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MX Unleashed

Overall: Rainbow Studios is known for their great offroad games and this game is just another one to add to thier list. This game has been out since Febuary and I still play it everyday, its insanely addictive.

Gameplay: This game has the best physics period! The gameplay is what makes this game so addictive! MX Unleashed has a working clutch that you can use in the corners and after you wreck to get back up to speed. The preload features is like in Rainbow's newer ATV series, you preload by pressing down then up quickly with the thumbstick to get more air allowing you to clear jumps easier or if you just crashed and don't have alot of speed use the clutch and preload to make it over the triple and get back into the rythem. And now they have added the option to do backflips! You just do a preload backwards you press up then down on the thubstick and your rider will pull back and rotate backwards. You can control the speed of your rotation by pushing either up or down on the thumbstick to slow or speed up your rotation making it easier to land smoother. And wheelies and nose wheelies are very addictive for people that have just started playing this game! To wheelie you can either just press A and lean back or you can use the clutch (L button) to gain more speed with your wheelie but using the clutch you have to be careful not to over do it and flip over backwards!

Graphics: MX Unleashed has some pretty good graphics! The riders and bikes are both well done. The riders jerseys have wrinkles in them,helmets shine, you can see individual tread marks on the bikes tires and the roost from the bikes looks pretty awesome too. And the crash animations look really awesome best in any game to date! And when you're sitting still and you're revving the bike with the clutch pulled in you can see the exuast coming out of the exuast pipe!

Audio: The bike really do sound great best in any motocross game yet! Two strokes sound nice and crisp and you can hear the difference between the 125cc and the 250ccs, Four strokes sound great too you can tell the diference between the 250F and the 450cc too. The only thing I thought was weird was that the 500cc bikes sound like four strokes. They even have 50cc mini bikes which sound alot like the real thing. The music in this game is pretty good there just isn't alot of it, but luckly theres custom soundtracks which I use all the time!

Suggestions: Live Support and a better freestyle mode more control over the way you whip the bike, I wanna be able to get like James Stewart over the tables and triples!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo 2

Overall: This game is the best FPS since Halo: Combat Evolved, and you'll see why once you get your hands on the most anticipated game of this year! This game IMO lives up to the hype that was surrounding it! This game is about as addictive as it gets from throwing grenades to stealing a ghost from an elite you'll want to do it over and over again until you are falling asleep before the next level appears on screen!

Gameplay: Now Halo 2 plays alot like the 1st Halo but there are some noticable changes made to some of the gameplay. Grenades don't fly as far when you throw them and their damage radius has been shortend but its not as bad as you would think, and the by far the coolest new feature of this game would be the ability to steal an enemy vechicle! All ya gotta do is approach the vechicle and either from the side or jump in the air and land the vechicle and hit X and you will board the vechicle and then depending on the vechicle you should hit R to get someone out of a small vechicle but if its a scorpion tank or a covenant wraith you would hit B to melee the driver or hit L to drop a greneade into the drivers compartment. And now their is a option to duel wield two guns at the same time! You can only do this with smaller guns such as plasma pistols/riffles/needlers and SMG/Pistols to do this you need to be carrying a weapon that can be duel wielded such as a Plasma pistol and say you wanna put a plasma riffle in the other hand all you would do is walk over to the gun like you would normally pick it up and simply press Y and boom you're holding two guns, the only drawback to duel wielding is that you cannot throw grenades while holding two guns and you cannot melee while holding two guns so is you want to do one of those two things you'll have to press Y and ditch one gun to do it. Another small difference I noticed from in Halo 2 that is a little different than in Halo: CE is that the guns now seem like their closer to the screen now, but it a very small change and some don't even notice. And Xbox Live is awesome if you don't have Live you're definetly missing out!

Graphics: The graphics in this game are about as good as it gets! The ghost look alot cooler in this game they have purple particles floating beneath them, and Master Chief's armor looks alot cooler the enviorments look amazing characters looks great. The only gripe there is in the graphics department is there some small pixelization effects in the cutscenes, I mean don't get me wrong the cutscenes look great but when it happens you probably will notice and think WTF the first time you see it but then it'll go away after a second and they shouldn't ruin the game for you or anything.

Audio: Everything sounded great to me! I don't have a surround sound system but I could hear where shots were coming from and grenades were landing.

Suggestions: Nothing that I can think of right now other than keep up the good work!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 MX 2002 Featuring Ricky Carmichael

Overall: A motocross game featuring motocross,supercross and freestyle as well as alot of real life sponsers like Fox,No Fear,Suzuki,Kawasaki etc. and real pros from MX and FMX.

Gameplay: The bikes handling isn't the greatest in corners but it gets the job done. The preloading feature is pretty good and pretty easy to use, but tricks are a little difficult to pull off at first but they get easier with a little practice.

Graphics: The graphics are kinda a letdown because an Xbox could have definetly could have pumped out better graphics than this game has but I guess thats what you get when its a PS2 port.

Audio: Engine sounds could have been better but I turn the music up all the time so I hardly hear the engine. And the sound when you hit the brakes or powerslide is pretty cool sounding to me anyways.

Suggestions: This game would have been perfect if it had custom soundtrack support,better graphics,better handling bikes and Xbox Live support.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 MTX: Mototrax

Overall: MTX Mototrax is a great motocross game with lots of officially licenced gear,bikes and tracks as a matter of fact it had the most gear/bikes since MCM2 or MX Superfly and it has some of the best MX racers/freestylers in this game like Travis Pastrana,Carey Hart,Chad Reed just to name a few!

Gameplay: Gameplay takes awhile to get used to I absolutely hated it at first but I just couldn't stop after I got the controls down! Its very different from the past MX games the preload is pretty much the same as MX Unleashed you can either preload by pushing down on the control stick then pushing up off the lip of the jump or my pressing the A button then releasing at the top of the jump! The cornering on the other hand take alot of getting used to instead of being able go wide open through the turns you have to let off the gas which will allow you to line up with the berm then get back on the gas to exit or ride out of the berm or if its a flat corner you hit the brake and turn and just slide through it! The whoops on the other hand are very odd you MUST lean back to go through them and your rider looks quite odd going through them and usually if you hit another rider going through the whoops both riders involved will crash which is pretty realistic but when you hit another rider on track you just slow down you cannot take other riders out like in MX Unleashed nor can you take people out by landing on them like in MX Unleashed! And this game has a clutch that actually works like in MX Unleashed so it helps off the gate and in the corners! Wheelies are done by pushing down on the thumbstick or dpad and tapping the gas to keep the front off the ground and a nose wheelie is done by pressing forward on the thumbstick or dpad and tapping the brake to keep the back wheel off the ground!

Graphics: The graphics are great considering the game runs at 60fps with 8 riders on the screen! I love the sense of speed this game has it seems like your flying down the track and it looks even better in first person view it actually looks like you're driving the bike like in ATV offroad fury 2! The graphics are good considering the frames per second and amount of things going on at the same time!

Audio: This is where this game could be worked on their not the best engine sounds but not the worst either but for xbox it should have been alot better! The soundtrack is pretty good with alot of Punk,Rock,Metal bands like AFI,Slipknot,Thrice,Dope etc!

Suggestions: Fix the sounds their horrible and make it so you can land on people and take people out and we'll have the best MX game ever!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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