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State of Emergency

Overall: A button masher if you ever wanted one! This game hypes itself up to be something new and very different. Unfortuanlty that was not the case!

Gameplay: Face the guys you want to hit, press buttons repeatedly untill they are all on the ground. Nothing much to same, or recommend this game. The missions all play the same and are very tedious. The action felt very similar to Dynasty Warriors to me, but with out the fun.

Graphics: The visuals look very cartoony, but not in a good way. The designers have done well to models the enviroments that the game plays in. Pity they didnt put the effort in to texture and detail the same! I have to say, it does help to keep the frame rate up, there is nearly always in excess of 40 charaters running about at any time.

Audio: The sounds in this game were basic and functional. Nothing really to right home about. One thing I did note was that all the guns tended to sound like they were plastic?

Suggestions: Dont bother making a sequal, you dont want your next game to have anything to do with this nasty piece of work.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Brute Force

Overall: A sci-fi squad based action game. Your team of 4 cloned soldiers must battle their way thru a variety of missions.

Gameplay: For me gameplay was very much like Conflict:Desert Storm. The game has much the same basics (4 team members, each with their own skills and abilities). I did however think that the developers did a better job of the squad command system in BF.

Actual controls are fairly straight forward, a good thin as this helps gamers jump straight into the action.

The game takes place over a variety of missions. These are also stages over different planets and enviroments. Although the story objective may be different in most levels, a dissapointing aspect for me was that the basic goal of each was to simply kill all of your enemies on each. I feel the developers could have done a much better job with the ACTUAL vairety in mission objectives.

The game plays well though. The action is a nice combination of running fire fights, protracted gun duels and sneaking backstabbing! The distinct way in which each of the 4 soldiers fights helps to mix the game up. I found it intresting to play through different parts of the game a 2nd or 3rd time using a different soldier just to see how their faired.

The campaign has a good number of missions to battle thru, but I fear the replay value for some will be lacking due to the lack of any other real gamplay features.

This game NEEDED to be Xbox live and better link compatible. Why, I am simply not a big fan of split screen games. The multiplayer is fun (I love how you can simply join in or leave at anytime with co-op play), but other than deathmatch you have no other real way of playing this game multiplayer. This game would have rocked with an 8 per side CTF game or perhaps a take and hold game. The different charaters would actually add depth to this kind of play.

Graphics: The graphics in this game are simply stunning. All player and NPC models are drawn to some very fine detail. The enviroments are packed with details and really help to set the mood in most missions. A note needs to be made of the use of 2D grass in a lot of levels. I actually felt that this feature was used very well. It helps to cut down on over processor usage (so it can be used for the actual fighting), but still gives the areas used plenty of detail than a simple mapped texture would have.

Some of the particle effects could have been done a lot better, but then this is true of a lot of games.

Audio: The voice overs are very well done, as are the enviromental and ambient sounds.

My big gripe is that some of the weapon effects are a little lack lustre or are used for more than one weapon.

Suggestions: MORE MORE MORE multiplayer options
XBox live and better system link support (come on we want to hook up 8 consoles together)
Work on the weapon sound effects
Need to work on the actual mission objectives, this game begged for REAL variety

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: Most folks reading this will know what this game is about. Splinter Cell is one of those games that comes around every few years that just makes you stick your head out to have a look. You take on the role of Sam Fisher, a secrect agent in every sense of the word. working for a very secreative US Government agency you have to stalk you way thru a number of well designed missions that require as much thought as reflex to finish.

Gameplay: Being a PC gamer, it was a little hard to get to the whole 3rd person thing...hell, even the fact I didnt have a mouse. To its credit, the controls are easy to learn and are very intuative during game play. This is a game that requires the player to think as much, if not more, than fight. The level design is excellent. Each mission really brings the world that Sam is moving thru to the player. The only bad thing I can say about the game play is Sams seeming bullet resistance. I understand that if they made the damage realistic, this game would be almost impossible to finish...but that seems to be the kind of missions that they put Sam into.

Graphics: The use of lighting in this game is stunning. The enviroments are perfectly lit and help lend a sinister air to the setting. Sam himself, as are all the charaters in the game are rendered and animated to an incredible level. The level of detail draw into the surrouds really draws the gamer into the world. Its not hard to imagine that these places really exist.

Audio: Great sound and music. The dramatic music changes with events during game to help highten the tension in situations. The in game sound, all charaters actions sound great. But for me, it was the ambient sounds that put the icing on the cake. Its these that finally sink you into the shadows that Sam stalks.

Suggestions: MULTIPLAYER!!! If you could design some viable way for co-op play in this game (special missions).

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

Overall: A volley ball game, buts its hard to say that the emphasis is on the volley ball.
As a straight up volley ball game, the mechanics play rather simply. Unfortunatly, the direction of emphasis seems to tend more to the rendered babes...and not the game!

Gameplay: The game plays very easily. Once you get your head around the button sensativity play style, it all comes together real well. The controls are pretty much the left thumbstick and two buttons...thats it. Very easy to learn, but I'm not sure if this has in anyway held back the actual game play. It certainly makes it easy to get into the game!
There are two modes of play, exhibition and Zack's Island. Exhibition is a straight out single game for one or two players. Pick your girls and court and play. Nothing fancy, just simple fun volley ball.
Zack's Island brings some rather...odd elements into the game play. You play for cash so you can buy a new swinsuits and all manner of other items (quite a lot of which have pretty much zero impact on the game). The other purpose of these items is to aid you in bribing another one of the girls into playing with you. This is were it gets tricky, the girls all have different tastes, and will only react well to the right gifts! There is mention on the box of 'stimulating activities', but the only one I found was a funny little jumping game. If anything, this game NEEDED a lot more of these little mini games to hold intrest. The Casio feature helps, but since I'm not really that intrested in gambling (real or pretend money makes no difference to me), it did little to add to the overall value of the game.

Graphics: It would be hard to say a bad word about the visual appeal of this game. Everything is beautifully draw and animated. The fan boys will be drooling over this one, and why not!
The only gripe is with the camera. I found the in game angles a little awkward to work with.

Audio: I would have given this 3.5, but I cant stand the fact that all of the voice acting is done in Japanese. To make matters worse, almost all of the girls sound like they are 6 years old!!! I just found it rather annoying.
The in game sounds are nothing special, but then, I dont think from the volley ball I have watched on tele, that the real thing sounds all that special either!
The music selection fit in very well with the theme of the game. Not my choice in at any time...but it matches the mood of the game perfectly. You have the option to use your own music stored on your Xbox if you wish

Suggestions: Fix the in game camera!
Add a few more girls, more varitey never hurts.
This game needed a LOT more in the way of mini games, I was thinking about 15-20 different games!
A graphics improvement! Odd request I know, but with so little actually happening in game you should have plenty of processing room to move with???

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10

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