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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

Overall: This is an awful game,PERIOD!
When I first popped this in the X, I thought the video cable was half out of it's port. Why does everything look like it's foggy? The whole stinking thing looks out of focus.
Hell, the PS2 version looks better than this disgrace. It looks like they fuzzed the Xbox version to try and squeeze a better visual than the PS2 version. You know, like the spunker scene closeups on TV.
Forget about it!
Why can't I use the D pad to steer?
If you use the left stick(as you have to) the steering is so friggin slugish that the game is virtualy unplayable.
What's with this cop thing during a race? OK, the cop thing would be kool in another mode, but not when your trying to win races to unlock the GOOD cars so you don't have to keep driving the JUNK! Try winning races when the cops continually spin you out of races. Very annoying.
Where are the camera angles during the replay? Why would I want to watch the race over from the same perspective I just finished playing it? Dumb,Stupid,Lame half done Ripoff!
Don't buy this garbage. Get Mercedes World Racing or Apex or even Gotham Racing and stay away from this.
I tried to trade this away and all I could get was 7 bucks for a swap.
Heck, do as the other reviewer below said and get the PS1 version for a couple dollars. They are more fun. This is another EA sham.

Gameplay: I bought this game prior to Apex and Mercedes World Racing and after playing those 2 games, I tried NFS again......YAK. It stinks bad, no lie. The PS2 version is ok. The xbox version sucks, BIG time.
It truly isnt worth playing. perhaps thats why I can't get anything for NFS when I tried to trade it. The words pretty much out on this trash.
I should have known better when I noticed the EA label.
No more EA games for me.

Graphics: As I said, the thing looks like your playing with a stocking over your head. Well, maybe not that bad, but it's bad.
By the way, I'd like to ask EA why cars that cost 200,000 can't do a burnout? I mean, how hard is it to program the cars to be able to do burnouts from a dead stop and after the cars moving, just turn it off, HUH?
These games that cost $50.00 a pop, there's no excuse for a chisel'n cheap release like Need for Speed.

Thanks ch-EA-ts

Audio: Cornball cop 2way radio traffic. Duh!
They did put the music manager in this so you can listen to your programed tracks while your annoyed out of your skull.

Suggestions: All EA games are ch-EA-ts. This game is just another example.
EA is beyond repair. They are about the cash. Wake up and realize that people are getting tired of fancy box art and BS advertising and demand their moneys worth.
When a Hollywood movie costs 5,10,15 million to produce, yet to purchase a new dvd costs $19.99 to $29.99, there's no excuse for these games to cost $50.00. Especially bad ones like your company produces. Fancy labels don't entitle you to that kind of jack.
I own 150 titles for X,PS2 and GC and there isn't an EA game that I've ever kept. NFS will follow the rest of your stuff to the trade heap.
Bottom line.

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter

Overall: Personally, I love the game. PS1 graphics? Are you drunk? Man, some of the people that review these games are unbelieveable.
Mace Griffin is a top shelf FPS (first person shooter). Aliens, humans, spiders, spaceships in space all for your killing enjoyment.
Bad graphics? I don't know, but these people must have a different version than what I have of they need to find a new monitor.
I play on a 36" flatscreen Trinitron and the graphics are as good or better than Halo. The detail is a knockout. The smoke from a rocket fired at you, to the water effects are amazing. I would remind the Halo groupies to go look at the water in Halo and then come back and check out M/Griffin. No comparison. There are many more distinctions I could make. There are way more weapons, and better ones at that.
I thought Mace was kinda kool when your flying, you can get up and stroll around the ship in flight and look out the window ans checkout the awsome space detail and other ships as they blast you. I do believe this is the first game ever to allow you to do that.
I guess I'm about half way thru the game and I love it. Sniping those bat looking birds and watching them fold up and drop to the ground is a hoot too.
I sincerely feel bad for the makers of this game because it's not getting the kudos it deserves. Allot of work went into this game and it shows. When so many awful games are released which fools go silly over, ranting how great they are when in all actuallity, they suck. Then comes a game like Mace Griffin and it gets pitiful reviews, that makes no sense to me.
I believe people allow these advertiser and sponser driven magazines and websites to do their thinking for them. If a mag. or site puts out a negative review, people for the most part will follow right along rather than be objective and measure a game on it's own merit. Not all reviewers behave in this manner, but a great many sheeple do.

Bottom Line: This is a great game!

Gameplay: The game has missions I would say rather than levels. The missions are quite long and the maps are very well designed. This would have been an excellent online game. The routine
of gunning down bad guys is broken up by short space flight segments woven into your missions. This actually works quite well. It gives another dynamic to the game and I love it. Trying to find the baddie ships in all that space is kinda tough, but it breaks the game up nicely.
Bottom Line: Take Half Life, Halo, Fed Faction 1&2, Timesplitters 2 and a bit of Rogue Leader and you've got some idea what this game is like.

Graphics: I love Halo and always have. That being said, there is no way your're going to tell me that Halo has better graphics than Mace Griffin.
When you start a new game, at one point your in a type of space shuttle with 3 or 4 other "beings".
Walk up to one of the lizard looking dudes as it's sitting there and notice it turn it's head and look at you. Check the detail. Much better than Halo.
Halo 2 is past due. The first is becoming dated.
Checkout the reflections on Mace's weapons, and then go back and checkout Halo. No comparison. Etc. Etc. Etc.
The cut scenes don't look as good as the gameplay. Go figure that one out.

Bottom Line: Mace Griffin is a work of art and deserves to be recognised as such.

Audio: The sound is what would be expected for such a fine game. Halo has it on the music and environment sounds, that I'll give it, but the weapons sounds and explosions are everything Halo is. They're deep and dynamic. Not pee poppers.

Bottom Line: The sound fits the game as well as the music.

Suggestions: Mace 2 should be Xbox live compatible with mission and co-op play as well as head to head.
Tweak the A.I. and make the baddies a bit less suicidal.
All in all, a great game.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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