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Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Overall: Well I really wasn'tto happy with this one, I don't think there were any real challenges in this the First oddworld was WAY better.

Gameplay: Not really worth playing It's not that hard to figure out. And I personaly got bored after 30 minutes. The movies durring the game was ok.

Graphics: Nothing special here... they should have left it on the PSX Don't know why they put the little spin of hype on it.

Audio: Sound???? you sure? I don't remember hearing sound... Oh wait there were SOME sounds I thought that was the XBox trying to spit the game out.

Suggestions: I think you guys are to full of yourselves.

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Legends of Wrestling

Overall: OH WOW .... oh WOW you REALLY don't know how BAD this game is! I mean Ching Gow! I wouldn't take this for free! I wouldn't Give this as a gift to someone who was even a Wrestling fan! It blows big time!

Gameplay: WHAT Appeal? There is none WWF RAW is like a GOD compared to this.
The Wrestlers are ALL Designed Funny they don't move properly It's SLOW AS hell. Designing wrestlers HAHAHAHA this thing LITERALY threw a FIT! it went nuts when I was in the design a wrestler mode! I think this was A POOR SUPER LAZY develoed game! I am guessing the programers fell asleep and their Drool landed on the keyboard, that's how this game was Programed!

Graphics: OH WOW terrible like they wanted to show the worst side of XBox they possibly could. Like someone paid the programers to do this game by pressing their butts on the keyboards!

Audio: Like it even matters! I didn't notice ANY Sound because I WAS IN AWW of how terrible the game was! This is the worst game XBox has and they Charge over 50$ for it HAHAHA What a Joke!

Suggestions: Ya I have a suggestion, Be AWAKE when you Make games, well for XBox anyways I don't care when you sleep on any other playforms just BE Awake when Designing XBOX Games!!! This you SHOULD Have been FIRED For!
Don't you have people Checking your work???? Are these all WOMEN programers who can't Program so they Blow their Suppervisors to keep their jobs???? is this How this got through the cracks????!!!!

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: First off I don't care what kinda hype this has going, You almost have to be a Kid under 18 at least not to get sick on the Graphics and movement.

Gameplay: Eh it's a shooting Game what else is there to do? and It's in a Poor POOR Visual control interaction. I couldn't play it more than 30 mins without getting messed up from all the Virtual sickness. This is based on the Control of the game mostly not really the graphics fault.

Graphics: HAHA well does anyone Remember that Area 51 shooting game? this might as well be their second version cause that's all you're doing is shooting monster crap. other words it's nothing to go run out and buy.

Audio: Sound? huh? oh there was sound in this??? Really? you're sure? Oh ok if you say so. BG Sound as you might have guessed is..

Well from 0-10 "
"10 being OMG I Messed my self in a good way!" this was a -1

Suggestions: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm NAH I don't want to say anything to nasty, All I can say is I am glad I did not make the mistake of buying this game. Although I am out the 6 bucks for renting it so the "Peenche Programers" can kiss my "Coolo" That's right you can't "&uot; Over Spanish Bad words can ya HAHA.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: Ok the graphics were amazing but this was just so Heavy on graphics It really had no real great story or play other than wack some buttons and watch them do a zillion moves! Big deal.

Gameplay: Hmmm I would Not tell anyone to buy this since, well It's really not any fun. It's kinda like Tekken 3 but with much detail payed to the graphics.

Graphics: Like I said before the only thing this has going for it is the Highly Detailed Graphics. and for those who want to see some chicks rack bounce around go find the real thing these chicks aren't that hot.

Audio: Sound? oh?! there was sound in this?! HAHA ok didn't really notice. Maybe the Kicks and punches had sound no real appeal on Music BG.

Suggestions: Hmmmm For a fighting game... It is what it is. almost a little too cute to be a Fighting game. try more on the level of hardcore Blood realism and "Teeth" Flying outa peoples mouths!

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Mad Dash Racing

Overall: Hmmm I rented this just to rent I suppose, It is indeed more fun than a normal racing game. It does make you work for it when climbing up or Swiming. Which is probably part of the excitment.

Gameplay: Hmmm Not to bad on gameplay the only thing I was not happy about was the fact that certain parts of each level you Do NOT know where to go, WHY? you ask? well because you are not running an obstical course you are running and trying to Climb up Vines and Walls with no step ladders which makes it a tad hard to tell what direction you are going next UP Down or Swiming ect ect which SEPERATES this game from so many racing games!

Graphics: I am not nocking the visual looks BUT I do realize why this game is so good. Because they ended up making it in a 3D cartoonish Coloring look. Which I can really understand because how real is a Rat or a Bear with a jet pack in real life anyway? So I am not going to Nock the Cartoon ish 3D Flesh.

Audio: I would say this is actualy impressive Most of the XBox's games I have played have been Poor in the Sound department, Finally this one has Decent Sound!!

Suggestions: Nope, No suggestions, This isn't a game you try and make another one of Nothing to Improve.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Batman Vengeance

Overall: Ok I admit this game is designed !&%$@#* backwards in many ways. Over all the Video scenes need to be aloud to be INTERRUPTED, it gets old sitting through batman talking the same old lines.

Gameplay: Don't get me started on how lame they made the control. You can't even use the batgrappling on anything you want. You can't strike / use weapons on the bad guys that are down. And jumping and grabbing you can't Jump up to a place you need to be when you can jump up higher anywhere else with ease. But where you need to be you suddenly just can't reach even though you can jump higher than a ledge, COME ON! Plus there should be a level skip cheat for this game... Invisibility and imortal like lifebar with unlimited weapons are a nice feature, I mean, Hell you should have ALL the weapons from the start, what did batman ACCIDENTALY leave all his batarangs in boxes around town by accident? NO! they're sitting in his freaking batcave!

Graphics: WOW they sure did slap this SHITE together REAL Freaking fast, ZIG XAG like lines around the eyes poor coloring here.... and there.. But I must say the Joker does looke awsome. No complaints there.

Audio: EH I don't really care for it... Nothing to special there. I personally am waiting for Batman Beyond on XBox not that Old crap return of the joker a Brand new Batman beyond on Xbox thats all I care about.

Suggestions: Hmmmmm YA make a Batman Beyond and TAKE the TIME to make it right! ALSO It's kinda obvious that The Woman he's been saving is really Harley the Jokers babe, I mean the EXACT same voice same body eyes ect. That it's a TRAP, No surprise there. Although Nice rack on her.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 WWF Raw

Overall: Ok Look, First off it's Only FUN if you make your own personal charactor.... then after you woop !&%$@#* on everyone in the game which by the way they are all so freaking slow and whimpy... It gets OLD... SO i spend 90% of my time playing this only Editing / Creating new people. Making changes to old charactors I've made... Basically this is WAY WAY WAY Better than Legengs of wrestling.. this COMPARED to legends of wrestling it's a GOD.. Legends blowed big time sooo this isn't so bad... you won't find your self playing to play but you'll end up finding your self Editing people and making your own fantasy self on this or your real self.

Gameplay: Hmmmmmm I really hate vince and his Fag son shane or the whore daughter. so Not fans of the game or the tv show because of them
Hmmmmm It's already outdated in terms of current events since wwf raw doesnt exist. since it's now WWE.
So... you'd be better off playing a snowboarding game if you want to Edit people and / play as well. But I must say, this is infact better than the Spider-Man game. I'd rather edit charactors on WWF RAW than play spidey jumping doing the same boring moves....

Graphics: Hmmm looks wise, better i mean WAY WAY WAY better than Spideyman and the legends of wrestling and a hair under dead or alive 3... so not to bad.. I found some Arms and other things Blending into other parts Hense phantom images and ... it's some what fast put together which can be obvious... but for a FAST put together game Nicely done.. I also got a kick out of the 8 feet 11 inches tall feature you can make on them. HAHA. a riot.

Audio: MY GOD was that the MOST ANOYING part of the game!!!!!!!! CONSTANT constant constant repeditive Boring Midi like sounds in select / setup mode to durring game play... in my opinion it's better to KILL the BG sound all together you can hear them Breath and get hurt more... but then you tend to feel the bordom of the game with so much silence.. so it's crappy music or No sound.. you make the call.

Suggestions: HMMMMMMMMM Well the only thing that REALLY made me angry was the fact I couldn't use the SNOWBOARD in the game once i found the item i could not bring it in the ring later on... that was an Item you just had to find in a box... And as for other weapons.... my god wtf were you people thinking??? a SODA can as a weapon>?????? how lame.. OH also.........
Next time make Hats FIT on their heads / make them adapt to the hairstyle you have chossen.
And finding other things such as... Oh I suppose a Computer or Cd thats throwable to the throat... or Somthing more interesting than A Boring Plant in the game as a weapon..
Some of the weapons were sooooo lame. you might as well have given them Bras as weapons to hit their enemys with.. thats as hard as they were hitting with the Soda cans!

And maybe... OH make editing them on bodys more.. JUST a tad more optionable like the chicks chests.. hehe. plus a NUDITY option! i mean SHIT they have NUDITY on the TV show! why not a Cheat for the game?!!!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Spider-Man

Overall: Hmmm well you're spider-man you're learning as you go fine fine fine there are some unfair things in this game just like life. It gets old after about... 2 hours

Gameplay: Hmmmmm.. well look ability kinda sucked on camera views the stupid spider "Sense telling you where you turn to an enemeny. Seems a tad limited once you get the hang of the moves... i mean how many times can you snag an enemy with the Whip action and throw him around.. 10-15 minutes most!

Graphics: Hmmmmmm Not sure how to judge this part, first couple levels looking for old uncle bens killer really sucked on account of how !&%$@#* dark the Levels were. and Not knowing where the heck to freaking GO! Plus it was a tad just a TAD cartoonish on over all graphics.

Audio: Sound..... hmmmm nothing Special, I mean how long can you really listen to such music, Perhaps if you were to put in some Music from the movie it would have been more tollerable.

Suggestions: Hmmmm well first off... IF and I mean IF you were to make another one you have to, have to" Make Venom a must in the next game! And more realistic People like graphics Mpeg technology would be nice, So... Venom and add Spider-Mans Black Suit to choose from would be a nice change. Plus which fliping in the air as he swings get old REAL fast... On a lighter note.. the Voice for the tutorials was a Very good selection. I'd go ahead and hire him once more for the next spiderman game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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