Quake 4 (Xbox 360) by Activision

Quake 4 (Xbox 360) by Activision Box Art

North Amercian Release Date: November 15, 2005.

Average Overall Score:
8.47 / 10


In a desperate war for Earth's survival, against an unrelenting alien enemy, the only way to defeat them is to become one of them. Armed with advanced weaponry and vehicles and aided by an elite squad of marines, you take the battle to the heart of the Strogg home planet and become Earth's only hope for victory.


Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Friday, May 27, 2005


Private - Act 1
Completed Act 1 with the rank of Private.
Corporal - Act 1
Completed Act 1 with the rank of Corporal.
Lieutenant - Act 1
Completed Act 1 with the rank of Lieutenant.
General - Act 1
Completed Act 1 with the rank of General.
Private - Act 2
Completed Act 1 and Act 2 with the rank of Private.
Corporal - Act 2
Completed Act 1 and Act 2 with the rank of Corporal.
Lieutenant - Act 2
Completed Act 1 and Act 2 with the rank of Lieutenant.
General - Act 2
Completed Act 1 and Act 2 with the rank of General.
Private - Defeated the Strogg
Completed the game with the rank of Private.
Corporal - Defeated the Strogg
Completed the game with the rank of Corporal.
Lieutenant - Defeated the Strogg
Completed the game with the rank of Lieutenant.
General - Defeated the Strogg
Completed the game with the rank of General.
Completed a level using only the lightning gun.
The Dark Lord
Completed a level using only the dark matter gun.
The Sniper
Completed a level only using the railgun.
Completed a level using only the hyperblaster.
Ballistics Expert
Completed a level using only the rocket launcher.
Tooth and Nail
Completed a level using only the nailgun.
The Pineapple King
Completed a level using only the grenade launcher.
The Blazing Buckshot
Completed a level using only the shotgun.
The machine
Completed a level using only the machine gun.
Blaster Master
Completed a level using only the blaster.
Completed a level without taking any damage.
Perfect Win
Won a Ranked match without ever being fragged.
Number One
Achieved the number one rank on the All Gametypes leaderboard.
Top Ten
Achieved a ranking in the top ten on the All Gametypes leaderboard.
Basic Training
Played over 100 Ranked Multiplayer Matches.
First Tour of Duty
Played over 500 Ranked Multiplayer Matches.
Combat Veteran
Played over 1,000 Ranked Multiplayer Matches.
Seasoned Warrior
Played over 5,000 Ranked Multiplayer Matches.
The Bronze Flag
Over 100 captures in Ranked matches.
The Silver Flag
Over 500 captures in Ranked matches.
The Gold Flag
Over 1,000 captures in Ranked matches.
Viper Squad
Over 100 frags in Ranked matches.
Warthog Squad
Over 500 frags in Ranked matches.
Raven Squad
Over 5,000 frags in Ranked matches.
Rhino Squad
Over 10,000 frags in Ranked matches.
Private - Multiplayer
Over 100 win points in Ranked matches.
Corporal - Multiplayer
Over 500 win points in Ranked matches
Lieutenant - Multiplayer
Over 1,000 win points in Ranked matches
General - Multiplayer
Over 5,000 win points in Ranked matches
Galactic Order of Heroism
For heroism in battle, SGT Raffle of Raven Squad has awarded you the Galactic Order of Heroism.
Sky Marshall's Medal of Valor
For rescuing PVT Lanier of Eagle Squad, you have been awarded the Sky Marshall's Medal of Valor
Solar Star of Courage
For courage in battle alongside Viper Squad, CPL Mahler has awarded you the Solar Star of Courage.
Over 250 Defense awards in Ranked matches.
Guts but no Glory
Over 100 assists in ranked matches
You Excellency
Over 500 Excellents in Ranked matches.
Best Impression
Over 250 Impressives in Ranked matches.
Golden Gauntlet
Over 250 players have been humilated by you.
Full Arsenal
Awarded on completion of a level where a shot was landed with every weapon in a full arsenal.

User Reviews

Score: 85
Overall User Average: 8.47 / 10 (84.8%)
Gameplay User Average: 9.00 / 10
Graphics User Average: 8.70 / 10
Sound User Average: 8.00 / 10
Date reviewed: August 18, 2008.

Overall: In their time an extraordinary game. Another contribution of the team Id. to the industry of the video games.

I have played and completed the campaign of Quake 4 and one of the best FPS in all the times has looked like each other

It is a game with a level of acceptable challenge and that it causes to return him to play.

The graphic level is extraordinary, what is a problem is the time of load.

The sound level stays in the new line of the team of you go, little musical accompaniment, what is appreciated. However in general terms the sound, is not at the level of the graphics.

It is recommended for the collector and the lover of the FPS of high quality.

Visual: 9.8
Gameplay: 9
Overall: 8.9

Overall: 89 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 98 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: September 2, 2007.

Overall: this game really reminds me of doom 3, with all the aliens and just the way its put together. things pop out at you, and the creatures are pretty disturbing, especially those little baby thingies that fly around. i loved quake 2 for pc, adn it comes with this game along with a bonus behind the scenes thingy and i foudn this one day i got it right away. buy this game...its fairly cheap and its worth every penny
Gameplay: smooth, very smooth and fast paced. the game has a very eerie feel and pysches you out sometimes which is kinda cool cause games dont usually do that. great stuff.
Graphics: the graphics are the only thing i can complain about in the game. just because it was made a few years ago though, so its not that they werent trying, its just a few years old. not brutal, but they could be better

Sound: disturbingly real sound actually. i have a 5.1 surround sound system that i play this on and the sound is very impressive. everything is crisp and clear.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 100 %
Graphics: 70 %
Sound: 50 %

Date reviewed: April 27, 2006.

Overall: I have been waiting for Quake to come to a console, and I was not disappointed. This game also includes Quake 2 and a great video of the Making of Quake 4.
Gameplay: This is one of the best FPS?s that I have played in a while. It is non-stop action from beginning to end, run and gun the whole way.

Graphics: The player models and environments are very realistic looking, the visuals really add to the scary parts of the game.
Sound: This is the best part of the game in my opinion, the sounds in the game really gives you the creeps sometimes. The voice-overs are amazing as well as the weapon sounds.

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: December 3, 2005.

Overall: Welcome to my second review, this one of Quake 4.

Now I've decided to do this a little differently. So just sit back, relax, and read on.

First off, I want to explain something about myself. I am not an "intense game" gamer. I don't like those games with monsters jumping out of corners or from darkness. ie - Doom 3. I don't like them, neither do my nerves. I mean, this is ironic since horror movies don't even phase me. I grew up watching alien,aliens for god sakes. I mean, there is very little that can disturb me. Well until now.

Quake 4 is so utterly creepy that it gave me goose bumps. I cannot begin to describe the gore, violence, and gross creatures. To put it bluntly, you'll see some crazy sh*t. For example, a large gross blob of skin and guts that tries to hit you with long metal claws. Also, his body actually spreads his guts everywhere! X_x

Any description of the game wouldn't do it justice. Basicly, there are times when you are freaked out. Well, if your like me that is LOL. Its very Doomish in the sence that the lighting and textures are simular, and the models used for the soldiers look simular as well. You play a guy named cain who ironicly, doesn't talk at all. He gets transformed into a "Strogg" in the game around level 13. You get to watch as your limbs are cut off, replaced and various other medical experiments happen to you. Despite how the game is, I do like it. Its a test of stomach and skill.

The basic plot is your fighting an alien race of cyborgs. Basicly, they've come to invade earth. Not for gold or resources, but to use human body parts to operate with. Its simular to war of the worlds, they use human guts and such to power their machines in a way.

I want to just make it clear that if you get grossed out easily, don't play this game. If you don't like EXTREME violence and medical experimentation, don't play this game.
Gameplay: First off, the gameplay is great. No sluggish movements, moonwalking, or bugs that I can see.

The weapons are well modeled and look good. The levels are HUGE and yet can become crampt at the snap of a finger. In the good sence of course. In one level, you go from a vast room to a crawl pipe, your crawling and watching the shadow of a creature zip past you. Its like a scene from the movie Alien. The enviroments are realistic and vivid in detail. Walking, jumping and crouching are movements which you'll use quite often.

I'm playing the normal (easy) gameplay and there are some parts of the game where its actually difficult. I admit to using cheats to stay alive. There is no really good cheats, just add ammo or minor health.
Graphics: All I can say is HOLY F***IN SH**. I appologize for the language, despire the editing i've done.

The detail in the graphis looks Incredible! Just think of Doom X10. The lighting, shadows and textures are beautiful...In their gross way that is. The creatures are well constructed and believeable! I've found no flaws or bugs in the graphics, their simply exceptional.

Graphics wise, I'd say Call of Duty 2 for the 360 is evenly matched to this game.

Sound: The sound is AWESOME! If you have dolby 5.1 or the equivilent, your in for one hell of a rush. The sounds of your weapons can be loud, but their well crafted audio wise.

The booms from explosions rock your speakers and your controller (built in vibration) and are perfectly syncronized.

id software has tuned the game so well that you can hear the plink of a machine a few meters away. The machinery sounds are realistic as well.
Suggestions: Ok, here is the hard part. How would you fix a near perfect game?

Well for one thing, I can't figure out how to use the multiplayer functions. The menu is confusing and aggrivating. I haven't tried it yet because I cannot figure out how to use the blasted thing.

The campaign function is really the main part of the game. I'm currently on level 21 so nearing the end of the game. I would suggest they make a better online function where its EASY to play online.

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

Quake 4 News

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