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Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: This game has an extremely great story line and everything in it seems to have a meaning. You can reasearch stuf about it for years and still be leaving out bits and bobs. Not only is it the story and history of this game that is so good but the visual effects are amazing. No joke , I actually spent about 10 minutes just looking at a wall in the game just to aw at how detailed it was. The Animations are top notch as well, nothing is more satisfying than seeing a little alien flying through the air screaming with his arms waving around. You cant help but just feel good when the motivating music kicks in when dozens of little aliens pop out to come and get you. The health system was also worked out very well and the fact that you can use your weapons to whack an alien across the face are just incredible. This is definitly the closest thing to perfect a game has ever come to.

Gameplay: You are a geneticaly enhanced super soldier kind know only as Master Cheif. You have special armour which gives you an advantage to all of your marine friends and you have a sheild that can recharge after a little while. You can carry up to two guns at any time and can use your enemys plasma weapons against them. The controls are easy enough to get used to and are really instictive. The AI of your freinds and foes also make this game as great as it is. Never underestimate the intellegence of them . they know that if they see you pointing a gun at them that they should move and if you get a sticky grenade on them the run at you to take you down with them. this is also good for tactics in co-op mode so the one person cn shoot at where the alien is hiding to keep him down whilst the other is running around to get closer to the enemy. The diferent difficulty settings make this game a lot more challenging. for the elite gamers there is a Legendary mode which is very very very challenging.

Graphics: Everything visual in this game is amazing. The animations of your enemies running around trying to blast you , sleeping whilst on gaurd duty or in a mad rage trying to knock you brains out with a giganto-sheild is all fluent and realistic looking. Even if you look at a wall in x10 zoom level the resolution still is looking good. The sparks flying off of the walls and grenades exploding in you face are just a few of the wonders that halo conceals.

Audio: The occasional squeak of "die devil" or "help me" is enough to make anyone laugh or send shivers up your spine as your enemies growl, grumble, and roar at you. The music in this game play a very big part in creating a tense atmosphere, either when an alien dropship comes down or when you finally get the long needed reinforcements in th knick of time the music always seems to kick in at the right time. The aliens arent the only ones to make funny comments as well, your marine friends occasionally shout somthing like "get up so i can kill you again" or "hey , you stole my kill" which makes them seem less like a computer controlled guy and more real.

Suggestions: I have had this game for a long time and the only person I can play against that is onf any challenge to me is my little brother. And i still whoop him every time. One improvement would be to have bots with different difficultys for each to make it more of a challenge for me. I would also have request that you make some kind of music system for the multi-player battles (ie some music kicks in when one player sees the others tank rolling over the hill , or some softer kind of music kicks in when a snipers scope comes near an unexpecting players head). Everything else is perfect. I've played on this game for about a year now and I still find myself playing on it, i must have completed it at least 50 times by now.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Overall: In this game you play a retired hitman who was looking forward to a nice peaceful end to his life in Sicily with a rather friendly preist guy. All had been going well until some guy decides to kid-nap your good priest friend. So as you probably guessed he has to go save him.

Gameplay: The overall gameplay is pretty good and usually has it so you can complete a level in many different ways (ie- run in guns-blazing or sneak around with a strangling wire).

Graphics: The graphics in this game are pretty good but is nothing compared to what the xbox can really handle. Some of the animations could get redone a lot better.

Audio: The music is ace. Nothing builds up the tension more in a game great real-time sound and nothing is more motivating than that chorusy kind of music ( I dont know the proper term for it) The voices are great and the use of surround sound makes it loads better. The sound of the bullets whizzing out of a gun sounds ace.

Suggestions: The only suggestion I can give is that they should think of a clever multi-player mode for it and that hey should try keeping it to the point. The only levels that relate to the kidnapping of the priest are the first and the last levels. I personally got really bored of this game after i completed it because it isnt the kind of game you play more than once. If it had a multi-player mode it would have lasted so much longer. If I were you i would just rent it out a few times to complete it.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10

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