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Project Gotham Racing 2

Overall: A good game for its style. If you think that games like Burnout 2 were to unrealistic but other games like GT3 were to boring and hard, get PGR 2.

Gameplay: Takes a long time to finish it, which is always good. Kudos is really cool and makes sense, same for the Kudos tokens. The load time is really quick and Xbox Live is really fun to race on.

Graphics: Very, very good looking, realtime shadows, bloom lighting (not to much) on the road and your car. If it is sunset time, when driving towards the sun the light will gleam off of the top of your car, almost burning your eyes like in real life. The way your drive moves in the car is really neat and fun to watch him/her totally using his/her body to brace for a tight turn. Damage is fine for me, as long as it has it, isn't true that Gran Turismo 3 doesn't even have deformable car bodies?

Audio: Engines sounds are really good, skidding sounds are realistic. But the crash noises are slightly off, they don't seem big enough. But I never really notice because I never drive my cars at 200mph just to crash them into walls like other people do. The radio stations are really cool, thats why I like driving in Japan more than anything else. :D

Suggestions: Why the hell isn't there a mode where you choose your car, the track, and your enemies??!! Just a single event mode would be cool.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Burnout 3: Takedown

Overall: Great game, more arcadish than the first Burnout games. A hell of a lot faster and a lot more intense. The crashes are amazing and the cars just keep coming as you progress through the incredebly long game. You can play this game for so long in the Career mode. The change in the types of cars you race are much better, instead of normal vehicles that you see on the street everyday, you race cars you would see a car shows, Jappanese custom cars, American muscle cars, even big rigs for crash mode.

Gameplay: Tons of cars, tracks, intersections. The gameplay is great to play and it always feels like a different experiance each time you race. There is Crash mode, Race mode, Road Rage (my favorite), and many others. There is also XBOX Live. Lots of unlockables are available for getting medals in the career mode is great

Graphics: Best looking racing game I ever saw. Collision is spot on, no more hitting big rigs head on and surviving becuase your car magicly went around it. But instead, a big explosion and the sweet sound of crushing metal against metal. The reflections are amazing, everything relfects off yours and your opponet's cars, its really amazing. And this all has cool bloom effects on the road, short loading times, real life physics, tons of smoke and sparks, and huge tracks all at a lightning fast 60 frame per second! The cars aren't real, but they look so cool that you wish they were real!

Audio: The music can be great, and sometimes you just want to turn down the volume. The car engines and the crash sound effects are great, but everyone in a while, when you are scraping against the wall, you might notice that its giving a scraping or rubbing sound, instead of a, more grinding sound like it should be, you want it to sound like a car is going down a giant garbage desposal, not like a accident you might hear when you run into some elses care when pulling out of a parking space a a grocery store.

Suggestions: Different music, a few more city tracks were the buildings are blocking out the sun.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Metal Arms: Glitch In The System

Overall: Metal Arms may seem like a kiddy little platformer with half hearted gun battles on the outside, but when you pop in the disc into your Xbox and start it up, you quickly find out this is no kiddy game, but is meant for people of Halo calibur.

Gameplay: Great games have great gameplay of course! And Metal Arms has it, it is constant sniping, shooting, sneaking and much more. This game is has the excitment of Burn Out 2 (Another exelent game) and the simple greatness of Halo.

Graphics: The graphics in this game is a solid 4.5, sharp textures, reflections, pixal shaded water, and even some bumpmapping.
The character detail is very high and the animation is great, plus, the vehicle phisics are great.

Audio: I love Krunk! The cursing engineer robot voiced by Dan Castenella (I hope I spelled it right) the voice actor for Homer Simpson! The gun sound effects are awesome, and the 5.1 Surround Sound is great.

Suggestions: Put in a helicopter and more boss like battles in the sequel, and keep up the great work!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: Halo is the crown jewel of all of the Xbox shooters to date. You fight the evil lizard aliens called the Covenant in a holy war of survival.

It is probably the best game after GTA3 and Vice City

And the price for it just dropped from $50 to $30, so go get one, or two, or even three!

Gameplay: Tight controls, high replay value, great fun, and not to frustrating.
Vehicles and their physics are good, multiplayer and Co-Op are really fun "Co-Op" is 2 players playing single player missions.

Graphics: For its age, it has beautiful graphics, finger lickin good! Reflections is are good, and cool explosions.

Audio: Perfect music, great voice acting, but in my oppinion, there should be more 'wizzing' and 'twang' bullet sounds, just like MoH:AA

Suggestions: For Halo 2, work on the sounds, and have realy deep and fun multiplayer!
And I will refuse to buy it if it doesn't have Co-Op mode >=p

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: The weird thing is that, even though I don't like this game very much, I probably play this game the most, more that Halo or KotOR. It is just addicting.

Gameplay: You try to become the best by exploiting your skills to the media and sponsors... But it can be very frustrating, so my advice is that if you get mad easily, just stick with the pros and do Quick Runs, or start a guy and get ready to spend a lot of time.

Graphics: Best looking snowboarding game during its time, "obviously SSX 3 and Amped 2 look better" but it is very far from burning your eyes out.

Audio: The in-game music sucks, so put in so of your own music, like Simple Plan, Sum 41, Linkin Park, Good Charlete, and Blink 182, any rock or techno will do.

Suggestions: For Amped 3, put in a boost bar/ special grabs, races, and ingame character voices, and better character creation mode. PS- make up some fake boads, the real-life ones are boring.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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