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Kung Fu Chaos

Overall: I am 23 and was pleseantly suprised to find this game extemely fun. I bought it because I read the review from the website. This game when played with a few freinds is hilariouse and addicting. It will appeal to almost any age and gamer.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very easy to pick up. Once you master the buttons you start to learn strategy's on kicking butt on your freinds. One of my favorites is when you kick thier butt and then throw them off the side of the boat or whatever else you fight on. Again, I really like the gameplay on this one. Very fun.

Graphics: I acutally thought the graphics on this game were !&%$@#* good. Very suprising. Very crisp and clear player models. Nice, Nice!!!!!!

Audio: The sounds are also great! Especially when it plays the actual song Kung Fu Fighting. Hilariouse sound effects on this one. Overall good.

Suggestions: You should have made this one Xbox Live compatible. You really screwed the pooch on that one guys. This game would have rocked.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 UFC: Tapout

Overall: This game will appeal to people who like wrestling, or any kind of fighting games. It is such a good fighting game that people who don't like fighting games might like this one.

Gameplay: Totally bad ass. This is one of the best Xbox games out. By far the best fighting game ever made. I was intantly addicted. It is shocking how deep this game is. That is the reason I am so shocked about it. It is not like most figthing games where a beginner can just come in and mash their buttons. An experienced player will KO or tapout and unexperienced button masher with ease. You actually need to have a strategy and use skill to kick some butt on this game.

Graphics: Graphics are great. I wish they would have only made this title for Xbox so they would have been a little better. But it was good.

Audio: Sound is good. I love the punching noises. Very realistic sounds and grunts. I was pretty impressed.

Suggestions: One thing. WHERE THE FU$# IS TANK ABBOTT???????? Jesus that was very dissapointing. You are also missing a ton of other fighters that need to be on here such as Vitor Belford and some of the old UFC fighters like Ken Shamrock, Royce Gracie, Pat Smith etc....

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Whacked!

Overall: I have got to admit, this game is pretty fun. I don't like the single player very much but the XBL is hilariouse. I love whippen butt and talking smack at the same time. It is funny when you split someone's wig and then you laugh at them because it tells them who killed them. Very fun game, kind of addicting late at night when your bored.

Gameplay: The gameplay is not great but pretty !&%$@#* good. I like the controlls becsause they are very simple. An inexperienced person can play with ease. I also love the characters and weapons. Some of the weapons are hilariouse and leave me laughing when I frag someone.

Graphics: The graphics are also pretty darn good. Not the best I have ever seen, but good. I really have nothing else to say about them.

Audio: I thought the sound was great on this game. All of the little exploding sounds and the annoucer in the background telling everone who is winning. I thought they did a very good job on the sound.

Suggestions: Not really any. The others on here were complaining about the levels bieng to small but I think it makes it more fun because there is alot of action. Keep up the good work!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 UFC: Tapout 2

Overall: If you like fighting games this is a must have. If you played the first Tapout and liked it, this is a must have. And if you just like to play any video games, this is a must have. Very fun and realistic game and will appeal to pretty much anyone.

Gameplay: The game play on Tapout 2 has definatly been stepped up from the original. There is now a side mount where you can rain knees down on there head. Very fun and realistic moves have been added. I loved it just like the first one.

Graphics: This is one area that has definatly been stepped up from the original. This is one major reason why I would recommend buying this game even though you may have the first one. The fighters look a lot more realistic and the entrances look better.

Audio: Sound is great. Has the original music of the UFC. One of the great things is that you can use burned music to play during the matches. Alot better than the first one.

Suggestions: Damn, what is wrong with these game developers. Every fighting game should be on Xbox Live now. This one would have kicked ass. Especially if you could be on live and have a UFC tournament.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Overall: This game is a very cool game. It would appeal to pretty much any gamer just looking to whoop some ass.

Gameplay: The gameplay is really detailed. It will take a long time for someone to master this one. Each player has three different fighting styles which is really cool. They have different combo moves for each fighting style and even some that start with one style and switch to another. Very fun. The only thing that pissed me off was that they took some of the signature moves off the game, i.e. the patented uppercut and some of the characters special moves.

Graphics: The graphics kick total !&%$@#* on this one. I was impressed. Obviously not to the box's full potential but very nice.

Audio: The sound is very detailed. The weapons sounds and the hits sound very good. They went into some great detail on them. And it is always great to hear them scream when you do a fatality!

Suggestions: The game is bad !&%$@#* but c'mon guys. Where is the MK uppercut. Also why the hell did you have Lui Kang killed off? He was my favorite character. And the biggest mess up you made was only putting one fatality for each person. Other than that its very nice!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Rocky

Overall: This game is just downright fun. I love the 1 player and 2 player modes. It is very fun pounding your opponents face into hamburger meat.

Gameplay: The gameplay on this title is awesome. It is very realistic, much like real boxing. There is strategy in the way you box. My brother tries to just come in and pound his buttons, but I dance around him peppering his bean with jabs. Very fun game. Also the gameplay on the movie mode is very fun. It gets you into it because they use sound bites from the movie.

Graphics: I don't know what that jackass that rated the graphics bad on here was talking about. This game has very good graphics. All the boxers look very realistic. Also the crowd on this game was done better than any fighting game I have seen.

Audio: The sound is beutiful on this one. They use the Rocky theme song and everything. Also there are real sound bytes from the movie. Very nice. The puching sound is very good too. The only quarrell I have is WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO EYE OF THE TIGER?


Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 MechAssault

Overall: This game would appeal to any gamer. I did not think that I would enjoy this game, but all the reviews I read on here said it was awesome so I went out and bought it. Let me tell you, they were right. The game is awesome and I would recommend anyone who owns a Xbox should buy this one.

Gameplay: The gameplay on this game is very good. The movements of the Mechs look awesome and the way it feels when you controll them is really cool. Even a beginner could pick this game up and start kicking !&%$@#* right away from the first game.

Graphics: The graphics are A++. I looks awesome when the Mechs explode. It is also really cool looking when the buildings fall when they are shot. Overall, I would rate the graphics excellent.

Audio: This is one of the best parts of the game in my opinion. When you shoot the missles and cannons on the Mechs, you almost are tricked into thinking you are right in the battle when you turn up the sound on the 5.0!

Suggestions: Fix the flaw on Xbox Live that kicks you out of the room after every game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: This is one bad !&%$@#* game! This is by far the best game on Xbox Live so far, and one of the best games to ever come out for Xbox. I would recomend this game to anybody. Even my wife likes playing it on Xbox Live and she doesn't even like video games.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very realistic. The movements of the guys looks very realisic also. It plays just like most of the other Clancy games. Very solid gameplay, especially on Xbox Live. It is much funner playing on Xbox Live than 1 player mode.

Graphics: I don't know why some people are saying the graphics were not that good. I think the graphics are bad !&%$@#* on this game! Very detailed charaters and scenery. I was very impressed. Ecspecially when you smoke someone, it looks so real.

Audio: The sound is awesome on this title. It is so realistic that sometimes when I am playing Xbox Live and I get capped, I jump because it scares me! The gun shots sound really real and also your footsteps sound good.

Suggestions: The only problem I had with Ghost Recon is you are not able to play with two players on Xbox Live. I have two Xbox Live accounts with two headsets and we can only play one at a time. MAN THAT SUCKS!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Unreal Championship

Overall: This game is very fun. Very fast paced and brutal. If you like two player Halo you should like this game.

Gameplay: The game play on this game is pretty good but it takes alot of getting used to. This game is a little to fast and it makes it hard to control when you are aiming at someone. But other that that it is very fun. Running around blasting people is always great. The different games are awesome. Especially bombing run! The only thing I think sucks is how it is kinda aukward changing weapons becuase you really can't tell which is which.

Graphics: The graphics on this game are excellent. Sometimes the game moves so quick you can't even tell what you are looking at though. Overall it is good.

Audio: The sound is pretty decent. Again they should alow people to use your own soundtrack. Or put some hardcore rock songs on there.

Suggestions: The only suggestions I have is to slow down the game play just a tad. It is way too fast and you can't control the aiming very well.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 4x4 Evo 2

Overall: This game is really fun. I can't belive it does not have a higher rating. I love all of the missions and how realistic the trucks are.

Gameplay: The gameplay on this title is very good. The tires react like they would in real life. When you gas it too much it makes the tires spin in the mud. Very fun racing and missions.

Graphics: Man the graphics are awesome on this game. All the car models look real. Some of the shots look like real trucks.

Audio: The sound is pretty good but gets kinda annoying at times. That is the games only downfall. I wouldn't complain about it that much though.

Suggestions: My suggestion is to allow you to play your own music on the game. It would make it alot more enjoyable.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003

Overall: This game is down right awesome. Even if you are not a golf fan I would recommend this game. You get addicted to it and keep playing it until your eyes hurt. Everything from the graphics to the game play rocks.

Gameplay: The game play is very simple but extremely fun. Once you get good at it there is more depth in the gameplay than you first think. Over all again I will give it an awesome rating. There are alot of different game modes to play and tons of unlockables. Very fun.

Graphics: Holy crap, this is one of the best parts of the game. The graphics are stunning on this game. The courses almost looks real and the characters movements look very realistic. The only quarrel I had was that some of the player models did not look exactly like the real life people but they still looked really good. But on the other hand some of the other ones looked perfect down to the tee, especially Tiger.

Audio: The sound is very good on this game. They have tons of good songs on the soundtrack that play when you are in the menu.

Suggestions: The only suggestion I would have for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 is to make it Xbox Live compatible. I know you can participate in online tournaments, but it would be a hell of alot funner LIVE. Other than that, this is by far the best golf game I have ever played. Congrats!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: What can I say, this is the best game I think I have ever played. The game would appeal to anyone who likes any kind of game. Jesus this game is so addicting. When you play this game you can sit in front of the TV for hours and not even realize it. I think anyone who owns a Xbox should buy this game first.

Gameplay: Again, flawless. The game is so bad !&%$@#* you might have an orgasm. Everything from the shooting to the the movement of Master Cheif is flawless.

Graphics: Oh my god. Best graphics on a game so far that I have seen. They couldn't have nailed it any better. I cant wait for Halo 2.

Audio: Oh man, one of the best parts of this game was the sound. I love the effects on the explosions and the guns.

Suggestions: The only suggestion I would have is to release some kind of download to be able to play it on Xbox Live.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Star Wars: Obi-Wan

Overall: I actually liked this game alot. It is addicting to play and fun trying to complete the missions. The only thing I didn't like is their is not much replay value.

Gameplay: I loved the gameplay on Obi Wan. Using the force on this game is a blast. You can knock them off their feet and take away their weapons. Very fun. I also thought the missions were cool. I liked wasting the thugs on the game. What I like the best was that you could deflect the blaster guns with your light saber. The only thing that blows is the replay value. The 2 player figting mode isn't that fun.

Graphics: The graphics were not the best but I thought they were pretty good. Not much else to say about that.

Audio: I like the sound on this game alot. The sounds on the game were alot like the movie. Obi Wan even sounded like Ewan Mcgreagor.

Suggestions: I like the game but you should have beefed up the 2 player fighting mode for more replay value.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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