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Brute Force

Overall: A great game that took for ever to come out. Since I had my preorder for my xbox I have been waiting for this game. I played with a friend and he was just running through everything and didnt try to look for stuff which was kind of crappy. Its a game that I think it is fun to explore cause of the quality of the graphics.

Gameplay: Controlls are a lot like Halo but with a more team type twist. Dosnt take long to get a custome to it except aiming at times. Great layout of boards and lots of fun

Graphics: lol what can you say it rocks. There are few games on the PC that even look as good as this. The visuals in this game are something you have to see for your self. It at times looks like you are in a cut seen but yet you are playing.

Audio: Good sound but with XBOX you come to expect this. Nothing special but it is smooth as butter and all worked out aso I give it a 5

Suggestions: MP on live
be able to lay down
Brute force 2

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: I like squad based and co-op games so I thought this with live could make a great game. lol I was wrong but more of that later. Well what I thought might have more shooting turned out to be more of a hiking game.

Gameplay: Game play was alright except that it was hard to tell where who was shooting you.. Time limit options I thought were stupid, at least on the first board. We all disliked the game that we never did get past that board. And by the time i got done playing Multi player I was sick of the game. It will be returned and I will get bond or something more interesting.

Graphics: LOl I thought I was playing P2. The tress were ugly the team was bland just not very interesting to watch if you were waiting for a turn. Very old looking graphics nothing made for the XBOX

Audio: Still nothing impressive from what I saw. One min you hear yourself running than birds than panting. The sound was very unbalanced with background in game and all.

Suggestions: Well you did Splinter Cell right maybe some of that effort could have been used with this game. This game might be for some but I am not one of those.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Phantom Crash

Overall: Thought it might be a cool game sounded like it could be a fun MP. Lets just say I was dissapointed in everything.

Gameplay: game play was slow and weak. The weapons I have seen and used in here were much to be desired. And the mechs all moved pretty much the same

Graphics: Graphics during gameplay were alright but nothing new and nothing impresive. The graphics during the snes to nes style and very poor. The characters dont even talk just pics with words.

Audio: lol nothing to grab you in game was ,,so so, during conver if I could it would be lower than a one.

Suggestions: Put more though and work into a game cause gamers need more than in the past. Maybe a cust soundtrack opt or more mechs better storey voice overs. The foundation was there you just never went any where with it. Oh and try maybe online.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 MechAssault

Overall: This wasnt my first pick of games but I wanted to get an OL game for XBL. I went to a few stores and asked there opinions and what sales were doing and from what I was told this was the best to get with UC real close.

Gameplay: I like mechs but until this game never thought they were done right. I still believe there is more work to be done but this is a mech game I can enjoy. The game play is smooth and the movements and buttons were well thought out. I think the online options could be a little better but it is a well constructed game. There could be more boards or a map editor option or someting though for the Multi player

Graphics: Graphics are great but could use a varity. Maybe put some reall landmarks or something in the game. But other than that they are should we say "real pretty".

Audio: Sound now this is what can get you going in a game and tis game has it going good. The booms and crashes really grab you in a game

Suggestions: more maps, map editor, more waysd to piece a mech together to create your own.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: Over al I think this game hould appeal to all those that say games are not challenging enough for them. As well as all MG fans. For me it was the demo that teased and than the game hooked me. I have not played a game this good looking in a long time with this much thought that the player has to put in the game.

Gameplay: Cameras can get you here and there as in all games you start but it does get more natural as you go. Its not a fast shootem up and run game but has thought envolved and stealth. There are so many things you can do in this game it leaves it to your imagination to get through a board. This is a game for all those snipers out there cause its a stealthy game and you need to make your shots count when you make them.

Graphics: lol I dont know where to start. This game lighting and visual effects might have you thinking is this a real movie. Or that the game is ll eye candy but yes those are real in game shots and the game looks amazing compared to any other game.

Audio: 5.1 all the way and you can tell. Some of the voices do get hard to hear over the back ground but thats real life like. You dont always get the chance to hear the first time, but they have notes. Sound is first rate.

Suggestions: multi player would have been nice. but really I dont think they could have done anything better.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003

Overall: I loved the game tiger 2002 on P2 and was so happy when it came on the box..2003 that is. I though maybe Outlaw would have been it but it just wasnt as fun as this.

Gameplay: The best part of this game is its multi player. Unlike Outlaw you have the availbility to upgrade your profile while playingm multi. There is also alot more courses and things to unlock. This is a great game

Graphics: The graphics are good and at first I thought P2ish, while they are a little bit, just not as much as I though. I saw both systems with this game and xbox does have the better visual, even though EA never takes advantage of what they could with xbox.

Audio: Sound .... well its golf so ther than a little commentary and some birds there isnt much. I think they could havetaken a little more advantage of some 5.1. That was a feature on outlaw. Another feature that could have been added is custom soundtracks. While golf isnt a game for music, it still would have been nice for the spectatures ( those watching you play)

Suggestions: Use a little more of the Xbox features, custom tracks, 5.1, graphics. I like the addition of being able to take wholes and create your own course but to build one from scratch would be awsome. Maybe a second disk for that... I would be willing to pay extra... yes extra for that... meaning more oney for you $$$$$$$$$$

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dead to Rights

Overall: This game really hits the spot. To tell the truth I was a little apprehensive about purchasing this game , but I am so glad that I did. The storey line is pretty good and the use of your surroundings is def a plus.

Gameplay: The game play is great. It takes just a little while to get used to the controllers but the use of buttons was well thought out.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty nice. Almost seems like beefed up P2 but they are a lot crisper and nicer than that.

Audio: Sound, now this is the only real complaint I have. The voices in the games have an echoy effesct which makes it hard to hear at times.

Suggestions: Crisper sound when it somes to voices. Maybe have a little more free roaming on some boards.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: great game to show off graphics and to do some quick butt wippin with a friend. Seemed like a push bottun arcade game.

Gameplay: At first I thought this was just a quick push button game. I was wrong (people still tand to do it but there is no point to), The game has a million moves for each charater to keep it a learning process.

Graphics: Wow!! These on a first gen game. Future is looking bright. I think it would have been even better if there were animals in the background (at least on some boards), I do like the fish in the aquarium.

Audio: Great sound but yet could be more. I am still waiting to get some Dts going. But not to bad but nothing special.

Suggestions: Put more of a story mode.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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