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Dakar 2: The World's Ultimate Rally

Overall: worst game on the xbox, hands down. . . you think kabuki warriors was bad? well think of kabuki warriors, but at the same time you're playing, you're being force-fed animal feces. . .

Gameplay: this has the gameplay of a wet paper bag, except when the wetpaper bag is laced with human fecal matter, and on fire. . .

Graphics: To be honest, and I'm not a sick person or anything, but I think monkey nuts are more fun to look at than this game

Audio: the engine sounds are alright. . . but thats to be expected from a game that involves things that have engines. . .

Suggestions: fall off the face of the planet, but don't die, just sit there in the eternal nothingness. . .

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Need for Speed Underground

Overall: this game is the manifestation of awesome. . . its so great that it is very difficult to describe. . . Think Midnight club 2 except more realistic, better sounds, way better graphics, with about the same fun factor (for those of you who are paying attention I gave MC2 a low score but I tried it again and loved it) 5 points across the board i say!

Gameplay: fun fun fun, like 6 game modes including: drag race, point challenge (Point A to point B), drift, circuit, and something else that I can't remember at this time. the game is worth the price simply for all the customization you can do. . . 1000s of different body kit combos, decals, and vinyls. . . only thing it could use is live play!

Graphics: erm i don't know how to describe. . . so amazing looking that you may have a seizure just driving in it. . . real time reflections in the road, on the car, on other cars, light trails. . . just amazing!

Audio: Although I don't like rap at all, I can respect the song listing because rap works with the game. I found myself enjoying the music as well as the realistic engine sounds. . . I actually took the time to put my subwoofer under my couch facing up. . . if you have a subwoofer just crank it, you'll enjoy. . .

Suggestions: LIVE PLAY. . . More cars. . . give us the ability to give custom paintjobs/make our own vinyls

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Phantom Crash

Overall: Man I love this game so much. . . its gran turismo with giant mechs. . . the best part of this game is the gameplay, and the soundtrack, and the visuals, and the upgrading, and the game. . . Anyone who rated this game low obviously doesn't understand the concept of depth. . . they just want their flashy mechassault. . . If theres a sequel to MechAssault it better have mech customization, thats what made the Mechwarrior games so awesome. . . erm I went off on a tangent but the devs of Mechassault really have some things to learn from Genki

Gameplay: It does kind of get old sometimes, mainly because you lose eyesight at like 1 hour into the game its so fast. . .

Graphics: Visuals are great, especially when you are in the cockpit view. . . the anime styled characters really make you feel like your watching one of those hundreds of anime giant robo shows. . .

Audio: Der Eisenrost is so awesome that having them on the soundtrack gives the sound department a 4, the fact that most of the music rules gives it the 5. . . I don't really notice the sound fx because I just listen to the music. . .

Suggestions: SEQUEL. . . LIVE play. . . less useless banter. . .

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Red Faction II

Overall: over all it's a good game, not extremely original, and nowhere near the quality of Halo and Brute Force, But those two are in a class of their own. I can't really say that its a bad game, its just that it isn't excellent. The single player was fun, and just long enough. The multiplayer was fun too.

Gameplay: fun arcade shooter. . . The multiplayer reminded me of Godeneye for the N64. . . Hours and hours of retarded fun. . .

Graphics: It looked decent enough, although a little ps2ish. . . The Videos are an excellent demonstation visual and audio quality. By far the best part of the game

Audio: The sound was good enough. I'm giving this a 5 because of the quality of the speech in the videos. I strongly reccommend anyone that is making videos in their games to take example from this excellent piece of work!

Suggestions: Live play, system link, X-box exclusives. . . and just keep up the good work

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Freedom Fighters

Overall: I'm totally going to have to agree with t_howell. After hearing the bad review from that other dood I was reluctant to try this. . . But I was thoroughly impressed. Way better than Brute Force this is a combination of Hitman 2 (with the rag-doll hilarious deaths) and Operation Winback (a game for PS2 and N64 that ruled)

Gameplay: At the moment I'd say that this is a game that you either really like, or really hate. The action is fairly repetitive in the fact that you go one place, C4 a target, then you raise a flag. Fortunatly, I found that to be so awesome that I can overlook a few repetitions. My only beef with this game was that it wasn't very long, I beat it over a rental, but I liked it so much I bought it anyway. The multiplayer is sweet, but limited to 4 maps.

Graphics: The graphics weren't the greatest, as we know EA seems to be skimpy with delivering the best product to the X-box but this is in no way has horrible as Frontline. . . I think the graphics were great enough for the situation. The american troops are all "terrorists" and they all have hoods and scarves over their faces, they look very believable as "Freedom Fighters"

Audio: If they didn't say that they are the creators of Hitman 2, I could surely tell that they were because of the music. They did an excellent job with the techno opera sound that they went with. . . This is by far the best component of the game.

Suggestions: erm give us more maps, 8 player multiplayer, system link, and xbox live support. Also give me a copy of the sound track to this. . . I think every video game company has something to learn from you guys, 'cause you definately have something to teach to other devs. Keep up the good work and make a sequel. . .

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Midnight Club 2

Overall: Man I can't believe I got my hopes up for this! It's just not fun. I thought it was going to be really fun, but after playing Burnout 2, the king of arcade racers on the Xbox, this just seems like they weren't trying to make it unique.

Gameplay: drive, flash light at other driver, drive, race, repeat. . . just tiring after awhile. Maybe if they like made it so that you could tweak your car's differentials, tires, suspension, etc. Or like they coulda let you put Hydraulics on your car and be all gangsta then it would be fun.

Graphics: the visuals aren't that great, If I wanted a PS2 then I'd buy a PS2. . . The Graphics are bad, its just that they are just about the same as every other first gen xbox game. By every other I don't mean Rallisport or Project Gotham or MotoGP.

Audio: the sounds were alright, but who ever told them that rapno was good? I mean it would be alright if they put rapno in it as long as they give you the option to put in good music.

Suggestions: Custom Soundtracks, and don't port the next one! Last but not least, make it a simulation of the street racing scene, arcade racers just don't have the depth anymore

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Enter the Matrix

Overall: Absolute PS2 garbage. The graphics are decent, the sounds were good, but the loading was completely gotarded. I mean do i really want to wait 3 minutes to load, only to play 1.5 minutes of gameplay before I enter another loading screen.

Gameplay: This was definately the best part of the game. the play was fun but not enough to warrant $70 for a copy. It might have been worth the $40 as a pre-order. The game got repetative and thats when I called it quits. The hacking was awesome though, It was more fun than the game and I wish it would have been longer. If I wanted to use one stick for my movement and turning, I would have played it on an N64 controller. Not having left and right strafe buttons is the worst feeling ever. I was like, "I want to stafe and look in a direction at the same time!" and the game was like "Oh no you don't!!! you have to use crappy PS2 style controls because no one uses a PS2 right stick!!!"

Graphics: Blocky, wierd glitches, etc. They should have used the Max payne engine and then just worked on the models, it would have made the controls and the graphics more fluid.

Audio: Sounds were fine. Guns shoot and sound like they are shooting. I got a wierd glitch where the right channels were alright, but the left channels were delayed by about 6 seconds.

Suggestions: Use two thumbsticks for movement and looking, give Xbox, GC, and PS2 their own exclusives to make each unique. Make hacking longer, the best part of the game

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance

Overall: Excellent! I wanted a nice light RPG to play and my wish came true. I rented it when a friend was over and all joking aside we played it for 14 hours in a sitting w/o realising the time! Then spent the rest of the weekend washing the radiation from our eyes :P then it was up to EB to purchase it. overall it is an A+

Gameplay: Gameplay is basically Gauntlet style, but Forgotten Realms is way cool and Black Isle is way cooler than midway. . . (sorry midway, but its the truth) My one gripe with this game is that fact that there are 3 player classes but it is only 2 players, This game would be a blast playing 3 or 4 players instead of 2! If you like Hunter : The Reckoning then you will love this! A+

Graphics: The first thing I noticed was the way the game is told in the classic style of a narrator, it really gives you the D&D feel that makes the table top so fun. The way the NPCs are animated is top-notch! The visuals in this are quite good. Not as good as I expected from you Black Isle *shakes fist*. But still good enough, way better than in the BS2 version. I always thought magic missile was red and not blue. The reflective surfaces and the way the water flows as well as the first time you disrupt someone, fortunately makes the saving throw. I give the visuals an A+

Audio: The sound is as good as I could hope. Fireballs sound the way they should, acid burns the way it should, perfect! The voice acting is superb, it almost makes you feel like you are part of the game. A+ for atmosphere, Excellent!

Suggestions: Make 4 to 6 player classes and 4 players. Downloadable content would be cool too, it could make for infinite replay! Keep up the good work!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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