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Unreal Championship

Overall: brilliant game, brilliant graphics...shoot to kill kind of game. If you dont like non realistic shooters then dont get this because its not really realistic but it doesnt have to be. Its awesome

Gameplay: Lots of things to do, especially on xbox live, plenty of game modes. still a good game after six months of play, and thats what a game needs to have.

Graphics: The visuals are sweet. Most of the levels have brilliant graphics however there are a few which dont really handle it too well but thats only one or two. character details are cool and the ragdol affect is really good aswell. If you liked Unreal Tournament 2003 then get this one.

Audio: Sounds arent the best because there is no custom soundtracks and the taunts can get very repetetive. On the other hand the music is still good like the menu music is sound!

Suggestions: Only to improve those one or two levels which lack the graphic quality.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Island Thunder

Overall: Ok this game is really good but it has some downers. The online mode is really good and will have you playing for hours, but if you got rainbow six 3...dont bother getting this game.

Gameplay: There are lots of gameplay modes available for you to mess about with. Online play can be a lot of fun. Can get a bit repetetive sometimes though but the online co-op missions are good and the download content will have you playing for a bit longer.

Graphics: O.k the visuals are not the best thing on this game, there is only one level that i can think of that has quite good visuals and that is Island Village. But it doesnt matter about the graphics if you liked the first ghost recon because they were never meant to be good.

Audio: sound...hmmmm, not the best thing on the game, nothing much to say really, some of the gun shots r good i suppose..

Suggestions: In a sequel, if there is one...make the visuals better.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge

Overall: Good game, great on live and a real elite game. There are lots of things to do and the flying physics are really realistic.

Gameplay: Lots to do and the game engine copes well with the flying genre. The handling is awesome and it is a really fun game to play.

Graphics: The visuals are really good on this game. Brilliant level details and it really makes you feel like you are flying a fighter plane in world war 2. Good all round graphics aswell.

Audio: Sounds are another good point. Not much to say about them except that the plane engine sounds realistic and the in game sounds such as gun firing sounds quite realistic aswell.

Suggestions: Just to improve the single player, it is good but for those people who play offline a lot then it will need some improvment.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 BMX XXX

Overall: This is a humourable game for about 2 or 3 hours but then you notice the bad graphics and the bad gameplay.

Gameplay: Poor gameplay, not much of a story mode to complete and it gets boring after the firstb few hours. Not too impressive physics either.

Graphics: poor visuals, not much to the characters and not much to the levels either. Not very many good looking bikes, sure the women look hot, but its no good when you can see the pixels in them now is it.

Audio: Reallly bad sounds, corny voices and story mode really gets annoying. The music is bad and the gameplay sounds are bad, all bad really.


Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Counter-Strike

Overall: Thsi is a well deserving game and the gameplay is awesome, its just the graphics that let it down slightly, and the fact that there is no single player campaign and there is only a mode where you can challenge computer bots, but if you have xbox live then you wont be disappointed at all.

Gameplay: Gameplay is the best feature, if you have played rainbow six 3 then it is a little faster paced so if you like stealthy games then this might not be the game for you, but if you like fast action games aswell then you will be in for a sure hit.

Graphics: This is the only bad part about Counter Strike. Counter Strikes graphics were never meant to be amazing, it was the gameplay that made up for the graphics. Not disgraceful graphics but dont be expecting them to be good either.

Audio: Sounds are normal. Nothing excessive but there are a few good special effects on the weapons that make it sound realistic.

Suggestions: Make the graphics better if there is a sequel because the character physics are poor.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Brute Force

Overall: I was thinking this game would be better, i expected it to be online playable and not just the content. Lots of things to keep you going still though.

Gameplay: Gameplay is not too bad, story mode is ok and the downloadable content came in handy. You can download multiplayer maps which is cool.

Graphics: The visuals are really good. The best part of the game, it almost looks real.
The character detail is wicked and the maps look pretty impressive too.

Audio: Sounds are pretty normal. nothing out of the ordinary. Quite good jungle sounds and some good music. Shame there was no custom soundtracks, that would have made it even better

Suggestions: custom soundtracks.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Capcom vs. SNK 2: EO

Overall: This is a brilliant game for all those street fighter fans out there. It simply puts all the Capcom characters and Streetfighter and various other characters together into one massive online fighting game. It is the only xbox live fighting game out yet and it is cool.

Gameplay: Gameplay is really good if you like the style of game. It puts all the comic superheroes and charcters from streetfighter together to form a cool beat em up game.

Graphics: The visuals r awesome. Not realistic wise but it really does go well with the type of game it is. You couldnt put the streetfighter characters into 3D, that would just be wrong. Still keeps a brilliant style of visuals though.

Audio: Sounds are ok. Its a fighting game so most of the sounds are hearing someone thudding off the floor after they have been owned. Still impressive. Some of the soundtracks are cool, like the old streetfighter ones on the SNES but some are a bit repetitive. Would have been a lot better with custom soundtracks.

Suggestions: Nothing, don't change the style of graphics because it works well, but if you want to add something into a sequel make a custom soundtracks option.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Dino Crisis 3

Overall: Ok am i the only one who thinks that somehow they have spoiled the whole dino crisis genre. 2 was a lot better and i dont think 3 has what 2 had. It has better graphics yes but not the gameplay.

Gameplay: Poor, not as good as the others/ Still a good storyline to follow but i think it has less features like how you could collect dino cards for each race of dinosaur you killed. Big mistake.

Graphics: The visuals are the best thing in this game but it doesnt mean that it keeps the game from plumeting to the ground. I give the visuals a 4.5 because they are good. The best part about this game. Especially the FMW sequences, they still rule!

Audio: Sounds are still good. Pretty much the same as dino crisis 2, good dinosaur roars and good sound effects.

The in game music can get anooying though so watch out.

Suggestions: Yeah bring whatever there was in dino crisis back that made it so good and keep it throughout the dino crisis series. Good work on the visual editing though.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Amped 2

Overall: Brill game, great gameplay, great graphics, ONLINE PLAY. This game deserves a 10 because it lasts absaloutly ages. I love it. How did they make it so good? The story mode is good aswell as the online play being awesome. There are so many tricks to perform, a lot more than the first one. The levels are massive and there are a lot of them. a definate top game!

Gameplay: The gameplay is awesome. Amped 2 stars you as a newbie boarder and you have to impress cameramen to gain sponsers and fans. Online play is cool because you can actually show off your skills in front of real people. Brilliant!

Graphics: What is going on....a game that has been made with 5/5 gameplay 5/5 its not often you see a game like that now is it. The detail on the boarders and the levels are wicked. The texture mapping it cool and it doesnt even change when you play on xbox live. The graphics stay the same and the gameplay stays the same all round. THAT is not normal and THAT is why it is so good.

Audio: Sounds are awesome dude. The sounds of your board chopping through the snow are as realistic as real life is. Another top thing in Amped two that wasnt in amped 1 is that you can play your own custom soundtracks so you can now board to whatever music you want. Cool!


Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Conflict: Desert Storm II : Back to Baghdad

Overall: I bought this game the day it came out and i loved it. It is an awesome game and is a worthy sequel. The live content download is a good feature because it makes the game last longer. I still play on the game now.

Gameplay: The gameplay is one of the best parts of desert storm 2. It has a good setting and a god storyline for you to follow. Story mode can take a lot of time to complete as the first one did. I have only just completed it a week ago. There is no slowdown at all on the game and the game engine copes well with the characters movment and gun firing. If desert storm 2 didnt have this good gameplay then it wouldnt survive in the games market.

Graphics: The visuals are definatly better than the first one, and the first one was quite amazing at the time. The detail on rocks and sand is quite impressive and the characters are quite realistic too.
The ragdoll affect is quite good aswell how when a person gets shot, they fly in the direction of the shot wounds force and they actually affect to it aswell. Graphics are a top aswell.

Audio: The sounds are just great. The best part is hearing your team mates yelling out their position and shouting when they are injured. It really makes you feel like you are actualy on a battlefield and you are the captain. The level affects are quite impressive too, for example when your plyer walks, especially on a surround sound, you can hear their feet making a sound in the sand. Good music aswell thanks to the custom soundtracks. You can still kill Iraquis to the sound of your own music. A definate upside to the game.

Suggestions: Not really any suggestions but i was expecting it to be online live capable and not just content download, still brilliant work!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing 2

Overall: This game seriously rocks. Its a must have for those driving addics and even if your not that much into driving games it is still a wicked game. Personally i am not that much into driving games but when i bought Project Gotham 2 it changed my mind. I love the way you can race ghost cars that have been made by people higher in the ranks than you. It makes the game a whole lot more challenging. This whole game has all good points no bad points.

Gameplay: The gameplay is awesome, like it will have you playing for days and days and months. It will only die down when the next Project Gotham game comes out or another driving game which is better comes out, but even then it will still be playable as hell.

Graphics: There are no words for the visuals in this game. For christ's sake there are more than 200 cars and they are all visually perfect. The handling is great too. As good as Grand Tourismo, or even better. The cities are massive and they all look perfect. The detail on the buildings is really cool. You wont be dissappointed. Also you can download cool car packs off live downloadable content(although they cost bout £5, it is still worth it for about 5 beautiful looking cars) Visually this is the best driving game i have ever seen that still keeps up to standards with gameplay

Audio: Oh my god the sound side of things is just as good as all the other aspects of the game. hmmmm let me see what good things there are about the sound.

Custom Soundtracks

Awesome car effects

Brilliant everyday city sounds

Headset feature will have you shouting abuse at your mates

Suggestions: There are no bad points or things that need improving in this game. It is PERFECT! Nice work!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tony Hawk's Underground

Overall: This was a good game for about a day or two. Trust me if you are a master at the tony hawk games then rent this one out because you will complete it in less than 2 days. If you are a newbie to the Tony Hawk genre then this is a wicked game and a definate elite. I think it was just me because i had mastered all the other titles. I was really disappointed that Avtivision didnt include all the features they said they would. They promisted Live capability, and also they said you could put your face on your character. Wah a load of bollocks that was. They made it online for the PS2?????????!?!?!?!?! WHY NOT XBOX! Xbox live is way betta than PS2 online. PS2 online blows. Oh well if you want to play this online then you have to download the XBConnect program. This makes yur xbox think it is playing online when it is in system link mode. I would say it was a good game though for the two days i had it.

Gameplay: The gameplay isnt the biggest hit if you have completed and mastered all of the other Tony Hawk games because it will only last you 2 days max. Other than that the gameplay is really good. The goals are good (most of them). But i absaloutly hate the goals where you dont skate because they eally sucked and thats what messed up the game. For flips sake there are actually missions where you drive cars and the game engine doesnt cope with it at all. Also 1 mission in russia you have to sneak around and meet russian contacts, what the hell is all that about. Apart from the stealth and car driving missions this is a top game and deserves to have a good score just for the skating parts of it. The create a trick rules aswell because it gives you the option to make your own tricks and develop them. This series is a real story mode though unlike all the other THPS games. This time the game makes you big and then your mate ruins it for you and then it gets really emotional because you are nothing in the end. Sghame you cant send your tricks to your mates on Xbox Live though. What a bummer.

Graphics: The visuals are awesome. They are the best part about the game. If it wasnt for the graphics then this Tony Hawk game would have a lot of complaints because it would have nothing to fall back on if the gameplay sucked, Which some parts kind of do. Once you get past all the fooling around driving cars, this game is a real hit and a must have for all those skaters out there, or even if u just like the skating games. Take my advice, rent it, see if you complete it by the time it goes back and if you do then send it back. I took it back and exchanged it for Rainbow Six 3 and i am a lot happier with it.

Audio: The sounds can be cool like the ollies and when you land off a halfpipe. Its all good, no real bad points about the sound qualitys or sounds. Trust me, even after two days of playing your own created character in this game it has you going round talking New Jersey skate slang.

Suggestions: Definatly a few suggestions. For a start MAKE IT ONLINE!!!, and secondly dont say you are going to include stuff in and then dont do it because that really ticks people off. It did me. Actually put the face masking feature in next time if you say you are going to.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 True Crime: Streets Of L.A.

Overall: This is not a game which would beat the GTA genre but it is a good attempt i suppose. Its not a game i would rush out and buy but it is worth renting to see what you think of it. Take it from me RENT IT FIRST!

Gameplay: The gameplay is the thing that kind of saves the game from being terrible, it can be kind of good because the fighting engine works better than GTA. The car handling however i think is terrible. On GTA you can just steal a car and have fun cruising without complaining about the handling, but on True crime you wont be all that pleased with the handling. Its a bit unrealistic. Big Mistake in making you the good guy in this game thoughs a lot more fun being a bad guy.

Graphics: The visuals i think are terrible, no where near as good as Vice city. If you want a game where the graphics are acceptable and you just want to roam about the city shooting people at your free will, buy Vice City. Its a lot better game than True crime.

Audio: Sounds are nothing special, nothing to shout WOHA! at. Often a few good sounds thrown in there but the character speech is horrible. So annoying and so goodie goodie twoe shoes.

Suggestions: Definatly a lot of improvments needed here. The sounds need improving and definatly the graphics. Also the car handling engine. Good job with the fighting side of things though

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War

Overall: This is a brill game and will have you playing hours on end in single player, on xbox live you will be playing constantly. Even though it is outdated a bit now, it is still a game that you can pick up and play just for a laugh. Brilliant ideas floating about in there like exploding bodies will have you messing about for hours.

Gameplay: Gameplay is a top. This is the reason Wolvenstein is so good, if it wasnt for the gameplay then Wolvenstein wouldn't be a game. Everlasting gameplay on xbox live and the ranking system will have you pitted against your mates.

Graphics: The visuals can be impressive sometimes. Wolvenstein doesnt need the detailed graphics to survive. The game developers knew that they had to make a war game that had brilliant gameplay and average-good graphics, and they have definatly succeded there. 1 bad point i could pick on the graphics would be how bad the ragdoll affect is on the characters when they die, theu kind of fall through the floor when they dont get blown to pieces that is, but the effects when the character explodes is cool and when you jump off a really high building you just splat on the floor, it can be realy fun.

Audio: I wouldnt say the sound effects are awesome but they arent terrible, some sound effects can be good, some often arent very good. Nothing to worry about though the gameplay makes up for ir.

Suggestions: Brilliand game, just the character physics and the graphics could be improved slightly, but as i said it doesnt ruin the game at all.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Phantasy Star Online - Episode 1 and 2

Overall: As soon as you buy this game, it is really confusing as to what the hell is going on. If you have xbox live, when you enter a lobby its all wierd and you dont know what to do, but there are plenty of people out there to help you online so just ask around. The weapons are awesome, there is so much variety, there must be at least 300 weapons on this game. The best thing is joining a mate who has had the game a while and has loads of freebie weapons. Most people on PSO are very kind and if you ask them nicely, when you are a newbie, they will donate some weapons and equipment to start you off.
Episode 1 is good but episode 2 is even better. only bad thing is the fee of £4.75 a month but that isnt really a big issue. The game still rocks. It is good for a few months but when you get really experienced and you get to a high level character, then it takes the fun out of the game because you have to play several hours just to gain one level (the level ranking system is based on experience, the more monsters you kill, the more experience (or EXP) you get. It s a very addictive game because you constantly play on it just to get to a higher level than your mates. There are always new quests and challenges coming out for download (FREE). This is a top game overall and you wont get bored of it that soon, i give it at least 3 months. But that depends on how bored of a game you get. If you are quite easily pleased then this is a game that should be on your game stack.

Gameplay: The gameplay is impressive, you get no lag at all gameplay wise. It all runs nice and smoothly on xbox live. There are 4 difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, Very Hard and Ultimate. Trust me it will take you easily 3 months to complete all these. Normal Hard and Very Hard are pretty much the same apart from the monsters are bigger and stronger and the level patterns vary slightly. But Ultimate is a whole new world, i'm not going to spoil it for you but dont give up at the very hard level because it is getting a bit repetitive, when you get to ultimate it .i'm saying no more.

Graphics: The visuals are overall good. Episode 1 is slightly less detailed than episode 2 and (im gonna let the cat out of the bag a bit here) on ultimate the effects are a lot better and the graphics are improved. My fav level on episode 2 is the Centeral control area beach because the graphics on it looks sweet, it almost looks real, the water effects are top. Some of the character detail can be good but it just depends what details you choose because some of the faces and costumes are not as good quality as the others but that really doesnt matter. Top graphics all round

Audio: The sounds on this game i would say are really good. Not something to say wow at but they are good. The monster sounds are pretty cool and the door openings sound good too. Just see for yourself, they are good but not perfect, id still give them a 4.5 though because they are not bad. Sound effects on the weapons can be pretty cool aswell. The only bad thing on the sound i would comment on is on xbox live, there is quite a big delay on the headset and it can be hard to get a good conversation going, but the captions and speech bubbles could always fill in for that.

Suggestions: No real suggestions here except to improve the voice lag. It wont make you have major views on the game but it can be frustrating trying to talk to someone when they are in the middle of a conversation because their voice lagged into yours :S

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

Overall: This is a brilliant game and anyone who has xbox live must have this game. Even if you dont have live then there's still a lot of fun in single player. The way you can interact with your other team members in single campaign with the voice headset is awesome, it takes a bit of getting used to what commands do what but when you get the hang of it, its wicked, you can actually boss your team about. It is so fun just telling your team to open a door, flashbang it and clear. It really makes you feel in charge. On xbox live the character detail can differ from single player but who cares, the gameplay is awesome. Another thing which may may take a few hours of getting used to is the recoil on the gun when you fire it. It does shake about a bit but it is realistic and you get used to it after hardly any playing at all. DONT BE PUT OFF BY THIS, i was put off by the demo but that was only because i played it for about 2 mins and thought what a load of s**t. Overall this game rules and it is the best FPS around. GO AND BUY IT!

Gameplay: The gameplay is awesome, especially on xbox live. If you have live you will find this very addictive and you will be sitting for a few hours trying to master it, and when you have mastered it you will be turning nocturnal just to kill more terrorists and beat your mates high scores. The only thing i dont like about the ranking system is the ELO. I dont know what the hell it stands for but it is some way of calculating a score by your kills and deaths. But the thing is, there are some people really high in the rankings who have only been playing for a few hours and only have maybe 10 kills and 3 deaths. On xbox live, if you kill someone who has more ELO than you, it boosts your ELO up higher. But if you get killed by someone who has lower ELO than you, then your ELO decreases more. I'm not too fussed about this though because i only play the game for fun, not really for the statistics. But if you do want to get competitive then the ranking system still is good. You wont be dissappointed with it thats for sure.

Graphics: The visuals are awesome. Especially offline the character detail is really cool. The faces look real. But the best part of the visuals overall is that on xbox live, when your friends speak through the headset, their mouth moves. It looks cool and it is really good for laughs. I was cracking up when i bought the game and he came up to me and started speaking to me and his character mouth was moving. It freaked me out. Another good pointer on the visuals definatly has to be the ragdol affect on the characters. when they die it looks so realistic. For instance if someone is standing next to a balcony or a window which is high up and gets shot with a 50CAL (very powerful weapon) they fall back and plummit to the ground below. I love it how they bend around every object and the way the players joints move in their body looks awesome. Night vision and thermal vision are awesome aswell. It is cool to turn thermal on and just storm a room because you spot any heat in a body straight away, meaning it is a lot quicker and easier to fill them with lead (hehe). The visuals are a definate top.

Audio: The sounds are quite good in Rainbow Six 3. Especially if you have surround sound. You can hear the players creep up on you as you get ready to cap them in the head or other various parts of the body (saying nothing!) It makes the game so much more tactical as you can wait really quietly and listen out for footsteps or sounds indicating that someone is coming (again...saying nothing). The weapon sounds i suppose are good. I have never really taken any notice into that though because its not really a big issue in the game being elite. I have noticed though that some of the weapons sound really realistic. Overall the weapon sounds are nothing to worry about, it wont make you take the game back and complain thats for sure. Overall, sounds are very good.

Suggestions: If i "HAD" to suggest something to the developers then it would have to be the recoil on the weapons. It isnt a major concern but it isnt really a game that you can pick up straight away and love to pieces. You have to play it for an hour or two to get used to the game engine and get used to the realism of the reactions to the player from the weapons. Nothing major at all here though

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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