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Overall: This game is just pure fun. You just wished there was more levels to play in single mode. On live, it's just that much better.

Gameplay: So easy to control. If you have Halo, and you better, then you should pick the controls instantly. You really could feel your mech moving and shooting. Camera is perfect. Great stuff.

Graphics: The explosions and buildings colapsing are a thing of beauty. The mechs are well done. Love when they explode after you destroy them. Only problem is that in the latter stages, there is a lot of steam coming from the lava and it is difficult to see at times. Overall, eye candy.

Audio: Great explosions. Sounds of weapons are pretty generic but well done. Sound of enemy mechs are great. Music is effective...standard. Blends in great with the game. That is all you could ask for from sound appeal.

Suggestions: On single mode...there are only 20 levels. That is a shame, because you really get into it. Once it's over, it just ends abruptly. Maybe a real ending of some sort would help. Great buy, every Xbox owner should get it for pure action fun.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NBA 2K3

Overall: If you are a serious Basketball fan/player, this is the game for you hands down. If you are into arcade games for a quick play and then put the game down...this game may not be for you. This, the best b-ball game EVER! The franshise mode is endless and so addictive. You could possible play for 30 years. See you when I'm 65.

Gameplay: Tight controls. Better players will play better than weaker by a correct margin. When you call for a pick and roll, your teamate correctly sets the pick. It is harder to score and you will not shoot over 55% in the pro mode and the AI will also shoot between 40% and 55%. Realism is the word.

Graphics: Most players look identical to the real players. The crowd is ok, the arenas do feel unique to their real counterparts.....Madison Square Garden's crowd looks dark just like the Garden. The Graphics are very well done. Some of the All-time players don't match. Larry Bird looks like Dirk N. Minor complaint.

Audio: Typical stuff. Music is not annoying, all you could ask for from a b-ball game. The announcers are pretty good, but sometimes what they say doesn't match from what is happening. But you hear the grunting of the players, the squicking of the sneakers...all well done.

Suggestions: None......great game. Best ever!!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Quantum Redshift

Overall: Very entertaining game. Not alot of variety, but enough to do to keep you coming for more. The best thing about this game is the track designs and the INCREDIBLE speed of the game at expert level and above. If you love racers, this is for you...if you don't still check it out. Worth a buy.

Gameplay: Great controls. Great Tracks. Very good weapons. Very responsive to the controller. The speed of the game is incredible. You almost have to memorize the track in order to beat your AI opponents in the higher settings.

Graphics: Great graphics. No popups, even for this game's speed. The story line graphics are nicely done, but have no use. Nice explosions...shows what the Xbox could do.

Audio: Music is below average. But you could rip your own music. Explosions are nice and so are in the in game effects.

Suggestions: Get better story writers. Better music. Otherwise, great game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Blood Omen 2

Overall: Very well done. Solid graphics, decent sound. Storyline is where the games shines. Like watching a movie. Some games you could care less on the cinematic, but with this game, you actually intrigued by the story.

Gameplay: Simple controls, but responsive. The camera pose no problems for the most part. The addition of "dark gifts" as you advance in the game, keeps the game fresh. Have options of different weapons, but really all do the same function.

Graphics: Nothing to salivate here, but very solid. Very dark game (it is vampires). Sometimes will leave you gazing at the graphics, but for the most part is not &qu

Audio: Voice acting is nothing short of great. Love the conversation of the commoners before you kill them for their blood. In game sound effects are above average.

Suggestions: Once you finish the game, you will probably will not play it again for awhile. Once of these games you will play 2 years later for fun. Nothing really to suggest, but only to do more. The sum is greater than it's part for this game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: MY GOD!!! Top 5 games ever played. Graphics, story, gameplay, sound......all top notch. Every systems needs a great game. Xbox has HALO!

Gameplay: Controls, like every FPS, needs a bit to get use to. But once you have the hang of it, the controls are the best for any FPS out there.

Graphics: One word: gorgeous. Not the best out there, but incredible none the less. Lighting and shadows are done expertly. No complaints.

Audio: Only area where I had a slight problem. In game sound is flawless using 5.1 to it's max. When the game shifts to it's cinematic portion, some of the voice acting decibal can be low and hard to listen. But hey, that only like 5% of the time playing the game anyway.

Suggestions: Just get HALO 2 to us as quickly as possible. Bungie should be proud of it's creation. And Xbox is lucky to have it.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: What a nice addition to the Xbox. An appealing game that will have you engrossed in the development of the story. Well done.

Gameplay: Good control of Max. Not great, but good. Pretty easy to aim and responsive. Bullet time is a great addition and will help in tight situations.

Graphics: Tight graphics. Some of the NY subway graphics are unreal. Looks like an exact relica of some of the NY sights. Very close to a 5.0 score.

Audio: The voice acting is one of the best of any game. Really atmospheric music and sound effects. Really adds to the game...even in the cutoff scenes.

Suggestions: Maybe have Max get into a vehicle in one level or take control of a different character for awhile. Just well done.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: Fun. Slashing and shooting all throughtout game. Not repentative at all. Would love to have more than 4 Characters....but I guess that is what a sequel is for.

Gameplay: Controls are very good. Camera could get a bit annoying...overall very good. When you first use your machine gun to gun down those zombies....heaven!

Graphics: Eye Candy. Get to see new things even if you play same level again. Not choppy and not cartoony. Blood looks legit, characters look real. Movies are visually very good.

Audio: Pretty good. In-game sound is good....voice over could be better. Sometimes decibal level of movie voice-over is on the low end.

Suggestions: Have a booster disc ala DOA in where new characters are added or new weapons. Change camera angles a bit.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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