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Thread: How to add your Twitch TV username and EMBED to!

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    Default How to add your Twitch TV username and EMBED to!

    1. First, you need to have a (Sign up Here) and account
    2. Go to the forums (You're already here)
    3. Click "Settings" at the top right.
    4. Then click "Edit Profile" from the left menu.
    5. Scroll near the bottom of the page (right under the "Xbox Live Gamertag" input field), and find... " Username"
    6. Enter it and click "Save Changes" at the bottom

    Once you're done, the "Watch Me on" icon on the left of your posts will appear! (left purple icon) and you'll be featured on the front page!

    You can even add your live stream to a forum thread!

    [TWITCHTV]kamshaftxba[/TWITCHTV ]



    You're done! On anyways. Then you run over to your Xbox One, download the twitch app, and activate your app. Then start sharing your games with the community! SAY "XBOX BROADCAST"

    Good Luck and have fun!
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