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Halo 2

Overall: This game isn't all its cracked up to be. Yes the Live ability is the greatest thing ever..however if that was the entire reason to make this game why not call it Halo Live. Halo2 single player is a poor attempt to continue a story line..And just as a disclaimer before i get beat up im goin to rate this game based on Single Player only.

Gameplay: The gameplay is basically the same as the first, you have more advanced weapons, the sword is cool, and the game is great. The new Vehicles are great. And the story is great, going strong, im estimating being halfway through the game and all of a sudden it ends. And im sitting there and the credits play and im just like this can't be right. But it was and it is a huge let down and a waste of $50 bucks. (If you have live it is worth $200 bucks but this remember isnt' a review considering Live)

Graphics: The graphics are excellent. Its hard to improve on perfection, and they did. The lighting and detials are better and it is excellent.

Audio: Sounds are good, the soundtrack is extrodanary, though it does tend to repeat sometimes, the music suits the action and it is a small boost to the game.

Suggestions: Perhaps Halo3 will be back to the story again, like where you actully gain something off of it, because this one was like a poor excuse to make Halo Live. The story seems slightly rushed and never finished.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

Overall: This game is most different from the previous bond games on the xbox. The Graphics are outstanding for a game that was not created by microsoft, and the jump-cuts make u feel as if your watching a moive. Also the 3rd person adds to it. However if you where a fan of nightfire as i was it is a bit dissappoointing.

Gameplay: The gameplay is ok. Its liek watching a movie, and therefore isn't as much skill as Nightfire. The auto-aim in third person both makes the game much easyier and hell of alot more annoying. You can't chose who to target, so as 3 people are running at you, it aims on some retarded walking the other way, and ur getting killed and can't even shoot them. Third person works in splinter cell, 1 because you can manual aim, and second its a slow pace game, in this game its shoot everyone, and third person dosne't work for it. It would be much better had they made it a first person. The weapons, gadgets and lvls are all good, and besides the manual aim its a great game.

Graphics: The graphics are outstanding. As i was driving in my cyanne, or however you spell the !&%$@#* thing, i had a small reminder of PGR2 wiht the reflections, of course then i started shooting the missles and forgot about it, however the graphics are great. The jump cuts, and characters are all realistic looking, and give you the impression of wathcing a movie. Very well done indeed!

Audio: The sounds are good. I mean the music is great, as all james bond music is, and the sounds work well. Your average shooter with the james bond theme, and keeps it exciting. Also noticed as it seems to me that as you get closer to completeing an objective the music gets mroe intense, but thats just me..very good here as well.

Suggestions: Next time make it a FPS, its ok, it dosen;t have to be a movie, just fun to play.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Test Drive

Overall: Ok. This will be simple, this game is the one of the worst xbox titles in history. Its a slap-in-the-face to microsoft and its xbox to put this on the system..why you ask, simple THE GAME SUCKS. It has graphics that just beat Playstaion one. There is nothing amazing about it that make it better than the rest and it is a humiliation to xbox.

Gameplay: The gameplay is ok...I mean its ur typical racing game, with a dragstrip added in. The controls aren't that great and the control it self of the cars is crappy to. This is an overall bad game for the xbox.

Graphics: The graphics are truly horrible. I mean come on there are PS1 graphics that look better. Can't the xbox do better..I just think this game is a waste of time.

Audio: Sound..ha..ha..ha i mean come on, there is non, it is all barrowed from some other game that was probaly never heard of.

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing 2

Overall: This is by far one of the best racing games I have ever seen. There is nothing like it anywhere. Thumbs up for MS. Think they should stick to these games and not to sports..

Gameplay: The gameplay is fast fun and simple. The controls are great, same as old PGR. The 120 cars are the best part. As well, the new cities are totally kick-ass. The cars again a cool, many different kinds, from GTO's to Enzo's. And live..wooooohoo do you have a game. Now all i need is to find a way to unlock these cars faster so i can put up a challenge online!

Graphics: The graphics are outstanding. I can' say their Halo, but thats only because this is different. This is the real world and the effects are mind blowing. The reflections of the scenery ur passing on your crome bumper, the reflection in the glass and mirros, the suspension, everything is in tune. The leaves blowing in the wind, the birds, the heat rising off the road, and the rain all add to the affect. Truly a remarkable game. However I can't really give this game a 5 because it can always better, though not by much.

Audio: The sound is some of the best parts. Every car has its own engine sound, adding to the affect. The breaks sound good, skidding all make it good. As well, the different surfaces sound different as well. Again still the best!

Suggestions: Yeah Baby! Tell the cube and the station to kiss ur @$$!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NHL Rivals 2004

Overall: After seeing all the other microsoft sports games i figured this can't be too bad. Feaver is a great game interms of graphics, but not really in play realism, however this game is by far one of the best hockey games i have ever seen.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very smooth, and very realistic. When an oppsoing team shoots, and the goalie saves it, the entire crowd cheers, as well as when their are hits and stuff. The comentary is very good, and i have not had them say something that did not happen in the game. The controls or a bit difficult to get used to at first, but once you figure out all the stuff you can do it is enjoyable and alot of fun.

Graphics: The Graphics are simpliy outstanding in this game. Reflections on the ice, as well as each arena having its real look, all add to it. Microsoft games are best for the graphics, and this wont let you down.

Audio: The sound is really cool. The crowd cheering at the right time, the puck hitting sticks, boards, posts is really realistic. The players skates, and bodies as they hit boards all add to the realism.

Suggestions: Keep it commin!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Blood Wake

Overall: I played this game alot at a friends house and found it to be a great game on multiplayer, and then he wanted to give it to me, and I thought it would be cool to play in my spare time. I have now found that this game gets boring really really fast, and even multiplayer is now getting old. I would recomending playing this game at your friends house, but don't bring it home.

Gameplay: The gameplay is great, controls well, the bigger the boat the more sluggish it is, but that makes sense. I think they did a good job with it, though they might just want to increase the handling on all boats.

Graphics: The graphics are great, that was the first thing that got my attention, the water visual and landscapes where the best i have every seen, the weapon visuals where not as good as I thought they could be, little yellow blobs arn't exactly missles in my book, but the torpedos where good looking.

Audio: The sound is ok, all you really here is the explosions and nothing else really. There is no real water sounds or much of anything else

Suggestions: If you could make the next one with more levels, and go on xbox live then maybe it would get an appeal that would last, but now it is just old, and collection dust next to my other games.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Enter the Matrix

Overall: This game has it all. Although the video graphics may not be top of the line, the in game graphics, fighting and basicly everything is just great. The game has everything you see in the movie and more. It lets you see the story from another point of view, and references to the real movie to tell you what time it plays out, as the movie did.
All and all its a great game.

Gameplay: Gameplay is amazing, I didn't think at first it would be good, or easy to use, but now that I have played it, I don't think I will stop. You can play the levels over and over again, because you have two different people, each their own levels, and there can be differences in each level. The hacking thing is cool too, and makes the game very interactive.

Graphics: The gameplay graphics are great, not Halo, or splintercell, but for everything in the game, very very good. The video graphics (computer, not the live action stuff) aren't very good. But it is funny because most games it is the other way around, but still the gameplay makes up for it. The moves look realistic, and can be a movie in itself.

Audio: Sounds are great, the bulits as they go by, and basicly everything. The sounds of gurds, agents and cars are very very good.

Suggestions: I think they should make another game for the next movie, but maybe inprove the video graphics, and add "just xbox" gooddies cuz no one likes the little cubies or Ps2 morons.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 James Bond 007: NightFire

Overall: This game is a very good adaptation of a movie franchise. The game is full of girls, gadgets and lots of guns. The multiplayer is quite fun, and the regular missions may even be more fun. The one thing this game needs is to be XBL, then we would have a great game.

Gameplay: The gameplay is easy to get used to. The weapons, are great, and fun. The levels are challenging, and can be played over and over, just to see if you can do anything different. This game probably has a better storyline than DAD.

Graphics: The graphics are stunning. In the game, and the movies, for a non-microsoft game, are some of the best I have seen. Not a splintercell, but something in a feild all its own.

Audio: The sound is great, the guns have their own sound, the people talking, when you are in different enviorments the sounds change. and of course the james bond music make this a great game.

Suggestions: If you make another one, put it on live.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War

Overall: This game is an amazing feat for xbox. It may be a copy of medal of honor, but the fact that you can go online with 16 plays, and no lag, is a true showing of xbox power.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very good. It has the two thumbstick control which makes the gameplay very easy. The one thing that may not be amazing, at least not for me, is that it takes about 10 shots to kill someone, granted a solder may have armor, but civillians too...there is something wrong there. Otherwise the controls are simple, and co-op and online gameplay are great. For those who have xbox live, this game will be the, at least to me, best shooter on live till halo 2 (which i will be playin hookey to play with). 16 player, 8 on 8, nazi vs americans on great levels, with new dl content makes this game really fun, and wont let you get bored.

Graphics: The graphics are good, not great, but not bad to ruin the game. For the most part they are well done, explosions, grandes blowing up bodies, air strikes, all look good. The levels do to. (This is more for xbox live, though it pretains to the real game too.) The one thing is the people look ok, the movies arn't that bad. But the people, their clothes are like flat, it is funny to see. Otherwise I can't complain, and on live you cant tell cuz ur too busy killing all the other peeps.

Audio: Sound is very good in this game. You can hear people talking, or where calls for medics or ammo are comming from. Bullits flying by, air strikes, with the planes and explosion. Once again this area is as good as the game, no complaints here.

Suggestions: Make the people look a little more human.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: This game is by far the best game I have ever seen interms of the gameplay and lighting, and how interactive each level is. Unlike the other morons the posted on the game saying is sucked cause you cant shoot everyone, WELL DUH! I mean it is a stealth game not a Halo game, that should have been made VERY VERY clear in the beginning when they say UR GUN IS UR LAST RESORT...but we know the people that say that are those lil freakish dudes that at one time luved the little box 'n handle, then switched over just to act cool, and then complain just how bad everthing is. I think this is one of the best games out there today.

Gameplay: The gameplay in this game is great, the lighting and how interactive it is to move in just blew my mind. I have never seen and more complex game that didnt sacrifice its graphics for its features. As said before the whole !&%$@#* point of the game is to be stealth so that would be why you don't have that much ammo, if you want to shoot everthing that moves kinda games, get Halo or Ghost Recon, and stop lookin like a moron, and letting the real playes laugh at you when u post for this game. And another thing I have noticed, that you complained about the levels, too long, left bodies out in open and always had to go back, well just listen for one sec IF YOU PLAYED THE GAME THE WAY YOU WHERE SAPPOSED TOO, AND BE STEALTH THEN YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TO LUG YOUR SELF ALL THE WAY BACK TO PUT THE DAMN BODIES AWAY, THAT WOULD BE YA'LL DAMN FALT, AND THE FACT THERE ARN'T AS MANY CHECKPOINTS IS TO MAKE IT HARD, SOMETHING UR ALL NOT USED TO WIT ALL UR GAMESHARKS AND CUBIE GAMES.

Graphics: The graphics in this game, and complex lighting system make it a one of a kind game. Now thats not to say this has the best graphics of anygame in history cuase i would say Halo does, but for its own appeal and considering it is not made by microsoft. The graphics fit the game and how you play it perfectly, the lighting system blows my mind everytime I play.

Audio: Now this is a tough catagory, sound. Well splinter cell dosen't have much sound...unlike Ghost Recon where you can hear bullits flying past your head, but in its own way it is good. As pointed out before that the whole game is stealth, you can hear how loud you ware walking, and if someone sees you the music changes so you know they could be comming to kill you or run for the alarm. So for what its worth I gave it a 5 because it is not the best sound complexety in the world, but for the game that has a landmark design in lighting and the type of gameplay it fits right in.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: This is the best game ever created, next to Halo2 of course! It has some of the best graphics I have ever seen and best game play ever!This is not your avarage shooter game this is a thinking game, and a fighting game, with hard missions and tottaly kick !&%$@#* multi-player (xbconnect). Just wait for Halo-2

Gameplay: The gameplay is best ever, it has the best graphics and everything looks so real, You are still blown away by the graphics even now!

Graphics: The graphics are perfect, everthing looks real I mean how often do you see the tail of a bullit, this is the best. Plus just one more thing, the trees look real in this game, this is the only game that they have ever looked real!

Audio: The sound is soo cool, when you gots a surround sound system it is like you are in battle, it is the most realistic!

Suggestions: Relese HALO2 THIS YEAR!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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