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Overall: This game is truly unique in its own sick and twisted ways. This game is definitly not for the light hearted. This game deserves its mature rating and i personnaly think that every game should lead from this ecample.

Gameplay: The gameplay is pretty intense and the way you can sneak up on your enemy to pull off the finishing kill is great. You can also build up your kill meter for even more brutal kills. The only reason that this game doesn't get a perfect five is because the AI is not the brightest crayon in the box. You can just run to a hiding place and the AI doesn't even see you.

Graphics: The visuals are pretty good and the gore effects are awesome. The cutscenes are great, because you can see every bit of your killing aggression.

Audio: The sounds are pretty realistic and they definitly add to the overall feel of the game. The music isn't too noticable, because you are more worried about being spotted.

Suggestions: This a great game, but the AI is pretty dumb and that is pretty much the biggest concern. Everything else looks pretty good and the story was pretty good too.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

Overall: The new Max Payne does what every sequel should do and make improvements on an alreadt awesome game. The graphics are better and there is a much better weapon selection.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very similar to the last Max Payne with a few improvements. It still has bullet time which was what made this game so great in the first place. They have also added more levels and one more chracter you get to play as further on in the game. The only thing i dont like is that they enede this game like the last one.

Graphics: The visuals have also been improved. Max doesn't have his cheesy grin all the time either. The visuals in levels are much more realistic and the chracters look much better.

Audio: The sounds are very accurate all the way from gunshots to crys of pain. The music is there and adds to the gameplays intensity.

Suggestions: They need to keep coming out with these games, because they are awesome and I love the story lines twists and turns. Keep up the good work.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: This game is the first fighter i owned for my Xbox and it is definitly one of the top contenders. The interactive enviroments are crazy and make the game much more unpredictable.

Gameplay: The controls are crazy and linking the combos together. The assortment of different characters with different fighting styles is also cool. Playing with friends is also fun and makes the game really amazing.

Graphics: The cutscenes are crazy and the graphics in this game. They can still compete with some games still coming out. The levels are beautiful and the chracter design is great.

Audio: The voice overs are a little corny, but the sound effects are good and make the game better. The theme music isn't too important, because you are too busy kicking the crap out of your opponent.

Suggestions: I think the only thing you can do is add chrachters and more levels to beat your opponets on.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Cabela's Dangerous Hunts

Overall: I thought this game was pretty good. I had my doubts at first, but it gets pretty intense for hunting.

Gameplay: The gameplay gets pretty repetitve and it doesn't take much skill to get the predators. I liked the range of animals you can hunt though. The levels are pretty cool, but get confusing unles you have a map. I also like how you pick your supplies and the charter hunts are cool.

Graphics: The visuals aren't much to brag about, but they work okay with this game. The levls are pretty boring, because they dont let you go over some ridges, but that would probably make it to easy.

Audio: The sounds are pretty cool and its crazy when hear a wolf howl in the distance. It also gets intense when hear a predator growl and you dont know wher it came from.

Suggestions: I loved this game and though it was definitly done right. The only thing i would upgrade is the graphics and maybe more freeroaming levels.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Red Dead Revolver

Overall: This game is an awesome representation of trying a new thing in the gaming world. This game is definitly a winner. The story was a classic and makes you want to finish the game as quick as possible. Taking bad guys in one at a time through a shootout or even taking down a crowd is amazing.

Gameplay: The gunfights are plentiful and thats what you like to see in the old West. The new quick draw system is crazy and dueling it out with your oppenent in slow motion is crazy. The controls are hard at first but once you get them out you turn into a gunslinger that everyone should watch out for. The multiplayer is also fun and the bounty hunter challenges mix up the gameplay.

Graphics: The visuals aren't to good in this game, but who cares if the game is good. The cutscenes aren't too bad ane the story seems to come alive.

Audio: The sound definitly makes you feel as if you were there in the old West duking it out with outlaws. The music isdefinitly from the old West and the chracters voices make them very unique.

Suggestions: The only thing I would think about changing is the graphics and maybe the controls. Other than that the game is awesome and i loved every second playing it to the end.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 RalliSport Challenge 2

Overall: This game is amzing and is a great sequel to an already great game. With more cars and tracks it can only get better. The level of difficulty also got harder making it a much more intense ride through the mud.

Gameplay: The gameplay is intense and multiplayer is just plain nuts. Taking on your friends is fun and its crazy how much competition that brings to the table. Nothing is better than slidning around tight corners an spraying mud in your friends face.

Graphics: The grapphics have also been revamped and they make the game even more realistic. The mud sticks to the winshield and your car looks beat after a tough race. The enviroments are always good, but now they seem to come alive as you speed by many different scenaries.

Audio: The sound adds to the racing fun as you can hear your car rev out in every gear then shift. The custom soundtracks is also a good feature to have.

Suggestions: Please kepp coming out with these games please.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Rallisport Challenge

Overall: This is the first game i played for the Xbox and it is one of the best even now. Sliding through the corners and jumping through straight stretches is the best. The physics is the best and it is crazy to go out of control and fly over a cliff. There are multiple tracks ranging from asphalt to gravel to even ice.

Gameplay: The gameplay is fast and intense. There are many different races and they are all different and you have to get used to each specific level. The cars are also amazing ranging from slow to faster than sound. Theres nothing more intense than sliding around your friend in a hairpin corner.

Graphics: The graphics were amazing when this game first came out and are better than some racers coming out even today. The mud is very convincing and the levels are done beautifully.

Audio: The sound is very realistic and make sthe game even better. I like that you can use your own sountracks. It is also great to hear your co-pilot telling what is up next on the course. It is definitly a good respresentation of rally sport.

Suggestions: Not much to say except to keep coming out with these great games.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Mortal Kombat: Deception

Overall: This game was the best of the franchise yet. They finaly listened to the public and incorperated more fatalities. UI also like were they are going with the new Konquest mode. The other game modes change it up and add a new aspect to the game. The new levels are awesome and i love the interactive enviroments. The death traps are also sweet. The only problem was that the combos aren't long enough, but im not complaining they are still good enough for me.

Gameplay: The only problem is Konquest mode and how there isn't a system to mark what missions you have done. But then i realized that this was a new mode and they are going in a great direction. Every other part of the game is awesome and the way they tell more of the story is great. I love all of the Mortal Kombat games and it is definitly a must have for Xbox Live. The multiplayer is sweet and never gets old to beat your friends in different fighting styles.

Graphics: The visual are what can i say getting better and better. The character models are always sweet and the level design is always spectacular.

Audio: It never gets old to hear Scorpion yell his catch phrase and to hear "finish him." The music gets a little old, especially after searching around conquest for hours.

Suggestions: Keep up the good work and i love that they are tryng the Shaolin Moknks game it looks awesome. I cant wait for the next Mrotal Kombat until then I will keep playing Deception. Thanks Ed Boon for making another classic. Just make a mission markoff place and i will be happy.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Driv3r

Overall: This game is one of the worst games i have played in a long time. The controls are rediculous and impossible. The in car controls are alright, but chasing the same car through traffic that if you mess up once you fail is reatarded. The shooting is a challenge but falls short when the story is dumb.

Gameplay: As i said before the controls are difficult if not imposssible to get used too. If you switch back to another game and then come back to this one it is like you have to learn all over again. I hate missions that you get all the way to the end and the you turn too wide and lose. The shooting is kind of fun, but is nothing like a shooter and this game falls short compared to its predecessors.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty amazing and definitly beats GTA and other games in its genre. The only problem is that you get so frustrated while playing this game you dont really notice.

Audio: The sounds are pretty realistic, but the gameplay ruins the rest of this game. I guess the voice overs are pretty good and you cant go wrong with celebrity acting.

Suggestions: Please make the game btter by making the controls more generic and you will have an okay game. They spent more time on promoting than actual testing.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict

Overall: This game was a lot better than the first port for Xbox. They built this one for Xbox only and I think they came out on top. I think the introduction of melee adds to the ooverall gameplay. The fastpaced gameplay makes for some intense battle.

Gameplay: The way you can switch form third person to first person is also a new innovation. I dont like how you have to be in third person mode in order to melee, but it is probably much easier. The challenges are hard, but make the game a bit more challenging. If you take this game ont XBOX Live it is a winner. Besides Halo 2 and Rainbow Six 3 i would say this is one of the best. With the introduction of new game modes like overdose and Nali slaughter makes it unique and adds to the overall gameplay by breaking it up. The new characters are also awesome and I like how they added Raiden from the Mortal Kombat series.

Graphics: The visuals are like all the Unreal games and they are pretty good. The cutscenes are amazing and if you slow down eneough the levels are pretty well done. I love the level design in all of the Unreal games and i think that is their stronest part.

Audio: The sound effects are always accurate in these games. I think that they just get better and better. The battle music isn't to noticable because the battle is so intense you dont really notice.

Suggestions: I think that they did a good job with this game and it is definitly not getting enough recognition. The level design and character design is off the hook and i loved all of the cutscenes while playing as Anubis.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NFL Street 2

Overall: this game is what should have come out first. It only adds to its predessecor. The added game modes are pretty cool. The only problem with this game is that it doesn't have much replay value.

Gameplay: The new game modes like crush the carrier and own the city are lots better. The only problem is that you cant max out your team. The new game modes are fun for a while but then they get old after you have to beat every team in the league and get an oksy reward. Doesn't make me happy to spend so much time on a game then not get something in return. I guess that you can export your created character into Madden 2006 is good enough. The running on walls and new jukes makes the game a lot more open than in the first one.

Graphics: The visuals are a little bit better than in the first street. The have added a new lighting system that adds to the realism of the game. The game is supposed to be a liitle on the fictional side though. The chracter models are a little generic and the fields are a little farfetched.

Audio: I like the soundtrack of this game and it allows for custom soundtracks. Theis makes it the best thing they could have done with this game. It has a strong soundtrack plus you can add to it with your own musci.

Suggestions: There could have been more added to this game to make it better. It felt like the old game with a few added game modes and jukes. The custom soundtracks is nice though and i thank EA for finaly allowing this in their game.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Need For Speed Underground 2

Overall: I like this game it was a pretty cool racing game. The new graphics and high speed it gets really intense. The you add in XBOX live and it makes the game crazy.

Gameplay: The gameplay is pretty fast once you get a nice car. If you add nitrous oxide it only gets better. Dodging traffic through crowded streets and busy freeways make the game intense. The graphics on the cars have unique possibilities and no car looks the same. The drag racing mode is awesome once you get used to the controls. Also the drift contests break up the sometimes repetitive racing around the course. You can also pimp out your ride for hours making your car look the baddest. The only bad part is that there isn't a ingame check off for the races. You have to exit the game and go to the world map screen to see if you have completed the right amount of races. Alos if you pass a race you cant go back unless you go to the world map screen. Also the story mode is pretty vague, but its a mainly a racing game anyways.

Graphics: The visuals are pretyy good in this game. The blur techniques during the boosts makes the game have a faster than sound feel. The traffic models aren't that good, but who cares its all about how your car shines under the street lights anyways.

Audio: The sound effects are pretty good in this game and the soundtrack isn't too bad. The only problem is that it gets repetitve and i personnaly dislike Chingy so that song is always turned off. If EA ever comes out with a game that has custom soundtracks i will be happy.

Suggestions: They did an excellent job on the customization and this is the only racing game i need. The only thing i could say to improve is the story mode and more of Brooke Burke.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo 2

Overall: I though this game was a hit before i bought it myself. I played multiplayer first and it beat its predeccesor. The graphics are much better and the heightened gameplay make it awesome. I thought the game was short but i was still satisfied with the end result.

Gameplay: The gameplay was awesome and i enjoyed every second of playing. When you turn up the difficulty the gameplay gets even more intense. This doesn't even include the amazing multiplayer. The updated levels and even co-op make it a must have game. XBOX Live just adds to this spectacular game.

Graphics: The cutscenes show off the crazy world of Halo. I thought the new characters were awesome and the graphics were also sweet. I think that they could have spent some more time and created a few extras. But im not complaining becasue i loved the game and cant wait for another.

Audio: The new soundtrack sounds great adn the new weapons sound effects are crazy. There is nothing better than hearing your energy sword slice through an enemy grunt. The in gameplay sound is great and adds to the amazing gameplay. If you make use of the didgital surround sound it makes you feel as if you were there fighting the convenant.

Suggestions: Bungie did a great job in the timframe they had. I think they delivered a great game. If only we could have been patient they would have probably blown our minds. Thanks for making the gaming experience awesome. Great Job

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NBA Street Vol. 3

Overall: This games extends on the already amazing franchise. The gameplay is similar to the other streeet games, but now has beefed up graphics. They also toned down the announcer to make it a much more enjoyable experience. They have also new modes like dunk contest and create your own court. Threy create a baller mode has also had a makeover.

Gameplay: Its the same gameplay as the old games, but with with a few adjustments. They have changed the gamebreakers once again to make them more interactive. The new streetball moves are also different, because they changed the controls so the are also more interactive. The game feels way more realistic because you control more of the ballas movement. They have also updated the moves so they feel more like And 1 moves. I personally like the old gamebreakers, because the cutscenes were awesome. The new gamebreakers are wierd at first, but once you get used to them they are more enjoyable. The dunk contest is also a new aspect of the game and it adds a more one on one feel. The create a court also adds to gameplay, because you cant get beat on your homecourt. Also the variations of the courts make it unique for each player. The create a player makes it also sweet because the possibilities for a custom look are plentiful.

Graphics: The visuals are much better than in the previous games. It gives the game a much more realistic feeling and makes the game feel much more real.

Audio: They have a pretty strong soundtrack on the new volume. They still have Bobito which made me kind of weary. They pulled it off though, because they added to the announcers sayings which makes it less repetitive. The sound effects also sound good and match whats going on in the game.

Suggestions: Please keep making these games, because they get better and better. All i have to ask is for custom soundtracks already. EA has liscense deals but after 20 hours of gameplay the same old tracks get old. I like where they are going with the franchise and the future looks bright.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 NBA Street Vol. 2

Overall: This game is trhe shiznit. It has the coolest NBA and Street Ball moves I have ever seen. Also the legendary players bring another aspect to gameplay. Also the oops and dunks are tight. They went sick with all of the game modes and the ballers are sick.

Gameplay: The game was pretty easy to get used to the controls. The school was also helpful in order to figure out what the gameplay had to offer. The new gamebreaker two is also cool they bring a satisfaction to the game. The replay value isn't to great, But it keeps you busy. The new moves like back to papa and off the hezay are also fat.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty amazing. Some of the moves are impossible to pull off, But the graphics make it lok real. You can sit there and be amazed by the gamebreaker twos.

Audio: The sound is pretty realistic. They needed a better soundtrack though, The nelly got repetive and benzino sucks as it is. The could have got better pump up music.

Suggestions: You guys should keep making these sick games. I think you could have had a better soundtrack and maybe some way ro buy things for players like in street hoops. Other than that it is pretty awesome.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Overall: This game was pretty awesome. The konquest mode was a good learning device and the krypt made it even more of a reason to come back and play. The gore and violence are what makes this game cool and they came through on that part. Also for the most part the characters were detailed. The fighting styles also mixed things up. The story is also well progressed from the past titles.

Gameplay: The gameplay is incredible and it makes up for it in the detail of the gore. The 3D enviroments make it even funner to battlr it out with friends. Also the weapon fighting styles are the best and I love to impale my foes. The ending videos in the arcade modes could have been videos instead of pictures with a voice story line.

Graphics: The visuals were great and they put a lot of detail into not only the characters, but the arenas as well.

Audio: The sounds are good. Some of the voices like Cage and the ladies of MK get a little annoying. But the sounds during gameplay make the game more realistic.

Suggestions: Yes I would have liked to seen a lot more fatalities. MAybe they could have put them in the krypt to buy instead of comic book art. I think they could have made ending videos better and not so boring. There could have been more characters, but the ones that are in the game are awesome by themselves.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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