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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Overall: Everyones wield a lightsaber and cause havoc on stormtroopers with little blaster pistols

Gameplay: The 1 player game isnt half bad.. there is a pretty decent storyline and even through the bad levels you wanna continue because of the whole star wars atmosphere. Where this game really shines is in multiplayer , especially on Live. You can duel, free for all, team free for all, siege, capture the flag, and i probably forgot one. It's real fun. It lacks maps though.

Graphics: No halo 2 or Ninja Gaiden but its decent. Seems to be better in 1 player as is the case for most games. Could of been better. Framerats slows some. I heard the developers were going to add realistic blood but didn't. That would of been sweet.

Audio: Nice. Here blood curdling screams and monsters roar. The music is kick !&%$@#* star wars. I love hearing darth vaders theme.

Suggestions: better graphics. more realistic dual saber fighing. Make the weapons a little more powerful against jedi. Make the staff equal to the single and dual in multiplayer. Eliminate "butterfly whores" and "roll stab whores" online by eliminating multiply times in a row that a player can do it. Skill jedi players can sometimes lose because they get anxious because all the other person does is butterfly.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 ESPN NFL Football 2K4

Overall: Just really didnt like it ..had many upgrades but just like any other football game..madden is still more in depth

Gameplay: fun with great AI but just didnt float my boat for some reason...maybe its because i was so unimpressed by the 2k3 that was supposedly great

Graphics: pretty good...nice 1st person but i never really found it useful

Audio: not better then madden, then again not as annoying as madden oh well im a slave to eas poor ai what can i say

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: awesome...finally a challenging game that isnt filled with mindless nonsense...actually requires skill and strategy all tom clancy games

Gameplay: hard ..but fun..its one of those games where if you die 100 times in one place you never get angry because you love playing it so much..very easy controls and it usually requires only 2 or 3 buttons... my little cousins had no problem controlling it...great tuitoral in the beginning on how to play and the storyline and game remains consistent and fun gotta love those cutscenes to

Graphics: beautiful and state of the art..people look like people( despite stiff dialogue)..guns look like guns..cans look like cans..the lighting in this game is revolutionary..and like i said ..gotta love the cutscenes

Audio: great gun could hear people walking and talking if you came up to them..sound wasnt really a key to the game but was consistent throughout so i never really paid any attention to it... i guess sound was important in locating surveilance cameras...

Suggestions: only thing i didnt like was in the unfortunate event when someone would spot me it would take me an hour to take out my gun and aim it (or at least it seemed that way) ...and if the enemy had an automatic you would be toast...also make it so you can go back to a camera view if you get out of it(that sentence is a little confusing but the people who've played no what im talking about)

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: When I got the Xbox, all I heard about was how great Halo was. It didn't dissapoint. Great sound,gameplay, everything!

Gameplay: I played this game on Heroic when I first started it. I got sad when I beat it because I had nothing else to do. I started playing it on Legendary a couple days later and I actually enjoyed the game even more! It's just uncomparable!

Graphics: Most appealing! The best looking game I have seen ever. When I see the garbage commericals of games that PS2 is known for like GTA, I just sit there and cringe at the horrible graphics. You got 7 of the same people in the same outfit...the players heads show no emotion and look like they are pasted on ...etc. etc. etc. Halo and the XBOX > GTA and PS2

Audio: Great....especially on my horrible TV
You can hear cortana loud and clear......only reason it may be muffled is if you are battling a truck load of covenant and theyre roaring and stuff

Suggestions: More weapons,more baddies,more levels,get rid of the 1st 2 difficulty settings! This is rated Mature anyways...only the great players will be playing....not some 7 year old kid.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: It has everything graphics,weapons,storyline, only thing it lacks is good sound. It often kept changing volume.

Gameplay: Fun for the whole family! lol maybe not... The sad thing about this game is that it is so good but it is WAY too short. I beat this game on a weekend on the 2nd difficulty setting. You'll have so many great guns and like I said the storyline is appealing and keeps you interested.... I saw this for 16 bucks at Bestbuy a few days ago...even if you do beat it in a week or so you'll want it for your collection... Can't wait till MP2 comes out this winter.

Graphics: Great...much better then the PS2 version... I would like to see more facial expressions from max....unlike some people I actually found the comic format to be quite interesting...although it would probably be cooler if it was all played out in animation you could see it actually happening not just some snap shots.

Audio: I kept the remote in handy ... The sound would go from too loud to the point where i couldn't here it at all.... I did enjoy the characters voices and max's... you don't have to have a new york accent if you live in new york..

Suggestions: longer game!!!!!!!! build on to the storyline in max payne 2...dont start from scratch or go the prequel route.i want to know what happens to max and how he gets out of jail!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NHL Hitz 2002

Overall: It didnt seem really appealing at 1st. Boy was I wrong. My sister got it for me for christmas a few years back. Quite frankly I was of all the XBOX games she had to get me one with guys who light on fire and have shark heads.

Gameplay: Im still playing this game 2 years later. I once was a hardcore NHL EA Sports series fan , but those games have grown tasteless and to ps2 loving if you will. Hitz provided some great action in 02 and even better in 03... I can't wait for the NHl Hitz Pro to come out! The great thing about this game is you can play a game in about 10 minutes...i found myself playing a game if i had 10 minutes before i had to go somewhere or if i had a tv show on a wanted to watch... its really convinent.

Graphics: The 3D people with all the same faces is cheesy....not to mention all the players have all the same ugly face....i found myself making my custom team with Heads from the hockey shop just so i wouldnt have to look at those ugly faces. Hey what can you expect from a PS2 and gamecube game? If only it were XBOX Only... The rink designs are awesome and I love the short rink... The logos and brands of the sticks are kind of blurry though...but once again they have to make it for PS2 / Gamecubs

Audio: The only flaw is the announcer is annoying...the grunts and sounds of the hitzs are really cool and get your adrenaline pumping.

Suggestions: all my problems were solved in 03 and pro

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Dead to Rights

Overall: Great Game. The mini-me of Max Payne if you will. I got this game for only 16.82 @ walmart. Long and challenging.

Gameplay: Never really got bored. It is a great challenge even for the best gamers. Has an arcade kind of feel when you lock in on targets etc. Shadow,the dog, actually is a necessity if you wanna survive...Like max payne but with a tuned-down "Bullet time" but has other features like using people as human shields! Great fix for max payne fans who cant wait till max payne 2 comes out.

Graphics: Looks a little playstation 2 esque. Stil looks good.....would of been better if the bodies stayed on the screen

Audio: Good sound.....i wish the weapons would of been a little louder though....Overall solid...

Suggestions: If you come out with a second one dont make so many bombs you have to detenate also add some more martial arts move

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Brute Force

Overall: Game with 4 different character options that really you only need 1-2 or whatever your fav is.tex and brutus are the best and unless you like sniping, the girls are pretty much no means a great game but good...wouldnt pay 50 bucks for it though..

Gameplay: boring at times and if you have no friends (like myself lol) there is no reason to look for the dna canisters for multiplayer, btw multiplayer is only real storyline which kinda turns me off...basically you're just a force that goes on separate and completly different missions...there is no real antagonist throughout the story

Graphics: beautiful detail but the enemies arent really grand looking and are more like something from ps1 ...

Audio: i still say SPIRIT of VENGAR when i get mad there are some decent character voices and the explosion and guns are welcome additions

Suggestions: you pretty much blew this could of been better

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Madden NFL 2004

Overall: well this is really the 1st madden game i have ever played or owned...while it is deep, the gameplay and ai is not very impressive

Gameplay: poor ... ints are way too easy to get and get against you. The controller scheme is a little unique and the game is so unrealistic... The computer cheats by switching the lines to go directly where my play is going ...and not to mention the fact that it makes a point of it to make the most unrealistic things happen... i have lost about 5 games now on the last play where some no name wide receiver would burn all the secondary and be 20 yards wide open or have some screen pass where some garbage RB like james stewart stiff arms the entire steelers LB core....All in the 90s for ratings. This game is really deep but the AI is so bad and thats whats most important..Not to mention no LIVE

P.S. Playmaker Control...I found it somewhat good..but dont really use it...Offensive playmaker control is very hard to control...and if you pick the wrong playmaker option for defense you'll get burnt for a TD all the time ...i rarely use it..

Graphics: Not as good as fever or espn(player model wise)..just another case of EA sucking up to PS2. I do like the little "it's in the game" thing that they do at the beginning...dont really know if that would be considered a visual..anyways players are ok and the stadiums look nice.

Audio: Nice announcers but mostly the same things over again. I love the music and I'm actually contemplating downloading some of the songs that i hear.

Suggestions: Do something with the AI. The EA bio thing really isnt such a bad idea and i love the mini games but come on with the AI sick of playing franchise and having my games score be 112-90 when all the other games are 20-17....and when i try to play realistic with play calling and such i still get lopsided numbers..i remember one game where all i did was rush the ball in the 1st qt and by the time it was half i had 400 yds rushing???

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 The Simpsons Road Rage

Overall: You cater to the needs of springfield citizens while charging extreme fees and getting rewarded for getting them there on time fast.

Gameplay: Really for simpsons fans only (which i am). While i love it, it could be a lot better. The game is probably the most basic game ive ever played. You'll enjoy going
around springfield with all your favorite characters and stopping at the Kwik E mart and the simpsons house itself. This game, while it will take you a very long time to get 1,000,000 dollars to save the cities taxis, gets boring after say 400,000 dollars and you just want to play it just to beat it. What I did like and thought was extremely cool and uses the power of the xbox is that on christmas, thanksgiving, and new years on your xbox calendar you get to unlock secret cars such as marge in a thanksgiving car dressed as a pilgrim ...but the bad thing is its only for that day only....While it may take you awhile to beat it, its a very small game....theres not much to do....the missions will take you 30 minutes to beat for all of them and then theres really nothing left to do except raise the 1,000,000 dollars and after that it has no replay value. The multiplayer is poor and could of been a lot better. It's EA sucking up to PS2 again and only making the game for 2 players.not to mention THIS GAME TAKES FOREVER TO LOAD..I THOUGHT I WAS PLAYING A PS2...THIS HAD TO BE A PORT!...What EA should of done with this game is add a racing format to it....sorta like a Mario Kart thing where you just race laps around springfield against 15 cars.... that would of made it better and added to the replay and longevity of the game... They could of fit it into the game...heck they could of fit this game into the Sega GT/ JSRF cd that comes with every xbox...It's still a great game and a good pickup that should lasts you weeks especially for around 17 dollars ... putting my simpsons bias aside 3.5..

Graphics: I like the cell shading or whatever its called on the cars...but the cars are the only things that look great the other things like the characters and the city itself are ok....

Audio: you'll love the characters voices and after every "game over" where krusty does your ranking always cracks me up when he changes his voice.

Suggestions: Nothing really hit and run looks sweet but the graphics could be better then again its supposed to be a cartoon its not like they're creating real people and trying to make them lifelike

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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