too much unrealistic. Curiously, i was loving Banjo-Kazooie
on Nintendo 64 because it never pass the dead line of real world and comic visual. Blinx is totally a
fictif world where mature gamers like most x-box owner will not find any attraction. I didn't said it
was only for kids, but in a way you must really be a fan of Jet Set Radio Future, Mad Dash Racing or
Batman Tomorrow. Finally the lack of cutscene gave to us a impression that the story was no so
well implanted.

Audio: The best way to express the ambience that must combine a funny character and a comic environement
is a techno beat music, so don't be surprise if it what you can heard in Blink : The Time Sweeper.
If Blinx could have talk more and if they could add the possibility of using
the custom soundtrack even if trash metal or punk can't be related to this kind of game, the sound could have been a
bit better because the music seem always the same.

Suggestions: Custom soundtrack and make it a bit easier !

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Colin McRae Rally 3

Overall: Behind the wheel of the internationally famous Ford Focus RS WRC with your co-driver Nicky
Grist, be ready to set the course alight as you race to become the only one champion.
Rain, sleet, snow, mist, nothing seems to stop you even it makes all the difference to your
visibility and your car's handling, especially when every second count.
Test the limits of your ability and of your car, as you hurtle through treacherous terrain and dangerous
weather condition to shave all-important milliseconds off the clock.
Naturally, your co-driver Nicky Grist is personnally pace-noting every stage of every race
to help you in your quest of glory.
As you will begin your first season, you will start your race with a new three years contract under
your belt to, of course, win a couple races for Ford Rallye Sport through the World Championship,
which is a gruelling series of races across eight rallies offering different road condition which
include tarmac, gravel, snow, dirt and rain-soaked.
Before each rally, you will naturally begin in the service area.
Here the team's engineers perform the set-up requirements, which are adjusting the
suspension, engine, chassis of your Ford Focus and for the stage ahead.
Also, they are preparing the car to practically make it at his optimum setting for the upcoming stages.
However, as you are Colin McRae you may want to step in and make an inspection of their work or do
some manual adjustement.
When racing through Japan. Spain, Sweden, Greece and Australia, you haven't got time to admire the scenery, so
take in what you can of the road ahead before your view is obscured once again.
Are you able to experience the one hundred fifty decision a minute, and the teamwork that goes into actually
beeing Colin McRae, here the question ?
When i first bought Rallisport Challenge, my friends Jeff said, after trying it, that it wasn't near
the masterpiece of CodeMaster and possibly that the nearest sequel of Colin McRae Rally will be even better than every rally
game ever made. So i was waiting until i will have the opportunity to play it, but something goes wrong when
i finally put it in my x-box. I wasn't able to believe that such a mediocre game with a poor quality, without
beeing tedious, could even beat the king or the legend of the Microsoft X-box, Rallisport Challenge.
In conclusion, Colin McRae is not really a bad game but comparing this to Dice's master piece, it is nothing.
In fact, he didn't deserve a place beside Dice production, but it's quite a good choice to pass your time or
if i you want an advice, i could say that waiting until
pro race driver is a better idea !

Gameplay: In Colin McRae Rally 3, you must press Y to change your view, B to use your handbrake, A to accelerate
and X to brake. Naturally the left and the right trigger do the same thing as A and X, so it's up to you to choice
which one suits you the best. Also if you're taking you car with a manual transmission, you must use the black
and the white button to gear up or down.
For the positive part of the gameplay for Colin McRae Rally 3, we could mentionned the dashboard view with
the wiper who work when it's raining or snowing outside because it is absolutly a nice add and even if it is
hard to manoeuvre your car when your dash is hiding the road and a half of the screen.
Also the real time damage is amazing because when you car is too damaged, his performance are decreased
and that becomes harder to finish in first place. Sometimes you can lose your hood, your carrosery and
even your window, it get really crazy and really interresting. Naturally, you got a service area where
you can repair your car for free, but it's only on single player campaign and after three races of a rally.
What is really similar to Rallisport Challenge is probably the number of car and race you can afford to try.
Colin McRae Rally 3 offers like twenty nine cars and forty eight races, but where the ice racing, the hill climb and
the rallycross challenge ? I must say that is get pretty annoying to do classic rally every stage, so take
some of the feature that Rallisport Challenge has given to us and your game could have rise so much in
the top x-box games that you actually believe it.
Naturally there is so much more to unlock when you are playing through the season like suspension, tires and cars.
Probably that when you will first start the game, you will notice that there is just eight car to choose from and
it tooks too much time to unlock one of them, but don't desapair because there are supposed, like i said lately,
to be twenty nine at the end. In summarize, it was just a bad idea to give a bit more lasting appeal to
Colin McRae Rally 3.
Also the control system differs too much from Rallysport Challenge and it becomes harder to get in
the mood of the game for an elite rally gamer. When you now exactly at what speed and how you must turn a curve
and it was been changed
dramatically in another game, you feel like it wasn't made for you. I don't want a pale copy of Rallisport Challenge, i
just need a rally game who has a good gameplay and a handsome price.
Moreover the championship is trully too shorter, actually you can do one season and finish the game in four hours.
At least Colin McRae has captured the fuel of rally better
than is predecessor with a feeling that the rally continues and that there is no intermission between races,
what a nice job ! If, at least, the multiplayer have not ruined your work with no opponent and the obliteration
of this feature, my firends could have seen a bit of your work !
Let talk a bit about the multiplayer ! What i really like in multiplayer is that you can play on an alternate
screen or on split screen, this kind of feature is so much useful and especially in racing game.
Finally, the menu is too brief with only two option, which are championship and versus.
In conclusion, Codemaster have work to do in this part but i know they can do it, so go to work now !

Graphics: Colin Mc Rae Rally 3 offers a really good draw distance, but it is looking too much like a playstation 2 game
because there is a tree background which is an horrible way to embellish a game and there are in
two dimension ( same thing as Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon ). Why does the hell the tree are hurting
so much when you hurt them ? Finally the inside view need more details to be perfect.

Audio: It's bizarre that Colin McRae Rally 3 don't have any music because when playing the voice of your co-driver or
the sound of your car can get really boring and anoying. If they could have put some wind effect or other environment
sound, the sound could have been a bit better. Naturally the real voice of Colin McRae and Nicky Grist
is trully georgous.

Suggestions: Custom soundtrack if you don't want to put some music, easier car control, better graphic,
everything in a way !

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Dynasty Warriors 3

Overall: The history of Dynasty Warriors 3 is connected to a book which is called Romance
Of The Three Kingdoms and which was also a source of inspiration for the develloper.
Finally if i want to explain the story of this game, i must make a
brief summarize of this book.
Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a book with a long and
impressive history. Nevertheless, this novel concerning
the history of 1800 years ago and still acknowledged
as a literary masterpiece today. The novel covers one hundred
and thirteen years of Chinese history, starting in 168 A.D.
and ending with the reunification of the land in 280 A.D.
Three Kingdoms describes a fascinating dynastic-cycle: the
fall of the Han Dynasty under Emperor Ling due to the
Yellow Scarves rebellion, the division of the Empire
into the three kingdoms Shu, Wei, and Wu and the
reunification of the empire by the Jin Dynasty.
The first eighty chapters of the novel are dedicated
to the reign of the last Han Emperor, Xian (A.D. 189-220).
It describes in detail the crisis that causes the end of a
four-hundred years dynasty. The Cao family replaced the
ruling house of the Liu eventually, when Cao Pi forced the
abdication of Emperor Xian.
The last forty chapters deal with the division of the land into the
Three Kingdoms or Three Dynasties. We call this the Sanguo period in
Chinese. This period ended when the house of Jin finally united the land.
The first sentence of the novel explains the aforementioned Dynastic Cycle:
The Empire, long divided, must unite: long united, must divide. The recording
of this history starts when Chen Shou (a scholar of the late Sanguo period)
compiled the biographies of officers and rulers into three books. This amazing
piece of work, Sanguo Zhi (SGZ), literally means Records of Three Kingdoms.
Ninety years after Chen Shou?s death, an official of both the Eastern Jin and
Liu-Song Dynasties named Pei Songzhi added a large amount of notes to Chen Shou?s
original work. The notes (Zhu) came from hundreds of different sources. Some
officials said he added too many notes, but with the permission of the Liu-Song
Emperor, Pei Zhongzhi continued his work. The authenticity of the notes remained
unclear; the Liu-Song Emperor criticized Pei Zhongzhi for this, and said his work
had occasional mistakes due to neglect.
In conclusion, Dynasty Warriors 3 offers nothing spectacular but i have a little weakness
from his gameplay because i like everything that combine war and strategy.

Gameplay: In Dynasty Warriors 3, you must press X to fight at all cost, B for your muscou attack,
Y for a special attack and A to jump. Also the left trigger recenter the camera which
allow the player to strafe and the right trigger is to change your view to after use your bow.
Finally, you can change your map style by pressing the black button on your controller.
One of the positive part is probably when you engage a battle againt another kingdoms and you are
submerged by the immense battlefield with so much men that you can't count them. There is so much action
in this game that it is unbeliavable, just imagine that fifty warriors can battle with you in a single fight
when much more are fighting in other place. Don't hesitate to take an officer horse if you want to run away
from any battle or to be in time for another one.
Naturally to win the game, you need to kill the master general that will cause a decipitation of the army
who has been vanquished. In theory, you could run through the battlefield and kill him, but it's not that easy.
The supreme general is protected by their guard who are heavily graded and when his army see you near to your
ultimate target, they will converged to this point and kill you in about ten second. The true strategy is to
kill the gate's keeper so there will not have any reinforcement, kill his master generals to increase your character
and in the same time you must protect your general and your army.
The Artificial intelligent can be good or otherwise really bad because sometimes your team, after you kill a
general, converged into a fort to kill the rest of the retired army or sometimes they are in a battle and nobody
is fighting, they just stay there and hack a couple of times when they are ready.
Another strong point is when you must manage your hero, in fact you can assign to him some bodyguard, who
can defend or attack and on this menu you can change the character skin to amazone, knight, archer or to heavy
graded soldier. Also you can see the whole battle map before beginning, so you can plan some sort of strategy
but for only yourself. You can also hear a prologue of the battle and change your weapon or equipment. However,
the badnest point is that you can't plan any strategy for your army, all seem to be decided randomly or by how you
proceed to do the level. Also some battle engine like catapult, battle ram or ladder to climb the wall of some
fortress will have been really cool.
The only thing who seem to get wrong with the character is every movement, muscou attack or
special attack look the same for every character, so it doesn't matter who you take or in
which clan you are.
A game with so much action couldn't have been so great without any multiplayer and this why they probably add
a cooperative mod and some deathmatch posibility. Imagine, you can fight with a friends through the entire story
back to back in the most fearest battle ever been created or prove who's the best at war and with his sword.
Seem great and it's, but it could have been better than ever if when somebody die in the cooperative,
the match wasn't over.
All this stuff goes with, of course, the multiplayer, moscou ( story mod ), two challenge, free for all
( four versus four where only generals can fight ) and a really complex option.
To conclude this part, i must say that there is nothing so much spectacular in the gameplay and even if
it isn't great, i like it.

Graphics: The visual is always really smooth but considering that the draw distance
doesn't go further that the end of your nose, that the soldier can appear
or disapear in front of you, that the environment seem to be not alive with
only a crate here and another over there, and that the texture are really fuzzy
with misses colors or details, i can't give a better score than it deserves.
After that, we could ask ourself about what kind of rotted visual we can see on the
playstation two because it supposed to be a direct port from it. The videos were
quite bad too because they didn't even explain the story and they are too short.

Audio: This is the first time i saw the different between a dolby digital game than
one with a sterio sound. How it could sound like this, look like i put my home theater
on the old 70's radio mod. Now i really understand why people are looking
for this feature on their game. The language were also bad because there are
in chinese or in english, so they are in a way incomprehensible or really
does not go with the Chinese history or culture. At least with got the subtitle which
make a great combination.

Suggestions: Really, you must work on the visual at all cost, after you should rebuilt the
sound from the start and adjust some details with the gameplay.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Reign of Fire

Overall: When a London tunneling project awakens an unearthly fire-breathing beast
from centuries of slumber, all hell breaks loose. A twelve years old boy named Quinn,
discover the first dragon and thereafter sees his mother, one of the worker, die trying to escape
this new terror in the same time as him. The year is now 2024. In just a few decades the human race has
found itself on the verge of extinction. Now only a small number of
human outposts remain scattered around the globe, and they must defend
themselves from constant attacks from Earth's new dominant species:
Dragons. In fact, twenty years after the incident with his mother, as a fire chief, Quinn tries
to keep a group of refugees alive with fierce dragons dominating the air, burning the land
and feeding on the ash. Unexpectedly, Van Zan, a hotshot American militia
leader, shows up with a ragtag group of slayer on a perilious crusade
to hunt down and destroy the beast. Tempers flare when there is a struggle
for leadership, until both men realize only one species is getting out alive.
I think it's time to fight fire by fire !
In conclusion, Reign of Fire is based on the supposed scorching blockbuster movie of
the same name, but as it always goes, the movie is quite better than this ridiculous
game that can't even touch the dead line. Everything is horrible and there is no way
to rent it, but if you want to know what is real pain and suffering, it's a good choice.

Gameplay: In Reign Of Fire, as a one of the Kentucky Irregulars, led by Denton Van Zan, you must press
A to accelerate, X to break, Y to flip view and B to use your secondary fire. Also the left
trigger is used to fire you primary weapon and the right one to fire some minigun. Finally
if you want to aim at those powerful beast, you must use your left thumbstick.
As a dragon, you must press X to brake, A to accelerate or double tap to use a speed surge, Y to pick up
a convoy and B to flip view. Also, with the right trigger you can shoot fire ball and with the
left one a napalm devastating breath. Finally, for the dragon, you can evade left or right with
the thumbstick.
There is only three things you can really enjoy in this game, one of them is the convoy
that is occasionally with you because you really feel the last hope of humanity when everybody dies and the cover
they done make more and more action, but there aren't always there so you must be patient because a bunch of levels
are really frustating, so much frustating that you will put down the controller in three or
four missions. Just check the one with the firetruck when you are always on fire and where you will retry five or six times
to really understand that the lack isn't a great idea to extinguish yourself.
Also every mission is repetitive
because you always pass through the same part in a mission or another, what an economy for the texture and for
your brain cell. As a example, you are on a beach on the fifth levels of the human race and the fourth one of the dragon
is on the same beach. Is it supposed to be complementary or what ?
Also the possibility to use multiple vehicule is a good feature, the whole includes a buggy, a tank, a
jeep and a fire truck. In fact, it supposed to be great but i got so much difficulty to speed
up or climb a hill that this feature became tedious.
Naturally, the dragon's mission are a plus but considering that you must pass through
nine paintful human levels to try the dragon one, nobody will have the patient to try it.
Finally, if you got any courage to try the story, you will automatically see that there is no
skill menu, so you must pass through all the levels on normal and at the ends it give no lasting appeal.
Of course, there is a medal award to bring a bit of lasting appeal, but between us,
we all know that it's sometimes a way too hard for an average gamers and habitually
didn't unlock nothing on the game, so why i should try to increase my brain
and my skill potential to gain nothing, and
Why i got no medal on the fire fight mission when i was supposed to pick up the villager
to the base, not to kill down the beast ?
Then you will notice that the collision impact is the badnest ever seen on video game because when it arrives
you vehicule rebounds like a pinball ball, so much unrealistic.
Let finish with the worst feature ever ! I know that there are dragons, so they must spread some fire breath on us, but
it get so much frustating when you burn and sometimes there is no way to avoid an unquestionable death like finished as a
frying chicken. As an example of frustating moment, here there are : when you go on a lack you can drown, when
you search for a pipe it get hard to go below it and the barrels aren't always working.
To conclude and add somethings, the cinematic are too limited, the related song is boring, in
fact there is nothing great, don't be so surprise if i rented Dynasty Warriors 3 in the same week-end.

Graphics: Using grim, apocalyptic landscapes savaged by fire and destruction, the environments show essentially
large polygonal stretches of land, with few details to cover them. The human structures are much more detailed,
especially the military barracks, castle remains, and the vehicles themselves. The colour seem to be restricted
to brown and black. The definition of clip art is unfinished and the video were just a copy of the movie without any
translation movie to three dimension like what we were able to see in The Lord Of The Rings : The Two Towers.
All goes with a smooth framerate and nothing more !

Audio: I already talk about the fact that i discover the different with the dobly digital and sterio with my new home theater,
so i just mention it againt to, of course, remind you. To summarize the sound i can say that it was basic, a couple of
breath fire here, bullet sound there and the annoying voice of Van Dan over there. There is also a mistake in the sound,
sometimes Van Zan is telling you that you are leaving the mission area but you there with him or you are following the
right path, so in my mind he must s-h-u-t up and let me do the d-a-m-n work !

Suggestions: No more game, i can't take more of this !

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Overall: With the aid of the thunder god known as Raiden, Earth's
mightiest heroes have repelled all invasions from s through a tournament known as Mortal Kombat.
Although there has been relative peace for many years, a new
threat to Earthrealm has emerged. And this time, the threat of
evil has two faces. In an attempt to seize control of the realms,
the sorcerers Shang Tsung and Quan Chi have joined forces and
are preparing to revive the lost army of the mythological
Dragon King and if they succeed, they will be unstoppable.
Once again, Earth's heroes must venture to Outworld and
kombat the forces of evil. They must act now. They must
stop this Deadly Alliance.
The FMV starts off showing Liu Kang practicing his moves in
the Wu Shi Academy arena, with Kung Lao looking on. It then pans
to a tunnel with lava littering the bottom, and Raiden narrating
some of the history of the Mortal Kombat tournament. Raiden
talks about how the forces of good and evil have been locked into
an eternal battle for Earthrealm. They then show portraits of
Quan Chi, and Shao Kahn with Raiden telling us that some of the
participants entering the tournament want to stop all that is
good. They show a picture of Scorpion with Raiden saying that
some enter for vengeance. Pictures of Kano and Shang Tsung are
then shown with Raiden saying that they are in the tournament for
power, and eternal life respectively. Once again pan to Kang
practicing, with Raiden saying that time after time, the evil has
been vanquished. Back to the lava filled tunnel, with Raiden
saying that there is concern that Earth is once again in peril.
This time the threat of evil has two faces.
We are then shown the evil sorcerer, Quan Chi, running across
a bridge with lava flowing under it, jumping through a portal,
thus escaping Outworld. Since his escape, Chi has unlocked the
secret of the Ancient Runestone, and discovered the ancient
undefeatable army of the fallen, forgotten Dragon King. We are
then shown Quan Chi and Shang Tsung shaking hands, as they have
formed an alliance. With their combined power, they set out to
overpower the only two things that could prevent their total
domination of the two realms. We are shown Quan Chi and Shang
Tsung walking down a walkway toward a throne containing Shao
Kahn. After showing a false sense of allegiance, they spring
their attack. Shan Kahn's bloody helmet tumbles down the stairs,
signifying Kahn's death. Tsung and Chi then travel to Earthrealm
through a mystical portal, only sorcerers and deities can travel.
After, we are shown Liu Kang practicing once again at the Wu Shi
Academy. Kung Lao is walking behind Kang, and a split second
later, he morphs into Shang Tsung. It is revealed that it has
been Tsung's desire to dethrone Kang as Mortal Kombat's champion.
The fight between them begins. Liu kicks Tsung twice in the
stomach, then blocks a punch, and comes down on Tsung's head with
a fist of his own. With Shang Tsung down, Quan Chi comes up from
behind and fires a glowing green skull into the back of Liu Kang.
With Liu Kang on the ground recovering, Tsung walks up behind
Kang, and proceeds to snap his neck in a very gruesome manner. A
trickle of blood runs down Kang's left cheek as he falls to the
ground, is dead. Tsung proceeds to absorb Liu Kang's soul from his
fallen corpse. Tsung and Chi return to Outworld to use the souls
of conquered warriors to fuel their resurrection of the Dragon
King's Army. With the resurrection of this army, they will be
We are then shown Raiden and the rest of the mortals: Sonya,
Sub-Zero, Johnny Cage, Frost, Kung Lao, and Jax sitting around a
campfire. Raiden reveals he has relinquished his status of Elder
God, to once again return to Earth and lead all the mortals into
battle, against two of their most hated adversaries, Shang Tsung
and Quan Chi. They must act now. They must stop this Drtal Kombat : Deadly Alliance offer everything than a fighting
fan could have dreamed but people who are not interrested of this
kind of game, like me, will not find any utility to buy this game.

Gameplay: In Mortal Kombat : Deadly Alliance, you must press on the right button on your
directionnal pad if you want to walk forward, left to walk backward, up
to walk out and down to walk in. The directional pad can also be use to
jump backward or forward if you press up and right simultaneous or up and left.
Then if you want to fight you must do some combination with X,Y,B and A. Naturally
you can block your opponent move by pressing the right trigger and change your
fighting style with left trigger. I practically forgot to mention that the black button
has been configured to use your special attack. You probably already know that Mortal Kombat :
Deadly Alliance don't allow player
to play with the thumbstick, but the real question is this any repercussion on the
gameplay ? Actually, the Gamecube and Playstation 2 version have a better gameplay
because their directionnal pad are better with only have four direction
than the x-box one who got too much way to perform the corect move and when you are
doing the fatalities, it really easier to do it on other platform. The fatality of
scorpion is supposed to be back, back, down, back and X but even if i try and retry,
it wasn't working. So i went to my friend's house to have some fighting lesson and
increase my style. Only after one combat, i was able to do the scorpion finishing move,
but again i wasn't able to do it on x-box. Look like it wasn't made to be on x-box.
While passing to this stade, i could say that the other version of Mortal Kombat like
Mortal Kombat 3 had a lot more fatality per character than this one, do you remember
the animality, the original fatality, the background finishing move and all them were unique.
Come on it was a lot more than one per fighter. A nice feature that they add is probably the
fighting style because when you are tired
of one, you can change or do different combo by combining two style, but the
best part still be when you want to take your weapon and slash your opponent.
Naturally, when you are taking your weapon in your hand, you can do more damage but in
the same time, you are weaker. As you know, i went to my friend house to try the multiplayer
and before we begin our
first match, he said : I swear to god, if you move i am going to blow your !&%$@#* head off !
In only one combo, i lost all my health. What a mess ! It has a lot better to do some tag team
championship in Mortal Kombat 4 or Dead or Alive 3 than playing again your buddy who know
all the moves by heart. A funny thing is that the training is really deeper than the story. In the kontest, you are a
little villager who is walking through the forest to learn the basic move of a real fighter.
After ten levels you're up to choose you character and learn what he can do to finally fight your
own copy. Otherwise, the story is paintful with all those matches with no video or explanation about
why sub-zero or scorpion want to stop this deadly alliance. I don't know if each character have they
own video at the end because i am stuck with the big beast but i could say that the lasting appeal for
a fighting game is great. To completly finish the game, you must train and complete the story of each
character and open 676
coffin with concept art or character, so i think it's really impossible to have a better lasting
appeal in this kind of game. Finally, i really like the dvd content and each producer should add this
feature to their game
because it's interresting to see how they made the game or what song are related to it. Also
some preview of other game could have been awesome.
In conclusion, considering what we saw in previous version, i should say that there is a step
backward for the gameplay, but it still be a great game.

Graphics: Between each Mortal Kombat version, we were able to see some major improvement and this one is the biggest
ever done. I can't believe how Scorpion has evolved through the series * cough * or how big is the new breast
of Sonia. The level's background were also been improved from the last one but if they could have made them
a bit more interactive, i am sure that most gamers will have find this game even better. Also i know that the visual
is taking a big part of the cd, but i would really like to see all the Mortal kombat Original fighter. There is
nothing to say more here because it's fawless.

Audio: I finally bought some cable to connect my tv to my sterio and my first experience was too much impressing !
I don't know if it's the same thing with other game but with Mortal Kombat, i was able to heard every kick, punch or spot
of blood who was falling on the floor.
But something really goes wrong with the music !
They seem to don't understand what i really want in the Mortal Kombat soundtrack,
they continue to put some instrumental music who's annoying and useless. Ok, i really love the new theme of Mortal
Kombat ( Adema - Immortal ) but why does the hell they didn't put it when playing ? Do you remember the Mortal
Kombat original motion picture soundtrack ? It was full of famous song ( Techno Syndrome - The immortal or
Fear Factory - Zero Signal ), but through the series, they have never taken care of it.
In my mind, it was really great compared to this piteful noise.

Suggestions: Put the original soundtrack of Mortal Kombat and take care of what you done in the previous version
because a mix of some part of other old Mortal Kombat like the tag team championship could have made this game on the top
list of fighting game ever done.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Panzer Dragoon Orta

Overall: Thousands of years have passed since the fall of the Ancient Age.
The world is a wasteland, and the few remaining tribes lives in fear of
biogenetic terrors born of the sciences of old, left behind as gruesome reminders
of ancient perdition. Scattered across the land, the people struggle to survive
in this age of fallen grace. However, a new Empire has risen from the ashes of
the Great Fall. Utilizing the power of the artificially engineered humanoid Drones,
created by the Ancients, the Empire was able to resurrect the primeval
armament production facility : The Cradle. Ultimately, the Empire succeeded in creating
a biological weapon of incredible power : the Dragonmare. With its new dragonmares,
the Empire swept across the entire continent, wiping out anyone who dare resist.
It is pershaps the darkest era in the tragic history of humanity. However, in this
time when the technologies of the Ancients are twisted by the destructive urges of mankind,
there remains a glimmer hope. An Arrow of Light that will deliver us from the shadow of the
Ancients. A winged hero that will take to the skies and free us all, and this girl is

The girl has been chained all her life, without knowing the world or herself.
In fact, she is a white-haired girl who has been imprisoned in the jail of the stone jail.
She looks about thirteen years old and somewhat has a bit of remaining atmosphere of being
child. Her eyes are stern and tones of voice that occasionally comes from her reveal cold
rage and sadness. Under the instructions of three old men called "Three Magi", she has been
kept isolated in the jail from very young age, and brought up. Its reason and what she is,
she doesn't know.

One stormy night, the girl attacked by Imperial Dragonmare unit was
saved by a large-winged dragon. Escaping from severe pursuit
from Imperial Army, the girl and dragon continue their journey as they are guided by wings.
The world full of wonders and mysteries that appears one after another, the new enemy,
company and enigma, all those mysteries will be our new adventure. Soon each of the
two encounters the engraved fate and what waits for
them at the end of the journey. The Dragon will rise again !!!!

Finally, Panzer Dragoon Orta is an inovative game but the gameplay feel a bit too limited
and repetitive, the lasting is quite the shortest i ever seen in my gamers life,
the voice need to be translated and the graphic are top notch. In those moment, i am asking myself about which
option is the worst : being traped with a Sega's game on a saturday night or
doing nothing ?

Gameplay: In Panzer Dragoon Orta, you must hold or press A to shoot some missile or bullets, B to slow down
your dragon, Y is to morph and X to fly like you will never do before. Also
the left trigger has been made to move your character vision to the left, the right one to turn
it in the opposite way and both together to look backward. But the most important one is
probably the black button who cause a devasting berserker attack.
Like you probably saw at the beginning, our dragon can morph in three form. One is Base Wing who can
lock on multiple target and can regularize or increase the speed of its beats of wings, one is Glide Wing
who have an auto-aim, who can shoot on a burst fire mod and have a longer energy bar for is speed movement
and the last one is Heavy Wing who can shot some heavy destroying missile but can't fly faster or slower.
The key to this game is to learn well which type is the best for the task you need to accomplish.
Also with some item, you can boost up the level of your dragon.
After you tried the training to, of course, learn the basic movement, you will probably jump into the story mod.
Let me say that after two or three levels you will be already tired and sick of this limited gameplay.
I know that this is a railway shooter but even if with many ways to achieve a level and other feature tha they put to feel like it's wasn't a railway shooter,
it's stay too limited and too much linear. The only thing you seem to do is shooting some bad guys on a three
hundred degree view and move on certain occasion. The real problem is not only the limited and linear gameplay,
it is also because of the similarity of the level. Each level can be sumarize has beating a couple of ennemy
with a boss at the end and all that goes with a short appeal who will take approximatly ten min for each levels.
I was really busy with a snowboarding weekend but can you imagine that i was able to pass this game even
if i wasn't at home for one day on two ? At least, you have some short scenario who will keep you busy for
another couple of minute, a ton of thing to read from the
world of Panzer Dragoon, the original Panzer Dragoon who look like an old Nintendo Game and a stats rank,
but does it's enough for a short story and no multiplayer ? No, it isn't.
Also, you will find that the camera are a little bit
too much undertaking, because you can be in a battle again a boss with a clear shot but the dragon will fly by himsefl
on another place ( it was been volontary decide by the producer ) or you will have some heavy difficulty to avoid
obstacles. Sometimes it can be fun to be stun by a high speed camera movement but other times, it's frustrating.
Finally, the saving mod is horrible because you don't have multiple slots to save your game.
In short, Panzer Dragoon Orta have a limited gameplay, a repetitive level construction, a box with useless stuff,
the worst saving system and a bad camera movement, but still have great feature for a railway shooter like morphing
and a complete view of your environment. This game is fun for a while but that doesn't last !

Graphics: The first time i saw the video that was explaining the jail evasion of Orta, i was oustanded by the face expression,
the sensitivity of each details, the character model, the bizarre ennemy as we have come to expect from Smilebit
and or course the georgous background, but the real game isn't really the same thing.
In game, the background is fuzzy and undetailed but the character are praticallly like what they were in the videos.
Even if you going really fast there is no slow down, that probably why they made a fuzzy visual when playing.
At least, the 480 high definition television helps for her final score.
Also the menu of the pandora's box don't need a hippies's style and the dragons on the cd art must be rebuilded
from the start. You must at all cost keep the good work you have done with the visual, i pray i never go blind !

Audio: The music are a re-composition of what you can heard from the previous title, but they still had some orchestral
music that make the sound no more outdated and all that goes with the Dolby Digital 5.1, but who's need it when you
have a cheap television and no amplicator. Of course, the voices acting is great if you are a deaf person because it's in
a strange langage that we can understand, so the voice acting is rather considered as reading subtitles than hearing
voices. Finally, erase the voice of Orta when you are navigating through the pandora's box because it's get annoying
to heard her everytimes you are doing something.

Suggestions: Need some sugestion !!!!! There is a plenty of them in my review, so read it !

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast

Overall: Before i begin to explain the story, i will give you a short background of the hero.
Kyle Katarn is a man who has seen all sides of the Force. He
has served in the special operations division of the Imperial Army,
as a Rebel Alliance agent and also as a Jedi Knight. Born on Sulon,
the moon of Sullust, Kyle came from farmer stock and had a close-knit
family. But while training at the Imperial Academy, he has been a victim of a
blow assembled against him. In fact, an Imperial notification tricked him into believing
his parents were killed in a Rebel Ambush. Vowing for revenge against the Alliance,
Katarn joined the special operation division of the Imperial
Army. However, he soon learned the true face of the Empire and his hatred grew for its
underhanded ways. Katarn ended his Imperial service when he elected to help Jan Ors
escape from their clutches. Freed from his Imperial post, Katarn turned into a
mercenary for hire. Along with Ors, he vowed to help the Alliance fight against the
Empire. So let explain the story ! Several years have passed since Kyle avenged his father's death and saved
the Valley of the Jedi from Jerec and his band of Dark Jedi. Allowing his Force
powers to languish for fear of falling to the Dark side, Kyle set aside his
lightsaber, vowing never to use it again. But when a new and menacing threat
to the galaxy emerges, Kyle knows he must reclaim his past in order to save
his future. In fact, eight years have passed since the defeat at the Battle
of Endor and the New Republic still struggles to restore
order and vanquish its enemies. After defending the Valley
of the Jedi, former Jedi Knight Kyle Katarn
has severed his connection with the Force and returned to his
mercenary ways. With his longtime partner, Jan Ors, Kyle continues
to aid the Republic in the fight against the Imperial
Remnant. As the Remnants launches its latest gambit to regain control
of the galaxy, Kyle and Jan have been sent by the New Republic to
investigate the planet Kajim, home to a long-dead Imperial outpost and
that were you begin your journey ! To summarize, Jedi knight 2 can offers to gamer a real good lasting appeal with a
multiplayer that they should not forget so soon, but still have minor lack in the solo campaign
and especially in videos. Finally this game was a must have for all star wars fan but in my
mind, i am a little bit too bored of those product about the novels.

Gameplay: In Star Wars Jedi Knight 2, you must press A to jump, B to use your
lightsaber, Y to use an item and X does nothing like the black and
the white button. Also if you push the control pad on the top direction, you can circle
through your force power, bottom if you want to check your item
and left / right to switch to an another weapon. Finally, you can click
on the two thumbstick maybe for crouching or simply to use your
force power. Naturally the right trigger is to shoot or to use your lightsaber and the left
one is the secondary fire like when you have played Unreal Championship.
After you saw the famous Star Wars introduction, you are immediatly submerged
into the action. My first impression was that i wasn't able to believe that they
done a really good first person shooter with the Star Wars series. But
what have made this game so interresting ? The force power are a great element that increase
the gameplay in this Sr Wars because in the first
one, called Obi-Wan, they were not enough, so the gameplay was looking a bit too similar.
What could be better than pushing or pulling an ennemy, choke or constrict an opponent, incapacitate
a trooper with a lightning bolt, jump higher, run faster, heal ourself from your injuries or see through minds ?
In fact, everything was looking perfect until i saw the ennemies's artifical intelligent. Imagine, when you are
in a total warfair with a few trooper,
the only thing they seem to do is to stay on the middle of the action with the hope of hitting you
or beeing shooted. Naturally as you increase the difficulty, they get a better
accuracy, but they still stay there. With an artificial intelligent like that,
you can do a old method which consist as trapping them one by one as they exit
the room to search you. They know how to stay somewhere like a decorative objet but they
must remember that they are not alone. Do not be surprised if someone hate your game with this only argument,
because what made Halo so impressive is probably the ability for the ennemies to protect or help their fellow-members
when necessary. Also when you or they are dying, the characters are trying do so cool moves like back flip, flip
and roll, but it's look too much unrealistic, so you must erase them and put a classic dead.
An other strong point is the lightsaber. I know that you don't have it until you pass a couple a level and it was also
in Obi Wan but when you got it, you can protect yourself, throw it, make some breaking lines
on wall and make the experience of the game even better.
The only thing i disagree with the develloper is when you must smash on the right trigger to
engage yourself in a combat situation. It was a
lot better to manoeuvre the lightsaber with the thumbtick because it
offers a lot more possibility of touching a different part of the body
than smashing a button for something who was been randomly decide.
But the strongest point is that it is not really a
linear first person shooter, because in some places you must think a lot about what you must do or where you
should go. Then after i try the single player, i was ready for some multiplayer mayhem action but without any big hope.
Fortunately, i was wrong. You can play with fourteen bots, you can decide how strong your character will be with a
custom point maker, if you want only a lightsaber
or gun battle and really much more... Sorry for those you are waiting for a four player split screen
who is pretty cool because it is only a two player action.
In the multiplayer, you can play in free for all, in holocron FFA ( free for all ) where
you must collect some cubes to increase the power of you character and make him win by killing the most people,
jedi master where only one is a jedi and must destroy everyone to gain point, duel who look like survival in
Unreal Championship, team FFA and capture the flag.
All this stuff goes with a really long lasting appeal that will take at least two week.
In conclusion for this part, i will say that the multiplayer is really good,
the lightsaber fight is a must, the force power make the game more interresting,
but they need to work on ennemies's articial intelligent.

Graphics: Jedi Knight 2 combine great environment and character model to the same screen,
but he can suffer at time, in jedi arena, by a huge framerate and floppy visual.
The real problem is the grany effect they put on cinematic, it look like it
has been done too fast.

Audio: The sound will always be the strength of LucasArt, and with a good voice acting,
an immersive sound effect and the Star Wars theme that never seen to get old,
i think you can't get more !

Suggestions: Nice Work and if you really need some suggestion, begin to read my review !

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

Overall: The ladies from the million-selling Dead Or Alive Series are back and sexier
than ever as they embark on a wild, new adventure to the tropical resort,
Zack Island. Join Hitomi, Lei Fang, Tina, Ayane, and the others as they strip
off their fighting attire and slap on their bikini for the most outrageous
beach volleyball game you have ever seen. What's more, the points you earn
on the court will enable you to customize your character with over 100 swimsuits
and accessories to choose from. And when the day is done, the fun has just begun.
The first ever Sports Fantasy Simulation boasts a whole bunch of different
nightlife activities to choose from. What ever your pleasure, Dead Or Alive
Extreme Beach Volleyball promise extreme action and total satisfaction. Here the
story for the pleasure of your eyes, you know what i mean ! After winning his
fortune in a Vegas Style Casino, the famous Dead Or Alive rebel, Zack, invests
his money into an exotic tropical island, which he names after himself Zack
Island. After purchasing the island, Zack transforms the tropical paradise
into an exotic playground for him and his guests. His dream is to create an
adult paradise with a variety of activities to entertain his guests during the
day and night. Zack declares the island the official location of the fourth Dead Or
Alive tournament. When the invites are sent and people start arriving, everyone
realize that only women were invited to the island. The ladies have been tricked but
suck it up fast when they realize they are stuck on a beautiful tropical island to have
fun in the sun playing volleyball. Forget all that i said about Dead Or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball,
because it is only one
advertising web of lies that induces you in a fatal and deadly error. In fact, Tecmo and Team Ninja
has fallen deep in my heart with this horrible game called Dead Or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball and
again they proved that they are better doing the visual than the gameplay. No one said to you that
the visual is only one signifiacant part of a game. This game is only for those who are porn lovers,
who got no life or didn't know how bad the gameplay is ? Extreme Volleyball, i didn't see something that was
looking as extreme volleyball and even as volleyball. I prefer to pass my turn than buying this
monstrosity which is supposed to be worthy of the X-box.

Gameplay: In Dead Or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball, especially in volleyball matches, you must press A to perform an
exchange, B to receive the ball to allow your teammate to make some spike and the right thumbstick to
control your teammate. Then, if i want to review this game corectly, i will divide this in two part,
one where i will talk about what can happen for approximatly fourten days in your vacation and the exbihition
mod where you can play in multiplayer. So after we saw the little introduction who show Zack flirting with a
unknown beautiful women, we start at the poolside where the new corner Lisa, our default partner, start showing
the island. First, we take a look at the accessoiries shop and sport shop, where you can buy goodies and swimsuits.
After looking around for couple of minute, Lisa ask you to prepare yourself for your first volleyball match,
so let's play ! Don't be so happy, it's not so simple to play volleyball because timing is critical and the sensitivity of
your button is important, but the major mistake they done is that my button are not so sensitive than before,
then it is much more difficult to play corectfully. In fact, to learn how to play volleyball as a professionnal,
it tooks me much more time than envisaged, especially because of their new rules which make this game look more as a tenis
match than volleyball with deuce and stuff like that. Some people will say that the volleyball is not attractive because it's
too simple, but me i will say that it was a way too hard and the main reason is because there is no training. For a game who got Extreme Volleyball
in the name, i can say that it wasn't the main attraction, again you probably know what i mean ? After my first match, i gone
to the hotel ( it was an obligation ) and it where it's supposed to be funny, just remember the sentence " And when the day
is done, the fun has just begun ", but it's not true. The only thing you can do in your bedroom is to open your gift because Zack
is always giving gift when you are back to the hotel, watch your collection of item which is probably the only thing to do in Dead Or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball
and also you can play to the casino. Playing blackjack, poker, slot machine all night and betting on the roulette
can be really fun but the main goal of the game is to collect all the item and you must buy them all, so this feature is useless.
In sumarize, the problem you got when playing on casino is that you always lose a ton of money or simply it's a trap for gamers.
Only one day has gone and i was ready for my second volleyball match, but Lisa has split up with me just because we lose the last one and the worst thing in this
story is that sometimes, like what i does, you can spend like twenty days playing mini-games to buy the right gift for the right
girl, it's annoying and terribly tedious. Yes, you can buy item and wrap them to finally give them to a future partner, but even
if they like video game like Tina, they can throw the prototype x-box on the garbage. What a waste of money and time !
The two last feature are rest and the hopping game. hen they were talking about mini-game, i was hoping that
they will be more than one. Jumping onto square floatation pillows lined up accross the pool can be really boring
and rest, where you must watch you favorite girl doing some sexy movements with zoom and different camera's
angle, look like a boring way to pass the day and a spot for a bikini magazine. In multiplauer, the only thing you can
do is to play on a versus mod at volleyball, it is great but it suffers from major lacks, anyway. Finally, Dead Or
Alive Extreme Volleyball can be sumarize as raising money to buy item that are useless ( sub-machine gun, driving
wheel, etc .. ) or swimsuit to play on exbihition, all the other feature are just a means to to embellish the game.

Graphics: The starting video is well polished with a realism to make you fall on the ground, the girl are splendid and have
interresting attraction, you can even see their facial expression when they are playing volleyball and there is a ton
of different item and sexy swimsuit. All this stuff goes with high definition television enabled and graphic which reflect the power of the x-box. Also the
interactivity when playing volleyball is quite good because you can see the sand moving when the girls are walking on him
and even the wind's effect on the tree. The only thing i really dislike is the vegetation of the environment. Do you remember
the plants of the first level of Turok : Evolution ? Look like they were in two dimension again. To conclude the only attraction
in Dead Or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball is to watch those great babes on the beach with their sexiest swimsuit
( You can even see Tina shaking her a-s-s between two fire on the private beach with a sexy american swimsuit ).

Audio: Finally, Dead Or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball got the Dolby Digital system that goes with a descent soundtrack where you can
heard a relax music type ( Bob Marley, Baha Men, Christina Aguilera, B*witch ) and the famous theme song How Crazy Are You (
What they mean by this song is : How crazy are you to buy this game ? ). The custom soundtrack is an another plus but our music
seem to don't fit with volleyball, beach and babe. Imagine i got some Disturbed, Rammstein, Megaherz and Rob Zombie.
The main soundtrack is really better to fit with the theme, but can be really annoying. The sound was one of the biggest mistake they
done because the voices are in japan so when they are exchanging some sentence when playing you can't heard, at least
outside the volleyball court there is some subtitle. But why an american like Tina is not speaking in english, sound bizarre ?
It's rather difficult to me to write and understand in english, imagine how i am feeling with a japense language ?

Suggestions: Change the name Dead Or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball to Dead Or Alive Extreme Beach Shopping or
Dead Or Alive Extreme B-i-t-c-h Volleyball !

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Overall: In the first part of the trilogy, the young Hobbit Frodo Baggins inherits
a ring, but this ring is no mere trinket. It is the One Ring, an
instrument of absolute power that could allow Sauron, the dark Lord
of Mordor, to rule Middle-earth and enslave its people. Frodo,
together with a Fellowship that includes his loyal Hobbit friends, a couple of
Humans, a Wizard, a Dwarf and an Elf. They must take the One Ring across
Middle-earth to Mount Doom, where it first was forged and destroy
it forever. Such a journey means venturing deep into territory manned
by Sauron, where he is amassing his army of Orcs. And it is not only
external evils that the Fellowship must combat, but also internal
dissension and the corrupting influence of the One Ring itself.
The course of future history is entwined with the fate of the Fellowship.
The second chapter begins in the hills of Emyn Muil,
where lost Hobbits Frodo and Sam discover
they are being followed by the mysterious Gollum. A
mercurial creature who has himself been warped by the Ring, Gollum
promises to guide the Hobbits to the Black Gates of Mordor and then they
will release him. Sam does not trust their new companion, but Frodo
takes pity on Gollum, who likes himself was once a Ringbearer.
Across Middle-earth Aragorn, the Elf archer Legolas
and Gimli the Dwarf encounter the
besieged Rohan kingdom, whose once great King Theoden
has fallen under Saruman?s deadly spell through the manipulations of
his spy, the sinister Wormtongue. Eowyn,
the niece to the King, recognizes a leader in the Human warrior Aragorn.
And though he finds himself drawn to her, Aragorn is constantly reminded
of his enduring love for the Elf Arwen and the pact they made together.
Gandalf has been reborn as Gandalf the White following his cataclysmic
fight with the Balrog, and reminds Aragorn of his destiny to unite the Rohan people
with the last remaining stronghold of Human resistance Gondor.
In their parallel journeys, the Fellowship will face unimaginable
armies and deception while also witnessing ancient wonders and the
untapped strength of their people. Together they must stand against
the powerful forces spreading from the Two Towers who's Orthanc Tower in
Isengard, where the corrupted wizard Saruman has bred a lethal army of
10,000 Uraukai and Sauron?s fortress at Barad-dûr, deep within the dark
lands of Mordor. Finally, this game was a pure button smasher and no one will love
this game for a purchase but you must take a look at it.

Gameplay: In The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, you must press X to parry, Y for a master attack,
A for a simple attack and B to kick. The right and the left trigger is to take your ranged weapon
or to finish someone with a brutal attack in the stomach. You can also use the black or the
white button to strafe or to block. The right thumbstick can be use to make fight at all cost but this
technique is hard to master because you won't know which combo you will be doing. Everyone knows
that the first part of The Lords Of The Ring was a shame for all x-box owner and that's why they decided to start
on the first chapter, so The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is not only the part you have seen in
the movie but it also include the troll war and the shadow wraith battle, where frodo have been injured.
It's like having two games for the price of one, but even if with this georgous combo the lasting appeal
is quite short. There is only ten levels that you can do with all four character ( Isildur, Gimli, Aragorn and Legolas ),
a secret level where you must fight twenty levels of vilains, a couple of cinematic and some things to unlock. The
only way it gonna keep you busy for a while is the perfect skill, where you must pass through each level with each character
with a perfect experience points ranking. But how i can do a perfect skill if i must have a minimum of three ennemies
to gain the ultimate attack and in some levels the only way to do not failed is
to kill them one by one. I can't really talk about the game because the only thing you seem to do is
to hack and slash everyone and push every button on your controller ( Seriously, in about one hour my hand was hurting
and i was really too frustated ), so i will talk about the character's
abilities. Aragorn is the best character you can have in the game because he is really strong with his sword and this ability
is great to perform some awesome and amazing combo, but he got a little weakness with his bow. Otherwise, Legolas is an
artist with his ranged weapon, sometimes you can do three one shoot one kill with it and he is faster than everyone with his blades.
Naturally, Legolas got a weakness and it occurs when he has been injured, he can lose a lot of health. Gimli is really strong when
he must kill someone, but throwing axes can be really tough in hard moment and he can't do more than a fair or a good combo.
At least now, the fellowship is fighting with you, you can't take Frodo so you don't have to throw rock at plants,
the story is well implanted and look like the real movie and the aspect of real war is the best i ever seen. Too bad, that there is no
multiplayer because it could have been fun to play with your friends on some kind of cooperative, probably next time, i hope.
Also, next time try to do an adventure game not hack and slash without any freedom and i want the quest sytem back.

Graphics: I can afford that they erase the nice work they done with the video, ok i really love the conversion dvd to 3d but it was
really one of the most anticipated and flawless video ever done. If we must talk about the character, i could say that
there weren't what i expected because all three don't really look like what they were in the movie and especially Gimli.
The textures are smooth, the graphics are clear, all run at 60 fps and the video is quite awesome, but considering what
we saw with Halo who also run at 60 fps, i must say that there is not enough details and look too muck like a ps2 port.

Audio: The music when everything look finish for us is cool, the voice made by the real actor is a plus, the
representation of what they said in the movie is a nice add and the Orc and Urakai voices or sound because they are not really
talking are oustanding because you are frightened when you heard those crazy sound who's the one for your dead.

Suggestions: Multiplayer, Quest, Better Character, More Details, A freedom aspect and probably more ...

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Deathrow

Overall: Deathrow is a brutal fighting sport where the fastest,
toughest players are victorious and the slow
are defeated. It combines the lightning fast gameplay
of third-person action games, adrenaline rush of fighting
games and the cooperative team play and gritty roughness
of rugby, offering a unique gameplay experience.
The object of Deathrow is to win matches however you
can, either by scoring as many points as possible
before time runs out, or by severely injuring your
opponents and removing them from the field of combat.
Feel the rush as you beat the pulp out of your opponents
using back-breaking holds, blood-splattering punches and fast
sliding kicks to knock the competition to the floor.
Team up with a friend and go for a team K.O. as you
electrify the crowd, stomping your enemies and scoring.
Earn money by winning matches, injuring your opponents
and exciting the audience, to attract star players and
train your current team making them stronger by any means
necessary. Engage in fierce hand-to-hand combat against your
friends, enemies, or highly intelligent AI opponents that
don't just get mad, they get even !

Gameplay: In Deathrow, you must press X to slide or to block in a combat
situation, B to kick or throw the disc into the goal, A is to
punch or to pass the disc to an another teammate and Y is to jump.
Also you can use the right trigger to automatically aim for the disc
and the left trigger to strafe. Finally the white and the black button
is to use the strong language and to change to an another teammate, also you can change your strategy icon with the
control pad. This is pretty hard to talk about a game that was nearly
perfect to me at least in the gameplay, so i will talk about the feature you
will be able to see in this game. First of all, there is a multiplayer
who can support for up to 8 players, a realistic mature language,
32 combat sports arena locations ( each with their own unique architecture
and game-play elements ), 18 playable teams ( each with their own background
special abilities, and motivation for competing ), 150 unique characters,
3 extras ( which are multiple disc, extreme mod and art gallery ), an
automatic victory if you remove all of your opponent's players from the field
of combat, team management component allowing you to customize your own team
according to your style of play, you can build your player's statistics from match
to match while gaining speed and power bonuses, injured players can be healed
between rounds if you have enough money, or you must save your winnings to
buy them back, a dozens of holds, s-e-x and drug. The artificial intelligent is
awesome for the opposite team but your team seem to get problem with some fact like :
do so pass, finish the job, protect yourself and healing themself with special
items. The story itself took like five hour and it's done but there is so much to
unlock and the possibility of playing in cooperative with four friends is flawless.
Also, next time i don't want a double loading to begin the game and no more publicity.
Buy it now or die ! Special price for a special game !

Graphics: The Xbox effects such as bump-mapping, spectacular lighting, and bumped reflection mapping,
show how well a x-box game should be ? With some highly detailed characters, a modeled using
more than 55 bones for life-like movement, 7,000 polygons for a realistic character shape,
a facial animation capable of blinking and talking with some expressing like pain, anger, happiness,
and finally over 800 base animations, you can't get more.

Audio: The voice acting was quite good because there is a mature language which are really funny and you can
also import your music. There is a real problem with the sound mix, sometimes you can just heard the mature
language period or the other times you can just heard the music. Even if with the
balancing system you can't heard them together.

Suggestions: Got a problem with the sound mix, make AI smarter, no more publicity and no more double loading, please !

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Overall: You are Agent 47, the most fearest silent assassin ever been created on earth and the one who only work for money.
On his last mission, our main character find more than a target, but the true about himself.
In fact, he discover that the scientist who was working on a mental hospital was doing some
sort of perfect clone to strike his ennemy and one of them was him, he was the original copy.
After the murder of his father, Agent 47 went to retirement on a monastery in Silicy and give
all his money to his new mentor. Now, he is taking all his time to be forgiven by god, but thing didn't happen as he would.
He's forced to return to work as an assassin when his host his kidnapped by some ruthless Sicilian gangsters.
Enter the realm of a retired assassin, forced back into action by treason.
You may be a hired killer but you still have a sense of loyalty and justice.
Visit the dark recesses of a world corrupted by crime, greed, degradation and dishonour
and a past that catches up with you. Trust no one and if the price is right, the finger
of your most trusted ally will be on the trigger. Your targets may hide in the most remote
areas of the planet, but their destruction is never prevented, only postponed.
Learn your trade, master your tools, overcome your obstacles, outsmart your enemies,
eliminate your targets. Remember, rash decisions equal bleed consequences.
Know when to strike instantly, know when to take your time.
Chance favours the prepared player. Failure is not an option,
it is a privilege reserved for those who do not try hard enough.
You have returned and you will track down the organization that
forced you out of retirement. You may find that the enemy is closer
than you think. Finally, this game was a pure enjoyement for me but it was a way too hard
for an average gamer.

Gameplay: In Hitman 2 : Silent Assasin, you must press A to perform an action,
X is to holster a weapon, B is to drop an item and Y is to show your inventory.
The black and the white button is to reload and to switch into a first person or a third person view.
Finally, the right trigger is to shoot and the left one is to sneak or to crouch.
Remember that you are not Solid Snake or Sam Fisher, you are the opposite of a secret agent, so you can kill everyone.
This idea give a total freedom to gamer but it has been blocked by the scoreboard, so your main goal his to be silent,
not violent. The whole game give something that we were not able to see into Splinter Cell ( could have been awesome in it )
and something that i already talk about : a scoreboard. In fact, you can be rewarded if you are in a silent assassin ranking
or otherwise you can be in a total aggression and gain nothing. People who play with an aggressive perspection will find
this game a way too boring, but when you take it as a stealth game it's flawless. All the problem that i encounter in
the first one has been solve, now there is hints that show you what you are not supposed to do like a postman do not carry
weapon, but where they are when we are traped in a russian base and that everything going bad. Some kind of message
that show us all the wrong decision we have taken could have been useful, so much useful that this feature could have change
the name hitman forever. If you are not patient don't try this game because it's took me like
21 tries to have a silent assasin ranking on the first real level. The first person mod is really good but the
weapon look to small and the limited checkpoint are something that you should erase. Nothing to say about this
game because it's a must have for every stealth game fan like me but if you already buy splinter cell, you will not find
the idea of buying this game so interresting. A good lasting appeal with 20 hard mission are to rendez-vous so
don't miss the change to blow !

Graphics: Considering the graphic of Codename Hitman 47, the first one on the series, i didn't find that they done a major improvement for the visual.
In somes places, you can see like one table and a couple of chair around and that all. People look all the same, too much empty room, a big
slow down on the framerate that crashed up my x-box a couple of times and some kind of bad video can summarize perfectly the visual.

Audio: Who doing the soundtrack ? It was really one of the best created for a video game. The voices were also great but the main attraction is
really the amazing orchestral music.

Suggestions: Make it easier and more hints !

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 James Bond 007: NightFire

Overall: I am sorry for the delay of my review but every reviewer here need a break time
before we start the new year, at least i need one. So let's start this year with Nightfire !
The ultimate secret agent is back in his most dangerous
adventure yet in James Bond : NightFire and this time the story turn around the
Phoenix International Corporation, run by the international
green industrialist Rafael Drake, who has been entrusted with
dismantling warheads throughout the world. These efforts have
been billed as being philanthropic in nature,
but we realise he has more sinister motives. Intelligence implicates
Drake in organising the theft of a secret component of the missile
guidance hardware intended for the US Space Weapons Platform.
Unfortunately, Drake has been very careful to keep his plans well hidden.
With help from Q and a number of key agents, you must stop Rafael
Drake in his plans for total world domination. Since rareware have give up
with the James Bond's license, we were able to play many sequel of some sort of Goldeneyes,
but Electronic Art has failed to his task who was to do a similar game.
Now they are back with Nightfire and as a gamer who is bored to wait for
game which are not worth the sorrow of it, i decided to leave them a last chance.
In short, they give to us a short lasting appeal with an impression of already
seen many times. What is look like more than a James Bond's game than a other James Bond's game ?
Finally, in my mind this game wasn't so interresting for one of the most wanted
game on the Christmas Rush.

Gameplay: Before i start, i must say that the control setting can be different for each gamer because the default one is just to hard operate corectly. In summarize, in the default setting they use the right thumbstick to move and the left one to look, completly a reverse setting from Halo and other first person shooter. So i took the configuration Nightfire as my default setting. In Nightfire, you must press Y to jump, B to change your weapon, A to crouch and X to perform an action. Also the black and the white button are used to change your gadgets and to reload.
Finally we can aim with the left trigger and shoot with the right one. In the single player campaign, you are able to play as different scenario.
First you can be in a first person shooter, second as a gunner or in a car chases. Don't be so happy because the campaign is quite short and didn't
deserve so much enjoyement. In fact, the game was so easy on operative than i was obligated to rise the skill level to gain a little bit a fun.
After a week end of rent, it was done on normal. Probably because many levels were quite short and didn't give the feeling of a true environment, also i must say that i obtain a silver or a gold medal everywhere.
An another thing that is really bad in nightfire is the scoreborad. Your goal is to have the platinum award which unlocked everything in the game.
But the problem is what they want us to do. They want 100 % of health who's probably impossible, 100 % of accuracy who's totally impossible with a colt or an ak,
they want us to surrender people or to just stun them ( why a secret agent should do that ? ), they want us to do some Bond's move who's completly inessential and to
collect Bond's icons ( i search with a guide and they were not where they were supposed to be ). At least everybody told me that the real fun begin with the multiplayer, but they were wrong. Only seven map and a half of them are really boring. In fact, one is really good but can't be played with bots and one who's also great but bots are not able to take the ski resort for attacking. Here the maps : skyrail, fort knox, snow blind, phoenix base, atlantis, missile silo, sub pen and ravine. Also the scenario are all similar or they are boring and to prove my previous affirmation here they are : Arena where a point is earned for each agent eliminated, Team Arena where you must elimanate the opposite team,Capture the Flag where each team has a base with a flag and where points are obtained by stealing the enemy flag and returning it to your own base, Uplink where three satellite dishes are situated around a level and when a team successfully activates all three dishes, they begin earning points, Top Agent where each player has a set number of lives and when you exhaust your lives, you're out of the game, Demolition where MI6 team must destroy a designated target within the set time limit, Protection where the MI6 team must defend a designated target while the Phoenix attack and more...

Graphics: The Aston Marton Vanquish V12 is awesome, the new face of Pierce Brosnan is well better than in
Agent Under Fire but in spite of all those great stuff we can see that there is no much improvement in the graphic.
The framerate is also really bad, i mean that we played with six bots and two player and each time they were capturing our flag the game was slowing down.
A real shame for all x-box owner. Sometimes, i was entering a room and there was nothing in it, come on it look like that i was playing Splinter Cell on Playstation 2 or Gamecube.
The entrance video was completly and absolutly beautiful and the in-game video were also pretty good.

Audio: I remember the song Nearly Civilized by Esthero who's really great, also the voices were pretty cool and the dolby digital work completly well with my ears. The James Bond's theme never seen to get old.

Suggestions: Big fail = An another try or just leave that to professionnel like Rareware

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: In response of the growing use of sophisticated digital
encryption to conceal potential threats to the national
security of the United States, the NSA ( National Security
Agency ) has ushered forth a new dawn of intelligence
gathering techniques. This top-secret initiative is dubbed
Third Echelon. Denied to exist by the U.S government, Third
Echelon deploys elite intelligence. In march 10 ( 2004 ),
The CIA contacted NSA officials regarding the loss of contact
with Agent Alison Madison, a CIA operative monitering widespread
communication shortages plaguing the former Soviet Republic of Georgia.
A second operative, Agent Blaustein, was inserted into the
Georgian capital T'bilisi to locate Agent Madison, only to
drop from contact seven days later. Fearing for the lives
of American agents compromised at the hands of a suspected
terorist effort, Third Echelon has activated operative Sam
Fisher to locate the missing agents and evaluate the situation.
But things did not happen has you would and if Tom Clancy is
behind the composition of the story for this masterpiece,
then we can suspect more powerful and strategic events.
You are Sam Fisher, a secret operative agent who obtained the
liberty to spy, assasinate and destroy to protect the laws from breaking
the law. If his mission is compromised, you and the U.S
governement will denied any suspected activities and the use
of the fifth freedom. Finally, i got Tom Clancy's : Splinter Cell for
a cheap price at the Boxing Day and since this time
i never ended to play it. In fact, this game deserves the award of
game of the year. Bring it on Ubisoft from Montreal, we want more of
this ! Where is the number six on the scoreboard ?

Gameplay: In Tom Clancy's : Splinter Cell, you must press A to allow Sam
Fisher to make a specific action, B is to crouch, X is to release
your weapon and Y is to jump. With the Black / White button, you can excavate
your inventory and skirt the wall. Naturally the right trigger is to shoot
and the left thumbstick is to move. The best feature of Splinter Cell is
than we can be virtually invisible, in fact you can hide in a dark corner
and wait to strike an ennemy down. Sometimes, a part of the game seem to be unreal
because Sam Fisher got a pair of Night / Thermal vision google with three green light
that can be seen on the dark, so why they are not able to see us with all those light ?
A stealth game has always a bunch of gadgets and Splinter Cell is not an exception.
During the play, you can use a frag grenade to create a rather paintful explosion,
a wall mine, a ring airfoil round to temporarily disable an human, a sticky shocker
to electrify, a diversion camera, a gas grenade, a lockpit, a disposal pick, an optic
cable to see through door, a camera jammer and some flares. Also in Splinter Cell,
there is a wrong and a good way to complete the game. Some people on Xbox Addict wrote
that Splinter Cell is bad just because you always run out of ammo, but they tried the
wrong way and they should tried to avoid ennemy and kill people who are inevitable.
In fact, i done the whole game without running above twenty five ammo, so everyone
could do it. Remember what Lambert's said : You can use your fifth freedom but i
don't want you to misuse it. Also the producer had a dvd content which is really slow to start, probably
that they want us to forgive them for the short lasting appeal but it didn't work with me.
I know that Splinter Cell is linear but beyond my and your negative comments, i still want to give
the award to him. Long live to Splinter Cell ! Again, where is the number six on the scoreboard ?

Graphics: The most significant element in Splinter Cell is without any doubt the light which
created the shadow, dark places and a really nice visual for a really nice game.
I didn't know for you but in my mind Splinter Cell has the best visual ever seen for
an x-box game this year. I mean there is so much different places, so much texture,
a cool light effect and awesome detailed character that how could we find some mistake
with all those stuff given to us ? Ok, the video are a little bit too grainy but nothing is
perfect in life. Then you must have fun with what you have than with what you want,
because disappointments are always on a near future. Where is the number six on the scoreboard ?

Audio: Wow ! How amazing it was ? The whole game is in French and without subtitle. Also the
main theme has been perform by Crystal Method ( The Name Of The Game ) which is really great.
The only thing i dislike in this game is when someone see you and a music start, but this music also start when nobody are around,
so it's get annoying if you want a perfect level. I can't get enough of this game, it's simply amazing. Where is the number six on the scoreboard ?

Suggestions: New levels and Splinter Cell 2 !

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

Overall: After more than fifty reviews, I finally decided to re-examine the structure of my criticisms.
So now i will start every review with a brief sumarize of the story and i will finish the overal
appeal with a short comment about the game. Metal Gear Solid 2 : Substance is divided in two section,
the first one is Tanker and the other one is Plant Chapter. In Tanker, you are following the incident
on Shadow Moses Island, Metal Gear's top-secret technology was leaked into the black market through the
machination of Revolver Ocelot. As a result, countless variation of Metal Gear have sprung up in every
corner of the globe, making the weapon an increasingly common sight in the armed forces of nuclear powers.
Then Solid Snake has learned that a new prototype has been developed by the U.S marines and is being
transported in secret to an unknow destination. However, just as Snake is about to begin his mission,
the tanker is seized by a mysterious armed russian group. In plant chapter, you are in Big Shell which is a huge
offshore cleanup facility constructed off New York's coast that serves as a symbol of environmental preservation
and he is now occupied by a terrorist group calling themself the Son Of Liberty. The president, who was on a tour
to inspect the facility at time, has been taken hostage, and SoL have demanded a large sum of money from the government
in return for his release. If demand is not met, they have threatened to detonate a series of bomb placed around the big shell,
releasing huge amounts of chemical toxin into the sea and unleashing a massive environmental disaster. That where you must join
the party, but remember that terrorist has always biggest plan than gain money ! Finally, in my mind Metal Gear Solid was supposed
to be a legend but it was no where close, in fact i give him the award of the most boring game of the Christmas Rush.

Gameplay: In Metal Gear Solid 2, you must X to use your weapon or throw choke, A to crawl, Y is the action button and B is to fight.
The right trigger does the same thing as the left one, i mean that with it you can select and equip your weapon.
Also the thumbstick have been programmed to move your character or to switch into a first person mod. Finally with
the back button, you can use the codec to talk with every squad member. Control are also different when you are playing in
first person mod. In example, the left thumbstick is used to look around. We all know that the last two month was the best moment
to buy a stealth game because three of them was been release in the same period but how does Metal Gear Solid look different from the other who
are Splinter Cell and Hitman 2 ? There is nothing really spectacular in Metal Gear Solid because it seem that it's just a pale copy of other gameplay.
I know that Hitman and Splinter Cell are younger than the father's of stealth but i mean that both game have something
more enjoyable than him. As example, in Hitman you are travelling to exotic place and in Splinter Cell you must hide into the dark to success.
In Metal Gear Solid, the only thing who look like that i am playing a stealth game is that i can hide bodies every where and the possibility of not being seen by anyone.
What i really dislike in Metal Gear Solid is that if i am not in there cone vision they cannot see me. Sometimes i was just a little bit far on the opposite
side and i was able to take all my time to have a headshot or they were spotting me and the only idea i get to survive is to enter in a nearby room to hide into a closet
and they were entering the room and leaving soon because everything was looking perfect. Come on if i am entering a room and that everybody saw me, why does the hell they leave ?
An another bad idea is the respawning of terrorist, i mean that if you kill everyone in a room and that 1 hour later they
are back, i didn't have the feeling that it's real. I suggest to you that you put like fifty terrorist who are hard to
kill, because they have a great artificial intelligence, on the Big Shell and after they were been killed, there is no much people or respawning. Also i hate when people are
lying to me and it's what you are doing because you say that Metal Gear Solid contain 350 + vr. One character contain like 50 challenge and that all, if you are taking the vr of other character which
are all the same to me, i must call this as false publicity or as a good way to make more money. Finally Snake's tales was a great idea because you can see
what Snake was doing when you were with Raiden.

Graphics: I will begin this part of my review with this sentence : graphic was a shame for all x-box owner. I always wanted video when i was with my old Nintendo 64, but
in Metal Gear Solid, there were not what i was waiting for. The type you have created is just too dark and it's cannot be compared with what Ubisoft have done.
Also, people who create this game save a lot of money by using the same texture again and again and also that they put some flashy orange everywhere on the second chapter.
I know that recycle is pretty good for the environment but not on video game. Also the graphic of the Vr are the worst i ever seen, there is no color, no texture, in fact there is nothing.
Finally the box and the cd art were a another example of how much your game is shame for us.

Audio: The sound was just on the dead line ! I didn't remember a lot about it and when nothing stay on my head it's because it was not so amazing.

Suggestions: No more Metal Gear Solid, more Splinter Cell !

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance

Overall: A couple of month before the release of the Microssoft's X-box,
the Playstation 2 have already receive the first chapter on console of the
fearest role playing game ever made and he will always been called
Baldur's Gate. After one year or more, the compagny who made Baldur's
Gate : Dark Alliance has decided to put it multi-console. I must admit that
this game is two years old but trust me it's a good rent for the Holiday's Season.
Probably that most gamer who didn't have a x-box or don't know which game are coming
soon will think that this chapter of Baldur's Gate is based on the Pc version,
but it's not. In Baldur's Gate : Dark Alliance, you are entering a different world, a world
where only one character can fight with the exception of the cooperative mod where you are able to play
with one of your friends and where the original game have nothing similar. Probably, that it seem different because Baldur's
Gate turn itself into a true hack and slash. Finally this game was a good idea but it's only
a port for the Playstation 2 without any modification for the gameplay and the visual, at
least we got the Dolby Digital 5.1.

Gameplay: As a sorcier, i was able to cast some spell with my B button, jump with Y, slash with
A and X did nothing. The control pad can be used for changing your spell or
to equip your character with ranged or melee weapon and naturally the left thumbstick is to move
him. Finally The left and the right trigger is to take instantly a health or a regeneration
potion. If you have already played Gauntlet : Dark Legacy or Hunter : The Reckoning,
you know exactly what Baldur's Gate can offer, but it's in a better way because it
seems that i overated this two game. If not, then i will explain. In Baldur's Gate : Dark
Alliance you can buy some armor, potion, weapon to increase the power of you character,
you can upgrade him with your experience that you gain through the game and have some secondary guest.
The upgrade system is really awesome for a hack and slash who was worthy of this name. The shop
is another great idea but i was wanted more thing to buy and there is not enough but really not
enough sub-quest. This game is also strictly linear, in fact you must go from a point to the other and even
if with the possibility of a other way, it stay linear. This game can be sumarize has getting money,
buy the strongest armor and weapon, killing everyone, make your way through dongeon and reload because
you are dying many times in this game. The strongest point of Baldur's Gate is the multiplayer because the cooperative mod
is always a good idea to have fun but only two player make it a little bit boring. If you could add more character
to choose from, ( only three : an archer, a sorcier and a dwarf ) it could have been great. The badnest point of a
hack and slash is always the angles of camera but with a fully manual system and a higher view, this game has solve the problem.
To conclude there is a lot of work to do here but it's still be a good rent.

Graphics: There is nothing really great in the graphic and i saw a lot better in other game, but
how they could increase them ? Stop, i am asking the wrong question because it must
stay like it. What going on when they increase the graphic too much ? Yes, we are losing
some part of gameplay, so that why i prefer it stays good like this.

Audio: The Dolby Digital 5.1 is a great idea, the voice acting was ok and the music was awesome
( i always liked the middle age music ).

Suggestions: If you want some sugestion, you just need to read the whole gameplay's review. Also i wish you a Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Shenmue 2

Overall: In my mind Sega has always been a big fail and if you want proof of my previous affirmation just check how easily Sega was been beaten with their Sega Genesis by the Nintendo's console named Super Nintendo, when they got a upper cut right on the face when Playstation 1 came to video game industry and knock-out Sega on the ring with only one week of selling and finally when Playstation 2 give the death-blow to Sega, it was their last breath on the console industry. After the ultimate carnage, Sega has decided to stay on the course with their video game but againt that was a fail because they were not close enough from the masterpiece of other compagny like Bungie, Digital Extreme or Dice. Just take a look around to the x-box library with Nfl 2k3, Jet Set Radio Future and GunValkyrie, does it was to supposed to blow ? Now Microsoft got an ally to fight againt the strong leader of Sony, but how weakless he is. But they have some game that can't be contracdicted like the famous best-seller who was Phantasy Star Online and Shenmue 1. Shenmue 1 has combined the Virtual fighter style with an immense world of adventure and freedom, sadly the sequel of the
game was not been released on America. But now, thing have changed and also we are able to play Shenmue 2 on only one cd and naturally on our x-box. I didn't know that someday i could say it but i am proud of you Sega.

Gameplay: If i can give you an advice before you start Shenmue 2, it will probably be that you must at all cost listen to the Dvd
that came with game, because it's explain the whole story of Shenmue one. I know that 1 hour and thirty minute is a way too
long to introduce the story but if you prefer to start the game right after you buy or rent it, you will not know what you
were supposed to do in Honk Kong. For those kind of gamer, i can summarize the Dvd with the assasination of your father, follow
by the steal of a mirror who supposed to release a demon from the underworld and finally after a series of combat, you will leave
japan with the only idea to avenge your father. When you start the game, you are immediately submerged by the wide world of Shenmue 2.
First you must know that even if you take the control pad or your thumbstick as you directional pad, the character won't move
corectly. It's hard to move Ryo when he is doing a circular movement and the hardest part it is when you want to go to a specific location.
In Shenmue 2, you are also able to talk to every townpeople about you main guest or about the location of a pawnshop, of a gambling zone
or somewhere where you can have a part-time job by pressing Y and A. B can be used to mark with a pencil a specific point in Honk Kong and
X to check you diary where all your quest are. I forget that you can also use Y to check into your inventory. They're so much to do
in Shenmue that a short review like that can even introduce the gameplay and i didn't know where i should begin. First, you already know that
we can have a part time job, in fact you can work on a lucky stand hit or as a conveyor. Also you can gamble in diffrent kind of game and
what i really enjoy in gambling is that it is so realistic that i can even feel the demon of gaming in my head. Sometimes i was working a whole day to spend
it all on gambling and the result was that i got no money at the end. Pawnshop are used to sell toys that you can buy in some machine
near the golden road, a set of specific toys give you more money that selling just a part of it. In shenmue, you can also learn new move,
have new friends, play old sega game on the arcade, fight on street fight and more. There is also some video that are interactive. What i really mean by that is that sometimes you should press B to avoid a couple of crates from falling on you. The consequence if you failed is that you will not able to follow the running riot. In fact, it was pretty cool way to show us the interactivity of the game. An another thing is that we are able to counter move in the same way has the interactive video, this is really amazing. The lasting appeal of this game is
practically 40 hours with the possibility to play again and in different way. Really the best adventure game ever done on x-box.

Graphics: The best part of the graphic is when you are leaving the boat from japan and you begin to look around. How diffrent you will
find every townpeople ? How it could have been true ? It seems that you will believe that you are in a real city not like Jet
Set Radio Future where everybody look the same. The texture are quite too crispy and crappy for me and i can't even express myself more
about it because there is a half of the gamer that find that this kind of texture show that everything is not perfect and another kind who will
say that polished texture could have been better. I don't want to create a war again the polished texture or the real life texture so i will
not express any opinion about it. Finally the video were better than awesome, they were oustanding and it's not because they were well done. My reason is that there
is so many of them that you can feel the deep story between Ryo and the murder of his father and i has always wanted to have more video than three or four. Some people will tell you that you are spending more time listening video than playing and i must admit
that it's true, but i just don't care.

Audio: Sound was perfect, voice acting was oustanding, the oriental music give a great feeling about a chinese city and even if it's not in french this game deserve a five.

Suggestions: Better texture in some part of the game and no more circular movement !

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 MechAssault

Overall: There is only two week before Christmas knock at your door with all his delicious dessert
and meal that your grand mother did, with your drunk uncle who always falling on the three
and with the big slobbery kisses of you aunt. But the best moment still be when you receive the
game that you were looking for and naturally when you played it until the moon goes down.
Probably that most gamer found the ultimate game to buy or to give to someone for Christmas,
but me i am still waiting for it. First, i though that i found an original title to bring on my library
with MechAssault, because everybody was talking about it has it was a legend but they were wrong.
I just want to mention that Gamespot give a 9 with a editor's choice award, that ign give a 9.2
which are equal to Unreal Championship and Game-Revolution give a B+. This kind of event is rare
and when it arrive it's always an amazing game like Halo, but this time i receive a strong punch in my
stomach when i finally rent it has my week end rent. Deception over deception for someone that need
a another game for X-box Live or i will not pay an another year for a service that have only two
or three game who worth the money. In fact, it's was a too high rated game for x-box and in my
mind it deserve a lower score for the short and repetitive story combined with one of the worst
online multiplayer up to date. Try something else like Ghost Recon, Splinter cell ( not really online )
or Unreal Championship if you are someone, like me, who is buying their game on the last moment.

Gameplay: I never saw a pre-configured style who was spending so many button for a simple action. What i mean by that is
that Y,B.A,X and the left trigger can be used to cycle through the weapon. Also the both tumbstick can be used to move your
Mech or just turn his chest without walking, the right and left click on your thumbstick must be used for your special ability and
or to use your jetpack, if your mech got one, and finally the right trigger to shoot. The main campaign is something really
strange because it's look like the multiplayer and the skill level are not balanced has i would. I played this game with
only one star has my skill and you can go until it reach five or six star. But even if with the easiest skill system it was
a little bit harder than i tough and when it reach the top it was unbelivable how it was hard. You can summarize the campaign has destroying some stupid
infantry, tank, every building that need to be pulling down and the same mech again and again. Ok, the mech are really cool,
but it seem that they all have the same thing has their weapon. Something like a frozen laser, a auto-destruction skill, mines
or a parasite that make the control inversed could have been really awesome. Also a cooperative mod for this kind of game
is necessary. In the multiplayer feature you can play something that look like a cooperative mod but it's get boring when
you are two again seven mech. Then after i tried the co-op, i choose to try the other mod which are deathmatch, team deatmatch,
last man standing, last man standing in team and finally it where you must kill it to be it and make point. It took me two days
before i was able to play this game with friends because there is no bots in the multiplayer and a match with only one opponent is always bad.
But during this time i was playing Live with my best friends. Live was a the same thing as the offline multiplayer except that you
can play with your friend on split-screen and with 7 or 6 other player. Think it great, think again ! In MechAssault, there is only six map with three mod and when you are dead you are controlling a MechWarrior who was strange
and a boring way to have a free look mod, so after a week end of rent i was bored of Live. The biggest advice i can give to
the develloper is to release the patch soon because the retail version with no patch is just a big fail. Also i heard that
every mech in multiplayer can beat anyone who got a another type of mech but it false, my friends has tried the elemental and he
wasn't able to kill someone, so i try with a another light mech and it was the same thing. It's seem that heavy mech are a way
more powerful that the other and even if with the jetpack nobody can beat it easily probably because they add a auto-targetting system to
every mech, but i must admit that with the light mech it more easy to pick up some help or weapon upgrade before an another player took it. Yes, everybody who plays MechAssault in team prefer to play for himself and never care of other's health.

Graphics: Graphic were great with a good variety of well done mech, a fully destructive environment and some great video. But i just
don't care about graphic when i don't like the main attraction, the gameplay. Nice work here but you got a major lack in the

Audio: I am really impressed about the music. Normally it an orchestral music, a techno beat or nothing really great but this time
you got a rock and roll ( if i can call it like that ) beat on the background that give an another and a strange feeling. The
sound were also great with all those big gun that are firing in a tiny arena. But i can't say the same thing for the voice acting
because it was absent for me. Nobody want to heard someone who's always talking with a annoying voice to help us, the video ( only
4 or more ) is the best part for the voice acting except if you give command order or something like that.

Suggestions: A brand new gameplay !

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 NFL 2K3

Overall: Something really strange was taken my mind next week, probably that it was a hype
or an excitement about the winning of the grey cup by our local team and mixed by the nfl
fever 2003 demo on the Wacked disc that i was really enjoying. So i decide
for the first time of my live to rent a football game. I will always be objective in
my review but this time you gonna know what happen when i player that didn't like football
or even sport think about that kind of game. I can say that the football game are dumb,
that if you buy one you have tried them all, also that the only thing they change from
version to an another version is the rooster or the player of each team but i will fall
in my prejudice and nobody will trust me later. Before i begin this review, i must definite
the concept >. In my mind a good game is a game that has a good visual , a
great sound and an amazing gameplay but also he should be adapted to every gamer.
What i really mean by that is that if somebody want to play this game and he never played
this type before he will be able to enjoy it like a fan and also to play it
corecfully. But it seem that nfl 2k3 is far away for this categorie. Finally, if you want to
buy this game and you are a reel fan of football, go get it but if you are a newbie like me
you must stay away from it.

Gameplay: This time, i will not enumerate what i habitually do in my review that contain the feature
of x-box live because it's just a lost of time and i said it in my review of Unreal
Championship and Ghost Recon so i don't need to repeat if you saw my previous review. I got
a lot of problem to play this game because 90 % of my friends hate football game so my hour
of play is extremely low but i was able to understand that if you press one of the four
colored button and the left or right trigger you can pass the ball to a teammate, also X can
be used to block the opposite team, Y to dive, B to change to an another player, the right
trigger to strap when you got the ball and the control stick to choose your strategies. I
must admit that this game was too much repetitive for me, ok you can play on night and
on different condition, you can download some rooster on live, there is a a season or a
pre-season match, the artificial intelligent is pretty cool for an average gamer but
for me it was too high because i didn't know which strategies is the best to stop their
offense, each team got their own strategie and you can play on live but even if
with all that stuff, it's repetive. The multiplayer is an another bad point of the game
because everybody can choose a strategie and play has the quater back so it's get annoying
and sometimes i get confused about who is the quaterback or what type of game did he
choose because a half of friends was taking a game randomly. Live is also a bad idea
because it's took me a whole hour to play with someone ( seem that gamer prefer nfl fever
2003 ) and when i first played on live i was really disapointed of who were playing this game
because there were all professionnel and i was only a rookie.

Graphics: The visual was too great ! With a lot of team that got different face for each character and
a few different place to play, this game got the best score ever seen for the work they do
to complete it but sometimes the face of player where badly done but it's just a minor
details for a great visual. Naturally it's still be a restricted football game so don't
expect to get something new on the visual. Finally the first and the only video get
me and probably you in the mood of the game because he were looking like i was wacthing the
news on tv.

Audio: Wow ! It seem that the announcer were reel because they got an amazing variety of sentence
to say, but it's not the same thing for the music. In fact i was badly disapointed about
the music because habitually when i watch football game on tv, there always some famous
song like we will rock you, take care of business or ready to go. The only thing they do
for the music is to put a mix of song that are not related to football. At least the
custom soundtrack could have been great.

Suggestions: The newbie need a 101 course about football, i want to create my whole team, better face in
some character and a custom soundtrack could have made this game on the top.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: Do you know who is Tom Clancy ? If your answer is no, you're probably lost.
In fact everyone should know who he is, because has a real fan of him, i can
tell you that he has done some of the most anticipated and most complicated
novels of all time. But i should leave that there because we are in a video game
section and everybody here is probably not interrested about reading book like
the sum of all fears. So what Tom Clancy have in commun with the video game industry
and the x-box ? Simple, each other are connected together because he's also a producer of
team squad based action game like Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon and the brand new game
for x-box that get the higher score ever : Splinter Cell. No, i will not talk about
Splinter Cell in this review but, as you saw on the front page, i will talk about
Tom Clancy's : Ghost Recon. But why they are called the Ghost Recon ? They call themself
like this because they must hide and kill silently, so they are acting like a ghost.
In Ghost recon, you assume the role of a tactic squad member who must lead his team to her
primary goal that can be summarize has defeating the russian ultra nationalist army.
Naturally this game was on my Christmas rush list and i will probably buy this game
later on the next year because i think that i will never get bored of it. Of course, this is
just a affirmation from someone that is already bored of Unreal Championship, so don't take
it as reality.

Gameplay: Like what i done in my last review, i will separate this part in three : the pre-configured
controller style, the solo campaign with the offline multiplayer and one section for
X-box Live. In Ghost Recon, you must press the A button to reload, B to
change for an another weapon, X for your night vision google, the white or black button is
for the burst fire mod, the control pad can be use for proning or crouching, the right
trigger is for shooting and the left one is for a map view. The solo campaign in Ghost Recon
is quite the best i ever seen in a first person shooter, but naturally in second place
after Halo. In fact, the campaign offer a great variety of mission and it's not always
the same thing for the objective like when i played Conflict Desert Storm. The real challenge
in Ghost Recon is to stay alive because the artificial intelligence is so high that they are
able to prone behind a tree with the barrel of his sniper right on your neck without beeing seen by you
and you are supposed to be a recruit, so imagine on elite. That could have been more enjoyable if the radar
could have been more useful, i mean that he is so complicated to use that after a weekend of rent i didn't know if i was
able to use it corectly. In total, you have fifteen mission with different environment in each one :
you can be in a swamp, in a city devastated by the russian army, in a forest and more.
But the best part of Tom Clancy's game is the realistic gameplay. You know, we will always
have game that are unrealistic because it had a new degree of fun, but sometimes it's
get frustated a lot. For example, in halo when you are playing in multiplayer or in the
campaign you can shoot with a pistol for about 150 feet or you can jump around the enemy with the
same accuracy has someone who are crouching, but in Ghost Recon you must stay in place if you want a
great shot or your accuracy will drop dramaticaly. The offline multiplayer is an another strong point of
Ghost Recon because you can play in co-op or deathmatch. In cooperative, you can play on firefight where
you must kill all the ennemies to win, in recon where everybody must reach an extraction point, in mission where you
must do a couple of objective and finally in defend but i wasn't able to play it because it was locked. The X-box live
section is not what i was really wanted in a game because we can't play on split screen, you must wait until the other player to
finish their match before you can enter ( sometimes it's quite long ), there not enough people that are playing cooperative
online and the only mod that was interresting for everybody seem to be last man standing. To conclude, i should say that
Ghost Recon have some minor mistake but it's totally a must have for any gamer here.

Graphics: Ghost Recon's graphic are one year old so don't expect to have the best graphic ever seen on x-box. In fact,
the tree are real ugly because they are in two dimension, some texture are really crappy and there is too many mission
on night so you can't see what they does with the graphic in a some part of the game. The only thing that seem to be great
was the model which are really well polished and they add a great mix of color on clothes because they look like what a soldier
must look. Also the videos were a master piece and especially the first one. Finally, Tom Clancy must work on the graphic because
it seem that his programmer didn't know how to do good texture and skin.

Audio: First, i must say that there is no music in Ghost Recon but they add a great level of sound. Imagine, you can heard the
animals, the wind, the water, the foostep and some brushwood of the trees to break under your feet. Yes it seem to be
normal but wait until you try it, you gonna know what i am trying to explain. A custom soundtrack could have been really cool
in this type of game, so in Raven Shield, can you add one ?

Suggestions: Need a lot of work in the graphic !

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Unreal Championship

Overall: You know, there will always be some days that you will never forget, like when i got my x-box on the last christmas. This friday, on november fifteen was the nearest and the best
day i ever had in my life because as a real gamer, i bought Unreal Championship and X-box Live. I spend like fifteen hour on a row on live until i saw that it was six o'clock after moon. The only thing that i really hate is that i got no
more penny to spend on good game like Tom Clancy's : Ghost Recon, Tom Clancy's : Splinter Cell or MechAssault. The christmas rush, like i habitually said, work a lot and even better than i though because i got more friends that buy a x-box or even more stuff. Before i begin my review on Unreal Championship, i would like to erase
your thought about some rumours that some people have on Unreal Championship. Unreal Championship is not a port from Unreal Tournament 2003, it's probably the opposite because Unreal Championship was been created before Unreal Tournament 2003. Also, the biggest rumor that i saw was that they add a custom soundtrack, but it seem that they were totally wrong. Finally, if i can give you an advice about Unreal Championship, it will probably that you must buy x-box live to see the true Unreal Championship on action.

Gameplay: Before i start my review, i must say that i will separate this part in three : one for the pre configured controller style, one for the solo mission and the multiplayer offline and one for the X-box Live. Unreal championship is a first person shooter that brought you in a world where the main attraction for the humanity is to kill each other in
a deadly tournament and in different arena. The pre-configured controller style in this game is really easy to understand and to improve your skill with them takes only 10 minute. In fact, you must push X and B for the previous and next weapon, A for jumping ( this button is the most
useful after the triggers ), the right trigger to shoot the primary weapon ammo and the left trigger for the secondary attack, also you can use the Y button to command your team and finally the black and white button is for your stats menu. Did you remember what i said about X-box live and Unreal Championship on the
overal appeal, no check it out now ! When i said this sentence i was really telling the true and trust me because i never lie. I played the campaign for about 3 hour and i was really dissapointed in all the way because they no real strategy when you are playing with bots, ok you can give them some order and configure them to be on freelance, on attack or defense but you will never get the same kind of fun that i got online. Finally the offline multiplayer save him from the disaster. Now, i should talk about the kind of game that you will be able to play in Unreal Championship. First, you got deathmatch where you must kill everybody to obtain some frag, the team deathmatch where you must fight in team and on the same way has deathmatch, survival where you must fight againt each opponent on one on one, capture the flag where you must capture the ennemie flag to get some point, domination where you must cap two point for a total of ten second ( worst mod ever and i want the old domination back ) and finally bomb tag where you must transport a bomb that is
located in the middle of the map to the ennemies portal ( best new mod ever because you can pass the bomb to an another teamate so the teamplay is on rendez-vous ). On X-box Live, Unreal is totally on his highest point. I got a lot of fun to play with new friends ( my friends list is full ) on live, but i should said that i got some real and big problem with Unreal that i will enumerate there : too much lag with fifteen person, sometimes my x-box didn't know that i got Live, when the host leave my x-box is crashing and the statistic is something that i really dislike to see ( I am not bad, i am pretty good but i didn't want to see them either ) and finally we can't manage our server after we start him.

Graphics: Wow ! The levels are incredible, the model are the best ever seen, the video is really well polished and the weapon skin are awesome. There is only one little thing that you will need to work on for the first patch of Unreal Championship, so what i dislike is that you put too many light but i really mean too many light on character and also on the official logo. Don't forget to correct the black screen flash when we are starting the game. Nice work and keep it good !

Audio: The voices acting are quite the best i ever seen since enclave, in fact there is nothing really amazing but they are in french, so i can't understand more carefully what i said. You probably all know now that there is no custom soundtrack in Unreal Championship but how does i will play if i had some heavy music on the background, probably not good as i play now.

Suggestions: A patch with no more light on character and logo should have
been great, also she must include some new map and my favorite
kind of game : assault.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 TimeSplitters 2

Overall: I remember some of my rainy days when i was playing Goldeneyes with my friends and in my mind i got so much fun that this game will probably be in my memory for all the rest of time. So after a couple of years, i was wondering myself about how a new sequel from the same producer of Perfect Dark and Goldeneyes could have been. So this years i got my answer and i must say that i never tough that this sequel could have been so awesome. In fact, you got everything that you want in this game and i don't have any request for the gameplay and the sound but some minor details on the graphic and a bad release date has dropped this game on the bottom of my library's list, but at least he's there.

Gameplay: When i first start the game, i saw a video that was supposed to explain the story but in fact all i have seen was a team that was rushing a tour full of timesplitter to obtain the cristals of a time portal, not exactly what i was looking for in a story. Then after an hour and half, i was finally done it but only on easy. I am agree that it was pretty short but if i could give you an advice for the rent of this game, i should say that you must play it on normal because you got more objectives and the levels are longer. Even if with a short lasting appeal on the single player you can play through the campaign with a teammate but if you play it on
cooperative mod, the level are harder because there is no body armor for your teammate and your ennemies are stronger. Also you can't complete your solo campaign with a friend like in Halo. Then if you done all the single player levels, you're probably ready to test your skill on challenge mod. The challenge mod give you 21 mini-games that most be complete with the platinum award and there no easy task on your objectives map. After that, if you want to test your skill on the multiplayer, you can do it on three league that contain 15 pre-configured scenario. Again you must have the platinum award to be on the top player list. Finally, the multiplayer was the best ever seen because there is so many games mod, you can add bots if you want and there a ton of character to choose from. In conclusion, even if with a tough aiming system i am really satisfied for the gameplay and halo should take care of some part of it.

Graphics: I played so many game on x-box and when i got something that a really want in one of them there always something wrong. As you were able to doubt it, this time it was the graphic. In fact, the wacky character were pretty funny and there were a new style for this kind of game. Also the video were a strong part of the graphic and the texture were quite good. But there is some minor details that i really dislike, quite as the banner on the background screen, the colour that you put on the snow on the first level and the cd & box art are a real shame.

Audio: Like i said previously, the voices of the character were funny and the sound were always where it's supposed to be. But the best part of the game was the music, in each level there is a new style of music that can be unlocked and you can put it on multiplayer to have a more intense match.

Suggestions: Next time, take care of the minor details and also choose a good release date for your game because this time you release it on the Christmas Rush and i must spend so much money on game on the next two month that i am unable to buy an another one.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 The Thing

Overall: In the thing, you assume the role of Blake, an infantry soldier that need to investigate with his teammate in a mysterious disappearance of scientist in the white desert of Antarctica. But thing did not happen has they would, because some kind of strange alien has come to the rendez-vous and they are here to kill you. Before i rent this game, i heard a lot of good comment about it and it sound like this : the thing was freaking awesome, one of the best game on x-box, better than Resident Evil itself. Personnally, i though that all this comment was false and i know what i am saying because i played so many game on this console that in my mind, i am able to recognize which game is good or bad. Also, before i begin my review i must say that this game is a sequel of the excellent movie which got the same name.

Gameplay: Usually, when you are in charge of a team, there is always something that goes wrong. In Halo, they were charging the covenant without any fear and the result was always catastrophic or your own team were shooting at you. But this time, they have done a great work with the team system. In fact, your team can't shot at you when you are in front of them, they must spread out around if they want to shot. Also the trust/fear system is something new that i particularly like, because sometimes the NPC didn't want to follow you, so it's give the feeling that you must convince them to gain help and if you want to arrive at your main goal you can give them a gun or heal them, after that they will trust you. But if they saw too many murder or violence they will be scared and they will never trust in you again. An another good idea was the kind of soldier that you can have : a healer, an enginer and a mercenary. There also a bad side of the medal in this game, like when i was stuck in a level because i was unable to find a sniper and i was obligated to have a sniper because my objective was to snipe some c4 at a sniper spot before they secured the hangar and you can't do it if you walk through each hangar. Also, sometimes you need an enginer but the last one you got has died in the previous level. Some kind of advertissement could have been great for the player because when you are near the end and you didn't save on multiple spot you are in big trouble. It should have been like your mission is failed because your engineer is dead or you can't pass the level if you didn't find the sniper. Finally, this game was a pale copy of half life because the story, the monster and the army that came through the story near the end is the same has half life. I know that the movie was there before half life but this game is a sequel of the movie so for me it's a pure copy. I forgot to say that the lasting appeal is quite short, ten hour on normal and it's done and there no real skill system ( if you put it on easy you got a better view with your flashlight, that all ). I will finish this part of my review with this sentence : If you saw the trailer, you saw all the best moment of the game.

Graphics: This is pretty hard to say that this game got the best graphic ever seen. First of all, it's look like Silent Hill because with the fog, they reduce the graphic at his minimum and it was the same in The Thing but they replace the fog with the snow storm. Also in most of the game you are in a dark place, so you can see the texture. The model of the alien were quite bad, i mean they are scary but they look so weird for alien. The video was the only exception, they were good has i would.

Audio: The sound in most of the game that i played was perfect because usually their nothing really special to take care but i find a big mistake in this one. The producer of the game has done their copy with the possibility of playing in a different language but when i first begin to play i was able to read the instruction in french but there was no voices. Probably that for you it's nothing but for me it's unforgiven.

Suggestions: I didn't want a sequel because there is too many thing that need work !

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 BloodRayne

Overall: In BloodRayne, you embody the role
of a young lady born has a vampire,
but in fact she was a half human and
a half vampire. Her special ability is to use her s-e-x appeal, ruthless charm and lethal style. Before she meets the secret society which takes care of the supernatural business,
the young lady was in search of
her father who was the only vampire
in her family and probably the only
immortal. The main goal in BloodRayne is to eliminate two list of german's officer who want to rule the world with some mysterious artefact, sound repetitive but it wasn't. Finally, that was the best game i ever rented in the last twenty weeks but it's not a must have because the lasting appeal was really short, like fifteen hour on
normal and i done it. After one time i was unable to do it again, not because i dislike it, like you saw in my previous sentence, but i saw the major part of the game and they aren't something to unlock at the end. Before i officialy start my
review, i must say that normally
i take care of the ign's and gamespot's review but this time i was disapointed about their opinion. So let's procede to my review !

Gameplay: Agent BloodRayne, to defend herself, has silver blades attached to her wrists and she able to cut really hard with them. Also she can use weapon because she is an expert with sub machine gun and rifles. All these thing look great but it's wasn't the best part. In my mind there is something to feel the true sense of the game and it's was the gore, there so many violence in this game that even any game could have done better in this section. The most violent part of the game is when you are in a BloodLust, the screen is on slow-motion and with your blades you are able to cut in multiple piece a complete army of german's soldier. Finally, i must said that BloodRayne was a mixture of all the others vampire game that i was able to play on x-box ( Blade 2, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Blood Omen 2 ) and the part they introduce in the game for Blood Omen 2 was the skill system ( Zoom vision, matrix time, walkthrough vision ), for Buffy it was the fun i got to play it and for Blade 2 it's was the spectacular characteristic of the character. Finally, i did not forget to mention that she can feed herself with people or monster ( a hook can help her sometimes ).

Graphics: The graphic were on the right step for an x-box game and i didn't even know that where a playstation 2 port. After i found the true, i though that this game has been increase for the x-box version but it wasn't. Then i check the video, omg ( Oh my god ! ) there were more beautiful than The Lord Of The Ring : The Fellowship or Halo : Combat Evolved. The model were quite good too especially the main character ( the sexiest character ever done in a video game ).

Audio: The voice acting was incredible and the sound, like always, was great. Even if, i didn't got my custom soundtrack or a good beat, i was satisfied a lot for the music.

Suggestions: Make it longer !

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Totaled!

Overall: This is pretty hard to be a party-breaker but i must do it for everyone who have lost too many money by renting lower-quality games. Hum ! Seem that i will probably be a hero soon. That has a rainy saturday this weekend, so i decide, like always, to go to my retail store to see if Time Splitter 2 has finally been released, but it was not. Then i decide to pick up Hitman 2 : Silent Assasin at blockbuster's store. Totally, the fate has reserved something special for me and it's wasn't this game. At least, i got an another good choice and it's was The Thing but the cashier was so stupid that she put the wrong cd's box behind the real box. Finally, i took Totaled has my weekend rent and i must say that i am not so proud of it. To conclude my introduction, i got something really easy to understand if you want more information and it's called : my review !

Gameplay: Before i begin this part of the review, i must say that the game is based on the destruction derby race. To summarize it in a brief paragraph, i can say that the only thing you should do to win is to crash on other's car and even if with a lot of choice for the gaming style ( Elimination, Free for all, Hunters, Point limit, Special events, Last man standing, Stunt and Team match ), their only ten cars that must give up to win. Personnally, i played Destruction Derby on Nintendo 64 but it's was a lot better on Playstation 1 and i got more cars with more realistic damage in a simple race or derby. Finally i was disapointed by the lasting appeal ( 4 hours ) and the multiplayer that reduce the number of car in a match but the worst thing is that you didn't even know what car you are taking because they didn't give the name of it ( probably they took their model in their imagination ). The control is also bad because it seem that your car is running at 30 km/h and you didn't have infinite turbo to do an amazing melee crash.

Graphics: The visual is just fine. I must admit that seeying some part of the car falling on the road is pretty cool, also the levels are quite small but it's give the feeling of a reel arena. In fact their texture are too crispy but it's not for that that i gave a so bad score. Check the loading for two sec, it took like 35 sec and the game is always loading. If you start the game, restart a race or quit, the game is loading. This kind of loading was been seen on playstation 1 but for the xbox, does it's a joke or what ?

Audio: I really appreciate the song from the entrance video but the real soundtrack is just dumb. So after this, i decide to put my own soundtrack has the background music but it look that trying to hear it was hard. Also the announcer have no sentence to say, he was only able to presented the style of gaming.

Suggestions: It was a small step backward for the mankind !

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Whacked!

Overall: This is the first time i do a review about a game that was never reviewed before, so it's pretty fun but in the same time, it's hard to take a position about it. First of all, this game was waited by all the beta-tester of x-box live because they were wanted more than a bunch of football game has their testing and they will not be very happy if i said that this game was really bad. In fact, it's was ! I though that this game will be like fuzion frenzy or mario party but it's was a little bit different. Like always you should read my review to have more information about Whacked.

Gameplay: Whacked is the most easy game i ever played in my life, not necessary by the skill level but by the controlling system. To play, you must push X or B to attack and A or Y to jump and for the most experimented contesters, you can use the right and the left trigger to strafe. Let's talk about the levels, the character and the mods ! The levels are great but in my mind they could have been larger. What i like in them is that they always got something special to kill ennemies like in the one where you must take some matches to use a torch or in christmas tree level where you must find a batterie to use the tank. Finally, i think they forget to add more level that eight. Next part is the character and i must admit that they are the best part of the gameplay. I really like the naked girl, the crazy rabbit or the lazy boy on the couch ! To finish, i must say that the game got a big lack in the mod, only six games and one of them can be only play on single player : it's get boring really soon. So if you want to know what they are, here it's goes : hold and grab, fragfest, chicken run, dodgeball, star and king of the hill. The lasting appeal of this game is also really short, three hour to pass one character and after the first one, you don't want to see the other cutscenes because you saw the main story and the commercials are too stupid. I forget to say that the choice of the weapon and also for the special events are enormous and funny.

Graphics: Visual is great if you take care that they took a cartoon background but it seems that most gamers will though that this game is for children if i said cartoon, but in fact it's for young adult. Have you ever saw a kitchen knife that hit other member in a kid game ? To conclude, i should say that all the character, the background and every thing you can see even if the video are really well done.

Audio: The voices acting are really cool but only in the video because when you enter the game, the announcer and your main character have like two or three sentence to say so it's get annoying fast. The music is good but it's seem that they only add one song.

Suggestions: Can you work on the sound and the lasting appeal ? Also more levels and mods could have been great.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

Overall: After a good workday, what is better than to extend in front of the television of the lounge by drinking a good beer and without forgotten with a very funny x-box video game.
So this fiday, for my ritual, i choose The Lord Of The Rings :
The Fellowship Of The Ring has
my weekend rent. In fact, before
i officialy rent it, i was able
to say that this game will be no
where close from the master
piece of the movie because
this kind of game is originally
made to make money. If the gameplay could have been really deeper with a little bit of work for the graphic
that game could have been awesome.
So has always, if you want more read
my review !

Gameplay: The first part of the game look like Zelda or Morrowind because you must help some villager to success, but after a while the game transform
itself into a bad hack and slash and what i mean by that is that you are always blocking and after you blocked their attack, you must fight. But the real deal here is that the ennemies are stronger than you, so three hits and you are practically dead and they never miss their target with bow or rock. Just check Frodo, he were unable to fight againt spiders or bees because he is always diying after five or six combat if he didn't have food. After all, the game had no real special feature except that you can put the ring when you want but you are losing a lot of purity and with no purity, Frodo will be corrupted by the ring and suddendly he will die. If you saw the movie you probably heard this sentence : The fellowship must stay and fight together to win ! This is funny because in the game you are always alone and when a cutscene appear the fellowship are all there, an another thing is that you are unable to take more than three character and they are : Frodo, Gandalf and Aragorn. Finally, the story of the game is not the same as the movie but the new scene are supposed to be in the book, i must check it out.

Graphics: When you are playing, the visual is great but not even better than Halo and the in game cutscene are just so so . But the cinematic are the best ever seen on x-box and that probably why i put a so high excitement score. Also the character model are not realistic because if you are looking at the hobbit, they all look like the same. To conclude, i must said that the graphic has satisfied me but could have been better.

Audio: The soundtrack is really well done but the best part of the game are the voices acting, they look so real.

Suggestions: I have a lot to say so check my review, especially the gameplay part.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Conflict: Desert Storm

Overall: I always said that the x-box had the superiority in the video game industry, but more the time pass more the games become rare and precious. You probably waiting for Unreal Championship, Brute Force or Fable as me, but thoses games will be on store only before they realize that we are waiting for too much times, except if we are talking about Unreal Championship because i think that he will be released soon. Those game are the most wanted but some of the other ones are also wanted from few people. An example, nothing more easy : Conflict Desert Storm. I have to admit that I was waiting for this game with a lack of patience then if you want to know everything, you have to read my review.

Gameplay: Conflict : Desert storm is a new breath of tactical squad operation and in my mind Halo should take care of some part of the gameplay. To minimize my review i will enumerate the feature of the game. In Conflict : Desert storm you are able to lead a group of four soldiers who have they owns abilities ( a leader, a sniper, a heavy machine gunner and a the infiltrator ), but the best part of the game is that you can give some weapon or medic kit to you teammate. Did i mentionned that we can play in four player co-op ? Also you can drive a car, call an air strike, lead your squad, change to an another person and duck and prone. The game also got some lacks in the gameplay and they are that the objectives are always the same ( destroy scub, destroy armor, kill anyone or destroy something else ) and the game got some major bug at the last level ( your guys are shooting even if you release the trigger and it's not my controller ). I forgot to say that the shooting and the two view for your character are totally amazing.

Graphics: I am really dissapointed of this part of the game. In fact, the graphic itself fall into a big creek. To summarize it, i can say that the character's model are good but the colour are not clear, the graphic are too simple and they appear when you are walking through the level. Before i finish i would like to say that the terrorist and the general of Iraq look like Ben Laden and Sadam Hussein, really funny. To finish, i will let you on this sentence : It's proved that most gamer buy a game for his graphic and after the gameplay so work on the graphic.

Audio: The original soundtrack is really bad but the great new is that you are able to use your owns custom soundtrack. Imagine this is the first shooter where you are able to use it, so think about some Disturbed song when you are playing it. Sound is also pretty good but i didn't remember a lot about it like always.

Suggestions: Better graphic, more objectives, no bug !

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Sega GT 2002

Overall: Before they released the x-box console system, i was totally agree with the idea of buying a playstation 2. Why this decision, you will said ? Probably because they got one of the most amazing game ever created : Grand Turismo 3. Have you ever seen in your life a deeper gameplay like that ? I mean you got like 75 cars, 20 different race and a license challenges, then how they could make it better ? Finally i got what i was wanted and my answer was : Sega gt 2002. Let's begin this review !

Gameplay: The hud of the game is one of the most completed i ever seen in my racing game experience. You got a speed meter, a rpm, a counter for your laps record and one for your current time in the race, a damage meter and plenty of other thing. You were a little bit dissapointed about the choice of the car in Rallisport Challenge, don't worry. This time you can choose between subaru, lotus, dodge, acura, mercedes, jaguar, chevrolet, toyota and more .. each one content over 5 cars, it's a lot. But what about the racing mod in the game. Don't worry again because they add the drag race, a 70's special circuit, the license challenge, a race where the computer got the same car as you and naturally the traditionnal ones. Also they add some special features like the camera picture, a used part shop and a test drive mod. The only bad features in this game is the multiplayer because you got all the car at the beginning, it's only two player and when someone take the lotus esprit, he can't lose. I though it will be fine like that but it's not enough, i forgot to talk about the number of race. In fact, they should have made more because they get repetitive soon.

Graphics: That was near the perfection until i saw the visual, so if you need more than a simple sentence to make an opinion about the game, please read my review. The cars are really well done because they look like the same as in real life but the texture and the background of the track are hard to forgive because they look like really floppy ( not clear ). I seen better on Grand Turismo 3 and it's not a joke if you were thinking about it. Also the menu give a bad feeling about how they were feeling when they were doing the game because they seen to love clear orange ( ugly ). Let's talk about the videos ! Sorry but i have nothing to say about a awesome video like that because it's a great work.

Audio: Think about the sound of the car, the sound of the tires on the road and the sound of competition, i just have a bunch of words to describe it and it's : they all rock to me ! The soundtrack is pretty cool too but i prefer to put my custom soundtrack like always. Finally take care of this little advice : your system for the custom soundtrack is bad so check out the one of Rallisport Challenge and you will get your answer.

Suggestions: Read my review because i said too much !

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Blade 2

Overall: One evening, in a hospital of a region still stranger, a strange phenomenon occurred. A woman had been bitten by one sort of creature in the carotid and this one was encircled with a child. Regrettably the mother of blade suc !&%$@#* bed has her wounds but the child survived. Blade has all the forces of the vampire but has no weakness from those except that he got their bloodthirstiness. Blade is slayer quite as buffy but the stakes are not is favourites weapon and his boss is not an old librarian, in fact it is a new kind of slayer and possibly the greatest of all the time. Does Blade 2 is good as the movie, just read my review to have the answer ?

Gameplay: When i first play Blade 2, i encounter some major problem with the joystic because you must fight with the one at your right and this is impossible to win with your gun because you didn't have enough ammo. Also the primary objectives and the secondary objectives are always the same ( destroy computer, kill some reaper or find something to pass through the levels ). The weapon carry system is really great because you must think about what you need to accomplish the mission but the blade special power is boring because you can't take his sword when you want. I really seen better in the pass !

Graphics: When you start the game, you can see the blade 2 trailers. In fact, it was a publicity in a game, where we are going ? Ok i must admit that it's was really cool to see. The in game graphic are so so, blade is not looking as Wesley Snipes, the story of the movies didn't fit with the game, the background and the object are not so well and when a vampire goes to dust it's pretty ugly.

Audio: The music is probably the only perfect thing here. A mix with some techno and trance music is the way to give the best of a soundtrack. I didn't remember a lot about the sound but as i said habitually : when i forgot, it's because it was ok.

Suggestions: Multiplayer, better graphic, deeper gameplay !

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Turok: Evolution

Overall: I will never forget the excitation of the first Turok when acclaim brought it to Nintendo 64. The gore and the violence was the main attraction and possibly a new genre was born. Naturally few people will tell that Doom and Wolfenstein was the first Fps ever done but in my mind has i said before it was a evolution in the world of first person shooter. Let's return to our main subject, Turok : Evolution. Probably that most of you will say that evolution is the sequel of shadow of oblivion but it's not. In fact, it should be considerated like the first turok because the story is talking about the history of this game. In conslusion, i don't want to give more information about the game so i will let you read my review but before i will give you an advice : if you want to lose money for a bit a fun, it's your chance.

Gameplay: The control setting in turok look like the one that you seem in Halo : Combat Evolded except that you only have the inverted version of it. I remember something that i dislike in this game and it was the previous and the next weapon button. I mean that this type of button should be exclusive to pc because on x-box the button are restricted so they can use it for increase the gameplay not to lower him. Some little thing have been added but they really need to be deeper like : you can cut off a tree but it disapear after a while and they are not useful, the pistol with a scope is great but it's so slow. So let's talk about about the artificial intelligent ! The enemies are so dumb, they alway hiding somewhere and they got some heavy gun that are most powerful than our.
Also the flight mode is a good add but in my mind i don't need this to enjoy a first person shooter. Finally, i will finish this part of my review with this little question : Why does i am unable to pick up a ennemi's weapon ?

Graphics: When i saw the first level i was feeling so sick, the game was falling into a big creek for me. Just watch the plant that are in 2 dimension, the water with no waves, the grass textures and the worst character ever done. I must admit that after the third chapter the background graphic turn into a better experience. The video are also one of the worst ever done on x-box or any console because when i saw the face of the character, i was able to see no eyes that are detailed or lips that are moving.

Audio: I didn't notice something interresting in the sound or the music. In fact it was probably just ok if i didn't remember something.

Suggestions: Better view in multiplayer, better graphic because it is a major problem in that game and if you want more sujestion just read my review !

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Dead to Rights

Overall: Dead To Right is one of the most expected games on x-box since Morrowind. To begin we could say that the history is really based on Max Payne but we have to replace the wife of Max by the father of Jack Slate, in other words it is one certified true copy of the original and best seller Max Payne, naturally it is if we are talking about the story but it is not the same thing for the gameplay, the graphic and the sound . In fact he shouldn't have been describe like Max Payne but like a new kind of shooter. In conclusion, i was not attracted so much with this game and probalby i was losing my time with Dead To Right because it's so hard and the gameplay is so boring. Why does i practically pass through Buffy The Vampire Slayer to get this game on time ? The answer should have been : When it will release, it will be stronger than all, sorry guys but better luck next time !

Gameplay: On the first level you are able to train yourself. In fact, you can learn how to attack with shadow, how to throw a canister and blow it in front of the ennemies, how to disarm, how to dive, and possibly the best how to take a ennemies has your shield. Those thing look amazing but they aren't, i mean that you can use them in the true game. Shadow is unable to kill more than one guy per shot, when you are throwing a canister it's so hard to kill someone with the explosion, when you are diving even if you are in a slow motion you can be hurt and trsut me it is really easy for your ennemies to touch you and the disarm button is the same has the human shield button so sometimes you can't do what you had planned to make. I forgot two thing : the game is really too hard and when i mean hard this is harder than listening Celine Dion for 24 hours in a row and the mini-game is really a shame because they look like what we got with Mario Party or Fuzion Frenzy. To finish my review i must say that i don't want to fight bad guys to feel a strong gameplay but gun in my hand.

Graphics: When you will rent this game take care of the entrance video and all the others. They all rocks to me ! According to me, this is the best video ever seen on x-box and truly better than Halo : Combat Evolved. Something going wrong here, we are able to see some amazing video but the graphic are look like a ps2 port. The main character was bad, the background look ordinary and finally the environment wasn't interactive like Enclave or many of other game.

Audio: The gun's shot are amazing and the voices are realistic but where's the music ? Sorry for the short review here but it's because the sound is not really important to me except if we are able to hear something that should have been here.

Suggestions: Take care of my suggestion : A easy mode, multiplayer, better graphic when playing and everything should be alright !

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Overall: Into each generation a Slayer is born. As Buffy Summers, use cool moves and awesome weapon to destroy the most fearsome creature of the night. It's took a while before i rent a another new game but this is because my friends and i was playing fuzion frenzy a bit to enjoy the multiplayer. First of all, i must say that i am not the biggest fan of Buffy : The Vampire Slayer tv program but sometimes i really enjoy to sit down and watch this great show. Naturally the basic question is burning your lip : What really exciting in Buffy's game ? You got over 50 kicks, jump and combos, you can slay vampire with stake, shovels or croosbrow and the game include some popular location in sunnydale as the bronx, sunny dale high school or Angel's church. Something goes wrong with the game, probably because thirteen levels with no multiplayer make the replay values a little bit short. Don't care this one with enclave must be in my library !

Gameplay: Who is saying that Buffy is a button smasher ? Hey dude, Hunter : The reckoning was a biggest button smasher ever but buffy is a fighting game with a story. It's not my false if you are too dumb to make a combination. In fact the move are really nice done and the slayer power give something that make the game more unique. How amazing it's was when i take the stake and put it in their heart or when you are doing an amazing combo and the enemies is falling on something that can kill him ( train, broken wood, fire ).I forgot something : why does the slayer is unable to swim ? Look strange and bizare ! I have nothing more to say about a gameplay that was perfect to my eyes.

Graphics: Personnaly, i think that the graphic are not the best ever done and possibly it's look like a ps2 port but it is not. Buffy, Cordelia and Willow is not looking are Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alison Hannigan and Charisma Carpenter but Giles is a way better than the other character. I forgot something, when i start the game i was feeling sick about seeing the real entrance video but when it start how great it was ! Come on dude next time to better graphic and it's will be in the top 5 even if it is in my own top 5 x-box game.

Audio: I saw a lack of music in that game but for the soound it was truly amazing, possibly because they use the dolby digital sound. Proud of you guys, if you are able to take the feature of the x-box you are a way better than those old school company.

Suggestions: Multiplayer, better graphic and also more chapter or some challenge !

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Outlaw Golf

Overall: When you begin the game, you are able
to see a presentation of the character into a video. That where you are suposed to enjoy the game. If not, you should stay away from it because it will always be crazy like that. In fact, Outlaw Golf is the type of game where you have no story but plenty of fun to play with your friends and naturally some crazy thing to do. Probably that most gamer will though that this game is really boring except if you like golf game. Personnally i hate golf but this game was changing my mind . In conclusion Outlaw is a great game but it lose his credibility when you saw how many place you can do some golfing ( approximatly 3 ).

Gameplay: The meter that show how stressed you are is really the worst thing in this game. When you do a bad shot it always going more faster in the red part than when you do a amazing shot righ in the hole. But this is not really why i hate th gameplay. I mean when you are in the gutter even if you do the right thing with your joystick you got a bad shot in a opposite direction. The only thing to increase the meter in the green is to beat your caddy. Oh ! This is pretty cool but it cost a towen that are hard to have. When you are driving the ball it is pretty hard and stupid . Finally this game is too hard and the infinite mulligan is bad ( you can putt it off ).

Graphics: The visual is not really what i am looking for. Outlaw golf show you how a game can be done on Gamecube. Ok, my tv is not the best and i didn't have a s-video or a component video with analog audio but i can see better on halo that Outlaw. I was wanting more but they give noting so original or something really well done. Sorry for me it's not a must have but a must rent.

Audio: When you are playing, the music is on a background and you can heard it perfectly but this great because i want to be more concentrate when my turn is coming. If you put it louder this is a amazing music with a good best and the voices of the character are totally georgous.

Suggestions: More place to golf, erase the meter that i was talking about and that all !

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Enclave

Overall: The end was near. From all directions Vatar's dark hordes closed in on the nearly defeated army of Celenheim. But atop of one of the ridges a lone figure, clad in a wizard's robe, defiantly faced the demon. He lifted the staff high in the air and slammed it hard into the ground, unleashing the wrath of nature itself. Over a sinlge night, the world erupted. The skies grew black, the soil turned crimson with fire, blood and chaos. The rift raced forth, ripping the earth's crust asunder wherever it went. The demon was believed to be gone forever, and so was the wizard. Light separedt from dark, the worl had become divided. ON the side light, the Enclave, know as Celenheim, was now protected from all sides by a wide rift, a bottomless abyss. On the other side dark, twisted forms struggled for survival, their hatred growing as they dwelled in the shadow. To the people of Celenheim they became known as the Outlanders. In the darkness, their power slowly grew, and they knew that one day their time would come. They would croos the rift and claim what they belive was rightfully theirs. The end is here and you are the only hope of Celenheim. In my mind the summer was really bad for video game and especially for X-box, ok we got morrowind but it's not for everyone. So Enclave was been release and my hope about the x-box was grewed.

Gameplay: I am really impress ! When i first saw a rpg and a first person shoter, i came with the idea of combined them together to make a new kind of game. At least we got it and it's simply georgeous. You can choose from a knight, a huntress, a wizard, a druid, a engineer and a halfling. Each one have their own characteristic. Also you can upgrade your character's armor, weapon and thing like that. But what is really great is that when you are upgrading your armor your character is chan ging like gauntlet legend : dark leagacy, naturally in better view and graphic. I forget that we see the damage that we do to other. There no multiplayer but you have more than 25 mission. The only thing that i really hate but in the same time i love it, it is because the game is pretty hard. So the lasting appeal is longer but sometimes is make me frustated. Something that sould not interested you because you are all english people is that i can put it in french so i can understand more that normaly. It's a new must have for the x-box that came alive.

Graphics: My first impression was that the graphic were bad. In fact there was great because the texture is reflecting the type of game and the character are really well done. The video are the best that you can seen on x-box, truly better than Hunter the recknonig ( really bad video ) and Halo ( one of the greatest video ever done ). I can't wait until i buy it ! I don't want to review it anymore because it a waste of time to play it. Sorry guys !

Audio: Some rustic and middle age music is getting you in the mood of the game. There no custom soundtrack but i really love it that way. Sound ??? You can hear the ennemies before it came in front of you. Nothing to say more here but i give a 5 because it's greater than Halo in my mind.

Suggestions: A multiplayer and the game can be a legend ( not a joke ) !

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: First of all, i want to say that i was not excited about morrowind. But after a few good comments about morrowind, i decided to rent it or at least play it. Morrowind is totally the greatest game ever see with the graphic and when i say thing like it's better than Halo you could trust me. Have you ever see some great weather effect like that, the thunder was shaking my tv and the rain was absotlutly beautiful to heard ? I forgot, this time we got the best water on the earth, i mean this is so beautiful that you can see the different from the original and the graphic ! Ok, possibly i should buy morrowind but the gamepaly is really boring. In conclusion with a better gameplay morrowind could be a legend. If you want to know more about my opinion, please read my review.

Gameplay: Everything is amazing in Morrowind but when you play, you seems to just don't care about the graphic and put the game away. When you begin you can be kill by rat or a civilians with no weapon but you have a long sword so imagine how i react. I though that the gameplay was like halo, run and kill but with stats, class, spell and quests but i was totally wrong. You just seem to attack but it doesn't hurt the creature or the human. Everything can be forgiven it easily but it possible but when i saw how we are moving i was unable to do an effort ! Also when we finish a quest, the diary keep the quest so you don't know what you does or not. The freedom of the game is the best thing you can had to a gamers.

Graphics: Just read a little bit of my overeal appeal. In fact, the background is amazing, the water graphic beat all the other game but i need better character cause sometimes the armor or the clothes are really ugly. You can summarize the graphic like oh my god they are beautiful and the loading time is short. I can't said anything else because they rock !

Audio: The voices of each character seems different to me and they are, so one word could describe it and it's original. If we are talking about the music i can say that was ok, because it's always the same. I know this is a orchestral music like Halo but just one is not really satisfied me. Need work here also but only for the msuic because the sound and the voices are ruling !

Suggestions: I need to walk faster and have a gameplay look like a kind of shooter modified for role playing game. Also more music could be fun !

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon

Overall: First of all i must say that Bruce Lee : Quest of the dragon has been created in honor of the most amazing martial artist of all time - Bruce Lee. In fact, Bruce Lee was a legend for us but this game is no where close from that. Let's return to my duty ! As i do my review habitually i will tell you the story. Bruce Lee, recently retired from the British Secret Service, has been called back to duty to aid in investigating the Black Lotus, an underground organization. The Black Lotus is involved in international weapons smuggling and in underground research on a super-steroid chemical compound who supposed to create a new race of soldier. But this time it's also personnal because the father of Bruce Lee was been kidnapped by Dragon Lady, the leader of Black Lotus and Bruce's deadly enemy and a relic was been stolen from the monastery. In conclusion, Bruce Lee: Quest of the dragon have a strong story but with no multiplayer or with nothing else than some stupid challenge we can't absolutly give a chance to him. Don't try to rent or buy it !

Gameplay: In Bruce Lee: Quest of the dragon you must press A to punch or use your nunchaku, B to kick, X to block, Y to use your special moves, A + X to counter and B + Y to throw.
Also you can use the Black button and the White one to make Bruce in a Dragon Rage and use his taunt.
This part is ok because it's easy but what i really dislike in the gameplay is when you are moving, i mean this is too linear. You can summarize the gameplay by walk or fight, too simple to be good for me. Ok through the game they add some mini-challnehe like Brawl or Time Challenge but who's care ? At least you got more than 150 moves to do.

Graphics: Bruce Lee was been done by Universal Interactive ( Crash Bandicoot, Lord Of The Rings ) so my mind was not positive about that game and i was right. In fact they are great but they are so bright that you could see them perfectly, if they could be clearer i am sure that this game will be better. The video also suck in all the way, the only thing that was cool visualy was the character.

Audio: There no real music here because you are able to heard a couple of song when the video are playing but when you are in game you can't heard something that look like music. You know i don't want music when i don't play because habitually i don't care of it ! The sound are also cheap because Bruce Lee's verbal taunt when fighting is annoying for our ear and when he talk we can't heard him.

Suggestions: I want deeper graphic, better gameplay and a multiplayer. Also check the sound review to have more suggestions.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2

Overall: When they release the first Tony Hawk Pro Skater, i was really enjoying it. Ok it's took a while before he came to Nintendo 64 but at least he's there. All the new game that come from the father of trick was a copy to me and Dave Mirra is not a exception ! I mean they are all the same, when Tony Hawk is upgrading something all the other trick game take what was been upgraded. Let's talk about the game ! Dave Mirra is a Bmx trick game so it's mean that you can do a bunch of trick, have a lot of character and some challenge to accomplished. But what is different from any other trick game ? First of all, i think that Dave Mirra is not a pure trick game because you don't have enough score challenge, in fact there is one of them per levels and it's always easy. I am bored about knocking off some exit sign or make a tranfer and this is not really easy, probably the harder trick game of all times. One of the hardcore challenge on the first level is absolutly impossible to do. Of course, he got a multiplayer and i mean i really completed multiplayer. You got like 15 mod to play with one of your friends ( longest grind, biggest air ) but at the end they look like all the same.

Gameplay: The greatest gameplay ever done was probably the one from Tony Hawk and i can't say the same thing for Dave Mirra. They put some little thing that can make you really frustated, i mean : Why did sometimes our character is spinning in place ? Why the vehicule is hurting you at 100 km/h without trying to brake ? Why did sometimes our character take the wrong way ( push the joystic forward but he go backward ) ? Why the challenge are really tough ? Why the mod create-a-park is more complicated than the one from Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 ? All those question can answer how much i will put to the gameplay.

Graphics: It's time to talk about the graphic ! It's really difficult to say that Dave Mirra show the power of the x-box because it's not true. How could it be a must have if it is ps2 or a ps1 port ? I must admit they are ok but just check Halo and Rallisport Challenge, those game are the best for the graphic on the x-box. Did you see the face of Dave Mirra ? I mean he is looking so gay. Bad character, bad visual, no 3d model video it's really a shame for the x-box !

Audio: They put some amazing group like what Tony Hawk do habitually in his game but i mean does one song of Godsmack and Osi Osborn make me satisfied, no !!! In total you get more than 5 song to play, sound really boring and repetitive ! Ok it's support the custom soudtrack but with no dolby sourround it's like you are playing a song on a old sterio and when you select a new levels, he returns to her soundtrack.

Suggestions: I have too much to say, so read my review to have more information about what you should change ! I have a question for you : How much i mean did i put in my review ?

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Overall: Why everybody seems to enjoye Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee more than me ? Ok the story is deep and it's really hard to tell you what it is because she is long and complicated but have you ever think about our main character, they are doing nothing really special. One is jumping, swimming and he is able to shock their ennemies and the other one use a charism spell and walk on the earth, there no real challenge here. Ok sometimes you need to have a strong strategies to pass the level but you never really fight like your ennemies, in fact your character are dumb. I pass the whole game in three day without saving all the people but after one shot i was unable to do it a another time and there was no multiplayer to make something else different. Some sort of cooperative will be great because we have two character, so two player can play.

Gameplay: The gameplay here really impress me. You can't fight or kill your ennemies except for blowing them with your charism spell but you can use you brain a lot because sometimes you should do some tactics that you were never thinking about. Also we can say that sometimes the goal are stupid like when you must put some money on the lulu's fund. You can summarize the game by talking, jumping and finding the way out, easy but attractive !

Graphics: I must admit that is really rock with all the following part : video, background and character. Have you ever saw some beautiful background on a platform game before ? You answer should be and must be no, it's impossible to see better on pc because we don't have platform game on pc. If you said yes to my question you are probably in a mental hospital. Who's care about the next Mario on Gamecube, we got better on x-box !

Audio: When Abe is talking it's really cool because he are able to say a lot of sentence with only the four button on our right of our controller but when Much is jumping it get repetive and boring for the ears but it's ok. It's hard to find something about the sound because they was no real music, only voices can be review or i forget the beat of the sound, probably that ! If i really forget the beat of music please forgive me, my memory still not fresh about this game.

Suggestions: I want to fight a little bit, a multiplayer should be great ( coop ) and more attractive music or simply put one when playing. Definetly i want a sequel !

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 SSX Tricky

Overall: What the h-e-l-l is going on here ? My review of Amped Freestyle Snowboarding and Jet Set Radio Future cannot be edited anymore, it's a shame for me because they got a lot of mistake in the word. Who's care so because we gonna talk about SSX Tricky. My first impression when i saw the top 75 x-box games is why SSX Tricky is on the top ten. Amped got better graphic, multiplayer, story and gameplay but its seems you prefer those kind of unrealistic game than a simulation one. You need to know the story ! Did you remember something about trick game ? Yes they got no real story except for Amped. Also the multiplayer is too basic to be good but you got more competition than normaly because they add bots. In conclusion Ssx tricky is really a good game but not better than Amped, the only advice i can give is rent Amped and Ssx tricky before buying one of them.

Gameplay: The gameplay is really deep here. You can do a time challenge, a race competition, a snow off and also you can learn trick. Ok i said that was a unrealistic gameplay but sometimes it's really fun to see the upper trick. You don't have the time to relax for the lasting appeal because it's take to me a weekend to finish a character and i don't have all the gold medals.

Graphics: Ssx tricky is also on Gamecube, so don't expect to have greater graphic than the GameCube. Ok they are good but if you watch Amped ( yes Amped againt ) you should see the big different between them. Visual also mean video and for that is one on the best ever seen here. When you are able to change your rank you can see some amazing video. But the best thing here is that they make a dvd content. In that part they are talking about who do the voices, how they make the game and thing like that. It's really amazing how many details they do to impress us. You always want a example so i will give one : On the screen when you choose your character you can see a interview of the member of Ssx tricky and a biography.

Audio: The sound is really simple and when the character are talking it's always the same sentence. What is amazing is that Luci Liu, the famous actress, has done one of the voices and it's not the only one.

Suggestions: Better graphic, more unique upper trick and more sentence for each character !

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: Max payne is a third-person shooter that bring you in a world with corruption, apathy, power and hope. Ok, we all know that Max payne is originaly a pc's game but the big question here is if we should buy him ? Of course if you want to lose money, i got it on pc and it's the same version but i thing there was no training on the pc version. Like habitually, i will tell you the story. Max payne is a cop that got nothing to lose because his wife was been killed and he is a victim of the murder of his partner, so everybody think that he is the assasin. In conclusion Max payne is one of the greatest game ever done but he is the same as the pc version so if you have it or try it, you should pass your turn for buying this game and that why i give him a lower score.

Gameplay: You got two meter : one is you skin ( if it red you should take a paint-killer before dying ) and a bullet-time meter ( it show if you can do a bullet-time or not ). The bullet-time in that game is really cool, you can kill seven guys in one shot before beeing hurt. What is really boring is we can pass the whole game without taking the bullet-time on fugitive or hard-boiled mod. But why this game is always loading ? I got it on pc and my computer is a c-r-a-p but it goes better on it for the loading, how should i take it ?

Graphics: If you want a great visual, you got it. Good texture, sharp and clear graphic is that we are able to see here, so it was amazing. Something that i really like in 3D Realms game is that they are doing some litlle details that make me really satisfied. You want a example : shoot on a vine barrel and you are able to see the vine sink.

Audio: I just don't care about the music for a third person shooter or an another type of shooter so i will not review the music for this type of game anymore. But i heard some crazy voices that are really well done and the gun's sound are georgous.

Suggestions: It's the same version of the pc game so i want new thing for an x-box version !

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: Hunter: The Reckoning is probably one of those type of game that is not so well programmed but the fun you got with it make people enjoying it more, it's really one of the best game ever done ! The single player is really boring because you got no fun to play with yourself or covering your own butt and it's really too easy but when you are four hunters, oh my god you can cover your teammate, make strategies, you got more zombies on the same screen and the best of all is you got plenty of fun. The story is talking about some people that began a hunter the day they saw arkady's execution. With this execution, arkady himself has created a hole in the darkness and the spirit that was been tortured in that prison want they revenge over the world. The first time, you have closed the whole building so the spirit was sleeping until the teenagers was doing a rave. Prepare to enter the true darkness !

Gameplay: Ok, it's really repetitive but everybody who was given a bad score just about that it is because they don't know what hack and slash mean ? Have you ever played gauntlet : legends, diablo, baldur's gate or icewind dale ? They are all hack and slash so they are supposed to be repetive because it mean you just have to press a button to kill. Ok somethimes they make something that make it feel more like a role playing than a hack and slash but it will always be a hack and slash. The producers also give in Hunter : The Reckoning, to feel more confortable than a normal game of this type , edges and special weapon .

Graphics: Visual is really great in that game. Ok it's not better than Halo : Combat Evolved but try to do better if you were them and you must have thirty three zombies on your screen without lagging. Visual also take part of the video, but this game got some ugly video, the one from the entrance and the background on the menu are horrible. Oh my god ! I don't want to see ugly video like that after those ! Also character are bad, not all of them and it just some part of her body like the face of Father Esteban Cortez and the clothes of Kassandra.

Audio: Not complicated here because you have no music and the sound are always the same but i just don't care. Coma is supposed to do the soundtrack but we just heard their song at the end.

Suggestions: Better video and character face ( Father Esteban Cortez ) and character clothes ( Kassandra ). Also i want more music when playing.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: I can't believe it ! Halo is the best shooter of all time and it was my reason to buy a x-box. Have you ever saw a completed multiplayer like that before or a single player that was so attractive. Imagine you can do a cooperative with one of you friends through all the levels or do a multiplayer with plenty of mod and all the vehicules except for the banshee. One word came through my mouth when somebody said Halo : Combat Evolved and it's amazing. Forget about the story or something like that, it a must have for all the people here. My review of Halo will be short because you can't review a game that is perfect to everybody. I forget, i find something that make me sick and it's we don't have bots in multiplayer.

Gameplay: It's a shooter so they all look like the same to me. To play Halo you must press the white button to put on you flashlight, the black button for your type of grenade, X for reloading, Y for changing your weapon, B for a smash, A to jump and the left and the right trigger to throw your grenade and shoot. Completly easy, everybody can keep playing that game if he want.

Graphics: Bungie has done a really nice graphic engine. Oh you think it isn't so great, you're wrong. Halo got the video game award for the visual this years so don't mess with me ! In my mind Halo got the best engine after Unreal Tournament 2 or Half Life. Details, sharpest and clear graphic, really good character and vehicules is making this game the greatest of all time.

Audio: The sound has been done by a orchestral group so it's really original. The voices are also nice, just check the one of master chief, it's really rock to me. I have nothing more to say about a great game like that.

Suggestions: I want bots in multiplayer and that all for this time. I am really excited about Halo 2 !

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding is definitly a must have. Have you ever saw a greater snowboard game like that before ? The question that burning your lips is probably why i did buy it ? Its because i buy Hunter The Recknoning and Rallisport Challenge before so i did have much mobey to spend. But there is a new price for Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding and it's 49,99 can and she is new not pre-owned.Ok the story here is pretty simple, you are a new snowboarder that want to be the best snowboarder ever, simple but good. Multiplayer, of course they add one ! Some people will say that it a shame because it's not ona slip screen but personnally i love it
In conclusion you must buy amped instead of Ssx tricky to be a real x-box fan.

Gameplay: After two hours of intense playing i was able to do all the tricks really well so i was really enjoying the game. All the buttons on the controller can be use for doing trick so you can do some amazing combo. I forget that you can saw other rider of media who take picture of you ( that give more points to your score ). Finally Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding got a really nice and simple gameplay that should be appreciate by other gamers.

Graphics: Amazing ! The first time i saw Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding i was really impress. All the backgroud are really well done, the character also but the main attraction is really the background. Now we got better game in the meaning of graphic but Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding will always be in my memore for all the rest of time.

Audio: Sound ? I laugh here because you should have put better than 4 because Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding have more than 100 song and the producer take the custom soundtrack feature if we don't like what they put. Nice work here guys, i am proud of you !

Suggestions: In multiplayer i want to mod : one is the same as you did and the other one is slip screen and also a four-player compatibility will be great...

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Jet Set Radio Future

Overall: Amazing, Jet Set Radio Future is on the top twenty best x-box game ever. But i am not sure that he will stay here because better game will be releease soon, i am not saying that Jet Set Radio Future is a shame or something like that, no i really like it. What i really love in Jet Set Radio Future is the town, she is so big and you got plenty of thing before finishing the the cd. Oh my god some people told me that her multiplayer is really good, but it's not true, i played it with 4 of my friends and we all said that multiplayer is bad, so you should play the single player to really enjoy it. Just read the following review to have a better idea of Jet Set Radio Future. The big question here is why i give a 4 for Jet Set Radio Future ? You know Hunter The Reckoning is not really well-programmed but the fun we got with her is the best thing you can have with a video game.

Gameplay: How does i can enjoy it if we got nothing to do ? The gameplay here is automatised, yes you heard that the only thing you need to do is jump or skate ( other little thing like painting ), but when you are sliding you can put down the controller. The real gameplay here can be summarize by searching new member, paint graffitis and best the police. The ennemies are also pretty dumb. But one thing i really love is to create our own graffitis, preety cool.

Graphics: Did you see the boss of the police ? He is so ugly, in fact he look like a old person. I hate the background and the character and it seems to be ridiculous to do graphic like that. Take a old cartoons of cigarrette and some crazy color and you are able to do Jet Set Radio Future better than it is. I am not proud of you Sega, you are doing nothing else than good game or really boring one. He want a legend like Halo ! Can you do that because in my mind you are falling to the bottom of the creek.

Audio: Extra sugar, extra cheese and extra sauce ! This song is hurting my ears, i really hate him because she is too loud and the voices of the singer is horrible. Some of the song are boring and you are getting tired soon of them. Voices, sure they are great it probably the only thing that Sega is able to do.

Suggestions: Better sound, better graphic, more skilled gameplay but next time keep the fun we got to play this game because is the only thing you can do to make Jet Set Radio Future a good game.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams

Overall: In my restless dream i see that town ... Yes it the beginning of the letter from Mary. In Silent Hill 2, we are James a braveheart who receive a letter from his wife who died three years ago. So he decide to investigate and search for her on their special place at silent hill. He found some crazy character that in fact are supposed to be a part of the soul of mary herself. Prepare for the ultimate puzzle and horror game ever done ! The first hour of Silent Hill is not really amazing but when you heard more about the story you are really into the game. Have you ever see a strong story like that before ? Possibly but not on x-box. In conclusion Silent is really the best horror game that came to the x-box and it's probably because it the only one but it's also one of the best game ! Finally, the end in the water is really sad, man i was crying when mary was reading the letter !

Gameplay: You are walking on the street of Silent Hill to search for your dead wife who is supposed to be in your special place , so you must resolve some difficult puzzle to fight your way back to your wife. Trough the game you will meet some character that are really insane and some of them will help you through your quest. In fact the gameplay in silent hill is really easy to understand but the puzzle is making it really harder that it look like.

Graphics: The grainy effect is really bad, but you can put it down and when it's done you are able to see great graphic possibly one of the best for a ps2 port. Ok, the fog is really bad because we can't see where we are going or what is behind or in front of us. It's really boring to have a powerful x-box and we are not able to see all the city and of course they can do it but they are lazy. Finally the graphic is not as i expect for a great game like that but i just don't care because i really love it.

Audio: The creepy sound of zombie, the voices of the character, the noise on the street or in a building they all rock to me !

Suggestions: Better graphic and that mean no fog, i want to see all the city in one shot not part by part. But it's really a nice work, i really love your game !

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: What is happening to me ? I was hating fighting game and now i love it but just one of them. Yes, you probably found it, it Dead Or Alive 3. What i love in DoA 3 is that we are able to do a fight with two character in the same team, so it do a pretty nice multiplayer. Moves are also really great because you got plenty of them like each fighting game, but something make it different from other game of the same kind is we can do move with our teammate. You want the story of course, but i can't tell you because each character have her own story. Oh yes ! I forgot, one thing is really amazing : you can change the name of your x-box on the survival mode and it can only be change in that game so mine is not anymore darling,.
In conclusion DoA 3 is the only fighting game that should be buy because he got everything you need to play for a while.

Gameplay: You mean how to play ? What the hell is going on, i don't need to review it man. We all know how a fighting game work but for having a better review i will tell you what is the mod to enjoye the game ? We got survival : fight until you die, story : each character have her own story to complete, training : we all know what it is, team battle : a competition with a teammate, single battle : one on one her and camera mode : just look what the computers are doing.

Graphics: Amazing, have you ever seen nicer video or graphic like that before.
Personnaly i think that DoA 3 can be on the top three best graphic on x-box. I didn't have much to say about the graphic because they are perfect !

Audio: When the video are playing you can heard some amazing chinese music and this time i really enjoye it not like Blood Wake. But when you are playing the game is really a shame. We are not able to heard some great music when we are fighting, probably the only mistake here.

Suggestions: Need more work for the sound while playing but that all !

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Spider-Man

Overall: Have you ever see the first movie of Spider-Man ? It's was absolutly amazing and they got more money than Star Wars Episode 2 : Attack Of The Clones. First of all, you must know, if you didn't see the movie, that Spider-Man the movie game don't have the same story as the real movie because it's will be too short for a game, so they add vilains and short scene to make it longer. What i really love in this Spider-Man game is you are able to start from the begining of our hero until the last battle with green goblin. Of course Spider-Man don't have a multiplayer and it's a real shame for that. In conclusion, without multiplayer Spider-Man is also able to take the good way to be a great game.

Gameplay: Spider-Man is able to throw his web, jump and stick on the wall or the ceiling, learn move because you can find some through each levels and be invisible. But something make me really sick in that game and it's the camera angle, how can i fight if i am not able to see my opponent ? They also add some challenge but they are really too tough ! The real mistake here is that Spider-Man is able to throw is web through the clouds, really unreal !

Graphics: Why everybody is doing multi-console game to gain more money ? X-box is the most powerful console ever done and you show some texture or graphic if you prefer to us that can be seen on Gamecube. But you are too late because i am sure that most gamer will let this game on their bookstore. We want amazing graphic like Halo, Rsc and Morrowind, did you understand ? So wake up man !

Audio: Did you know that the producers of this game take the real voices from Tobey Mcguire and the other actor to make it better ? Also when you play, spidey is saying some funny thing. In fact it's really a nice work here ! Music, sorry i am not paying much attention here, probably because it's was just ok !

Suggestions: Here my advices : Don't make it multi-console, have better camera angle, multiplayer should be welcome and that all !

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Star Wars: Obi-Wan

Overall: After i played this game, i was so excited about seeing the last Star Wars movie, Star Wars Episode 2 : Attack of the clones. Oh my god ! After the movie, i was a Star Wars new fan but if you want to be one of them you should see episode 4,5,6 before seeing the last two episode. I got a lot of question about the second movies and if you didn't see him, pass this part please. Does Queen Amidala will die in the episode 3 ? How does Anakin will be tranform into that sort of robot ( Darth Vador ) ? Why in episode three Luke Skywalker is separated from Princess Leia ? If you want to answer my question please send me a private message. Ok i am off, now we will return to our main subject. First of all Star wars : Obi wan is taking is story from the episode one and you probably know it. But who's care, we want more information about it ? Ok, if you want more information, i will give you more. Swob ( Star wars : Obi wan ) have a nice multiplayer because you can use all your strenght's skill, so it's more attractive than a simple fight with our lightsaber. One thing is trully ruining the game and it's the bugs. You want some example : sometimes you are supposed to run but you walk and when you die you can be a on standing position. If you want more, you can read all my review, it's simple and good.

Gameplay: In Swob, you are able to throw you lightsaber, move object, throw ennemies away, jump higher and take out the ennemie's weapon away until your force meter will be empty, naturally you can full it by waiting. Something that make me excited were the battle againt each member of the jedi's team, you know Darth Maul was more easy than the master of the Jedi ( Master Mace WinDu ) but the greatest bonus level was the last because you fight againt all the jedi in a ultimate battle, pretty cool to see eight jedi fighting in a arena ( they aren't all againt you, they can fight with a another jedi or it will be too tough ). In conslusion, it was the best gameplay since Blood Omen 2.

Graphics: The visual was really one of the worst in that game. When you play with Obi-wan it's seems to be ok for the textures but when the video start, oh my god Obi-wan doesn't look like the true one ! In fact, the producer should have taken more attention on the character than on the background. Finally the graphic is the only thing that give a bad feeling about that game and it's trully unforgiven.

Audio: The master piece of Star Wars : Obi-Wan is the music, it's always the same through all the game but we will always love her !

Suggestions: I want more thing to do in multiplayer, no bugs, better graphic and i want to see more skin from Nathalie Portman, she so sexy !

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Burnout

Overall: I heard a lot of people who said that x-box don't have enough racing game. Oh my god ! I don't think so, there too many of them in fact. But the big question over here is probably if Burnout have something more special than a basic racing game. Yes, they add a collision system, a multiplayer with bots ( we got something that Rallisport Challenge should have ), and some face-off. All those stuff are interesting but Burnout lose his credibility by beeing a multi-console game.

Gameplay: Againt and probably forever, arcade game are done with the old driving system so nothing is really new. Also the collision system is not programmed so well because when they give the car damage in money is not always realistic. You want a example : A collision with a bus throw me out of the bridge and i fall on a other car, that cost me 40 000 $ and one time i got 120 000 $ for a simple collison with a honda civic ! Also if you want a boost you can go on a oncoming way to have more points in the boost meter or do a near miss. Definetly the gameplay could be better in all the way i find and i want face-off that give powerful car not big truck that run at 80 km/h maximum.

Graphics: Does i said that was a multi-console game. So you probably know what i am thinking about that kind of game. They are not clear, not sharp in fact they are not well done ! She got graphic that can be see on gamecube or playstation 2 so it's not really a original game.

Audio: Burnout does a great job utilizing Xbox' 5.1 capabilities. Only in 5.1 can you hear oncoming traffic wizz by. There's not a lot going on behind you, except when your competitors near. Then you will hear the roar of their engine, adding to the tension. When you bust out your boost, you'll hear your heart thumping in your chest. The music never rises to meet this tension, always staying low in the background. It was an artistic choice to keep the score almost inaudible. It flitters quietly in the background, completely antithetical to other racing game soundtracks. This is, it seems, an attempt to heighten the sounds of the round. And it works effectively. If you don't care for this muted soundtrack, you won't be able to do a thing about it. Customized soundtracks are not allowed in Burnout, which is a real shame.

Suggestions: The only thing you can had to sastified me is better graphic. Also better colision system, more cars and better face-off in the meaning of more and that give something good, of course.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Blood Omen 2

Overall: Have you ever see Buffy : The Vampire Slayer, it's a real shame. They show some vampire that are so gay. In real life, the real vampire are supposed to have edge, powerful strenght and are unbeatable. Blood Omen 2 take the good way to show to us how a vampire can be, because they are like they are supposed to be in the game. What the story here ? You are a vampire who want to rules the world with his army and he was beaten by a leader of a another vampire race, so he want a revenge. In conclusion, Blood Omen 2 have no multiplayer and he is a multi-console game but it seems to be one of the greatest multi-console ever done.

Gameplay: Really nice gameplay ! You have two meter : one for your life ( you can full it with the blood of your victims ) and the power meter ( some coffin give to you multiple vampire soul to increase your level ). Through all the game you are able to use you brain at his maximum speed because some puzzle are really hard. The best thing in that game is you can stole the edge from other powerful vampire so at the end you got some edge that are pretty cool like charism, berserker, immolate, telekenesis, ultimate punch, long jump and etc...

Graphics: Againt is a multi-console game but graphic seems to be better than ever, no the greatest of course but they satisfied me a lot. Finally they need some work but when you are playing the game it seems that you just don't care about them because the game is great. Character and background are also well done especially Kain our main and only character.

Audio: The music is repetitive and boring but when they are talking in the video, you are able to forget it easily. Amazing voices and poor music, it's sound crazy a lot !

Suggestions: Better graphic is the only way to increase the game !

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath Of Cortex

Overall: I remember the time when my buddies and i were playing playstation 1 on the video store near our house. The only game that was interesting for us was Crash Bandicoot, how amazing it was on playstation ! But doesn't it feel the hype on x-box. My answer is totaly and will always be no. How does crash could be on x-box with the look of a playstation one character, ok they put fur on him to have a more realistic hero but we don't see it while playing. One question is burning your lips, i guess. Does Crash leave the 2d ? Naturally the answer is no, it's stay where he was. As i know, Banjo-Kazooie on Nintendo 64 was more complicated than Crash on X-box. In conclusion, Crash took the wrong way to be a x-box star and should be forgotten forever !

Gameplay: We got plenty of things to find in each levels like the time challenge, the blast all crate ruby and the ultimate diamond. But that not why i hate Crash, it's is because he died after one shoot. It's take me a half of hour to pass the second boss, and for that it make me so frustated. Also the ennemies are so dumb : when they are throwing some thing like the scientist does, they always shoot her potion ( scientist ) at the same location. Did you feel how i was feeling bad about this game ? No ! Ok, if i say that the little girl who help Crash is able to avoid a really big wave with her bicycle or avoid a avalanche with her snowboard. Ok now you trust me !

Graphics: Crash Bandicoot is the same character as the playstation one version and the view or the dimension have not change ! So it's let the game as it was, but now we aren't interested anymore about those kind of game. If you want more, check the overall appeal ( probably done )

Audio: The sound effects and music in crash are good on their own, with plenty of zany little tunes that fit the mood perfectly. However, when thrown in to surround sound, the mix is not good. The center channel isn't used, so voices, and everything in front of Crash is split between the two front channels. The music is also pumped through the front channels, leaving the rear speakers to handle peripheral sound effects from enemies Crash has passed. Because almost all of the sounds are placed on the front speakers and the score is pumped so loudly, the sound effects, which are nice, are almost impossible to hear.

Suggestions: I just want to said that i don't want a sequel, same if they put it in total 3d. Save your dignity before it's too late !

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Gunvalkyrie

Overall: Have you ever read the review of Gunvalkyrie on They give a 9,0 on ten for a game that was so boring to me that i was unable to play ten hours. How could you apreciate a shooter that give you no skill at the end. What i mean about no skill ? Simply it's because you got a auto-aim. Ouah ! It's look like i am playing counter-strike with the online gaming cheat. No multiplayer, boring story, lack of variety of character and weapon make that game one of the worse you are able to play on x-box. The best advice i can give to you is to rent before buying, you have been warned.

Gameplay: Like i was saying two minute ago, the auto-aim give a bad feeling about our skill but it's also because we got a jetpack which is hard to move. Some of the cliff are too hard to pass with him and you don't have unlimited fuel, of course you can full it by waiting. The gameplay can be summarize by press the trigger to shoot ( just the trigger because of the auto-aim is aiming for you ) and jump around to see where you should go.

Graphics: Probably the only thing that was great here. Ok it's a nice background with the mushroom, but i prefer to eat it ( did you understand the joke ) instead of jumping on them. Character are also great but they look better in Halo or another shooter. One thing that make the game sick with the graphic is the color, sometimes is flashing with a light purple. The only question that came to my mouth with those sort of colour is : Does i am stoned or i am ok ?

Audio: Audio is put to good use in Gunvalkyrie thanks to the Dolby Digital Surround Sound. You can imagine how effective the echo effects are in indoor levels and canyons and what not. But you'll really appreciate it with all of those spiders creeping up behind you and long range attacks from behind draining your health. You want me to talk about voices ! I didn't pay much attention to sound, so i'm sorry about that.

Suggestions: Sorry sega, but all you done is boring except for Jet set radio future ! So don't make boring game like that or if you want to do a sequel , my advices should be : erase the auto-aim script, make the graphic more realistic like Halo, put a good multiplayer and more character.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Mad Dash Racing

Overall: Company of today make game more original than it's was ten years ago. For the racing game we got plenty of them who put the gamer in a car and Eidos try to do a new type of racing to change the category. Does it's work ? I am sure that most gamers who try Mad dash racing are proud of Eidos. Imagine, you can slide on a ramp or on a half pipe, do trick in the air, throw thing like Mario Kart or Artic thunder on x-box and choose original character. Like i do my review habitually, i will talk about the story. Here we got nothing that really impress me because it's talking about a vilain who do race for fun and he invite all the greatest runners. Something that make me sick about the game is the story mod, it's took me approximatly 5 hour to pass it, of course we can do something else like the challenge to have more complication but it's not enough. In conclusion, Mad Dash Racing have all it got to be the greatest game except for the story. It's should be more longer to be a must have and naturally more race : six or seven is not enough againt.

Gameplay: Nothing is really difficult in Mad dash, all you have to do is running and take shortcut. But they add little meteorites that help to take them and drink to use your special power. Ok everybody believe that Mad dash is a racing game that work only with you feet, but you also take your hand to climb and with all that stuff we are able to use both tumbstick. In fact it's look like a marathon and not a race. It's seems to be a new genre of racing and we probably got more fun than a normal racing game.

Graphics: Ok it's a toon graphic but i just don't care because i really like it that way, it's so fantactic to see character that was really well done with beautiful background. Visualy it seems to be one of the best toon graphic ever done on a console. I hate to say that i love a kind of game that was made for child ( everyone but adult we will hate that ) but trust me it's really cool.

Audio: I will never forget the song at the end. It is called Mad Dash Racing like the game but i don't remember who did it. I recommand to you to download it from AudioGalaxy. If we are talking about the voices, i could say there were funny. Nothing else should be said about the sound because it's was great !

Suggestions: Good game are always short, so make it longer and with more races. Also i want more competitor to run through the levels ( at least eight should do ).

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Genma Onimusha

Overall: My first question about the game is : Does it supposed to be a rpg or an horror game ? Truly i didn't know because it's look like a kind of rpg but it's a Horor game. Sure that i have plenty of question that burnig my lips like : Why Genma Onimusha is supposed to be a must have ? I was waiting a bit before renting this game and curiously its was a good choice to wait. Yes i know that you all want the story but in fact it doesn't interest me because she is too basic. Did you remember Mario on your old Nintendo ? What was his story ? Of course it was and it will always be : saving the princess Peach. But wait a minute who's care about Mario when we are playing Genma Onimusha ? It's simple, it's is because they got the same story. We are in a new millenium and we are not able to find a story that are complicated, oh my god so we are pitiful !

Gameplay: The gameplay look like Resident Evil with samourai. Probably it's sound good to you, but not to me. When i past like fifteen minute in a place to kill all the ennemis, i don't want to be back and there are back too. How can we attack ? Simply you take your orbs and blast other evils with your magic, but why did they give only three of them ? The worse thing in that game is the fluorite. Imagine, you can see them but when you push the A button everywhere you can probably find one. It'ss stupid because you must find them all to finish the cd and there are too tough to find without the walkthrough.

Graphics: I never saw a background that look like that before, they took pictures to do it. Dude we are able to do great suff with our technology and you are keeping that sort of technic for your video games. Come on, i was able to see greater stuff from you Capcom. Visual also take part of the character and my word to describe it, its ok !

Audio: Wow ! The orchestral soundtrack is top notch and a perfect fit for the atmosphere of Onimusha. All of the necessary sounds are there. Swords clang, Samanosuke grunts, and the air cracks with electricity when his thunder magic is unleashed. While Genma is a survival horror game, the sound doesn't push it to the level of Resident Evil. You don't hear demons lurking in nearby rooms, moaning or dragging their feet. The game never gets creepy. For an action game, the sound is good, but Capcom should have gone the extra step to truly frighten us.

Suggestions: I want more orbs, no picture background to see the fluorites and a multiplayer.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Fuzion Frenzy

Overall: Let's get ready to rumble ! Have you ever buy a game that was really funny in single player but you didn't even got fun in multiplayer or it's because this game has no multiplayer. Forget that time and be ready for the ride of your life with a new party game. Fuzion Frenzy is really amazing when i played it with my friends but its an another thing if you are alone. Definetly i wan t sequel that should be more long, because in fact you have nothing to do. When you buy this game the only thing you have to do to complete the game is to open you x-box, sound like too easy for you ! In conclusion, if Fuzion Frenzy could be more attractive for the longer of the game, it's should probably be here with me.

Gameplay: Nothing to say, everytimes you begin a mini-games you are able to see which button you should press to win the game and they give you hints. Sometimes the hints are stupid like the one with big cage ball, they said : try to stay in the middle of course i will stay in the middle or i will die. In fact the gameplay look like Mario Party but absolutly better.

Graphics: Visual was great in that game, ok it's not the greatest Graphic of all time but they satisfied me . In fact there are shiny, sparkly, full of neon... and just happens to be a perfect example of what the Xbox can do with its power. Fast framerates, crisp textures, tons of realtime lighting and particle effects made this one of the first Xbox games to truly impress visually, and it's still one of the prettier games to peek at during the Xbox launch.

Audio: The sound are great, you are doing mini-games with tecno music, man it's rock at all cost. But if we are talking about the voices of the character, there are ok but sometimes they said something that not stick with the game. You want a example : Zack is always saying ; Candy for a baby ( doesn't mean nothing to me ). There always something to save someone else and this time is the announcer's voices, he is the greatest voices i ever heard on x-box.

Suggestions: Make it longer ! That why i give a lower score than his review subject. Also for the teamplay, i want to choose my teammate.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Arctic Thunder

Overall: I am entering BlockBuster on a rainy friday after noon. My brain show me the way to the x-box section. I was watching the video games and my brain told me to took this one, its was Artic Thunder. Twelve minutes later i was on darkness with a piteful game. Now that you saw my introduction, i will tell you what wrong and what good in that game. First of all, graphic are poor, the gameplay could be deeper and the multiplayer is the way to lose times in group and for the good part, i will think more because it seems to be poor in every part. In conclusion, this game making me sick and trust me when i said sick it's is sick ! The worse game on x-box that i played !

Gameplay: The gameplay seems to be copied on Mario Kart but we doesn't feel it so well. Yes, we are shooting object at player to make them crashing on a wall or go slower but it's don't give the fun i had with my Mario Kart. But the deal it's we got weapon that doesn't work like the grapple or weapon that was useless. Also there no real story here, you are a renegade who doing race with a snowmobile that all and for me it's not a story. Of course they put a multiplayer that look like a co-op, yes its great but when it's time to buy rider, races or arena, the money is not combined so it a lose of times especially if your friends is always taking you as his main target. I forget that we have a arena battle, but you just have to be behind you enemy and that all is dead, sometimes its make me frustated a lot. Finally i find something that was great because in that game we got plenty of things to unlock .

Graphics: You know how great was the visual in Gauntlet : Dark Legacy, totally the worse graphic on x-box and Artic Thunder take the same engine, i guess. In fact, poor is not a word for a game like that. In terms of framerate, Arctic Thunder stays nice and steady at 60 but it should be considering how little this game is drawing and how strong the Xbox is.

Audio: Big explosions and random sounds of destruction is what you're getting here. A few exclamations by the racers here and there is all there is for voice. You'll get more noise and stimulation out of your controller rumbling than you will from anything in the game.

Suggestions: Never do that again, i should take drug to forget what you done because it's hard to forget the hell of x-box game !

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 The Simpsons Road Rage

Overall: I never laugh like that before because the producer make a sentence for a character that say : Worse game ever or worse producer ever and it's true. So before they release it, they were able to say what we all gonna think about their game and about their own person. This game is a copy of crazi taxi with nothing else than the Simpson for the character. Story ? The video that explain the story told us that Mr. Burn is doing atomic bus for the community and they want to do a taxi service to avoid the bus to the civilians. Does it get a multiplayer ? Of course, but he is not completed because the goal is to transport someone to an another place but the deal its they don't put more than one character to transport so it's not the same as the single player and its should be like that ! What he changing my mind about the game it's they put plenty of things to unlock ( character and race )

Gameplay: Pick up a passenger, and follow the arrow at the top of the screen. Drive over, around or through everything in your way, and drop them off at the right location, with a bonus for speed. You'll get a few more seconds on your clock every time you drop a passenger off, with the ultimate goal to rack up the highest score before your time runs out. Againt, you are driving a car in the oldest driving system, so it's doesn't make the game so original but old.

Graphics: Bad is the only word that game through my brain. You got the same visual on Gamecube and Playstation 2. Just check the video when you are starting the game, doesn't the simpson look like the same as the tv program, oh hell no !

Audio: The music in Road Rage... who cares about the music? Its doesnt show anything new to us, same for the voices that are done by the original actors.

Suggestions: No more Simpson's game ! They ridiculise the power of the x-box and other console.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission

Overall: We are going to enter the cliff of desolation. What the hell i am talking about, we will talk about Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission not about a cliff, i am insane possibly. We all talking about the graphic hardware, the sound, the gameplay but who's care about the lenght of the game. Yes it's a was definetly too short for a great game like that but its also because there no multiplayer, it's ruins the game. A sequel, that all we want because you are doing great work. Some mission look like the same but in fact it's different to me not like Hunter The Reckoning where you always find a key to finish the levels.

Gameplay: You are driving a car in the old school so it's make the game a little bit late in the driving technology. Nothing really different from other old school driving system but i am totally satisfied. We got ten misison for the police girls and ten for the secret agent for a total of 20 mission, they are short but you got car to unlock. In conclusion, gameplay is perfect but the mission could be a bit longer with mulitplayer of course.

Graphics: Wreckless has some of the most outstanding lighting and reflections you'll ever see in a videogame. Sunlight and streetlights all reflect off of the car surfaces even after those surfaces become mangled and bent in every direction. The reflections just become smaller and more detailed. The missions happen at different times of day so you may have the bright afternoon sun overhead, the intense orange glow cutting between the buildings at dusk or the neon highlights of Hong Kong after dark all around you or reflecting off of your vehicle.

Audio: The sound in Wreckless is nothing more or less than effective. It's ok but we don't expecting more for this type of game. Voices are great for the type of character but music seems to be boring after 3 hours in a row. That all i have to say about Wreckless but don't forget the sound change nothing to a game it's just a add that give a bonus for the game so don't buy a game because it's got a amazing sound, you will lose too many dollar.

Suggestions: Multiplayer and of course make more missions or longer ones .

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 WWF Raw

Overall: Before i begin, i would like to say that i am a world wrestling federation fan but that will not change my mind about the game, i will be straight in my review. Let's begin ! When Raw was been release on X-box, everybody told me that was a bad game but in fact i was really enjoying this wrestling game. Have you ever saw a create a wrestler more updated than that, you can now do your own entrance : it's not anymore auto-programmed. Oh my god ! I can change the color of the light, move it and also put it down, it's hard to explain like that but if you try it you gonna understand. The big question over here its that why i give him a 4 if its one of my favorite game. Simply it's because the graphic, the gameplay and the sound are great but we are not talking about the lasting appeal, we got nothing to do after beating the belts ( i beat the women belt with Stone Cold Steve Austin ) and the game have a lack on the variety of the match. Where my cage match, the royal rumble or the ladder match ? In my mind two v.s two, one v.s one, triple threat match, tag team tornado, 3 v.s 1 it's look like all the same for me .

Gameplay: Amazing ! Some people say that the fan meter is boring, it's probably because they never played with a friends that always do a kick or a punch so if he do all the same moves the other character is stronger and he can beat his opponent faster. Ok sometimes its unfair, if i want to do five Last ride, why shouldn't i do it ? Some new add are great like the interference when you do your entrance or the wearing mod.

Graphics: Everybody is agree that Raw have the greatest wrestling graphic ever see on a console so i will not review this part much longer but in my mind, its need work on the character's faces.

Audio: Have you ever heard the old Undertaker song with Limpbizkit, i was too impress ! If you don't know some of the wrestling song, you will be impress as i was. Nothing to say more here because its a wrestling game and for the sound its always a short review.

Suggestions: Better faces for the character and what we all want : More different match !

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 TransWorld Surf

Overall: I am ready for a a Tony Hawk Pro Skater on water. Oups ! It's not a Thps on water because its not the same gameplay but they got something in common : they are based on a trick game ! Ok it's problably the only game that i done nothing in the single player because it's was pretty tough. What i find that was hard ? Yes, the gameplay but not the trick as our Xbox addict official reviewer. In fact they are losing my times for doing trick with the choices of the waves but its his ok. Story ? You don't remember that we are in a trick game so the story is always absent here or it's look like Amped : Freestyle Snowboarding.

Gameplay: You know i was talking about the gameplay in the overall appeal and especially about losing our times in the choices of our waves. But it not finish, because i was the only one that was able to do more than 1000 points in that game, my firends are all telling me that was a boring game because it's was harder than a normal trick game like Ssx tricky, Amped : Freestyle Snowboarding, Tony Hawk Pro Skater or Dave Mira Pro Bmx.
But when you are able to do something good, you can give more points for the fun you got than someone that was unable to do trick well. Something that was cool is that you are always in a combo until you finish you wave, ok you can lose all you point if you fall but you can also have more point than a simple 2 minute of playing in tony hawk !

Graphics: Wawerace, what that mean for you ? Same thing as me i guess : the best wave i never saw. But this time is finish, Transworld Surf is making a new way into this type of game with an amazing engine for the wave and when i mean amazing trust me there are. Character and all those stuff are also great but the main attraction is totally the wave. It's a nice touch for Angel studio, continues to take the power of the x-box in your creation.

Audio: Everybody know the Tony Hawk soundtrack because they are taking some of the best punk group of all times. Angel studio is taking care of what we are loving in a soundtrack and put some another amazing group for our ear. Oh, the great news its that they take the custom soundtrack, so if you don't like what they put, you can absolutly change it.

Suggestions: It's too hard to find something, i am just excited about Transworld Snowboarding and other stuff from you guys. Nice work guys !

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Gauntlet Dark Legacy

Overall: Hey everybody ! Want a hack and slash for the x-box gaming console ?
Finally, we got a another Gauntlet Legend because the one that was on Nintendo 64 was so popular that devellopper told to us that they will do a sequel. I was so exciting about a another 4 player hack and slash, its too cool for me man. Everybody here think that gauntlet is cheap with all the following part of the review but its totally false enough to kill a partially good game. First of all, what new and exciting in the new version : we got new kind of character with new power, new levels and possibly new story because i think its the same story. Some people also asked me : What is different between Hunter The Reckoning and Gauntlet Legend that make this game more fun ? Probably a ton of little thing like the levels your are, the exp you gain ( we know that we also have experience in Htr but you lose its at the end ) and i forget the best, Gauntlet is pretty much longer than htr.

Gameplay: Oh my god ! Its was so easy to play gauntlet legend : dark legacy that my cousin feel that was too boring because of that but trust me its not, i prefer a easy game to play and have fun than a very difficult game that make you frustated. But the game itself lose his credibility with nothing really new, ok they make a team power that make the game easier and more tactic but in fact its the same levels has the first one, also the same old character and of course the same gameplay ( edge or power ). In conclusion, to play gauntlet you just need to push the A and X buttons to attack, while the B is for defending yourself, the Y button is for magic ( potion ) and A&B together for the special blasting magic ! A another thing is that the angle of the camera is so bad that sometimes we fight ennemies that not in the screen, it's stupid but its probably because they don't increase it since the last and old version of the game.

Graphics: This part is where the game make me sad . I played a ton of game on x-box ( 27 ) and i saw graphic like test drive that look like ps1 or ps2 game but this one take part of the Nintendo 64 library, really they are so poor that you can saw the different between the version of n64 and the new x-box version. We can't see details, great character or something that look like good in the visual.

Audio: The track are always changing when your character are moving which is nice for we. In fact voices and music are ruling in that games, they are not better that our legend Halo : Combat Evolved and probably not one of the best but its original and make me satisfied.

Suggestions: Man we need better graphic and that game will be better than Hunter The Reckoning and also better view, but its a good work !

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire

Overall: First of all, i saw a news about a new James Bond on ign preview and i was totally excited, probably because Goldeneyes on Nintendo 64 was a legend for us in spite of the World Is Not Enough that was bad. Two days before its release Gamespot maked a review about it and they give a 6,8 on ten for this game. I was really disapointed and i began to hate Gamespot because there were unable to see a good game when they saw one. Before buying this game, i rented it at blockbuster and it was a brutal shock for me, how could it be true ? In fact this game was so so for an x-box's game. Oh before i finish the overall appeal, i want to talk about the multiplayer. Of course they change it since the ps2 version and the big new it they make bot for gamecube and x-box version but its doesn't matter because they are dumb and they aren't in all the mod, so the multiplayer get boring soon. If they want better multiplayer they should had map and more bots than three.

Gameplay: You know all the James Bond are a first person shooter, so the gameplay doesn't matter because its look like all the same in this type of game. But let's talk about the story, ok we know this is not a story from James Bond's movies but its pretty cool too. Its talk about a man who want to do clones to rules the world, simple but good. What i partialy dislike in that game it the 007 award ( you get them when you do a secret agent moves ), yes its a good add but sometimes you just have to open a door and that it you got a 007 and it the way to finish the level so it should be secret area that you can access with trick. Now i will explain what i find that was greatful for the game : possibly the new add that give point for damage that you got, the time of your mission, the enemy you kill and at the end you got a medail for what you done so its make the game more long but not longer than Goldeneyes because the misssion are simply too short ( one of them take me approximately 3,45 min ). Also, we got some mission with a bmw or an aston marton, oh my godness its was too great to be true with all those gadgets on the cars.

Graphics: Euh ! We can see nothing that look like a x-box game because its a ps2 port. Of course they are great but not what we are looking for. You know Halo got a new graphic engine that was probably the best since Unreal Tournament and when you saw one of those game that make the x-box cheap, you are feeling sick. In my mind all the James Bond should have been done by Rareware because they are doing more intense graphic on Nintendo 64 than Electronic Art on x-box. I forgot two thing : the blood that was absent and video but there was great until i saw the same on gamecube.

Audio: Sound ? What that mean because voices were ok and music stick to the James Bond themes ? If we also talk about the gun fire, its was so ugly : a sniper that shoot like a famas its stupid but not more than be able to see the bullet when you shot ( its probably impossible in real life ). Finally i don't pay much attention to the sound because its not something that change my mind about the game.

Suggestions: Yes don't do this again, let this title to Rareware because you probably doing this title like i was doing my homework ( fast and not so well ). Also new multiplayer will be welcome because the one you do were bad enough to make me play The world Is Not Enough on Nintendo 64. Nice touch but better luck next time !

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Spy Hunter

Overall: We all know Midway that brought good games like San Francisco Rush 1,2, and 2049 but also we know Midway by their arcade game like Spy Hunter or the Artic Thunder. Some people think that arcade game are boring and shouldn't be done on a console but i am not one of them. Why did i rent Spy Hunter if i was able to buy it ? Simply because it's multi-console game and they are useless. They are trying to have more money but that doesn't work anymore with me, i prefer to have an exlusif game. As i do my review habitually, i will talk about the story but in fact i didnt really know it because it was not clear for me. I didn't understand if i was a spy or a spy hunter ( probably a spy ) and why those stupid compagny want me dead. But i was able to pass the video game easily and i got a lot of fun with all those missiles and oil on the road. Mission are crazy and that why i love them but possibly the best thing it was our car, she can transform herself into a boat or when you are taken too many damage into a little motorcycle. Ok its time to talk about what a dislike : too hard to find something, its was totally great until i saw the multiplayer that make me sick. Imagine you got missile that can follow the other play, you are dead in 2 second with that, so you can't pass other character without beeing traped by those missiles. What type of mod or mini-games we have in multiplayer ? They add a chicken hunter mod ( boring ), a sattellite Comm hunter ( look like the chiken hunter ) and simply a race again the other player with all the gun. In conclusion if they take away the auto targetting missile in multiplayer and making better multiplayer it will probably be one of the greatest game ( at less 4 should be admit for beeing a great game ).

Gameplay: So easy, we got plenty of button to push but in about one hour we are ready to kick some ass. I have nothing to said about gameplay, its easy to turn, you got enough health, the difficulty is great and you got multiple objectives in 14 mission, its should keep you busy for a while. Don't forget its a action game so you need to push your brake sometimes and look around.

Graphics: Ok its a multi-console game so we don't expect to have greater graphic than the other one. But they give to us a little bit better than ps2 and gamecube but i just don't care because its look like the same. If we talk about the video, i should say they got a low budget because i just saw 5 of them until i can see plenty of those in Halo. Next time dude make graphic that should be show on x-box.
We can see a lot of mistake in the graphic hardware and they are not so beautiful for an x-box game but its playable, you should totally try it.

Audio: If you love Peter Gunn's classic theme song you will be in hell but if you didn't know him like me, you will put it down, i prefer to listen the radio or my audio cd. The sound effects are your standard engine revs, tire squeals, and gun shots. It's an arcade game and it feels like it. If more care had been taken to make a wider range of sounds and a deeper score, SpyHunter could have really immersed gamers.

Suggestions: Better multiplayer of course and next time dude don't put it multi-console. Also, you are entering a new kind of generation for games so make gamers proud of you !

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Blood Wake

Overall: Everybody was excited about Blood Wake but i was one of them that put the game away before its release. Of course i saw the video with the boat doing a special trick on a half-pipe and that why i rented it to try it by myself but in fact i play like 14 hours in single player and i never a saw a half-pipe or something that look like a jump. So let's our different there and talk about the story. Its run around a man that was violently attacked by his own brother. What he want ? Vengeance. How should he do that ? With his new pirate clan. One thing make me really excited when i was playing Blood Wake and its was how the story was presented. They show it on old papper with great draw and amazing voices, its a great work in my mind ? Im having a big problem i guess, because i always forgetting something and it's probably always the multiplayer. I shouldn't talk about them because they are the worse i was able to see in my live but i will do my best of course. In multiplayer, ennemies's boat are faster than you, same if you take the same boat and its look like more a twisted metal than a boat war but a least we got bots.

Gameplay: When we are talking about gameplay in that game, the only word that came through my mouth is bad. Why its was so bad ? Probably because its was too realistic, wait a minute i am blaming a game because its was real. Not really because trust be this part ruins the game because when you are turning on one way the boat take the wrong one. My buddies said that was realistic but for me its took part of a bad gameplay that should be more simple. A another thing, with your mini-gun in front of your boat you can shot gun-turret that are so farm that you can't see them. Many error make the game boring but the big one its what we do in single player, we can summarize this as shooting ennemies and repeat the process.

Graphics: When i saw mountain, ennemies, boat i was totally dissapointed but when i lower the head, i was able to see great water effect. In conclusion we can see two thing that were nicely done in the game : the draw on the old papper ( in overall appeal ) and the water effect.

Audio: Imagine you are in a boat war and everybody keep shooting at you and you heard some classic japanese music, oh my ears its hurt ! You should put it off, too worse and repetitive for me. But if we are talking about the voices its not the same because they were too amazing especially when they show the story to us. Finally, we got two way here one is good and the other one is worser than go to my grand mother house !

Suggestions: Plenty of suggestion : better graphic, multiplayer, sound and gameplay. In fact they should do a another type of game because we don't want a sequel !

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Dark Summit

Overall: Ok i don't played Dark Summit for a while but i am able to say a lot about it. First of all, i am a good reviewer for games and sometimes when i chat with someone, they asked me a question about snowboarding game and its look like that : Hey dude who better between Amped freestyle snowboarding, SSX tricky and Dark Summit. My answer is always Amped, probably because Dark Summit lose his fun in about 4 straight hour. The game in general is too short, but of course we can play with other character. Let talk about the story mode ? What i love in the story mode its that we can snowboard in a really big mountain with chair lift at some part of the mountain. What the story here, in fact you are a girl that was banned for snowboarding in that mountain ( curiously you can see skier but no snowboarder, we call this : discrimination ) and she want a revenge over a army's general but after a couple of hour you found something more suspicious ( you found that the dumb general is contacting aliens ) and through that you must find bomb and accomplish some challenge : some of them are too hard to complete especially the upper trick that was so tough that i was unable to do one of them. In conclusion the story mod is dumb and the challenge with the upper trick are too tough .

Gameplay: We can laugh here because the normal trick are so easy and repetitive and the upper trick are too hard. In my mind it's not a snowboarding game because this type of game must have a lot of trick to do and don't have a stupid story that look like a movie in the B section. Also some of the challenge are so stupid like the one with the turkey, oh my god why i must knock off a good turkey ?

Graphics: What i should say about them ? I couldn't say there was nicely done but there were just ok, not original ( its look like toons ) and not special ( we can see better on gamecube ) but we like them either. I'm already talking about graphic in the game but graphic also take part of the video and for the type of the graphic here the video are one of the best, so perfectly done.

Audio: Sound ? Its too repetitive because its always the same song and for the voices of the character, its is ok but sometimes they have voices that look like children one.

Suggestions: I need a better story or no story because its ruins the game. Also to have better sound, you can use the features of the x-box ( custom soundtrack ) and of course easier upper tricks.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: In fact that game rules, you can expect more on the single player but for the multiplayer its a other thing because we need computer and a better view to have more fun, racing head to head also make the multiplayer a little bit not attractive. I know i said a lot of bad thing about the game but in fact its the best game since halo .

Gameplay: It's so easy, one of my friends came to my house to try it and in two hour he blast me through all with his great driving. And after all i was beating by my own father and he dont like video game, probably a luck a subaru impreza againt a peugeot. Finally anyone who have a minute can play easily rallisport challenge.

Graphics: Best grahpic that ever since halo, no game can equal the rsc's graphic, there are so great. Texture, environment, car they all rules to me. The motor engine is so great that you can see isf its a game or a its in your life.

Audio: Sound suck in that game but you can do your own soundtrack and with that i make the best music of all times. Thank to x-box and rallisport challenge for that. But i forget the car's sound this one rock like the hell man, Vroouommmm !!!!!!! I do it a twice per hour in my house just to feel the engine in my hands

Suggestions: Can you do better multiplayer ?

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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