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Overall: An interesting idea with some good animations and voice acting. Graphics are pretty average. Gameplay is diverse, but not well optimized, and doesn't feel like a modern game.

I suggest you pass this game by, don't rent it either.

Gameplay: Interesting concepts behind the gameplay, but actually "playing" the game isn't that much fun, the game mechanics don't allow for a "fun" gameplay experiance (IMO). There are some really neat plot twists and all, and some very orignal aspects to the story but i didn't find it that entertaining, mainly because this game feels like it was made for gamers back in 1996, when games were still learning to be made well.

Graphics: Some cool effets here and there, textures suck in general, but the character models are acceptable. Some XBox exclusive effects, but nothing mind boggling. Pretty average at best.

Audio: Good voice acting, decent sound effects. The music is adrenalline pumping, but can become annoying.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay

Overall: Looks like Doom 3. Runs surprisingly smooth. Excelent voice acting, and music. Sound effects are average. An involving story that is further lavished with excelent in-game movies. Sure Vin Diesel's voice acting may be a little light, but this is an excelent rent for any one who can tolerate supreme vulgarity!

Gameplay: The game isn't too long, that's why i suggest a RENT. But the game sure is a cinimatic. There is first person fighting, using fists, knives, and bats. There are lots of guns to use as well. You can get into 2 different Mechs. The game play is varied enough to keep the stealth lovers in and the FPS lovers in. The AI seems to need some fine tuning, but that's about it.

Graphics: DOOM 3 anyone? EVERYTHING is bump-mapped. It's crazy! The character models look AMAZING! Best of any game to date. Better than Halo, better than DeathRow! This game is a must rent just to see how !&%$@#* nice it looks!

Audio: Voice acting in top notch, adding a real cinimatic feel to the game/film. Environmental sounds are ambiently-nice. Average overall.

Suggestions: AI aggression, and ability to see player needs work. AI line of sight needs work. Mech-AI needs to have better smarts.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 RalliSport Challenge 2

Overall: Easily much better than the original. Better graphics, better sound effects, better hadling, better everything (except music). This one even has EXCELLENT 16 player XBox Live support!

Compared to Project Gotham Racing; RalliSport Challenge, 2 has better graphics, better environments, better lighting, equal Live support, but even though the two games are totally different in terms of game play, PGR2 comes in first when it comes to "ease of play." Both PGR2 and RSC2 are the best racers on XBox, and both shouldn't be missed!

Gameplay: The career mode is fun, but a little easy at the start (naturally). As you progress it'll get harder, and most of the tracks become hard enough to challenge any skilled racer.

The physics are much better than the original RalliSport. The cars don't seem to be so light any more, they actually hug the ground this time around. And the y interact with the environment a lot better too. So if you flip your car and it's going to roll really IS going to roll around, and doors, bumpers, hoods, tires and just about everything but the driver flys off as the car tubles down the hill.

One complaint is that on the ice tracks or a track were there could be little traction, your car my uncontrollably spin out and it's very hard to counter. But whatever.

XBox Live support is AWESOME. Playing with 16 players is really fun. You get to see them fly around the track, and mess up just as well :D It really is a great experiance.

40 cars to choose from, and something like 90 tracks (some variances of others).

Graphics: Top notch! The trees look totally realistic, and everything is MUCH better than the original game. The environments are much more interesting, and there's a lot more to look at and enjoy. The cars look better too. The sky textures have been improved from the original, and so has the overall texture quality.

Audio: Now comes the good and the bad area. The bad: the music sucks pretty bad, but luckily there are custom sound tracks. The good: the cars sound good, and that's all that matters when you have Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround.

Suggestions: Improve the musical scores. Work on some minor environmental collisions.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

Overall: Single player is almost the exact same style as the original. Multiplayer is great. The graphics are imporved over the original. Sound isn't all that amazing, and in fact is the only weak part of the game. There is NO lag on Live. Rent it first, just incase you didn't play the original Splinter Cell; why? Because some people won't like the Single Player game type. And those of you with out Live might be deterred. But the single player is still good (though I haven't beaten it all).

Gameplay: XBox Live is where it's at (for a while at least). ...Yes Live can get a little old at times. And eventually it might get repetitive, but if you think about it, each player plays differently, and thus, it's rather hard to get tired of playing the 7 or so Live levels. The Live levels are designed pretty well. Some are better then others. Single player is nothing short from the original "bar" set by the first game. But Live keeps PT more intersting than ever.

Graphics: Character models could use some work; though much improved from the original. SC-PT runs at an east 50-FPS, this tells me that some areas could have been inproved (visually). And I'd have to argue that some of the textures are rather weak (at worst). Some new effects have been added, and others improved upon. Overall: PT looks really good. But it doesn't take too much advantage of the XBox.

Audio: Music is alright, but gets a bit old, but not annoying. Enemy diologue is so-so. Voice acting is generally good, but the "mood" doesn't change much, which can get lame... It's too serrious you know! Some jokes or something might make the diolague more interesting. Sam is funny at times. Guns sound like the did in the original. Generally the sound effects are pretty average, the only top notch batch of "sounds" are the voices.

Suggestions: Work on environment textures...

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

Overall: Compared to the other two Bond games which E.A. has released this bond game is easily the best. I personally thought the other two were total crap, lame boring and un-inspired. But 007 Everything or Nothing is a great game. Worth the rent and even worth the buy... Read on to see why. (Note, I hate E.A.'s guts)

Gameplay: It's a 3rd person shooter, and does a good job with it! At first i was surprised that they decided to go 3rd person. But it grows on you real fast. This game didn't necesarily need to be 3rd person, but it does help from time to time. Shooting the bad guys to death isn't as easy OR as hard as you would assume; thanks to some good aiming tecniques. Driving the cars and helicopter is pretty fun. This game incorporates a lot of "stratagy," as to weather you choose to use it is up to you! Multiplayer is great, very cool. You can fight any enemy any time, with punches, blocks counters, and more! I'm too lazy to type anymore...

Graphics: Despite being a PS2 port, the game looks pretty good. About !&%$@#* ing time E.A. put some work into one of their games. I'm so sick and tired of lazy game developers making !&%$@#* ty textures and models for the PS2. This game looks great!

Audio: Actually has the actors voices, Pierce Brosden, and "Q"... And that British Intel chick... Voice acting is good. Gun sounds are fine. Music is good. Nothing wrong here.

Suggestions: SUPPORT XBox more you E.A.-holes!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 James Bond 007: NightFire

Overall: This game is MUCH better then "James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire," infact Agent Under Fire SUCKS compared to this!

Gameplay: Much better then Agent Under Fire, way better designed, more fluid. Multiplayer is better, but the levels are still pretty shabby.

Graphics: An upgrade compared to Agent Under Fire, that's for sure. The character models are much better looking also. But it still is a god !&%$@#* PoS2 port.

Audio: Has better SFX and music then Agent Under Fire, Pierce Borsnad (or however you spell his name) is actually in the voice acting cast. The guns sound great.

Suggestions: E.A. Sucks

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: There is nothing that is all that out-standing about this game. When i review this game i'm maily speaking from the Multi-Player experiance.

Gameplay: Multiplayer is alot of fun, with the communicator, there are lots of maps, and lots of weapons, and just lots of stuff in the game. The game speed is pretty fast, not nearlly as fast as Unreal Championship, but fast enough to be fun, and yet not so fast, that you just blindly run into battle. For the most part: the levels are !&%$@#* ing huge, it takes a long time to run places, and the game is all about "zooming in" (sniper or not) and killing your target. LIVE is definatlly really cool.

Graphics: Though they upgraded some visuals from the PC version, its still looking kinda shabby. The grass textures are better, and so are the character modles, and the trees sway from side to side. Some levels look really good, others look pretty normal, if not sub-normal in detail.

Audio: Well, speaking from the Multiplayer experiance, there isn't much in the way of sound effects (SFX), just fillers. Nothing great.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Kakuto Chojin

Overall: Despite having some superb graphics, and some really good musical scores, K(f)C doesn't have good enough gameplay to be a worthy buy.

Gameplay: Too simple, gets repetitive, some characters seeme to be too good, but that might be good. There aren't really any combos to speak of, but well there are, just not enough. Animation could be 'a little better' but overall its acceptable. It's a Rent at most. =

Graphics: Crazy insane, very good looking textures, and the PolyCount isn't too shabby eithor. Nice shaddowing effects.

Audio: Damn good music, voice acting is good, but it doesn't match the mouth much at all (were they trying to?). Sound effects suck.

Suggestions: This game could have kicked some serrious ass, if they just spent more time on some key areas (like gameplay).

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast

Overall: A good port from the PC makes this a good XBox game. Single player is fun, some levels seem less then interesting. Multiplayer skipps a bit, on some levels, with too many bots, and there aren't all that many Multiplayer levels to play on, but enough to bet by. Music is generic Star Wars stuff, and so are the sound effects; average.

Gameplay: Multiplayer gets skippy on the only multiplayer option, (2-player split screen). Single player never skipps. Single player is well designed, and has some fun puzzles; a challenge. The force powers in Multiplayer add to the crazyness of the gameplay. In Single Player they are fun to gain, and play with.

Graphics: The Quake 3 engine sure looks good, the textures are high quality. The character models look good. The level design seems average, overall: good.

Audio: The generic Star Wars music, and generic Star Wars sound effects, nothing great nothing bad; well done.

Suggestions: Some more optimization of the graphics would have made Multiplayer more efficent.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Panzer Dragoon Orta

Overall: Not very entertaining. Bland game play; which is not for every gamer. Good graphics, good music, annoying 'text' that you have to read in order to understand the story. Strong plot, well designed; just not for me. I don't recomend that anyone buy it. A Rent at most. But if you like this sort of game, then you will like it, i however did not.

Gameplay: Linear game play. Your dragon gets in the way of your view. Not very much fun, it might be if i were 10 years old. There is some re-paly value.

Graphics: Well done, seems wasted though...

Audio: Boring sound effects (for the most part), some good music.

Suggestions: How about the game speak English, so we don't have to read the text...

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Mad Dash Racing

Overall: Has some good music, ok SFX, and decent GFX. The game play doesn't last too long, so i recomend you rent it at most.

Gameplay: The AI slows down for you... Its annoying, i like a challenge, the levels have lots of "stuff" for you to conquer, they are really good levels. Its a simple game, too simple :

Graphics: Pretty cool cut sceens, but they get old after the first time. Very Excelent level design, VERY good, big, fun, and pretty well detailed, but nothing a LameCube couldn't do. Excelent level design, VERY good!

Audio: Good music, its got some Moby, and stuff. The designers got some good taste.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Enter the Matrix

Overall: Not a great game, the developers just used a famous movie name to push out a half assed video game with lots of t; work put into it. Overall: an unworthy game for most serrious players.

Bottom line... Don't even rent this game.

Gameplay: The game is fun if you're 15 or under, because then you probably won't be experianced enought to realized all the quirks in the game.

Graphics: The character animation is HORRIBLE!

Absolutley pathetic, probably the WORST animation in any game I have recentley played!

I was NOT at all impressed with the crappy character animations!

This is a PS2 port, so the textures, and polygonal counts are really low.

Audio: Other then the music, and the gun sounds there isn't much else that keeps the sound area above water.

Suggestions: Don't make a sequal, this game sucked enough.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Brute Force

Overall: A *GOOD* game, but by NO means is it a great game. The gameplay really keeps it behind a brick wall :( It's so repetitive, and even mundane at times. I was really looking forward to this title : I feel sorry for everyone else who bought it, because I've had it for 3 months, and I've only played it and beat it in the first week, and I haven't played it since :( I probably won't play it unless I'm going to play System-Link...

Gameplay: Mundane at times, not at all what I expected. I hope they don't make a sequal because this game really isn't worth a sequal... Sorry, but it's the truth. Having all the party members to play though is cool, but well, it's not all that great because the game is so boring. And yes I've beaten it. Plot is so-so.

Graphics: Very well done, not excellent, but !&%$@#* good. If any XBox game out there can top it, it'd only be Halo (in terms of overall excellence).

Audio: Sound effects are great, but few. Voice acting is average, and music is just there (a.k.a. not annoying, but not great; just there).

Suggestions: ...I don't know what to say...

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: VERY, Very good Star Wars RPG; even better it's one of the BEST RPG's I've played in a LONG time! I'm so pleased with this game, it's amazing. Sound is TOP notch! Graphics are high-above-average! And the attention to Star Wars detail-and overall-plot is insane! This is a MUST OWN! Or at least a MUST RENT! Mark my words, I've played lots of RPG's and it's the best one in a long time, innovative, and responsive, deep, and engaging... All the traits of a great game! This could become the next biggest RPG string, since "Final Fantasy 7." This is one of the highest quality games of the last 2 years, and will even anty up high for years to come!

Gameplay: VERY well laid out, amazingly innovative combat system, a lush new spin at the whole engaging enemy ordeal. I must say I never thought a company could re-invent it so well. The story line is deep, and the plot is great!

Graphics: Casual (Halo) Bump-Mapping! And more! Adds to the great detail found in KOTR. To be honest, I was surprised at how detailed everything in the game was, the characters look great (not as good as Halo) and the environments are detailed too! Excelent use of the XBox (for the most part) and great Texture quality!

Audio: Superb voice acting, good Star Wars theemed music... What more could anyone ask for? Sound effects are well done.

Suggestions: SEQUAL

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Apex

Overall: A graphical masterpiece! No other console could possibly show what Apex has shown in the area of great graphics. The game play is honestly better then I had expected, with mostly an arcade feel, but it sure has a sim design skillfully melded into it. The multiplayer is awesome! The intro movie is probably in the top 3, for best intro movies to a game EVER! The sound effects are well done, and the music is tolerable. In my opinion it's better then Project Gotham Racing, Sega GT 2002, and ties with RalliSport Challenge (respecting an overall view). Overall: this is a great racing game for the XBox, and a MUST OWN for any racing enthusiast!

Gameplay: The physics are better then I would have expected, though it is mainly an arcade-ish racing game, it sure does feel alot like a sim. The AI is very difficult, they don't dick around. If you mess up on a turn the AI will take full advantage of it, and win the race, you got to be ho on the ball if you want to win this game. The multiplayer is really fun, I would buy this game even if it only supported multiplayer, though it is only 2-player split screen its a game in its self. The main game you play (to earn cars and such) is called Dream Mode, its where you'll be racing to research new car designs, to keep a long story short, its a blast. Overall: very impressive.

Graphics: A graphical marvel that no other game tops; Apex supports graphical enhancements much like Halo does, including: environmental mapping and 3D volumetric textures! The tracks that you will race on have 500,000 polygons, and the cars have 11,000! That poly count is more then twice what Sega GT 2002 boasts (and I thought that game looked good). The cars take visible damage, and the particle effects add to the awe of it all. Overall: no other game comes close.

Audio: Apex supports 5.1 Dolby Digital, and custom soundtracks! The sound effects are well done; some have said that the 'crash' sounds are annoying, but honestly don't find them annoying whatsoever (sound pretty real). The cars have their own engine sounds, so that adds to the originality of the game. The game music is tolerable and the menu music is great! Overall: pretty good but nothing much that surpasses average.

Suggestions: System link would have been a good idea. Maybe even delay the game another 2 months so you could have looked into LIVE support.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Jet Set Radio Future

Overall: Its an interesting game, but not for every gamer, Why? Read the GamePlay section. Overall the music is great the sound effects are average, and the visuals are pretty good. I give this an overall of 2.5 becuse 2.5 is average, ...its not my type of game, shame shame.

Gameplay: The only down side to the game (if you like this sort of game) would be that the camera is sometimes annoying (but its not a huge deal) and turning (and seeing where you are going) is sometimes difficult. The way the characters float for a long time in the air after a high jump, can get annoying if you rather-intended to be on the ground... Causing you to land further then you wanted, but practice will ensure you don't keep making this error. The game play is well thought out, executed the best i could come up with. For what JSRF accomplishes, it does the best job possible, its just not for evey gamer.

Graphics: Far view distance, nice cel shading, decent Polygon counts, acceptable texture detail, well designed cities. Colorful. Characters are acceptably animated.

Audio: Great music; lots of songs to pick from, good voice acting, but the sound effects are kinda lame-ish. Well they aren't annoying, and get the job done.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Cel Damage

Overall: Very fun game. Its a "Party Game" kinda like Fushion Frenzy, except not at all alike. Cel Damage, is a blast to play for at least a week, going for at least 2 or 3 hours a day. Its a must own if you have young children that want to play a fun game...

Gameplay: Just a bit above average, they needed more levels, all they have are 12 levels... Not enough, for extened game play. The game play modes are REALLLLYYYY fun! I love the game play modes, they really get you playing. they have 3 different game play modes, one is a FFA game, the other is a flag game where you collect 4 flags to your self, while fighting everyone else for them, then rush to a pole to score with the 4 flags and win the level. The 3rd game play is a Rally game, between 2 gates, you go back and forth as fast as you can killing the other players and avoiding death at the same time. You can play with up to 4 players, and the AI is really challengeng! Very well done, except for the lack of levels.

Graphics: Blah, its cel shaded, nothing amazing, if you have seen it before... And i haven't but its still good looking, but its not really impressive, if you look at the 'technical' side of it... Well done.

Audio: The sound is a very strong point in the game, i really loved the musical score to the game, the music was semi-simple but not at all boring or horrible, i really liked lissening to the tunes. The SFX, are simple but they do the job.

Suggestions: I didn't know this was on the Game Cube also?!.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Unreal Championship

Overall: if you don't like, or are tired of Quake 3 Arena, this is a good substitution; for a while. its a good game, and does LOOK really good (in single player) but its not my type of game.

Gameplay: run, shoot, die, repeat...

Graphics: looks good in single player, and even skipps a bit too, but when you play split screen it doesn't skip. Well done but doesn't look near as good as the old screen shots they showed us like a year ago.

Audio: the music is good.

Suggestions: good job

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: man i'm hung over from a foursome last night with 3 other girls... so i'm just gunna keep this sweet and to the point, like i directed the girls last night. OverAll Splinter Cell is a great game, top notch in every department, the only problem is that there is way too much trial and error, so by the time you do pass the level, you don't really care too much to go back and do it again... but this isn't always the case, its fun to show to friends.

Gameplay: the game play is really diverse, you can play a level many times and beat it a different way, but unfortunatly trial and error leads to alot of playing the level over and over till beat.

Graphics: you would be stupid not to give the GFX a 4 or higher, if only i could get it up when i'm drunk, cause then i might have given that BJ i got a 4 or higher :

Audio: very good, well done, crystal method kicks @ss, the ambiance in the game roxorz. voice acting is good. but no custom sound track.

Suggestions: leave it on XBox, and have a foursome; its crazy...

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Rally Fusion: Race of Champions

Overall: If you are looking for a good rally recer /or/ sim, then you won't want to look at Rally Fushion. A better bet would be RalliSport Challenge, by far! This game isn't worth the purchase. ...Who knows, some one out there might like it (if they never played a racing game in their life).

Gameplay: The driving is not as refined as RalliSport Challanges', its feels way faker, (that's a bad thing). Unless you are around 16 and can't really tell the difference between a good racing game and an average racing game, don't get Rally Fushion, even if you are tired of playing RalliSport Challange; cause this won't satisfy you much at all. The physics suck.

Graphics: The level design is not very inspired; they are "different" in terms of "haven't seen this in a Rally game". But they aren't convincing tracks. They are blocky, and lame (for the most part). RalliSport Challange has the best Rally tracks I have ever seen in a game. This game has levels similar to BMX-XXX (total crap); don't feel lime racing tracks what so ever. The cars do look "ok", but again: no where as good as RalliSport Challanges'.

Audio: Actually the music isn't all that fabulous eithor. Hehe, you would think they could get a decent score in this game, but its some bad Rock music, like bad sining... Who the hell races Rally games to Rock music? Its called Techno morons!

Suggestions: Man talk about a cheezy game, you could at least make an attempt at toping RalliSport Challange. Too bad you didn't (in any department). How about we call this the next "Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission" failures!!!

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Dynasty Warriors 3

Overall: OMG what a stupid game; lame gameplay, unmatched repetition of boredom. Horrible level designs, average character models, ok music, pathetic sound effects.

Gameplay: Total repetition, button masher, stay away from me, this game is a not even rent game, it's that lame. You have to be at most 13 to actually think this is any fun.

Graphics: Total crap, utterly a joke, no XBox features what so ever, this looks like Quake 1, but with swords and lots more bad guys.

Audio: Meh, nothing special, i suggest that you cover your ears, or else you are bound to get hearing loss, due to the 'nothing special sound effects' the music is music...

Suggestions: Don't even rent this game unless you are at most 13 years old.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Shenmue 2

Overall: --THE GOOD: Pretty immersive story line. Very well detailed characters (in terms of textures). Large city to wander. Fun side games to earn $. A weather system (kind of). The city feels like a real city. Everyone i have met so far have looked different from any other character in the game! Original characters, and voices for all the pedestrians. Cool chick on bike. Good music. Fun missions. For the most part voice acting is well done. Its a must rent. Day/night.
--THE BAD: Some pretty bland textures, look like PS/DC quality. Was ported from DC. Only 1 feature that looks even close to using the XBox's power. Some lame voice acting (uncommon). Earning $ is a pain in the butt some times, and can lead to boredom. Carrying crates to earn $ is something i have not mastered. Controlling Ryo (your character) can be of a task in its self. Poor plygon counts on just about everything. Game level looks vertex lit.

Gameplay: Its like living a movie, its fun to see it all unfold. As the game progresses you get more little missions and things that happen to you along your journey. Its a great game, much better then i thought it was going to be. I recomend everyone at least rent it, cause its a great experiance. But a little too linear (but not really).

Graphics: Meh, nothing amazing, except the characters' faces, they look really good. Poor polygon counts everywhere. Some bland textures lurk around every corner. The game seems vertex lit, but it's ment to look like that cause the game has a day/night time.

Audio: Its got good music, well composed, not superb, but its apealing to say the least. Sound effects are all there, i suppose. Some more ambience would be better.

Suggestions: This game is AVERAGE, but i recomend everyone rent it to try it out.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 MechAssault

Overall: Excelent game, inventive, impressive, addicting, and fun. The GFX are sub-standard, there isn't ANY use of the XBox hardware, all the animations are very well done, the campagin is fun to play, and multiplayer is pretty cool too.

Gameplay: MA is easy to pick up and play, i didn't even have to look at the controles, i figured them out in 3 mins or so. Fast paced game play, but not too fast. The aiming 'aid' is similar to Halo's but not as good. The campagin is well organized with a well done story, the voice acting is fine, its alot of fun to play, too bad it aint co-op, but then again it would get too skippy.

Graphics: Doesn't use any of the XBox's capabilities what so ever. The particle effects are pretty well done, the entity lighting is cool in the dark levels. The weather effects are acceptable (even though they cheated), the textures are pretty good all round, nothing amazing what so ever, but not bad. The game looks pretty convincing, in that; its not too fake looking, nor (at all) real looking, its pretty well balanced. The sky boxes are well drawn (probably the best textures in the game). Microsoft didn't really do a good job on optimizing sprits on screen, i think they over did the smoke effects, which cost frames per second. With a bit more work or better planning, the game would look just the same but run better (with respect to huge, massive explosians, and what not). But it only skipps in Multiplayer.

Audio: The music is pretty cool, when you fight another mech in the Campagin it goes to a Rock gener of music, its pretty cool. The general sound effects sound good on my 4 point speakers, but nothing amazing. It supports 5.1 DD.

Suggestions: Well done, but it's a bit rushed... Next time use more of the XBox's power. Well done.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 BMX XXX

Overall: If you like to mock your XBox and your own dignity then this is the game for you. If i were to write a 10 page essay on this game it would start like this... This game $ucks worse then any biking game before it...

Gameplay: Physics need work, Not as good as other biking games, boring to play, don't buy this game, don't even rent it.

Graphics: Bad, Horrible, Pathetic, Sad, Lame, Ugly, Nasty; the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on...

Audio: Nothing great nothing horrible, just there, the music is ok, there are alot of SFX. The one area that semi-saves this game.

Suggestions: Don't port your PS2 (rap to the XBox any more.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Serious Sam

Overall: This game is really a great game, it should have gotten more publicity, because it is such a great game. But its a different type of great game, not like Halo, not like DeathRow, but like a Serrious great (lol, sorry i had to crack a serrious joke)... The game is a BLAST to play, totally action packed! If you have NEVER played Serrious Sam, its a rush and a half, HELLA fun levels to play, awesome guns to blast away with, its like Quake 3 Arena on Speed, with 100* the bad guys! Split screen is the BOMB to play (though it does slow down a bit, its still great fun). It looks like a true XBox game, CroTeam did an excelent job on the PC title, and did an equally creditalbe job on the XBox version. I recomend you play this game once in your life, its a sure Rent, and a probable buy. The only down side to the game is that... Well its a flat shooter; meaning all you do is kill kill kill, and also avoid some traps here and there, BUT like i said the levels ARE THE BOMB! Totally fun to play, i have seen some things done in this games levels NEVER DONE IN ANY OTHER GAME! Its a very original game in-itself, but at the same time not.

Gameplay: Wow, its fun, i love the guns, so many to play with... There isn't much to say about the gameplay, its pretty much a straight forward shooter. But the game always has you doing some sort of task, (for a retro example: getting the DOOM keys) for example, aligning an alien radar so you can enter a room, but this is no easy task, first you have to searh that (particular) map and find the 3 switches to get the radar to align, all along the way fighting hundreds of bad guys, and even HUGE BOSSES! Once you pick this game up (EVEN IF YOU ARE TIRED OF Quake 3 Arena [or any other FPSooter]) Serrious Sam is a Serrious Blast to play.

Graphics: The game looks great, the levels are HUGE! The span miles (well not really but sure as hell are massive) the level design is for the most part, great! Some original cosepts set into alot of the levels, for example: in one level you enter a massive room, and see a curve on the floor that looks like a wave (peaking out at the top and going flat) looks like there is no where to go, but if you just keep walking forward you'll see your character (Sam) can walk UP THE WAVE! Its crazy cool, you actually walk up the wave at a 90degree angle to the floor you were just on, FIGHTING BAD GUYS AT THE SAME TIME!

Audio: Well, err there are alot of sounds in the game, pretty average, but NOT at all annoying. The guns are guns, and the bad guys make sounds too. Nothing wrong in this department/just nothing done super-well (but who really cares).

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Robotech: Battlecry

Overall: A combination of horrible cel shading, semi-hard to pick up controlls, repetitive game play, makes this game a rent at most.

Gameplay: Oh-Hum... Fun Fun Fun... Or is it? a little repetitive. i would recomend a rent only cause it gets repetitive fast, this game isn't worthy of the XBox.

Graphics: I don't care for cel shading, but then again this game is off of some out-dated robo-tech 80's-cartoon. (i bet i just made some enemies). The poly cout is a joke it probably has as complicated mech models as Quake 1, the general textures suck big time, but whatever, its a game. In short the GFX are a total joke and not worth even 1/10th of the $50 you used to pay for it!

Audio: Ok music i guess no downers here. But as long as there is sound what's to say unless you can tell its horrible.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Medal of Honor: Frontline

Overall: Well thought out levels, nice amout of detail considering it is a PS2 port. But still the GFX suck enough to be mocked to hell by the XBox, why the hell does Electronic Arts suck Sony's dick so much?!. ...Mictosoft's got one too :|

Gameplay: Fun, in any respect. Nice number of weapons to bust alot of caps with. Lots of people to kill, fun level design. Keeps you playing late.

Graphics: Generally a mocking of the XBox, i hate PS2 ports, but this game looks 'OK' nothing XBoxish but not really horrid eithor. But remember "E.A. Sucks"

Audio: oh yeah, joy, bang bang, nothing superb, alot of ambience so that's nice. guns sound like guns (i guess) but ...yay.


Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003

Overall: Well !&%$@#* , i don't care much for golf games, but this game was sort of fun. Despite the fact that i hate Electronic Arts for screwing the XBox left and right, this game is fun for those who even remotly like golf. A worthy rent of any fan, but for i'm not into golf, i prefer to play games that i cannot do in real life, such as kill aliens (halo) or race crazy fast in expensive cars (Sega GT 2002). Any one can play a game of golf, sure it might not be with Tiger Woods, but hell its just golf.

Gameplay: The game play is pretty good, well thought out and executes well. It's fun considering the game that it engulphs.

Graphics: UGH, VERY PS2-ish! Considering the GFX are from the PS2 they do a good job of replicating a golf coure. Nothing more. (oh and Woods looks good, but who really cares)

Audio: I didn't care much for the music in the game, and the sound is nothing special at all, its pretty SUB-PAR (haha).

Suggestions: Gamers-> Go golfing for real, don't buy this game, buy games you CANNOT DO IN REAL LIFE (like DeathRow)!

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

Overall: Well to say the least if you're bored and already own/beat Splinter Cell (not that it is out yet) and you really love stealth/exciting/fun games with bad GFX, and average sound, but an exceptional amout of material to bash through then you might like this game.

Gameplay: All in all its fun to play, the stealth is fun, it's an original consept, well executed, there could be more moves to preform, but to say it all in one word this game is- "cool"; but Splinter Cell will tare this game appart...

Graphics: Not bad, but not at all XBox; this game is an obvious port from the PS2, I don't care much for PS2 ports, that look this pathetic, sure it DOES look good, but it a certian way, and that certian way i'm not looking for (nor a fan of), i prefer the real thing... More like Doom 3's GFX, none of this cornyness. Splinter Cell's GFX tare this game appart.

Audio: Nothing superb, the music is good, and when the tough gets going the music gets going to. The music in the game is alright, i don't think the SFX are all that superb, pretty average. I've heard better.

Suggestions: I appreciate you all trying to add more to the game as it is, but why can't you just make ONE game exclusive, and give Splinter Cell a run for its money, cause this doesn't really come close at all (though it is a different type of game; in some respects).

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Deathrow

Overall: Please Note: I don't like sports games (except one basketball game on the Dream Cast) but Deathrow... wow, its just as good as everyone said it was. Deathrow is one of the top 5 XBox games of 2002, no doubt. The games pace is super heart-pumpingly intense, its crazy fun! It took about 30 mins or so, but you'll get the controller fast. The Levels are all a blast to play, I look forward to every new level I unlock, and the teams are all very original. Character models are all exponentionally detailled, along with the rings. Overall this game is amazing, a must buy to say the least. Deathrow diserves all the attention that Halo gets, cause I'll be playing this one well past 100 hours!

Gameplay: Damn is it ever a rush from the good side, its crazy insane, major fun, super addicting, man... Well I'll just say that its a blast to play, cause I could go on and on about the rockin' gameplay.

Graphics: No PS2 or NGC could run this, this is a pure mean XBox exclusive, there's no way even my computer could run it : (but that's a different story). Everything is super detailed, there isn't another game on the market that equals Deathrow's detail level, it even supports Wide-Screen 8D

Audio: I LOVE TECHNO! This game got it all right, even the custom-soundtrack feature! I love the music they chose, VERY cool! The anounsor comes on at the start and the end. The crouds scream (getting your heart going well enough) and its all a massive rush. 5.1 surround is sooooooooo awesome!

Suggestions: WOW PERFECT! May I kiss your feet?

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 TimeSplitters 2

Overall: This game is the next James Bond 007, its a fantastic game, super great game play, havent seen a game execute this much godyness since 007 (in terms of game play). The visuals are surprisinglly not that bad, they have detailed textures, on most stuff, the poly count is very PS2 though. All in all this game's a worthy buy, and I don't know WTF "jayfitzloff" was thinking in his review (below mine)...

Gameplay: Wow, like i said, its just like 007 on the N-64, but better GFX, in fact it kinda seems like an exact copy, which kinda annoys me, but then again I haven't seen any other game top 007 in terms of greatness.

Graphics: Not that worthy of an XBox by any means, if you are looking for above average GFX you won't be able to find them in this game, though there are 'detailed' textures on most walls. The Character models look blocky, but their animation is very good, quite happy with the animation.

Audio: Hmmm, the sound is so-so, not great, it is kinda lame from time to time, never really puts you in the mood of the game. Its not at all annoying, so no grudges on sound, except that its kinda 'simple' sounding.

Suggestions: Impressive, but make the game FIRST on XBox then down grade for the other consoles; cause you built this game wrong-way-round.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

Overall: With a surprising amount of detail, (even for a PS2 port) and an absorbing game style, NFS really is alot of fun to play. But what's so great about it?

Gameplay: The game play is quite standard, the levels are very large, and varried, loads of fun to race, and there are many different (secret?) paths that you can take to beat the level. Usually the cops are chasing you, and if you get stopped, then bam your busted, just as in the good old 1995 (or was it 4?) NFS (the original). This is a big step up from the old PC version.

Graphics: The GFX were surprising... I didn't expect the game to look as good as it did; though it didn't look at all great, the terrain has a long view distance (most of the time) and a decent amout of POLYGONS (for a PS2 port). Though some aspects of the game look kinda 1994ish, most of the game looks like its worthy of a decent PC. But nothing spectacular...

Audio: Meh, you usually drive so fast, and are conserned with where and how you are going/driving that the music blends into your driving, and it kinda fades out, i guess that's a good thing, all in all not bad.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Conflict: Desert Storm

Overall: The game has horrendious GFX, worthy of the PS2 (duh). I would recomend this game to those of you who really like war games, but then again the envrionments weren't very convincing...

Gameplay: You can be 4 soldiers a rifleman, sniper, heavy weapons, or a medic. As you can tell each has its own use, and thus, the game hase some stratagie, its fun to play but not worth buying at all...

Graphics: Pathetic, usage of the XBox. They had some nice cities, but what's in a city? ...sure they are creative, and may teke advantage of the PS2, but the XBox totally mocks this game, the GFX are very average, if this was an XBox exc, it would blow away any game like it.

Audio: Meh, not a bad sound track... plus the Devs' put the "custom songs" feature with this game.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Overall: If you played the original Hitman then you have pretty much seen this game too. It have average GFX, average SFX, and semi-above average game play. Its fun at its base, but isn't really worth a true XBox gamers $. There are many aspects of the game that could have been worked on to enhance the XBox experiance, and since non-have been met, its an average game.

Gameplay: Killing is always fun, so that's a plus for any killing game, such as in Hitman 2, dressing in the enemys cloths is a nifty trick, and getting around the enemy is alot of fun, blasting away at 'em all doesn't get old... Blah, not much to say about the game play, just see the stats.

Graphics: Like I said, i wouldn't recomend a HC-BXox gamer to get this game if he/she intends to be impressed by the visuals, because you won't be. But luckly where the GFX lacks, the Game Play makes up for.

Audio: Meh, nothing astounding in the area of SFX, they are just sounds, nothing special, but nothing horrid, just plain flat.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Quantum Redshift

Overall: Playing games for more then 15 years, from your standard Neo Geo "Art Of Fighting" to any game you can name on the PC, Quantum Redshift is an XBox Exclusive not to be missed. With excelent eye poping graphics combined with insane speed, and non-stop action any gamer will grasp this game with joy. Even though I have nener been a true fan of the gener, this game does it right every which turn. But for those of you who haven't played this type of game, or haven't played much (Like me) may consider a Rent before a sure $50 deposit is set down. But, I assure you, that if you play Quantum Redshift for just a small amout of time, you'll be coming back for more.

Gameplay: Quantum Redshift is a pure hard core sci-fi action flick with loads of guns (per character basis) each delivering pretty explosians and action non-stop. Picking up the game at first may leave you wondering what's missing, but as you play you see how the game melds into itself, delivering each aspect of racing 900MPH and pure action at its best. Controling your ship can be a task, depending on your stats, can determine weather you win or lose. Coming in first leads to loads of cash (with wich to upgrade, Shields, Booster, Weapons) and unlockable levels, and characters. My one grunt is that on some courses, the terrain is rather jaggid; meaning, one moment flat then (can) abruptly go into a 30degree incline, this cause your view (from the craf) to be kinda harsh, and somewhat confusing, if not annoying, but its not too often and they did an EXCELENT job of making sure you don't get snagged on any 'lame' obsticles in the game, nor get stuck. Some races can be rather difficult, mainly cause your going so fast : but well duh, this game is about speed, with 4 (FOUR) views to choose from you can easially find one that fits your driving preferance. As an annoyance: some of the characters weapons aren't all the good, but oh well they are all different anyway.

Graphics: This title does an exceptional job at setting a new standard for GFX on the XBox, make no mistake; Quantum Redshift is a serious XBox game, that will blow your mind.

Audio: Techno is my all time favorite music created on earth. And no doubt Quantum Redshift delivers a good musical score when. Very nice, Curly Monsters sure know how to deliver a bad @ss game.

Suggestions: Curly Monsters you guys hit the top with this one; excelent in all areas. But Linking-XBoxs would have been a nice option to add. GG.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire

Overall: Not as good as James Bond 007 on the N64 :( Though it was pretty fun at times, more then not it wasn't all that spectacular, i would say that on a scale of 1-10 in RePlayability, it would be a 6.5, where as the original James Bond 007 was a 10.0!

Gameplay: This is NOT as good as the original GOD of ALL FPS games (right next to Halo) James Bond 007. They made this too different from the original, i would have liked to see more of the original game emphesized in this newer one.

Graphics: not too bad, but not superb, the character models were a welcome upgrade from the N64 version. Not XBox quality at al; POS2!

Audio: The music was good, the sound effects were ok, nothing above average in this area of the game...

Suggestions: Did Rare make this game? If so I'm glad, cause MicroGod just bought it out :D

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Sega GT 2002

Overall: Sega GT 2002 I'll play for about 45 mins, and then take a days break... Why you might ask? Well, earning cash can take some time, and once you earn enough cash you need to repair, (setting you back a bit). Overall the GFX and SFX are both great! The game is one of a kind (on the XBox). The game is solid, and if you are a Racing Addict, then you'll probablly like this game. I however find it some what tedious, its just not my type of game, nore am I hooked on this game, some what dissapointed that i'm not. I enjoyed RalliSport Challange more; i like the fast paced racing. This game needs more tracks...

Gameplay: The gameplay is very solid, the cars all are unique from spec designs. The menu to get around is some what annoying. It takes too long to load from one menu to the next (like 3 seconds), its not a big deal, but i think the load times are not needed. The in-game, game-play is good. It takes SOME time to get your car to kick @ss, and even more time to get a new car, ugh :

Graphics: They did an excelent job on the car models, they added tha shinny effect that Wreckless had all over the game. The tracks are alright, but if this was a Rally game i doubt Sega would pull off as good maps as RalliSport Challage did. This game sets a new standard for racing sims.

Audio: 5.1, Custom Sound Tracks... Each car has original sounds... Overall very good, though some of the music that comes with the title is really lame, while others are really great. Thank god for the Custom Sound Tracks!

Suggestions: Less emphesis on the Vehicles, more on the Tracks...

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Fuzion Frenzy

Overall: Pretty cool game, its definatlly a party game, so if you like silly fun games, then this is just for you. Its got some original games, and some not so original, but its a good rent.

Gameplay: The gameplay is arguable, because there are some good games and some not so good games, but overall there are enough good games to play it for a decent amount of time.

Graphics: They added alot of detail that didn't need to be in the game at all, overall its pretty cool; considering what the game is all about.

Audio: The music was ok, but they didn't incorperate the music off HD feature, so its not really fantastic.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Blood Wake

Overall: The game is sound, for what it tries to accomplish. The Visuals are excelent, and the gameplay is pretty good...

Gameplay: i liked what Blood Wake set out to accomplish, it did the boat farring battles justice i think. But because you are in a boat, it is often hard to kill an enemy who is shooting your behind... but oh well that's the game.

Graphics: Very nice visuals, everyone knows this game has good looking H2O, and the ships look great too, even the terrain looks nice.

Audio: so-so, nothing spectacular, could use some more musical tracks, but then again so could every game...

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Burnout

Overall: not a bad game but not a real great one. i got tired of the repeat camera shots that get shown 3 times over, this is a real flaw.

Gameplay: too simplistic for me, though it was a new consept in terms of driving games. the idea is sound, but the game play needs some work.

Graphics: not a very impressive Graphical Engin, at all, too mediocre, though it has some nice particle effects, they don't save the visuals.

Audio: i generally liked the sound, but some of the in game sound effects were less the par, need a bit of work here.

Suggestions: get rid of repeat crash shots...

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Overall: I don't really care much for these types of gamse, they are a bit fun, i like the idea, but it is wearing thin, all in all its just about average.

Gameplay: the game play is pretty good, they did a good job of allowing the player alot of fat tricks, but its not much better then the other ones, well it is and it isn't, just above average.

Graphics: Blah, not at all fantastic, any one who rates this above a 3.5 is a putz, and needs to sell his XBox for a POS2...

Audio: I didn't mind the music too much, nothing amazing but well good for most people, and what not, SFX were good :|

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 MotoGP

Overall: Considering i don't give a !&%$@#* about motor bike racing games, this isn't that bad, its got GREAT GFX, but no custom music. The racing tracks you play on are a lot of fun. Overall its not a bad game. And its an XBox exclusiv!

Gameplay: There are some times that i feel i should reck more often then not. but oh well, it makes the game more playable if you don't get screwed on eery little mistake you make. The racing is like no other i have played, when i go into first-person view (from the drivers perspective) when it is raining, i actually get scared, cause it looks so cool, and you are going so fast, its often mind boggling how realistic it feels in the FPV. Very convincing! The menu is a bit confusing at first, takes a little time to know what brings you where, and blah blah...

Graphics: Every aspect that you would expect to see on a living race track is there, when it rains, the concret is reflective, the bikes/riders look great, the tracks look very good considerig what this game is all about. For what this game set out to do it did better then most in terms of visial quality. This is a Quality XBox Moto GP game.

Audio: The game does not have the custom sound track, but the music is ok, not too bad. The sounds of the bikes sounds convincing, not annoying.

Suggestions: Custom Sound Track is about all.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: I liked the gameplay allot, the first 2 times i played Max Payne I did not like the game much at all, but then i decided that i would try and play more then i did the first 2 times, and boy it was a REALLY cool game!

Gameplay: The game had the infamous Bullet-Time that every gamer knows about, but irronically i didn't find myself using it much at all, (i played it on easy) but when i did it was cool. The game plays very well, there are alot of options to edit in the game menu!

Graphics: They really did a great job on the visuals in this game, though its a bit dated now, the effects that they incorperated into the game made the game that much cooler to play.

Audio: The music in the game is done quite well, they had some good music in it, and the sounds they did a good job on too.

Suggestions: Make the SEQULE have multi player, so what if there isn't Bullet-Time!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: Though this game IS a GOOD game, it's not really my type of game play, i often got lost in some of the MaZy maps, or didn't see 1 little thing to pick up, and thus, i needed to go ALL THE WAY back through the level, which was annoying, i really disliked doing that. The shooting, and killing and in-game sceens, are pretty cool. the camera didn't show enough ahead, need a map.

Gameplay: The game has 4 pretty cool characters to play with, I enjoyed tying each out. They are all fun to play with. I didn't mind the shooting too much, the game is sort of a mutton masher. There are some good elements that make the game stand out from other H&S games, one is you have special abilities that you can upgrade, as you gain EXP. The spells are pretty neat. Getting lost on some of the maps or not being able to find 1 last thing in order to coplete the level; got really annoying at times. You need to look ALL over the levels... cameras don't show enough, it should have been a FPS/3rd game.

Graphics: This game did a real good job with the GFX, the added allot of detail that they didn't really need to, though I didn't really like the city maps, cause i got lost often. but they aren't spectacular.

Audio: The music is actually quite good, i like it when you are getting busted up and some HARD CORE music comes on, it's always funny.

Suggestions: FPS/3rd person would be better, don't port our EXCLUSIVE games to the FlameCube Console!

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: Many of the races were too dificult to beat, i often needed to turn down the difficulty to win them. That may be that i semi-suck at the game, but getting knocked into a spin by the AI behind me sometimes pissed me off. The menue is not too user friendly, you cannot change the difficulty in the game you are currentlly racing, you need to quit and then do it, that is often annoying, luckly the LOAD TIMES are short.

Gameplay: This is a much harder game then RalliSport Challange, you skidd for ever, and when oten trying to earn Kudos you have trouble getting the car straight again, and is often frustrating when you are still struggling to get it straight 2-3 seconds after a turn; only to nudge a wall and lose all your points. I know its this car or that car, but the game is too frustrating for me, i get my @ss handed to me too often, i don't really enjoy playing Project Gotham that much, i only keep playing cause i know i can beat it, its all annoying... you really need to be ontop of this game if you want to be good at it, i however haven't gotten there... and doubt i'll persue it :

Graphics: Microsoft (devs?) did a good job on making this a good looking launch title. cars (semi) reflect the surroundings; some shaddow flaws. not too much car deformation.

Audio: the music with the game is pretty good, you can customize it to your likings; the tire screeching on the cement gets old after a few races...

Suggestions: don't make PGR2 so frustrating, try to add some more "FUNNESS" to it my OP...

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission

Overall: This game is asthetically pleasing to say the least. The gameplay is a bit of an annoyance for me personally. I don't care much for playing a mission, and doing one little thing wrong and lose it all... The game is picky some times.

Gameplay: The gameplay is of an interesting nature... It's creative in the thought that I haven't played anything like it before, but unfortunatlly it's not my type of racing game. Bashing cars till they die, then get to a location as fast as possible, is fun for a while. (Averag)

Graphics: If you have ever seen this game, then you KNOW what the XBox is capable of, nothing less then totally insane GFX! There is NOT a better looking XBox game out to date. And if you think there is then you're a *&#@ idiot! And people who don't give this game a 5.0 is a &*@# idiot also, and needs to be kicked out of this fourm!

Audio: The voice acting was really lame, i don't know why Activision had to make the game so corny. I mean serriouslly what's the deal? They could have had the most serrious game ever made, it could have topped GTA3, but they wanted to make a joke out of the game, by adding childish humor... A major dissapointment.

Suggestions: I'm glad you are PORTING this game to the GayStation 2, so when they get it, and see just how bad it sucks, they will buy the XBox.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Gunvalkyrie

Overall: I don't like SHOOT every SING last Enemy in THE level BEFORE you ARE able TO win IT. Often times trying to find the last enemy, LUCKLY they gave you a radar! Sega makes good games, but this is NOT one of them.

Gameplay: All you do is shoot shoot shoot, the game menu SUCKS!!! Worst menu I have encountered. This is a hardcore ArCaDe game!

Graphics: The visuals in the game are ok, but quite flawed, if you look closley you will see how they cheated, and didn't even use bumb-mapping. Character design is un-inspiring.

Audio: Simply awful enemy sound noises, the sound just like some guy making a *screech* with a bit of a muffle. Gun sounds are VERy annoying.

Suggestions: Leave the arcade games in the arcade! Sega makes good games, this isn't one.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Genma Onimusha

Overall: Bach... I did NOT like this game at all, the still picture backgrounds really sucked, and were BLURED!!! How sad is that! Game play is Hack & Slash/upgrade weapons so you can Hack & Slash better!

Gameplay: Hack & Slash/upgrade weapons so you can Hack & Slash better! Hack & Slash/upgrade weapons so you can Hack & Slash better! So on and so fourth...

Graphics: I hate games that cheat, they use the still picture in the background. It shows me that they are *#^@ing lazy. OH WAIT, my bad this is a GayStation game, that's why it sucks!

Audio: The music was ok, the sound effects really sucked that fat one. Nothing impressive at all, no custom music eithor.

Suggestions: Make a real game, not some GayStation One era of a game.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: I can't be more pleased with this game, its a must have, Game-Of-The-Year no doubt about it. A real XBox treasure.

Gameplay: This is the FIRST FPS, (that I know of) that incorperated a SHIELD aspect to the game, and actually made it WORK! I really like how different guns affect the shileds differentllt it really adds gameplay to it. You got to be smart as to which weapon you use VS what enemy!

Graphics: I don't need to tell you how good the GFX are, you have played you have heard, you have seen, you know!

Audio: Music rocks, SFX rocks, Voice-Acting rocks, Environmental-SFX rock. This game got it all right the first time. And you know it too.

Suggestions: HALO 2 had better be as good if not better then the first! Why did you have to put it out on PC too? What inclination do GayStation and FlameCube owners have to purchase an XBox? Oh that's right you what the $. Too bad... GG.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: This game is fun, you'll easially be drawn into it; when I play, I play for 3-4 hours. The game really picks up after the first 12 hours of play, (once you have learned what you are doing, and how to paly) and once you get into the game and start beating quests, people start to like you more, and its really involving when you feel needed/and appreciated (even if it is an AI).

Gameplay: This game is not much like ENCLAVE if you have played that game you will know what type of battle system I am talking about (slsh/attack, back off a bit, put up shield/defend) in MORROWIND you don't evade attacks, you just see if you are or are not hit. Just stand there and slash and so on. BUT THAT IS JUST THE COMBAT! The game, is SO deep that I would really rather not get into the dynamics of it. You'll be able to read some one else's post on what the rest of the game's game play is all about. Let me say that it took me some 12 hours to know what I was really doing in the game.

Graphics: OMFG, I have NEVER seen such detail, the only other gmae that comes this close as to Land-Scape-Quality would be Rallisport Challange! MORROWIND has the most detailed terrain of ANY game ever made. Though the texture's on the XBox are a bit lower quality then the PC, they don't distract from the game to be an annoyance. (The lower XBox textures is due to the Development team and their commitment to porting the PC version to XBox) There is SO much DETAIL in this game, that I literally see something new every time I play. A new weapon, armor, enemy, friendly, house, arcitecture, tree... The list goes ON and ON and ON... This game has so much detail that it surpasses any other game to date (8/18/02). TWO-THUBS-UP to the devs' . . . !

Audio: The game's music is VERY good, I don't got tired of it, in all the game has a total of 40 minuets of music, iuncluding bgame-wandering... The SFX are nice, and talking w/people who really appreciate you and praise you makes you feel that much more in the game. complements from a computer is a complement none-the-less.

Suggestions: Make it more XBox compatible next time please. I don't know if it is my XBox or the CD, but my game has frozen FOUR (4) times. I bought it on the release date, it doesn't bother me too much; but after 4 hours of play and then a sudden crash it's kind of an annoying thing that keeps me from playing as much as I should. (It didn't happen the first 20 hours of play... My CD is clean)

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: This is a PURE FIGHTING game, its got GOLD all over it if you like to beat people up, I do like playing it from time to time, but it's the least frequentlly played game of my list.

Gameplay: This game is just a Puch & Kick game. I would have liked the Mortal Combat approach of BLOOD and fire attacks, but that's just me ;)

Graphics: This game has the BEST XBox GFX of any XBox title to date (8/19/02). The girls in this game are really hot, I guess that's why they ported the Chicks to their Beach Volleyball game of DOA3 for the XBox :D

Audio: The game comes with some good music, nothing superb, but its NOT annoying. The SFX ingame, are ok, just fighting sounds, that's all.

Suggestions: Aerosmith is lame, get TECHNO Tecmo!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: I have played this game the WHOLE way through and it is definatlly a winner. If you like racing games in the least, this game is for you. It's a MUST have for any XBox gamer. It's the HALO of XBox racers. GET THIS GAME!

Gameplay: Though the game is alot of fun, I would have looked forward to a more Career Mode in this game. The cars handle differentlly on the many different surfaces in the game, which adds some realism. The car crashes look ok, they could use a bit of an update w/some particles, flying debre, and what-not... But at the core of Rallisport Challange its just a racing game, nothing more, just race. The AI is too easy to overpass when you play a "Single Race" (not in the campagin). This game made me want to purchase the FORD FOCUS! I have played this game as much as I have played HALO, and I have played HALO ALOT!

Graphics: Excelent, the cars look superb, the shrubs top many games. The terrain is VERY detailed, most detailed Racing game ever. Very insightful levels.

Audio: The game comes with some very good techno, so if you like techno this game's music is really good. You can also play your own musical tracks in the game, so that's really fun when you just want to cruse to some tunes...

Suggestions: Make the computer AI more difficult to beat, (let them cut the turns!). Make a CAREER MODE PLEASE! Don't release this gmae on the PC, it's "XBox Only" punks!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Enclave

Overall: First off I have beaten the WHOLE game, so if you want a good analysis of the game lissen up!

The game IS hard, no doubt about it, you do get screwed from time to time. BUT the levels are do-able! if you want a GOOD COMPARISON this game requires the SKILL needed to be good at Bond 007 on the N64, (you can quote me on that one). What I mean by that quote is you unfortunatlly MUST know what is going to happen next, and become a master of it; though some may not like this method of gaming, you can't argue that 007 was a bad game. This game you can play though a 1st OR 3rd person perspective, just as in Morrowind, and you'll use them both alot...

This game gives YOU plenty of chances to beat the levels, 'if you are cautious'. There are LOADS of POTIONS throught the levels (at the end of one I had 8 potions, each potion heals you 1/2 life. And I didn't even buy any before the level, nor did i use any through that particular level). As you go through the levels you'll find lots of $ with which you can upgrade your character/s upon finishing the level. There are 12 playable characters 6 on the Good team and 6 on the Evil team. Once you beath the 'good' campagin you will be given the 'evil' campagin to beat, (which for the most part are entirly different levels). In ENCLAVE the world has been split; Good vs Evil, only a small city surrowned by a DEEP gourge seperates the two sides. The gourge was created by a wizard (good wizard) many thousands of years earlier during a great battle, the wizard realized he was overpowerd, and thrust his staff into the earth splitting the two sides.

As you can see by there IS a story to the game, and good explenation as to what is happening in the world. The game gives a VERY descriptive vido as to what has/is happening thought the game... So thoes of you who like to be drawn into the game "I have'nt seen any other game on XBox that does it this well," it tops any other XBox game in terms of 'I want to play more'.

Honestlly this one has alot in it, it goes WAY ABOVE any Hack-Slash game, there's alot more to it; once you learn to play the game for REAL, and learn the inerdinamics of its game play! Like I said it's KINDA like the NEXT BOND game, cause !&%$@#* is this game a challange!

Gameplay: There's not much I can say about the GamePlay in ENCLAVE; it's a hell of alot better then any Hack & Slash game, I'll tell you that. Though this game may be looked at as a H&S, I serriouslly disagree. Cause there is SO much that one can do in this game. In terms of fighting. There are LOADS of weapons and armor in this game, as you progress you unlock better armor, and that really helps.

The game is NOT as hard as some have said it was, it is hard at times, but you'll be able to beat any level if you are cautious!

As you beat levels and progress, you meat NEW HEROS, these heros become avaliable for you to play with in the next level. The different characters that you can select before going into battle really opens a slot for REPLAYABILITY! There's a character for every gamer! If you want a chalanging game, (well in some respects) this is a must have, if you want a new game that mixes UTTER SKILL with fun this is for you.

On the DOWN SIDE OF THE GAME-PLAY: you can often see the AI spawn (far in the distance or if you are ZOOMED), this does NOT affect the game at all, but it's kinda lame at times. And the AI don't always charge at you when you shoot at them, so it is easy to kill them at times.

Graphics: ENCLAVE has many textures as high quality as Halo, you just need to look for them, the character models' detail levels are OUTSTANDING (you need to zoom to really see it on them). The caracter animation is EXCELENT!

Audio: Excelent musical score, above average by far. Very high quality SFX come with the game, so it can really get you into the battles. Character voices are fine, not an annoyance at all.

Suggestions: Excelent game overall; but some things to improve, make the AI's path-finding better, and their aggression/player persute more advanced. Don't let the player see the enemy units spawn.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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