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Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

Overall: This game is good. Its obvious that us Americans have different tastes look at how well it did in Japan....!

Gameplay: Gameplay is unique. Vollyball matches are intense because in order to get a partner you have to give gifts. So when oyu do find a partner you don't want to pis them off by loosing. 2 button gameplay is simple in theory but execution is another stroy. Its no shallow experience by any means. I will say that shopping is probly 40 percent of gameplay with 40% more vollyball and 20% oogling at the television screen..=)
If your gonna play games why not with beautiful women.

Graphics: Do I even need to explain. The visual is so good it drives you to open up more swimsuits for them to be able to wear. I want them all including the 1 million dollar almost near invisible one.

Audio: I love the songs here that came with the game all chick songs this whole game is an omage to women. I cant see myself using the custom soundtrack. Sounds are cute Japanese/American noises.

Suggestions: We have the M rating...LETS USE IT!!!!! This game is unique to America so dont take some SHELL SHOCKED bad opinions the wrong way, this type of game really has its place here in the states...Especially with the HOT 3D Women.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Armed and Dangerous

Overall: God I wish Planet moon gave me just one more reason to own this game. The Single player is awesome great story great fun. Downloadable content is promising but I need to see the downloads, until I buy it. A definite rental because its such a great single player game

Gameplay: Run and shoot and jump and fly. So simple yet so complicated because the way they send in troop formations the crossfire can get hecktick. Its so much fun even though you basically have only a few enemy types it doesn't matter. The story is great the humor is great I look forward to playing more yet shutter at the thought of an ending. This is why planet moon needs to come out with som e good DL content so I can give myself and excuse to buy it.

Graphics: Visual I dont care about the stinkin visual I can see the enemy and I can see my bullets hit the enemy and I can see myself and I can see the ground and the sky. Sure it aint no boobs bouncin DOAXBV =) but its good enouph to make me write this review about it.

Audio: ya again guns and rockets and explosions and jetpacks its all in there and its all good. Gotta love the one liners.

Suggestions: create some type of Random level generator with options like jet pack and turret and even get some vehicles in there like Giants had. Then let us perhaps co-op take on hordes of enemies through live or something the single player is great but I gotta tell ya it needs just a little something beyond the single player to motivate people like me to buy it because I really want to buy it new, but I just can't not until the DL content comes out at least. Good game start on another. Thanks.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 RollerCoaster Tycoon

Overall: This is a good game to have in in ones collection. RCT is fun and and provides a different type of pace than any other CONSOLE game offers. For those who enjoy building rides and creating a dream park this game is worth the $30
I think you wouldn't get sick of this game ever because its the type of game you only play when you are in the RCT mood, then of course its hard to put down until you've gotten everything just the way you want it.
Not too mention, not being crouched over a computer keyboard while you madly scroll the mouse across the screen attending to your park. Playing this game while sitting on your couch on a nice big TV is way better than the wrists cramped, eyes blurry PC experience.

Gameplay: Open a park and keep your customers happy. The game pust you in charge of absolutely everything from where people walk to what the person looks like whos cleaning the puke off the sidewalk after someone gets off one of your rides.

Graphics: Visualls speaking it gets the job done. This is not a game where the focus is on stellar water physics or any thing like that, it shows the park, the rides, the people. True its no beauty but the gameplay is such that its not neccesary.

Audio: Overall...its good enouph, just like the grafix but its pretty cool the way different sounds take over as you move throught your park.

Suggestions: Gameplay wise a first person view as a customer being able to ride the rides you create would be SWEET!
If you make another, completely re-do everything visually so that it can stand proudly next to today's next-gen games. Audio wise add customizable soundtracks for rides.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War

Overall: Xbox scors another touchdown with RTCW. A huge offline campaign with the inclusion of the original Wolfenstien 3D upon completion as well as the badd*ss online multiplayer.

Gameplay: Running shooting dodging jumping crouching. It so much fun using all the different weapons its as if each has a different feel depending on the type of mood your in. feel like unloading some lead? puck up the lethal venum gun. Feel like flaming some fools use the flamethrower! Rifles-autos-pistols heck last night I got caught carrying a knife and this guy was so scared just to see me he kept running around while I stabbed him to death and he even had a sten gun. Our team wins.

Graphics: pretty good graphics its no DOAXBV or Splinter Cell but its really good anyways. Dont worry its no fugly *ss PS2 game

Audio: cool as heck got radio the weapons-environmental sounds pretty good Nazis yelling and stuff when they see you fun fun fun.

Suggestions: Get to work on the second one.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Island Thunder

Overall: Overall this game improves on the original and delivers the maps to back it up. When they say Cuba they mean cuba this is jungle madness the maps are a real treat, the weapon sounds are improved as well as additional weapons so many I haven't even tried yet. Island thunder is so good. Oh yah and my scor is the same as the guy below this is but somehow I dont agree with his review, can he be any more vague "read the forums." At least we agree that this game ROX!

Gameplay: Run shoot kneeel shoot drop and shoot. I kill you you kill me we are so freaking happy cause this game is so much fun!

Graphics: Lush jungle arid drylands towns markets the level design is great I cannot wait to play it when I get home oh my GOD! Better grafics than the first one. My scor is 4.25

Audio: Improved sounds all around great job I only wish I had the nerve to turn it up really loud but Im sure it would distrurb my neighbors. He he.

Suggestions: Bravo-give us another installment take your time make it the best you can we know its worth it. Island Thunder and the OG GR will keep us plenty occupied till then, But first take a vacation you deserve it!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: Overall one of the if not the best game on Xbox (provided you like RPGs) This game has a great story that draws you in and makes you want more. The battles are intense because you need to plan your attacks then watch the battle unfold and hopefully you chose wisely.

Gameplay: Gameplay is so good because you investigate, explore, discover, fight, play minigames. You can make freinds or enemies and there is no way to see everything the game has to offer with just one pass. I have been continually amazed at how Bioware actually makes multiple outcomes to every event so that each time its diefferent. Truley unique, and the best thing to hit video games in a long time.

Graphics: With a game so great like this, visuals aren't relied on so heavily. This game is beautiful very very nice but its no splinter cell or Xtreme beach vollyball. Still the grafics are good enough to add to the atmosphere and in my mind do not do the game any diservice. With better grafics this game would cause a world wide surplus in jobs.

Audio: What can I say its star wars if I wanted to I could crank it real loud and my neighbors would thinkg I was a star wars junkie watching all the movies over and over.

Suggestions: Make another one. Put in some breasts, and other cool stuff. make it for males ages 18-40 with cussing and violence. Take it to the next level.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Pirates of the Caribbean

Overall: ARRGH! Wo what a game, it is HUGE so much so many NPC's to talk too so much information about the history of the Islands and colonies so much to do. The land the sea the swimming, my god If I only had 1 game a year I think (Pre KOTOR) Pirates would keep me busy, teach me about history, sailing, and most of all the proper way to be a BAD ASZ PIRATE!

Gameplay: You can go into stors buy and sell stuff, talk to strangers, buy weapons, kill stuff, explore, discover, get rich. There are varying types of swords, pistols and its cool cause you use your sword to block attacks, then you can take out your pistol and pop em' one then contintue hacking and blocking without missing a beat, combat here is better than morrowind. Then you have the boats, sailing is absolutely awesome realtime sailing realtime combat, is so cool I mean really really cool the swells of the ocean go from 2ft to 50ft if you sail in the wrong direction, the wind rain and lghtening, also beautiful red sunsets reflecting on the water and you crew runs around on deck all in real time this game is freakin great.

Graphics: Blown away. The water and boats are definately the highlights the sun reflecting off the ocean swells and the wind filling your sails. The islands are all great also, tons of NPC's all unique all the grass and oh my god I only played for 3 hours last night and only saw 1 town and already Im really impressed. The graphics are improved from morrowind, very smooth, I cant wait to go home and play.

Audio: The backround music really adds a lot of character to the theme, it seems almost disney like but thats ok because its so dynamic very nice, every NPC sounds unique, The environmental sounds are great.

Suggestions: Make another one.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 MotoGP 2

Overall: Definately a sequal. Motogp 2 delivers more intense action, even more detail, more tracks, bikes, customization, extras, videos and more. I definately feel good about adding a second motogp game to my collection.

Gameplay: Racing either 500 or 1000cc motorcycles. The difference is huge. Customization isn't terribly deep, but when you change things like tire compund, gear ratio, suspension or the other stuff, the bike handles noticably differently which is a plus. So before going into an online race with your customized bike you can change the properties depending on the track they are racing so you dont get smoked because your turning radius is set for long wide tracks and they're doing a tight twist one. This adds depth to an already jam packed game. By the end of the game you not only unlock all kinds of cool stuff you also get to see the historical season highlights from the real 2002 GP series, which alone is worth the price....I wonder who won last year?

Graphics: Lets just say you dont mind crashing...the new crash cam is really cool!

As always dont worry its no fugly *ss PS2 game (haha Suckers).
Its more along the lines of Splinter cell(XB)and DOAXBV quality. A real treat. The riders and bikes are very well defined. You can write your name and put it anywhere on your bike with shapes and stuff and see it during your replay which by the way are the best replays in any game ever with at least 10 different effects, the wireframe effect among others from GP1 is not as cool as the wire effect from GP2.

Audio: Sounds are distinct between different bike classes. When you crash and slide down the pavement as someone passes you, its so cool the way they sound as they pass you, different from the sound of the bike when your actually on it. Crowds chearing, brakes screaching, DOWNSHIFTING, its all in there. Music I think is probly best using your own soundtrack and that would make the sound category solid.

Suggestions: Well lets keep the 3rd incarnation with the same formula only add a track editor and put some ramps in for some jumps. So we can have the motogp game we al know and an arcade version of this awesome simulation.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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