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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: Before even thinking of this game ask yourself a question: "Do I like stealth action games?" If the answer is Yes, ask yourself "Am I able to take a mission in my hands and make my way in and out of the enemy line?" if the answer is affirmative again then you will love this title.
You are this ex Navy SEAL, ex-CIA and sutff like that which has been called for a mission to stop a wave of technological and political terrorism caused by some Nikoladze guy who demands political power at any costs.
If you expect this to be just like MGS then you will get killed many times, this game doesn´t tell you what to do exactly you are given the tools and the abilities to do your job, the way you do it is your decision.
A wise thing to do is to hide if you are outnumbered, run in order to make it a one-on-one or practice your sniping skills to take them out as flies and always use all the opportunities you are given.
And if the answer to first question was No, get out of this game profile you are just wasting your time.

Gameplay: The game starts off smooth the controls are simple and the gameplay is cool, although you have to have experience with this kind of games cause checkpoints are a bit too far one from another so you could get stuck in some parts. It would have been cool to have Live on it like some guys are the terrorists and one or two guys are Splinter Cells trying to enter their bunker, but oh well.

Graphics: It´s not the real life but in matters of Xbox games it is definetly the best.
The shadows and the light really blend into the environment and make it feel real except for some glitches.

Audio: The opening music and the video is just what I expected from a great title like this. The music is a great help when you can´t see the enemy and it makes things more dramatic, maybe if you could put your own music this game would own but then you might set up the wrong tracks and spoil the whole feature, so I dont whine.

Suggestions: Multiplayer, More videos of Sam and maybe a feature to edit Sam´s look would be fine.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Minority Report: Everybody Runs

Overall: This game is fun, but if you are expecting to play the same story as you saw in the movie then you are gonna get really disappointed, they change the story and the scenarios so much that it seems another game.

Gameplay: It?s all about kicking butt and trying not to to get caught. The levels are entertaining though.
Well you also have to follow the story, too.

Graphics: The levels look a little bit real and the characters have the luck of not looking like lego toys. Its what makes you keep the game far from the trash can.

Audio: It really doesn?t matter in this game but it would make perfect elevator songs.

Suggestions: As have told may others and emphasize in your case, Don?t bother.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Overall: This game is fun...kicking vampire and other thingie´s but was really an insightful experience, but not entertaining enough.
At first it will be fun but with time things are gonna get haarder and duller. In the arenas, if youu press start with another controller and if an enemy is present then you can get to manipulate the vampire or whattever it is.

Gameplay: It´s a diablo like game in third person, sometimes when you are punching a vampire they block your attacks and manage to hit you, which will make you get frustrated at some time.

Graphics: The scenarios look alot like the ones in the series, almost alike, but then the characters really let you down, Buffy looks like Britney in her tight pants and Angel looks like a Back Street Boy without make up.

Audio: The songs give a touch of mystery to the game but then again the sarcastic commentaries of Buffy might seem a bit funny at first but you get tired of hearing her voice at a time.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Blinx: The Time Sweeper

Overall: The concept is very creative, though it lacks of speed, the graphics and the worlds are cool and Blinx is sooooooooooo cute, it looks like a little fury Mario.

Gameplay: It was entertaining, some of the bosses were quite challenging especially the last of them, it took me 1 Hour to defeat him.
I?m not a fan of it but I liked the song on the start screen and the fact that they didn?t talk english was cool.

Graphics: The worlds were kind of small but creative and cute. Some times it gave me a little nausea, but the details make it up for the game.

Too shiny...

Audio: Music is really good but the voice acting was quite poor ?cause some times it would seem as if they were foreigners reading teleprompters.

Suggestions: Maybe more objectives and the fact that you needn?t have to buy a sweeper again if you already paid for it.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Gunvalkyrie

Overall: It?s a really cool game with all the monsters, the details and the character upgrades... I mean Kelly?s upgrades.
The story was quite atractive but soon it gets bizarre and the fact that you have to read Poe?s reports in order to have a clue of WTF is going on!? Is really boring ?cause there are no pictures and withuot the plot the game becomes monotonous.

"Pens are fun. Paper is fun.
I like the ball everything is so fun."

Gameplay: At first it is a bit tricky, with the "original" controller settings and the aim gets you really frustrated but with the time you get used to it and it gets really entertaining, just after your joystick stops working and your thumbs are numbed.

Graphics: It is quite a bit really shiny, even more than Blinx!
What the hell is Svart?
And if the colonists are the bugs why should I kill them?

Audio: I think it is fine. Munch, munch. Yum,yum.

Suggestions: Nice of you to add a "Challenge mode".
And don?t bother to make a second part because "Second parts are always worse", If it can be worse...

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Brute Force

Overall: G? !&%$@#* , why did I took so long to get it. I mean its like being in the desert and not getting water out of the cactuses just because you?re not sure if it will taste good!
It is a must-have for everyone who has got an Xbox, just like Halo.

Gameplay: The missions are monotonous but the game makes it up for it by having a cool selection of foes and weapons, although I have never found the thermal sweeper.
What makes it better and more fun than a rainbow six kind of game, is that there is just four guys and that they have really cool abilities. A bummer is that Hawk takes so long to recharge and it?s ability gets wasted faster when attacking.NOte: if you crouch it recharges faster(for everyone).

Graphics: The game is realistic and the environment is great.
The way Tex looks in the videos when they talk with the fat guy reminds me of a friend.

Audio: I can?t say it isn?t bad, but it is really nice the fact that it is also in Spanish, Thanks! makes me feel like saying bad words.
The language is really cojonudo.

Suggestions: Tell in the manual if there really is a hat for Tex. Wonder if the Thermal Sweeper exists. Thats all.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Overall: It?s a really entertaining game which doesn?t crack your head but it does keep you sit down for a couple of minutes thinking of what to do.

Gameplay: They way you can interact with the characters is quite funny and creative, although if you are waiting to see lots of action it will let you down.

Graphics: The Worlds look really cool it doesn?t look real but it does make an outer-world atmosphere which bends in totally with the characters.

Audio: It?s OK there is not much to say about it, the themes don?t get you bored but sometimes it makes you wish you could select your own tracks.

Suggestions: Hey I started the game aall over again twice But I kept missing one Mudokon...

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: It?s an awesome First-person shooter which will keep you on the edge of your sit since the beginning when you wake up totally oblivious of the Covenant threat.
If you are expecting to see freaky little monsters creeping all over you, wait for Half-Life, because this is a straight shooting-action thriller with a really original story plot. With a scary but entertaining turn around which you won?t find in the manual.

Gameplay: The controls are really easy to understand and you?ll get used to them in a second, The enemies are fun to kill cus they don?t just shoot, move and die they actually decide to run or to stay and the Grunts are the greatest thing in the game, including the vehicles, the weapons, the game modes and the action.

Graphics: It really makes a surreal experience to be on Halo there are several weathers in which you fight, in and outdoors, also the are tiny details which otherwise would make a sci-fi game like every other.

Audio: The songs are great and amazingly sticky so you will be whistling them even a year or two after you first played it, it happens to me all the time!!

Suggestions: Try making more maps and allowing every single to be driveable I still wan?t to ride that Covenant tank.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Blade 2

Overall: It?s a real fun game, if you like extreme butt-or-any-other-member- kicking then this is your gaame.
Although the story is not very interesting it makes sense.
There are many wweapons to choose from and you can also use your uber-vamp powers to increase the butt-kicking rate!

Gameplay: It gets repetitive as you play but you can use cheats to make it more interesting. Just one Giant thing, the end will let you down, it really sucks so there is not much need of you to pass the game it?s enough to get to the last level.

Graphics: Although it doesn?t look so great it does have the right vampiric-spooky atmosphere which makes the characters blend right into the stages.

Audio: The songs are really cool, raves are the edacuate songs for this game.
But the character says the same three prhases and it gets annoying.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 State of Emergency

Overall: It?s a game about riots.
you get to choose from using your fists to rocket launchers.
The stages are cool and the game modes are alright.
It?s a game you should play whenever you feel angry.

Gameplay: It?s really just seek and destroy, any variation is that you have to protect people some times and it ain?t easy.

Graphics: The Characters look too bad, they look like GameCube characters.
The environments don?t look that bad but they lack of some details.

Audio: The only reason you would buy this game, other than feeling mad, is the ability to play your own music so if you want to play Break Stuff, you can feel it.

Suggestions: I finished this game in less than a week, and you?re already threatening me with a sequel? What?s the matter with you people!?

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Jet Set Radio Future

Overall: Don?t buy it.
If you are trying to find a game that at first will have you on your sit for hours, frustrated and so, then this is your game!
It has no replay value and all what is left is Multiplayer which isn?t that bad, if you have someone to play with.Oh and the ability to make custom graffitis, with a joystick... so practice before you try. bah

Gameplay: "Yea, I want to paint some graffiti and go round and round in not so huge but hideous cities!"
If you think so, buy it.

Graphics: Cel-shading is really cool it?s the best thing in the game!
The characters look great and the enemies are better.

Audio: It?s the game?s worst feature, you may play your own tracks but you need to be in the spot, if not the game plays a song in which a woman screams huge loads of crap, and her voic makes you get more frustrated!!!! >:(

Suggestions: Don?t bother to make another one...

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Phantom Crash

Overall: The game is pretty fuin and cool, you can use your custom robots or buy models whcih already have their enhancements.
The multiplayer is fun too but you get to die just one time you don?t respawn.

Gameplay: The idea of mixing a robot battling game with a Rpg-style story, umm..well it sucks!
The battles and the controls are really cool with the stealth, but the story and the dialogues suck, it?s as if you were a ghost hearing at everyone else?s conversations!you don?t have to read anything cuz nothing is said to you!!

Graphics: Oh, the graphics amuse you, the way the environments looks make you feel as in a real battlefield and the robots look gre

Audio: Some of the songs are good but it sucked not to be able to play your own tracks. .

Suggestions: C?mon just make a plain robot wrecking game if you don?t want to screw things up!

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: The game is awesomely realistic, with the details and the way the cars are a lot different to maneuver.
It is a great addition to your Xbox Game collection, and I just cant wait for PGR2.

Gameplay: As it is said in the box, race alone, will not win this race.
It makes a real point cuz it is not just about seeing who gets to the finish line first, it?s about how you do it and how fast...
Anyways sometimes in multiplayer the one on one races may get boring, but you should just find more friends or buy more controllers.

Graphics: As I said before, and I emphazise it, It looks almost REAL! The cars are the same as if they shoved the cars right into the game.

Audio: The coolest thing,after the game,is the ability to play your own tracks and changing the volume of the environment, the music and the engines.
Also you can turn on the stereo and hear at the various commentaries of... the guys who talk in the radio.
My favorite is the 10.5 live broadcaster, oh right, he is pretty funny.

Suggestions: Try shoving in there a PT Cruiser the next time, please!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Blood Wake

Overall: Out in the ocean,

A chaingun...

This game rocks the hell out of every other boat game!
The story is not interesting but the missions are all about destruction! and getting the shiny stones...
Although the water physics make the game a little slow at some times the weapons and the boats make it worth.

Gameplay: The story mode gets you bored with the "videos", but the Multiplayer is the best!
If you want to destroy your friends in a different way then this is your game!

Graphics: The water looks cool and the boats are sweet, although it would make it better to be on another kind of environment because the feeling of isolation in the ocean makes you feel wierd.

Audio: There´s not much to say about the sound but that the guy who speaks to you sounds like a pirate wannabe and the music needs a little more volume and presence.

Suggestions: Try putting some real videos in there, not just images with voices.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 WWF Raw

Overall: This game is very addictive once you´ve got the groove, the intros are awesome and I love the girls.
The controls are comfy and the finishing moves really make you feel the pain.
The Extra characters and their intros are quite creative although they should have done an Intro for Fred.
The game is worth its price, plus you can make your own characters.

Gameplay: The matches are not very varied I was waiting for Tornado or for "Cage Match", other than that the game is good, the fact that you can wear stuff and Break stuff adds more fun to your duty of kicking your friends´ a$$.

Graphics: The characters are not great or awesome but at least you can tell whose who. The crod is just a 2d animation and it gets annoying when you are aboout to do a finishing move and the camera gets blocked by a cardboard.

Audio: The music is really not important but it would be great if you could play your own music and also if the characters taunted that would add some hype into the game

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Spider-Man

Overall: Yeah the game is cool the way you move and the thugs are a?ight, The story has been quite changed but it is fun to play, I wouldn?t say it?s good but neither is it bad.

Gameplay: It is quite fast and entertaining the missions are original the bad guys are cool and the environments are kind of big.
Another cool thing is the training area and the mini-games.

Graphics: The game looks great, even though I don?t know what does Spiderman uses to keep swinging even if there are no buildings, the characters look fine and the environment lets them blend so well that you don?t really notice some flaws.

Audio: Its a?ight you know not so good but it does its job. Anyways the environment is not so noisy. So buy the game if you want to.

Suggestions: Stop making movie games!! Your Minority Rerport Sucks just like this.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Overall: Its really cool and the fact that you can buy stuff, unlock characters and things makes it more entertaining although sometimes it frustrating.

Gameplay: The speed is perfect for those kind of games, and the fact that you can make colossal combos with the revert is eve more amazing.

Graphics: The environments are alright the skate parks and the plazas look just enough well to let the game flow.

Audio: The songs in it are great but I rather listen to my music, I recommend putting on some hard beats for it to have more rythm.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2x

Overall: This one is just like the other tony hawks the only difference is that there is no Bob Burnquist.

Gameplay: Its cool to play entertaining if you have nothing else to do, anyways you are going to be tired of it some day so buy it if you want.

Graphics: Its a?ight although I would rather buy Tony Hawk 4 now that it is for sale.

Audio: Yeah the fact that you can put your own soundtracks makes the game a little bit more entertaining.

Suggestions: -WORK-

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Unreal Championship

Overall: This game rocks the way everything is a chaos is so disturbong that sometimes you don´t know if its your imagination or if some one really is pointing at your head with a lightning gun.
The Best race I would say is the Nightmares or the fat people.

Gameplay: Although I would like the rocket launcher to have more barrels, The game is quick and keeps your brain hot until the end of the match.
Capture The Flag is really entertaining to play with some friends and the levels are very creative and fun.

Graphics: The environments are really good, not like other FPS that seem not to care about it. Some of them are Vast so you can move freely to kill everyone in your way and some that are more compact for just a few people.

Audio: Although you cant put your own soundtracks the action in the game makes you forget that theres is music at all and the only sound you wanna hear is the agony of your enemies.Oh Yeah!

Suggestions: Make more levels and If you put an Intro with some characters try to make players able to select them, alright?

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: This is the best d@mn Rpg of all!
Its addictive and the fact that you can do or not do is amazing I bet no other RPGs can be as good as Morrowind.
You can choose between third or fist person and although the variety is few you can select your face, gender and your hair-style!!
The vast land of Vaanderfell is so frikkin big that even if you defeat "the bad guy" you would need to explore everything to finish the game!!! And the coolest part of it is the realistic weather.

Gameplay: You know my bro told me he wanted to play so I lended him the controller and the first thing he said was, "What do I have to do? Where is the Monster or the bad guy?" so I said, "It depends. Do you wanna be the bad guy or the good guy?"
So he was like HUH!? and I explainerd him that YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO!!!!!
You can be a warrior who uses Magic to battle and use a heavy armor, You can be an assasin who kills for pleasure(if you don´t get caught)or even you can be a Pilgrim who just travels around Vaanderfell upgrading your skills and stealing ancient tombs, do whatever you want to.8)
P.S. What really sucks is that you can be robbed while resting and the only thing it leaves you thinking about is, "D@mn I´m butt-naked! Wonder if I can kill that atronach with my bare hands?"

Graphics: The weather is AWESOME!!!
If you just stand still and stare at the sky you can see the clouds and the sun moving!!(or a cliff racer about to attack you)But it is NOT some third dimension cheap cloudy that swings by, you can actually see the weather working so if its cloudy it sure is gonna rain.
The only thing that makes this game unperfect is the way characters look but, anyways, the game is worth it.

Audio: The sound is GREAT, it changes depending on the set, if you are being attacked it goes tun-tun tun-tun or if you are just walking around minding your business or looking at a Bull Netch it sounds calm and even the Netch(giant insect that you will find sooner or later) makes sounds!
The sound is what mostly makes you feel inside Morrowind, this game should rock with some surround sound at the highest volume!!!

Suggestions: A more vast selection of faces and a few, maybe 1 or 2, more races to fit everybody´s likes, I mean I would LOVE to be fast but I don´t want to be a Kajiit nor a redguard.
Another thing would be Cooperative, altough I know it would take a lot of extra working to do that, Oh and also make the map in the and the map that comes with the game a little clearer.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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