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Brute Force

Overall: An amazing game that kept my attention the whole way through. Unfortunately, it wasnt worth the wait, as I have waited a year and a couple of days and I don't think anything is worth that kind of wait. That won't stop me from giving the game perfect marks though as I had a blast with it. My basic overall view of the game is this: wonderful. I love this game and I haven't even experianced the bliss of the system linking yet! Cannot wait for that!

Gameplay: Gameplay is fun and easy. I would expect that anyone here can navigate the controls because about .01% of you havent played halo ever. That's what this games controls are, halos. Except for one thing, the inventory. You use the left trigger to activate whatever you have selected instead of using a melee attack (unless you're using hawks powerblade which is a one hit kill). It will have you hoeplessly addicted needing fixes throughout your day, which is a quite unfortunate thing for people with lives (including me :( but i guess it just makes the weekends and spare time more glorious. I know this is an affront to a lot of people that read this, but I think I have replayed this game more than halo all together in its entirety within the 5 days it's been out.

Graphics: Cutscenes are amazingly meticulously programmed to bring aesthetic beauty to the game. In the actual gameply in third person the graphics die a little to a low extent, but the first person mode (sniping) allow you to analyze every blade of grass and every particle from the lava cascading into the pools thereof and the specks of heat caused in the repercussions to the swampy air particles in the thick dense jungle. It really is amazing. But the visual beauty and aesthetics lie in the CGI cutscenes.

Audio: Sometimes the sound falters, but it's supposed to be a good thing cause your character wouldn't exactly concentrate on what's being said when a laser whizzes through the air a miligram away from your head, and you can hear the bullet too. Theres not really much you can say about sound for me, except it's great.

Suggestions: Dont stop the downloadable content! But make sure you put it in promotional disc and stuff! Like exhibition disc and xbox magazine disc etc...And on that content? I want new missions with new squads and new enemies! A good rate would be maybe a new mission at least every 3 months? And new multiplayer modes! 2 just doesnt cut it!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Overall: I waited for this game since december when i JUST found out it was supposed to be released in March but now i have it and ITS MINE. I love this game. Buy it, dont rent it. This is a great game to have. I often find myself booting up the xbox just to slay a vamp on one of the levels, and quit. I give this game a straight out five on EVERYTHING.

Gameplay: Just so you know, it doesnt state this ON the box the game comes in, there IS a multiplayer mode. Which is a great thing to add for this game. Theres contrasting levels, and you can re visit any level beaten. The save points make it challenging enough so its not just a breezy walkthrough. And this is a greatly unique game. Plus there are many opportunitys where your enviroment is your absolute best friend (throw a vampire into a piece of sharop wood and poof! or holy water into a pool, and then the vampire in there, very cool.The contoller layout is simple enough too.

Graphics: Very awesome. You should see the way a vampire dust when you put a stake through his heart. Or a vampire that has been set fire too. The enviroment can be very dark sometimes, however, this is easily fixed by adjusting the brightness in the options or the actual TV. The enemies have been cared for meticulously, but the same cannot be said for poor butchered willow.

Audio: The music plays well with the surroundings. But there are some errors. A vampire saying stuff after dead (well, staked, cause vampires are already dead). Or a gate opening with delayed sound reaction. The sound isnt too important in this game though. Plus you can always play a cd and turn the game on mute, and turn captions on for character bytes. Normally i hate captions, but this is small enough to glance at and not interrupt gameplay.

Suggestions: SEQUEL! SEQUEL! Ummm other than that...good job, and the reason i will get tired more than a month from now, but less than 6 months is cause of multiplayer. The story mode is good, but not that good.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 The Thing

Overall: I loved this game, overall, it is probably the best game i have played in a long while. Just about everything worked for me. Ranging from the unique Trust/Fear aspect, to the halt what goes there attitude. Sooner or later, you will tire of the game, but that happens to all (most) games. And this would make a solid addition to almost any xbox library. If you are not going to buy it, at least do yourself SOME justice and rent it. RIGHT NOW!!!! PS; Watch the movie too. Its a very good horror flick (especially considering the time period)

Gameplay: A lot of fun. a little short, so i docked it by point five. But like i said, almost everything in this game worked (for me)especially the unique trust factor. It made it realistic, or at least MORE realistic (it is sci-fi) The control layout is great too. And, there is always more than one way to go about solving a problem/puzzle. Which i feel is great!

Graphics: Now the only reason it got -.5 here is because the constant blizzards. There is no escape unless your inside. The entire reason for the blizzards is to make it harder to see i know thats why they did it, but it is just relentless. I wish it was more like real weather, entirely random. Ranging from nothing, to extremely cold and raging blizzards. But its a constant thing. Like gravity.

Audio: The sound/music only places great emphisis on the games surroundings or basic all around genre. the effects are ok. But the only thing i DIDNT like was when you kill a "Thing," its dying sounds as if there are more in the area. Like one last death whelp, that sounds like maybe its pissed off brother. Otherwise, it's good

Suggestions: Make a sequel...Please? Otherwise, the only thing i want to fix is maybe the surroundings (contrasting surroundings) One "The Thing" game in antarctica and one in maybe California in daytime Like "The thing has made its way to california and has wiped away the now quarentined state, you and your large elite team must make a few sweeps cleaning the state of the parasitic infection." but thats just my opinion.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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