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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: Knights is a very addictive game, although some of the quests became a bit repetitive there is a lot of room to explore, although claiming to be a non linear game it is very formulated in that if it really was a non linear game you would be able to keep playing after defeating Malek; to complete previously uncompleted quests and just explore more, many will dissagree but I think that you should be able to atleast start the game again with that character on a harder level, like Diablo II on PC or Baldures gate on Xbox, just make the game twice as hard and some new quests for each difficulty level like Time splitter 2, which had new quests and objectives for each different difficulty setting. All that Sh!t aside... This game is one of a kind and will be amazing on the PC, I eagerly await another title in the Knights of the old republic series, If there are any!. Definately a buyer if you like Starwars or RPG's. Only REAL downer was the no Co-Op play or multiplayer in general.

Gameplay: Hard t explain gameplay to someone that has not played the game, safe to say... Play for yourself and find out

Graphics: :Critical Evaluation: Very detailed animations, but the downer is the Cinematic cutscenes, although very nice/clean, are not exactly as great as I would have expected for a developer that has litterally the best digital studios in the world, Lucasarts should be ashamed of the lack of effort in the cutscenes for every starwars game to date, this game being the best of them but still could have been better. Upside: very good plotline and storytelling through the Cinematics.

Audio: Awesome sound effects, some ofthe best of any game out there, Digital sound is perfect, crisp,clean,clear and very emersive, Like being in the game itself.

Suggestions: I would have loved to see a co-op function of this game, although this would have been hard, it would have made the decisions made a lot harder because of two different personalities and two different styles of play, Co-op would have been awesome, cannot explain how much this would have enhanced this game

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction

Overall: This game has been the biggest dissapointment since the news that Counter-Strike for PC was only available through STEAM, Please tell me that there is a buyback scheme because in all my life I have not been this dissapointed about anything except for the time... Oh yeh, the other day, when I heard that Half-Life 2 is not coming out this year at all. This really p!sses me off!!!. AVP exctinction is definately not worth buying,I traded it in asap for Star wars KOTOR.

Gameplay: Gameplay was poor...very poor. I bought for $80 and played for about 6 hours and It realy sucked. I want my money back. SHAME SHAME good thing to say: only RTS on Xbox and the control system was spot on. give a 3.0 just for the control system

Graphics: Visuals, could have had better on a freekin' drawing board, suffice to say that my 14 year old brother draws better with crayons and water paint. I know thats harsh but come on, Xbox is better than that!.

Audio: Sound was good put though a digital amp with 5.1 dolby digital surround sound, downer: repetitive sounds and no real dialogue.

Suggestions: God help you if you bring out another disaster like this one, give it the heave (out the window)and revise the game engine. I know that this is a benchmark for Xbox RTS's but !&%$@#* ... there was not even a simple skermish mode and definately no relpay value. No multiplayer, no dialogue, hardly any storyline, no real strategy, poor visuals. Upside: very cool way to produce units, Alien has facehuggers and chestbusters...nothing better than gestating in a host and poppig out of their chest in a violent and bloody fashion...HEHEHEHE. Predator droped in units from an orbital ship, as did the humans but the ALIEN was a very cool race to play.

Update the game engine, work on plotline and unit interaction, different unit behaviors, formations, speech, attack moves and other variables that rely on tactices...not just build a massive force and trample the opponant.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Midtown Madness 3

Overall: Not a bad game, fun as hell with friends. Just a drive and have fun game with some cool effects.

Like in the Washington subway you can do loops around the walls and there is just so much fun to be had with all the jumps and explorable buildings.

One VERY BAD note is that there is no cars in multiplayer like with the computer version MTM2, even though I know that this would degrade performance but would have been cool to have trafic to dodge in MP.

Is there any other way to get custom cars without Live cuz I really would like to see some HOLDENS and FORDS: aussie oldschool and more aussie V8's...V8's and more V8's

Gameplay: Definate no-brainer but still fun and very expansive, nearly replayable in Single player but Multiplayer is the Sh!t.

Graphics: Looks the clappers, cars are detailed and the damage modells are good, still too hard to total your car... If you want to. dunno, I like to take leaps off 20 story buildings and actually total a car and not just drive off, but hey sick game though

Audio: Not that great, (claimed digital sound, surround sound)but sounds very stereo to me... ohh well, still good

Suggestions: Need to have ramdom play on custom music and way more cars, hey and put a HOLDEN in there, there are other gamers out there that enjoy AUSTRALIAN cars and not just AMERICAN muscle like the Mustang, we want to see some Holden Commodores and Ford Falcons and old school aussie muscle, anyway Im sure they can be downloaded through Xbox live, but not everyone has broadband and live... need some content CD's with cars and updates on it..

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Unreal Championship

Overall: What can I say, other than Im hardly a hardcore fan of this game... more a mild associate of the game, I bought the game at EB for Au $30 dollars so It aint that bad.

Gameplay: Same ol' stuff as all other UT games, Maybe if they tried harder this game could have had a replay value other than "hey man, Im sick of halo... Lets play UT Championship"

Graphics: Looks the clappers on PC equivelent (UT2003)but I was sorely dissapointed at the box's version, looks fairly crap and hardly impressed me past..."wow, I just saw big !&%$@#* pixels float accross my screen" when you die.

Audio: Not great but Im a sadist so death, pain and explosion sounds are my kinda scene, although hardly of digital standing.

Suggestions: I know the new release of the PC UT 2004 will have what I want, If there is a new UT for the box... Vehicles, more BALANCED weapons and updated graphics engine PLEASE!!!

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10

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