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Overall: I did not once hesitate buying this game. I was already planning on buying it even before the $19.99 price was announced, not only that made me happy that id be getting a great football title, but id also be saving money. Even though im quite satifsied with this game, and plan on playing it all season, i still might be getting Madden too.

Gameplay: The controls on this game i feel are very good. I think there isnt enough of a variety in plays in the playbook on offense, maybe either cause i have to customize it, which i havent figured out how to do yet, but seems like that could be the case, i guess thats it.
The francise mode in this game can get pretty deep, with you having to train your players every week and prepare them for your game...train them right, and there ratings will grow, dont train them right, or dont train them at all and there ratings will fall, this feature can be turned off though. At the end of a week of games, you can watch sportcenter, it shows highlights from games, the scores, trades, free agents, and injures, presented just like sportcenter would on tv.
Running defense in this game is easy if you know what your player is supposed to be doing, make a mistake, and you could be wishing you let the AI play defense for you. I have my bad days and good days on offense passing, which is probably pretty accurate considering who i play with in my francise, i havent mastered my running game yet, ive only had 1 100+ rushing game, all the rest are like 20.

Graphics: The graphics in this game are probably the best even seen in a football game. The players look life like, you might forget your watching, i mean your playing xbox and not watching espn, with all the little score bars poping up on the screen and the updates it seems like you really are watching a ESPN covered football game. The animations and presentation are excelent.

Audio: The commentary and Steve Berman is repetative like all sports titles. The espn music used throughout the game gives it a true espn feel to it. Custom music is probably pretty cool, too bad i cant use my burned music cause my xbox doesnt accept CD-Rs

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NBA Live 2004

Overall: I have owned all the Live titles for the xbox to date. Every year it gets better it and better. Back when live 02 first hit the xbox people said it was the worst of the big 3 b-ball games. i myself didnt think so, i thought all the dunks and shoes were great. live 03 had all the shoes and dunks, plus the freestyle feature, which has inovated basketball games. i can say live 04 has nearly perfected this feature.

Gameplay: Live is all about dunks. and theres plenty of them. Something new was also added, a sepereate shooting and dunking buttons. so if ur on a breakaway and u wanna dunk instead he shoots a 3 foot jumper, that wont happen anymore. i can say for once lives defensive ai is top notch, no longer does the defense just stand there. the game is not supporting online play which will disapoint lots of people.

Graphics: i wouldnt say this game is anywhere as pretty as espn basketball, but this game has the little things that matter. like the shoes, theres hundreds of shoes to choose from. the animations are great, but the player models are nowhere at the level of espn basketball

Audio: Live has some pretty good sound too. the commentary is one of the best of any basketball game, ever. other than that the sound affects are fine, the music in the game is pretty good too.

Suggestions: Graphics.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 WWE Raw 2

Overall: This series is the series that made me buy the Xbox. I heard of WWF Raw for Xbox and when i saw a couple of pictures and realized this game looked a whole lot better than the Smackdown games i decided i was gonna get the Xbox. I might of made a mistake there, not by buying the Xbox, cause that was a great decision but buying WWF Raw was. The graphics were pretty decent. But the gameplay was lacking. When i first popped Raw 2 in the Xbox i was excited, it was the first game i had bought in a very long time, and the first time in a long time i had even played my xbox. Once the game loaded up, the main menu screen looked a whole lot better than last years. I decided to pick a singles match to start off, it was Hulk Hogan vs Stacy Keibler. And let me tell you, i got my !&%$@#* beat for a while. The graphics were great, the gameplay seemed good at first, but that changed somewhat.

Gameplay: The game plays much like WWF Raw. You learn the controls quickly. There are pleny of match types, all are fun, but there is much laking because of 1 thing, the computer AI. I think it got dumber than last years. If u pick a hell in a cell 1 vs 1 the computer stays in the ring, u can go outside and climb to the top and the computer will just run around the middle of the ring. You have to force the computer up there, throw him out the ring break the doors and then climb up. TLC matches are worse. All the computer wants to do is get the ladder and climb it as soon as possible to win the match. Very stupid. Cause you dont get a chance to wrestle. The computer tries to pin you sometimes, but the computer will pin you, get a 2 count, pin you again get a 2 count, etc. It wont let you get up, its very frustrating. Other than the computer the gameplay and match types are pretty good. The season mode isnt as good as i thought it would be. Everything is messed up. I was in a fued with Val Venis but at the PPV i was wrestling Tajiri. The only reason im doing the season is to unlock stuff. Other than that ill probably be sticking to exhibition Hardcore matches 1 vs 1. The royal rumble is sort of messed up. The computer doesnt know that the point is to throw people out, the computer just beats up people, you have to throw people out yourself. The CAW is amazing. It takes about an hour to make a wrestler cause its so in depth. Overall a big improvement over last years, except for the computer AI.

Graphics: This is where Raw 2 excels. Some things just look amazing. The entrances look amazing. Some entrances have fooled me thinking that im watching WWE TV, others havent. Wrestlers look great. My only complaint is biceps looking kinda scrawny. RVD does his "RVD" taunt but his arms dont look nearly as big as they are in real life. Last year wrestlers would walk like robots, this year the animations are awesome. And no longer do the wrestlers run like they did last year while holding a chair (if you played WWF Raw 1 you know what im talking about). The only things id like to see from last years version is the sweat from the wrestlers stay on the ring, (last years the ring would get wet from the sweat).

Audio: The sound isnt that bad. Most of the wrestlers themes are in. Other than Los Guereros (Eddie has Latino Heat)Stacys "Legs" song is out, Victorias doesnt have the singing, and a couple of others. The entrance announcements dont sound %100 percent athentic. But sound a whole lot better than last years. The season mode has no speech which sucks.

Suggestions: Ref counts too slowly, Bood, sweat stains. Experienced some slow frame rates while fireworks went off. Season mode needs new crap.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Outlaw Golf

Overall: Outlaw golf features a fun, looney, but realistic golf game!
even if you dont like golf like me, you will find this game fun.

Gameplay: this game has lots of different kind of characters, they got hot chicks, and rappers....its pretty funny the kind of stuff they say, summer says, i know how to handle a pole.
swinging is very realistic, you pull back on the joystick, and then push up to swing the club.

Graphics: visually character models look great, especialy summer. envirnments look great! the water doesnt look too good though.

Audio: commentary is funny as hell, the characters are funny as hell, crowds making "yaaaa", and "ahhhhhh"

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Fuzion Frenzy

Overall: The first place i played fuzion frenzy is on the halo disc. it was a demo along with oddworld munchs oddysey. i instantly notices this game was very addictive, so i decided to buy it.

Gameplay: This is the perfect party game. if you have 4 friends over, play the twisted system with them, its very addictive. its like this ramp that goes up and you either have to jump over an obstacle or duck under an obstacle, but it gets faster every second so it is challenging. the highest i ever got was 150. there is tons of mini games to play that you and your friends will be hooked on.

Graphics: this game is really nothing special visually, it has cartoony graphics, but the game isnt based around graphics.

Audio: there is some annoying voices like the announcer guy he goes "FUUZZION FRENNNNZZYYY" it gets annoyuing,
wacky music, and sound affects.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 NBA 2K2

Overall: Sega has always had a was with making good sports games, wheter its basketball, football, tennis, or baseball, they always make good games.

Gameplay: Nba 2k2 is a simulator. It is designed for hardcore basketball fans. it has one of the deepest francise ever made for a basketball game. this game is the closest thing that you will ever get to actually play in the nationaly basketball assosiation. you can do anything in this game, a spin move, fake the defense out, layups, dunks, post moves, this game has everything that you would ever want in a good basketball simulator.

Graphics: Best looking basketball game. Best annimations, best looking arenas, crowds, this is the best overall looking basketball game out ther.

Audio: commentary isnt as repetitive as other sports games, this game has top of the line sound in all categorys.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: Project Gotham racing delevirs hours of entertainment. it features great graphics, sound, and gameplay. in my opinion this is the best racing game on xbox.

Gameplay: Project Gotham racing features the kudos system. it gives you points for slides jumps, and other moves. on every race you can get gold, silver and bronze tropys. getting a trophy in a specific race unlocks the next level, and car. there are many cars in the game, but the best car is the Ferari F50, but ive never had it because i cannnot beat it. theres a code, but ill only use it if i really cant beat it.

Graphics: the cars, road, envirnmet are all up to xbox only status. the damage is awesome, some of the best ive ever seen, reflections are also incredible.

Audio: the cars sound good, and theres no complaining about sond here, cause you can rip your won songs....

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 MotoGP

Overall: When i first played MotoGP in the official xbox magazine demo disc, i was hooked. I knew it was just a matter of time till i bought it. The Demo disc is nothing compared the the full game, you have more tracks, faster, better motorcyles.

Gameplay: Triggers are front, back brakes, and A is accelaration, you can do front and back wheelies, those are fun, to do a back wheelie, you pull back on the joystick and accelerate, and to do a front wheelie, you push the front brake, push up on the joystick when you have some speed. since you can play this game online, and it will be on xbl, this game is a must have.

Graphics: the sky, tracks, and motorcyles look good, particle affects are nice, but crashes dont look so good.

Audio: sound is the weakest part of the game, the motorcycles sound really whimpy, and the music isnt too hot either.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 NBA Inside Drive 2002

Overall: Nba Inside Drive Is microsofts first attempt at a basketball game. and its not half bad. with a little work, this game might be one of the superpowers in the basketball world.

Gameplay: the game is kinda flat. not many moves, and good looking dunkds are hard to perform, they layup every time. when your player gets on fire, he never misses. this game is very arcadey, but casual basketball fans might enjoy this game.

Graphics: this game is scary, player models are ok, faces could be better, but its so dark in the arena, microsoft must of forgot to put lights or something. for an xbox exclusive title, graphics should be the best of any basketball game.

Audio: the commentary is boring, and the sound affects are not as good as they could be, this game needs work.

Suggestions: work on everything.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Triple Play 2002

Overall: Triple play was my favorate baseball game on playstation, but these days it takes more to satisfy my taste. triple play without a doubt the worst baseball game of the year, but theres still some entertainment.

Gameplay: Fielding is simple, pushing A plus directional pad to the desired base throws it to that base. batting is a little too easy, i can get a hit every single time, if i dont swing at bad pitch. its imposible to get a hit from the infield, the defense will jump like 20 feet and catch the ball, which is frustrating. cause ever single play the computer does sould be on sportcenter top 10 plays.

Graphics: graphically this game is crappy. the player models look crappy, faces look like garbage. ive also noticed that when the pitcher pitches the ball, the cather never throws the ball back to the pitcher, the pitcher just seems to have a ball in his glove already.

Audio: the commentary is the strongest part of the game, but its still weak, it gets repetitive, sound affects are good.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 All-Star Baseball 2003

Overall: ASB 2003 is acclaims attempt at a baseball game, and it exceeded my expectations, this is one of the best baseball games of the season.

Gameplay: This defense controls are simple, but dont give you much freedom. The batting is the hard part, if you use manual batting, you have this bat curser that you can move around, but the problem is, when the pitcher throws the ball, you have like .3 of a second to move the batting curser to the right place. The best feature in the game is the francise, its very deep. in the beggining you can pick any mojor league team, or a farm team, which is hardest cause you have no good players. The francise goes 30 years. something i liked to do simulate 30 years adn see if anyone beat hank aarons 755 home runs, and alex rodriguez, albert puhols, and sometimes barry bonds beat the record number. The francise tracks many stats, and inducts hall of famers every year. this is one of the deapest francises ive ever played.

Graphics: this game has some of the best looking crowds af any game. the faces of ever player looks exsactly like the real person. the staduims are also very detailed.

Audio: the commentary is pretty good, they tell storys sometimes about the batter, but they usually say the same thing about ever player. when derek jeter steps up to bat, they always say "now stepping up to bat, the asb 2003 cover boy derek jeter"
sound affects are good like in all games.

Suggestions: make batting easier :)

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: After playing the PC version of this game at a friends house, i decided to give the xbox version a try. Max Payne is underated and should not be overlooked, this game ahs lots of apeal to it.

Gameplay: The #1 thing about this game is bullet time. Its a feature that lets you slow down the time, to let you perfom moves while shooting the bad guys. Its kinda hard after playing the PC version trying to perform these moves with a xbox controler but i got the hang of it in not time.

Graphics: Visually this game is basically the same as the PC version. all the characters look and move good.
but what the hell is up with max's constipated look??

Audio: the voice acting is crappy, the music fits the story, all in all it has good sound, but its nothing incredible.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2003

Overall: NFL Fever 2002 was microsofts first attempt at a football game on the xbox. it wasnt that good, but i thought for nfl fever 2003, they would make it better. i was wrong. they did nothing but update the roster and make a few new animations.

Gameplay: this game is basically the same as last years title. there were no major inhancements made to any parts of the game. it is still fun to pick up and play, but hardcore football fans should stay away from this game.

Graphics: visually it looks exsactly like last years, some animations look horible, when the players run, it looks like they want to take a dump. the player models still look good, but the player faces look nothing like the real person.

Audio: the commentary is a little better than last years, but they say the same things over and over. other than that, all the sound affects and music fit well in the game.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 NHL Hitz 2002

Overall: NHL hItz is a different kind of hockey game, if you lookin for a simulator, go somewhere else cause this aint a simulator, but its still addictive.

Gameplay: This is the ideal sport game to play with your friends, when you loose to your friends in this game you get so pissed. there are codes in this game, they can be found on the posters of the people on the crowds. they unlock stuff like huge pucks, tiny players, and other wacky things. there is so much to unlock you'll be comming back for more for a long time.

Graphics: visually this game is the best hockey game, everything is clear, and smooth. except, for when your guy turns to fire, it looks very crappy.

Audio: nhl hitz has music from limp bizkit, but they are old! they should of got a new band. you wont hear the sound affects to much, cause you'll be yellin at your friends the whole time.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: DOA2 on dreamcast was my favorate fighter on the dreamcast. i never owned it, but i played it at my friends house all the time, and he owned me, but now with doa3 on xbox, i can own him.

Gameplay: at first i button mashed in this game, but as i got batter i used strategys, and i realized that reversals were the most important part of the gameplay. though the game is in jappanise, and it has subtitles, the story made no sense.

Graphics: Visually this game is worthy of being called Xbox Exlusive. the enivernment look incredible, and the characters......look hot should see some of the chicks in this game.

Audio: theres nothing to complain about the music, the sound affects are great, and the voice acting is jappanese, which is entertaining

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 WWF Raw

Overall: Every monady night i tune in and watch WWF RAW IS WAR ON THE NEW TNN. ive watched it since i was little, but i have to admit its starting to suck. and i have to say the same thing for the latest wwf video games, wwf raw, wrestlemania 18, smackdown just bring it, they are all not that good.

Gameplay: WWF raw is a button masher. it took me like a week to figure out how to do a special move. youve got to get your opponent stunned, and have the crowd bar flashing, and then you push the special button.
the roster in this game is outdated. all the options in this game are funked up. when you pick lightweight tourniment, you can pick big show or rikishi as your wrestler, or for a womans tourniment, you can pick any male, female wrestler. this game needs work

Graphics: ill have to admit i was pretty impressed when i saw undertakers, kanes, entrance, but right after the bell sounded i felt like throwing this game away.
some of the wrestlers look great, and some dont, trish stratus looks great, but HHH looks like garbage, his face is funked up. he doesnt even have a big nose. the crowd looks pretty good. and the sweat from the wrestlers stays on the ring, which is a nice touch, but they left the blood that they promised out.

Audio: the entrace music sounds good, but thats where you can draw the line. chair shots punches sound pretty crappy, compared to the real thing.

Suggestions: too many to list ;)

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2002

Overall: Nfl Fever 2002 is microsofts first attempt at a football game the the Xbox. Its not the best football game, but there is still time for immprovement.

Gameplay: Nfl Fever 2002 plays very arcadey. first thing you will notice, is that passing the football is very easy, the pass comepletage % is very high. the running is kinda week, theres none of the annimations like in nfl 2k3, and madden like when you run, and the defense gets you, they got you you cant escape, but in madden you can escape somethims. in the season it only lets you play 2 mins periods. Theres really no extra features which hurt the game.

Graphics: Graphically this game is a typicall xbox only game. but there player faces arent real. the player faces look nothing like the real person. the staduims look good, and the grass is the best of the 3 football games.

Audio: Commentary is pretty weak. They need a new commentary crew, cause kevin calabro, or whatever his name, i remember he was in Nba Action Starring David Robinson on genises, and he sounds the same in both of the games, boring.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: Since i was a little kid ive been fascinated by cars, i always bought racing games for PC, i played games like Need For Speed I, II Test Drive 4, ive grown out of that stage but i still got a thing for driving games. rallisport challengs takes things a step further graphically, but thats about it.

Gameplay: this game looks like it would be a good simulation, but its the opposite, its a arcade racer. there is races going downhill, uphill, and in snow. the races in snow are the worst, they are also the easiest, cause you can keep your finger on the trigger the whole time and just slide all over the track and win. the uphill and downhill seem the hardest to me. thats probly why i cant beat the game :-(. there is plenty of cars to choose from including B class vehicles...which are the best.

Graphics: Visually this games textures, graphics may be just be equal, if not better than Halo: Combat Evolved.
The trees, grass looks incredible, they even move in the wind. when driving the car get dirty in the correct places. the cars themselves look incredible.
the damage on the cars look good too. but if you try driving off a cliff or something by accident of course :D it will just reset you to the middle of the road.

Audio: the best part of the game other than the graphics, is that you can put your own songs in the hardrive and rip them in the game. you cant turn off the game music, which sucks, cause sometimes i just wanna listen to the engine.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 NHL 2002

Overall: Nhl 2002 is simply the best hockey game this year,it has every team, player along with season mode, exsibition, season, shootout and franchise modes.

Gameplay: Nhl 2002 is a hockey simulator. playing this game like playin nhl hitz wont work, shooting at the net all the time will get you nowhere, you gotta use strategy, use positional shooting, and one timers work best. the basic options are season, francise, tourniment, shootout, and exibition. EA really needs to make better francise on there games, because they are just not deep enough. the shootout lets you pick 2 teams and put them in a shootout. tourniment lets you pick teams and put them in a tournemt, you can pick international teams in this option, and exibition lets you pick 2 teams and play a game.

Only thing id like is icon passing, i miss it.

Graphics: Visualy the game looks like a ps2 game, which isnt a bad thing, there are some minor issues like when in a replay the textures look crappy. theres also some annimation problems ive noticed, when your on a breakaway, and you try and do a wristshot, the annimation isnt very fluid, other than that and a few goalie animations there are no major problems.

Audio: The commentary at first is funny, the commentary guys say stuff like "when in doubt stick a glove out", and the announcer guy says, "attention everybody, im 2 days it will be tommorow", at first its funny but it gets annoying. the music is weak, but all the sound affects, checks, post shots, sound good.

Suggestions: Icon passing!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 NBA Live 2002

Overall: Nba Live 2002 is a step down from some of the other basketball titles this year, while nba 2k3 may offer more deep gameplay, nba 2002 is still a solid basketball game.

Gameplay: The game plays much faster than nba 2k3, but it is not as flawless.
the francise is laking, it only goes 10 years, which is kinda short compared to nba 2k3. there is a 1 on 1 challenge which lets you play any 2 players against each other, you can make fantasy matchups like, Allen Iverson vs Magic Johnson. you see much more dunking in this game than shooting, which kinda sucks, cause when you play the lakers, they go to shaq ever play and he dunks it, and at the end of the game its shaq with 70 points, and kobe with 4, which is really stupid.

Graphics: the visual is where the game stands out for 1 reason. because all the players on the court are wearing different shoes, which i think is very cool. the character models are a little cartoonish, but the player faces are the best of the 3 basketball games this year, nba 2k3, nba inside drive 2002, and nba live 2002. the annimation isnt very fluid at times, especialy on breakaways when you go for a dunk or layup.

Audio: the commentary gets repetitive, overall the sound is kinda weak, but you can either live with it or get a different game.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams

Overall: When Silent Hill was origanally realesed it was supposed to compete with The Resident Evil Francise in the Survival Horror Genre. While Silent Hill 2 is still supposed to be survival horror it doesnt qualify as a surival because its just too easy even when you are playing on hard.

Gameplay: There's some Xbox Extras in this version. Here they are: Option to turn off the noise filter & stop the ''grainy'' effect. You can also change the controls from 3D to 2D...which i did cause 2D is much more easy to control!!! In the game there is the main scenerio which is called Letter From Silent Heaven, and there is also a sub scenerio which is short and is called BORN FROM A also like to add that the entire game is short....the main scenerio took me 7 hours to complete my first time around.....and there is plenty more to come back for because there is multiple endings.....the game lists 4 but rumor has it that there is some secret endings. Once you beat the game you get new weapons. After beating the game its pretty easy to zip through the game one more time. Each time you beat it it gets easier and shorter. Heres some tips to make it last. Try to get every ending Get the new weapons. Try to beat your best time in the Original mission and sub-mission. Explore the town. The game is scary at when your in the apartment building and its dark....even with your flashlight but you turn the corner in the hall and BAM....there is some zombies there to scare the living **** out of you. Ill tell you this when i played and the game scared me i got cold and got goosbumps.....and i was scared.....but i liked it. Its listed as survival horor....maybe horror but not survival....because this game is easy even when you play it on hard. In the game you meet several weird characters...Like Eddie...hes messed up...theres like a few living people in silent hill and he kills most of them....including dogs and he later tries killing you....but hes easy to kill....theres Laura...a little girl that you meet early in the game when you try to reach for a key beetween some bars and she kicks the key away (stupid girl), theres maria a woman that looks like your characters dead wife....and maria dies several times in the game but somehow comes back to life. and the final character Mary....your characters wife.... The story is very confusing, but as you go along and look back at what happened in the first installment of SILENT HILL you'll have a better understanding of what's going on. Well heres the story James Sunderland gets a letter from his wife, Who has been dead for 3 years saying that shes alive and waiting in their special place in the town they lived in called SILENT HILL. James heads for Silent Hill wondering what the hell is going on, what he finds might not be his wife but a deserted town full of many strange mutated creatures. Will he find Mary? Will he find any one in this deserted town? Will he survive? Buy this great game and find out. This story will surprise you, it's also one of those story's that leave you at the edge of your seat. There are 3 guns when you play the main scenerio......and rifle...when you play the sub scenerion theres a revolver...and after you beat the game once you get takes too long for it too shoot sometimes and to reload but thats not a big problem. Some of the puzzles are hard to figure out....especially when playin on hard but after a few tries i always get the puzzle.

Graphics: Presented very well. I turned off the noise effect....its like this effect that makes the game look like a old movie....but after you turn it off the game looks smoother and overall much nicer. when you play there is always thick fog that you cant see past 5 feat and when you are in a building where it is pitch black and you have a flashlight you still cant see past 5 feet. the cut scenes look increddible but it shows off the power of the ps2 on the xbox....its a port of the ps2 version with some little improvements...i remember in the end when there was a cutscene their was fire which looked horrible but the game above par in the visual aspect

Audio: there is this thing....a radio that you find which makes noises when you get close to a zombie which is scary...the music is scary only in the beggining of the game but it gets repetitive later in the game...the music in Silent Hill 1 was much...much better!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: Halo: Combat Evolved is the first First Person Shooter for the XBOX and quite possibly not only best first person shooter but best game ever made. Halo combines great graphics, textures, sounds, and gameplay to produce the ultimate gaming experience.

Gameplay: The gameplay is simple?..right trigger shoots, left throws grenades, A is jump, B is melee attack, X is reload, Y is to change your gun?..which you can only have 2 guns by the way?..white button turns on and off the your flashlight and the black button changes your grenades. There are several guns in the game including a riffle, shotgun, pistol, rocket launcher, plasma riffle, plasma pistol and the needler. You play the part of the master chief and your goal is to destroy the ring called Halo with the help of your small army but its not that simple because the covenent are also trying to get control of the Halo and you gotta kill the covenent. There is 4 difficulty levels?Easy, Normal, Heroic, and Legendary which is impossible to beat unless you play on The Co-op mode?which is when you play through the game with 2 people. Halo also has several multiplayer games which you can play with up to 16 people by linking 4 XBOX?s.

Graphics: Halo has some of the best graphics that you will find on any system EVER. The textures are great, the water looks great, everything looks great. If you go up to a tree or something and zoom in to it you can still see the great textures. The character models are scary?.they look so real as if they were alive.

Audio: The sound is also top of the line?.each of the characters have a different voice, the music is great?.except for the menu music annoys me, and all of the sound affects?.grenades, guns, grunts everything sounds great.

Suggestions: sequel

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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do you remember?
Post by SnoochyBoochy
3 Replies, 190697 Views

i haz xbox
Post by SnoochyBoochy
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Claiming the first thread of 2020
Post by Kraft
7 Replies, 238801 Views

Important! I pay $ 1000! I search the Sweden launch and the Element 54 Faceplate
Post by Smill
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Squad Up
Post by samslophead
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TERA Skinned Xbox One X Giveaway!
Post by Variation-XBA
0 Replies, 167612 Views

Starfield Release expectations?
Post by DJ tx
4 Replies, 289912 Views

Issue with Xbox live on Xbox home
Post by rcmpayne
0 Replies, 158239 Views

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