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Kabuki Warriors

Overall: If this would not have been a garage sell el cheapo beepo item. I would have fought and demanded a full refund. When playing a very stink and sour title such as this. You really begin to understand what happens to peoples minds when they consume expired rubbing alcohol, hit the crack pip, and hang up side down in a big barrel of vulcan mite tar. Starting to ge the idea? What kind of sick joke has been played on american consumers. I suppose if anything this title will develop into some kind of cult classic on the xbox. Where everyone wants the title to show off how horrible it is. This website should have a zero (0) for the rating on this game only. Again, do not be fooled. Never buy this game unless. You want to buy it as a gag gift for someone, or if you want to own the sorriest game known.

Gameplay: If you bought this game and are now looking at it. Ease on back to the bathroom and grab some tissue. You will need something to soak up your tears. Horrible nothingless, no count, worthless no existent gameplay. Drag queens, sorry Japanese music. What I find funny is try to find this game on the website of the developers...ha ha !! i think they took it off !! cant say I blame them...go have a look..scroll back up to the top of the page and click crave...ha ha !! crave we know who you are ..

Graphics: Well lets see there is combat for atari 2600, think about a few stink titles on the NES... ouch maybe duckhunt was better looking?

Audio: Hmm ! invest in some good ear plugs, a nose plug, and some dark blind folds. This title will stink you out of your room. Who farted? I dont know some kabuki warrior...

Suggestions: Change your name ! Think about plastic surgery ! If anyone finds out who made this game they will chase them down the street yelling out" REFUND MY MONEY u SKUNKS!!!"
Game is horrible but you may have created a cult classic. We all know you created a great gag gift for anyone with an xbox ...

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: Look are you crazy !!! Everyone is looking for a super fighter !!! But trust me and most of you are not going to like what I have to say. DOA 3 does not have much to offer. Sure it has great graphics but at the end of the day, it is a button masher that maybe challenging to a chimp. I have said it till im black and blue. The GREATEST fighter ever to grace any console is SOUL CALIBER! If you do not know what Soul Caliber is or if you have not played the game. Shame on you ! Especially if you enjoy fighting games. Nothing comes close. Which takes me back to this title. If you have played it on the PS2 you have played this one. The only thing different in the series is the mindblowing graphics. Again, graphics never made a single game fun. Bottom line: HYPE, hot air and smoke and mirrors!

Gameplay: With a poor fighting system and a tired game engine. Poor DOA 3 is nothing more than a button masher that is fun but for a few hours if that. Again if you have ever played Soul Caliber, you will find yourself laughing at DOA3 and any of the other games from this series. I promise you . They are stink. Help me Obe 1 Soul Caliber ur my only hope !

Graphics: The game shines and shines and shines in this deptartment. If only there was something awesome or half way cool about this game. NOT !

Audio: I dont recall much in the sound department. How does this sound? When SOul Caliber 2 comes out for the xbox. This game will be used as a coaster !

Suggestions: Develop a story line and plot for the characters. Which reminds me add lots more characters and try coming up with some cool ones this time. Gamers want to be submerged in character development. Making the game more like an art than a silly button masher. Think SOUL CALIBER ! The Legend Will Never Die ! Create true and real combo moves. Create a fighter not eye candy for kids ! And do a study or something to find out your target market. its not babies unless you all just came over from nintendo. Honestly, you have got a skeleton of a game that now needs some meat on its bones !! try harder

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: Im a HUGE racing fan, so there was much appeal for this title. I had read a zillion reviews about how awesome this racing game was and I totally enjoyed the rally racing on Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec. So anyways I had came across one of those wal mart cards. You know the kind that someone gives you and its worth money. I thought cool, NEW XBOX GAME ! Anyways it was between MAdden 2003 and Rallysport Challenge. And honestly if I had to do it all over again. I would pick Madden. Listen, this racing title is by no means a stink title. Its fun and challenging. But as for me this is no classic game. Listen I will argue till im black in blue about NASCAR Thunder 2002 dominating over this game. In the NASCAR Career mode you will never believe how much fun that game is. It shames this one. In my opinion this game is just not deep enough. Maybe I love sims... But you never feel like your in a true sporting event. Its to arcade like for my taste. Where is the announcers? Where is anyone commenting some of the events? Again, this game is better than good in so many ways... But grand turismo 3 it is not. And it easily could be. With added depth making the title feel like a true racing game. It would rule. Again the rally races and cups are nothing more than arcade nonsense. I would not feel bad about paying 20 dollars or less for this game. Unless you are a rally freak ..

Gameplay: The gameplay I thought was really great in this game. I feel that this title is way to shallow for a perfect score. This game easily takes the crown as for as the vibrations and feel of the controller while you are playing. AWESOME ! The tracks are great the graphics are awesome. Again, what hurts this game is its lack of depth. Who cares if it plays wonderful if the funfactor is tossed out the window. Sure the games fun and it is one of the top racers . I belive on any console. Its just missing. Hey bimbos, did you think of at least adding 2 players in the rally cups. No carrer mode worth 2 cents anyway. Make no mistake this game falls short because its to much arcade. Medium replay value. Honestly I say dont believe the hype. This game is good but its on the bottom of the stack at my house. With games like Morrowind, NCAA College Football 2003, and Halo....this game is slacking and lacking.

Graphics: Stunning grapics ! Mindnumbingly Spectacular ! Eye Candy ! IF you like awesome looking graphics this game is the king! Could have had more dirt shooting out ...does kick up some rocks here and there. O but the cars, hmmm !! They could use some touching up !!! For sure !! What gives ? A poor job on the cars takes the 5.0 and turns it into a 4.5. Finish the job people !

Audio: Well when the game first cranked up I was very dispointed in the fake sound of the cars... what does it take to get this right ? But everything else sounds awesome. Im not sure about the music... Uptempo is cool but maybe to hard edged at times. Once you unlock the next level of cars. This group sounds pretty good.

Suggestions: Gamers are tired of the old school ways. Gamers want more in depth, deeper games, with lots of replay value and characters and race teams they can build and develop. The game engine, graphics, handling of the cars, are all superb. But my question is where or what is this game? Think deeper, add more depth, and some more dirt flying up behind the cars. Also, add a rally feel to the game. Making the driver feel more in a real race rather than out all alone. At some points in the game maybe you could see a driver way way way up ahead in the distance. With commentary about the progress of other drivers... at the moment its just a loner game..out in the dirt .. be prepared to work your imagination if you get this title, you would think the developers would have used theirs.. Plus where is the 2 player mode in your so called carrer. Big mistake. Bottom line very good game that disappoints gamers after they realize what it could have been. Fire most of the crew that worked on this one, and dropped the tire.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: As for as, any overall appeal I can say there was none. I purchased the xbox as an impulse buy one night at wal mart. I already had a dreamcast and a ps2... HA ! What a great purchase and so was "kick you in your" teeth Halo! Once you start playing this one there is no turning back. My wife and I who are both big time gamers..coming from the schools of pc's: Unreal Tourney, Star Trek Voyager Elite Force, and Quake 3... we were surprised to see that this game was much like our previous frag fest on the pc. But in the end Halo was so much more. What we truely enjoyed was the cooperative play. Which reminds me," I hate my 27 inch tv !" Anyways my only complaint is the lack of computer players on CTF, deathmatch(slayer) and all the other types of matches. What a sick joke I thought. We looked for hours, trying to figure out how to add computer players to our capture the flag match. Turns out its a stank battle between just us. Come on you apes. One versus One in CTF? What gives? But dont mind that gripe. This game HALO is a Mega-Awesome video game that I will keep always. There is nothing better than buying games for a console that will never loose their play a bill I T.

Gameplay: Hey gameplay is fantastic. Let me have a turn with that sniper rifle just once more !!! Look the mission in this game is superterrific! It is true HALO blows the competition away. Listen if you have a PS2 and you are still trying to say it can hang with the MEAN GREEN MACHINE ! Stop kidding yourself, the PS2 is a small candy licking baby compared to the "r known as the Xbox! There are so many enemies, so many weapons, so much fun and so much nail biting action !!! Whew !! this game is tops !!

Graphics: The graphics are amazing ! I tell you the Xbox just blows everything away ~! What a world and what on earth are these awesome graphics. Im telling you HALO will just take you away! Look the grass looks so real that a cow ( I love nextdoor to a Gateway store ) continued to look into my window and while taking a quick break, my house was taken over by a grass craved cow... I quickly turned off the tube and escorted Maw Bel out of the living room... What R U nuts !!! The graphics RULE !

Audio: Sound * SOund * SoUnd !!! Look you will be pumping out all kinds of firepower while your woofers are pumping out the base.. its a war zone in here !!!! rat a tat a tat !!! take that you zombie loosers !!! Again the sound is a jugernaut ! Totally awesome !!

Suggestions: Look you seriously need to work on adding some computer players in CTF and slayer mode. One on One is ridiculous for capture the flag or slayer. Please, eat your wheaties while coming up with ideas in the Halo 2 thinktank meetings ... gee whiz .. i should take your jobs !

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2002

Overall: It was on Ebay and I won it for 10.50 and so not only was it appealing to me. I figured if it stunk. It only cost me a few bucks. Hey, I have always been a pigskin fan. I used to stay up all hours of the night weeping and crying because of the pure awesomeness of the NFL 2k series on the Dreamcast. Yeah, I know now. I cried like a baby for months and it was all in vain. The 2k series was tops for me, but I got fever 2002 a spinnin in the xbox and it was a nice surprise. At first I was like okay this game is only average. And that was cool i thought. But after playing the game more I was like...WOW !!! This is BETTER than the 2k series on the Dreamcast.. And to make a long story short I played this game like crazy until NCAA College Football 2003 came out. While this title is extremely good in my opinion. It could not hang with EA Sports College Football.

Gameplay: The gameplay is above average. I belive where this title falls short is the lack of competition. Once you start getting the hang of things. You can start pounding the opposition. My complaints are as follows: You rough it through the regular season to make it to the playoffs....What ? How lame nothing on the field, nothing in the game about being in the playoffs..this is weak...the playoffs and the superbowl do not have any kind of feeling other than being in another football game... now that is miss poor.

Graphics: NFL Fever has maybe the best grapichs of any football game. Sure there is always room for improvement but boy did they sure create a lifelike environment! Incredible !

Audio: While the sound is a little better than good. There is room for improvement here. Tweak the sounds..go to a game if you need to get an idea of what a hit sounds like or a roaring crowd!!! I give it a kind 4.

Suggestions: Copy EA Sports and what they did on NCAA College Football 2003. Its the bomb ! And hello, you bunch of bozos! In the playoffs try making a playoff atmosphere ??? duh !! Change the field, mention the playoffs, pump up the game to the next level instead of leaving pigskin crazed gamers dumbfounded. sorry but you need to pick up the bowl and capture the feeling of the playoffs and the superbowl. Still a great game though !

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: Well honestly this game was not appealing to me. I had read some awesome reviews about the game and thought I would try out another title for my new xbox. What a GREAT surprise ! Hey, here is another confession...I don't even like rpg's, but I do now. And if someone can make an rpg thats 3/4's as good as Morrowind I would love to play it. Quite simply: THIS GAME IS A CLASSIC AND IS A MINDBLOWER ! Also I cannot wait for Seas Dogs 2 to be released !!! Hurry Up !

Gameplay: Endless amounts of gameplay. Im sure there is nothing else I can add about this huge world the game takes place in. With so many other reviews listed. My character is a thief and I roam to and fro pick pocketing, stealing, slapping heads, sneaking around. Countless hours of fun !!! Its all about rank and riches ! I have been gaming a zillion years and this my friend is one of the best games around !

Graphics: Ha ! Look the graphics are superb ! What an awesome world. Sure they could be better but as they are now, they are tops. This title is visual goo goo candy !

Audio: The sound is amazing. Its like a cinema score and it plays and always seems to spit out just what you would want to hear at the right time. What a superb job !

Suggestions: I have no idea ! Hurry up and release Sea Dogs 2. Hey I know maybe you could incorporate the ability for one players games and anothers players game to be in the same world.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars

Overall: Look only a goofy loon would turn their nose up to such a super title. What? Did you not see Gladiators? I originally got this title for the 2 player version. One of us could drive the chariot and the other person could arm themselves and battle it out with other warriors as we drove and fought like mad through all the twist and turns of the race. And thats just what we did! In my opinion this is one of those titles that you have to look past poor reviews. I have no idea why this awesome game would not get an awesome score. I am as critical as they come. I hate weak games that are worthless, and I promise you. This is not one of those games. It has loads of replay value. Something that is super important to me. If I had one shot at guessing why this game gets sour reviews. I would have to guess the lack of depth. I agree the game would be one of the best titles on the xbox with more depth, but as it stands it is easily a B or B- video game.
But appeal, sure I could not wait to war it out with all kinds of warriors and not only that but race for victory in a chariot. I will never part with this game. And take it from me. If you ever hear Circus Maximus 2 is coming out and its really improved. It will be an out of this world title. The bottom line here is that this game is so much fun !

Gameplay: The game is incredibly awesome IMHO. The music, the awesome intense battles and races. If this game had more depth it would be a classic and a huge success on the xbox. Do not get me wrong. The game is superb but with a bit of fine tuning and adding a larger world with gladitor style fighting along with the chariot races. This game would blow all other games away. Adding a bit of character development. I tell you I love racing titles and have lots of them and this game was a huge success with me because of the excellent fun factor. The tracks are awesome, each race is filled with excitement and nail biting action. Hey, you may love the NBA but as for me. I LOVE THIS GAME.. Hey why not make a part 2 and then start working on a spanish bullfighting title !!!

Graphics: Visually I was very surprised. I had read that the games graphics were nothing to slap grandma about and cry out laughing in joy. So I kinda just sat there thinking...."if this is lame graphics on the xbox, I cant wait to see what is good graphics." I mean come on. The graphics here are super. This title blows away the clanky PS2. Yeah, whatever, I sold my PS2 and dreamcast when I experienced the mean green machine. ! What more do you want, graphics = awesome !!!!!

Audio: Out of all the games I own for the Xbox. This title easily wins the crown. Yes over Morrowind and anything else ! With the sound quality and the tunes of ancient roman opera and fight songs. Nothing can touch Circus Maximus as for as songs and sound. And thats a fact !!

Suggestions: Hello, developers if you are reading this , take a listen...! Try exploring ideas on how to make this title have more depth. Make a larger world in which characters can race and fight in the chariot races, plus add combat 1 0n 1, or more style fighting in the big arenas. Like the movie Gladiator. If you took this concept where players could use the same character in a variety of different ways the game would explode into a huge hit. Where fighters can fight one on one without racing all the time. Gamers need more options and a larger world and more things to do. Freedom is the key... like morrowind sorta !

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NCAA Football 2003

Overall: EA SPORTS NCAA 2003 was very appealing to me. I had purchased and played so many football titles in my time. Of course I was going to get this. Since I had gotten my xbox I had been playing NFL Fever 2002 which I thought was fantastic, until I played this. This game is even more appealing now that I have played it non stop for days. This football game is the greatest thing I have ever seen. No other title anywhere comes close to it. This is the best of the best. And another thing. I will never stop playing it. With dynasty mode I will never be seen in public again. Thank goodness for delivery !

Gameplay: The gameplay is incredible. I have never played another game where the computer is like plying another person. I loved NFL Fever 2002, but nothing can touch the almost real like football games. You are never bored, the computer will beat you in any game. Not to mention you can adjust the degree of difficulty so many ways to make the game perfect. This is real life. So many different tackles,, im wasting my time. Gameplay is almost perfect ! And the only reason I said almost is because if there is a way for them to make improvements I want them too !!

Graphics: This game will blow you away. The graphics are tremdously awesome. Many times I forget Im playing a football game. Its more like being in control of an actual sporting event. Look the only way the graphics could be better is if the game was a dvd movie of ANY GIVEN SUNDAY.

Audio: HA ! This is funny ! Look the sound is purrfect !! To many different types of sound to even mention ... The crowd sounds awesome, the players hitting and smacking one another out on the field.. I love this game we call pigskin.

Suggestions: I have no idea ! Maybe make it where the user can change the button configuation. It took me a whole season to start hitting the intercept button. Just try to make this game even better if its possible, and talk those people into letting you have their names. It is a pain to add a billion names for the players.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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