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Need for Speed Underground

Overall: Ever seen the fast and the furious? This is it. Take your run of the mill car and compete in street races. Win the race get the cash, tune it up and make it look good. As your car becomes your individual creation you are rewarded with global recognition as your car dons the covers of tuning mags all over the world. an easy game to pick up and one that takes a little more time to truly master. A serious game to consider for your next purchase and a must for any car modding fanatic.

When all its attributes are put together this game gets a big old 5

Gameplay: It starts off nice and simple a few cars here a few cars there and some nice and easy corners, and you probably wouldnt think it was any different from most of your normal driving games. Big mistake as you progeress more traffic appears and your driving skills are tested, weaving in and out of cars for No.1 spot because second is the first loser.

There are five racing styles, drag, drift, sprint, knockout and your normal lap race. All the cars handle differently and have different stats, some are better at drag some are better at drift but thats ok because you can readily trade your car.

The game can get a bit frustrating, when you hit walls head on you stick to them like glue essentially you would probably spin off, sometimes it feels as though cars pop out of nowhere just to hit you and this is extremely irritating especially when your on the last corner to the finish line. This is only a minor irratance, as you learn the map you'll know when to turn and the best racing line to take.

Graphics: Really good visually. the cars look good the maps look good it all looks good. Cars look individual as you choose from an aray of different bumbers and side skirts, alloys, lights spoilers and bonnets. Your car is almost fully customisable allowing for the colouring of just about every bit of your car from the body work to the brake pads. only problem here is you dont have control over the colour of your vinyls.

Drag tracks look slippery and skids leave marks. As you get faster images become blurred and you really feel as though you are driving at 160mph. Minimal car damage occurs, only the loss of the wing mirrors and they take some hacking! Visually i dont think you can get anything like this about time a game was made for moding cars like they are on the streets.

Audio: A wide range of tunes which can be customised to play only the ones you like, although in my case this ment i had a short selection of some nice R'n'B tunes which would get a bit repetative.

The cars sound great. The engine modifications on each car give it that extra grunt, you can really hear the power as you rev up your motor. Theres nothing better sounding in a car game then a nice shift and once you add in your turbo you will understand what i mean. The sounds are very detailed and impressive.

Suggestions: Needs to be online enabled, if PS2 can do it why not XBOX?

Just a little hint once your near the end choose the car you like and how it looks cos your stuck with it when you've finished.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

Overall: This game requires stealth team work and skill and is the best team Tom Clancy game to be released. A multitude of weapons at your disposal you are sent on different missions basically to stop an evil venezualan. Great on-line as well as solo it uses the head set to its full advantage.

Gameplay: Great thing about this game is the head set. You can use it in solo play to command your team mates telling them to open and close doors on your command. only problem is they dont always listen. You might find yourself repeating the command at a variety of speeds as well as shouting which can be frustrating as well as making you look a bit mad.

The controls a relatively simple once you get the hang of them, but they can be confusing at the start.

Gameplay is great it really feels as though you are part of a tactical squad, however , the game is a bit repetative with enemies in the same position again and again, after a while its becomes like pattern running.

I have never experienced connection problems with other online games but this one seems to have its fair share, which brings down the score. Once you are connected to a game it is possibly the best on i have played and well worth the wait.

Graphics: Looks exceptionally good, blood sprayed form bullets onto the walls, enemies slump against boxes or roll down stairs it is very detailed. other great visual effects are the explosions, powder grenades create a great cloud of smoke and the explosion of frag grenades is very impressive.

The scenary is very detailed and looks immaculate, a favourite of mine are the glass blocks and the way that they distort images behind them it shows that they were prepaired to put a lot of effort into the visual aspects of the game.

Audio: As you can probably appreciate there is not much music in the game otherwise it would take away form the realism of a swift stelthy attack, this is not missed though.

The different weapons have differnt firing sounds powder grenades crackle when they explode it is very detailed so much infact that you can hear the pin being pulled out of the grenade. A nice touch is when wearing the head set voice communications travel only through the ear piece.

Suggestions: Game becomes a bit predictable but then all games of this genre do. Online gaming could be improved. a split screen co-op and the additions of some of the splinter cell capabilities such as shooting out lights and fibre optics to see under doors.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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